scar[w]good morning05:28
superflymorning scar[w]05:52
Kilosyay. Peter Nel is older than me07:07
Kilosmorning superfly nuvolari and all others07:07
Kiloswhy doesnt someone invite him to come here for help?07:10
Kilosits hard waiting on the lists for help07:11
Kiloslo morgs Tonberry 07:11
morgsmorning Kilos, all07:11
morgsKilos: helps with what?07:12
Kiloshe is battling with open office looks like07:12
Kilosor opening some documents07:13
superflymorning Kilos07:13
Kilossorry for not saying night last night. vodacom decided to cut data connectivity but fones still worked07:14
Kilosvodacom has really gone downhill in the last 2 months07:14
Kilosi dont know if its out of place for me to invite peeps to come here because i cant help them but shame he is more of a bally than me07:20
Kilosand i dont have 11.04 running07:20
nuvolarimorning oom Kilos, superfly, Tonberry, morgs 07:31
morgsKilos: you can certainly invite people to come here...07:32
Kilosoh ty07:33
Kilosnow reading the mails i am not sure if its peter nel or jan greef thats the bally07:47
superflyI think it's jan greef07:47
Kilosok i will invite him ok?07:47
scar[w]morning Kilos07:52
Kiloshi there scar[w] howzit07:52
scar[w]can't complain, reading up on logrotate I always thought these things just sat in /etc/cron.monthly or something like that07:54
* Kilos waves to nlsthzn 08:20
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos ... 08:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:40
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:40
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:44
KilosMaaz, thanks man08:44
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)08:44
nlsthznMaaz: But why don't you want to server me...? Am I not geek enough :'(08:49
Maaznlsthzn: Excuse me?08:49
Kiloshe is moody today08:50
KilosMaaz, say hi to nlsthzn 08:50
Maazhi to nlsthzn08:50
nlsthznMaaz: say I am a dumb *ss08:57
MaazI am a dumb *ss08:57
KilosMaaz, coffee for nlsthzn 08:58
MaazNo, the arabs drink some concoction make from camel milk08:58
superfly"made" surely?09:00
Kilosoh yes09:01
Kilosmy editor is still up and awake09:01
nlsthznhehe... it is a conspiracy09:02
nlsthznhey superfly 09:02
superflyhi nlsthzn09:05
Kilosty for the info on the lists nlsthzn 09:06
nlsthznJust trying to help... :) but thanks for noticing...09:08
Kilosdo we just wait for jan now or does he need more help nlsthzn 09:18
Kilosek sukkel bietjie partykeer09:18
nlsthznI haven't really followed the thread... I am at work currently but I did see the oppertunity to assisit with getting on IRC... 09:22
nlsthznA quick help with little thought required :p09:22
Kilosok ty nlsthzn 09:22
nlsthznBut if he does decide to help himself and come here I am sure he will be assisted quickly :) - The caped Kilos watches over Gotham Channel...09:23
Kiloshe is also a bally  so this is a new experience most likely09:24
Kilosi also battled in the beginning. the fly helped me09:25
Kilosmornin Squirm2 09:48
Kilos2 of you now09:48
Kilosmorning maiatoday 09:54
=== Squirm2 is now known as Squirm
Kiloswhat is bumblebee for10:11
Vhata_fertilizing flowers10:11
=== Vhata_ is now known as Vhata
KilosVhata, well said10:12
Kilosim trying to help jan get xchat going and see he gets things like this10:13
KilosProcessing triggers for libc-bin ...10:13
Kilosldconfig deferred processing now taking place10:13
KilosSetting up bumblebee (2.0.0-5~maverick) ...10:13
Kilosi dont even have bumblebee in synaptic10:14
nlsthznDepending on what it is he can have added it from a different PPA10:16
nlsthznYup... there is a PPA...10:17
Kiloswish he could get here10:17
Kiloslists hard work10:18
Kilosat least it looks like he is using maverick so maybe i can help him10:29
Kiloshi trev_ 10:50
Kilosfirst time i heard of xchat battling to install10:50
Kiloshiya kodez 10:53
kodezhola heita kilos, how are you today?10:53
Kilosgood ty kodez  and you10:53
kodezi'm better than yesterday, thanks for asking.10:54
kodezi managed to get ubuntu 11.04 DVD and am not winning in terms of configuring synaptic manager to get the remaining software from the disci. please held10:56
kodezplease help10:56
Kilossudo apt-get update10:57
Kilosthen sudo apt-get upgrade10:57
nlsthznaptitude has super cow powers10:59
Kilosi dont know if aptitude is in 11.04 Vhata 10:59
Kiloshad to install it in maverick10:59
Vhatayou're kidding11:00
Kilosits an installable package11:00
VhataI thought it was replacing apt-get11:00
Kilosi dunno about natty11:01
trev_so the only time you use atp-get is to apt-get isntall aptitude!11:01
Kilosthats what i did trev_ . used apt-get to install aptitude11:01
kodezi want to install all this applications from the DVD not internet. i want to know how to configure it to look for the application from the dvd11:02
Kilosok open the dvd11:02
Kilosright click what you want to install11:02
Kilosand install with gdebi if its still there11:02
Kilosmight have dependancy issues, but if they are also on the dvd you can then install them first11:03
Kilosgdebi will tell you what dependancies are needed11:04
nlsthznaptitude replacing apt-get... that is a new rumour... syanptic being droped for software center isn't though :)11:06
Kilosbut i think you will first need to do sudo apt-get update or sudo aptitude update 11:07
Kilosto my understanding update tells you system there is more than what is on the cd/dvd11:08
Kilosi member with maverick i had to install  gdebi as well11:15
Kilosi still havent found how to tell the system how to use a cd as a repo11:29
Kilosi think thats what kodez is looking for11:29
nlsthznWhen inserting a CD with packages I normally get a message saying that a software source has been found and if I would like to scan it...11:35
kodezhi kilos, i appreciate your advice but that means i must  consistently look for the packages one by one while if i can use synaptic package manager i can select multiple application11:35
kodeznlsthza, unfortunately that message is not coming up but suprisingly it does when insert the same DVD on my laptop. 11:37
kodezi had installed ubuntu 64 bit on my pc using the dvd and a 32bit on my laptop using an alternate cd11:38
Kiloskodez, i could never find out how to use a local cd/dvdrom as a repo11:45
Kilosit woulda saved me many days of one package at a time11:45
Kilosbut i read some there is a way to tell you pc to use the dvd as a repo but that long gone 11:46
|3o|3Kilos: dpkg-scanpackages11:46
|3o|3You can use that to make a repo out of any group of packages11:46
Kilosty |3o|3 11:46
Kiloskodez, ^^11:47
|3o|3I can't remember where the tutorial is for it that I used when I didn't have internet11:47
Kiloslol i not the only one that forgets or losing things11:48
superflyKilos: apt-cdrom11:52
nlsthznin software sources you should still see the installation DVD as a source but without it being selected... maybe look at how it looks... insert CD/DVD and add a new source that resembles that entry but with the new info about the new CD/DVD... (sorry at work on XP can't play and see to assist more)11:52
superflyMaaz: tell kodez apt-cdrom11:53
Maazsuperfly: Got it, I'll tell kodez on freenode11:53
Kilosty superfly 11:53
nlsthznapt-awesome upgrade superfly -fy11:54
nlsthznmaiatoday: http://i.imgur.com/24lvg.jpg made me think of you :p11:56
* nlsthzn is a conversation killer of the highest caliber12:24
Kiloswhat you did now12:25
kodezhow can i mount an image (iso) file? i had forgotten the synatax12:28
nlsthznAfter my last comment the channel was quiet for more than half an hour before I posted again :p12:28
nlsthznkodez: are you in terminal or in a GUI?12:28
kodezlol. unfortunately i was offline12:29
Kiloseverything is quiet nlsthzn  even jan hasnt come back to me12:29
kodezboth but i am interested to mount using the terminal12:29
kodezthe iso is in my desktop and i want to mount it to /media/iso12:30
Kiloshe has a strange maverick that wont even install xchat12:30
nlsthznkodez: sorry... I don't know how to mount that way (sad really) ... give me a few months... I got the book and I will pass the LPI exam before the year of the linux desktop12:30
kodezi must pass that exam too but must have a sturdy study program12:31
Kiloskodez, nuvolari and kbmonkey are going to do it online here soon12:31
kodezdo what? do you mean the exam?12:32
nlsthznkodez: cool... good luck... I know I will need it :p12:32
Kilosthey are going to go through the whole course12:33
kodezkwl, i am available to learn. i must just get some more airtime12:33
Kilosthey gave the link to download the manual they will be working through12:34
nlsthznKilos: Hmmm... that is good news... I have two free online study guides (suspect they will be using one of them) as well as a study guide by Sybex...12:34
kodezplease pass the link again12:35
Kilosi am trying to find it12:35
Kilosgotta scroll back 3 days i think12:36
Kiloswas 4.2meg12:36
nlsthznKilos: your the man :)12:38
nlsthznHmmm... don't think I have this one to be honest... Mr. Kilos please tell the guys to announce on the mailing list and/or on the web site when they plan on doing this12:38
Kilosi dunno how you guys gonna remember all those commands12:39
Squirmhmm, I also have a good manual somewhere12:39
* Squirm browses bookmarks12:39
nlsthznman man12:39
Kilosthis is the latest Squirm 12:39
kodezthanks kilos12:39
Kilosyw kodez 12:39
nlsthznThis is one of those I have...12:39
kodezfro the link12:40
Kilosfor teachers too12:40
Squirmthe shuttleworth foundation had study material12:41
Squirmtbh I dont know how up to date it is12:42
nlsthznThere has been a revision to the curriculum recently... 2010 I think12:42
Kilosnlsthzn, i will tell themj or ask them to do so. or do it for them12:51
nlsthznKilos: thanks :) depending on what they are planning I hope they have some notes etc. for anyone not able to be online when they do... as I am always off-line when it matters :p12:52
Kilosas far as i know nlsthzn they are going through the whole manual for anyone that needs help12:57
Kilosand there will always be the logs here to look back on12:58
nlsthznDepending on how fast they go I might be able to keep up :) ... but the learning curve is steep...12:58
Kiloswell hopefully i will have data to  be with you all so mostly it will be at my speed12:59
Kilosbut with the manual you can go through it and check where you steek vas13:00
nlsthznKilos: Cool... so you going to become a 1337 *nix hacker too... sweet13:03
Kiloslol no man i have to keep going back to the manual for commands13:03
Kilosbut if i can learn just a little it will be more than i know now13:04
nlsthznI think you will be surprised how much you already know... every now and again I hear questions or see people do strange things and go "WTF!?" Then I realize that many things that have become second nature wasn't so a few years ago :)13:06
Kilosthats what makes it frustrating for lotsa guys to help us newbies13:11
Kiloslike when i started i was given commands  without sudo in the front mosta the time13:11
Kilosand couldnt get things to work13:11
Kilosat least now i remember sudo if it doesnt work without it13:12
Kilosand even a killer command to become root13:12
nlsthznIn Ubuntu you really never have to be root...13:13
nlsthznMake me a sandwhich13:13
nlsthznsudo make me a sandwhich13:13
Kilosi have had to when things went bad here13:14
Kilostwice sudo wasnt good enough13:14
nlsthznThey shouldn't ever get that bad :p13:14
Kilosya but murphy lives here13:15
KilosMaaz, coffee on13:16
* Maaz puts the kettle on13:16
Kilosnlsthzn, coffee time13:16
KilosMaaz, coffee time13:17
MaazIt is always coffee time!13:17
KilosMaaz, coffee for all13:17
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already13:17
kodezwhat time will the class start?13:17
Kiloswhat class?13:17
Kilosthey will tell us when the are ready kodez 13:18
Kilosthey still working it all out13:19
Kilosnuvolari, ping13:19
kodezok, i want to go to BP garage to get 8ta airtime and i don't want to loose. but i hope i will not loose that much if they will start before i'm back13:20
Kilosit wont be today kodez 13:20
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!13:20
KilosMaaz, ty13:20
MaazEnjoy Kilos13:20
nlsthzn:) 13:29
nlsthznI am having some tea...so there :p13:29
Kiloswhat can be blocking jan here please14:04
Kilossynaptic normally blocks it14:04
nlsthznSocial networking site blocked at work... sorry...14:07
Kilosnp nlsthzn  ty14:08
Kilosits the normall message you get if you sudo install and synaptic is open14:09
Kilosall he has open is thunderbird and skype14:09
Kilosi dunno what thunderbird is14:10
Kilostold him to do sudo apt-get update and upgrade14:11
Kiloshe says this now14:11
KilosI'm currently running updates Miles, perhaps that will help. The UMgr 14:11
Kilossays it has to do a partial upgrade due to some problems with updates, 14:11
Kiloswill keep in touch. Perhaps it has to do with my aborted attempt to 14:11
Kilosremove CompizConfig from the system.14:11
nlsthznah... I know14:13
nlsthznbut not exactly14:13
nlsthznthere will be a file that is showing that the system is busy... basically locked that needs to be either edited or deleted... I am not sure what file and not sure which option14:13
Kilosshame he must be so frustrated, we been at it all morning14:14
Kiloshopefully his updates fixes his prob14:14
nlsthznrm /var/lock/rpm/transaction 14:15
nlsthznthere is a file that needs deleting ... this command seems suspect cause it says rpm... got it from google14:15
Kiloshe will let me know as soon as he has done updating14:16
nlsthznbut this happens when a previous session was terminated worngly and the lock it created isn'r removed14:16
nlsthznI think that is the issue as I have only the info of the last half hour in IRC to go on :p14:16
Kilosyeah rpm is not with maverick14:16
Kilosnp nlsthzn ty for trying14:16
nlsthznAll of them say to delete the lock file... so just need to find it :p14:18
nlsthzn/var/lib/dpkg/lock maybe this is the lock file for ubuntu14:19
nlsthznso it should be sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock14:19
nlsthznthen do sudo apt-get clean14:20
nlsthznthen do sudo apt-get clean14:20
nlsthznsudo apt-get update14:20
nlsthznsudo apt-get upgrade14:20
nlsthznI think :p14:20
nlsthznI don't know... will only be home in a few hours14:21
Kilosthanks i will tell him when he comes back to me14:24
Kilosmight be that compizconf he tried to remove14:25
Kilosi dont even know what that does14:25
* nlsthzn shrugs14:26
nlsthznI usually re-install long before I have given enough though or care into the problem (which makes me lousy at remembering commands and trouble-shooting14:28
Kilosmaybe there is a repair broken packages command14:29
Kilosim scared to tell him to do it on bootup in case he does know how to login from there14:30
Kilosmaybe thats the best for him that recovery at boot14:31
nlsthznIs he in contact with you via e-mail?14:31
nlsthznWhere can I get more info on his issue?14:31
Kilosand i must just tell him to sudo gdm start to get back in14:31
Kilosyeah on the lists14:31
Kilosit looks like he is locked out from installing anything since deleted compiz14:33
Kilosone of the times i had to use root was with a similar prob14:33
Kiloslocked out from installing anything14:34
nlsthznHmmm... I have to check my spam folder... 14:34
Kilosyeah dunno why gmail sends some ubuntu peeps to spam14:35
nlsthznNah... I am not finding the mail with the info :/ I must be slipping in my old age... :p14:36
Kilosin our lists14:36
Kilosi have deleted 5 or 6 in my evolution14:37
nlsthznI looked... I saw one Jan moaning about someone elses issues but not one struggling with installing stuff :/14:37
nlsthzndo you have the e-mail subject for me...14:38
Kilossec i go see14:38
nlsthznI have to go home now :D... just talk to my secretary.... she is called Maaz online :p14:41
|3o|3Anyone have a 64 bit natty in Hermanus?14:52
nuvolariKilos: pong14:55
Kiloslo nuvolari kodez will weet wanneer julle begin met julle klasse14:56
Kiloshy stel ook belang14:56
Kilosen neil ook14:56
nuvolariKilos: well, ons gaan deur die materiaal soos ons tyd kry15:00
Kilosok nuvolari  hulle vra of jy dit sal op die lists sit wanneer julle reg is15:01
nuvolarihmm, ons sal die mailing list details hier moet opsit15:02
Kilosja asb seun15:03
Kiloskondig net aan wanneer hier en op die lists15:03
Kiloshiya Langjan 15:24
Kilosare you here from the mailing lists Langjan ?15:25
Kilosnot easy for us ballies to get used to these wonderful new toys15:34
Kiloshi Langjan  i see you here15:43
Kilosat the bottom of the window you see where it says #ubuntu-za-freenode tick there and then type15:44
Kiloshi kbmonkey 16:40
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 16:40
kbmonkeyhow you?16:40
Kiloscouple more guys interest in your LPI course16:40
Kiloswell ty16:40
Kilosand you?16:41
kbmonkeyfine. yes i saw them join the email list. im not sure if it works though, messages not coming thru. hmm16:41
Kilosgmail sometimes dumps peeps in spam. i dunno why16:42
nuvolariyellow, will anyone have something against me if I post info about the LPI learning group to ubuntu-za mailing list?17:30
nlsthznnuvolari: please DO!!!!!!!17:31
nlsthznnuvolari: oh and I have run into a number of awesome plug-ins chrome exclusive :( ... Guess it is +1 for them but it does cause other browsers to start lagging behind when it is for Gmail, and G+...17:33
nuvolarihmm, I think I'll just get the list archive link :P it was posted by kbmonkey already17:35
nlsthznnuvolari: any idea when you guys want to start this thing?17:37
nuvolariMaaz: lpi.init is http://goo.gl/8Pnv017:38
Maaznuvolari: Got it17:38
nuvolariMaaz: lpi.init17:38
Maaznuvolari: lpi.init is http://goo.gl/8Pnv017:38
nuvolarinlsthzn: ^17:38
nuvolarioom Kilos ^17:39
Kilosja nuvolari 17:39
nuvolaridaai link is die begin van ons LPI-mission17:39
Kilosok ek gaan kyk17:39
nlsthznnuvolari: oh... I saw this mail... I want to do it, but I am not in SA... I will do the exam and studying alone here in the UAE... 17:40
nuvolarinlsthzn: you're welcome do that17:40
nuvolariIt's not restricted to ZA, as we're quite wide-spread here to have actual meet-ups17:41
nlsthznnuvolari: hmmm... then I will definitly look into doing this...17:41
nuvolariso the goal is to have a group of people that knows the same stuff, asking questions or providing help to other ones17:42
nuvolariit's pretty much self-paced since we don't all have the same schedules17:42
nuvolariI will mention that everyone needs to read the initial mailing list post17:43
Kilosnuvolari, how can it say mail to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za17:44
Kilosto subscribe17:44
kbmonkeyhey nuvolari, yes thanks for that link :D17:44
nuvolarinee oom Kilos 17:44
nuvolariit's a bit up, not the last link17:44
Kiloswat doen ek verkeerd17:44
kbmonkeybtw did you get that email from the mailing list nuvolari? I wonder if the mails are going through17:44
Kilos * send an email to linux-learning-sa-request at freelists.org with 17:45
Kilos'subscribe' in the Subject field17:45
kbmonkeyI hope the mails don't get spam blocked :/17:45
nuvolarikbmonkey: which one?17:45
nuvolariI got several :P17:45
nuvolari2 to be exact17:45
Kilosi dont find an email address there17:45
kbmonkeyoh well if you got any, then I'm happy nuvolari :)17:46
nuvolariKilos: oom, dis weggesteek :P17:46
nuvolariKilos: oom moet die 'at' met 'n @ vervang17:46
nuvolarikbmonkey: will doublecheck17:46
nuvolariwhich ones I got17:46
nuvolarikbmonkey: the one with the link to the LPI pdf?17:47
nuvolariI received that right after subscribing17:47
kbmonkeythe welcome email has that link, I'll find it for you...17:47
kbmonkeythe link to the pdf -> http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/lpi-study-manual17:48
kbmonkeythe first link, the new syllabus17:48
nuvolarikbmonkey: it's the one i'm talking about :P17:48
kbmonkeysorry, I'm busy multitasking, silly apie!17:49
nuvolarikbmonkey: did you read the part in the manual mentioning that the aim is to make it affordable in africa?17:49
kbmonkeyyes that is great17:49
nuvolariI doubt the figures they mention in the mails are really following convention17:50
nuvolariespecially if they aim for the greater part of africa17:50
nlsthzndone :D17:51
nlsthznSweet rules for posting... I like the vibe... plus one for sure17:52
kbmonkeyhe he17:53
nuvolarikbmonkey: now that I surf the archives... I think they ended up in my spam folder17:53
* nuvolari goes to look17:53
kbmonkeyonly after everything did I click I should have used google groups for the list - less likely to be spam blocked 17:54
nuvolariwhoa! google is spot-on. I got a phishing mail17:55
nuvolariwhut? FNB and Nedbank, the same mail17:56
nuvolari:? something is not right18:01
nuvolariI'm subscribed, but didn't receive the last 2 messages you sent kbmonkey 18:01
nuvolariand it's not in my spam folder18:03
kbmonkeythat is worrying18:04
kbmonkeymaybe i need to move it to google groups before the list gets any discussions going18:05
kbmonkeybecause I checked the list settings and my spam too and can't see any reason for the lost mails18:05
Kiloswhy is it so involed to subscribe18:06
* nuvolari points at kbmonkey18:06
nuvolarinot me oom 18:06
nuvolarikbmonkey: check for a "ping" mail18:07
kbmonkeyby default, you need to confirm the subscription Kilos, to avoid scripts from subsribing18:07
KilosList context changed to 'linux-learning-sa' by following command.18:08
Kilos>> appsub linux-learning-sa msdomdonner@gmail.com 4E1DDB02:1E29.1:yvahkyrneavatfn18:08
nuvolarikbmonkey: ye, it's weird.18:08
nuvolariRequest received for list 'linux-learning-sa' via request address.18:08
nuvolari>> ping?18:08
nuvolariUnknown command.18:08
nuvolari>> --18:08
nuvolariFound signature marker, ending command mode.18:08
nuvolarithat's after it said I'm subscribed18:08
Kilosthis be very weird18:10
Kiloswhere do i confirm and what must i confirm if it says i am subscribed18:10
nuvolariKilos: well, that's what I did18:10
nuvolarithought I'm subscribed18:10
kbmonkeyit's strange nuvolari because when I log into the freelist admin section, it only shows two users, me and corrie18:11
kbmonkeyit's like everybody else aren't in the user list18:11
nuvolarikbmonkey: exactly :P18:12
kbmonkeyI think I should move to G groups18:12
nuvolarikbmonkey: I guess you created it using google+ and we're not in your circle18:12
nuvolaribe lke that18:12
kbmonkeyha ha ha18:12
nuvolarimaybe I should try my hand at setting up mailman18:16
* Kilos needs to practise whacking peeps online18:17
nuvolarilike me oom Kilos ?18:19
nlsthznwife plugged out my PC :/18:19
nuvolariwb anyways18:20
Kiloslike kbmonkey  for making things so difficult and making me go to them sights18:20
Kiloslol @nl18:20
nuvolariwhoot! mailman documentation in DVI format18:20
nuvolaridon't see a lot of those18:21
nuvolariLaTeX ftw18:21
Kilosi still dunno if i am subscribed18:21
nuvolariKilos: don't worry oom18:21
nuvolariwe're going to ditch that one18:21
nuvolariwe're going to get a bigger circle18:21
nlsthznKilos: you will get mail to reply too and get another mail18:21
Kiloswhy not put it in our ubuntu-za lists18:21
Kilosi got about 5 so far18:22
Kilossome saying leave the body intact18:22
* nuvolari feels intimidated by mailman's documentation18:22
nuvolariKilos: I gave up on it oom18:23
nuvolariafter it said I can't try again18:23
nuvolarisaid I'm abusing it18:23
Kilosi think advertise on our mailing list as well18:23
Kilosinna normal  mail18:23
Kilosthat ballies can understand18:24
KilosRequest received for list 'linux-learning-sa' via request address.18:24
Kilos>> subscribe18:24
KilosSubscription confirmation ticket sent to user being subscribed.18:24
Kilosso where is my confirmation ticket18:25
Kiloskbmonkey, do you see me there yet18:26
Kilosi have now got 8 mails18:26
kbmonkey8 mails Kilos ?! what do they all say? im confused18:27
Kiloshow do i follow this command18:27
KilosList context changed to 'linux-learning-sa' by following command.18:27
Kilos>> appsub linux-learning-sa msdomdonner@gmail.com 4E1DE070:2B7F.1:yvahkyrneavatfn18:27
Kilosthats the last one18:27
kbmonkeydid you subscribe 8 times?18:27
Kilosmost of them are different18:28
kbmonkeywell no matter I can add you to the list manually18:28
nuvolarikbmonkey: I used the web interface too18:28
kbmonkeyI also subscribed with another mail and only got the one18:28
nuvolariwithout success18:28
nuvolariI get a welcoming mail every time18:28
nlsthznUncle Kilos is triple subscribed :D18:28
kbmonkeyokay that settles it. dont worry oom Kilos we will sort you out :D18:29
Kilosithen there is a welcome one18:29
kbmonkeyI will use google groups (dbnlug uses that one too) and let the people involved know18:29
Kiloslol but they all a bit confusing18:29
Kiloswell at least i am subscribed but i dunno which one went there 18:31
Kiloswhich 318:31
Kilosone was even online18:31
kbmonkeyits okay Kilos, I can add you to the list manually so you won't need to go through the effort ;)18:32
Kilosoh kbmonkey  am i not there18:32
* Kilos needs to learn the gobsmack thing18:35
Kilosnlsthzn, see jan got here18:36
Kilosbut thenjh i think he went home before he got webchat working18:36
Kiloshe be langjan18:36
kbmonkeywhat gobsmack thing Kilos?18:37
Kilosi dunno. saw a while back that someone gobsmacked someone else18:37
Kiloswhatever that might be18:38
kbmonkeyon irc?18:38
Kilosi dont remember 18:38
Kilosjust that word gobsmack stuck inna nut18:38
nlsthznWho is Jan?!18:38
* nuvolari looks around18:39
nuvolarinot me18:39
Kiloshe is a 68 year old man thats battling with maverick\18:39
Kilosprob started a while ago when he couldnt drag windows to other desktops i think18:39
Kilosthen a coupla other things18:40
Kilosthen tried to remove compizconfig18:40
Kilosnow his pc refuses to let him update or install anything18:41
Kiloshe is like i was in the beginning18:41
Kilosthats why i wanted to know if i could invite him here so we can help18:41
Kilosits very difficult via mails18:42
LangjanHi Kilos, at last I see how it works.18:42
Kilosi dont know if compizconf can lock anything like that18:42
Kiloshey Langjan welcome to ubuntu-za18:43
Kilosxchat is much easier , we jus5t need to find out whats locking you out of being able to install anything18:44
Langjanthanks, well compiz stopped doing it when I tried to remove it which apparently disabled it (and the rest of my upgradeability)  18:44
KilosLangjan, the clever guys are here when they not too busy working but if one is patient one always gets help here18:45
LangjanSounds good Kilos, thanks for the help thus far.18:46
Kilosyou can most likely still install from root itself but lets hear what the boffins say first18:46
Kilosyou are welcome18:46
Kiloskbmonkey, do we go root or not18:47
LangjanWhen you say root you lose me...18:47
Kilosnlsthzn, ?18:47
nlsthznsorry uncle Kilos I am watching Jono for a bit...18:47
Kilosok nlsthzn 18:47
Kilossudo normally gives you root access18:48
Kilosbut there is one step even deeper18:48
nlsthznwhat error is given when typing sudo apt-get update in terminal?18:48
kbmonkeyhi there Langjan, let me read what is going on...18:48
Kilosbut in there one cam make mistakes and mess up everything18:48
Kilosit says you dont have permission nlsthzn 18:49
Kilosand asks are you root18:49
nlsthznwith sudo typed and correct user name entered18:49
Kiloseven with updating it fails18:50
KilosLangjan, do you know how to use a pastebin18:50
nlsthznsound like the user isn't in the sudo'er file any longer... not sure how to fix that :/ give me a sec18:51
Kilosty nlsthzn 18:51
nlsthznfirst link I see is the following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105460818:52
KilosLangjan, can you go see that link18:53
kbmonkeyif he's not in the sudoers file, you can boot into recovery mode and edit the sudoers file with visudo, but that is really not an absolute beginner thing to attempt18:53
Kilosi cant go see nlsthzn 18:53
Kilosjan isnt an it guy18:53
Kilosbut not as bad as i was18:53
nlsthznGo for it Mr Kilos ... your the go to guy now :D18:54
Kilosive already used 2 days data today18:54
kbmonkeywhat exactly is the problem, Langjan? can you fill me in18:54
Kilosno man you guys are the brains18:54
Kiloshe cannot install anything18:55
Kilosor even upgrade18:55
Kiloshere is an example output18:56
Kilosjan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo apt-get install xchat18:56
Kilos>>>> [sudo] password for jan:18:56
Kilos>>>> E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource18:56
Kilos>>>> temporarily unavailable)18:56
Kilos>>>> E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is18:56
Kilos>>>> another process using it?18:56
Kilossorry for spamming18:56
kbmonkeyah I know how to fix that :D18:57
kbmonkeyyou are right Kilos, when you have synaptic or the software center is using it, it gets locked18:57
kbmonkeylet me query the all knowing google...18:58
Kilosbut they are both off18:58
LangjanPastebin? Don't even know what it is. Problem is when I tried to remove compiz it froze on me, it was logging me out every few minutes. Since then my system does not update. 18:58
Kilosi would have gone root and done apt-get upgrade18:59
KilosLangjan,  do ytou know how to go recoverymode when booting18:59
Langjanjan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ apt-get upgrade E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root? jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ 18:59
kbmonkeythe root user is disabled in Ubuntu as far as I know Kilos, which is why we use sudo instead18:59
Kilosi went in there with sudo -i19:00
kbmonkeyLangjan, I assume you have rebooted since, and still get that lock error?19:00
Kilosbut was warned to be very careful19:00
Langjanreboot did not help19:01
kbmonkeythat location that the system needs is locked, and I'm just looking for the command to unlock it for you...19:02
nlsthznthe lock file needs to be deleted19:02
kbmonkeyit should unlock automatically when you install applications, but sometimes when something goes wrong, like a crash, it does not get unlocked19:02
Langjanshould I try to install an application?19:03
kbmonkeyLangjan, try this command in a terminal:19:03
kbmonkeysudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock19:03
nlsthznkbmonkey: that is the one :)19:03
kbmonkeythen you can try update your repos with:19:04
kbmonkeysudo apt-get update19:04
Langjanjan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock [sudo] password for jan:  rm: cannot remove `/var/lib/dpkg/lock': No such file or directory jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ 19:04
nlsthzncrap... I see I have the file19:04
kbmonkeystrange, I have that file. hmmm19:04
Kilosits been hidden methinks19:05
Langjanrunning on update command19:05
Kilosls -la19:05
nlsthznLangjan: if you browse to /var/lib/dpkg do you see a file called lock?19:05
kbmonkeythe file 'lock' is not hidden, hidden files start with a '.' Kilos ;)19:06
Kilosah ty i am learning as we go19:06
Kilosmaybe its dpkg that corrupt19:07
LangjanOutcome:files contains configuration for specific systems.  rofiles hasn't been individually testest and are submitted by users.                    1   System manufacturer System Product Name:                   2   PCI:01:00:0 PCI:01:00:0:                   997 Enter Manual Configuration                   998 Show all profiles.                   999 Do not configure now.                   19:07
kbmonkeyLangjan, try this one:19:07
kbmonkeysudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock19:07
kodezlook me in your heart, i'm there19:08
Langjanjan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock [sudo] password for jan:  jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock rm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives/lock': No such file or directory jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ 19:08
kodezwrong post, apologies19:09
nlsthznkodez: hehe19:09
kbmonkeyawe kodez, you do care! ;P19:09
nlsthznLangjan: we have many guru's here that come and go... please don't loose heart... we want to get your PC fixed as badly as you do!!19:09
LangjanThanks guys, appreciated. 19:10
Kilosis it not something that root has locked as seen in ls  -la kbmonkey 19:11
nlsthznKilos: everything points towards a locked update no sudo issues19:12
kbmonkeycorrect Kilos, installing apps or updates does so as root, but using sudo we have access to those files 19:12
kbmonkeyi find it strange that both your lock files don't exist Langjan19:14
Kilosmy pc did something similar and cocooncrash had to help19:14
kodezwhen must i come?19:14
kbmonkeyIm looking for other causes of this error...19:14
Kilossudo didnt work but installing from root did19:15
nuvolaribooyah! what a mission struggling with postfix19:15
KilosLangjan, see why i wanted you to get xchat19:16
Kilosi live on here via xchat19:17
* nuvolari reads backlog19:17
kbmonkeyLangjan, it seems your lock is due to an interrupted update19:20
kbmonkeytry the instructions on this page to see if this helps: http://www.webmaster-forums.net/server-management/could-not-get-lock-varlibdpkglock-open-11-resource-temporarily-unavailable-error-d19:20
kbmonkeysimply, it ends all the apt/dpkg processes, and runs 'dpkg --configure -a' to resume your updates19:21
kbmonkeyoh and Langjan, you probably need to prefix those commands with 'sudo' so they run as the admin (root) user19:22
nuvolariooh nice! based on ArchLinux: http://manjarolinux.org/hp/index.html19:23
* nuvolari hacks into Langjan's machine19:24
kbmonkeyah nice one that nuvolari, I'll poke around Manjaro 19:26
* nuvolari itches to switch to something less Ubuntu-like19:27
highvoltageless Ubuntu-like in what way?19:27
highvoltage(oh I see, arch)19:28
LangjanSame result, then  jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo bash [sudo] password for jan:  root@jan-System-Product-Name:~# 19:28
kbmonkeyalso try crunchbanglinux.org ;D19:28
LangjanSame result as at 21:0719:29
kbmonkeyokay let's see Langjan 19:29
kbmonkeydid you run 'dpkg --configure -a' as that page said?\19:30
nuvolarikbmonkey: that manjaro is quite fresh! 9 July19:31
LangjanYes, same dead end as at 21:0719:31
kbmonkeysorry Langjan that message at 21:07 does not make any sense to me, it doesnt seem relevant to what we doing/19:31
nuvolarior maybe I should just switch to plain debian19:31
kbmonkeyLangjan: sudo apt-get update19:31
superflyLangjan: paste your terminal stuff into a pastebin please... http://pastebin.com is a good one19:31
kbmonkeyalso you entered 'sudo bash' which im not sure why you did but you may now be in a root terminal too19:32
nlsthznnuvolari: 19:33
nlsthznI am always switching distro's19:33
nlsthznfor no good reason :)19:33
nuvolaribah. support duties19:34
kbmonkeyLangjan, so that error you get at 21:07 is when you run 'sudo apt-get update' ?19:35
Kilossuperfly, any ideas why pastebin.com makes my pc run slow19:35
LangjanSuperfly, I opened the pastebin site but don't understand what you mean by paste terminal stuff into it - the results? How do I get it to you? 19:35
nlsthznguys it is late in the desert... Langjan good luck, hang in there... ubuntu rules... guys fix it k... :D19:35
Kilosi have to use slexy.org19:35
Kilossleep tigtht nlsthzn 19:36
KilosLangjan, you copy everything in your terminal19:36
superflyLangjan: you paste, you click submit, and then you give me the url19:36
Kilosthen paste it to that pastebin window19:37
Kilossorry superfly 19:37
LangjanPaste the outcome of each command? 19:38
kbmonkeyLangjan, you select your terminal text results, right-click to copy it, and you paste it into that empty block on the pastebin.com website19:38
Kilosthe whole thing at once19:38
kbmonkeyclick 'cubmit', then give us the URL address of that web page :)19:38
kbmonkey*'submit' 19:39
* kbmonkey needs more hands and eyes to mulitask19:40
Langjanok, my terminal is empty, what command would you like me to run? 19:40
superflyLangjan: tell us what you are trying to do... what is your aim (not what you are attempting to run)19:41
kbmonkeyfirst Langjan, run this: sudo apt-get update && ps -aux | grep apt19:41
nuvolariLangjan: do only "ps aux | grep apt"19:47
nuvolariand pastebin the result19:47
kbmonkeyit looks like your apt does hit the repos, it gains the lock, but at some point it fails19:47
kbmonkeyusually the lock would stop you from even getting this far. eh, i wonder if your apt cache is corrupt?19:48
kbmonkeycould we try rm the apt cache so it rebuilds? what you other boffs think?19:48
nuvolariis synaptic running?19:49
nuvolarikbmonkey: well, depends on his connection19:49
kbmonkeyits confusing nuvolari, apparently it does this after reboot and no synaptic or such running :/19:50
nuvolari:? hmm19:51
nuvolariLangjan: do "ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/lock"19:51
nuvolari-rw-r----- 1 root root19:51
nuvolariLangjan: does it look like that?19:52
kbmonkeyLangjan, you don't have synaptic, or the ubuntu software center open?19:52
LangjanNo, nothing open except thunderbird and these sites we are on, and skype19:53
nuvolaribah. permissions are correct19:54
kbmonkeyokay, let's see what other repos you have in there that may be the problem19:55
kbmonkeyLangjan, pls give us the output for this: cat /etc/apt/sources.list19:55
nuvolariwe're getting a good start to LPI :P20:00
Kilosuh oh20:00
nuvolarihmm. that was the wrong command20:01
nuvolariI found a thread mentioning ftp for this error...20:02
Kiloswe need to tell him howto do a recovery or fix broken packages on boot and then how to get gdm started again i think20:03
Kilosi am not sure if he does recovery if he will know how to get back on20:04
nuvolariMaaz: am I an idiot?20:05
Maaznuvolari: *blink*20:05
nuvolariah, welcome back Langjan 20:05
nuvolarijust got worried :P20:05
nuvolariLangjan: would you try "ps aux  | egrep -i 'apt|ftp|kpack|dpkg'"20:06
LangjanI rebooted just to make sure all is well20:06
nuvolaribefore doing anything else20:06
nuvolariwait. hmm, what shoud you do20:06
* nuvolari wonders20:06
kbmonkeywell it seems like the sources.list has the default repos. hmm20:06
kbmonkeyLangjan, try this command: sudo fuser -cuk /var/lib/dpkg/lock; sudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock20:07
kbmonkeyit will end anything using the lock, and then remove the lock20:08
nuvolariLangjan: you missed the closing '20:08
LangjanIs that a single command?20:08
LangjanSorry, I thought it was a mistake - my mistake!!20:09
kbmonkeyyes its a single command20:10
LangjanHere's the first one again: http://pastebin.com/LTjSGY5H20:10
nuvolariLangjan: eh? did yo re-run it? you missed the closing '20:11
* nuvolari is blind20:11
nuvolariok, there's really no package app running20:12
nuvolaridid you run the command kbmonkey gave?20:12
nuvolarigoing to peel an orange, brb20:12
kbmonkeyif I run synaptic, and the apt update I get the same error20:13
Kilosyes thats right kb20:15
Kilosits like another package manager is running20:15
Kilosfirst thing i told him was close synaptic20:15
Kilosbut it wasnt open20:15
kbmonkeythis is confusing us, all the internet says its from another package manager running at the same time. but there clearly isnt20:16
Langjan_Last command gave me a black screen, had to reboot, then: http://pastebin.com/LTjSGY5H 20:16
Langjan_Could Ubuntu 10.04 on my second drive have anything to do with the problem?20:18
nuvolarithis is an instant orange. just add water. really dry :-/20:18
nuvolarihmm, doubt that Langjan_ 20:18
kbmonkeyLangjan_, your link from 21:53 shows the lock file is still there. try delete it again:20:18
kbmonkeysudo rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/lock20:18
kbmonkeyjust add coffee, nuvolari ;) yuck20:19
kbmonkeyno I don't think your older Ubuntu could Langjan_, they should each have their own system files20:19
kbmonkeyif the results are 2 lines you could paste them here 20:20
* nuvolari tries to imagine coffee flavoured oranges20:20
Kilosunless it can be running automatic updates, but shouldnt if its not the boot drive20:20
kbmonkeyKilos you're getting smarter every day!20:20
nuvolarimind you oom Kilos, I think you're right20:21
Kilosstill jy20:21
nuvolarimy system always does a check after startup20:21
kbmonkeyah so it deleted the lock this time, hope this works!20:21
kbmonkeyLangjan_: sudo apt-get update20:21
nuvolarithink we should get Langjan_ to install aptitude when this ordeal is over20:22
kbmonkeyisn't aptitude installed by default?20:22
Kilosnot on maverick20:23
kbmonkeyI'm on #! so I have it 20:23
Kilosyou have to install20:23
nuvolarikbmonkey: negative20:23
* kbmonkey crosses fingers20:23
Kilosit will work now20:23
Kilosbut what put the lock there20:24
Kilosthat is the million dollar question20:24
nuvolariI love the new conflict-resolve suggestions in 11.0420:24
nuvolariooh, kbmonkey, you need to check out zathura20:24
nuvolarilightweight pdf reader20:24
nuvolariwith vi-like key-bindings20:24
kbmonkeyhe tried to delete the lock at 21:04 but it said the file did not exist then. strange20:25
Kilossome bug got in somehow20:25
Langjan_Got to a point where I had to manually run a command, then first output. I thought perhaps I should not have run the manual command, then tried anew, the second output. 20:27
Langjan_Sorry if I messed you around.!20:27
kbmonkeywhat is that output from Langjan_? Im not sure what to make of it :p20:28
nuvolari:? ye, looks like output from different commands20:28
Kiloskbmonkey, try that --configure -a again20:28
Kilosi forget the rest of it20:29
Kilosdpkg --configure -a20:31
Kiloswhat you think20:31
Kilosmight go further now the lock is removed20:31
Langjan_jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ dpkg --configure -a dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a dpkg: status database area is locked by another process jan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ 20:32
nuvolariwhat??? :O20:32
Kilossudo dpkg --configure -a20:33
Kilosmaybe we need to unplug secong drive20:33
nuvolariKilos: he did run that oom :P halfway through the post20:33
Kilosyes but the dpkg lock has just been removed20:34
kbmonkey--configure -a tells dpkg to reconfigure packages that are still unconfigured20:34
Kilosis there a cli command to fix broken packages20:34
kbmonkeyseems like Langjan_ you installed some package that is attempting to gain a lock, may be a bug in that package setup20:34
kbmonkeydo you remember what you installed recently?20:35
nuvolari"The only programs that can lock the database are dpkg frontends like apt-get, synaptic, aptitude or dselect."20:35
kbmonkeyor is there more to that error Langjan_, something that will tell us the name of the package doing this20:36
Langjan_Nothing I am aware of. When I tried to remove compiz it froze, then I tried to cancel the process, that also froze. Could that be the reason?20:36
kbmonkeybut after removing the lock file, did you run update? did that work?20:39
KilosLangjan_, why did you try remove compiz20:39
Langjan_Because it was logging me out every few minutes when the machine was idle20:39
Langjan_Or shall I say the logout problem arose after I i nstalled compiz and stopped after I tried to remove it.20:40
kbmonkeyeish, I've run out of ideas here20:40
kbmonkeylets make sure you have all the compiz removed properly then, I guess20:41
KilosLangjan_, do you know how to get back in if you go to recovery at bootup20:41
Langjan_My basics are running, lets try again another day, sleep on it. 20:41
kbmonkeybut I don't have compiz or any of those, so which packages do we remove?20:41
Kilosit will say login you say jan20:42
Kilosthen password then it will go to the prompt20:42
Kilosthen you type in sudo gdm start20:42
kbmonkeyokay Langjan_, but before you go, pls paste us this output so we can sleep on it :)20:42
kbmonkeycat /var/log/apt/history.log | tail -n 10020:42
kbmonkeythat will show us what you have recently installed 20:43
kbmonkey(the last 100 lines only)20:43
nuvolarime eyes are burning20:44
nuvolariI'm calling it a day20:44
Kilosgaan slaap seun20:44
Kiloslekker slaap20:44
nuvolariek is op pad oom Kilos 20:44
nuvolarilekker slaap oom ook :)20:44
kbmonkeymooi slaap nuvolari, and no coffee this late! ;P20:44
Kilossien jou môre20:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: can't promise anything :P20:44
Langjan_Julle moet ook lekker slaap, dankie vir alles!20:44
nuvolaricheerz Langjan_, oom Kilos, kbmonkey 20:45
Kiloskbmonkey, one last idea20:45
kbmonkeyhope to see you back Langjan_, sorry we couldn't help you this time!20:45
Langjan_How do I get to freenode without having to login via firefox? 20:45
Kiloswill  sudo -i to go root then a apt-get install dpkg not maybe fix dpkg20:45
Kilosyou need xchat Langjan_ 20:46
Langjan_which we could not get going...20:46
kbmonkeydoes xchat come with maverick, i hope?20:46
Kilosyeah thats the prob20:46
kbmonkeyoh, so no. eish20:46
Langjan_Slaap lekker20:46
Kiloswe need to be able to install it first20:47
kbmonkeywhen we removed that lock I would have liked to try install it, instead of that --configure, but we'll sort it sharp 20:47
Kiloswill that running package manager even affect root20:47
Kilosi not gonna sleep lekker with this inna mind20:48
Kilosand how do we fing what package manger is supposed to be running20:50
Kilosfind not fing20:50
Kilosor even a killall command20:51
kbmonkeywell apparently none are running Kilos, thats the confusing part. but oh well, i find solutions do come sometimes when your brain has a rest :)20:53
kbmonkeyheck, i even dreamt of answers before, you never know!20:53
KilosLangjan_, is it a big job to unplug that second drive20:54
* Kilos scratching20:54
kbmonkeysjoe ja20:55
Tonberryso indestructible lock file with nothing keeping it there?20:55
Tonberryboot from cd or flashdrive and delete it?20:55
Kilosit has been deleted Tonberry 20:56
Kilosbut now dpkg thinks another pm is running20:56
kbmonkeywell we removed the lock, but dpkg reconfigures some package that gives an error. I suspect that package has a bug or is failing20:57
Tonberrydpkg -r the package20:57
kbmonkeythe lock sticks when it fails. need to find that package20:57
Kiloswe dunno which package it is20:57
kbmonkeywe don't know what package it is though :/20:57
Tonberryand configure does not give a name?20:57
Kilostough in africa20:57
kbmonkeyi got Jan to give us his apt history Tonberry just in case we can spot anything http://pastebin.com/2qMpVBtD20:58
kbmonkeya bit of detective work involved20:58
Tonberrywhat does apt/term.log say?21:00
Tonberryanything useful?21:00
kbmonkeyJan has left Tonberry, we can try again tomorrow :)21:00
Kilosok guys sleep tight21:01
Kilosty for helping21:01
kbmonkeygn Kilos !21:02
TonberryErrors were encountered while processing:21:02
Tonberry squid21:02
Tonberryoh well21:02
Tonberrynever trust an error message over a working system...21:02
kbmonkeyhe he. random error message generator in action21:04
marcogfinally updated my home pc to natty :P21:57

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