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horstlenice, instant nvidia update17:06
ricotzhorstle, oh, you mean a 280.04 package?17:50
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brycehRAOF, so... wayland-demos needs wayland-egl from mesa.  thoughts?22:59
RAOFWe MIR wayland, enable wayland-egl in mesa, and win?22:59
brycehoptimist ;-)23:00
brycehwell, was more asking if you'd started on the MIR yet23:00
bryceher, wondering23:00
RAOFOh!  I thought you were doing that.\23:00
RAOFI haz it.23:00
brycehok, not a big deal23:01
* bryceh mirrs23:01
RAOFHow do our wayland packages compare with debian's?  Are we based on them yet?23:01
brycehyeah I did the merge work yesterday23:01
brycehthe binary packages were done differently than us, that made it interesting.  but it's up and installable and all.23:03
brycehwayland-demos is ready to go too, but won't build without wayland-egl23:03
RAOFI'll check that the wayland we've got now is new enough to build wayland-egl in mesa.23:05
brycehlooks like it is; you had to disable it in the 7.11~1-0ubuntu1 merge at least23:06
bryceher, wow I misread your comment23:06
RAOFYeah.  I disabled it in Debian because it wasn't new enough ;)23:08
brycehthe uploaded wayland is from june 10, and is the same snapshot version debian used, so if they're building mesa with that, then it should be good to go.23:08
RAOFLet's play with some mesa.  Wrangling with the finer points of binary-blob licensing is getting old.23:11
RAOFbryceh: No dice; mesa's been updated to use a newer libwayland than we have.  I can patch that back, or we can update wayland.23:55
brycehwhat's the error?23:56
RAOFSpecifically: “wayland-drm.c:101:16: error: ‘struct wl_buffer’ has no member named ‘client’”23:56
brycehprobably easier to update wayland; there's only about a dozen commits we're missing23:57
brycehhowever I'm curious how debian packaged mesa without hitting that23:58
RAOFThey didn't; when I updated to a newer 7.11 snapshot I had to disable it.23:59
RAOFThe 7.11~1 upload isn't uploaded yet, though.23:59

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