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macough, ##slackware folks are plotting17:31
hypatiato bother us?17:31
macoused to have a slackware dev in #u-w for just such occasions17:31
macoi think it was robbie workman17:31
macoor maybe rob0...one of the robs!17:32
hypatiai'll watch them17:32
maco<theborger> i wanna go into ubuntu women and pick up hot nerd ubuntu chikcs17:32
maco<theborger> but i have a bad feeling17:32
maco<maco> theborger: if that's your goal, i'll kick you on join17:32
pleia2I'd ask if they had better things to do, but clearly not because <insert disparaging remarks about slackware here>17:33
hypatiamaco ftw17:33
hypatiai'm lurking there now too17:33
macovectrum mentioned the channel in there because of lyz telling him wrong chan for slack questions17:33
macoi think theyve changed topics now though17:33
macoi'm in that channel all the time since im friends with a few of the non-trolls in there17:33
hypatiamaco: i'm yarrrrr17:34

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