szalwhat do I know?00:00
ActionParsnipsaruji: is your OS 64bit?00:00
Jeruvysaruji: you cannot install windows programs on linux, if you want to try it using Wine, that may well work00:00
sarujiszal lol i'm just saying this game was officially made for linux00:00
sarujiszal yes i am afraid that that is the issue00:00
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sarujiJeruvy, this was made for linux00:00
ActionParsnipsaruji: what is the output of:  uname -m00:01
Jeruvysaruji: I see.00:01
sarujiActionParsnip, yes i have 64 bit 11.04 ubuntu00:01
ActionParsnipsaruji: and is the game 64bit?00:01
sarujiActionParsnip, no it is 32 bit, i see where I am going wrong, but is there a way to run 32 bit games in a 64 bit OS?00:01
sarujiActionParsnip,  like windows does00:02
ActionParsnipsaruji: you may get joy with ia32-libs00:02
TheEvilPhoenix^ that00:02
sarujiActionParsnip, sweet, sudo apt-get install ia32 ?00:02
TheEvilPhoenixsaruji:  sudo apt-get install ia32-libs00:02
ActionParsnip!info ia32-libs00:02
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in natty00:02
ActionParsnipsaruji: this sort if thing is why 32bit is recommended00:03
ActionParsnipsaruji: there are ways to run 32bit apps in 64bit OS though00:03
TheEvilPhoenixActionParsnip:  saruji:  apt-cache search ia32-libs : ia32-libs - ia32 shared libraries for use on amd64 and ia64 systems00:03
TheEvilPhoenixits there but i think its not in ubottu :p00:03
ActionParsnipTheEvilPhoenix: which repo is it in ?00:04
uRockHas anyone had any problems running xubuntu in a vbox?00:04
TheEvilPhoenixActionParsnip:  um... lemme check in synaptic...00:04
ActionParsnipTheEvilPhoenix: apt-cache policy ia32-libs00:04
TheEvilPhoenixActionParsnip:  universe00:05
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ActionParsnipuRock: none here00:05
ActionParsnipTheEvilPhoenix: thanks :)00:05
ActionParsnipsaruji: make sure universe repo is enabled and install ia32-libs00:05
ozzloymy desktop isn't updating the display except for the mouse.  how do i troubleshoot this?00:05
ozzloyi'm in a terminal right now on vt100:05
sarujiActionParsnip,  got it installed00:05
sarujiActionParsnip, same error, thanks for trying00:06
TheEvilPhoenixsaruji:  what error?00:06
ozzloyi can kill Xorg, but this has happened several times in the last few days.  i'm no Xorg expert so i don't know where logs are, or if there are any that would be helpful.  please give pointers like that if you have any00:06
ozzloyit seems to happen when coming back from screensave, but not consistently00:07
sarujiTheEvilPhoenix, the same error as before: This installation doesn't support unknown on Linux / x86_6400:07
snake__I tried all of my possible drivers for my graphics card, and all of them make my display blurry. but even without them I still have a problem. some fonts(usually on web pages) loose some pixels. and it can be hard to read. can I fix this?00:07
ozzloyer, oops00:07
snake__I am on 10.0400:08
TheEvilPhoenixsaruji:  then its detecting the OS itself probly via uname <something>00:08
ActionParsnipsnake__: which video chip?00:08
TheEvilPhoenixsaruji:  vbox an install of Ubuntu 32-bit?00:08
snake__ActionParsnip, Nvidia00:08
TheEvilPhoenixno, that'll be too tricky...00:08
TheEvilPhoenixsaruji:  whatcha tryin to install anyways/00:08
ActionParsnipsnake__: nvidia make a wide range of chips, which model?00:08
sarujiTheEvilPhoenix, I'm trying to install SimCity 3000 for linux, yea I can go the VM route thanks00:09
ozzloyhow about a suggestion of where to ask these questions other than here?00:09
michaelafter suspending to ram, pulse audio volume controle is not working anymore00:09
michaeldoes anyone know why?00:09
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Dr_Willisozzloy,  askubuntu.com or the forums00:09
sarujiozzloy, ubuntu forum00:09
robin0800ozzloy, screen savers can often crash the X server try turning them off and then if ok set them back on one at a time00:09
ActionParsnipsnake__: what isthe output of:  lsb_release -d; lspci | grep -i vga00:10
Dr_Willisor just use the generic blank screen blanker..00:10
Guest90351after suspending to ram, pulse audio volume controle is not working anymore; can anyone help?00:10
sarujihello guys, confused: Additional Drivers reads: No proprietary drivers are in use on this system... But my NVIDIA acceleration graphics are showing a green dot?00:10
ozzloyDr_Willis, saruji i'll try those places.  robin0800 i'll try that too.00:10
sarujialso says "this driver is activated but not currently in use" ?00:11
ActionParsnipsaruji: can you give a pastebin of:  sudo lshw -C display; dpkg -l | grep nvidia; cat /etc/lsb-release        Thanks00:13
snake__ActionParsnip, Sorry, I took so long, I was trying to find it in my manuals. i didn't, but here's that output: http://pastebin.com/en0HNRVS00:14
ActionParsnipsnake__: ok then run:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current     should be ok. You may need to run: sudo nvidia-xconfig   to make an xorg.conf and restart X or the system to apply00:15
sarujiActionParsnip, display http://pastebin.com/Jpu0Cnfi00:16
szalActionParsnip: proper activation of the proprietary nVidia driver usually requires a reboot00:17
AlanJCastonguay_question; does ubuntu server support alternate cpufreq governers? Or is that an ubuntu-desktop-only thing?00:18
ActionParsnipszal: you can just restart X too, quicker00:18
dliAlanJCastonguay_, I use cpufreq-utils00:18
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ActionParsnipsaruji: the command is longer than that. Please run the whole thing as one and pastebin the result please :)00:19
cyphais there a way to half-tab? (4 spaces)00:19
sarujiActionParsnip, lol ok i was not sure00:19
Dr_Williscypha,  that would be a text editor setting00:19
cyphaor can "shift+space" be able to do that?00:19
cyphaDr_Willis, can I do that in vim?00:19
Dr_Williscypha,  very likely yes.. you can do most everything else under the sun in vim.00:19
snake__how do you restart x? is that just log in log out?00:20
Dr_Willisgiven ive seen whole books written on vi and vim. :) its got an amazing feature set.00:20
Dr_Willissnake__,  'sudo service gdm restart' is one way00:20
Dr_Willissnake__,  but ive seen cases where the nvidia drivers need a reboot to get going..00:20
sarujiActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/Fehc9ZLW00:20
AlanJCastonguay_dli: When I run cpufreq-info, it says "no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU" for all 4 cores. This is 2.6.32-32-generic-pae #62; stock00:21
dliAlanJCastonguay_, what's your cpu?00:21
Dr_WillisAlanJCastonguay_,  could be its not a feature in the pae kernel. How much ram you got?00:21
AlanJCastonguay_dli: 2 Intel Xeon 2.8; do you need the cpuid stuffs?00:22
dliAlanJCastonguay_, no, I just wonder whether xeon support cpufreq00:22
AlanJCastonguay_dli: Only 1GB stuffed. I don't know why it decided to use PAE.00:22
ActionParsnipsaruji: try:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    then reboot00:23
sarujiActionParsnip, ok thanks00:23
dliAlanJCastonguay_, I think you can specific which kernel package to use: apt-cache search linux-image00:23
psusiAlanJCastonguay_, the only difference between server and desktop is what packages come installed... mostly gui vs servers00:24
AlanJCastonguay_psusi: Same kernel image, though?00:25
el_bbso I am using the 11.04 alternate amd64 cd because i don't want X to be installed automatically. And the Installer just arrives at "Select and Install Software" and doesn't let me select anything?00:25
dlipsusi, his hardware is server also00:25
Dr_Willispae kernel - is normally for 32bit systems with more then 4gb of ram.00:25
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info00:25
psusiAlanJCastonguay_, yea00:26
dliAlanJCastonguay_, I guess your xeon doesn't support cpufreq, after all, you paid for server speed, no need to save on electricity00:26
AlanJCastonguay_dli: Booo. I was actually hoping to just make it a little /quieter/ while sitting next to it for a few months. No need for this much CPU speed at the moment.00:27
Dr_Willisa quick google for xenon support cpufreq has a few interesting hits...00:27
Dr_Willismost interesting i saw so far -->  http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/lnxinfo/v3r0m0/index.jsp?topic=/liaai/cpufreq/CPUFreqDriver.htm00:28
AlanJCastonguay_Dr_Willis: reading, thanks.00:28
Dr_Willisguide may be a little old.. but xenon does support cpufreq :)00:29
AlanJCastonguay_I don't have a cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_driver though;00:30
Dr_Williscat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_driver00:30
Dr_Willison a  amd here...00:30
AlanJCastonguay_yeah; I don't have a /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ psuedo-directory at all.00:31
MMosxhi, when I connect to vnc server on my ubuntu box I just see a blank desktop screen. I ask it to server :0 but can only connect to :1 with viewer00:33
MMosxwhat gives ?00:33
glenniemy graphics are a bit unstable on Radeon RC410 natty, is there a better driver?00:36
rhin0do you have the proprietary driver -- system/hardware drivers -- detects proprietary drivers loads them if available00:36
rhin0proprietary means driver from ati00:37
glennierhin0, says no proprietory drivers in use00:37
rhin0maybe check on the ati website glennie00:38
jungleBust3rjoin #502100:38
ZimskyMy system fan is always running at ~4000 RPM. Is there any way to control this via the terminal?00:38
ActionParsnipZimsky: what make / model system?00:38
ZimskyIt is a custom build server. I have Ubuntu Server 11.04 installed00:39
glennierhin0, so not in the restricted drivers part of ubuntu then?00:39
ActionParsnipZimsky: what motherboard?00:39
rhin0not sure I always just click on system administration hardware drivers from the menus00:39
ZimskyGigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L00:39
AlanJCastonguay_Dr_Willis: I installed a non-PAE 2.6.35-25-generic, it also has no cpufreq modules in /lib/modules/.../kernel/, and nothing in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ or /sys/devices/system/cpu/cp0/cpufreq/00:40
el_bbhow can I install a base system only? the alternate dvd just starting installing like every software that ever existed onto my 4GB USB drive...00:40
ActionParsnipZimsky: ok and is it the cpu fan?00:40
ZimskyIt is SYS_FAN200:41
rhin0maybe try xubuntu or lubuntu el_bb -- ubuntu for smaller capacity systems00:41
histoZimsky: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84648000:41
ZimskyMy CPU fan is controlled by BIOS00:41
ActionParsnipZimsky: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95521800:41
ZimskyIt's not overheating, I just need to control the fan speed so it is not always running at full RPM00:42
ActionParsnipZimsky: http://superuser.com/questions/67974/cant-control-case-fan-speeds00:42
histoZimsky: please check the forum post it will explain checking the trip speeds00:42
el_bbrhin0: thanks. but the alternate installer used to let you choose what to isntall00:42
AlanJCastonguay_huh... even without cpufreq, the fans are all running slower after rebooting into the non-PAE kernel. Maybe it's configured differently... *hope*00:43
histoel_bb: you have to select install command line system00:43
histoel_bb: i believe you hit F6 at the boot menu to select more options00:43
bazhangel_bb, or use the minimal iso and build up00:44
AlanJCastonguay_Dr_Willis, dli and others: Thanks for the guidence.00:44
bazhang!minimal | el_bb00:44
ubottuel_bb: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:44
ActionParsnipZimsky: looks liek a pain, you may need a hard adjuster to change it00:44
el_bbhisto: yeah, "F4 Modes" let's you choose the command like system00:47
el_bbthanks, exactly what i was looking for00:47
histoel_bb: there ya go00:47
hammoommahmorning peoples, i got a new hd today and i want to copy entire op system onto it from old one, whats the easiest way to do this?00:47
hammoommahcopy *.* lol00:47
Dulakhammoommah: that is more complicated than it seems.  The easiest is to install fresh on the new drive, then copy over you /home dir from the old drive to the new one.00:48
szalDulak: you're slow :P00:49
Dulakszal: yup00:49
ActionParsnipI'd use rsync00:49
fishscenehammoommah: Another option that I've had lots of success with is filezilla00:50
hammoommahok coolies00:50
SpudnutDoes anyone know what the best way to get the drivers for the canon pixma mp490 is?00:50
hammoommahwhat was first idea i got dc'd after i posted :(00:50
fishsceneDulak: hammoommah: that is more complicated than it seems.  The easiest is to install fresh on the new drive, then copy over you /home dir from the old drive to the new one.00:50
histohammoommah: no you can copy the files00:50
histohammoommah: I would recomend using something like rsync00:51
histohammoommah: or you could dd from one drive to the other but be carefull with that.00:51
hammoommaheparted cant drive copy?00:51
Dulakyou said easiest, not fastest00:51
pauliedoes anyone know how to sync FF with google nexus?00:52
Dulakdd would be the fastest but you have to do some stuff to grow the partitions to match the new sizes you'd want on the new drive00:52
hammoommahi dont want to fresh install as i need all apps downloaded again :( so i'll try using rsync............ hello google00:52
histohammoommah: dd if=/dev/sdx(of old drive) of=/dev/sdx(new hard drive)00:52
fishscenepaulie: You need Firefox on the Nexus.00:52
histohammoommah: if the new drive is bigger you'll want to use rsync00:53
CharybdisI'd suggest dcfldd over dd, it will show you your progress.00:53
fishsceneclonezilla automatically grows the drive if the new drive is  bigger.00:53
hammoommahthanks @histo00:53
Dulakhammoommah: ok, hit me up when you screw it up and you are installing from scratch anyways.  G'luck.00:53
histohammoommah: boot to a live cd partition the new drive. then rsync the old drives conetents to the new ones00:53
hammoommahgood idea00:53
histohammoommah: or clonezilla is a viable option if you are unsure00:53
hammoommahthanks for advice poeples00:53
fishsceneNP o/  good luck mate.00:53
hammoommahive heard thats pretty good00:53
paulieI have but the instruction FF give are different fishscene00:54
fishscenepaulie: I'm unsure then. I set it up back in February and removed firefox a couple of months ago. =\00:54
FriGiNJordan_U: yo yoda, you alive?00:55
SpudnutDoes anyone know what the best way to get the drivers for the canon pixma mp490 is?00:55
pauliefishscene: ok np00:55
FriGiNSpudnut: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299260 check that post00:56
histoSpudnut: google search most likely00:56
histoSpudnut: or forum search00:56
Spudnuti had read that topic but sadly all of the link lead to a 404 on the canon server00:57
bazhangSpudnut, is that a printer? camera?00:57
Spudnutit is a printer00:57
bazhanglinuxprinting.org database Spudnut00:58
jimisrvroxhey guys im trying to recover a usb drive that is not showing up with fdisk -l dmesg doesnt say aything about it either..what should I do next? I dont think I can run ddrescue bc I dont know the dev name and lsusb doesnt show it either..but it does power on but it does not get past the 'welcome' screen.00:58
szaljimisrvrox: iow, -> electronics recycling00:59
arfbtwnwhat do you mean, the welcome screen?00:59
arfbtwnbut what szal said sounds about right...01:00
ActionParsnipSpudnut: http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/MP490.aspx?type=download&page=101:00
ActionParsnipSpudnut: canon site has drivers01:00
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Spudnutsorry had looked in the us section and not found them along with links mentioned in the forums01:01
jimisrvroxarfbtwn: essentially usb music player. Put batteries in it. Turns on goes to welcome screen but never gets to where you can actually play anything.01:01
ActionParsnipSpudnut: I always use UK, they seem to nearly always have the drivers. If one server is down try another01:01
arfbtwnjimisrvrox: yup, sounds like it's dead as a dodo01:01
* szal tried Canon UK once when helping someone out, but Canon Europe seems to be the better way to go01:02
Phr3d13jimisrvrox, look at the manufacturer's website, sometimes flashing the firmware to it fixes it01:02
FriGiNActionParsnip: i've found uk is more friendly to linux than mainstream us. 80% of all drivers ive found for ubu have been non us.01:02
jimisrvroxyeah thats what I thought I was just hoping there was some possible way that since it turned on I could recover stuff from it01:02
Spudnutthank you this is my first time setting up a linux system of any sort so trying to figure everything out01:02
FriGiNnot that im an expert or authority by any means.01:03
jimisrvroxPhr3d13: ok but I cant get the drive to show up on fdisk...so how would you go about doing that?01:03
FriGiNjimisrvrox: he said check firmware updates on manu website, that has nothing to do with fdisk.01:03
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FriGiNjimisrvrox: also if this is a mp3 player i think i saw you say, there may be a way either in manual, or via a pinprick button that will do a full reset of the OS.01:04
jimisrvroxyeah mp3 player..tried the reset button..nadda01:04
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ActionParsnipFriGiN: I find the UK friendlier than the US generally ;)01:05
SpudnutTY all for the help have downloaded the drivers and will install them!01:05
Phr3d1385% Downloading the updates for 11.0401:05
FriGiNjimisrvrox: have you verified just a press will reset? again manual from manu website is a good place to start atm01:05
FriGiNActionParsnip: unless you are a pound short of a pint :P01:05
ActionParsnipFriGiN: guess it depends where you go01:06
FriGiNlol @ ActionParsnip01:06
phrostbiteDoes anybody have a suggestion for an app that will allow me to keep track of hours worked? I work from home and it would be nice to keep track some way thats easy and can export a spreadsheet or something like that.01:06
FriGiNhonestly i just wanted to say pound short of a pint.01:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:07
paulieA friend of mine had a virginmedia wireless router sent to them through the post , does anyone know the set-up page and how to password protect it?01:08
bazhangpaulie, thats not really an ubuntu support question; access the router through a browser and check the manual01:09
vivianhello, I installed 11.04 and whenever I watch videos and turn up the volume to the maximum the sounds that comes out is terrible. What could be the problem?01:09
bazhangvivian, reduce the PCM in alsamixer a bit01:10
vivianthe speakers are not busted that's for sure because the sound came out nice and smooth when I had windows 7 2 hours ago01:10
vivianbashang: you mean I can't use it at the maximum volume?01:10
vivianbazhang I meant :)01:10
bazhangvivian, do you want distortions and such?01:11
bazhangvivian, then try the alsamixer controls (if not)01:11
vivianof course not, but what's the point of having 100% of volume if you can't use it?01:11
Phr3d13vivian, windows only goes to 100% pulse lets you go to higher than 100%01:11
linux_is_my_herohow do i install frostwire on ubuntu x64 11.04?01:12
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source !gnutella client, forked from the Limewire source code.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire01:12
bazhanglinux_is_my_hero, ^01:12
vivianPhr3d13: yes, now that you mention it... it's over 100% but is there any kind of adjustment you can make to allow a PC to handle that much power? 100% on a laptop is not really that high :(01:13
allowoverridei get this error. i need help... http://pastebin.com/sYEcKc3R01:13
Phr3d13vivian, some audio players have eq plugins and such01:14
Evanionis there anyway i can protect an ip/host from beign blocked by denyhost? .. it keeps blocking my router ( (have added it to the hosts.allow file)01:14
vivianPhr3d13: in my case I'm not really using any audio player, it's just youtube and even at 100% (not higher) I can hear this squeaking sound coming out :(01:15
FriGiNvivian: you sure you arent getting feedback?01:16
vivianFriGiN: what do you mean by "getting feedback"?01:16
FriGiNvivian: mic/speaker feedback01:17
FriGiNvivian: generally overmodulation will be clicks and pops not squeaks and squeals.01:17
ActionParsnipvivian: set volume a touch lower in alsamixer, then crank speakers01:17
TechnicusHello . . . how is the process for configuring Ubuntu to have multiple pointers?01:17
vivianFriGiN: I still don't get what you are saying ;(01:18
FriGiNbbiab, if anyone sees Jordan_U tell him i'll be back to try his ideas out01:18
magn3tsWhat is the *deal*?! Did I blaspheme Firefox too many times that they randomly make it freeze now01:18
magn3tsit has flat out hung for 20 seconds TWICE in the only five minuets I've used it ever.01:18
vivianActionParsnip: I don't have external speakers, it's the internal ones in my laptop01:18
ActionParsnipvivian: what make / model?01:19
Phr3d13vivian, is there a volume wheel or button?01:20
Phr3d1397% done downloading for 11.04 upgrade01:20
bazhangPhr3d13, no need for that01:20
vivianActionParsnip: Gateway MS228501:20
* Phr3d13 has his fingers crossed01:20
ActionParsnipvivian: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh01:20
robin0800vivian, make sure any built in microphones are muted01:20
szalvivian: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_feedback01:20
vivianPhr3d13: button01:21
vivianActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8d810561913ecbbad34eb79d9d1778e26c1fd62001:21
allowoverridei get this error. i need help... http://pastebin.com/SMbVeaaQ01:22
allowoverridebluetooth issue01:22
bazhang!here | allowoverride01:22
ubottuallowoverride: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com01:22
allowoverrideits all in the pastebin01:23
Phr3d13allowoverride, did you try un/re-installation01:23
vivianrobin0800: I muted them but still :(01:24
allowoverridei try all i know, that is why im here lol01:24
allowoverridei give01:24
vivianszal: thanks ;)01:24
allowoverridedo you know bluetooth trbshting?01:24
allowoverrideit used to work, i believe the upgrade last year may have janked mods01:24
yagooanyone happens to know what's a safe max temperature a raid NAS box internal can get? (I set my emergency shutdown if temp reaches 65Celsius)-- am wonder if anyone knows if harddrives can safely withstand 80Celsius.. sorry this may be off topic.. it's the only question i have, any #channel redirect appreciated thanks..01:24
ActionParsnipvivian: try adding: options snd_hda_intel model=laptop    to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf    reboot to test01:24
allowoverridetypical when you do upgraded lol.. things break01:24
histoallowoverride: did you remove the bluez daemon?01:25
viviando I copy and paste this: options snd_hda_intel model=laptop01:25
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ActionParsnipvivian: yes, put it in the file01:25
allowoverridevivian: ? me01:26
histoyagoo: I would look to your hard drive manufacturers specs to see what temp range01:26
ActionParsnipvivian: gateway build quality is far from good btw, you may need a bit more tweaking01:26
histoallowoverride: why did you remove the bluez daemon?01:26
allowoverridewhy not01:26
allowoverrideits back01:26
vivianActionParsnip: thanks let me try that01:26
histoallowoverride: well it won't work without it and that is your error01:26
arfbtwncos you're trying to use bluetooth?01:26
vivianallowoverride: ???01:26
allowoverridehisto: where did you find that info?01:26
allowoverridevivian: nevermind, thought you ment me01:26
allowoverridehisto: where did you find that info? how do you know? site your source ;)01:27
allowoverridejust to let you know, im not a noob, however, this bluetooth issue didnt exist prior to upgrading, i just noticed yesterday when i wanted to transfer some files via obex01:28
vivianActionParsnip: do I add it at the end of the file?01:28
cmyersI am running natty, installed ratpoison, only to see that when I run a terminal, it runs GNOME TERMINAL.  wtf?  Does anyone know how to change this?01:28
allowoverridei have a dell, bout 2 yrs old, the bluetooth light is not on, which means, the kernel is most likely the issue.01:28
allowoverridesome mod, maybe hcisomething,,01:28
cmyersI strings'd the binary, "gnome" isn't in it anywhere01:28
cmyersand the package contains no obvious rc file01:28
histoallowoverride: from your pastebin it can't locate the bluez daemon01:28
allowoverridehisto: true01:28
allowoverridewhen i try to run it, i get that error01:29
histoallowoverride: when you try to run what?01:29
allowoverridei believe the hardware is not being recongnize01:29
allowoverridebluetoothd, did you know thats what needs to be run?01:29
allowoverrideor sudo service bluetooth start, or sudo bluetooth start01:29
allowoverrideall of which when i do status, say, its not running....01:30
allowoverrideget it?01:30
bazhang!enter | allowoverride01:30
ubottuallowoverride: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:30
allowoverrideyadda bazhang01:30
allowoverrideno one else is talking01:30
bazhangallowoverride, pardon?01:30
histoallowoverride: service start bluez01:30
histo!enter | allowoverride01:30
allowoverridehisto: sb01:30
allowoverridedo get all anal,, its just a chat box01:31
bazhangallowoverride, thats enough01:31
histo!attitude | allowoverride01:31
ubottuallowoverride: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:31
allowoverridei volunteer as well bazhang01:31
allowoverrideeither help or shut up01:31
bazhangallowoverride, follow the channel guidelines01:31
histoallowoverride: actually I believe bluetooth is now handled by udev. So you may need to do it a different way01:32
aeioufor a keyless ssh login, i want to add my .pub key to the remotes autorized_hosts right?01:32
histoallowoverride: please check this out see if it helps specifically the bluetoothd -u parts01:32
odixtheir wouldnt be any issues cloning a drive using dd to a hybrid drive correCt/01:33
histoaeiou: ssh-copy-id will put it in the appropriate place01:33
histoodix: other than the partition size will remain the same as the old drive01:33
allowoverridehisto: i only have bluetooth , not bluez when i tab complete service.. start01:33
odixhow is that bad ?01:33
aeiouhisto, ah nice!01:34
allowoverridehisto: opps i missed that... ill check01:34
histoallowoverride: yes as I said bluetooth is now part of udev so check that link01:34
allowoverridewhat link?01:34
histoallowoverride: I was thinking of the old way I haven't used bluetooth in ages.01:34
histoallowoverride: http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,77723.0.html01:34
histoaeiou: yeah nifty little script01:34
allowoverridei got distracted, and didnt see a link, paste link again? i dont see it01:34
vivianActionParsnip: hi, I'm back. I added that line at the end of the file (I don't know if the location matters) and the sound is still squeaking :(01:34
histoallowoverride: http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,77723.0.html01:35
vivianActionParsnip: is there any other tweaking you could think about?01:35
ActionParsnipvivian: you'll need things to add to that file to make it good, i suggest you remove the added line as it isn't benefitting you01:35
odixhisto: i can't get it to load01:35
odixhisto, the operating system isnt even viewable it seems01:35
ActionParsnipvivian: look for your laptop model with regards to alsa-base.conf   you may find code to add like the one I gave you01:36
allowoverridehisto: service bluez start bluez: unrecognized service01:36
allowoverridehisto: bluez is already the newest version.01:36
histoodix: I would confirm that the data was actually copied and you didn't reverse the dd command01:36
odixit is copied..01:36
histoallowoverride: keep reading on that page as they sugest bluetoothd -u01:36
vivianActionParsnip: in the forums?01:36
odixi dunno...its weird01:36
ActionParsniphisto: thats always a nightmare01:36
allowoverridei also chk'd bios/cmos and bluetooth is anabled01:37
allowoverrideoh... ok,, brb01:37
ChipDSnowHey all.  I'm looking to write a little script that will allow me to run a program under a different directory.  Any pointers on where I can read up on scripting under Ubuntu?01:37
histoallowoverride: if that doesn't work I would search the forums. I'm not that up to date with bluetooth01:37
ActionParsnipvivian: the web at large, even for different distros. alsa is alsa in any distro01:37
ChipDSnow<-- Noob, btw.01:37
allowoverridehisto: ok, blueman is installed as well01:37
vivianActionParsnip: got it, thanks for helping :)01:37
allowoverrideoh ok,,, histo thanks anyway,,, anyone else feel free to jump in with my bluetooth issue01:37
ohzieHey everyone. Has anyone noticed weirdness with the BM4312 chipset in ubuntu? My wireless connects momentarily, and then dies, and the password stops working.01:38
ActionParsnipallowoverride: if you run: bluetooth  do you get an icon in the system tray?01:38
ActionParsnipohzie: when it drops. Run:  dmesg | tail     it may give clues01:38
histo!bluetooth | allowoverride01:38
ubottuallowoverride: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:38
ohzieActionParsnip: Thank you! I will try this! =]01:39
allowoverridehisto: been there....01:39
ActionParsnipChipDSnow: do you mean run a command and have it manipulate files in a different directory? your question seems muddled01:39
allowoverrideim gonna try bluetoothd -u01:39
ActionParsnipohzie: common causes of that sort of thing are busy wireless channel or ipv6 causing issues01:39
allowoverridehisto: ok, that got sudo service bluetooth status to show, bluetooth is running,,,ill try blueman now01:40
ChipDSnowI've discovered the joys of Nethack, and I want to drop to command line, type in one command, and have it run.01:40
ohzieActionParsnip: I'm not using ipv6(that I'm aware of) and it works fine on the HP laptop and the Asus laptop.01:40
ohzieActionParsnip: I'm suspecting the chipset is weird because I've just heard that sometimes the bm43xx stuff has been weird in linux.01:40
allowoverridehisto: ok, blueman starts, nothing is listed, and the light on dell laptop is still off01:41
ohzieIt is perfectly possible that I am incorrect.01:41
allowoverridei have the service to start, but not with -u per update-rc.d bluetooth enable01:41
ActionParsnipohzie: i'd disable ipv6 using boot option: ipv6.disable=1   it may help01:41
ohzieActionParsnip: Do I put that in my kernel line? In grub?01:41
ohzieor lilo01:41
ohzieit's grub now right?01:41
wabznasmohzie: check first with ip a | grep inet601:42
ohziewabznasm: Yessir I have that turned on.01:42
wabznasmohzie: worth turning off - can do it by boot as ActionParsnip said but also possible to do it another way that I did 2 days ago and now cant find...01:42
ohziewabznasm: Where would I put that boot option?01:43
TraspHello, I'm trying to set up a lightweight system without gnome or kde or anything but I can't get into the "expert install" when trying to boot form a USB-drive with both usb-creator and unetbootin. I have no cd-drive and I don't know if the mobo has support for pxe (it should have but I should also be able to do it from my usb-stick ;p)01:43
Traspany ideas?01:43
wabznasmohzie: I let you foloow ActionParsnip advice on that one - I don't want to override what he is saying01:44
wabznasmohzie: just thought I'd mention the check for ipv6 being active first in case you didn't have to disable01:44
histoTrasp: use the alternate iso and install a command line system01:44
ohziewabznasm: No, I intend to use what he said "disable ipv6 using boot option ipv6.disable=1" I'm just asking where I would put that option.01:44
bazhangTrasp, or anything? just a system without X?01:44
ActionParsnipohzie: yes in the quotes with: quiet splash01:45
wabznasmfunction scrapeFreeSearchPages() {01:45
wabznasmLogger::getInstance('knd')->writeLog('debug', 'scrapeFreeSearchPages() called');01:45
wabznasm$page = 1;01:45
wabznasm/ For debuggong01:45
wabznasm$bookUpdated = 0;01:45
wabznasm$bookUnchanged = 0;01:45
FloodBot1wabznasm: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
allowoverridehisto: rebooted yeilded same error message from pastebin - failed to apply network settings... conf file errors,,, blutooth netowrk unaable to connect01:45
ohzieActionParsnip: ty!01:45
ActionParsnipTrasp: oI recommend LXDE01:45
histoTrasp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems01:45
Traspbaxhang: Well, I'll have a openssh-server installed from the beginning and then throw in fluxbox01:45
ActionParsnipohzie: you will need to run:  sudo update-grub   to apply the setting01:45
histoallowoverride: I have no idea. Perhaps the forums?01:45
ActionParsnipTrasp: fluxbox is light too :)01:46
TraspActionParsnip, I'm using that one on my laptops actually, sweet, but I just need X to run an application on a hard working server so...01:46
jimisrvroxFriGiN: Found the firmware update for it. Windows recognizes that the usb is plugged in. However it does not show up in the devices and says that Windows could not recognize it and cant install drivers..but it seems to be that it should work being that it recognized that it was plugged in.01:46
Trasphisto, Thanks!01:46
ohzieActionParsnip: I was about to put it in the grub.cfg01:46
bazhangTrasp, you may wish to try lxde then as ActionParsnip recommends01:46
Traspwill try the alternate cd01:46
ohzieam I doing it wrong?01:46
histobazhang: he didn't want lxde01:46
allowoverridehisto: there are 1400 plus linux users in here, someone will be able to help out. ;) thanks for trying, also, i think the -u setting doesnt apply since udev handles it now, which means i prolly need to update the rc.X scripts... sighs...01:46
wabznasmohzie: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu.html01:47
Traspbazhang, As mentioned, I allready do use it on a couple of my systems :)01:47
ActionParsnipohzie: no, put it in /etc/default/grub01:47
histoallowoverride: I would try reinstalling all the blue* stuff perhaps something got derped during the upgrade01:47
bazhanghisto, he said gnome or kde01:47
ActionParsnipohzie: you NEVER edit grub.cfg01:47
* ohzie shamefaced.01:47
histobazhang: he just wants plain X01:48
histobazhang: lxde is far from that01:48
allowoverridehisto: k01:48
bazhanghisto, as is fluxbox01:48
allowoverridecould you repaste my pastebin to me01:48
allowoverridei rebooted01:48
histobazhang: I didn't suggest fluxbox I pointed out that he could do a command line install. Then install X or whatever he wants01:48
TraspWell then, what should I use to get a minimal x-system then?01:49
bazhangTrasp, alternate cd or minimal cd01:49
TraspI'm not new to *nix but I don't use it too much either01:49
bazhang!minimal | Trasp01:49
ubottuTrasp: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:49
ohzieTrasp: I'd recommend installing a server image. :|01:49
histoallowoverride: http://pastebin.com/sYEcKc3R01:49
allowoverridethanks histo, u cool ;)01:50
ohzieTrasp: and then installing from there01:50
TraspNow i just asked what I should use to get "plain X" as you argued about ;p01:50
th0rTrasp: a 'minimal' x-system will have to include some kind of window manager. LXDE, XFCE, fluxbox, just a few of the lighter ones01:50
allowoverridehisto: the 2nd paste bin, thanks, thats the first one01:50
allowoverridehisto:  they diff, 2nd has more info01:50
Traspth0r, As I thought form the beginning then :) thanks01:50
cccaldasanyone use irc with terminal ?01:50
invisiblekis there a ck kernel for ubuntu with bfs?01:51
bazhangcccaldas, screen and irssi ?01:51
cccaldasis it run on mac ?01:51
th0rTrasp: I have used xfce for years and find it just about right. But I have to admit to a developing interest in lxde01:51
bazhanginvisiblek, btrfs?01:51
ohziebazhang: Butter Better Bee Tree01:51
invisiblekno, bfs: brain f*ck scheduler01:51
DSee2Hello, where are the network configuration files kept? There's nothing @ /etc/network/interfaces however eth0 and eth1 are connected??01:51
bazhangcccaldas, why ask here? this is ubuntu support01:51
ohziecccaldas: screen+irssi = the win.01:51
cccaldasohzie: thkx01:52
cccaldasbazhang: sorry, but the unix applications are basicaly the same... or not ?01:52
histoallowoverride: http://pastebin.com/SMbVeaaQ01:52
bazhangcccaldas, not01:52
cccaldaswhat runs on mac runs on linux, (most cases)01:52
bazhangcccaldas, try a mac channel, or check macports01:52
odixseems like you can't clone from a regular drive to a hybrid01:52
histoodix: what do you mean by hybrid drive?01:53
cccaldasbazhang: ok, sorry, but is it necessary ?01:53
odixhybrid hard drive01:53
bazhangcccaldas, its moot though, /msg alis list *mac* or whatever to get a support channel, its offtopic here01:53
cccaldasbazhang: ok01:54
histoodix: that shouldn't matter01:54
ohzieodix: Oh jeeze don't use those they're nasty. #personalopinion01:54
odixya were having problems here01:54
invisibleknvm, found this: https://launchpad.net/~chogydan/+archive/ppa01:55
histoodix: md5sum the data and see if it matches I garantee it's different something went wrong during hte copy01:55
histoodix: data is data it doesn't matter what it is put on.01:56
odixits something a little funnier, we tried with windows to, which has a backup recovery, and the recovery o/s loads but doesnt see the main o/s. something about write protection. i used dd to first copy the image to local hd then local hd to other hd01:56
odixill keep ya posted01:57
histoodix: what dd command did you use exactly01:57
odixif and of01:57
odixno byte lengths01:58
histoodix: yeah if what and of what?01:58
histoodix: did you if the image and of the device?01:58
odixdd if=/dev/myhd of=/my/img.ing01:58
odixdd if=/my/img of=/my/newhd01:58
histoodix: that will make an image file of myhd01:58
histoodix: and that should write the image to the device01:58
histoodix: I would check the md5sum01:59
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:59
odixok, thanks01:59
histoodix: that will confirm that you data was written appropriately and matches.01:59
histo!md5sum | odix02:00
ubottuodix: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:00
awea-im trying to install BT5 on my EeePC with 2 HDDs. 1 x 4gb and 1x8gb. I installed BT5 on the 8GB HDD. but it doesn't work when i try to boot?02:00
histoawea-: wront channel02:00
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
bazhangawea-, #backtrack-linux for that02:00
histoawea-: s/wront/wrong02:00
odixim going to very a whole hd and the img file, right ?02:00
awea-i can't post on #backtrack-linux02:00
bazhangawea-, not our problem02:01
odixawea, read the topic02:02
tuanhtdoes anyone know how to run a script after ubiquity install complete? (d-i preseed/late_command not work for me)02:07
madsailorI'm dual booting ubuntu and win7.  If I mount the windows partition under ubuntu and delete some files will windows know that those files have been deleted when it boots next time, or will the OS not recognize that the files were deleted and still reserve space on disk for them02:08
bazhangmadsailor, delete them from where, what files02:08
clipse`im having this weird issue, when i logged in today i typed w as usual and i saw a root login and then a second later it was gone.. http://pastebin.com/3p6XjAt5 -- any ideas?02:08
rad_sci_guymadsailor, windows will notice the files were deleted.  i do it all the time.02:09
madsailorI'm deleting files from the win ntfs partition, but I'm booted into ubuntu on the ubuntu partition02:09
bazhangmadsailor, bad idea then. for the exact ramifications, try ##windows02:10
madsailorrad_sci_guy, thanks...so your disk space from the deleted files is recognized as being free when you boot back into windows02:10
leeeroooy_jmadsailor: aslong as you dont delete system files it should be fine02:11
madsailorleeeroooy_j, nope...just random pictures02:11
leeeroooy_jmadsailor: or anything that would cause windows to have problem if missing (those new antiviruses that BSOD you if not working are a good example lol)02:11
rad_sci_guymadsailor, i'm pretty sure.  I haven't removed huge amounts of files mind you.02:11
canu-qummhey guys02:11
leeeroooy_jmadsailor: just pictures? then you re good, do it02:11
leeeroooy_jaslong as they re not related to windows itself you can do what you want02:12
rad_sci_guyjust don't delete files from the windows system folders or you'll be sorry :)02:12
leeeroooy_jbut keep in mind what bazhang said about #windows if you think you want more info you better ask there02:12
magn3tsIt'd be nice if QT apps obeyed fonts when using something besides the defaults... was that really not tested at all?02:12
bazhangmagn3ts, was there an actual question in there?02:13
bazhangmagn3ts, what apps, etc02:13
Trasphisto, thank! Exactly what I wanted, just like booting from pxe02:13
clipse`anyone have any ideas on my problem? or why this is happening? http://pastebin.com/3p6XjAt502:14
madsailorleeeroooy_j, , rad_sci_guy, thanks.  Yup...won't be touching anything important to windows unless Im in windows.  Thanks for the info. I think I will check in #windows, but thanks for the input02:14
Sargun_ScreenHow do I disable X11/GDM on start-up02:14
bazhang!nox | Sargun_Screen02:14
ubottuSargun_Screen: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode02:14
tuanhtdoes anyone know how to run a script after ubiquity install complete? (d-i preseed/late_command not work for me)02:15
mrdebwhat is the gnome monitor program called02:15
bazhangmrdeb, top02:15
mrdebno the monitorresolution like two monitors02:15
bazhangor htop if you like colors mrdeb02:15
bazhang!xrandr > mrdeb02:15
ubottumrdeb, please see my private message02:15
=== tum is now known as Guest89655
bazhangtuanht, whats that command supposed to do02:16
bazhangtuanht, ie how is it failing you02:16
DefdefHello, I am using 11.04 desktop and am trying to connect to an FTP server. My windows box connects just fine using WinSCP, but the ubuntu box will not using the "Connect to Server" method and using FTP with creds. Is there something special I am supposed to be doing to get this to connect?02:17
TheEvilPhoenixDefdef:  try SFTP02:17
TheEvilPhoenixinstead of FTP02:17
necrodeariaCan someone pastebin the contents of /usr/share/i18n/locales/eo_US and /usr/share/i18n/locales/la_AU ?02:18
tuanhtbazhang: i want run a script to copy some file that pre-generate in livecd to /target (install partition)02:18
tuanhtbazhang: i use d-i preseed/late_command in ubuntu.seed file, but it's not work02:18
bazhangnecrodearia, is that erroring out because cannot parse error?02:19
tux-desktophey all02:19
linux_is_my_herowhat does it mean when i try to install ubuntu and i get a bunch of colored lines? i do have a nvidea graphics card if that helps.02:19
Will123456necrodearia: http://pastebin.com/Ex5evB4m      http://pastebin.com/9qMHKfYs02:19
necrodeariaWill123456, thanks02:20
Will123456necrodearia: no problem!02:20
tux-desktopwhat is every one doing02:21
asdjaputratux-desktop, support02:21
magn3tsbazhang, all qt apps don't obey gnome font preferences.02:21
magn3tsI guess my question is, how can I fix that.02:21
bazhangtux-desktop, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat02:21
tux-desktopi know sorry02:21
Mark_bensohi everyone, i hope such a question belongs here, i own an internet point and recently users have been complaining because my computers dont have flash and dont "open" some websites (i blocked them lol) one of the most required was megavideo, i actually blocked such websites and flash due to security concerns (although linux is not windows flash has its exploits that may target different OS'es and cause nastities), could anyone tell me if enabling f02:23
Mark_bensolash would be safe? and also, should i allow megavideo (this is the off topic question, again sorry if it doesnt belong here)?  you may want to know that most users use guest session and some limited account with ONLY "administrate system" not checked (so all other permissions are checked) and they all have firefox's default apparmor profile02:23
rrgrzcoolcan anyone provide their expertise with installing swftools on ubuntu?02:24
magn3tsMark_benso, IMO, you can enable flash.02:24
magn3tsMark_benso, if Flash is being used as an exploit... it would be through a megavideo video.02:24
OsmodivsHello. What command do I use to know how many files do I have in one folder? like, I want to know how many fonts do I have in /usr/share/fonts/funfonts I know I have to use the find command, but whatś next?02:25
bazhangMark_benso, are you using ubuntu?02:25
magn3tsMark_benso, it will be through some SWF embedded somewhere inconspicuous. Better would be to use Chrome (Better plugin sandboxing) and have click-to-enable, so users will only use Flash when they explicitly need it.02:25
ActionParsnipMark_benso: flash should be fine02:25
Mark_bensomagn3ts: so you say yes to flash but no to megavideo?02:25
Mark_bensobazhang: yes 11.04 if it matters02:25
magn3tsMark_benso, I'm saying Chrome + Click-to-enable. I don't know why you're worried about megavideo any more than any other site.02:25
Mark_bensoActionParsnip: thank you very much, what about megavideo though? could i trust it?02:25
bazhangMark_benso, using noscript and flashblock as well?02:25
ActionParsnipMark_benso: never used it02:25
magn3tsWhy is megavideo any less trustworthy than any other flash site Mark_benso02:25
Mark_bensobazhang: adblock plus + noscript, but in order to watch the vids they d have (i'd have in this case) to allow megavideo.com02:26
magn3tsLike I said, if Flash is used as an exploit... it will be on some random embed, not megavideo.02:26
clipse`so ubuntu 11.04 is out.. I might be running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS -- is there a command or way I can type something as root to determine what exact version of ubuntu im currently running? uname -a doesnt show it.. and cat /etc/debian* just says squeeze/sid02:26
Mark_bensomagn3ts: that was the most "complained" so im asking about this02:26
ActionParsnipclipse`: lsb_release -a02:26
magn3tsMark_benso, meh, there's no reason to worry about Megavideo more than anything else, except for megavideo is usually used to host tv shows and movies and time wasters.02:27
=== exiter is now known as str8jacket
Osmodivsclipse`: Why on earth are you still using 10.04?02:27
ActionParsnipclipse`: doesn't need root either02:27
bazhangMark_benso, flash is insecure, megavideo does not make it more so02:27
brideanI have a question about linux administration.    Kind of detailed (I have no experience with linux admin).   Should I write up my question on pastebin and post it?02:27
ActionParsnipOsmodivs: desktop and server are both supported still...02:27
magn3tsbazhang, this is much closer than any other font I've found. I don't know why this happens, but it bothers me, especially with my other fonts. http://imgur.com/Hszw802:27
Mark_bensomagn3ts: i looked the legal aspects and i should be fine02:27
Mark_bensobazhang: what do you mean?02:27
clipse`ActionParsnip thanks02:27
magn3tsMark_benso, Didn't mean from a legal perspective.02:27
clipse`Osmodivs i don't know. im going to upgrade02:27
linux_is_my_herohow do i permanently disable nomodeset in 10.10?02:27
magn3tsMark_benso, dude, stop worrying about megavideo. It's irrelevant, completely.02:27
Osmodivsclipse`: About time02:28
allowoverridehisto: i removed all i could minus gnome-desktop which is dep'd to bluez*02:28
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: add it in the quotes with: quiet splash  in /etc/default/grub   then run: sudo update-group02:28
Mark_bensomagn3ts: then if by "time wasters" you mean stuff that makes them sit for long time i should be happy with it since they pay for it lol02:28
bazhanglinux_is_my_hero, remove it from bootoptions?02:28
histoallowoverride: yeah now reinstall them and see if the problem persists02:28
magn3tsMark_benso, oh, right on then.02:28
allowoverridehisto: thats the plan lol bbiab02:28
magn3tsMark_benso, if this is an internet cafe thing, there are way better ways to do this.02:28
magn3tslike, way,way,way better ways.02:28
histoallowoverride: bbiab?02:28
allowoverridehisto: should i do a reboot?02:28
ActionParsnipclipse`: Lucid desktop support dies at the same time as Natty desktop does. i'd just wait :)02:28
Mark_bensomagn3ts: like?02:29
mrdebthanks bazang the xrandr is good02:29
histoallowoverride: I would after reinstalling just to make sure udev doesn't throw a fit02:29
magn3tsMark_benso, thin clients? a persistent boot with volatile partition that is wiped on every boot, a tempfs in memory, etc.02:29
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: it disabled it temporarily for install, but as soon as i restart its going to undo that. so what you're saying is i should do what you said after i install but before i reboot, and it should permanently fix it?02:29
magn3tsMark_benso, then you can just let users do whatever they want.02:29
billy2007does anyone know where i can get ogg. files to use in frets on fire02:29
magn3tsMark_benso, and it's all abandoned upon shutdown02:29
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: adding it in that file will add it to all kernels and subsequent kernels, it will be used automagically02:29
Mark_bensomagn3ts: some users want "permanent" accounts, and i think setting it up with thin clients would have a cost02:30
magn3tsbilly2007, convert to them? They're just an audio file like wav, mp3, etc.02:30
magn3tsMark_benso, um, there'd be some cost if you already have the machines, sure. Otherwise it could be much cheaper potentially. But if they want persistent accounts... is that for data storage or what?02:30
allowoverridehisto: hmmm lets see what bbiab could possibly mean,,, well brb is be right back, so maybe bb = be back, and i = in and a = a, and hmmm lets see, m, could mean min? so bbiab = be back in a min... not to mention over the past 20 yrs i have coined many acronyms from in chat boxes around the world, and finally i prefaced it with a statement, that would imply i would be right back... does that help?02:30
allowoverridei should cut and paste that to gedit for future use... ;)02:30
ActionParsnipclipse`: user may as well keep Lucid, the support for both ends at the same time02:30
magn3tsMark_benso, it could still apply, they have a persistent home directory. That'd work fine, especially if they can't install software via root.02:30
billy2007magn3ts, but then id have to configure the song myself to work in the game02:31
Phr3d13ok, i'm upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 and decided to hit d to view diffs... how do i get back to the upgrade process?02:31
magn3tsbilly2007, I see, I misunderstood. I'd Google, I doubt you're going to get much traction here.02:31
Mark_bensomagn3ts: i already have the machines (been using them with ubuntu for 3 years now lol) and i cant tell (i dont know) what they need storage for besides bookmarks and preferences02:31
billy2007magn3ts, thats my problem ive searched all over google but i cant find anyfiles02:32
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: press Q02:32
allowoverridenote - #bluez-users are braindead...02:32
Mark_bensobazhang: what did you mean by saying that megavideo doesnt make flash more insecure? i dont get it perhaps its my english02:32
magn3tsMark_benso, lol, I think to get the best result, you might want to hire someone or detail the use-case scenarios and solicit opinion. There's a lot of different ways to do this effectively depending on exactly what you're trying to do and allow your users to do.02:32
Phr3d13ActionParsnip, Thank you!02:33
magn3tsMark_benso, Flash is flash. Megavideo does not affect how safe it is. At all.02:33
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: np man02:33
Phr3d13ActionParsnip, i think that should be stated somewhere in the upgrader02:33
Mark_bensomagn3ts: so you say that whatever they go watch even if its some bestiality they wont mess up my machine?02:33
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: thanks :-) after its installed im definately gunna try that :-)02:33
magn3tsMark_benso, how is the content of a video going to affect the safeness of your machine?02:34
godofmischiefwow @ Mark_benso02:34
magn3tsMark_benso, more importantly, they're not going to find beastiality on megavideo.02:34
allowoverridehisto: ok, starting from the beginning, i have installed bluez, i did a sudo service bluetooth start, no error, but status says - bluetooth not running02:34
Mark_bensogodofmischief: what?02:34
Mark_bensomagn3ts: i dont know how megavideo handles their stuff tbh, thats why im asking lol02:34
allowoverridei will start with trying to get that bluetooth light on dell laptop working FIRST02:34
linux_is_my_heromark_benso: one of the reasons to go from windows to linux is that linux doesnt have all the backdoors for programmers to exploit when setting up porno sites02:34
bazhangMark_benso, this is getting way offtopic02:34
magn3tsMark_benso, You really need to get past megavideo.02:35
bazhangMark_benso, lets move on please, and follow the channel guidelines for content as well02:35
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  you need a bluetooth card in order to use bluetooth02:35
magn3tslinux_is_my_hero, that's not really accurate and is a massive over simplification.02:35
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  the light is there on most systems.  does lspci show anything?02:35
Mark_bensobazhang: i dont think that bestiality is an offensive term , and by that i meant any content that wouldnt be fine, but if its getting off topic ill just beg forgivness and stop02:35
linux_is_my_heromagnets: really? then why do i never have problems getting porno for me and my girl since switching to ubuntu?02:35
Mark_bensothanks everyone for your answers02:35
bazhanglinux_is_my_hero, lets move on please02:36
linux_is_my_herobazhang: sure02:36
allowoverrideTheEvilPhoenix: it used to light up, that should clear things up, not to mention bios/cmos option is available and enabled... its not that simple dude02:36
Phr3d13allowoverride, what's the model number of your laptop?02:36
Mark_bensoI'd just like to point out that i actually own a polite internet cafe, not a 18+ one lol02:36
magn3tslinux_is_my_hero, You're clearly not capable of having a technical discussion about the merits of linux security or why your assumptions about computer safety are wrong, but please stop spreading misinformation.02:36
allowoverridei woudlnt be here if it was that simple02:36
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  what does lspci show?02:36
TheEvilPhoenixsame question02:36
bazhangmagn3ts, hes gone02:36
allowoverridePhr3d13: read above. that will null that request02:36
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  pastebin the output of lspci02:36
DaSingeOk, Guy i have a problem :/02:36
allowoverrideTheEvilPhoenix: sb...02:36
* magn3ts stupid hidden join/parts02:36
TheEvilPhoenixmagn3ts:  i dont think that's appropriate for here anyways02:37
TheEvilPhoenix!offtopic > magn3ts02:37
ubottumagn3ts, please see my private message02:37
DaSingeIf i have just bought a little netbook what ubuntu should i install?02:37
magn3tsTheEvilPhoenix, telling new users in Ubuntu that it's automatically safe isn't on-topic in #ubuntu?02:37
bazhangTheEvilPhoenix, thats enough, we are moving on02:37
TheEvilPhoenixoops nevermind02:37
edbianDaSinge: 11.04  It has a new interface called unity that works well on netbooks with small wide screens02:37
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  any pastebin info?02:37
ActionParsnipDaSinge: what is the specification of the system?02:37
allowoverrideTheEvilPhoenix: it takes more time than 1 min02:38
TheEvilPhoenixDaSinge:  11.04 Desktop Edition, Xubuntu if you want a different interface/desktop manager02:38
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  wasnt sure ;)02:38
DaSingeIsnt there a netbook version or should just get the desktop02:38
bazhang!une | DaSinge02:38
ubottuDaSinge: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.02:38
edbianDaSinge: They only have 1 version onw02:38
edbianand one for servers02:38
allowoverridei usually if not always try to find out info linux users ask for when i ask for help... as i do the same02:38
edbianso I guess 2 versions...02:38
bazhangDaSinge, choose classic at login if you dont like unity02:38
edbianbazhang: He doesn't even have it installed yet :)02:39
allowoverrideTheEvilPhoenix: its a broadcom copr BCM4322402:39
Phr3d13allowoverride, trying to get info to help you, what brand/model of bluetooth do you have?02:39
allowoverridekernel mod is wl02:39
allowoverrideits onboard Phr3d1302:39
ActionParsnipDaSinge: just grab the desktop one (not sure of a netbook flavour), its netbook friendly02:39
bazhangDaSinge, get the regular desktop version for all02:39
allowoverridei do not believe the OS or lscpi will see it if it is not being recognized02:39
allowoverridei could be wrong02:39
DaSingeAnd Unity should work 'cause i got ubuntu 11.04 on a PC but it says there something worng with the graphics02:39
Phr3d13allowoverride, no, really? what brand is it? do you know a model number?02:39
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  that's a wireless card.02:40
allowoverridescroll up Phr3d1302:40
allowoverridei know that02:40
allowoverrideits a combo w/nic02:40
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:   i want the entire output02:40
Phr3d13i left, it's not there for me02:40
DaSingeon the PC i have a Nvida GeForce 880002:40
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  of lspci.  not just that line02:40
TheEvilPhoenixallowoverride:  very rarely are they on the same card.02:40
ActionParsnipDaSinge: sweet, nvidia love linux :D02:40
bazhangDaSinge, thats supported fine with the open drivers02:40
allowoverrideits a dell ;) lol02:40
PolahTheEvilPhoenix, ActionParsnip: There is no X editions since 11.04. There is just 11.04 which should work fine on any platform.02:40
Phr3d13a dell what?02:40
bazhangDaSinge, no caps please02:41
ActionParsnipDaSinge: install nvidia-current  then reboot02:41
DaSingeok i will do Thank you!02:41
szalDaSinge: and in between run 'sudo nvidia-xconfig02:42
TheEvilPhoenixwow he doesnt listen... i told him to PASTEBIN it >.>02:42
revcldhi i downloaded openbox on my ubuntu gnome but how can i browse the files -_-02:43
jribrevcld: openbox, the window manager?02:43
allowoverridewow i didnt know you could get excess flood boot in pm? lol.. sorry, theres the link02:43
bazhangrevcld, you selected what a t login window02:43
DaSingeThank for your guys help(the bast)!!02:43
revcldOpenbox session02:43
=== leolaurel is now known as leo
rrgrzcoolcan anyone help with an swftools install?02:44
=== leo is now known as leolaurel
rrgrzcooli've tried following every example out there02:45
bazhangrrgrzcool, from where02:45
bazhangrrgrzcool, further, why do you need it02:45
rrgrzcoolhi bazhang, i'm trying to install it local on an ubuntu vm02:46
rrgrzcooland i'm using gfx to convert pdfs to images02:46
szalrrgrzcool: the question was, _from_ where, not _to_ where..02:46
asdjaputrahow to cloak IP address in freenode?02:47
rrgrzcoolfrom local to local... i'm from nyc if that's what you're asking02:47
magn3tsasdfasdfa, #freenode or google.02:47
bazhangasdjaputra, /join #freenode02:47
bazhang!register | asdjaputra02:47
ubottuasdjaputra: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:47
magn3tsasdfasdfa, sorry for the notify, close usernames.02:47
IdleOnemagn3ts: the answer was #freenode. Please don't tell people to google it.02:47
bazhangasdjaputra, register then ask for a cloak in #freenode02:47
ActionParsnip!cloak | asdjaputra02:48
ubottuasdjaputra: Want to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks - More information available in #freenode02:48
magn3tsjesus christ. Googling it would probably be faster than going to #freenode, asking, and waiting for the response02:48
asdjaputrai did register my nickname, and i did ask for a cloak, but they didn't answer02:48
szalrrgrzcool: no, I'm asking where you got it from and in what form/format02:48
magn3tseveryone is rules crazy tonight. Instead we've had three factoids and 5 messages on the topic now.02:48
IdleOnemagn3ts: you are free to start your own channel without rules.02:48
allowoverridemagn3ts: thats every day all day and all night02:48
sroy2hi, I just upgraded 11.04 from the default video drivers to nvidia and the screen is now blank (+ cursor) after it boots... any ideas?02:48
magn3tsWhat rule does that violate other than IdleOne's nitpicking?02:48
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:49
allowoverrideIdleOne:  is top of the list for analness02:49
allowoverridejust my two bits ;)02:49
magn3tssigh, I suppose there's a factoid.02:49
rrgrzcoolszal: oh okay. well, i've tried from their own site, wget, git... they are tar.gz02:49
allowoverridecheck the logs and you will see pattern repeat itself ....02:49
magn3tsallowoverride, I wasn't interested in personal attacks, I've just had 3/3 conversations turn meta in the 15 minutes I've been here.02:49
allowoverrideoh im into personal attacks when they materialize02:50
ActionParsnipDaSinge: its the things ubottu spits when we trigger her02:50
lahwrananyone recommend a better image viewer?02:51
DaSingeoh ok thkx02:51
ActionParsniplahwran: imagemagick02:51
bazhanglahwran, better than what02:51
lahwrandefault 10.1002:51
lahwranwhich is eyeofgnome iirc02:51
asdjaputra#ubuntu-bots lahwran, and ask BestBot02:51
wabznasmlahwran: better how? quicker, smaller, more featured?02:51
lahwranmore featured02:51
bazhanglahwran, the image viewer works well02:51
p_resuse feh for image viewing.02:52
ActionParsniplahwran: imagemagick has all the transform power in imagemagick, depends what features you need02:52
ActionParsnipp_res: nice02:52
szal!pm | rr02:52
ubotturr: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:52
bazhanglahwran, more featured, as in what features02:52
szalerm, @ rrgrzcool, I meant02:52
p_resit's all i use. ;-)02:52
rrgrzcool@szal ahh this?02:53
asdjaputrap_res, its lightweight, not more-featured02:53
p_reswhat features required?02:53
asdjaputralahwran, dragon?02:53
allowoverrideback to my issue02:54
asdjaputralahwran, oops i meant gwenview02:54
bazhangallowoverride, yes?02:54
asdjaputraallowoverride demands! we have to obey02:54
allowoverridei dont like you bazhang, just a heads up.02:54
allowoverrideand i havent even talked to you befre02:54
bazhangallowoverride, just follow the channel guidelines02:54
rrgrzcoolsigh... can anyone help with swftools? this is driving me insane for days02:55
allowoverridebazhang: we should meet up sometime and talk shop, i think you will differ your pre-disposed opinions02:55
asdjaputrawhat dell type you have anyway, allowoverride02:55
bazhangrrgrzcool, to edit pdf or extract pdf images to images02:55
allowoverrideasdjaputra: xps, its a dual nic/bluetooth trust me02:56
asdjaputramy bluetooth on vostro 1400 works fine02:56
asdjaputracan you tell me the bluetooth model?02:56
DaSingeoh ya and what about waireless drivers does ubuntu support that?02:57
asdjaputraDaSinge, yes02:57
bazhangrrgrzcool, in channel please, thanks02:57
rrgrzcoolsorry, i'm here02:57
asdjaputraDaSinge, including proprietary ones, if you enable restricted extras02:57
allowoverrideasdjaputra: i do NOT have your laptop02:58
ActionParsnipDaSinge: depends on the wireless chip02:58
asdjaputralsusb shows?02:58
rrgrzcoolso yeah, i've installed it before, on other servers 0.9.102:58
mrdebwhat is crond02:58
allowoverrideasdjaputra: i also do not have your OS most likely. there is much much more to it than comparing it to another disparent system02:58
bazhangmrdeb, the cron daemon?02:58
allowoverridenot to mention, it used to work, prior to numerous kernel upgrades i know i should do until like months later02:59
mrdebdo you need it02:59
IdleOneallowoverride: what OS are you running?02:59
ironfroggywhen i boot i am dropped into a grub prompt, rather than a menu or booting into my OS02:59
bazhangmrdeb, to do what; what is your exact issue02:59
ironfroggycan anyone tell me how i can get this corrected?02:59
DaSingeI have a Atheros AR5B95 Wireless Network adapter03:00
allowoverride10.10 mav03:00
ActionParsnipironfroggy: I'd boot to live CD and reinstall grub2 there03:00
allowoverrideIdleOne: 10.10 maverick03:00
bazhangDaSinge, thats supported, yes03:00
asdjaputraDaSinge, that's universally (i think) works03:00
magn3tsironfroggy, do you get an error message?03:00
ironfroggyActionParsnip: ive run grub-install on the device03:00
ironfroggymagn3ts: no03:00
jimisrvroxThank you to whoever suggested the firmware update. Got my mp3 player back up and running after more than a year. Thanks.03:00
magn3ts!grub | magn3ts03:01
ubottumagn3ts, please see my private message03:01
asdjaputraallowoverride, not again supported03:01
allowoverrideIdleOne: im thinkin the additional drivers or Networkmanager has something to do with it03:01
allowoverrideasdjaputra: ? huh03:01
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: after install it wanted to reboot and wouldnt let me try the os so now what do i do? every time it boots with the same graphics driver error.03:01
magn3tsironfroggy, the !grub factoid can give you reinstall instructions, you may have run grub-install incorrectly, etc.03:01
allowoverrideasdjaputra: what are you refering too? that totally confused my linux mind...03:01
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:01
asdjaputraallowoverride, nm03:02
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: you'll need to edit the boot options for the liveCD to add the nomodeset03:02
allowoverrideIdleOne: let me know your thoughts, i know you have a clue about these matters.03:02
allowoverrideill bbiab03:02
ironfroggymagn3ts: that is what i have already done, in fact.03:02
allowoverridepm me if you like03:02
DaSingealso is it possiable that a file got corrupt when downloading ubuntu03:02
magn3tsironfroggy, are you in a multi-drive scenario?03:03
ironfroggyi was03:03
ironfroggyi am trying to remove an old drive and only use one03:03
asdjaputraDaSinge, yes03:03
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: how do i do that?03:03
freeone3000DaSinge: Always possible. Check the md5sum.03:03
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | linux_is_my_hero03:03
ironfroggywhich is why i'm tring to boot on the MBR of the remaining drive03:03
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.03:03
magn3tsironfroggy, it's possible that grub is installing on the wrong drive or that its not finding /boot properly, etc.03:03
asdjaputraDaSinge, i meant the ubuntu ISO got corrupt03:03
linux_is_my_hero!nomodeset | linux_is_my_hero03:03
ubottulinux_is_my_hero, please see my private message03:03
ironfroggymagn3ts: i have removed the other drive. right now there is only one.03:04
DaSingeyes like a file in the ISO03:04
freeone3000DaSinge: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM03:04
bazhang!hashes | DaSinge03:04
ubottuDaSinge: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.03:04
rak85hi guys!03:04
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: it won't boot to ubuntu, so how do i edit files?03:04
magn3tsironfroggy, you removed the drive before executing these steps? I think those steps should regenerate the grub configuration files, you may need to do that... do you have a /boot on the remaining drive?03:04
linux_is_my_herorak85: hey :-)03:05
IdleOneallowoverride: take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1101204 little old but may have some helpful hints03:05
ironfroggymagn3ts: i do. i booted into the liveCD and i did the grub install on /dev/sda from there and yes i have /boot on the new disk03:05
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: you will need that link to edit it to get to the desktop, you can then edit the file and it will stick03:05
allowoverrideIdleOne: thanks for researching, ill chk it out...03:05
ironfroggyit seems like i have grub installed but it has no menu/list of kernels to boot03:05
ironfroggyso it just dumps me to its prompt03:06
ActionParsnipironfroggy: you are using grub2 which uses config files and generates grub.cfg03:06
magn3tsironfroggy, have you run update-grub2 ? you might give that a shot.03:06
magn3tsActionParsnip, does it error without a proper grub.cfg though? or does it maybe drop him at this empty prompt?03:06
ironfroggyi will try that03:07
SwitchcatQ: How can I tell if my laptop's built-in card reader is working and/or mount it when I put a card in?  I checked dmesg and didnt see anything obvious but I am not sure what to look for.03:07
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: yes it will error as there is no config to read03:07
magn3tsironfroggy, according to what ActionParsnip, I don't think that will probably fix it, but it shouldn't hurt either.03:07
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: i see: :-)03:08
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: much appreciated. 10.10 is way faster than 11.04 and ive been meaning to do this but havent had the time until NOW. :-)03:08
ironfroggyhow would i go about resetting the menu list for grub?03:08
ironfroggyi am thinking that is what i need03:08
magn3tsironfroggy, that command "should automatically detect the drives and configure grub appropriately".03:09
ironfroggybut how / where does it find the kernels?03:09
magn3tsIn what regard is 10.10 faster than natty?03:09
magn3tsironfroggy, what do you mean? It scans for them presumably?03:09
ironfroggywell its done that and it didnt find anything. i am trying to figure out how to do it myself03:10
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: depends on config with regards to speed. My 11.04 LXDE based system boots and runs faster than my laptop which has a lot more grunt running gnome03:10
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: the statement is none-sensical03:10
Phr3d13just so everyone knows: upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 doesn't fix a vt641003:11
allowoverridewhats the command to show bios info in cmdline? i forgot... thanks03:11
linux_is_my_heroyeah i would think 11.04 would be faster on my machine. but it wasnt.03:11
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: not necessarily true that newer = faster03:11
magn3tsand linux is magically safer because it doesn't have "holes".03:11
linux_is_my_heroaction parsnip: my desktop is faster with 10.10, my laptop won't run 11.04, and my tablet seems to like 11.04 better than 10.1003:11
allowoverridelshw? i forgot i swear03:12
=== bitchx is now known as awea-
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: do i add "nomodeset" inside the same quotes as "quiet splash," or on its own command line function?03:12
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: all depends on config. I bet if you install a lighter DE it will run faster tnan Maverick03:12
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: yes inside the quotes03:12
linux_is_my_herowhat's a "DE"?03:13
asdjaputradesktop environment03:13
allowoverridefound it, sudo dmidecode |grep -i smbios03:13
linux_is_my_herois that the same as a "GUI"?03:13
asdjaputralinux_is_my_hero, it consists the GUi you use03:13
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: lxde uses a hell of a lot less resources than gnome and compiz, making it faster03:13
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: the release is still Natty03:13
joshzI'm having a graphics issue with Ubuntu 11.04 on a Dell Inspiron 8600 (graphics card: AGP 4x - ATI Mobility Radeon 9000).03:14
joshz  It boots off the install disk without any problem whatsoever, but when I try to run off the computer itself after (successfully) installing, it hangs on the desktop, with windows flashing up occasionally for fractions of a second.  If I press ctrl+alt+f7, it gets me into a distorted shell (garbage characters.)03:14
joshz I just rebooted, and now am greeted with an all-white screen with black text on it that looks vaguely like emoticons.03:14
joshzWhat can I do to resolve this problem?03:14
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: im interested :-)03:15
asdjaputraActionParsnip, though it looks like Vista03:15
armelTestanyone ever use ubuntu on an arm7?03:16
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: what does?03:16
asdjaputraActionParsnip, lxde03:16
asdjaputrathe panel, the folder icons03:16
armelTestwell im having probs getting build-essential03:16
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: depends on theme03:16
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: why is linux telling me grub is read-only?03:16
magn3tslooks more like windows 98 than vista.03:16
bazhangarmelTest, try #ubuntu-arm03:16
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: you need to run:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub03:16
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: the file is owned by root03:16
ActionParsniparmelTest: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM03:16
armelTestok thx03:17
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: what, because it's at the bottom?03:17
allowoverrideinteresting findings on http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43, there is reference to: Bluetooth coexistence protection, if the bluetooth card is physically  connected to the wireless chip. (Does not protect against external BT  dongles)03:17
asdjaputraActionParsnip, no, the color of the panel is black and light black, sorta resembles Vista03:17
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: depensd on theme. I kill off lxpanel ond run unity2d. It's still lxde, looks like most people's natty install ;)03:17
allowoverridewhich means, this BC w/nic is bluetooth'd.03:17
asdjaputraActionParsnip, ah03:18
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: ah, Gedit.03:18
allowoverridethat would explain the network error before desktop is up fully. i still need to get bluez to run and the light on dell laptop will not light up unless the kernel doesnt see it03:18
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj93/andrew_woodhead666/MyScreenshot3.png?t=1276984007  that's my Lucid LXDE system from back in the day03:19
roastedDoes anybody know if rhythmbox is still in active development?03:19
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: running wbar :)03:19
asdjaputrawow bar03:20
asdjaputralaugh out loud03:20
asdjaputrasince lol isn't allowed03:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:20
bazhangroasted, not certain, seems to completely dropped from 11.10 though, in favor of banshee03:20
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: nothing like windows :)03:21
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: looks good :-)03:21
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: once i edit grub i can just restart, right?03:21
ActionParsniproasted: I can recommend deadbeef :)03:21
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: as long as you run:  sudo update-grub   first03:21
billy2007 hi i cant seem to copy a folder into A game iit says permission deined any ideas03:22
bazhangbilly2007, what game, what command03:22
allowoverridedarn i wish i could write my own drivers....03:22
ActionParsnipbilly2007: run:  gksudo nautilus03:22
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: well so far so good :-) how do i change from gnome to lxde?03:22
joshzUpdate: A second reboot got me to see the desktop, though ctrl+alt+f7 now gets me to the garbled emoticon-like screen. Pressing ctrl+alt+f1 then brought me to a screen with just one small pixellated block of the desktop and a cursor.03:22
allowoverrideActionParsnip: what desktop is that? kde? flux?03:23
allowoverridemight be gnome?03:24
linux_is_my_heroits his lxde machine03:24
ActionParsnipallowoverride: LXDE + openbox03:24
allowoverrideusing NetworkManager ic lol03:24
magn3tsI worry that people choose DE and window mangers based on screenshots rather than featuers and taking the time to learn how to install a font pack...03:24
Tigerboyanyone know why, suddenly, unless I desable CSF I cannot FTP to my webserver03:25
ActionParsnipallowoverride: its was there, i use wicd now03:25
allowoverridei used to use wicd and switched back to NM dont ask lol03:25
allowoverrideactually now that i think about it, that is what i used last, when the BCom w/nic i have used to work with bluetooth. i might just do that...03:26
armor-64hi guys! i want to run xhydra but i cant!do you know a way to do this?03:27
magn3tsI've only ever found wicd to be helpful when dealing with overlapping wifi spots with the same essid... because NM isn't smart enough to pick the one with the highest strength for some reason (makes sense, it remembers via bssid instead)03:27
armelTestok no one was up in -arm. this maybe a simple question... can anyone tell me what this means03:27
armelTestPackage build-essential is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, oris only available from another sourceE: Package build-essential has no installation candidate03:27
Tigerboyyes build essential has mysteriously disappeared03:27
armelTestlol thats what i thought!!03:28
armelTesthow does that happen?03:28
Tigerboymost likely bill Gates03:29
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: thanks for your help :-)03:29
armelTestlol bg = bill gates = bubble guts03:29
magn3tsfor example, there's no reason you can't have this within gnome: http://k.min.us/iemoIQ.png03:31
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: to have what?03:31
magn3tssomething that doesn't look like stock unity.03:31
TigerboyActionParsnip: It should be in the repos I have noticed it missing at least for a week I think.03:31
magn3tsjust based on the "oooh vista folders" and then "I want LXDE" comments... I get all :S03:32
ActionParsnipTigerboy: try:  sudo apt-get update; apt-cache policy build-essential03:32
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: the OS is flexible so it can have what the user wishes03:32
magn3tsactually, do other DE's have support (even community support) for app-indicators? I've come to quite like them. It's such a nice fix for gnome-applets.03:32
magn3tsActionParsnip, oh sure, I just don't think everyone gets that. And instead of chaning icons, they rush to a DE that has a default icon set they like.03:33
roastedActionParsnip, deadbeef... as in, a media management application???03:33
dan__Who wants to see me penis.03:35
dan__My name is terrence urich03:36
magn3tsbe gone03:36
lariei need ERwin like app03:37
lariei need to open *.erwin file03:37
armor-64hi guys! i want to run xhydra but i cant!do you know a way to do this?03:37
larieor er1 file03:37
ActionParsniproasted: yeah its nice03:37
magn3tslarie, that doesn't seem very likely.03:37
joshzThe strange thing is that I can run the install, boot off the live cd, and use the live cd without graphics issues at all.03:37
lariemagn3ts: what likely? :)03:38
TigerboyActionParsnip: that would work if it was saved on my system but I've had a couple rough starts as I try to get this one laptop up with 11.04... Hopefully buildessentials will reapear soon... heck Ill find it on the net.03:38
ActionParsniparmor-64: can you give the output of: sudo apt-get -y nstall pastebinit; pastebinit /etc/lsb-release03:38
magn3tslarie, I don't think you're going to find linux software that will read proprietary files.03:38
lariemagn3ts: i see03:38
magn3tslarie, there are alternatives to erwin, but not nearly as professional, and like I said, they won't read erwin files.03:38
allowoverridebefore i try wicd, what is the dpkg method to install from cmdline - NetworkManager back, since I wont be able to use wireless if i disable/uninstall NM to use Wicd and return. thanks!03:38
joshzCould there be a driver problem, or something? Based on the fact that the system displays the graphics fine off the cd, it seems weird that it would fail when not on the cd.03:38
roastedActionParsnip, it seems very simple. does it do playlist syncing to ipods and such?03:39
lariemagn3ts: $(file 1.erwin) shows me -> "data"03:39
magn3tslarie, you are talking about the UML/diagramming software erwin right?03:39
mARCUsthank goodness for chats03:39
mARCUsthat dont suck03:39
ActionParsniproasted: no idea, i don't use apples garbage. my sense outstrips my wallet03:39
allowoverridesorry guys/gals i come from freebsd and redhat/centos lol03:39
magn3tslarie, I'm just guessing, it may be reversable or human readable, but I doubt anyone's done it.03:39
lariemagn3ts: idk :) guy from my office wants to open ERwin file03:39
allowoverridejust a quick one liner, that would help03:39
roastedActionParsnip, you and me both. I'm just trying to get acquianted with more media players since I have a few friends who might switch to linux IF they can find something to suit their ipod needs :P03:39
magn3tslarie, when I see something like erwin's website... I immediately think VirtualBox+Windows until you can get away from that application, if that's even possible.03:39
allowoverridesome cmd i can use that will not ask the net for info to load a prog/util locally03:40
roastedActionParsnip, just trying to get more well educated on which apps I can recommend them.03:40
lariemagn3ts: he can't open it on windows7 but he has ubuntu on laptop03:40
magn3tsroasted, android phone + amazon clouddrive = bliss.03:40
lariemagn3ts: what apps are similar to ERwin?03:40
ActionParsniproasted: i'd either check its feature list, or just install it and test :)03:40
allowoverridebefore i try wicd, what is the dpkg method to install from cmdline - NetworkManager back, since I wont be able to use wireless if i disable/uninstall NM to use Wicd and return. just a quick one liner, that would help, some cmd i can use that will not ask the net for info to load a prog/util locally03:40
ActionParsniplarie: what is ERwin?03:40
magn3tslarie, DBDesigner, uh, honestly I don't remember the others.03:40
armor-64here:E: Invalid operation nstall03:40
armor-64The program 'pastebinit' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:40
magn3tsActionParsnip, data modeling.03:40
larieActionParsnip: idk03:41
magn3tsarmor-64, follow the instructions, you typed "install" as "nstall" .03:41
lariemagn3ts: thx! is that app the best? :p03:41
allowoverridedoes dpkg always go to the net to load a prog/util? where does it store package info? what dir?03:41
ActionParsnipallowoverride: you could tell apt-get to download the debs. You can always add the install CD as a repo and install network manager from there03:41
magn3tslarie, no clue, I ended up using paint as it was just a homework assignment.03:41
armor-64it's working,whana install it?03:41
magn3tslarie, honestly dbdesigner just happened to show up on a random search for "erwin files ubuntu".03:42
joshzAre there differences in hardware requirements for the live CD versus running from an install?03:42
allowoverrideActionParsnip: ic. but i did an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.10 from the net. so your saying i could burn a cd of 10.10 and load it locally and add to sources/repo?03:42
FriGiNJordan_U: you awake yet?03:42
magn3tsjoshz, possibly but I don't think so, what are you worried about?03:42
allowoverrideActionParsnip: where does dpkg info store the prog/utils it has installed? what dir?03:42
lariemagn3ts: hehe ;)03:42
joshzWell, the graphics work fine on the live CD, but I don't get anything beyond the desktop or occasional windows that flash up when I complete the install and boot off the laptop.03:42
magn3tsWhy do people insist on installing years old versions of ubuntu and then upgrading them in place when a 15 minute download would let them have a clean install?03:42
joshz(Ubuntu 11.04)03:43
allowoverrideActionParsnip: what cmd can i use to download debs to a local dir? so i can just install from there?03:43
allowoverrideso many ways to install a prog with ubuntu... sighs...03:43
magn3tsjoshz, oh right, I saw you before. It sounds like a compiz/graphics problem, maybe specific to unity+your graphics card.03:43
joshzDell Inspiron 8600, AGP 4x - ATI Mobility Radeon 9000)03:43
* joshz nods03:43
joshzDo you have any ideas for how I could fix it?03:43
allowoverridelike apt-get and aptitude,, come on ubuntu devs, make up your minds!03:43
DaSinge my download is taking forever:/03:43
magn3tsjoshz, try Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to tty, login, then do `compiz --replace` (two dashes) and then switch back to CTRL+ALT+F7 and see if it's any better03:43
magn3tsjoshz, or at the gdm login screen, try "Ubuntu Classic" as the desktop to use.03:44
joshzCtrl+Alt+F1 doesn't do anything03:44
joshzAnd I don't get the login screen.03:44
magn3tsjoshz, oh :/03:44
joshzNothing comes up at all.03:44
magn3tsjoshz, over my head then.03:44
joshzctrl+alt+f7 does something03:44
magn3tsallowoverride, usually they do different things...03:44
allowoverrideActionParsnip: sudo apt-get source networkmanager   will load to cur dir, correct?03:44
joshzBrings up a strange black-on white screen03:44
joshzthings that look like emoticons.03:44
magn3tsjoshz, you ought to be on that tty already anyway... :/ sounds pretty goofy.03:44
joshz":(" ":<", ":)"...03:45
allowoverrideActionParsnip: sudo apt-get -d networkmanager   will load to cur dir, correct?03:45
ActionParsnipallowoverride: read:  man apt-get03:45
joshztyping brings up different emoticons.03:45
magn3tsjoshz, no readable text though?03:45
allowoverridethats what im doing,,03:45
joshzI did compiz --replace and hit enter03:45
allowoverridejust cuz someone reads something, doesnt mean they understand it all... my god03:45
joshzNo noticeable change.03:45
allowoverridesometimes man pages are all over the map, you know that03:45
magn3tsjoshz, well that was my mistake, I meant to have you do `metacity --replace` but if you haven't even logged in, something else is messed up.03:45
joshzNo, it's set to auto-login, I think03:46
magn3tsjoshz, what kind of graphics card? Did you notice, did you have shadows during the installer?03:46
joshzAGP 4x - ATI Mobility Radeon 900003:46
magn3tsjoshz, ack, auto-login is the bane of my existence with graphics problems.03:46
joshzUmm...not sure.03:46
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: if my internet is fast on other computers, and my wireless is strong on the problem computer, why would internet be slow?03:46
joshzShould I try to reinstall and not do auto-login?03:47
magn3tsjoshz, yeah, if it's compiz related, you don't get a chance to not use it :S at least if it gets this bad.03:47
allowoverridecan someone ELSE give me a one liner for downloading NetworkManager so i can use it after i HAVE no wireless connection..... thanks03:47
magn3tsjoshz, I'm trying to see if there's an easy way for you to disable it without a full reinstall.03:47
joshzI have no problem with tha.03:47
joshzIt was a fresh install anyway.03:47
ugly_duckif i want to export my xorg.conf file on ubuntu to use on another computer, only problem is there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf can i create one?03:47
asdjaputra!enter | joshz03:47
ubottujoshz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:47
magn3tsallowoverride, what? Just go download the deb from packages.ubuntu.com and then dpkg - i it.03:47
linux_is_my_heroubottu: blondes or brunettes?03:48
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:48
allowoverridethanks, that helps much more than man this or that.. thanks dude03:48
magn3tsjoshz, well you can wait for better advice or give it a shot I suppose. Additionally, if you get that working, remember, try the "Ubuntu Classic".03:48
DaSingefinnaly the download is done!03:49
joshzmagn3ts: I'd choose that at the login screen?03:49
brideanCan anyone familiar with linux administration answer these questions?   http://pastebin.com/bDx2zTy803:50
magn3tsjoshz, yes. You click your username and then options pop up, beside Session: will be a drop down box and "Ubuntu Classic" should be a choice. That will give you compiz, but no Unity. If that fails again, try the Fallback session.03:50
wabznasmjoshz: if you have user access set to 'no password' you won't see this screen03:50
joshzmagn3ts: Okay. I'll try that if I can after the next install. I'll also let you know about the shadows.03:51
allowoverrideis strongswan-nm (4.4.0-2ubuntu1) [universe] strongSwan plugin to interact with NetworkManager what i need?03:51
magn3tsbridean, it sounds like you're conflating issues of "internet" vs "intranet". I don't know what it means to have a password to the network as you outline it.03:51
allowoverrideas listed on http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/net/03:51
ActionParsnipbridean: you won't need to "disable wine", its not a default app. Just don't install it. If you keep your users as users and not in the admin group most of this be managed for you03:51
mrdebis the new dual core atom cpu that shows up as 4 cpus good for linux03:51
magn3tsbridean, I doubt that keyboards and mice have completely unique identifiers.03:51
ActionParsnipbridean: C compiling is available, you will just need to install the compiler03:51
magn3tsbridean, you could write said program. Forcing them to enter the information requires knowing how to hook it into the login process, not hard, but something to keep in mind.03:52
ActionParsnipbridean: you will need a proxy server to filter sites as well as log access03:52
magn3tsbridean, if you install the C compiler, even "guest" users will be able to use it.03:52
brideanmagn3ts, The wi-fi has internet access, but to use it you have to set the gateway IP, subnet IP, and so forth03:52
joshzmagn3ts: I see a faint shadow around the cursor, I think.03:53
magn3tsbridean, out of the box, they'll be able to bring in executables on jump drives, but you can disable external media, again, if you know how.03:53
allowoverrideactually its not! i do not see networkmanager on packages.whatever magn3ts. please make sure you post something i can use...03:53
magn3tsjoshz, ok. Hm.03:53
magn3tsallowoverride, pffft.03:53
joshzThere shouldn't be a problem with downloading updates or third-party software, should there?03:53
magn3tsallowoverride, I'll make sure and do that next time you yell in caps.03:53
brideanmagn3ts, So I can't for example, install Netbeans java compiler and only allow certain users access to it?03:53
magn3tsjoshz, shouldn't but I had problems with it during betas :S take that for what you will.03:54
dee27how come files in missing in /usr/local/etc?03:54
magn3tsbridean, that's past the extent of my knowledge. I believe there are ways you can control who has access to what executables, maybe with groups? ActionParsnip might be able to chime in.03:54
allowoverridemy bad, magn3ts im not in a good mood03:54
brideanmagn3ts, If the executables are Windows executables and wine isn't installed, wouldn't they not be able to use them?03:55
magn3tsbridean, correct, I meant linux executables.03:55
magn3tsallowoverride, isn't this roughly what you're looking for: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/network-manager-gnome03:55
brideanmagn3ts, I don't know if the students are smart enough to create linux executables for hacking.03:55
magn3tsallowoverride, that page also includes a link at the bottom for network-manager.03:56
allowoverridethanks, appreciated03:56
magn3tsbridean, I would make the same assumption though I would've been able to had I desired. :P It's probably a safe assumption in my opinion.03:56
brideanmagn3ts, I suspect they get Windows executables from people who make them available.03:56
magn3tsbridean, I would suspect the same, yes.03:56
allowoverridemagn3ts: thats a lot of deps ! wow03:56
soreaubridean: a2) wine is not installed by default and thus, you do not need to 'disable it' b1) Users only need user access. On ubuntu, the root account is disabled by default. b2) You can configure individual use permissions on linux c1) Configure it as such c2) likewise c3) likewise c4) You can access users history c5) Doable at your own skills limitations Alt) Check the hardware device id's03:56
brideanmagn3ts, The thing is, these are Koreans.   Koreans are so group oriented (no original thought) that pretty much everybody just uses Windows03:57
magn3tsif you want an immutable log though, you'll need to do it at the network level.03:57
joshzWould there be any problem just going with the standard swap partition size, magn3ts?03:58
magn3tssoreau, would they have unique ids even from the same batch of KBs? I don't know how detailed things are at the usb level, just curious.03:58
DaSingesorry again how to chack md5sums?03:58
allowoverridek im gonna give wicd a try to fix this bluetooth combo w/nic issue im having, wish me luck. bbiab with my findings... l803:58
bazhang!md5 | DaSinge03:58
ubottuDaSinge: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:58
soreaumagn3ts: It might be a more advanced situation, indeed03:58
bazhang!hashes | DaSinge03:58
brideanmagn3ts, A few questions then  1)  Does it make sense to switch to linux?   2)  If I do switch, would a different security model be better than the one I am thinking of?03:58
ubottuDaSinge: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.03:58
magn3tsbridean, I don't know what all your users need to be able to use or what Windows software they might miss, but I guess.03:59
soreaubridean: Finally, you might ask this in a channel that is more specific to linux since these queries are not specific to ubuntu (such as ##linux)03:59
magn3tsbridean, with proper tools, especially newer versions of Windows can be pretty securely locked down.03:59
brideanWell, Ubuntu would be the linux distro I would choose if I install it04:00
bazhangbridean, this is getting a bit offtopic, you should check the help, wiki and manual04:01
bazhang!manual | bridean04:01
ubottubridean: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:01
soreaumagn3ts: Please stick with the topic by not suggesting other OS's features04:01
bazhang!wiki > bridean04:01
ubottubridean, please see my private message04:01
bazhangbridean, this is a channel for those troubleshooting actual install, ie , not whether to choose ubuntu or not04:02
magn3tsI can't take it anymore.04:02
bazhangmagn3ts, take what04:02
magn3tsas if I'm dumb enough to answer that04:02
bazhangmagn3ts, not sure what you're talking about04:03
=== B0g4r7_ is now known as B0g4r7
dev1cedhi from cuba04:04
godofmischiefhi, sorry to hear that.04:04
bazhangdev1ced, hi, ubuntu support question?04:04
bazhanggodofmischief, thats not nice04:04
soreauwelcome, dev1ced04:04
godofmischiefbazhang: i was just playing =)04:04
bazhanggodofmischief, uncalled for, just move on04:05
xxDiGiToLxxdoes anyone know of a http/ftp download manager for ubuntu that has a web ui. like how transmission or sabnzbd works where you just copy link of torrent or nzb to start a download?04:10
bullgard4Why is in Natty pre-installed Brasero but not sound-juicer?04:11
allowoverrideok, got wicd up no prob, just unchecked NM options. back to my original issue, bluetooth not working... brb04:12
bazhangbullgard4, they serve different functions, one is to get mp3 from a cd, one is to burn cd04:12
soreaubullgard4: Because Brasero is installed by default and sound-juicer isn't04:12
bullgard4soreau: My question is why is Brasero installed by default and sound-juicer is not.04:13
allowoverridei have bluez loaded,,, what should i use,,,, sudo bluetooth start, sudo service bluetooth start, or something else? how confusing....04:13
bazhangbullgard4, they serve different functions, they are not analogous04:14
soreaubullgard4: Because that is just the way it is. That's like asking why drivers are installed by default but no 3D games are04:14
allowoverridesoreau: pretty sour answer lol..04:14
xxDiGiToLxxdoes anyone know of a http/ftp download manager for ubuntu that has a web ui. like how transmission or sabnzbd works where you just copy link of torrent or nzb to start a download?04:14
allowoverrideaka sorry answer04:14
soreauallowoverride: sour questions get sour answers04:15
soreaudoesn't really make a difference04:15
bullgard4bazhang, soreau Thank you very much for your answers.04:15
Strife89Sound Juicer probably isn't installed because, in some countries, things like ripping CDs may be illegal04:15
allowoverridemisunderstood questions get sour answers too it seems in here04:15
bazhangbullgard4, welcome04:15
bazhangallowoverride, lets move on please04:15
alesanhi how do I launch openoffice from the command line?04:15
allowoverrideok bazhang back to my issue, scroll up, its right there :)04:15
alesanused to be ooffice or soffice04:16
bazhangalesan, use the name of the program, what version of ubuntu by the way04:16
allowoverrideunless of course you dont know what i should do,, then please, someone else do jump right in ;) i appreciate real help04:16
alesanbazhang, yes, what is the "name of the program?"04:16
alesanbazhang, ubuntu 11.0404:16
bazhangalesan, libreoffice is in 11.04 for example, thus my asking version of ubuntu04:16
allowoverridesudo service bluetooth status    bluetooth is NOT running, which should i use, see above04:16
allowoverridebefore i do anything i want the right sequence of what to do next,,, im tired of all these diff ways to do the same thing04:17
alesanbazhang, can I get the rgular openoffice instead of "libreoffice" that sounds south-american?04:17
allowoverridealesan: libreoffice is the BOMB, use that for sure, forget the openoffice term04:17
alesanallowoverride, libreoffice works from the command line04:17
allowoverrideseriously, it really is 10x more and eye appealing04:18
allowoverridealesan: yadda, no one does cmdline stuff for documents anymore lol04:19
allowoverrideexcept gedit from control - F204:19
allowoverridealesan: a lot of what you see in the GUI works from cmdline, just a heads up ;)04:20
allowoverridelike 90%04:20
Will123456hey guys. my super button has packed in. pressing it or any other super-based button combos does nothing at all. i'm running ubuntu 11.04. where should i go from here? i don't really want to do a full reinstall04:20
alesanallowoverride, what are you talking about?04:20
magn3tsWill123456, what does "packed in" mean?04:21
alesanI wanted to configure thunderbird to use the correct application when I open a .doc file04:21
alesanand I need to specify the binary used to open such MIME type04:21
alesanthanks anyway04:21
Will123456magn3ts: i press it and nothing happens. i remember someone else having a similar problem, and someone recommended running a program that registered and printed back button press events. every button worked except for super.04:21
magn3tsalesan, trust me, you're better off ignoring him.04:21
magn3tsalesan, hold on.04:21
alesanmagn3ts, well but he kind of helped me to find the solution04:22
alesan"libreoffice" is the name of the command I need to call04:22
magn3tsalesan, which office app do you want it to open in04:22
magn3tsalesan, for example Writer would be:   `` libreoffice -writer %U ``04:22
linux_is_my_herowhy would a fresh install of ubuntu have rediculously slow internet when it was fine before i reinstalled ubuntu?04:22
alesanthe one that is associated with the particular file04:22
alesanwell if I have a .doc it should be smart enought to use the writer thing04:23
magn3tsalesan, lol it's making you match mime-types with programs, expecting it to be smart is asking a bit much.04:23
Will123456linux_is_my_hero: dodgy wireless drivers? have you made sure you're fully upgraded04:23
linux_is_my_heroyeah im upgrading right now...relaly wish i had a 40 foot ethernet cable04:23
magn3tsalesan, throwing random files at `libreoffice` may work. If it does, good for you I suppose :P04:23
alesanmagn3ts, once I assign .doc to "libreoffice" then it opens writer, that's how it works04:24
mARCUsis there a chat for mint linux.....  <-------noob04:24
Will123456linux_is_my_hero: i've got one :) they're great04:24
linux_is_my_herowill123456: upgrading right now...really wish i had a 40 foot network cable04:24
magn3tsalesan, okay, they must have built that in, sounds like you've got it then.04:24
alesanmagn3ts, it always worked with StarOffice and also Openoffice04:24
linux_is_my_heroi paid good money for this wifi card, im gunna find a way to make it work :-)04:24
alesanI remember when you had to download a binary tarball from staroffice.de with a modem 56MB it took all night04:24
magn3tsalesan, I see, sounds good.04:24
Will123456mARCUs: irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint.com04:24
Will123456though that might be out of date04:25
alesanbye!!! thanks guys04:25
mARCUsthanks Will04:25
Will123456mARCUs: make sure you check linuxmint.com too04:25
mARCUsok :)04:25
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: What card is it?04:26
linux_is_my_heroi dont know i had it working just fine with other versions of linux and now its running slow04:26
linux_is_my_heroremind me again how i check my hardware without taking my case apart04:27
soreaulinux_is_my_hero: lspci|grep Network04:27
Will123456mARCUs: do bear in mind there won't be a huge lot of difference between mint and ubuntu, and there will be a lot more ubuntu users around than mint. but also bear in mind that ubuntu users offering you support are free to tell you to piss off because you're not using pure ubuntu :P04:27
linux_is_my_heroRaLink RT2800 802.11n PCI04:28
soreau! ralink | linux_is_my_hero04:28
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:28
Traspcrap... I've just installed a new system, but I can't get my screen to work. I've had this problem before and it's only like this when it's not in X (allthough, I have no X at all atm)...04:29
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | Trasp04:29
ubottuTrasp: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:29
TraspIf I remember correctly there's something I should change to the grub.cfg (or well, the scripts generating it)04:29
brenosalgadois there any way to install gvim telling it to use my compiled vim instalation? vim-gnome/vim-gtk breaks with command-t and I can't seem to find any way to fix this shit04:30
h00k!language | brenosalgado04:31
ubottubrenosalgado: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:31
brenosalgadok sorry04:31
TraspActionParsnip,  This nomodeset you linked to seems to not affect grub, this also affects grub04:31
adeniciohow to change my keyboard layout on kubuntu04:32
adeniciothe q is a and the q is an a04:32
adenicioa is a q04:33
IcemanV9adenicio:  KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout04:34
localg0dis there any way I can make my netbook work or it's desktop work i mean , like a regular desktop without the weird launch thingy ? and the top and bottom bars ?.04:34
Will123456localg0d: choose "classic" when logging in at the bottom04:35
ActionParsnipTrasp: that doesn't sound good, is the ram ok?04:35
TraspYes it is, obviously it's a common problem with natty, I've had it on another machine04:35
mARCUstis dead .......tis dead indeed :(  oh shmell  moving on04:35
Traspboth of them were installed with alternative cd04:36
TraspI've found  a thread with a bunch of other people having the problem but can't find it right now...04:36
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
BitWraithmy little brother's wubi xubuntu install broke epicly during a dist-upgrade... rather than fix it, we decided to uninstall it and start over04:36
TraspI'll try to look through the grub configs again and see if I can find what it was...04:37
BitWraiththe uninstall worked fine, but now wubi.exe is telling me "Could not download the metalink and therefor the ISO"04:37
Will123456BitWraith: a workaround would be to download the iso yourself manually and putting it in the same directory as wubi.exe, then starting wubi.exe04:38
magn3tsHas the Ubuntu team ever considered suggesting a separate partition for /home04:38
magn3tsI feel it would make a lot of support issues easier.04:38
somethinginteresis Ubuntu capable of doing HDMI from the computer to HDMI on the TV with full quality of picture?04:39
adeniciotheres no keyboard option to change in regional language04:39
ActionParsnipsomethinginteres: yes04:39
Will123456magn3ts: it's got a lot of advantages but also requires end users having to know about partitioning and make decisions about how much space to dedicate to which partition, which raises lots of problems in of itself. i would never go without a seperate /home partition myself04:40
magn3tsWill123456, yeah, I suppose so.04:40
somethinginteresActionParsnip: Thanks for that, had a friend who was curious about doing that.04:40
adeniciohow to change my keyboard layout on kubuntu04:41
adeniciotheres no keyboard option to change in regional language04:41
IcemanV9magn3ts: they did once for hoary (5.04) release, then no more option afterward04:41
joshzmagn3ts: It worked! Thanks very much. I was able to get to the login screen and choose Ubuntu Classic, and can now use the machine.04:42
CppIsWeirdyou can make a bin folder in your home directory and put executables in there so that you can use them as commands right?04:43
soreauCppIsWeird: Sure, provided the executables have a suitable environment in which to run04:44
magn3tsjoshz, wow, I'm shocked that worked, it really probably shouldn't have.04:44
CppIsWeirdwell i did that and it still says it cant find the command, do i need to reboot or something?04:44
* joshz shrugs04:44
magn3tsjoshz, well, it's not that it shouldn't have worked, but things shouldn't have been that messed up, it's surely a bug, but I'm not even sure where.04:44
joshzI'm not complaining.04:44
CppIsWeirdthey are set as executable04:44
Will123456adenicio: SystemSettings>InputDevices>Keyboard>Layout-tab04:44
magn3tsjoshz, yeah, I hear yah, glad it's working for you.04:45
joshzWas there anything else I had to do other than setting it to Ubuntu Classic and disabling auto-login?04:45
magn3tsCppIsWeird, from the terminal, type `echo $PATH` and see if your /home/CppIsWeird/bin shows up.04:45
TraspActionParsnip, Well, I tried adding the nomodeset and now I have a blinking cursor instead, any ideas? (I can still log in through ssh)04:46
lightahi guys, how can I fork a message into different terminal ?04:46
magn3tsjoshz, I don't think so :S you do know you're not getting unity now though, you're getting the plain old gnome 2 interface... not that there's anything wrong with that. just so you're aware.04:46
CppIsWeirdhmm, no, its not.04:46
soreauCppIsWeird: You need to specify the full path the the executable if the directory containing the executable file is not in your $PATH04:46
magn3tsCppIsWeird, that's weird, it's set to be in the default ubuntu bash_profile I believe.04:47
IcemanV9CppIsWeird: and make sure it's +x executable04:47
joshzmagn3ts: Yeah, I don't mind. This is just gonna be a simple computer to take on vacation and do whatever web browsing and photo backups we need. I don't need any fancy graphics.04:47
CppIsWeirdim using xubuntu, i didnt figure a question as basic as this would matter about the version.04:47
CppIsWeirdeverything is +x04:47
CppIsWeirdits a clean install, so its the default04:48
zykotick9CppIsWeird, for ~/bin to be in your path, it had to be present when you logged in.  Did you just create the directory?04:48
CppIsWeirdyes, so logout/in?04:49
ActionParsniplighta: http://www.unix.com/unix-advanced-expert-users/76660-send-console-message-all-users-tty.html04:49
IcemanV9CppIsWeird: try this: /home/CppIsWeird/bin/<executable program>04:49
CppIsWeirdthanks :)D04:49
magn3tsIcemanV9, we already know the problem, it wasn't in his PATH for some reason.04:49
lightaah thx ActionParsnip =) i'll check that04:49
TraspI've got a problem with my fresh install without X, i can't get no screen. I tried the nomodeset but all it did was to give me a blinking cursor instead, does anyone recognize this problem?04:49
magn3tszykotick9, TIL. thanks.04:49
CppIsWeirdzykotick9, fixed it, thanks :D04:50
ActionParsnipTrasp: what video chip you use?04:51
TraspActionParsnip, Hm, I've got a 597004:51
Traspwhat's that for?04:52
TraspThat command starts some bells in my head (grub.cfg, linux   /vmlinuz-2.6.38-8-generic root=UUID=a866a0ba-9838-4d6c-8796-917917a4c7cf ro   quiet splash nomodeset vt.handoff=7)04:52
adeniciotanks will12345604:52
TraspActionParsnip, "That creates seamless transition to the graphical login screen. Specifically, it makes the 7th virtual terminal come up automatically, so you don't see the console login prompt before X11 loads. This is a good thing. The problem is that this occurs even when X11 is not installed! " <- THink I've found it =)04:53
Traspswitched to tty104:53
Traspworks great since the nomodeset04:54
magn3tsinteresting, I didn't know that's how that worked. who decided that tty7 = X.04:54
TraspSo you were right about that one04:54
Will123456hey guys. do your window buttons (close, maximise, minimise) highlight in any way when you mouse over them? in ubuntu 11.0404:54
adenicioim running kubuntu but it doesnt detect nothing i plug in usb.i plug in the usb port a card reader but nothing shows saying it detects.from the start when i install kubuntu it said usb port disable or something04:54
Will123456i'd appreciate someone quickly checking, because my own buttons don't seem to be doing anything and i could swear they normally do04:55
wabznasmWill123456: what theme?04:56
Will123456wabznasm: the default. ambience, i think?04:56
rixiusis there a way to get an ubuntu cd that will install with set paramaters with ssh on by default? I'd like to install onto a macbook that has a busted deisplay04:57
Will123456wabznasm: does it highlight for you when hovering over the buttons? i'm getting nothing but i swear i used to get a little highlight animation04:57
magn3tsI think compiz is the buggiest piece of software I've ever used. Corner bindings randomly stop working. It's happened three times today already.05:01
adenicioany help?kubuntu not detecting my usb conection.11.0405:01
Will123456seriously? none of the people i helped out today want to bother spending 10 seconds checking if their window buttons highlight on mouse hover for me? i'd get annoyed if i wasn't so handsome and witty and charming and so on05:01
Will123456good night!05:01
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: don't use it then05:02
ActionParsnipWill123456: i would but I'm ssh'd in from work, no can do05:02
extraclassicWill123456: mine don't do anything but i'm on 10.0405:02
magn3tsIt was more an indictment of the QA for natty than a criticism of compiz. I have better luck building from source on trunk or the 0.8.x releases.05:02
Will123456ActionParsnip: fair enough - I actually thought a bunch of you would be in that situation :P05:02
=== francisco is now known as Guest20448
ActionParsnipWill123456: plus I use openbox so I doubt its relevant to your (most likely) gnome desktop05:02
adenicioi would help but im a beginner :(05:03
Will123456extraclassic: hm - okay. maybe i was dreaming it all along then. thanks :)05:03
magn3tsWill123456, what do you mean highlight?05:03
magn3tsThey get "lighter", yes.05:03
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: log bugs to inform the devs05:03
Will123456magn3ts: really? you see they don't for me. what a strange bug05:03
magn3tsI've worked with #compiz-dev to try to track down several bugs already, wasn't really my point. I don't really have a constructive point, I'll shut up about it.05:04
magn3tsWill123456, :S dunna what to tell you. it happens with active and inactive windows too.05:04
extraclassicmagn3ts: i don't have trouble with compiz in gnome, but it's garbage for me in xfce05:04
magn3tsWill123456, of course assuming you're referring to the stock Ambiance theme05:04
ActionParsnipWill123456: does it happen as all users?05:05
Will123456magn3ts: yep, absolutely stock. thanks for checking for me :)05:05
magn3tsno problem.05:05
Will123456ActionParsnip: I actually didn't even think of testing that. i'll do it right now. thanks!05:05
soreaumagn3ts: What can I say. Canonical did not hire me :P05:05
soreaumagn3ts: The current stable release of compiz is 0.805:05
ActionParsnipWill123456: try thinking instead of the snappy remark earlier ;)05:06
Will123456ActionParsnip: duly noted - i'm already feeling ashamed :P05:06
=== GateKeeper is now known as Guest34209
adenicioany help?kubuntu not detecting my usb conection.05:07
ActionParsnipWill123456: its cool :D05:07
magn3tssoreau, I should have chosen my wording more precisely, you're right.05:07
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/compiz-adds-natty-ppa/05:07
magn3tsadenicio, uh what sort of usb connection?05:07
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: try 0.9 at your own risk. May help05:07
soreauActionParsnip: Tell that to ubuntu devs :P05:07
magn3tsActionParsnip, lol no... ubuntu ships with 0.905:08
adenicioany device i conects to usb it doesnt detects magn3ts:05:08
magn3tsActionParsnip, that's the problem...05:08
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: looks like its not in there anymore05:08
magn3tsadenicio, what devices have you tried and by "detect" do you mean automount?05:08
soreauActionParsnip: huh?05:09
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: yeah just noticed natty has 0.9.405:09
magn3tsActionParsnip, 0.8 is stable, ubuntu shipped with 0.9... and actually, there are PPAs dedicated to relieving the pain of 0.9 ... that allow for 0.8 on natty :P05:09
ActionParsnipsoreau: thought I found a later version via ppa05:09
godofmischief anyone use synergy in here?05:09
soreauUbuntu has always shipped compiz versions tagged development but 0.9.x is the C++ rewrite05:09
Will123456ActionParsnip: other users have the same problem (including the super key not working). as much as it pains me to say this i might end up reinstalling ubuntu! :(05:09
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
soreaua whole new monster05:09
adeniciono i mean if i plug like a card reader or hdd or anything else it says no devices05:09
ActionParsnipWill123456: then it is a bug, not bad settings05:09
magn3tsI should just get soreau's script up and running again and build it myself.05:09
ActionParsnipsoreau: I just sidestep the whole mess, much simpler life05:09
soreaumagn3ts: Or use the 0.8 PPA05:10
Will123456ActionParsnip: in that case i'll definitely file a bug05:10
soreauActionParsnip: If you don't know what version of compiz shipped with natty, you should side step the issue indeed ;)05:10
magn3tssoreau, oh come on now, I'm not going to take the easy way out.05:10
ActionParsnipsoreau: I do, openbox all the way05:11
soreauActionParsnip: I meant, refrain from commenting on that which you have no knowledge05:11
=== bobbyd_ is now known as bobbyd
ActionParsnipsoreau: i guess. I know how to fix it a little though. I use it on my lappy to help users to fix it when it falls over itself. Not knowing a version number is quite trivial05:12
soreauActionParsnip: Actually, it is not in this case. The 0.9.x version indicates a very large change05:14
magn3tsit was the c++ rewrite, no?05:14
soreaumagn3ts: yes.05:16
soreauIt also includes a number of breaking core changes05:16
Rousehow to mount my ext4 partition05:18
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:19
soreau! mount | Rouse05:19
ubottuRouse: please see above05:19
ActionParsnipsoreau: then why was it included?05:21
magn3tsthe 1e9 question.05:21
soreauActionParsnip: Why was what included?05:21
ActionParsnipsoreau: the 0.9 version of compiz?05:22
soreauActionParsnip: You would have to ask the canonical team and/or ubuntu developers05:22
ActionParsnipsoreau: I guess05:22
ActionParsnipsoreau: cheers :D05:22
rwwone of them mentioned it at some point:05:23
rwwcompiz 0.9 was included because 0.8->0.9 switched programming languages, so they could either write Unity in the old one and then port it /again/, or write it in the new one and then include compiz 0.905:23
magn3tsI would completely naively guess unity.05:23
rwwi think it came up at the desktop Q&A on Monday05:23
rwwmagn3ts wins a cookie05:23
soreauThat was the main reason indeed. They needed a way to implement unity quickly, and compiz happened to be it.05:24
magn3tsI mean, lets be fair, unity isn't crazy finished or stable in it's own right. I'll just say I give a pass to people that say skip 11.04 more than "ditch ubuntu cause of unity"05:24
rwwoh, it was going to be re-written in Compiz either way. Clutter was a performance nightmare, and Ubuntu already used Compiz, so...05:25
soreaumagn3ts: In all fairness though, they released unity prematurely05:25
lucky711xwhere is samba shares configured now in 11.04?  I know shares used to be configured in smb.conf but if you right click and share a folder what config file is that saved in?05:25
magn3tssoreau, heh, no contention here. I think Mark was antsy about a visual refresh, he's been talking UI and UI revamp for quite some time05:25
soreauThey should have released 0.9 and tested those waters before dumping on a plethora of other new code in addition05:25
rwwsoreau: I don't think so. I don't think it's stable and finished, but I also think you can't have a 6-month release cycle and always have every plan stable and finished. That's what LTS is for.05:26
rwwand I'd rather have it be released now and polished for two cycles than released in oneiric and polished for one.05:26
drawmeatQ: How do I format a usb drive from xubuntu05:26
magn3tsor rolling release or have releases gauged - LTS, stable, dev or something05:26
rwwmagn3ts: that's not an option :P05:26
ActionParsnipdrawmeat: use gparted05:26
magn3tsdrawmeat, what filesystem? FAT?05:26
magn3tsrww, which the gauged releases or rolling?05:26
drawmeatmagn3ts, not sure05:27
soreaurww: To each their own. I failed to append 'IMHO' to my previous statement05:27
magn3tsdrawmeat, what kind of computers does it need to work with?05:27
WulfI'm trying to get ubuntu kickstart (with pxe boot) running. The new machine always connects to gb.archive.ubuntu.com to retrieve the file, although I specified a proxy server and an URL05:27
Wulfwhat am I doing wrong?05:27
drawmeatmagn3ts, my dell05:27
magn3tsdrawmeat, windows?05:27
ActionParsnipWulf: you need to change the server to your server05:27
drawmeatmagn3ts, xubuntu05:28
soreaurww: But FWIW, the main compiz dev agreed that unity has released prematurely05:28
ActionParsnipWulf: the proxy is simply the server use to get web access05:28
WulfActionParsnip: where?05:28
magn3tsdrawmeat, just use gparted. lol.05:28
WulfActionParsnip: the proxy is not used.05:28
soreauAnd the fact is, that it was05:28
ActionParsnipWulf: in sources.list is one place05:28
drawmeatmagn3ts, from the command line?05:28
magn3tsdrawmeat, gparted is GUI, is that okay?05:28
WulfActionParsnip: don't have it05:28
rwwsoreau: The plural of "opinion" isn't "fact".05:28
drawmeatmagn3ts, yes thank you05:28
soreaurww: I never said it has05:28
soreauI was just stating a fact05:28
rwwsoreau: It isn't a fact.05:29
ActionParsnipWulf: you must, or apt-get and software centre won't work05:29
ActionParsnipWulf: it's in /etc/apt05:29
WulfActionParsnip: please reread my question05:29
soreauunity is a good idea, but it was released before it was stable. Thus, prematurely05:29
drawmeatmagn3ts, i looked for it in the software center, is it under a diffrent name?05:29
WulfActionParsnip: that happens during the installation process05:29
rwwsoreau: "before it was stable" does not imply "premature".05:29
soreaurww: Again, to each their own05:29
magn3tsdrawmeat, uh, it should be there under that name05:30
soreauI see this as a fact but not everyone is going to see eye-to-eye on this one05:30
rwwThat's self-contradictory.05:30
soreauIn any event, it's really offtopic for this channel05:30
magn3tsthis might be a language barrier maybe?05:30
Will123456this is like the geekiest western gun duel in the world05:30
bazhangsoreau, at any rate this is getting offtopic, thanks05:30
wabznasmwhat's the IRC command to remind people that they may be having an interesting conversation, but it's OT?05:30
bazhangWill123456, thats hardly an ubuntu question05:30
soreaubazhang: You're welcome ;)05:30
magn3tswabznasm, I think it's "summon bazhang".05:31
bazhangwabznasm, !ot | users05:31
Will123456bazhang: i was just trying to defuse the tension. :P sorry mum05:31
Will123456i'm off guys - thanks for all the help!05:31
bazhangmagn3ts, I'm not cthulhu ... yet05:31
ActionParsnipWulf: does this help: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror_p305:32
AndroUser2Hi I have added lxde desktop to my ubuntu install due to old laptop is it safe to remove gnome?05:33
WulfActionParsnip: no.05:33
WulfActionParsnip: Do you know what "kickstart" (or kickseed?!) is?05:33
bazhangAndroUser2, sure05:33
ActionParsnipWulf: i know pxe, i'll look up kickstart05:33
AndroUser2OK thanks05:33
bazhangAndroUser2, more involved than removing ubuntu-desktop though05:33
ActionParsnipWulf: ahh, i see05:34
bazhang!purelxde | AndroUser205:34
ubottuAndroUser2: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »05:34
xasteyi'm having an odd problem.. when I open up the term and try to ls it just locks up05:34
AndroUser2Thanks for the link05:34
drawmeatmagn3ts, worked beautiful, thank you for helping this 00b\05:37
blargh_i am trying to boot from a USB drive (win7) but it tells me when checking the partitions "NTFS5: no grldr" and stops doing anything at "… EXT2 _"05:38
godofmischiefI've edited ftab, do i need to reboot to make changes take effect, or can i just logout and log back in?05:39
rwwgodofmischief: depending on the changes, you'll need to reboot or "sudo mount -a"05:39
kylemcgillgodofmischief: you should be able to reload ftab with sudo mount -a05:40
kylemcgillahhh bet me to it05:40
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=== Michael is now known as Guest63691
lucky711xwhere is samba share stored now in 11.04?  I know they used to be stored in /etc/smb.conf, but when you right click and share a folder now where is that config saved to? what file?05:44
godofmischiefthanks guys.05:44
JoeR1__anyone care to len d some advice with Parole media plaer?05:46
chicognuI delete /var/lib/dpkg/status and now ?05:46
chicognuI delete /var/lib/dpkg/status how to fix it ?05:47
blargh_how do i need to set up  a partition for win7 installation05:49
blargh_when booting it tells me "NTFS5: no grldr"05:49
zykotick9blargh_, ##windows is probably a better spot to be asking05:50
blargh_i asked there to, no answer yet05:50
blargh_also, i want to set up the partition with gparted05:51
lucky711xblargh_: try this http://tinyurl.com/6yggaqd05:51
caprifor win7 you'll need a seperated start partition05:51
Yaiboot in "AHCI" or "IDE" mode ?05:51
lucky711xwhere is samba share stored now in 11.04?  I know they used to be stored in /etc/smb.conf, but when you right click and share a folder now where is that config saved to? what file?05:52
jordan_blargh, if your duel booting best to install linux over windows05:52
blargh_lucky711x: yeah, that helps exactly zero.05:52
jordan_personally i never have installed linux then windows before05:52
jgelihi, am running Natty on a laptop with AMD Fusion e350 and 8GB of ram. I have these freezes that I dont have with Win 7 on the same machine. how do i know whats causing the lock ups?05:53
soreaujgeli: Check logs such as /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog05:54
jgelisoreau, what am I looking for in those files?05:54
blargh_jordan: once i installed win7 over linux, then i could start linux from the bootmanager, so no problem05:54
ParadigmUltraDo people still use Comanche to configure Apache?05:55
blargh_but now i don't even get to the installation because of "NTFS5: no grldr"05:55
jordan_blargh, i just have no clue05:55
soreaujgeli: any interesting messages indicating a problem05:55
jgelisoreau, ill try to post some and hope someone can help05:56
ParadigmUltraI'm pretty suprised that Apache isn't listed in the Software Center05:56
_Neytiri_is there a good narrator out there?05:56
soreaujgeli: Lockups are usually caused by a kernel module (driver) issue but it can be hard to say which. Many times, it's the graphics driver05:57
jgelisoreau: i am having issues with this ATI driver, Apparently Unity doesnt like ATI hardware and this fusion APU is relatively new05:58
lucky711xin case anyone needs to know samba shares are now stored in /var/lib/samba/usershares05:58
zykotick9lucky711x, i think if you install the full samba you'll find the config is still in /etc - it's probably just the "personal file sharing" that uses that /var/lib/.. path05:59
lucky711xblargh_, what steps did you take to install ubuntu and win7?05:59
soreaujgeli: If you've installed the proprietary fglrx driver, remove it. If you're using the default radeon driver, ask in #radeon for support05:59
jgelisoreau: fglrx is the one that works. the open source one does not.06:00
ParadigmUltraAnyone know a good program to configure the Apache server?06:00
lucky711xzykotick9, in the /var/lib/samba/usershares06:00
lucky711x is where shares config files are store when you right click a folder and share it06:00
soreaujgeli: It works, but for newer radeon gpu's, you may need to update the driver stack on the latest version of ubuntu by installing xorg-edgers repo06:01
zykotick9lucky711x, ya that's with the "personal file sharing" or whatever it's called06:01
blargh_lucky711x: i installed ubuntu some time ago and now i have created a bootable USB drive to install win7 from. When booting from this it stops at checking the partitions, saying one is "NTFS5: no grldr" and the last one is "EXT2"06:01
soreaujgeli: It's best to remove fglrx and get help in #radeon06:01
jgelisoreau: im on the syslog but somehow cant find what i need to find.06:01
ActionParsnipblargh_: do you have unpartitioned space on the drive(s)06:01
jgelisoreau: nothing that says error or fail or something like that06:02
blargh_ActionParsnip: nope06:02
lucky711xzykotick9, but you can still use the smb.conf for shares but the /var/lib/samba/usershares06:02
lucky711x seems easier to me06:02
ActionParsnipblargh_: but you do have an NTFS partition?06:02
blargh_yes, two06:02
ActionParsnipblargh_: ok then i'd question the install media06:02
blargh_the empty one i wanted to install win7 to is /dev/sda106:02
blargh_the usb drive is an exact copy of the Win7 DVD06:03
blargh_NTFS formatted, boot flag set06:03
capriblargh: you need more than one partition06:04
caprias i told you before you need a seperated boot partition06:04
blargh_i have set the boot flag too on the empty NTFS partition06:05
nit-witwindows 7 can be installed in one partition unless you need the bitlocker on the ultimate06:05
blargh_nit-wit: its not Ultimate, it is Pro06:06
ActionParsnipblargh_: does the Win7 DVD allow you to copy it exactly? Does it not need extra software etc?06:06
ActionParsnipblargh_: boot flags are moot, you use grub now06:06
blargh_ActionParsnip: it looked just the same as the DVD, don't know but i'm pretty sure / what do I do with grub?06:07
melrockzHi everyone, SMplayer is not working in Natty... no video appears, though command line mplayer plays the same video. What could be the issue?06:07
zykotick9melrockz, change the VO in smplayer, should be in the preferences/settings somewhere06:08
melrockzThe VO? Video is set to xv.06:08
zykotick9melrockz, from cli try "mplayer -vo xv FOO" and see if it works.  VO = Video Output06:09
melrockzThanks, I'll try that...06:09
ActionParsnipblargh_: it will boot the OSes once installed. I'd ask in ##windows to make sure the USB stick is made correctly06:10
wireheadhow would I resolve the "checking battery state" hang that occurs after installing a second video card?06:10
blargh_I will try to make the USB stick again from scratch using unetbootin06:10
melrockzNo, 'mplayer -vo xv' does not work!06:10
zykotick9melrockz, so in smplayer change to something else06:11
zykotick9melrockz, gl might be a good choice, x11 will almost always work (but has limited abilities)06:11
Tommy_nmwhow to setup CDMA800 Mhz  EVDO Internet connection on ubuntu 10.0406:12
melrockzLooks like x11 mode works in mplayer... I'll try that in smplayer now...06:12
nit-witblargh_, hold on I know a thumb loader that works with W7 i have to find it.06:12
zykotick9melrockz, x11 probably doesn't have "real" fullscreen!06:12
melrockzOops, GL does not work, btw I have old Intel 845GL onboard graphics only :(06:13
nit-witblargh_, http://liveusb.info/dotclear/  this is an excellent tool.06:13
blargh_ok, thanks06:13
zykotick9melrockz, try x11 and test if fullscreen works06:14
AlexDevilLXIs this phrase correct: "somewhen we will all fall down" ?06:14
nit-witblargh_, the method you used will work if you extract the iso to the thumb as well, IE ntfs partion on thumb and a boot flag, then exstract to it.06:14
melrockzK, thanks. One more Q, Doesn't Empathy hang when we try to access IRC chat? Can anything be done 4 that?06:15
Kaoloihi all06:17
zykotick9melrockz, do you have any other IM's configured before you tried IRC?  If not, try configuring something else first.  BTW, IM clients make poor IRC clients.06:17
sweatsorry--force of habbit06:18
melrockzI see. What would u suggest as a proper IRC client 4 ubuntu?06:18
zykotick9melrockz, xchat is popular06:18
sweatmelrockz: irssi06:18
blargh_nit-wit: is there an english web site?06:19
zykotick9melrockz, FYI irssi is a cli client06:19
sweatit's all cli on irc06:19
andydamHi, I'm trying to get my audio to work on Ubuntu 10.10.06:19
melrockzOh, I just configured smplayer to use x11, still no vid appears...06:19
andydamI have an ALC662, and I can't get any audio to come out.06:19
nit-witblargh_, if you have the flash block on it wont translate, it is on the translation page second download.06:20
Beyondandydam that sounds like a problem.06:20
melrockzbtw, are there any proper repos for mplayer and smplayer 4 natty? Looks like the ones I found support only Lucid.06:20
andydamBeyond, trololololololol.06:20
andydamCan someone help me with my no audio problem?06:20
nit-witblargh_, I hit the reload with the flash working and get a translate drop drown.06:21
sweatandydam: is your user in the audio group06:21
andydamsweat, explain06:21
sweatandydam: groups USERNAME06:21
blargh_nit-wit: using chromium?06:22
andydamsweat, andy : andy adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare06:22
zykotick9sweat, FYI just typeing "groups" will show all groups your logged on user is a part of06:22
sweatandydam: usermod andy -a -G audio06:22
andydamuser 'audio' does not exist06:23
nit-witblargh_, the only other idiosyncrasy I have found with this app is I have to use gparted to make a fat3 that the app accepts.206:23
sweatandydam: apt-get install pulseaudio and then start-pulseaudio-x1106:24
blargh_I'll try with unetbootin first06:24
andydamsweat, pulseaudio already installed06:24
andydamsweat, Failure: Module initalization failed06:24
andydamalright nvm06:25
andydami started with sudo06:25
andydamsweat, should I reboot and see if its working?06:25
zykotick9andydam, "grep audio /etc/group" do you get output?06:25
andydamOr are there more steps?06:25
sweatandydam: try playing audio from terminal with sudio APP whatever.avi or whatever--see if it plays under that06:26
andydamwait what06:26
sweatexecute something from sudo06:27
andydamsweat, I don't know what to execute.06:28
orwells-iphonesudo rm -rf /06:28
sweatandydam: totem06:29
sweatorwells-iphone: that r is supposed to be uppercase06:29
orwells-iphoneTry it06:30
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:31
andydamsweat, nothing.06:31
andydamI'm not getting any sound.06:32
sweatorwells-iphone: i might do sudo time rm... it'd be neat to see how long it takes06:32
andydamAnything else I can do to try to get it working?06:33
Traspis it possible to get a machine to automatically log in to a user and run the command startx at boot?06:33
andydamepic rage06:34
* andydam throws keyboard at wall.06:34
zykotick9Trasp, inorder to get autologin working I've only ever seen that work with GDM, best of luck though06:34
Traspwell... is it possible to start fluxbox from gdm?06:35
zykotick9Trasp, yes, but i haven't done it in a LONG time.06:35
Traspand do I have to install a shitload of librarys to get gdm working?06:35
blargh_what the hell - i am trying to create a 2.3GB ISO with brasero. all it does is create an image checksum and then finish with a 2.0 MB ISO file ...06:35
Traspzykotick9, that's a relief atleast06:36
sweati think andy had the usermod command in reverse.. i gave it to him the right way06:36
zykotick9Trasp, probably a lot less work just to log in ;06:36
Traspzykotick9, want my bitcoinminer to kick up on boot since I won't be around the machines too much and someone else might have to reboot them if something happens06:37
Traspzykotick9, yeah, but I've got my reasons as mentioned :/06:37
TraspAnd diablominer which performs best on my machine must be run on X06:37
kingmilohi gents. I am booting the Alternate Install medium, however I dont think my graphics card is capable of displaying the nice install options so i only get install and expert install but my real goal is to install ltsp, so how do i tell my install i want to install ltsp from the lesser install options menu?06:38
zykotick9kingmilo, you are aware that Alternate is text only?06:39
kingmilozykotick9, yes, but before that you get the normal install menu, nice graphical menu where u can choose ur install and then it will drop to text when i select ltsp. The problem is the nice graphical install menu cannot be displayed so i get a text install menu without the ltsp install option if that makes sense?06:40
kingmiloso how do i specify i want an ltsp install from the text boot/install menu?06:41
zykotick9kingmilo, i'm not familiar with ltsp sorry.06:41
e_t_I thought you had to use either Edubuntu or Ubuntu Server to get the ltsp option.06:42
ActionParsnipe_t_: you can install server apps on the desktop if you wish06:43
kingmiloe_t_, you can use the Edubuntu, but the Alternate is where normal ltsp is and thats how that is installed06:44
melrockzxchat install from source: configure: error: "Cannot find glib"06:45
zykotick9melrockz, why on earth are you installing xchat from source?06:45
melrockzoops, sorry, I'll look in Synaptic.06:46
ActionParsnipmelrockz: you'll need the build deps too. Xchat is in the repos though06:46
ActionParsnip!info xchat06:46
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu4 (natty), package size 312 kB, installed size 840 kB06:46
sweatmelrockz: apt-get install libglib2.0-dev06:49
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
andrewh192hey, is there any way to tell what version (32 or 64) i have?06:50
sweatmelrockz: just about anything you need is lib something dev.. library and development respectively06:50
andrewh19232bit or 64bit?06:50
zykotick9andrewh192, "uname -m"06:50
melrockzThanks for the help, guys! It's done, I'm out...06:50
soulis77-SEHi On ubuntu 10.04 i "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk  sun-java6-plugin" which worked without any errors. But then I try to change from JDK to SUN with: sudo update-java-alternatives -l   and then sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun  I get error that pluginappletviewer doesn't excist.06:50
andrewh192which means what?06:51
zykotick9andrew_46, 32bit06:51
ActionParsnipandrewh192: i686 = 32bit   x86_64 = 64bit06:51
=== ortsvorsteher_ is now known as ortsvorsteher
soulis77-SEMy question is that i searched and two things should be installed: sun-java6-plugin or hotspot. still don't work. Any suggestions?06:53
KonataFBanyone willing to help a former windows user with setting up vnc (or similar) so that it works even on the logon screen06:53
KonataFBi've settup ssh and smaba so once I can get a remote GUI I can move this computer thats gonna be used as a large nas out of teh way06:54
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: in Google type: natty java    and hit the I'm feeling lucky button. Great ppa for java :-,06:54
sweatsoulis77-SE: openjre, icedtea-plugin06:54
blargh_should i install the boot files to /dev/sdc or /dev/sdc1?06:55
ActionParsnipKonataFB: you can manage samba via ssh06:55
sweatsdc is the disk, the entire disk06:55
sweatand not a partition06:55
blargh_sweat: okay06:56
soulis77-SEActionParsnip: The first results where for ubuntu 11.0406:57
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: which release are you using?06:57
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: the ppa has java for lucid too06:58
KonataFBActionParsnip: if I had to, I installed teh gui to add teh users out of lazyness06:58
Tommy_nmwwho could help in EVDO connection?06:58
zykotick9ActionParsnip, FYI due to search "bubbles", "I'm feeling luck" will have different results for different users.06:58
ActionParsnipKonataFB: makes a more secure system if you use ssh ;)06:59
soulis77-SEWell I have followed the installation (same as I used) But it did display the pluginapplet...06:59
ActionParsnipzykotick9: i thought it was consistent, what makes it change?07:00
zykotick9ActionParsnip, for DDG's explanation see http://dontbubble.us/07:00
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: add the partner repo in software centre too, you can get java there too07:01
ActionParsnipzykotick9: thanks I didn't think pigeons liked bubbles07:01
KonataFBACtionParsnip: true, mainly just wanted a gui as a slighly smoother transition, sicne all my systems at windows bar the server.07:01
soulis77-SEActionParsnip: I have added it. I don't have problem with installation. It is after that Im missing a plugin. The plugin that I after searching should have installed with the installation procedure.07:02
soulis77-SEActionParsnip: I use sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-plugin  and after lots of text I have no erros.07:04
bawnhey, how do I  upgrade from 9.04 to 10.0407:05
introuble if i have www.myname.com  register at A-comany and hosted at B-company, is it possible to host www.staff.myname.com at C-comany  while www.myname.com also stays at A-company ?07:06
introublewill i have to point (from domain registrar) control panel (A-company) for two different records. one for myname.com for b-comp  and second for staff.myname.com for c-comp ?07:06
FloodBot1introuble: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:07
soulis77-SEsudo update-java-alternatives -l   displays:   java-6-openjdk 1061 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk  and java-6-sun 63 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun07:07
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
TraspHm.. anyone knows how to enable autologin on gdm from commandline? obviously /etc/gdm/gdm.conf which all forums direct to doesn't exist anymore...07:07
bawnhey, how do I  upgrade from 9.04 to 10.0407:07
soulis77-SEsudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun   displays:    update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for pluginappletviewer.07:08
sweatbawn: few ways to do that, the easiest is to install update-manager-core and then sudo do-dist-up07:09
ActionParsnipzykotick9: filterbubbles sound pretty cool07:09
ActionParsnip!eol | Bawn07:10
ubottuBawn: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:10
eli__is there a channel for singing and music advice?07:11
ActionParsnipeli__: #music  maybe07:11
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
Kaco2eli__, /join #music ?07:11
sweatbawn: you can also obtain a cd of the alternate and then gksu 'sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade'07:11
sweatbawn: you would need to have gksudo installed and be in X to issue that07:12
ActionParsnipBawn: i'd recommend a clean install, you'll have fewer issues07:12
dc5alasoulis77-SE, i get a few errors too switching java versions but the switch itself works, see java -version07:12
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
breaker313Hi. Has someone instructions how to chroot user who use the ssetm via sftp?07:15
breaker313ssetm == system07:15
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: you will need to close all web browsers then cold start a fresh browser to load the plugin07:16
soulis77-SEActionParsnip: It is a server. No browsers loaded on it. I run everything with ssh.07:16
sweatbawn: i meant do-release-upgrade07:17
ActionParsnipsoulis77-SE: gotcha07:17
soulis77-SEBut the update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun worked. The correct java is now default but I don't like errors.. :)07:17
eli__that channel didn't work07:18
checoimgMy first time on this channel07:20
checoimgThank you07:20
Trasphm... how do I tell xterm (or some other terminal under x) to start and run a specific command? (I want to run a program on boot, and still be able to see it's output) I do NOT want to use "screen"07:21
checoimgI have used Ubuntu since Hardy and now I came here07:21
ActionParsnipeli__: your client will be able to list the channels available.07:21
checoimgThank you sweat07:21
dc5alaTrasp, redirect the commands output to a file?07:22
Tommy_nmwwho will help me in EVDO connection?07:22
checoimgDoes some one knows the right apt-get command to install XFCE 4 ?07:22
godofmischiefreally having the worst luck apps i launch show up for a flash then disappear in the background.07:23
zykotick9checoimg, doesn't "sudo apt-get install xfce4" work?07:23
godofmischieflike for example firefox, dolphin, terminal07:23
Traspdc5ala, well... that's not an option07:24
sweatTrasp: a command at boot.. create a script, something like exec whatever flags, name it, stick it in /etc/init.d and then update-rc.d nameofthatscript defaults07:24
godofmischiefim about to pull my hair out.07:24
checoimgit worked zykotic9 Thank you very much!07:24
ActionParsnipbreaker313: possibly: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105765707:24
checoimgDon't pull your hair :P07:24
Traspsweat, The important thing was to run it in a terminal...07:24
zykotick9!tab > checoimg07:24
ubottuchecoimg, please see my private message07:25
zykotick9Trasp, "gnome-terminal -e foo.sh" maybe?07:25
checoimgwhere did you send it ubotu?07:25
NCS_Onedo Î have to install something to play mkv files ok? On Totem I'm getting alot of Aborted07:25
ActionParsnipchecoimg: in a new tab in your client07:26
zykotick9checoimg, ubottu is a bot - i just wanted to let you know you can use TAB to complete Nicks - you typoed mine07:26
Traspzykotick9, I do not use gnome :/07:26
checoimgInstall VLC in the meanwhile NCS_One07:26
e_t_NCS_One, mkv is a container format. If you're getting an abort, it's probably a codec problem.07:26
checoimgOk I just saw itubottu07:26
dc5alaTrasp, ah okay, i misunderstood, with "boot" i have something else in mind ;)07:26
zykotick9Trasp, xterm has the same -e option07:26
ActionParsnipNCS_One: you may need w32codecs from medibuntu (i assume 32bit OS)07:27
duhamelskihello, somehow my ubuntu computer has lost communication with my debian fileserver.  all other computers on my network can communicate with eachother except for these two.  does anyone know how to debug this??07:27
breaker313ActionParsnip: Thanks, I'll take a look into that07:27
checoimgThank you Ubottu!07:27
NCS_Onee_t_: what do you recommend?07:27
Traspzykotick9, Nice =) thanks!07:27
NCS_OneActionParsnip: no, 6407:27
sweatTrasp: i supposed you could adjust your .bashrc to execute a terminal on bootup07:27
zykotick9NCS_One, fyi mkv is a container so it can have lots of different codecs inside - there is a w64codecs in medibuntu as well07:27
checoimgduhamelski,  have t=you tried the repair mode when you enter grub?07:28
ActionParsnipduhamelski: can you ping dns and gateway. Can you ping the server via name or ip?07:28
com64I'm having trouble transcoding with mencoder. I get "Audio LAVC, couldn't find encoder for codec libfaac."07:28
duhamelskieveryone else can but i cant ping or ssh07:28
ActionParsnipNCS_One: then w64codecs07:28
checoimgzykotick9,  htnkyou about the bot07:28
checoimgthank you*07:28
Traspsweat, I wanted to know how to run a terminal and make it terminal run a specific command, I know how to xinit and else, but zykotick9  helped me07:29
NCS_Oneok, thanks all07:29
ActionParsnipduhamelski: by both name and ip does it fail?07:29
zykotick9com64, if you are trying to make MP4 files i'd recommend using Handbrake, AAC is crippled in the default Ubuntu repo07:29
com64k thanks.07:29
com64I'm actually trying to transcode to a format that the PSP can play.07:29
duhamelskiActionParsnip: any clue for debugging this?07:30
ActionParsnipduhamelski: can you ping your default gateway?07:30
zykotick9com64, i'd guess Handbrake would work for that (but i don't have a PSP so can't be sure)07:30
checoimgNCS_One, non-free-codes form medibuntu07:30
com64where do I get handbrake?07:30
sandstormhello I've installed ubuntu with wubi and after booting into ubuntu I am getting errors such as: "Bad LUN (0:1) Bad Target Number (1:0)" etc. and it is whining about radeon graphics card. what might be the problem? Thanks.07:30
zykotick9com64, there is a PPA07:30
duhamelskiActionParsnip: i assume you are talking about my router... yes07:30
=== raju1 is now known as raju
zykotick9!ppa > com6407:30
ubottucom64, please see my private message07:30
duhamelskiActionParsnip: i can ping every computer on my network except for this one07:30
duhamelskiActionParsnip: and every computer on my network can ping my server... and me... except mine07:31
checoimgNCS_One,  w64codecs is the exact name of the package07:31
checoimgI have it installed07:31
checoimgfrom medibuntu07:31
NCS_Onechecoimg: thanks07:32
ActionParsnipduhamelski: if you manually add a route does it work?07:33
checoimgNCS_One,  youe welcome07:33
duhamelskiActionParsnip: how do you do that?07:33
checoimgI'm trying to get XFCE to work with Compiz07:33
checoimgIt crashes sometimes07:33
checoimgAnd XFCE works better in the video drivers for me07:34
ActionParsnipduhamelski: there are sample route commands online. I'm on my phone and its not so fast but you can add a route to the individual host it may be ok07:35
duhamelskiActionParsnip: thanks07:35
checoimgsandstorm, I can't help you there maybe googling a little bit for those errors. Since when do you use UBuntu?07:35
Fudgehow can i specify nameservers in my interfaces file?07:36
sweatFudge: well i'm not saying you can't input them there but i think they belong in /etc/resolv.conf07:37
e_t_Fudge: add a line like "dns-nameservers x.x.x.x"07:38
Fudgethank you07:38
ActionParsnipduhamelski: worth a try. You can always remove it or reboot to revert07:38
zykotick9e_t_, it's "nameserver x.x.x.x" Fudge07:38
checoimgDoes someone knows where are the configuration files for the Monitor settings tool?07:38
checoimgI need to set the two monitor s to work together again07:39
e_t_zykotick9: That's what you'd put in /etc/resolv.conf, but that's not what Fudge asked about.07:39
zykotick9e_t_, Fudge sorry my bad.  I didn't know you could but nameservers in the interface file.07:40
e_t_It's not especially well documented.07:41
rooted-insidemeanyone know a good free bandwith monitor to watch how much bandwith is being used?07:41
Fudgei dont see it documented in interfaces man page07:41
e_t_rooted-insideme: is gnome-system-monitor not sufficient?07:42
rooted-insidemee_t_: it's for my esxi server07:42
e_t_Fudge: so I said. I only discovered it after a lot of Googling.07:43
Fudgethank you, works nice07:43
Fudgemy router has a problem with dns cache so at times resolvc.conv is overwriteen etc, but this solves my problem07:43
Tommy_nmwwho can help me my EVDO connection ?07:45
e_t_!info iptraf | rooted-insideme07:45
ubotturooted-insideme: iptraf (source: iptraf): Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.0-7ubuntu0.11.04 (natty), package size 144 kB, installed size 732 kB07:45
MACscrif I want an app to run as a particular user, i need to create that user first. Right? Is there a way to create the user without it adding a home folder and giving it ssh privs, etc?07:45
checoimgubottu is  abot07:45
rooted-insidemee_t_: I know about iptraf07:45
checoimga bot07:45
rooted-insidemebut that doesn't monitor your how much bandwith you're using/month07:46
bawnthx actionparsnip07:46
checoimgy secondary monitor is not working fine with gnome07:46
checoimg'm on ubuntu studio07:46
FlannelMACscr: You can create a user without a home directory.  There are a few ways to deny a user the ability to login via ssh.07:47
checoimggnome-display-properties   don't see this package in synaptic07:48
sweatin fedora there's a way to input nameservers in the interface file.. dns1= and dns2=07:48
rkhshmi installed vmware on 11.04 and its horrible.07:48
e_t_rooted-insideme: for something like that, you might need munin, cacti, nagios, or similar.07:48
rkhshmeverything time i try to set up a feature it quits07:48
rkhshmhas anyone faced this issue? or is there a soluion?07:48
rooted-insidemee_t_: like cpanel type deal?07:48
e_t_Well, I imagine cpanel might have those as options, but they're independed packages.07:49
e_t_They're all network monitoring-type apps.07:49
rooted-insidemee_t_: what would you recommand out of the muin, cacti, nagios?07:53
phaidrosheya, lately I had a weather widget/applet within indicator, next to the clock.07:54
phaidrosbut I cannot find it anymore .. 11.04 .. any hints?07:54
wabznasmphaidros: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/my-weather-indicator-new-ubuntu-weather.html07:55
wabznasmphaidros: though there are a couple at least07:55
e_t_rooted-insideme: guessing based on (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_network_monitoring_systems), I'd go with cacti.07:57
phaidroswabznasm: yeah I know, but I am specifically looking for the one coupled to the clock, it came with stock ubuntu, though. because the standalone applet fails here with compiz and even doesnt find its location database and such07:57
rooted-insidemee_t_: ty bud07:57
wabznasmphaidros: nah - that one kept working/failing depending on the revision with me to, so maybe poor recommendation07:58
sweatrooted-insideme: i'm just a desktop user--icewm has me covered with a netstat icon in the bottom of the screen for bandwidth ups and downs07:58
wabznasmphaidros: go conky?07:58
phaidrosIf I remember correctly I had within the clock thingie in gnomepanel/indicator a button "shwo weather also" or alike ..07:58
phaidroswabznasm: nah, conky is nice, but pointless if gnome panel is running lotsa stuff already07:59
wabznasmphaidros: fairy nuff. I just ditched gnome so an other may have a better suggestion08:00
phaidroswabznasm: heh, I'd go for i3 or ion3 if I'd find the time to get really used to it, maybe with conky. all others like awesome and friends I didnt like too much08:01
wabznasmphaidros: 3rd day with awesome here...interesting08:02
phaidrosand for sure, gnome is bloated , but kde is ugly (imho, no pun to any reader here!, xfce isnt as lightweight as it used to be, and lxde is nice but not quite there feature and usability wise ..)08:02
phaidrosso, for daily use I stick to it .. and I want this darn weather thing back :D08:02
wabznasmphaidros: then I defer to the better informed others08:03
lonixCant say i like unity much08:03
phaidroslonix: agreed08:03
Tommy_nmwhow to mark city on marks.ubuntu.com ?08:03
markskil1eckHey, guys. Any idea why the compiz isn't placing windows in 11.04?08:03
lonixphaidros: i guess i have to look for a new desktop enviorment as of 11.1008:04
phaidroslonix: you just can use gnome classic, so unity doesnt get fired up08:04
wabznasmlonix: pretty much the stage I got to. I did think unity was attractive, but too cumbersome for mwe08:04
phaidroswait, you said 11.10 .. they'll ditch gnome classic ?08:04
rooted-insidemeok I have two nics in my router, eth0 is internet and eth1 I want to run a dhcp server, how do I configure eth1 to load up and be a dhcp server?08:05
lonixi thouth they where gonna remove ubuntu ubuntu classic then08:05
Tommy_nmwhow to mark city on maps.ubuntu.com ?08:05
markskil1eckIf they remove classic, I will burn them to the ground.08:05
TrevInclonix: I quit ubuntu forever. Thank you08:06
lonixFallback will be unity 2d08:07
tester Hi there any one got coffee and ready for this one.08:07
ejowhatever... I'm happy with ubuntu but switched to xmonad for my window manager08:08
phaidrosrooted-insideme: look for /etc/network/interfaces and configure your eth1, then configure in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd or alike your dhcp3 server to listen on that interface, you can probably check /etc/default/dhcp* for standard settings before08:09
lonixwitch is still to "baby" for my taste i want a more direct control, rather than the point and click, fullscreen thing08:09
rooted-insidemephaidros: thanks bro08:09
testerI am devopling a os and it is in gnome 2 and kde plasma with a bunch of programs and when I make a iso of the the os It goes to defult kde08:09
testerwhen I try to use remastersys to back up the whole system it says that I need to clean to08:10
testerbut the option for friends it works but reverts back to kde dfult08:11
testerI have tried to move the .gnome file and .kde file but I think I may have screwed up08:11
testerI moved it to /usr/share/applications/ but still nothing08:12
testerall of the programs are under lost and found after I make the iso ????08:13
TrevIncWhere would be the proper forum for letting Canonical know how much I hate Unity?08:13
testerTREllis, Kubuntu lubutnu08:14
rooted-insidemephaidros: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643105/ that should work right?08:14
rooted-insidemefor the interfaces file08:14
testerso are there devs here right now or not08:14
TrevIncNever mind.08:14
TrevIncI'd just like to take this opportunity in a public Ubuntu forum to say I'm switching back to Debian. Also, Unity sucks and I hate it, and I'm not alone in that. Thank you, have a good night.08:14
phaidrosrooted-insideme: looks ok08:14
FloodBot1TrevInc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:14
th0rTrevInc: bye08:15
testerohh and I am using ubuntu 10.10 with a beefed up kernel08:15
rooted-insidemehhmm the dhclient.conf file looks a little confusing :/08:15
maoanzUbuntu laptop can still start even with few battery left. it causes the loss of data with laptop is in sleeping mode. does anyone have a solution for that ?08:16
maoanzWindows can avoid resume when not enough battery left.08:17
jenny83Hi. I just installed Ubuntu. Is there anything like photoshop?08:17
wabznasmjenny83: gimp08:17
testermaoanz, if you lost daya look at scaple08:17
lonixjenny83: gimp08:17
maoanzwhat is scaple ?08:18
jenny83how do I install it?08:18
testera data recovery program08:18
lonixjenny83: sudo apt-get install gimp08:18
testermao  data recovery program08:18
testermaoanz,   data recovery program *08:18
lonixbye all doeing dist upgrade from 8.04 to 11.0408:18
testerjenny83, look at script fu also for other tools in gimp08:19
kapcom01hello, is there a general problem with 11.04 and screencasting?08:19
shyamis there a task manager in ubuntu like in windows?08:20
maoanznot only problem of loss of data. when laptop is in sleep, it has many windows opened. I need to keep these windows.08:20
th0rshyam: top08:20
th0rshyam: or ps08:20
kapcom01shyam, yes there is. system monitor08:20
maoanzI wonder if it's possible to do like in Windows, to avoid resume when not enough battery.08:20
rooted-insidemephaidros: looks like dhcp server isnt' installed08:20
rooted-insidemejust dhcp-client08:20
phaidrosrooted-insideme: so, install it? try "aptitude search dhcp | grep server" choose one and install it08:21
shyamis it how we can regain control of system when it hangs..using the system monitor?08:21
rooted-insidemeyeah i am08:22
testershyam, ctrl+alt+f2 then sign in then enter password then so a sudo /ect/init.d/gdm restart08:22
namelixiu官网下载的liveusb-creater,解压后 没有./configure文件,有Makefile文件。08:23
namelixiu#make 通过,最后一句:“removing 'liveusb-creator-3.11.1' (and everything under it)08:23
namelixiu#make install,显示“make: *** 没有规则可以创建目标“install”。 停止。”08:23
kapcom01shyam, if everything hangs including system monitor then I usually press CTRL+ALT+F1 which takes me to a shell terminal and there I can type "sudo service gdm restart" to restart the whole desktop08:23
FloodBot1namelixiu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:23
brideanI can't get the java plugin to work with firefox08:23
testershyam, also do a top when you are in the cli to see what is making it hang08:23
namelixiu#make 通过,最后一句:“removing 'liveusb-creator-3.11.1' (and everything under it)08:23
namelixiu#make install,显示“make: *** 没有规则可以创建目标“install”。 停止。”08:23
testershyam, also do a "top" when you are in the cli to see what is making it hang *08:23
nightrid3r!cn | namelixiu08:24
ubottunamelixiu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk08:24
testerMy operating system being tested in vbox http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isoS3BRavl808:25
sandstormchecoimg: I just started using it but I already googled the errors, no solutions.08:25
testerit is slow because it is 3.9 gigs out of the box08:26
bazhangtester, how does your own OS relate to ubuntu support08:26
rooted-insidemeYAY adding eth1 to the interfaces broke now there's no internet on the box08:26
testerbazhang, it is Ubuntu at the core08:26
testerAnd alwas will be08:27
bazhangtester, its a derivative, not Ubuntu08:27
testerYes sir08:27
testerIs there something wrong with that ?08:27
bazhangtester, its offtopic here. try sharing with #ubuntu-offtopic08:27
testerbazhang, what is off topic I am asking about remastersys but I will ask there too08:28
bazhangtester, creating your own personal OS is fine, buts its not supported here, so offtopic08:29
bazhangtester, remastersys from where08:30
testerbazhang, what if some one wants to back up there system ???08:30
testerbazhang, look up08:30
Polysicsnewbie question08:30
Polysicsis there a way to "bookmark" SSH connections on the command line?08:30
bazhang!info remastersys | tester08:30
ubottutester: Package remastersys does not exist in natty08:30
ikoniatester: building a derivative and backing up a machine are two totally seperate tasks08:31
Polysicsso i do not have to type the whole user@address thing?08:31
Traspwhatever I do, the more problems I run into08:31
Polysicsi know, i am lazy :-D08:31
tester I am devopling a os and it is in gnome 2 and kde plasma with a bunch of programs and when I make a iso of the the os It goes to defult kde  when I try to use remastersys to back up the whole system it says that I need to clean  I have tried to move the .gnome file and .kde file but I think I may have screwed up I moved it to /usr/share/applications/ but still nothing08:31
tester<tester> all of the programs are under lost and found after I make the iso ????  ohh and I am using ubuntu 10.10 with a beefed up kernel08:31
tester<tester> 2.6.38-8-generic08:31
testersorry that was ment for bazhang08:32
zykotick9Polysics, you could create a script, or use "history | grep ssh" to see previous connections you've used.08:32
th0rPolysics: you can write a simple script that contains the command line. Put it in /usr/local/bin and make sure you change it to be executable08:32
bazhangtester, then contact the remastersys people08:32
zykotick9th0r, ~/bin would be better08:32
Polysicsyeah, a bash script looks the easiest08:32
sandstormhello I've installed ubuntu with wubi and after booting into ubuntu I am getting errors such as: "Bad LUN (0:1) Bad Target Number (1:0)" etc. and it is whining about radeon graphics card. what might be the problem? google and such returns no results. Thanks.08:32
testerbazhang, It is because I am a White hat >?08:32
ikoniatester: no, stop now, this is your final warning08:33
TraspI'm starting an application through ~/fluxbox/startup (xterm -e /home/trasp/dir/application -foo -bar) but it complain over that it can't find the OpenCL-librarys and I can't figure out why... The program runs just fine if i start it manually08:33
th0rzykotick9: yes, but that won't be in the path I think08:33
bazhangtester, pardon?08:33
zykotick9th0r, actually it is08:33
ikoniatester: this topic is not for #ubuntu, do you fully understand08:33
testerYes I understand08:33
ikoniatester: ok, then please stop discussing it08:33
th0rzykotick9: ah....ubuntu I guess. running debian so my world is a bit different <smile>08:34
brideanWhere can I ask about firefox?08:34
testerikonia, but I was honest I could have said How to back up my sys with out talking about any thing else that is all I have to say GREAT SUPPORT08:35
Traspzykotick9, You've been helpful earlier, no ideas on this one?08:35
ikoniatester: no you couldn't it still wouldn't have been supported08:35
bazhangbridean, how did you install the plugin, from where, and which one08:35
explosion123Does anyone of you know why my monitor is 1360x768, but when i set the resolution to that, the screen is too wide?08:35
zykotick9th0r, actually, same on Debian08:35
zykotick9Trasp, sorry no.08:36
MACscrok, so i have a particular app on my ubuntu system running as user foo, but my regular user is bar that i create all my files with, etc. I have a folder that i add new files to all the time on the fly and i need to make sure user foo has access to them. I am assuming i need to do something with chown/chmod. But not 100% sure and even more, not sure how to do it and make sure i dont have to manually do anything to the files every time i 08:36
th0rzykotick9: darn if it isn't! learn something new every day <smile>08:36
explosion123Does anyone of you know why my monitor is 1360x768, but when i set the resolution to that, the screen is too wide?08:37
brideanbazhang, I tried creating a symbolic link to the latest jrd08:38
bazhangbridean, did you install the plugin after enabling the partner repo? the sun-java6-  one?08:38
bazhangbridean, thats not the one you want then08:39
bazhang!partner | bridean08:39
ubottubridean: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »08:39
bazhang!java | bridean08:39
ubottubridean: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:39
brideanbazhang, I think so08:39
Polysicswho defines THEMSELVES as "white hat" or "black hat" or "whatever hat"?08:39
Polysicswell, aside from red hat .-d08:39
bazhangPolysics, offtopic here08:39
bazhangPolysics, try #ubuntu-offtopic08:40
explosion123I'm grey hat :P08:40
Polysicsbazhang, it just was a rethorical question, it's like calling yourself "a very nice person" yourself. anyway, ok :-D08:40
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
TraspDo you guys know any other way to autostart a program when starting X (fluxbox) except from the ~/fluxbox/startup-file?08:41
Polysicswhat would be a very-lightweight DE that is still sort of familiar to a windows user? i want to recover an old laptop for my wife08:41
xasteyi'm having an odd problem.. when I open up the term and try to ls it just locks up08:41
xasteyseems to happen every so often08:42
explosion123Polysics: Puppy?08:42
bazhangPolysics, no idea , as thats totally opinion, but lightweight is lubuntu-desktop (lxde and openbox)08:42
th0rTrasp: used to be able to do it in ~/.profile or ~/.login08:42
explosion123Puppy Linux i think08:42
xasteywonder if my hd is going to sleep or something08:42
Polysicspuppy is a whole distro08:42
bazhangexplosion123, this is ubuntu please recommend ubuntu solutions08:42
Traspth0r, thanks, i'll put it to google :)08:42
Polysicsthe machine is a P4 with 512Mb of RAM, i think some flavor of Ubuntu should run08:43
bazhang!lubuntu | Polysics08:43
ubottuPolysics: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.08:43
Polysicscool, i didn't know it existed! looks like a perfect fit, thanks08:43
koichiroseHello. I edited /etc/environment to put in some environment variables. Now I can't login to ubuntu anymore. I write my password at login, the screen goes fuzzy for a moment then I'm back at the login screen. What can I do?08:43
pepi_hi i need help how to install 2 packages (private if possible) thank you!08:44
bazhangpepi_, ask here08:44
th0rkoichirose: you will probably need to try to reset /etc/environment. Just so you know...those new definitions should probably have gone into .bashrc08:45
koichiroseth0r, -_- why does it say not recommended here, then? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#Session-wide%20environment%20variables08:46
koichiroseth0r, and below it says 'should be placed into /etc/environment'08:46
pepi_i need to install java08:47
bazhangpepi_, the browser plugins?08:47
pepi_i downloaded it with firefox in the default download directory08:47
th0rkoichirose: right...for a system change that would be the proper place to put it I guess08:47
bazhangpepi_, that is not the way to install things in Ubuntu08:47
pepi_it is called jre-6u26-linux-i586-rpm.bin08:47
pepi_okay, so i delete that?08:47
bazhangpepi_, yes08:48
koichiroseth0r, anyway I'm stuck now. Can't even get into recovery console08:48
pepi_well, i have another file there too, it's called opera_11.50.1074_i386.deb08:48
bazhangpepi_, install from the synaptic package manager08:48
pepi_i need to install opera (the web browser)08:48
=== gordon is now known as Guest45779
zolgarIS there a way to get DVD's to play on Ubuntu 11.04? I keep getting an error about how a decryption library is not installed.08:48
pepi_what i do in the synaptic?08:49
bazhangzolgar, libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org08:49
th0rkoichirose: you can boot up a livecd...mount the hard drive to a mount point from the livecd, then edit the file from there08:49
pepi_bazhang ?08:50
bazhangpepi_, you want the java plugin for opera? or is this a separate issue08:50
koichiroseI hoped I could get into the terminal directly.. downloading ubuntu now.08:50
th0rzolgar: you probably need libdvdcss2 from medibuntu08:51
pepi_i need to install 2 things: opera and java08:51
zolgarWould DL'ing Ubuntu Restricted Extras from the software center help?08:51
bazhangpepi_, just checking on opera, the java is in the partner repo08:52
bazhang!partner | pepi_08:53
ubottupepi_: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »08:53
pepi_i write that in terminal?08:53
bazhangzolgar, not that I'm aware. you need the libdvdcss2 for that from medibuntu.org08:53
zolgarbazhang: okay08:54
bazhangpepi_, or go into synaptic package manager and enable the partner repo08:54
zolgarbazhang: okay i got it as a tar.gz file. do i extract it then run something?08:54
bazhangpepi_, once you have reloaded the packages list, then search for java08:54
bazhangzolgar, its a .deb from medibuntu.org08:55
pepi_from where i enable it08:55
gaurav_nattymy mircophone is not working i think in alsamixer some setting r distrubed08:55
bazhangpepi_, do you have synaptic package manager open in front of you?08:55
zolgarbazhang: my bad dl'd the source XD08:55
th0rzolgar: there should be an ubuntu page about adding medibuntu to synaptic08:56
sandstormhello I've installed ubuntu with wubi and after booting into ubuntu I am getting errors such as: "Bad LUN (0:1) Bad Target Number (1:0)" etc. and it is whining about radeon graphics card. what might be the problem? google and such returns no results. Thanks.08:56
zolgarbazhang: would a restart be in order?08:56
jnsl_how can i update to the latest version of tar?08:56
bazhangpepi_, see the tabs?08:56
bazhangpepi_, the tab that says 'other software'?08:56
zolgarbazhang: guess not. its working :D thanks tons08:57
bazhangth0r, he can just dl the deb, no need for the repo08:57
bazhangpepi_, so click the tab other software, put a check on the canonical partners08:57
gaurav_nattymy mirocphone is not woking08:58
bazhanggaurav_natty, adjust in alsamixer then08:58
pepi_there is several javas, which one im supposed to instal?08:58
bazhangpepi_, close that window, then hit reload08:58
bazhangpepi_, did you update the sources yet? ie reload?08:59
bazhangpepi_, so search for the sun-java packages08:59
hacking_uis here anyone who  installed gnome 3 on natty?09:00
pepi_which i install?09:00
Rousenatty ?09:00
hacking_ui have a problem with ibus ime09:00
Rousewats that09:00
bazhanghacking_u, probably, but its not supported, and breaks things so offtopic09:00
bazhang!gnome3 | hacking_u09:00
ubottuhacking_u: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.09:00
=== kev is now known as Guest45363
hacking_uokay, i got it09:00
jnsl_how can i get the latest tar version ? tar --version, gives me 1.22, if i do apt-get install tar, it says tar is latest version but on the tar homepage i read that tar exist in version 1.2609:01
bazhang!java | pepi_ please read09:01
ubottupepi_ please read: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.09:01
bazhangjnsl_, why would you possibly need the latest tar09:01
VictorCL2is there anything similar to notepad++ but for ubuntu?09:02
pepi_okay got it09:02
pepi_how about the opera?09:02
jnsl_i have a module on my server that generates a tar file, but i can't read the file afterwards, says "it dosen't look like a tar file", so i wanted to try and update my version of tar on the server09:02
wabznasmVictorCL2: geany, gedit, notepad++ under wine09:02
wabznasmVictorCL2: kate09:02
VictorCL2yes .. gedit dosnt have syntax highlight09:03
wabznasmVictorCL2: addons can be obtained, but the usual opinion on the net is thatnothing is quite the same as N++09:04
dc5alajnsl_, the problem is probably somewhere else but not in your tar version, probably corrupt file?09:04
bazhangpepi_, you got the .deb from opera homepage, right? just double click it to install09:04
VictorCL2yes I know .. they are like cheap copies :/09:04
wabznasmVictorCL2: add the usual standards of emacs, vim and gvim09:04
wabznasmVictorCL2: which is why I suggested N+ under wine. Apparently very stable09:05
VictorCL2yes .. but why do I have to emulate a windows program on linux ... I want to get confortable using linux softare09:05
jnsl_dc5ala maybe, but there are not much bug info on this, so i figured it might be something with my enviorment09:05
VictorCL2but I cant even find a decent color picker09:05
new2netyo... my clock froze, what time is it?09:06
new2netoh wait nm... can just type in "date"09:06
Charybdis0406 am CDT09:06
dc5alajnsl_, what does "file" say about your tar? maybe it's compressed?09:07
jnsl_it says data09:07
th0rVictorCL2: have youlooked at nedit?09:07
hacking_uhumm... onerick will use gnome3 shell?09:08
bazhanghacking_u, yes. support and discussion in #ubuntu+109:08
TricksAlright guys09:09
bazhanghacking_u, its oneiric by the way09:09
jnsl_error i get : This does not look like a tar archive09:09
jnsl_tar: Skipping to next header09:09
jnsl_tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors09:09
hacking_ubazhang, thx!09:09
dc5alajnsl_, that does not look good then, it should say tar archive or identify compression algo09:09
jnsl_what would you suggest i do dc5ala? :)09:10
hacking_ubazhang, i didn't know about #ubuntu+1 channel, thx very much09:10
bazhangjnsl_, why exactly do you need the latest tar?09:10
dc5alajnsl_, don't know details how you creating that tar file09:11
jpdsaaaaaaaaaaa: Hi.09:11
TricksI have recently upgraded to ubuntu 11.04 but have been having some teething issues; firstly, the computer crashes randomly. The monitor output is completely white. Secondly, I can't use dual monitors anymore. Both monitors show the standard desk top but I can't drag windows from left to right09:13
Tricksanybody been having similar issues?09:13
Tricksmy card is: GeForce 7100 GS which worked fine with Ubuntu 1009:14
Incarus6Tricks, does that issue occur only in Unity?09:14
Tricksnope both in classic and unity09:14
deemTricks: did you checked if your card is using 2 xserver and not twinview?09:14
Tricksdeem, hmm09:15
Tricksdeem, this is the strange part, I've used the nVidia gui to set the monitors but when I look in Xorg I can see twin view in the file09:16
Tricksdeem, shall I post the config file?09:16
Tricksdeem, I don't like playing with it cos I don't want to break anything :P09:16
deemTricks: afaik unity isn't using the xorg anymore09:19
dddbmtHey guys. I have a folder containing the svn checkout of a project. Then I have made a link to that folder from /var/www. But I get 403 Forbidden when trying to access through webbrowser.09:19
dddbmtWhere to start debug.09:19
FloodBot1dddbmt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:19
e_t_dddbmt: does the www-data user have read access to that directory?09:20
Tricksdeem, ok so is there somewhere else I should be making the changes?09:20
dddbmte_t_ - a "ls -l" says that it's the same user that own both /var/www and my svn folder.09:21
e_t_dddbmt: are you using Apache?09:21
dddbmte_t_ - yes, sorry.09:22
buggyerhi guys, need help adding smb users via ldap. smbldap-populate spits out: failed to modify entry: modifications require authentication at /usr/sbin/smbldap-populate line 491, <GEN1> line 242. and smbldap-useradd tells me: Error: modifications require authentication at /usr/share/perl5/smbldap_tools.pm line 1187, <DATA> line 466.09:22
jungleBust3rTricks, you could try creating a 10 gb partion by moving your current one with gparted (gui) installing ubuntu again and playing with that version. Not the most elegant way, yet...09:22
tsimpsondddbmt: have a look in /var/log/apache2/error.log09:22
dddbmttsimpson: Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible:09:23
dddbmt... so it's my permissions for my SVN folder that's wrong?09:23
Incarus6Tricks, are you sure you saved the nvidia-settings configuration file properly?09:23
tsimpsondddbmt: I think you probably need to add "FollowSymLinks" to the Options line for /var/www in your sites config09:24
qwebirc26270Can someone help me? -- I have Ubuntu 11.04 running on a HP Pavilion DM4 and I can't seem to get my wifi and my track pad to work or work correctly09:24
=== bryan is now known as Guest38406
=== qwebirc26270 is now known as XxKOLOHExX
dddbmttsimpson, http://pastebin.com/6JU8Ehdh - doesn't that look ok?09:25
Incarus6qwebirc26270, can you paste "rfkill list all"?09:26
e_t_dddbmt: instead of using a symlink, you could make an alias within the Apache config.09:26
dddbmte_t_, okay - should I just google "Apache alias" ?09:26
tsimpsondddbmt: yeah, that looks ok. try running "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload" and see if it works09:26
dddbmttsimpson, just restarted seconds ago.09:27
dddbmte_t_, mod_alias ?09:27
tsimpsonI'm pretty sure mod_alias is loaded by default09:28
JdGordonI installed lxde and xorg on a base server install and lxde seems to only have one huge font... what package do i need to install to get the usual avilable fonts?09:30
e_t_dddbmt: tsimpson is probably right about mod_alias. See if this will work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643131/09:30
rooted-insidemeok im trying to get eth1 up and working and dhcp running on eth1 but I cannot get it to work09:32
rooted-insidemehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/643133/ is what my /etc/network/interfaces looks like09:32
rooted-insidemeand I setup the dhcp-server conf to listen on eth109:33
rooted-insidemeany ideas09:33
e_t_rooted-insideme: don't assign a gateway to eth1. It will screw up your routing big time to have more than one default gateway.09:34
babu__can i able to send mess to ip address connected with my system09:36
e_t_messes should be cleaned, not shared.09:37
dlirooted-insideme, interfaces shows static IP, what's your dhcpd.conf?09:37
babu__how to find the version of jdk i'm using09:39
rooted-insidemedli: one sec09:39
xubuntu-noobHi @ all09:40
dlibabu__, java -version ?09:40
tomek_hi, what is good gui tool for samba configuring?09:40
babu__can i able to send mess to ip address connected with my system09:40
xubuntu-noobI have a small problem : the mounted devices in /media don't show up on my Desktop !09:40
arfbtwntomek_: GADMIN is pretty good. Though your text editor is the best tbh09:40
xubuntu-noobIt's in xubuntu but I guess it's similar ?09:40
babu__i installed jdk 1.6...how do i install/upgrade to java 709:41
dlixubuntu-noob, do them show up in thunar?09:41
dlixubuntu-noob, how do you mount them in /media09:41
xubuntu-noobwith fstab, like : //myserver'IP/myshare /media/myshare cifs username=uname,password=passwd 0 009:42
rooted-insidemedli: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643142/ is the dhcp server config09:42
xubuntu-noobIt didnt work on startup though, I don't know why. So I unmounted and re-mounted with "sudo mount -t cifs etc" and nothing shows neither09:43
lonixthat went well09:43
rooted-insidemedli: according everything I have read, im suppost to have a /etc/dhcp3 folder and I don't09:43
e_t_rooted-insideme: Are you using 11.04?09:44
TricksIncarus6,  sorry about the delay mate. how do you mean nvidia-settings configuration file saved properly?09:44
rooted-insidemedebian 609:44
shamilai'm using huawei e220 usb modem to connect the internet how can i set up it for my ubuntu version 10.0409:44
rooted-insidemebut it's the same configuration as ubuntu09:44
Mark_SketchingHi! I'm looking for a way to bind a key stroke to <button 3>. Is there a file I can edit to set that up?09:45
babu__i want to send mess to my friends system connected to my pc over lan..09:45
babu__how to do it09:45
Incarus6Tricks, the nvidia-settings gui needs sudo rights to save the configuration under /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Don't just click on "Apply", click on "Save to X Configuration file"09:45
e_t_rooted-insideme: At least for ubuntu, the default DHCP server changed to isc-dhcp-server. The conf for that is /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf.09:45
rooted-insidemee_t_: mines in /etc/default09:46
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shamilaany one please help me09:46
e_t_rooted-insideme: That's not the main configuration file. Look in /etc for dhcp anything.09:46
babu__i want to send mess to my friends system connected to my pc over lan..09:46
babu__how to do it09:46
rooted-insidemeaahh there it is09:47
shamilai'm using huawei e220 usb modem to connect the internet how can i set up it for my ubuntu version 10.0409:47
rooted-insidemedhcpd.conf  in /etc/dhcp09:47
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=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
e_t_babu__: there are several programs that would allow you to do that.09:48
shamilafuck you all does any one help me09:48
shamilai'm using huawei e220 usb modem to connect the internet how can i set up it for my ubuntu version 10.0409:48
rooted-insidemee_t_: I found the conf file just have to set it up09:48
babu__i want  by terminal...??my friend don't like empathy n all09:49
Incarus6!language | shamila09:50
ubottushamila: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:50
e_t_!info talk | babu__09:50
ubottubabu__: talk (source: netkit-ntalk): Chat with another user. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17-14 (natty), package size 22 kB, installed size 92 kB09:50
neostestanybody here ?.09:53
=== raju1 is now known as raju
Incarus6neostest, yes09:53
rooted-insidemee_t_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643138/ that's what my /etc/network/interface looks like and now both eth0 and eth1 start up on boot and eth0 has internet09:53
arfbtwnshamila: it's an old page but might get you started http://tinyurl.com/38knuel09:53
babu__please tell the usage of talk command09:53
TricksIncarus6,  when I try to open the fui using the command line "sudo nvidia-settings" I get probably 20 errors before it opens. Is this normal?09:53
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
rooted-insidemeso is that ok that I have it like that or did I do it wrong?09:53
Incarus6Tricks, try gksu and ignore the errors09:54
pppHey, what are openssl-devel and libssl-devel please ? Do i have to take one or the other one for ubuntu ?09:54
babu__it's always saying "error on read from talk domain"09:54
=== ITXpande1 is now known as ITXpander
babu__please tell the usage of talk command09:54
babu__it's always saying "error on read from talk domain"09:54
XxKOLOHExXIncarus6 It didn't work :(09:54
pppHey, what are openssl-devel and libssl-devel please ? Do i have to take one or the other one for ubuntu ? ty09:54
Incarus6XxKOLOHExX, can you paste the output of "uname -a"?09:55
babu__please tell the usage of talk command09:55
babu__it's always saying "error on read from talk domain"09:55
=== ubuntua01 is now known as dury
XxKOLOHExXLinux jacob-HP-Pavilion-dm4-Notebook-PC 2.6.38-10-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 15:07:17 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:55
arfbtwnppp: dev packages shouldn't be needed for running, just compiling against09:55
duryhi there channel :)09:56
wh1zz0hi guys ...09:56
pppWell theres a software i'm trying to install but it says error messages, and the solution suggested is to get openssl-devel  or libssl-devel but idk what they are09:56
berkessuddenly my banshee (11.04/unity) starts up and garbles the screen. As if the entire application (including its chrome) is a transparent layer whith no re-rendering. Any idea what that bug is called?09:56
Incarus6XxKOLOHExX, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/773918 looks related09:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 773918 in linux (Ubuntu) "WiFi is not working with acpi" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:56
e_t_babu__: both you and your friend should type "mesg y" to accept talk messages.09:56
arfbtwnppp: Is the software from the repos or are you compiling it yourself?09:57
TricksIncarus6, nah still not working no dual screens :(09:57
pppnot compiling no, and what is the repos ? :p (new with ubuntu here)09:57
XxKOLOHExXIncarus6 Thanks will take a look09:57
arfbtwnppp: ubuntu software centre09:57
pppIt's something from teh internet09:57
pppah i see09:57
Incarus6Tricks, have you rebooted since saving the file?09:57
pppnope, i entered some commands myself, suggested to install it09:57
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
duryis it possible to download firefox 5.01 for 10.0409:58
ioppp: '$ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev' in a !Terminal09:58
tsimpsonppp: libssl-dev is the one in ubuntu09:58
pppthen i have to do the command "make" and it doesn't work, and suggested actions is to get openssl or libssl (devel), idk how it works09:58
babu__give sample of talk command09:58
arfbtwnppp: I would check the ubuntu software centre first before you try compiling (make does that)09:58
e_t_rooted-insideme: If you're running a DHCP server on eth1, you don't want to assign its address by DHCP.09:58
TricksIncarus6, well I was saving the file manually originally anyway. When it wouldn't save the config  I just copied it and replaced via the command line09:58
TricksIncarus6, but I'll try now brb09:58
pppmmh i don't think it would be in the center09:59
pppcan't find the real name09:59
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
arfbtwnbabu__: the man page sometimes gives an example. man talk will explain all09:59
e_t_babu__: try "man talk".09:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:59
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durydoes it affect to ubuntu 10.04 if I install firefox 5.0110:01
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
rooted-insidemee_t_: oh ok10:03
rooted-insidemeso I need to set it static?10:03
duryrooted-insideme: you mean your ip connection10:04
e_t_rooted-insideme: eth1 should be static, but you should only need address and netmask lines. Definitely don't set a gateway on eth1.10:04
rooted-insidemee_t_: ok10:04
rooted-insidemeso just add in the address and netmask10:05
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=== vlt is now known as 36DABWTT9
rooted-insidemeYAY for flood10:05
=== spass is now known as 18WAAWIYM
dipiweeim looking for the nick of a mod on the forums10:07
dipiweeor if a forum mod is in here now10:07
rooted-insidemestupid bot10:07
jribdipiwee: #ubuntuforums10:07
dipiweejrib: thanks10:07
durydoes it affect to ubuntu 10.04 if I install firefox 5.0110:08
Diverdudehello, i have a very large tif file (~65 MB). I am unsure how many channels the file contains, if it has r,g and b or just a single channel. How can i check that?10:08
arfbtwnDiverdude: file <filename> sometimes gives info, otherwise. Maybe check it in GIMP.10:10
LjLe_t_: you were banned by mistake, sorry10:10
squaregoldfishDiverdude If you have imagemagick installed, you can use the identify command.10:11
e_t_Thank you, LjL10:11
squaregoldfishDiverdude: Or use GIMP as arfbtwn suggests.10:11
Schalkenrsyslogd has been using 192% of my cpu (quad core machine) for the past 27 hours. Does anyone have any ideas how to figure out what is going on?10:11
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, aha, identify shows this: fish 15 - bac + DMSO 1_ch00.tif TIFF 8192x8192 8192x8192+0+0 8-bit PseudoClass 256c 64.01MiB 0.000u 0:00.01010:11
rooted-insidemewb e_t_10:11
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, does that say anything about what channels are in the file?10:12
squaregoldfishDiverdude: ....10:13
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, ?10:13
squaregoldfishDiverdude: Is it a greyscale image?10:13
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, thats what i am trying to figure out10:13
venolDiverdude: Maybe you can double click the file10:13
venolhelo, I'm use mailgraph to monitoring mail server,  If I send an email it gets counted as sent. It also gets counted as Received". Is this normal?10:13
KaoloiI'm dual booting windows vista and ubuntu 11.04. But now, i want to make the change. How to install ubuntu 11.04 and format the rest of the hard disk? (I installed it with wubi)10:14
Diverdudevenol, double click is no good10:14
Diverdudevenol, it may very well use some colormap10:14
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
squaregoldfishDiverdude: I think it might be - it's saying 8-bit image and 256 colours, which implies greyscale. Indexed colour is unlikely in a TIFF, but I could be wrong. I think you'll just have to open it and find out.10:14
arfbtwnDiverdude: from the identify, looks like it's 256 colours == 8 bit10:14
Kaoloii'm currently burning a CD with ubuntu, hoping that there will be an option when i launch it to format everything else10:14
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, well, grayscale image can also be 8-bit image just with a single channel instead og 310:15
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
squaregoldfishdiverdude: Exactly. With the info we have from identify, I can't tell.10:15
KaoloiI'm dual booting windows vista and ubuntu 11.04. But now, i want to make the change. How to install ubuntu 11.04 and format the rest of the hard disk? (I installed it with wubi)10:16
Kaoloianyone please?10:16
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, opening the image also wont tell since the viewer may just apply some colormap...making it impossible to see10:16
squaregoldfishDiverdude: Try identify -verbose10:16
TricksIncarus6, nah same as before mate10:16
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  i suggest backing up your impornatnat data. and doing a reinstall.10:16
venolhelo, I'm use mailgraph to monitoring mail server,  If I send an email it gets counted as sent. It also gets counted as Received". Is this normal?10:17
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  and deleteing windows during the install10:17
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
squaregoldfishDiverdude: Should be a Colorspace entry.10:17
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  there are wubi-to-hard drive tools.. but ive never used them. so they may not work very well10:17
Kaoloiive backed up all my important data Dr_Willis10:17
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
DiverdudeDiverdude, yeah in the tif file right?10:17
KaoloiDr_Willis,  will they be an option when i install ubuntu where i can 'reinstall' or 'format and install'?10:17
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  You cold try a wubi-2-hd tool/script i guess.. if you wqant to try to save some time10:17
TricksIncarus6, surely it shouldn't be this hard to enable an extended desktop10:18
Kaoloiwill it delete my vista and ubuntu partition?10:18
Kaoloii dont mind losing my data on ubuntu10:18
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  the insatller can 'use the whole hard drive' ane erase all..10:18
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  if you sued wubi - you dont have a ubuntu partition...10:18
squaregoldfishDiverdude: identify -verbose <file>.tiff10:18
Kaoloiahh.. but it gave me a little 13gb partition for ubuntu and the rest for vista10:19
Dr_Willisbbl work timw for me10:19
Dr_WillisKaoloi,  you sure you dident MAKE a wubi 'file' not a partition?10:19
Dr_Willis\bye all..10:19
Kaoloii'm sorry i'm very new to this. i just launched the installer and followed the instructions10:20
arfbtwnKaoloi: so as Dr_Willis said, you don't have a full ubuntu partition10:20
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, aha that gave a lot of info, look: http://pastebin.com/SBiqJbSQ10:20
Kaoloiarfbtwn,  ok, so now if I want to use ubuntu only. I insert my install CD and restart my laptop. follow the instructions and look for an option where i have 'install ubuntu and format the entire drive'?10:21
arfbtwnKaoloi: bingo ;)10:21
Kaoloiarfbtwn, and this will erase my current data on ubuntu right?10:22
Kaoloilike my email settings and stuff10:22
hacking_uKaoloi, have you backed up your data you need?10:23
squaregoldfishDiverdude: So it looks like you've got a greyscale image, but it's encoded as RGB with the image data in the Blue channel. Weird.10:23
arfbtwnKaoloi: The option actually says erase entire disk, so, yes. Do you want to backup your home dir first?10:23
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, i think its grayscale10:23
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, that was my thought also10:23
Kaoloimaybe i should do that haha..10:23
Diverdudesince it has10:23
DiverdudeChannel depth:10:23
Diverdude    red: 1-bit10:23
Diverdude    green: 1-bit10:23
Diverdude    blue: 16-bit10:23
FloodBot1Diverdude: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:23
XxKOLOHExX@Tricks Incarus6 will be back later10:23
squaregoldfishdiverdude: Exactly.10:23
arfbtwnKaoloi: tar -jcvf homebackup.tar.bz2 $HOME from ubuntu should do it10:23
Kaoloiwhere will it back up?10:24
caddooprobably a retarded question. But i'm using the latest ubuntu, and i find the font / font rendering very odd10:24
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, ohh well, i will treat it as a colorimage then :) perfect. thx10:24
caddooand hard to work with10:24
Diverdudeehmm grayscale i mean10:24
caddoodid anyone else find this10:24
squaregoldfishdiverdude: Hehe. No problem. Might be worth you converting it to proper greyscale to avoid future confusion...10:24
Kaoloiarfbtwn, when i reinstall ubuntu i'll be able to use that back up? I just need the settings and app i've downloaded...10:24
Kaoloinot much data10:25
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, im gonna import in my python script, so ill just deal with it in there10:25
squaregoldfishdiverdude: Fair enough. Enjoy :)10:25
hacking_uKaoloi, what is dist you use10:25
arfbtwnKaoloi: where ever you say homebackup.tar.bz2 will be. Then you can put that anywhere10:25
caddooalso is it normal to have like 10 updates a day?10:26
hacking_uKaoloi, ummm, natty or ...10:26
TL1very much :-)10:26
TL1ilts linux10:26
Kaoloii'm sorry im a total new, i'm not sure what im using... anyway to check?10:26
caddooTL1, directed at me?10:26
Diverdudesquaregoldfish, thx :)10:26
TL1yes caddoo its linux world10:27
TL1caddoo: life never stops10:27
arfbtwnKaoloi: don't worry, it's probably natty but that doesn't really matter too much10:27
hacking_uKaoloi, what is your version of ubuntu(or other dist?)10:27
TL1caddoo: do you have a slow connection ?10:27
hacking_uand you're trying to reinstall 11.0410:27
caddoono TL1 it just seems like its an error haha10:27
Kaoloii dont want to use vista anymore basically..10:28
Kaoloijust ubuntu10:28
Kaoloibut i used wubi to try out10:28
_Flyns identify ilovemay10:28
hacking_ui think you don't have to reinstall it.10:28
Incarus6Tricks, still here?10:28
TL1caddoo: lol it's normal10:28
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Kaoloibut i realized that the disk space left for ubuntu is too small. and i looked online on resizing partition and omg thats too hard..10:29
TL1for example i keep struggle with grub210:29
hacking_ubut if you want to, follow arfbtwn 's10:29
TL1each time i have to power down my virtual machine it keeps corruptin10:29
Kaoloihacking_u, just a little question, if I reinstall it and only use ubuntu. can i confirm with you guys that i can still install windows 7 later? (in a tiny partition maybe?)10:31
caddooany IDE recommendations for PHP? Using NB 7.0 at the moment its functional but it just doesn't fit in nicely with the OS and is a bit sluggish sometimes10:31
=== ruben is now known as Guest52650
hacking_uKaoloi, yes, u can but if install windows with ubuntu after setting up ubuntu, it can be harder then setting up ubuntu with pre installed windows10:32
KolakCCPretty sure you can't talk about IDEs anywhere..10:33
Kaoloii think i'll follow arfbtwn, do a reinstall (a good clean to my laptop). and hopefully i can use that backup file he made me do somehow! so that I dont have to enter my email settings, apps downloaded, etc.10:33
Kaoloiok ill use ubuntu as my base OS10:33
arfbtwnKaoloi: That command will only backup your settings10:33
Kaoloithats fine then!10:33
arfbtwnKaoloi: you'll still need to re-install the programs fresh10:33
Kaoloiits alright :)10:33
Kaoloibut how to use that backup file?10:34
arfbtwnKaoloi: Once you've reinstalled, you unzip with tar -jxvf homebackup.tar.bz2 but execute from /home10:35
arfbtwnKaoloi: If anything goes wrong, keep a hold of that file ;)10:36
hacking_uKaoloi, u said ur a begginer linuxer, so i propose u to use gui backup tool10:36
Kaoloiok thank you so much arfbtwn & hacking_u, ill try to do it. if im lost ill come and see you again!10:37
arfbtwnKaoloi: hacking_u talks sense!10:37
dddbmt_e_t_, I've tried http://paste.ubuntu.com/643131/, but I still get a 403 from Apache. Note that I still have my link to SVN folder in my /var/www.10:37
dddbmt_And sorry my response time!10:37
e_t_try removing the symlink.10:38
dddbmt_still nothing10:38
Kaoloiwish me good luck guys !! bye!10:39
hacking_uarfbtwn, humm, i'm not good at english, so i can't understand that you said (Kaoloi:talks sense!)10:40
hacking_uarfbtwn, i mean i could not understand the meanning of that sentence;10:41
dattebayohow can i change my Splash Screen image?10:41
arfbtwnhacking_u: Just that your suggestion was better than mine for newbies10:41
Name141how do you manually search files over the network? smb://addresshere/whateverfolder ?10:42
Name141or should I say manually connect10:42
starZhi all - gwibber is not working since few updates.. did you experience that on natty?10:43
arfbtwndattebayo: The boot spash? Haven't done it myself, googline for plymouth will help10:43
arfbtwnName141: If it's a samba/windows share, yes. Browsing can be done from network in the places menu10:43
dattebayoi google it and they says /usr/share/pixmaps/splash but i dont have this folder10:43
starZhi all - gwibber is not working since few updates.. did you experience that on natty?10:44
Incarus6!splash | dattebayo10:45
ubottudattebayo: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.10:45
e_t_dddbmt: Did you restart apache to load the new configuration?10:46
starZanyone knows why gwibber gui is not showing on natty?10:46
Name141aflynn: it's not correctly picking up the IP# of the "MSHome's"10:46
Name141aflynn: in according to the machines names10:46
syslqapachectl restart10:46
syslqor even reload10:47
arfbtwnName141: Right, so want to check connectivity. the smb://* format will work to go there directly10:47
starZanyone knows gwibber?10:48
arfbtwnstarZ: Yeah, but I'm on lucid10:48
arfbtwnstarZ:  have you tried running it from a terminal and seeing what output you get?10:48
=== kant_mobile_ is now known as kant_mobile
pravinkenatorHello, I'm having some problem with cuda in ubuntu server10:49
starZarfbtwn: yes, there is a time out after loading I don't know what py file..10:50
cojackhello, where is java-plugin package?10:50
cojackI can not run java applets on site10:50
starZarfbtwn: and after I get updates but no gui10:50
szal!java | cojack10:50
ubottucojack: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.10:50
=== ok1234 is now known as blueghost
arfbtwnstarZ: can you pastebin the output to look at?10:51
dattebayoubottu, there is no /apps/gnome.....10:51
starZarftwn: yeah..10:51
Incarus6dattebayo, it is just a bot, don't think he is intelligent ;)10:52
starZ/usr/share/themes/MurrinaCandido/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:84: Murrine configuration option "gradients" is no longer supported and will be ignored.10:52
starZERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on com.Gwibber.Service:/com/gwibber/Service: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.10:52
starZTraceback (most recent call last):10:52
starZ  File "/usr/bin/gwibber", line 87, in <module>10:52
starZ    client.Client()10:52
arfbtwnstarZ: Not here, somewhere on the web10:52
FloodBot1starZ: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:52
starZ  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gwibber/client.py", line 623, in __init__10:52
dattebayoIncarus6, really? i thought he is human10:53
Incarus6!ubottu > dattebayo10:54
ubottudattebayo, please see my private message10:54
starZarftwn: sorry, here is a txt files http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16296326/share/gwibber_err.txt10:57
=== fer is now known as Guest61361
Guest61361Hello, i have a doubt, are the processors intel i3 xxxM for laptops compatible with ubuntu?10:58
Incarus6!paste | starZ10:58
ubottustarZ: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:58
CalimeroTeknik!pkgfile glib.h10:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:59
nightrid3rGuest61361 yes they are10:59
CalimeroTeknik!give CalimeroTeknik package containing glib.h10:59
ubottuCalimeroTeknik: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:59
* RenaKunisaki gives CalimeroTeknik a chemistry exam10:59
* thenub3141 gives CalimeroTeknik a tuna. Still in the can! *BONK* That will leave a mark10:59
Andy_masterHI guys I am getting error " error : no such partition. grub rescue >11:00
Andy_masterhelp me !!11:00
Incarus6CalimeroTeknik, try "apt-file search glib.h" in terminal11:02
rooted-insidemeAndy_master:grub is trying to boot a bootless partition that has no boot image11:02
rooted-insidemethat's my guess11:03
rooted-insidemeor the partition that's saved in grub doesn't exist11:03
Guest61361Is possible to dissable a Nvidia graphics and use de GPU of the I3 processor to save battery?11:03
arfbtwnstarZ: looks like it's unable to connect to the gwibber service11:03
Andy_masterrooted-insideme:  yes that true. I had deleted the partition from windows and after restart it showing me this error. what should i do11:03
twister004hi guys... how can I anually enter my wireless interface settings in ubuntu 8:04?.... I know I have to modify the /etc/network/interfaces file.. but not sure what entries should be there11:05
bassoauch, compiz crashed11:05
starZarfbtwn: yeah, but why? how can I know? http://paste.ubuntu.com/643167/11:05
huda_asdahey   ineed help to install vlc in bactrack11:07
huda_asdai'm newbie11:07
e_t_twister004: If I remember correctly, you'll only be able to do it in interfaces if you're using WEP (non)security.11:07
twister004e_t_, I'm using WPA2 personal security.... also, why isn't network manager taking care of the config?11:08
introuble in a folder containing many files. is there a way to change a certain word of every file name (if it contains it) and every code in the file name (if its a .php file for e.g) and replace it with another auto matically?11:08
huda_asdahey   ineed help to install vlc in bactrack11:09
huda_asdahey   ineed help to install vlc in bactrack11:09
jribintrouble: sure, you can use rename if you know about regular expressions11:09
jrib!backtrack | huda_asda11:09
ubottuhuda_asda: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition11:09
e_t_twister004: Did you select NM to automatically start the connection?11:09
huda_asdaok sorry11:09
introublejrib i need to change every code in the files tooo. if any. for e.g .php or .txt11:09
rooted-insidemeAndy_master: do you have a bootable linux partition installed on the hard drive?11:09
cojackbtw icedtea-plugin was enaugh11:10
twister004e_t_... how do i do that... also, please note that my wired interface is static... not dynamic11:10
cojackfor runing java aplets11:10
cojackusing openjdk11:10
duryhi all :)11:11
Andy_masterrooted-insideme:  I had, but I deleted the parition using windows 711:12
rooted-insidemeAndy_master: ok11:14
rooted-insidemeso now you have no linux partition11:14
rooted-insidemeand grub was your bootloader11:14
rooted-insidemehehe bad idea11:14
twister004e_t_... since my wired interface is static, Network Manager is not running... am I correct?11:14
Andy_masterrooted-insideme:  so what should i do now ?11:15
rooted-insidemegoogle on how to re-install windows bootloader without reinstalling11:16
Rousenow am installing ubuntu in my new raw hard disk... i want  to make three partitions..so wat to do11:16
Rousethis is a new system11:17
Rousei chosen manually partition  option in ubuntu 10.04 setup11:17
com64rouse, there should be a way to manually set up partitions with the installer...11:18
rooted-insidemewb e_t_11:18
e_t_rooted-insideme: sorry, I had to restart.11:18
rooted-insidemeno worries bud11:18
Rousecom64, yeah11:18
Rouseits ter11:18
twister004e_t_... since my wired interface is static, Network Manager is not running... am I correct?11:18
com64rouse, how about using a partition editor run from a usb drive or cd?11:18
com64i can't remember what it's called, but I did tat once.11:18
Rouseusb drive11:18
e_t_twister004: not necessarily.11:18
com64let me look it up for you...11:19
Rousewhats tht ext4 file11:19
twister004e_t_... the security mmode is WPA2-personal.. how can I configure my interface... also, wpa_cli is not able to connect to wpa_suppliant11:19
com64Rouse, use a GParted livecd11:19
=== eitch0000 is now known as eitch
com64or liveusb11:19
com64to partition your drive.11:19
introublejrib if in a folder that has subfolders and files. abc232.jpg  00sabc_3.txt and 11.php that contains code that contains *abc*  .   i want to replace all abc with xyz.11:19
com64rouse, it should be included in unetbootin.11:20
Rousecan gparted be along with ubuntu files in usb11:20
e_t_twister004: So you have a static IP wired interface AND a wireless interface?11:20
jrib /what11:20
twister004e_t_.. yes11:20
com64rouse, no I think you need a separate usb drive11:20
jribintrouble: do you know about regular expressions?11:20
Rouseok let me do it11:20
e_t_twister004: You really only need one.11:21
introublejrib everything11:21
introublejrib what do you mean by reg expres?11:21
twister004e_t_.. yes.. i know... but since wireless doesn't work, I had to use wired.. but I want wireless to work11:21
arfbtwnjrib: What about regular expressions?11:21
com64rouse, so what I'd do is partition the hard drive the way you want it, then install Ubuntu (with the automatic partition setup or whatever) onto the partition you want it on...11:21
jribintrouble: read « man rename » and http://www.regular-expressions.info/11:21
introublewill that change file names and file contents too?11:22
SomelauwHi, for some reason java starts up when my system starts up and I want to prevent it. Any suggestions how to block this misfeature?11:22
jribintrouble: for the recursive aspect of your question, use find.   For file contents, use sed.11:22
introublejrib sure ?11:22
llutzintrouble: like:   find path/ -type f |xargs rename -n 's/abc/xyz/'11:23
e_t_twister004: Do you see a network icon in the upper-right region of the screen, somewhere near the clock?11:23
introublejrib can krename do it all ?11:23
jribintrouble: no, rename only renames filenames.11:23
introublejrib krename can only rename file names?11:24
twister004e_t_.. no, but I see the bluetooth icon11:24
jribintrouble: I don't know why you keep saying "krename"11:24
llutz!nfo krename11:24
=== airon90_ is now known as airon90
introublellutz find path/ -type f |xargs rename -n 's/abc/xyz/'         this will rename every file in the path and its subfolders that contains *abc* like aasdfabc or 8796abc  ?11:25
introuble!info krename11:25
ubottukrename (source: krename): powerful batch renamer for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.5-1build1 (natty), package size 296 kB, installed size 1484 kB11:25
llutzintrouble: it will11:25
llutzintrouble: NOT krename11:25
* s7r whoami11:25
llutzintrouble: those are different tools (krename is a GUI-tool)11:26
introublellee and how to rename contents and codes in files ?11:27
introublellutz ^11:27
llutzintrouble: read "man sed"11:28
llutzintrouble: to give you some ideas on sed: http://sed.sourceforge.net/sed1line.txt11:28
Skills_wnt 2 ask quest on hackng ne bdy 2 help11:28
jribintrouble: the basic syntax you want is « sed -i 's/REGULAR EXPRESSION TO REPLACE/WHAT TO REPLACE IT WITH/g' FILE »11:29
s000501Trying to force an integrity scan of a LVM local volume, but running fsck only gives on line: /dev/mapper/...: clean ... files ... blocks (diagnostic message); any help would be appreciated!11:29
jribSkills_: what question...?11:29
Skills_tut on shellcoding11:29
Skills_where to find11:29
jribSkills_: that's not really on-topic here11:29
xubuntu-noobSkills_,  there is a good one on IBM, by Ian Shields11:29
xubuntu-noobsearch for those terms11:30
Skills_k dude thanks11:30
llutzSkills_: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/11:30
jribSkills_: do you mean writing bash scripts?11:30
xubuntu-noobHi @ all. my Desktop doesnt show mounted devs on /media anymore. Any hint ??11:31
xubuntu-noob(im on xfce but I guess its similar ?)11:31
geirhallutz: That's not a good guide for beginners, the wooledge guide is better.11:32
llutzgeirha: this? http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide11:32
geirhallutz: Yes.11:32
=== arfbtwn_ is now known as arfbtwn
rooted-insidemeanyone here good with iptables and forwarding internet from eth0 to eth111:36
rooted-insidemethat can help e_t_ and I out11:36
Rousecom64,  whats the ext4 ext211:38
Rousewat all these11:38
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: Is a bridge not what you want?11:38
com64those are the tyes of partitions11:38
SwedeMikeRouse: they're different filesystems.11:38
com64you'll want to choose ext4.11:38
com64filesystems, I mean.11:38
denebolaIs there a log somewhere that ubuntu writes to when it crashes/freezes11:39
Rousehmm..fine mine is 320 gb hard disk11:39
Rouseso how to partition it11:39
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: Ahh, internet sharing? See this: http://tinyurl.com/jslgy11:39
Rousewhich will be useful in future11:39
twister004hi guys... my wpa_supplicant.conf file is missing on my machine11:39
twister004any idea how this is possible?11:39
com64Rouse, you using gparted?11:39
arfbtwntwister004: it's not missing, you can copy a sample from the doc directory11:40
Rouseyou tell..i think its better to choose manual parttion in ubuntu11:40
Rousestill i dint start com6411:40
introublejrib can you tell the exact command for sed to change contents with wildcards *abc*    to be changed by xyz ?11:41
com64anyway, I have to go to bed, so I can't really help anymore...11:41
Rousehey tel11:41
Rouseme and go man11:41
com64what do you want to know specifically?11:41
twister004aftbtwn: it's not there under doc either..11:41
com64I'm going to pass out any moment here.11:41
twister004arfbtwn*.. sorry about that11:41
Rouse320 gb harddisk ...to be partitioned to ext4 ? or wat type filesystem11:42
arfbtwnintrouble: he told you before cat filename | sed -i 's/abc/xyz/g'11:42
Rousewhat mount point i must give ?11:42
com64rouse, I'd choose ext4.11:42
arfbtwnintrouble: actually, I think -i can take a filename instead of the cat...11:42
com64rouse, root mount point i think.11:42
Rousefor example will create 4 partitions each of 80gb11:42
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
Rouseall the four will be ext411:43
com64so what do you want on each partition?11:43
arfbtwntwister004: it should be here -> /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/examples11:43
com64all can be ext4 if you want11:43
Rousein one partition i may install windows11:43
Piciintrouble, arfbtwn: sed -i 's/abc/xyz/g' filename      Using -i and piping in text won't work properly.11:43
arfbtwnPici: yeah, I spotted my error... whoops.11:43
Rousein other another OS11:43
com64rouse, when you install windows, the installer can format it, so don't worry.11:43
Rouseoh ok\11:44
com64but it's better I think to install Windows first.11:44
Rousenope i ll do it later only11:44
twister004arfdtwn: wpa_supplicant.conf is not there... but 'wpa-psk-tkip.conf' and 'wpa2-eap-ccmp.conf' are there... should I move these and rename accordingly/.?11:44
introublearag0rn can you be more specific please. the path etc. and i need *abc*11:44
com64Okay, your choice.11:44
pravinkenatorHello I need a small clarification regarding running a script at boot time11:44
Rouseokay shall i give all the four ext411:45
sandstorm|awayis ubuntu using unity or gnome 3 shell as default?11:45
arfbtwntwister004: yes, those are example files. you'll need to run wpa_passphrase to fill in the psk field11:45
Piciintrouble: sed -i 's/oldtext/newtext/g' /path/to/filename11:45
Rousecom64,  dont sleep man11:45
Rousetwo more mis pls11:45
rooted-insidemearfbtwn: yeah that link didn't work11:45
com64yes, go ahead and set all four to ext4, but format the one that's going to be windows to ntfs if you want. anyway, make sure one partition is set to root mount point (that's the one you will install ubuntu on.)11:45
rooted-insidemewell I did that and still no internet sharing11:46
com64one of the ext4 partitions must have root mounpoint, I mean11:46
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: that's the iptables bit, you'll also need to setup dhcp on the sharing port. using e.g. dnsmasq11:46
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: I believe that network manager can also do it11:47
Rousethis is the root point right / ?11:47
Rousefor other three partitions whats the root ?11:47
Rousemust give11:47
com64for the other partitions, you dont need a mount point11:47
Rousehmm okay :)11:48
com64it may be a good idea to have a swap partition11:48
com64so maybe make another partition11:48
rooted-insidemearfbtwn: so I have to have dnsmasq installed?11:48
Rousetotally 511:48
Rousebut ly 4 primary is allowed11:48
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: you can also do it through network manager from the ipv4 tab when you edit the connection11:48
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: and you won't need dnsmasq11:48
com64make the size at least as much as your RAM, and format to swapfs... then the mount point for it would be linux-swap11:49
rooted-insidemearfbtwn: it's a remote box11:49
com64rouse, can you make a logical partition instead?11:49
com64instead of primary?11:49
introublePici you mean  /path/to/filename means path to folder containing files and subfolders?11:49
arfbtwnrooted-insideme: then dnsmasq is probably the way to11:49
com64rouse, so do that I guess...11:49
introublePici iam new to linux11:49
Piciintrouble: I missed the first question. Can you re-explain what you are trying to do, and I'll provide a command to do what you need to?11:49
Rousehave a nice sleep11:50
com64okay I will ;)11:50
introublePici in a folder containing many files. is there a way to change a certain word of every file name (if it contains it) and every code in the file name (if its a .php file for e.g) and replace it with another auto matically?11:51
introubleif in a folder that has subfolders and files. abc232.jpg  00sabc_3.txt and 11.php that contains code that contains *abc*  .   i want to replace all abc with xyz.11:51
Piciintrouble: find /path/to/files/ -type f -iname "*.php" -exec sed -i 's/abc/xyz/g' {} \;11:53
introublePici no the files may or may not be .php  . they can be any . js .jpg11:53
arunkumar413hi, i want to add a short cut key to run a python program which i use frequently. how to do it?11:53
introublePici so type f -iname "*.php"  should be type f -iname "*.*"11:54
Piciintrouble: So it sounds like you want two things to happen.  1) Rename all files and switch abc to xyz and 2) change all code within php files so that abc is now xyz ?11:55
duryGreat for Linux <3 :)11:55
introublePici yes. but i say agian the files may be .php or any other.other11:56
Piciintrouble: Theres no telling what might be in binary files, you could end up corrupting a jpg if you told it to arbitrarily replace text within it.11:56
melvincvHi, now I found my bearings :)11:57
introubleok.. Pici11:59
Piciintrouble: Anyway, the syntax for renaming recursively would be something like: find /path/ -type f -exec rename 's/abc/xyz/' {} \;12:00
bazhang<Pici> introuble: Anyway, the syntax for renaming recursively would be something like: find /path/ -type f -exec rename 's/abc/xyz/' {} \;12:01
Picibazhang: did I forget something?12:01
Benkinoobyhas anyone here a working youtube-plugin for totme?12:01
Picibazhang: oh, nvm.12:01
bazhangPici, he quit just before12:01
bazhangBenkinooby, for totem? never used it, what about mplayer12:02
dspstvhi all, if i want to load 2 keyboard maps, i do: setxkbmap ch,es and it works perfectly12:02
dspstvhow can i have that happening always at boot time?12:02
Benkinoobybazhang, mplayer an play youtube videos?12:02
bazhangBenkinooby, the downloaded flv? yes12:02
dspstvi see no .xinitrc, im using gnomne classic under 11.0412:03
melvincvHi. I still was not able to get smplayer to work :(  I tried using xv and x11, but to no avail. I have an old Intel 845GL video card. Any ideas?12:03
PiciBenkinooby: minitube is pretty much a front-end for youtube on the desktop.12:03
bazhangmplayer will play pretty much everything these days Benkinooby12:03
com64Pici, I thought that minitube was rendered incompatible due to youtube updating their system?12:04
melvincvBut SMplayer inbuilt in Ubuntu 11.04 does not seem to play any mp4 videos...12:04
bazhangmelvincv, with ubuntu-restricted-extras installed? sure it does12:05
melvincvWhen I went to their site, they have support only till 10.0412:05
Picicom64: I haven't used it in a few months, but it worked fine the last time I tried it.12:05
com64Pici, strange, it wasn't working for me...12:05
dspstvbefore, one defined keyboard layout on xorg.conf.. but now i dont need that file12:05
Benkinoobybazhang, i want to play the youtube videos directly. totem can browes the video and play thme... but now it cant... i read something about the change of youtube APIs but not sure if this is still up to date12:05
dspstvwhere can i add my prefered keyboard map?12:06
dspstvthats is not just one map but 212:06
dspstvsetxkbmap ch,es12:06
bazhangBenkinooby, no idea, sorry, I use the firefox addon download helper to get them and then play via mplayer12:06
dspstvbazhang: use vlc12:07
bazhangdspstv, no need12:07
com64Okay, minitube works, nevermind12:07
com64Just tested it12:07
melvincvwow, ubuntu-restricted-extras is large. Any smaller packages that allow me to play mp4?12:07
tarzeaudspstv: swiss german and spanish?12:07
dspstvtewecske: yes12:07
com64Benkinooby, use minitube, it works...12:08
Benkinoobycom64, just downlaoding it :P12:08
BenkinoobyPici, thx for the hint12:08
PiciBenkinooby: np12:08
dspstvit works perfectly when i run: setxkbmap ch,es12:08
Roeycan anyone help me with this USB earphones problem?  I have this Plantronics USB headphone set that although recognized by the Linux kernel (I can see that through dmesg), and the volume buttons work (they call up this on-screen volume control display), I can't hear anything from them.  Pulseaudio... is that the issue here?12:08
dspstvbut i have to do that manually after every new boot12:08
bazhangRoey, check alsamixer yet?12:09
dspstvtarzeau: any idea? i have looked via the forums but only old time solutions12:09
Roeybazhang:  no go12:09
Roeybazhang:  all the volumes there are set to 100%.12:09
Roeybazhang:  I try pavucontrol and get 'connection refused'.12:09
tarzeaudspstv: i don't know how to use multiple ones. i just use one, that is configured in xorg.conf12:10
dspstvi might have to create an xorg.conf12:10
melvincvAny smaller packages that allow me to play mp4?12:10
introublebazhang thanks12:11
bazhangmelvincv, what about trying to open it, and see if the system prompts to search for codecs12:11
com64melvincv, try vlc?12:12
BluesKajHi all12:12
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
Roeyhey again BluesKaj12:12
BluesKajhi Roey12:13
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
BenkinoobyPici, with minitube the "play" button is grayed out :(12:13
melvincvOk, it opened in movie player and the system prompted for 2 gstreamer packages... I'll try vlc next, thanks.12:13
metabillI'm trying to use IPv6 in lucid. Can anyone point me to a sane way to use more than one IPv6 address per interface?12:15
Benkinoobycom64, my play button in minitube is grayed out...12:15
com64search for a video?12:15
com64lmao workign for me12:16
BelseruskOf all Ubuntu versions to date; which has been your favorite? Mine would be 10.0412:16
Benkinoobymetabill, i think it is i "pi -6 addr add XXXX dev ethX"12:16
Benkinoobymetabill, there is nothing special youhave to think about when giving your interface an ipv6 address12:17
introublePici its not changing12:17
introublei have typed /path/to/files/ -type f -iname "*.php" -exec sed -i 's/abc/xyz/g' {} \;12:17
xgt001hi there .... i have broadcom wireless ... its not working even after installing proprietary drivers in 10.04... modprobe wl gives "FATAL: Error inserting wl (/lib/modules/2.6.32-28-generic/updates/dkms/wl.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter"12:17
Piciintrouble: you put 'find' in front of that?12:18
com64Belserusk, I prefer 11.04 :D12:18
Belseruskcom64, with Unity?12:18
xgt001Belserusk: 10.04... a lot stable and really fast12:19
usr13xgt001: Sounds like maybe wrong firmware12:19
Belseruskxgt001, agreed ^_^12:19
metabillBenkinooby: not with one IP address, but multiple ones seem to be different12:19
dorigentoo when I try "iconv -f us-ascii -t utf-8  myfile" (I verified that my file was encoded in us-ascii before), I end up with an empty file, and file --mime-encoding myfile return encoding binary. Do you know what's wrong with my command ?12:20
Benkinoobymetabill, did you try my command?12:20
usr13xgt001:  What model is it?  (As reported by lspci )12:20
metabillBenkinooby: not yet, but thanks for mentioning it. :)12:20
rooted-insidemedo people still use the name Neo12:21
* rooted-insideme lulz12:21
xgt001usr13: i actually installed linux-backport-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.3612:21
xgt001to get my bluetooth working12:21
xgt001but after installing it12:21
Picirooted-insideme: Do you have an Ubuntu support question? If not, feel free to chatter in #ubuntu-offtopic12:21
usr13xgt001: So linux-backport-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.36 is for your bluetooth device?12:22
xgt001usr13: 02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation Device 472712:22
usr13xgt001: Not sure that is it.12:22
usr13xgt001: Can you pastebin it?12:22
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
usr13xgt001: lspci |grep pastebinit12:22
xgt001usr13: i had trouble with bluetooth in plain install so installed the backport12:22
usr13xgt001: lspci | pastebinit12:22
=== meisth0th_zzz is now known as meisth0th
Benkinoobycom64, when you tested minitube, did you have to download the videos first?12:23
=== tobias is now known as Guest37379
usr13xgt001: lspci |grep pastebinit was a typo12:23
com64Benkinooby, no.12:24
iszakAnyone recommend a utility I can install on a USB drive that will /securely/ erase hard drives via a bootable UI?12:24
com64Benkinooby, They just play.12:24
xgt001usr13: is "pastebinit' an arguement?12:24
usr13xgt001: pastebilnit is an application that will automatically paste files or output.12:25
Airsnortso che e un discorso di merda, ma mia figlia sta navigando in camera sua ed e chiusa a chiave e possibile vedere le pagine cha sfoglia?12:25
Pici!it | Airsnort12:25
ubottuAirsnort: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:25
usr13xgt001: lspci | pastebinit  #And send resulting URL.12:26
xgt001xgt001: installing pastebin12:26
=== Raines is now known as Rains
xgt001sorry usr13: installing pastebin12:27
Benkinoobycom64, argh, why it won#t work for me :(12:29
com64benkinooby, wait what version of ubuntu you using?12:30
usr13xgt001: It's pastebinit  not pastebin12:30
Benkinoobycom64, 10.0412:30
com64benkinooby, what I did is use the search, then double-click a video in the list to the left.12:31
com64and it works.12:31
com64I'm using 11.04.12:31
xgt001usr13: ya got it but i am on a slow gprs :(12:31
impizame too use gprs12:32
impizait sucks lol12:32
Benkinoobycom64, what version of minitube do you use... go on help->about12:32
usr13impiza: What is gprs ?12:32
shingenmy headless server died... removed hdd, trying to boot in vbox but I get nothing.  where can I start with troubleshooting boot issues?12:32
xgt001usr13: i mean mobile internet which is way too slow12:32
impizageneral pocket radio service12:33
usr13impiza: Thanks info12:33
com64Benkinooby, I'm using version 1.312:33
impizait is use in mobile phone to access internet12:33
xgt001usr13: http://pastebin.com/fq2Fb4DL12:33
Benkinoobycom64, me too12:34
impizaxgt001 what is this pastebin12:34
Benkinoobycom64, but starting it from command line, it gives me a lopt of output12:34
impizaimage uploader website12:34
com64me too.12:34
impizai am using imgur.com12:35
usr13xgt001: iwconfig | pastebinit   #And send resulting URL12:35
Pici!pastebin | impiza12:35
ubottuimpiza: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:35
introublePici disconnect12:36
janbanancan anyone help me find my pgp KeyId?12:36
introublei have typed find /path/to/files/ -type f -iname "*.php" -exec sed -i 's/abc/xyz/g' {} \;12:36
shingenmy headless server died... removed hdd, trying to boot in vbox but I get nothing.  where can I start with troubleshooting boot issues?12:36
quupI have some weird issue with a remote ubuntu computer, I can access it fine over ssh and I see X is using up 99% CPU, even right after reboot12:36
quuphow can I find out wtf is going on?12:36
introublePici it changed filenames when i just typed     find /path/ -type f -exec rename 's/abc/xyz/' {} \;12:36
impizak thanks for info @ ubottu12:37
janbanancan anyone help me wit hPGP?12:37
introublePici looks fine. let me run on server12:37
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, ask your question12:37
introublePici why do we use public_html    . if i put my files outside may be at \folder  . what difference will it make. (i want to make files secure)12:38
janbananJewfro-Macabbi:  I made my certificate but I cant find they KeyId to insert into Evolution12:38
introublePici why do we use public_html    . if i put my files outside may be at \folder  . what difference will it make. (i want to make files secure) but open for browsing. i have .php web12:38
Jewfro-Macabbifrom the command line: pgp --list-keys12:38
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, above12:38
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, sorry , gpg --list-keys12:39
xgt001usr13: it gives me "You are trying to send an empty document, exiting."12:39
mamohi , apt wants to remove two packages, how can I tell it not to?12:39
mamoi need them since its grub12:39
impizaany one know how to install ubuntu to a pc using lan as first boot device ?12:39
janbananJewfro-Macabbi:  Thanks!!!  just add a 0x to them?12:39
mamoimpiza: you can netboot your pc but it requires another machine on the network serving those features12:39
usr13xgt001: Must have been a typo.  Try again.  iwconfig | pastebinit12:39
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, ignore the 0x - your key id are the numbers after12:40
mamoi think you need tftp and some stuff. Cant give you more info then this but google will12:40
janbananJewfro-Macabbi:  ok, so I add one of them into the Evolution mail client?12:40
xgt001usr13: nope not a typo it shows, lo, eth0,pan0 and pp0 all as "no wireless extensions"12:40
rooted-insidemeanyone know in vmware how do you get the system to reboot off the cd/.iso file so you can reinstall without deleting the vmware host and readdingit12:41
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, not familiar with evolution specificall, but this may help: http://scarah-rosenschvitz.blogspot.com/2009/05/encrypt-and-sign-your-emails.html12:41
impizamamo i have did this in windows but i dont know how to do it in linux thats why ask this12:41
usr13xgt001: ipconfig | pastebinit  #And send URL12:41
Benkinoobycom64, would you be so kind and paste the output of the command line when starting minitube from it? this is mine http://pastebin.com/32serC3Z12:41
janbananJewfro-Macabbi:  do I use the 8 digits after the slash or do I need the 1024/ too?12:41
usr13xgt001: Sorry that was a typo on my part.12:42
szalusr13: ipconfig?12:42
mamoimpiza: is it because you want to install over network? or just boot over network12:42
Jewfro-Macabbijanbanan, you don't need the 1024/12:42
xgt001usr13: command not found12:42
usr13xgt001: ifconfig | pastebinit12:42
impizainstall through network12:42
mamoimpiza: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot12:42
impizaipconfig its use in windows12:43
usr13Someone please bring me a cup of coffee.  My address is ....12:43
mamoyou dont seem to have a specific problem. So just start following theese insctrutions12:43
impizamamo thanks buddy12:43
mamoanyone know how to tell aptitude NOT to remove a package marked for removal?12:43
jribmamo: install it?12:44
rcconfhow can I change this http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu to another server close to me12:44
mamojrib: its already installed12:44
jribmamo: and what happens when you tell aptitude to install it?12:44
rcconfcanonical servers are too slow12:45
impizawow pastebin its great12:45
mamojrib: already newest version is what I get12:45
mamosince its already installed12:45
jribmamo: is it still marked for removal?12:45
mamojrib: yup12:45
usr13xgt001: ifconfig -a  | pastebinit12:45
monkanyone getting this message? "The Composite extension is not available"12:45
jribmamo: k, see « man aptitude » markauto and unmarkauto commands, possibly?12:45
mamojrib:  thnx Ill have a look12:45
com64Benkinooby, this time arround, I didn't get as much text... maybe it's because it's not the first time starting it... http://pastebin.com/i9cK7HuX12:46
usr13xgt001: send URL12:46
rcconfhow can i change partnet repositories12:46
xanguarcconf: change what¿12:47
dellHi, I have a problem can you help12:47
rcconfxangua: read above12:48
Benkinoobycom64, thx... hm, don't know why my minitube is fu**d up... it seems like repeatedly doing the same thing and downloading some stuff12:48
com64Benkinooby, you try restarting it?12:48
dellreleases.ubuntu.com is not working. I started to download using jdownload which creates 2 chunks. Now I can't continue with wget.12:49
Benkinoobycom64, yes12:49
bobbydquup: I use htop and turn on tree view to inspect remote machines12:49
rcconfwhy im downloading sun-java from a slow repository12:49
xanguadell: you can try a torrent12:49
usr13xgt001: You said that the wifi device worked before you installed linux-backport-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.36 for bluetooth?  Am I understanding properly?12:50
dellMy download is almost complete 97 %. Internet here is slow12:50
xgt001usr13: yes ,12:50
xgt001usr13: i cant remove that because i am mostly online from bluetooth12:50
dellhttp://releases.ubuntu.com//natty/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso does not work12:50
usr13xgt001: pastebilnit is an application that will automatically paste files or output.  See man pastebinit12:51
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usr13xgt001: Sorry, I sent that last one my mistake.12:52
venolhelo, I'm use mailgraph to monitoring mail server,  If I send an email it gets counted as sent. It also gets counted as Received". Is this normal?12:52
rcconfdell: http://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso works for me12:53
mamojrib: hmm that doesent seem to be it. This seems to be a bug of some kind.12:53
xgt001xgt001: is there a way i can install the backport without disturbing the wifi module12:53
jribmamo: can you pastebin what you see in your terminal?12:53
dellreally. May be it is us.releases.ubuntu or something like that. I want without any prefix12:53
mamothis is a fresh install. So the installer installed the grub efi package for me. Now that i reboot into the real os it wants to remove grub efi and install grub-pc12:53
mamojrib: will do12:53
xgt001sorry usr13: is there a way i can install the backport without disturbing the wifi module12:54
usr13xgt001: Well, I don't know for sure what to do in your situation.  I will tell you this though.  The only time I really trashed a Ubuntu systems was with backports.  I have no idea why a bluetooth driver (from backports) would cause your wifi device to quit working, but apparently it does.  I don't know of any way to fix it.  Sorry.12:54
xgt001usr13: it was a wireless backport to be precise12:55
usr13xgt001: Maybe someone else on here can give you some advise.12:55
usr13xgt001: You enabled backports on the package manager to get it.  Right?12:55
mamojrib: http://pastebin.com/4fX5Dtdu12:55
xgt001usr13: yes12:56
usr13xgt001: I can only guess... But it is possible that if you uninstall linux-backports-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.36 your wifi device may work again.  Only a guess, but you could try and see.12:57
dellreleases.ubuntu.com Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data12:58
xgt001usr13: yes it will work but tat will put me in a fix where i have to choose either bluetooth or wifi12:58
jribmamo: I somehow thought you were using aptitude :P12:58
mamojrib: i was using apt at first12:58
mamoaptitude gave more interaction12:59
janbananCan  I please try to mail someone with PGP encryption? I need to see if my system works12:59
mamojrib: they both want to remove the package though12:59
shingenjanbanan: create yourself a yahoo or google account to test with12:59
jribmamo: you're on an intel mac?12:59
janbananshingen, ok. I get a error in Ecolution, can you try to help me?12:59
shingenmy headless server died... removed hdd, trying to boot in vbox but I get nothing.  where can I start with troubleshooting boot issues?13:00
jribmamo: and using grub only (no rEFIt or bootcamp)?13:00
mamojrib : getting it to tripple boot all my os:es has not been an easy ride :)13:00
shingenjanbanan: sorry, I don't use evolution13:00
mamoi use bootcamp for windows13:00
mamojrib: and refit as well to get all my oses in a nice menu13:00
jribmamo: I don't think you need grub-efi, let me check my macbook13:00
janbananshingen, maybe you understand the errors? Can I message you with the errors?13:01
xgt001usr13: when i try modprobe wl it shows "FATAL: Error inserting wl (/lib/modules/2.6.32-28-generic/updates/dkms/wl.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)"13:01
shingenjanbanan: sorry,  I have my own issues which nobody has responded too13:01
mamojrib: thnx.  I actually removed it last time around. It wouldnt boot anymore. not in efi mode at least. I kind of want to boot my mac in efi mode13:01
jribmamo: though if you tell apt-get to not install recommends you can probably dist-upgrade fine13:01
ptl1977does anyone know of a good deduplication method or program?13:02
jribmamo: yeah I just have grub-pc on my macbook (probably because of the same annoyance you're currently facing :P)13:03
mamojrib: i have a 15" with efi i can pick wich gfx card I want. thats why i need it.13:03
dellsite seems to be working but the download won't start. I need more 19MB13:03
mamojrib: thanks alot for your support so far!13:03
usr13xgt001: You said when you "try modporbe wl it shows fatal Error"   What was that all about?13:03
xgt001usr13: i mean when i did "modprobe wl" it gave me ..." "FATAL: Error inserting wl (/lib/modules/2.6.32-28-generic/updates/dkms/wl.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)""13:04
mamoxgt001: what does uname tell you?13:05
mamoxgt001: type uname -a13:05
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jribmamo: I think your two options are to either run dist-upgrade without recommends or to upgrade the kernel first and explicitly request grub-efi: apt-get install linux-imageWHATEVER grub-efi13:05
xgt001mamo: Linux ganesh-laptop 2.6.32-28-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 10 21:21:01 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux13:06
janbananCan someone please try to send me a pgp encrypted message?13:06
jribmamo: here is a friend for you: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/80091013:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 800910 in apt (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Kernel Upgrade forces removal of grub-efi due to missing recommends entry" [Undecided,New]13:06
johnmxgt001: I don't have the dkms bin or man page to hand, but try "dkms build wl" and try again13:06
usr13xgt001: Is this a laptop or a desktop?13:07
johnmxgt001: actually I think you need to isntall the build afterwards, so "dkms install wl" after that, and then try again ;)13:07
xgt001usr13: laptop johnm: thx wil try now13:08
ichbinderhello. Is there a history of Ubuntu's Update Manager? Since I used the update manager yesterday, some of my projects using opencv are making trouble... so I wanted to check if it has been updated.13:08
mamojrib: you are like a god! , did some googling before coming in here. Thanx!13:08
Piciichbinder: /var/log/dpkg.log includes all packages installed/updated13:09
ichbinderPici: ah, thanks!13:09
jribmamo: "apt-get ubuntu grub-efi recommends grub-pc" was the magic incantation13:09
mamoravidar: it seems its been fixed not sure if that means the package is official. Ill just wait with dist-upgrading for a couple of days to see if i get it13:10
xgt001johnm: it shows error in number of parameters13:10
usr13xgt001: http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt13:10
usr13xgt001: Is the instructions you used $^^^^^13:11
johnmxgt001: man dkms, I don't have it to hand, dkms build -m wl? does it need a version? :)13:11
johnmusr13: it's a dkms orientated module, so almost certainly not:)13:11
mamojrib: or ill just remove recomends temporarily. Anyway thnx again13:11
jribmamo: no problem13:12
usr13xgt001: I saw http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1761812  which lead me to http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt13:12
ichbinderso weird: I had a script that was running a binary for a number of possible argument combinations. The code was using opencv's SVD. During the update, which didn't update opencv itself, the script suddenly gave me a segfault and does so since then... :(13:12
ichbinderand it happens when calling cv::SVD()... maybe something for #opencv13:12
edbianichbinder: Is the script seg faulting or the binary?13:13
ichbinderedbian: the binary13:13
edbianichbinder: stl ?13:13
ichbinderedbian: somewhere in cv::SVD13:13
xgt001johnm: i did dkms build -m wl it shows invalid module13:13
edbianichbinder: mmm, IDK :)13:14
johnmxgt001: specify a version? check the man page :)13:14
johnm"man dkms"13:14
ichbinderedbian: yeah... pretty stupid. :(13:14
johnmhttp://linux.dell.com/dkms/manpage.html - looks like you do indeed need a version13:14
johnmcheck out /var/dkms/wl/* for a list of versions13:15
usr13xgt001: Is this a 64bit or 32bit system?13:15
niravanaI used alternate install CD, how do I remove graphical login just like ubuntu-server edition has console login?13:15
xgt001by the way i installed only compat-wireless backport, should i install the remaining wireless backports also? is it the reason?13:15
oncawhat is the toolbar called? I have an issue where the font is too dark and I can't seem to change it.13:16
niravanai removed ubuntu-desktop, xorg, gdm, but still no luck getting console login13:16
LaykeWhats a browser I can use from SSH?13:16
oncaso, when an application is maximized the file menus end up there but they're grey as is the toolbar.13:16
shingenblargh, my grub got hosed... wtf13:16
usr13Layke: lynx13:16
niravanaLayke: links, lynx13:16
jinkLayke: lynx / w3m / elinks / whatever13:16
LaykeCheers. w3m was the one thats already on the system. I couldn't remember it.13:17
LaykeLynx was missing when I tried.13:17
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jinkWhat did I win? :)13:17
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xgt001usr13: 32 bit13:17
=== _brainwave92 is now known as brainwave92
benedict__hi, can some1 with ubuntu 10.04 install minitube and tell me if it works?13:22
benedict__minitube is in the repos13:22
xanguabenedict__: add minitube PPA13:22
benedict__xangua, are you using the ppa?13:22
dydhow can i list the folders that a certain server shares in lan?13:23
xanguabenedict__: i do not use minitube13:23
rooted-insidemedoes this look correct for port forwarding with iptables http://paste.ubuntu.com/643240/13:23
oncaanyone familiar with gnome's panel at the top of the screen, it's fonts are too dark and I can't read them13:23
rooted-insidemeI do have ipt=/sbin/iptables inside the scrpt at the top13:23
dydok done13:23
usr13dyd: What was your solution?13:25
dydusr13: places -> network :)13:26
dydusr13: btw is there a way to see shares by command line?13:26
usr13dyd: Ok good.  I was thinking if it were nfs you'd find them in /etc/exports13:26
melvincvHi all, I need a good download manager for Natty.13:27
usr13dyd: cat /etc/exports  ?13:27
benedict__Pici, what ubuntu do you use? and do you use the minitube ppa?13:27
xgt001melvincv: try commandline wget13:27
dydusr13: the shares are from another server13:27
melvincvwget supports multiple connections?13:28
xgt001melvincv: yes13:28
usr13dyd: less /etc/fstab13:28
usr13dyd: Just guessing.  Don't know how you have them mounted.13:28
usr13dyd: mount13:29
melvincvGood. Some links copied from the browser end with random characters. The browser resolves and gets the correct link. How may I do this when I use wget?13:29
rumbaLemme guess... build-essential is a meta-package that only installs other packages. Right?13:29
usr13dyd: Do you see them in the output of mount ?13:30
tzhuanghello. can anyone tell me how i can remove the transparent panel in middle right side of this screen?13:31
tzhuangfor ibus input13:31
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usr13rumba: Ubuntu does not come with the tools required to compile from source and build packages from "tarballs".  Installing build-essential solves that for you.13:34
rumbaBut what happens if I install that package? Will the packages from here http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/build-essential be installed?13:35
brainwave92rumba,  if you install that package, you can build all programs when you have the source package13:36
melvincvFor example, how do I download this link with wget? It's an mp3. http://link1.songs.pk/song1.php?songid=852013:36
rumbamelvincv: wget http://link1.songs.pk/song1.php?songid=852013:36
Picirumba: yes, but replace dapper with a release that is actually supported.13:36
rumbaPici: Ok, thanks13:37
icerootmelvincv: wget "url" instead of wget url.  "" is trying to resolf the link13:37
melvincvGreat! Thanks! I'll try that out.13:37
usr13rumba: apt-cache showpkg build-essential13:39
melvincvIt works! But how many connections is wget making by default?13:39
brainwave92coolwind, you'll be in trouble with more hellos!13:39
edGe06hey guys, got a question about mail. I installed mailutils and i can get mail (from cron) but I was wondering.. how do i delete these messages? thanks13:40
llutzedGe06: press "d"13:41
edGe06llutz yeah i tried that.. i pressed d until it said "No applicable messages".. so i did exit, then when i go back into mail, theyre still there :/13:42
Cube``guys, why do i get this: The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic13:45
benedict__anyone with ubuntu 10.04 know software that plays videos from youtube? minitube and totem could but i think the youtube api is changed so i would have to go for PPAs (don'T want, once killed my system) and vlc could too if i used a PPA. so is there software that does what i want out of the box?13:45
Cube``i cant get to install them, not even using the gui package manager13:46
xanguabenedict__: already updated minitube with the ppa¿13:47
melvincvHi, how do I change the no. of connections to the download server in wget? This is essential in a download accelerator, right?13:47
usr13benedict__: So wht goal is to play youtube videos in some other way rather than via a browser?13:48
benedict__xangua, no, as i said before, i once messed with PPAs and ended up with a messy system. i'd rather look for alternatives before playing with ppas13:49
benedict__usr13, yes13:49
sipiormelvincv: wget is not a download accelerator.13:49
rumbausr13: thanks13:49
KNUBBIGis it possible to run emerald with unity?13:50
benedict__usr13, earlier i did it with vlc, but in ubuntu 10.04 it's not at the version vlc needs to play youtube (further on, if you make a youtube playlist in vlc the playlist will be modified by vlc)13:50
melvincvOh, I see. I need a download accelerator then.13:50
usr13benedict__: Well, if you just download the flash video files, you can view them how ever you want.  Right?  Or do you still want to view them in a streaming fashion?13:50
xanguaKNUBBIG: i believe no13:50
benedict__usr13, then i tried totem but never got anywhere and today i was told about minitube, which  seems to work flawlessly in ubuntu 1113:50
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/13:51
KNUBBIGxangua: ok that matches my experience, thanks :D13:51
benedict__usr13, i want to stream them. the perfect thign would be: open the programm, enter what i search for, see the suggestions of youtube, choose on and play it13:51
systemd0wnbenedict__: Lol. Like in firefox?13:52
benedict__systemd0wn, yes. and it works, at least in minitube and totem13:52
benedict__systemd0wn, but it seems that things work better in ubuntu 11 than in 10.0413:53
benedict__systemd0wn, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abLOxZPIPcI from 1:50 on13:55
benedict__to see a showcase13:55
eraggoit's weird that my small aiptek drawing board works in fedora just right but in ubuntu it works weirdly :(13:55
wamichomy mysql server brings this error whenever i try to log in ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)  what is this13:56
mgolischwamicho: its not running?13:56
wamichomgolisch  it is running13:57
mgolischwamicho: you sure?13:57
mgolischwamicho: where does it give that error? and how do you connect?13:57
systemd0wnbenedict__: Interesting. I'll have to check that out when i'm at my personal computer. Now why cant you use that if its what's you want?13:58
hoshi411when I open up nautilus there is a "Network" in the left hand "Places" column13:58
wamichomgolisch : its service status is  mysql start/running13:58
mikemolHow do I enable TCP transport for X11? I'm trying to track down an issue with wireshark, and X-over-SSH is in the way.13:58
hoshi411when I click on that I can see my computer name and "windows netowrk"13:59
hoshi411but when I click on my computer there are no files inside?13:59
wamichowhen i try to log in from terminal it  brings that error13:59
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/13:59
usr13benedict__: You might try dragonplayer13:59
sipiormikemol: you logged into the remote host using the -X switch to ssh?13:59
hoshi411How do I put my computer's files inside there?13:59
mikemolI tried modifying /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas to set DisallowTCP to false, but that didn't work.13:59
hoshi411i tried copy paste but it gave me an error13:59
mikemolsipior: ssh -X hostname appname works fine, but I need to see the X11 traffic in wireshark to debug a protocol issue.14:00
hoshi411"operation not supported by backend"14:00
sipiormikemol: ah, i see what you mean.14:00
mgolischwamicho: check your config then whetver the socket it tries to connect to is valid14:00
mgolischwamicho: id still think mysql is not running or not running anymore14:00
mgolischwamicho: like does ps aux|grep mysqld return anything?14:01
KNUBBIGwamicho: are you using xampp?14:02
mgolischdoes your server listen on unix sockets at all?14:02
mgolischif not try to sepcify the hosts ip14:03
benedict__systemd0wn, i think youtube changed it's API and this is why minitube or totem can not correctly access the videos14:03
wamichomgolisch :  it returns this anold     1826  0.0  0.0   3320   800 pts/0    S+   17:03   0:00 grep --color=auto mysqld14:03
KNUBBIGwamicho: stock mysql or xampp?14:03
benedict__systemd0wn, seems like in ubuntu 11 the adapted to that change, and in ubuntu 10.04 they did not14:03
sipiormikemol: does your current gdm process have the "-nolisten tcp" switch on?14:03
systemd0wnAh. And its not maintained i take it14:04
KNUBBIGwamicho: if stock /etc/init.d/mysqld start (I think)14:04
benedict__usr13, i can not see any hints that dragonplayer plays videos from the youtube web site14:04
mgolischwamicho: nothing else? this means there is no mysqld running14:04
Picibenedict__: You might be able to find a PPA for minitube for Lucid.14:04
brainwave92what do i do if my screen freezes sometimse? only my mouse moves, no click no other response? i usually switch to a virtual terminal, and restart X but that kills my apps. Any solution?14:04
systemd0wnOh. Well update the package. If you have 10.04 it shoulnt be hard.14:04
sipiormikemol: also, is port 6000 open on the target machine?14:05
hoshi411anyone know how to get a LAN network going with Nautilus?14:05
hoshi411both my computers are able to see the network but I don't know how to share folders/files14:05
wamichomgolisch :  but i did   sudo apt-get install mysql-server so what is the problem here14:05
wamichomgolisch : yeah   no  mysqld ....14:07
wamichomgolisch :  it's just mysql14:07
mikemolsipior: re port 6000...lsof|grep LISTEN does not indicate any process is listening on that port.14:07
rkhshmis there a utility that can show current processor /memory usage?14:07
KNUBBIGrkhshm: top14:07
rkhshmKNUBBIG: top i know.14:08
Thrawnsudo chown -R root:root eclipse14:08
rkhshmbut something that can be pinned to the homescreen14:08
sipiormikemol: okay, can you confirm that "-nolisten tcp" appears in the argument list for the gdm process?14:08
Thrawnwhat does that do?14:08
AlexDevilLXcan i make evolution woek like daemon?14:08
mikemolsipior: sipior Huh. Yeah, the current gdm instance has -nolisten tcp. Not sure why.14:08
KNUBBIGrkhshm: conky and a nice layout14:08
Thrawnwhat does that do? (apart from the sudo) sudo chown -R root:root eclipse14:08
mikemolsipior: give me about 30-40s while I restart gdm.14:08
KNUBBIGwamicho: try /etc/init.d/mysql start and watch for error messages14:09
beanrkhshm: top ?14:09
beanrkhshm: htop?14:09
benedict__Pici, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=minitube this is what i found ... how do i know if the first one https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/minitube is for ubuntu 10.04?14:09
KNUBBIGfor pinning to homescreen? I'd prefer conky14:09
cybervolfehey can anyone suggest new technical topics presentation14:09
Picibenedict__: click on it and see if lucid is in the release drop down14:10
venolhelo, I'm use mailgraph to monitoring mail server,  If I send an email it gets counted as sent. It also gets counted as Received". Is this normal?14:10
wamichomgolisch :   /etc/init.d/mysqld: command not found14:10
cybervolfei have to do a seminar on new technology14:10
sipiormikemol: is this 11.04, by any chance?14:10
KNUBBIGwamicho: /etc/init.d/mysql14:10
benedict__Pici, ah ok, it has thx14:10
mikemolsipior: Restarted gdm, X and gdm sessions both still have -nolisten tcp. And, yes, this is 11.0414:10
qinThrawn: changing ownership of "eclipse" to root user and root group, recrusivly.14:10
wamichoKNUBBIG: that works14:10
Thrawnoh, thanks14:10
sipiormikemol: does the nolisten switch appear in /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas?14:10
cybervolfeany latest freaking topics?14:10
qinThrawn: man chown14:11
KNUBBIGwamicho: then try logging into mysql again14:11
sipiormikemol: (this is apparently a change from earlier versions, where it appears in /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc)14:11
wamichoso what  is the right script  mysql or mysqld14:11
Picicybervolfe: Try #ubuntu-offtopic  - #ubuntu is for Ubuntu Support only.14:11
skarufuecybervolfe: write about unity and how DEs evolve in general14:11
hoshi411this looks promising https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/networking-shares.html14:11
mikemolsipior: the .schemas file looks XML-ish, and nothing with a dash appears. There is a DisallowTCP, but I set that to false.14:12
sipiormikemol: does the nolisten string appear?14:12
KNUBBIGwamicho: you might as well use (I think it's recommended) sudo service mysql start     (or restart)14:12
Thrawni got that GNU nano editor inside the terminal now; how do i "save and exit" ?14:12
mikemolsipior: No14:13
PiciThrawn: ctrl-o then  ctrl-x14:13
skarufueThrawn: or F214:13
wamichoKNUBBIG: tried all that14:13
Thrawnpici: after i ctrl+o / F2 i get "file name to write: ..." and some options14:14
sipiormikemol: do you have gdm.schemas in both /usr/share/gdm and /etc/gdm?14:14
ThrawnDOS format , mac format , append , ...14:14
sipiormikemol: and are they the same?14:14
benedict__Pici, installed the ppa... music works, but no vid... but i am on youtube for the music so i maybe look at tit later... thx. sorry for making such a fuzz... once i installed a ppa work one singe thing, but the ppa seemed to update half of my system to unsupported version ...14:14
mikemolsipior: /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc looks like it has -nolisten tcp hardcoded, but I can't verify whether or not that's being run atm.14:14
rkhshmand how do i initiate conky14:14
* mikemol checks on /usr/share/gdm14:15
rkhshmfrom termial i ran conky and it didnt throw up a GUI.14:15
rkhshmnor can i find it from the app search14:15
qinrkhshm: Alt-F2 conky (with eventual options, man conky)14:15
KNUBBIGrkhshm: I only used it with a preconfigured layout ... it has no GUI :)14:15
KNUBBIGrkhshm: you might search www.webupd8.org for conky .. there are some nice layouts14:15
qinrkhshm: What gui, conky gui?14:16
rkhshmqin: yes14:16
KNUBBIGrkhshm: It has no GUI14:16
mikemolsipior: Yes, I have /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas. The only difference between that and /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas appears to be the change I made to DisallowTCP in the /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas file.14:16
KNUBBIGrkhshm: only a display when a layout is given :)14:16
rkhshmKNUBBIG: ah.. ok14:16
sipiormikemol: and if you make that change in the first file, and restart gdm?14:16
mikemolsipior: sec while I try it.14:16
rkhshmbut alt+f2 conky does not show anything up either14:16
Zzarkc-20What's the syntax for outputting the output from a command line into a text file?14:17
qinrkhshm: Not sure there is such think, conky have is configuration file and templates to display stuff you want, edit those, in gedit i.e.14:17
cdavisAnyone else getting this from bitlbee's repo? Failed to fetch http://code.bitlbee.org/debian/devel/natty/amd64/./bitlbee_3.0.3+devel+801-1_amd64.deb  Size mismatch14:17
KNUBBIGrkhshm: it won't show anything until you give it a .conkyrc (I think that's right) in your homefolder defining its layout14:17
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
mikemolsipior: X server is now correctly listening on TCP. One more thing to try (resetting the /etc version)14:18
mikemol(Just to verify that whatever's in /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas is overriding the /etc version)14:18
sipiormikemol: looks like a bug in gdm, reading the wrong config file.14:18
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa14:19
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:19
m4xxis there any easy to globally associate .rdp files with tsclient. like can i make a .rdp file a pseudo mime type or something?14:20
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/14:20
mikemolsipior: Yup. Regardless of the content of /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas, the DisallowTCP setting in /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas is what's relevant.14:20
mikemolGuess I'll file a launchpad bug.14:20
cifaruwhere  can find a skipe messanger working un xubuntu-netbook?14:21
sipiormikemol: might already be up, but doesn't hurt to check14:21
m4xxi know i can right - go into properties and change the opens with. but that's only per user.14:22
roastedQuestion - if I'm running DHCP Server on Ubuntu and I have 2 NICs, will both NICs (with static IP, dns, gateway, subnet, etc) BOTH hand out IP addresses? Or would the DHCP Server service be assigned to one in specific?14:22
gp5sti would like to set up a mail client that will only send mail to my local machine (it's a dev box).  What would be the best way to do that?14:22
buggyerhi, trying to setup ldap replication with snycrepl, but i get only ldap_sasl_bind_s failed (49)14:23
buggyer in syslog14:23
sipiorroasted: the dhcp server can be assigned to listen to a single interface, if desired.14:23
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dligp5st, I remember mailx is easy to set up, you mean local delivery (localhost), or over LAN?14:24
roastedsipior, by default does it fire out addresses from all NICs?14:24
Cube``guys, why do i get this: The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic14:24
Cube``i cant get to install them, not even using the gui package manager14:24
sipiorroasted: i imagine it would, yes.14:24
dliCube``, what happens, if you do: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic14:24
gp5stdli: localhost14:25
gp5sti'll look into mailx14:25
dligp5st, when you install, debconf should ask you about the question: local delivery only or internet site14:25
=== KurtB is now known as KurtBgone
gp5stdli: thanks:)14:26
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
gp5stdli: that worked perfectly!!!14:32
DANYALany one there for help i got error in glibc14:33
PiciDANYAL: Provide some details, and maybe someone can help.14:34
DANYALEggdrop v1.6.19 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2008 Eggheads14:35
DANYAL*** glibc detected *** ./eggdrop: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x09c534c8 ***14:35
DANYALb7f06000-b7f0a000 rw-p 00101000 fd:01 44695561                       Aborted (core dumped)14:35
dydwhat's the best linux release to set up a web server?14:35
Abhijitdyd, ##linux.14:35
Abhijitwithought dot14:36
jpdsdyd: Do you maybe mean Ubuntu release?14:36
dydjpds: no i was thinking about a general one, not in particular ubuntu14:36
jpdsdyd: Well, Linux is just a kernel, so ...14:37
Abhijitdyd, look on distrowatch.org14:37
Monotokohi guys...how can I find the details on why an update is required after an update...will I be affected badly if I do it later rather than right now?14:39
PiciDANYAL: 1) If you're not already, use the release of eggdrop that is in the repositories 2) Try asking in #eggdrop14:40
mikemolsipior: Wasn't there yet. So filed it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/80991814:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 809918 in gdm (Ubuntu) "/etc/gdm/gdm.schemas ignored in favor of /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas" [Undecided,New]14:40
munzxhi! can any one help me with this ; i am new to linux and  i am trying to open (arabic letters) files with text editor but i just get unreadable charecters , this just happned today before that i had no problem with it!!14:41
sipiormikemol: thanks for doing that.14:41
venolhelo, I'm use mailgraph to monitoring mail server,  If I send an email it gets counted as sent. It also gets counted as Received". Is this normal?14:41
BitWraithI contacted you guys last night about Wubi not being able to download the ISO image. I waited untill morning for the ISO to finish downloading, and put it in the same directory as Wubi. wubi still tells me it can't download the image. :-/14:42
sipiormikemol: i'm quite curious to see how they respond :-)14:42
juanchihi, im getting into opensource software programminmg with C... Do you people know any good tutorials of autotools, writing makefiles etc? Thanks in advance14:44
Picijuanchi: ##C would be a better place to ask for those resources.14:44
Abhijitjuanchi, you may also like to attend these https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek14:44
munzxBitratith : i am new to linux but i had similiar prob ; wubi dont recognize iso if it was not "sutiable" for your machine ; i have 64 bit processor and i was trying to load 32 bit iso! ... so finally i installed it using stick memory! with 32 bit and it just worked fine!14:45
cuyosHi, I'm having big problems with ubuntu server 11.04, ajax calls are incredible slow in local host, we think it might be either the network card (broadcomm netxtreme gigabit 5716) or some missconfiguration of the lamp server, do you knwo where can we get help??14:47
karthick87Any one here running apt-cacher-ng ? How to import CD cache ?14:51
MrRaggamysql> CREATE VIEW package_names.v AS SELECT distinct(pkg_name) FROM packages where pkg_dist like '%unitix-60%';14:52
MrRaggaERROR 1 (HY000): Can't create/write to file './package_names/v.frm~' (Errcode: 2)14:52
MrRaggawhat can be the reason for it? i already checked the database folder which is writeable for the mysql process.14:53
Monotokohi guys...is there any way to make the "Update Manager" flag up which updates are going to cause me to have to reboot?14:53
popeyMonotoko: a common question, no, in short14:54
pppseems like my new netbook has actually two graphic cards, does that make sense ? seems to have an Intel GMA 3150, aswell as a Ion Next Gen14:54
Monotokopopey, damn...if a reboot is required...can it wait a few days...or does it need doing now?14:54
popeyMonotoko: depends what is updated14:54
popeyMonotoko: generally you can leave it14:54
popeyMonotoko: I have had systems wait weeks before being rebooted14:55
Monotokopopey, I think it was a kernel update14:55
pppIt seems like my new netbook has actually two graphic cards, does that make sense ? it seems to have an Intel GMA 3150, aswell as a Ion Next Gen, but why would it have 2 graphic cards ?14:56
ppp(i read it on internet, didnt check myself)14:56
skarufueppp: one for oomph the other one to save power. it switsches between the two14:57
BitWraithWindows does. I think Xorg has to be restarted to swith under Linux.14:57
skarufueBitWraith: sadly yes14:57
BitWraithIt's too bad X11 doesn't have a way to separate programs from one server and connect them to another ala screen... it wouldn't be such a big deal to restart14:58
Zzarkc-20I just recently got some sound distortion. How would I restart my sound?14:58
skarufueBitWraith: its even worse in some makes/models bove cards run all the time if no control software is present14:58
asdjaputraMonotoko, if you think the kernel update isn't important (you don't need newer drivers), then its ok to leave it14:58
v0lksmananyone know where to get the xul-ext-indicator addon for Thunderbird 5?14:59
BitWraithskarufue, only one of the cards is actually connected to the VGA port, right? Doesn't high power mode still use the little integrated GPU as a framebuffer? ... or do you end up with two graphics card talking to one monitor? :-S15:00
skarufueBitWraith: No its more like the powerfull one just sits around reciving no input so is not sending any output either. but eats power. while the weak one does all the work. (can be cahnged in bios luckily). i am not shure about he precise implementation though.15:02
Zzarkc-20Anyone know how to restart the audio without restarting the computer? I'm seeing things like alsa-util reload, but that's not under my init.d/15:04
ariefbayuguys, I've question regarding synaptic (the touchpad). I've hp pavilion g4 and it has a button to disabled touchpad. On windows, after installing synaptic driver, if I double tap it, touchpad disable. However, this doesn't work on ubuntu (11.04). I want to know if there are work around this?15:05
odiumI have alsa-restore in init.d15:06
odiumI would try alsa-restore restart15:06
Zzarkc-20odium, I tried that. Doesn't work. I finally found someone who commented a correction to use /sbin/alsa reload.15:07
odiumso many people join/part this channel.15:07
odiumit's terrible15:07
cojackany tutorial how to mount through ssh which pem some data?15:07
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
kkb110how can I monitor a file that is being written by another application in realtime?15:11
llutzkkb110: tailf "file"15:12
cuyos<cuyos> Hi, I'm having big problems with ubuntu server 11.04, ajax calls are incredible slow in local host, we think it might be either the network card (broadcomm netxtreme gigabit 5716) or some missconfiguration of the lamp server, do you knwo where can we get help??15:12
MichaelDoeHello guys. Just having some serious trouble with my Ubuntu 11.04. Just updated my kernel - and now the new Kernel'd Linux won't start. When trying to start, it switches between a totally black (off) screen and a command prompt screen (just an underscore). Before that problem, Linux froze and showed a messy picture when starting blender in windowed mode. The current possibility for me is that I use under GRUB Earlier Versions or 15:12
llutzkkb110: if "application" just appends lines15:12
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
MichaelDoeLooks like the kernel update + blender messed it up - but i dont know why.15:13
whowantstolivefoi cannot view my 60 ip cameras in ubunti with firefox, it asks me rtsp password and username if i click to display any camera, it works in IE but not in firefox, help please15:13
MichaelDoe...and neither how to restore it.15:13
Milosshwhowantstolivefo, do you use any app for that?15:14
kkb110llutz: thanks it works well15:14
BluesKajtrying setup pw-less ssh login , but when I do : ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub remote-host , I get this /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: ERROR: No identities found.. I assume ssh-copy-id looks ~/.ssh  which has the dsa and rsa keys . Editing ssh-copy-id is beyond my knowledge , so what can i do to configure this ? Been searching on the forums but not much there.15:14
tomodachiBluesKaj: use the command ssh-keygen15:15
tomodachito generate theese identities15:15
tomodachiit will prompt you for a password for the key15:15
tomodachijsut press enter to have a passwordless key15:15
tjiggi_foMichaelDoe, you can use Startup-Manager (from Synaptic if not yet installed) to change the boot order of your kernels. You can use Synaptic to remove the faulty kernel15:15
llutzBluesKaj: ls -l ~/.ssh/id_rsa*             does the keypair exist?15:16
dydi have installed wubi, and when i turn on computer it shows "Windows..." and below "Ubuntu", but windows is by default: how can i set ubuntu default?15:16
roastedI remember hearing that QT and GTK would be utilized together in Ubuntu into the future. Has that happened already with 11.04?15:16
whowantstolivefoMilossh: no, i only enter this address to toolbar, and go administrator page of camera, after i use camera network admin password, and there is cameras list, and when i click to any camera for display, it says ` Password Requested for RTSP Server ` and it shows my username in box, after this wants password, even if i enter my root password or admin password of camera, it doesnt show anything and i cant see cameras,15:17
BluesKajtomodachi, llutz yes the keys are generated ...Iwas using a pw , but I thought I'd try the pw-less , since this is strictly on the lan15:17
elfelvindyd: do you know what boot manager you are using?15:18
=== fairuz is now known as fairuz_
elfelvinor boot loader even15:18
MichaelDoeUsing GRUB215:19
Milosshwhowantstolivefo, I assume it needs Active-x, did you check if it works in Firefox on Windows?15:19
Milosshif that's the case, use wine+ie on ubuntu15:19
dydelfelvin: nope15:19
whowantstolivefoMilossh:  i read firefox doesnt support Activex for some reason :(15:19
Milosshsecurity, for one15:20
elfelvindyd: funny story ... i googled and this is what i got https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_do_I_make_Ubuntu_the_default_boot_option.3F15:20
whowantstolivefoMilossh:  is there no similar add on activex in firefox ?15:20
llutzBluesKaj: thats odd. use the old fashioned way: "scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@host:~/pubkey " then ssh into remote host, and "cat ~/pubkey >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/pubkey"15:20
DulakactiveX was a horrible thing, be glad it is dying with IE15:20
Milosshwhowantstolivefo, no15:20
dydelfelvin: lol, thank you15:21
whowantstolivefoMilossh: so i cant display my cameras ? any other browser in ubuntu also ?15:21
dydhow can i set graphical settings to the fastest ones?15:22
Milosshwhowantstolivefo, I don't think so, no15:22
Milosshbut first check if it requires activex15:22
Milosshgo to windows box, run ie, disable activex, restart it, and try to view your cams15:22
Milosshif it's not working, that's it15:22
whowantstolivefoMilossh: okay i will try i go other room, thanks.15:23
MichaelDoeThank you everyone, but I cant seem to be able to change really much with that synaptic thingy15:23
MichaelDoeHow to remove the kernel with it?15:24
ceed^Removing the kernel may cause some slight problems :)15:25
b0n1hey, is there an easy way to unzip all files of a zipfile not caring about subdirectorys in the zip file15:25
kantxxhow do i enable psuedo-teletype terminals?15:26
b0n1maybe i have to rephrase the question: how can i unzip all non directory files in a zip file15:28
mikemolb0n1: Possibly using something like this: http://freshmeat.net/projects/fuse-zip15:29
mikemolkantxx: They should be enabled by default. They're called 'pty's, and are necessary for things like 'screen' 'xterm' 'konsole' and 'gnome-terminal' to work.15:30
pteague_workhmm... any ideas as to why the cron.daily for logrotate would complain about the postrotate script for '/var/log/mysql.log /var/log/mysql/mysql.log /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log' ?15:30
mikemolkantxx: The only way I know of for them to not be enabled is if your kernel doesn't have support compiled-in.15:30
faz_lame question time but here goes: what are some things i can do to make my ubuntu11 desktop look kewl as hell :)15:31
mikemol(Which I've never seen, really)15:31
fishscenefaz_: for starters, get a background that you love.15:31
mikemolpteague_work: On my debian system, logrotate complains if I don't clear out the old rotated logs; I get emailed snippets of the log files it's deleting. Perhaps you need to do some cleanup?15:31
asdjaputra!ot | faz_15:31
ubottufaz_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:31
dydhow can i set graphical settings to the fastest ones?15:32
pteague_workmikemol, well, /var/log/mysql.{err,log,log.1} all have a size of 0 & there's no .gz files... /var/log/mysql/error.log is 31525... & i'm not seeing a mysql-slow.log ... hmm... maybe that's the issue?15:33
mikemolpteague_work: Maybe. Also check permissions for logrotate, for the files it's supposed to be moving around, how many archived copies it's configured to allow, whether or not it's able to control mysqld (if it needs to), and whether or not the disk is getting full-ish.15:35
mikemolMore or less random ideas. :)15:35
pteague_workmikemol, thanks for the ideas :)15:35
BluesKajllutz, do you mean "cat ~/.ssh/pubkey >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/.ssh/pubkey"  ?15:36
wh1zz0Hi guys.. Please I'm trying to set up my Lan to distribute internet via my wireless ad-hoc which I set up but I still cannot get it to work. I share my lan connection, I turn on my WiFi but the other computers only see the networ but cannot access the internet. Please help. I'm doing this without a router, I use ubuntu 11.04. Please help15:37
dholbachUDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) day 3 starting in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:37
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
ubunSome one left a Server out by the dumpster. I picked it up. can i do anything usefull with it? like install ubuntu in it? it looks like it was used for security cameras...15:38
BluesKajllutz, nm , fooling with thepubkeys mau cause some grief , maybe ill just use the pw to stay safe :)15:38
llutzBluesKaj: nope, read my line again :)15:39
mikemolwh1zz0: I'd venture a guess that you need to set up a DHCP server on your 'ad-hoc' network. Otherwise, the other wireless clients won't know which IP their gateway is on. AFAIK, there's no simple, graphical way to do this; you'll likely need to learn how to use a DHCP server like ISC's or dnsmasq.15:40
llutzBluesKaj: you can scp that file wherever you want, just use the same path/filename in both commands15:40
mikemolllutz: Note that using scp, you may overwrite any existing entries in authorized_keys15:41
llutzBluesKaj: ~/pubkey is just a temporary file in this case15:41
llutzmikemol:i know, you also should read what i wrote above. ;)15:41
mikemolHaving difficulty finding it. Too much join/part spam in here. :)15:41
galamarHello, is there anyway I can mount an linux iso on my ubuntu desktop and use the mount iso to install linux on a slave hdd?15:42
llutzmikemol:  "scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@host:~/pubkey " then ssh into remote host, and "cat ~/pubkey >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/pubkey"   wont overwrite anything important15:42
ikoniagalamar: the only method is bootstrapping but that's not something I'd suggest15:42
mikemolAh, yeah. That's the reasonable way to do it.15:42
ikoniagalamar: just boot from the CD and install to the slave hard disk15:42
llutzmikemol: whyever preferrable ssh-copy-id fails with BluesKaj15:42
BluesKajthere's no pubkey file in ~/.ssh there are 2annd pub keyfiles , rsa and dsa15:42
BluesKajoops ignore annd15:43
galamarikonia, its to big for a cd and I don't have/my computer won't burn dvds.15:43
mikemolBluesKaj: Have you run ssh-keygen on the machine you want to connect from?15:43
xxghostxxwithin .screenrc i put screen -t windowname 2 cd /home/folder/folder/.  when i execute screen it opens up all my other screen windows, but for the one with cd it says cannot exec cd: no such file or directory15:43
wh1zz0I saw a tutorial here... http://bigbrovar.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/how-to-share-your-internet-connection-on-ubuntu/ But this one talks about a scenario where the serving computer is connected via wireless15:44
ikoniagalamar: download the CD15:44
ikoniagalamar: instead of the DVD15:44
mikemolxxghostxx: I'd venture a guess that 'cd' is a shell command, and you're not running a shell.15:44
Danny__anyone know why upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 would lock up around 44% left to install on a Dell netbook? google isn't forthcoming.15:44
xxghostxxmikemol: doesn't screen execute linux commands upon connect if you've configured them in .screenrc?15:44
Eitanhey guys, anybody ever installed citrix xenapp in ubuntu 64bit os?15:45
xxghostxxbecause i have screen -t top 0 top and when screen starts it starts top in that window15:45
roastedIs there no way to sync a playlist to clementine right now?15:45
BluesKajmikemol, yes ..justrying to setup pw-less login , that's all ..ssh works fine otherwise15:45
mikemolxxghostxx: Sure, but if 'cd' isn't an actual binary, it needs to be captured by the shell. What you're used to in terms of 'linux commands' is probably a shell command.15:45
* mikemol goes back to work15:45
galamarikonia, ok but I was trying to avoid that since I have slow internet.15:45
ikoniagalamar: it will be easier than bootstrapping, I assure you15:45
cl0udyI can only see 8 of 24 cpu cores in ubuntu 10.04.2, what can be the problem? :(15:46
sanzoDanny, Does the checksum check on the installation on the upgrade?15:46
xxghostxxokay, can someone pick up where mikemol left off?  so there is no way to have screen execute a cd command?15:47
galamarikonia, can I use any kinda VM to install to a real hdd instead of a filesystem image thing?15:47
Danny__sanzo: I should check that out, probably. I'm going through Update Managed, so I never expected it to be an issue. (Although, this has happened more than once at the same spot, so I'm tempted to rule out file copy error.)15:47
llutzBluesKaj: as user use these commands to copy your keyfile, just change "usr@host" to your setup:  "scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@host:~/pubkey " then ssh into remote host, and "cat ~/pubkey >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/pubkey"15:47
Danny__Update Manager*15:48
llutzBluesKaj: or read this to get ssh-copy-id working, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2008/11/3-steps-to-perform-ssh-login-without-password-using-ssh-keygen-ssh-copy-id/15:48
ron34563654hi, what is the command that can allows t know the pci wireless card model?15:48
llutzBluesKaj: important part is the "Using ssh-copy-id along with the ssh-add/ssh-agent" in that article15:48
BluesKajllutz, yes user@host is an example , I'm aware :)15:48
Dulakgalamar: there is a small net install iso that you can download to get the install started but it will download packages so the install might take longer because of your internet.15:49
llutzBluesKaj: fine, 1st step taken :)15:49
cl0udyI can only see 8 of 24 cpu cores in ubuntu 10.04.2, what can be the problem? :(15:49
roastedIs there no way to sync a playlist to clementine right now?15:50
ron34563654hi, what is the command that can allows t know the pci wireless card model?15:50
galamarikonia, nevermind I have the same iso on my uncles laptop which can burn dvd and I have a dvd-rw that I'll scrub. thanks for the help though.15:51
fishsceneron34563654: "lspci"?15:52
wabznasmron34563654: lspci -v will get you all peripherals15:52
sipiorcl0udy: what's the output of the following: grep CONFIG_NR_CPUS /boot/config-`uname -r`15:52
BluesKajllutz, permission denied cat ~/pubkey >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/pubkey , on remote host ..sudo didn't do it either15:52
ron34563654wabznasm, fishscene  let me try15:53
llutzBluesKaj: don't use sudo, issue all commands as "user". check permissions of ~/.ssh/* on remote host15:54
ph3arrethey all I have a toshiba laptop with realtek RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller and when I updated to natty, noy I am told it is disabled, and ideas?15:54
abrown_Update 11.04 this morning -- now won't boot??15:54
ron34563654when i startup ubuntu the login sound often repets itself. what can i do?15:55
Tigerboyjust went into the compiz editor (CCSM) and tried to get the spinning block effect with four sides of the cube and it didn't work no matter what I did. Now I only have one desktop and when I rebooted this morning up came Unity even though I had classic selected. I had to go back with classic--no effects then uncheck most things in CCSM in order to get back to gnome(classic) with effects.  Is compiz borked in 11.04?15:55
abrown_Updated 11.04 this morning -- now won't boot -- any ideas??15:55
wabznasmron34563654: disable login sound? Sorry - no idea on that one15:55
llutzBluesKaj:  ~/.ssh should be "700 (drwx------) you you", ~/.ssh/authorized_keys "600 (-rw-------) you you"15:55
cl0udysipior: oh :) it says 8 :)15:55
=== cedric__ is now known as cedri
BluesKajllutz, authorized_keys ownership is root should i chage it to myusername15:56
llutzBluesKaj: HOW did you create your keyfiles? with sudo? don't do that15:56
abrown_Updated 11.04 this morning -- now won't boot -- any ideas??15:56
llutzBluesKaj: best to create a new key as user15:56
cl0udysipior: is'nt 64 default?15:56
BluesKajllutz, really , no sudo for secure login , starnge15:57
abrown_Updated 11.04 this morning -- now won't boot -- any ideas??15:58
sipiorcl0udy: do you have the server kernel installed?15:58
llutzBluesKaj: ssh user@host, then use "sudo or su". you don't want ssh-login as root15:58
sipiorcl0udy: or just roll your own kernel.15:59
llutzBluesKaj: so delete the "root keys", create new ones as user, copy them using "ssh-copy-id"15:59
cl0udysipior: yepp, will do that. Thanks alot15:59
sipiorcl0udy: have fun15:59
BluesKajllutz, no I meant when ssh setup was run15:59
abrown_Updated 11.04 this morning -- now won't boot -- any ideas??15:59
oncaok, I'm gnu to this, how do I get rc.local to execute at boot?16:00
oncaI can't find the inittab file16:00
llutz!runlevel | onca16:00
ubottuonca: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.16:00
ron34563654can anyone tell me if my wireless card supported on linux? http://paste.ubuntu.com/643348/16:00
oncallutz, at boot16:00
oncait's not getting run16:00
llutzonca: it should be run by default16:00
Dulakabrown_: where does it error?  what is the error, did you try an older kernel at the grub boot prompt?16:00
BluesKajllutz, no i don't login ssh as root16:00
nomaddI want to reinstall my OS, but I don't have a wired connection available and I need to have internet. How do I get my wifi drivers w/o using Jockey? Can I get them so I can install them manually once I reinstall my OS?16:01
FLeiXiuSWhere does Ubuntu save the current interface information regarding which MAC is registered to which internal eth device.  Im looking for the conf file, not ifconfig.16:01
abrown_dulak:  Boot gets to red-dots and hangs.   No disk activity!16:01
dini am looking for an apache-2.2.19 .deb to install on lucid. anyone have a clue where to find one?16:01
Dulakabrown_: did you try an older kernel from the list?16:01
abrown_dulak: No grub boot prompt!16:01
faz_i'm having a problem in ubuntu11 where, when i select a new theme with system->prefs->appearances, the theme affects the 'appearance preferences' window that pops up but no other windows on my desktop. the theme also affects the title bar of everything but nothign else.16:01
BluesKajllutz, delete the root keys on both machines ?16:01
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:01
abrown_Dulak:   No grub prompt - is there a keycode to interrupt boot?16:02
llutzBluesKaj: yes16:02
BluesKajllutz, ok16:02
DulakFLeiXiuS: If you mean where would you set a new mac address for a nic, in /etc/network/interfaces16:02
TigerboyShould I just go to Ubuntu 10.10 for a functioning compiz?16:02
Dulakabrown_: hold down left shift I think, right as it's booting16:02
FLeiXiuSDulak, I mean where is the conf file that specifies what my interfaces are labeled as16:02
ron34563654can anyone tell me if my wireless card supported on linux? http://paste.ubuntu.com/643348/16:03
DulakFLeiXiuS: /etc/network/interfaces is the config file for all settings that aren't handled by network manager16:03
aristidesflI've got a .sh at startup which executes: screen -dmS SessionName etc. But when I try to reattach screen says there are no available sessions. Ideas?16:03
ron34563654how can i set my mic to sounds stronger? it's barely heard16:03
FLeiXiuSDulak, I understand the use of /etc/network/interfaces...however thats not even what I'm referrencing.16:04
FLeiXiuSSome where in either udev/hotplug its registering my devices as eth0 eth1 etc...etc..16:04
abrown_Dulak:  Well, that's good to know.   Booting recovery kernel, I get to "Recovery menu" and can get to root prompt.16:04
oncahow do I figure out /dev/sda3's uuid?16:04
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:04
llutzsudo blkid onca16:04
Dulakabrown_: try an older non-recovery choice16:04
galamarwhat is the best way to backup all of my installed packages, or would that be pointless since im changing from i686 to 86_64?16:05
Dulakgalamar: pointless, every package is a different binary and has to be replaced16:05
galamarDulak, I would still like to make a list though for easy reference anyway to do that?16:05
Tigerboyron34563654: I have found very few problems with wireless adapters in Linux... even in the worst case you can use wrappers to make use of the Windows driver.  for the past several years they all tend to work out of box.16:06
aristidesflI've got a .sh at startup which executes: screen -dmS SessionName etc. But when I try to reattach screen says there are no available sessions. Ideas?16:06
llutz!clone | galamar see this, helps to install all the stuff you had before. backup /etc/ and /home16:06
ubottugalamar see this, helps to install all the stuff you had before. backup /etc/ and /home: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate16:06
rumpe1galamar, well ... packages with "*all.deb" could work on 64 i guess16:06
truflipanyone out there?16:07
Dulakgalamar: dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' > installed_packages.txt16:07
BluesKajllutz, ok do you mean all keys, authorized, rsa,dsa etc ?16:07
Tigerboycan someone come to my house and carefully reinstall Ubuntu 10.10-- porting over everything from the 11.04 install.16:07
ron34563654Tigerboy, but i can't connect to the internet. why?16:08
llutzBluesKaj: all keys NOT belonging to you "user"16:08
BluesKajTigerboy, good luck with that16:08
pmackinneyI'm looking for a way to force users to reset their passwords. This is a 10-seat Ubuntu workstation environment, authentication via NIS/YP. Any tips welcome.16:08
Tigerboyron34563654: can you tell me a little more-- what distro etc16:08
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:09
TigerboyBlueskaj: I thought it was a great idea... don't ruin it.16:09
ron34563654Tigerboy, ubuntu. the latest16:09
ron34563654computers are so complicated16:11
BluesKajBBL ...need to take a break16:11
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:11
galamarDulak, okay thanks now when I reinstall can I just "apt install 'paste text file' "16:12
duvelHi. I have an XBOX 360 and PC hooked up into an HDMI switch so that I can use both pc and xbox on 1 monitor. For some really, really weird reason, whenever I switch to the xbox for more than 30 seconds, and back to the PC, UBUNTU locks up completely. I cant move my mouse, can't type, cant do anything besides press the button on my case to restart the computer. Any idea why this is happening? Thank you so much in advance.16:12
Dulakgalamar: 'apt-get install < installed_packages.txt' works iirc16:12
Tigerboyron34563654: click the network icon on the task bar and select one of the ones available... make sure it is set up as auto... sometimes I have found that typing in a fixed IP which must be available on your subnet... the gateway(the same ip used to get your router settings page up) and even typing in the DNS ( you can use googles public dns) can help because sometimes the router's DHCP is not so great. With wireless the problem ca16:12
dellhttp://releases.ubuntu.com//natty/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso not working. I tried all day16:12
abrown_Dulak:  Kernel was 2.6.38-10.  Booting 2.6.38-8 via "previous versions" -- same hang result.  I looked at /var/log/dmesg during recovery single-user boot and saw what looked like a video firmware problem.   Failsafe graphic mode also fails.16:13
nomaddI want to reinstall my OS, but I don't have a wired connection available and I need to have internet. How do I get my wifi drivers w/o using Jockey? Can I get them so I can install them manually once I reinstall my OS?16:13
Tigerboyron34563654: but best to try to make it work with auto settings16:13
galamarDulak, okay sweet thank you.16:13
abrown_Dulak:  This laptop (Dell D820) needed an Nvidia driver -- that's a likely culprit.16:14
Dulakabrown_: mmm, that sounds like hardware, though you updated today, when was the last reboot before that?16:14
Tigerboyron34563654: for security on your router always use wpa2(personal) with AES encryption---16:14
truflipanyone know how i can install bcm4315 the right way? cuz i've been following instructions and leading me to dead ends. its unsupported btw, so i think i have to use ndiswrapper16:14
abrown_Dulak:  reboot was fine until the update.16:14
Dulakabrown_: the older kernel should have worked if that was the case, it would be using the old working driver16:14
abrown_Dulak:  How far has it gotten in loading kernel at the red-dot stage?16:15
ron34563654Tigerboy, i don't understand you well enoght. i don't know how to make the internet work. i just want to visit some sites ;)16:15
Dulakabrown_: the driver for nvidia gets compiled against the current kernel headers, look at what versions of linux-image and linux-headers you have installed16:15
Tigerboyron34563654: also if it is your notebook make sure you have the wireless turned on(usually a switch on the very front)16:16
duvelHi. I have an XBOX 360 and PC hooked up into an HDMI switch so that I can use both pc and xbox on 1 monitor. For some really, really weird reason, whenever I switch to the xbox for more than 30 seconds, and back to the PC, UBUNTU locks up completely. I cant move my mouse, can't type, cant do anything besides press the button on my case to restart the computer. Any idea why this is happening? Thank you so much in advance.16:16
Dulakabrown_: the red dots are the splash, which should be right after the cpu and basic bus have been detected, but I'm not 100% on that16:16
enavsome one here know a web site to show your webcam video16:16
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SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:18
abrown_Dulak:   A lot of headers in /usr/include/linux were updated this morning.   The dots arent showing any action, so it's probably early in the hw detection -- the Nvidia detection must be bad.16:18
szalabrown_: kernel 2.6.38-10 is from natty-proposed, and unless they also have precompiled nVidia driver binaries for it, you need to install the nVidia driver for that kernel 'the hard way', if I'm not mistaken16:18
Dulakabrown_: at the grub menu you can hit the 'e' key to edit the boot line, delete 'quiet' and 'splash' from the line then hit ctrl-x to boot it without the splash16:19
Dulakabrown_: you'll see exactly where in the sequence it is hanging16:19
ron34563654Tigerboy, it isn't. it's a desktop pc16:19
Bitbytexhay guys, any one know if ubuntu will run fully on macbook pro 8,316:20
truflipfirmware-b43-installer HELP!!16:20
ron34563654hell, why my internet never worked?16:20
szalDulak: I wouldn't be too sure about that..  for some reason I wasn't able to figure out yet, on my 2 Natty installs the blue background from the Grub will only give way to the terminal messages a second or two before X starts16:20
Dulakszal: yet another reason 10.04 is my last ubuntu.... good to know16:21
Tigerboyron34563654: Ok well make sure it is close enough to the router too.  I would go into the network icon and check what is going on with the settings.16:21
szal!help | truflip16:21
ubottutruflip: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:21
aristidesflHow can I create a startup script that is ran by a user instead of root?16:21
oncarc.local is certainly not started at boot16:22
rumpe1aristidesfl, sudo -u username script16:22
oncawhat runlevel is it supposed to?16:22
tomodachiaristidesfl: well you could always su to that user to run it?16:22
Dulakaristidesfl: securely doing that is a real bitch.  You can do a quick hack by setting the script suid (chmod u+s filename) and it will run as root but it opens a big fat hole where the user(s) can do things as root if they try hard enough.16:22
trufliperror: firmware-b43-installer16:23
oncahow do I add scripts to runlevels without inittab?16:23
dydhow can i search for "ServerAdmin" string in all files? grep ServerAdmin what?16:23
abrown_Dulak:  hal-disable-polling aborted on a wlan0 power management operation!?  After that, ALSA midi emulation ... ?!  Sounds like bad trouble in the kernel.16:23
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:23
Dulakaristidesfl: umm I think I misunderstood the problem, ignore what I said16:23
tomodachidyd: grep ServerAdmin *16:23
tomodachiwould search all files for that expression16:23
szaltruflip: full sentences please16:23
Tigerboyron34563654: with that wireless you may want to make sure you have wpa_supplicant installed... use package manager to search16:23
Dulakabrown_: see if it's the same on the older version I guess, but really both kernels doing the same thing will point to hardware usually16:24
ron34563654Tigerboy, do you have other clues for what might make the internet not to work?16:24
aristidesflDulak: so what rumpe1 suggested is not unsafe?16:24
dydtomodachi: doesn't work, but grep ServerAdmin -r / seems to work!16:24
tomodachi-r is recurisive16:24
tomodachi / declares that you should start from the root16:24
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/16:24
Dulakaristidesfl: it's safe for an admin user, but if you want say a script that runs as root everytime someone logs in, you gotta go the insecure suid way.16:25
truflipwhen i try to use 'sudo apt-get install ndisgtk' it gives me an error saying "Errors were encountered while processing: firmware-b43-installer" E: Sub-pprocess/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error16:25
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trufliphow do you do that **NAME**: thing?16:25
dydtomodachi: why i see a long list of files with "No such file or directory" ?16:26
szal!tab | truflip16:26
ubottutruflip: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:26
truflipszal, hi16:26
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Tigerboyron34563654:  you need to get the router set up properly ... then use wpasupplicant and wireless tools to get the wireless working--- ALTERNATIVELY-- go out and get a new WIFI usb that you can plug in at Staples-- ask to make sure it supports linux but 99 percent will of the new ones. Your wireless is old.16:27
truflipsz__, hi16:27
truflipdoes it work?16:27
truflipszal, hi16:27
szaltruflip: either there is more in the error message, or that's an example of a not exactly helpful one16:27
SpudnutJust wondering what do i do if when updating packages using synaptic it comes back saying it cant update due to badsig 16126D3A3E5C1192?16:27
Tigerboyron34563654:  if you get a new wireless you can also check into combo packs with a wirelessusb included with a new router... make sure it supports "N"16:28
truflipszal, no its all the error. just those 2.16:28
Tigerboyron34563654:  by going the route of getting a new wireless you should be plug and play.16:28
wabznasmawesome wm debian menu16:28
Piciwabznasm: Are you asking a question?16:29
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mikemolsipior: Activity on that bug. Marked 'invalid', though I'm disputing that. Not certain if/how to elevate an issue like that. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/809918?comments=all16:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 809918 in gdm (Ubuntu) "/etc/gdm/gdm.schemas ignored in favor of /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas" [Wishlist,Invalid]16:32
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/16:33
PlughHow can I save my session so it appears they way I set it up on the next boot? gnome-session-save didn't work. I have to start a terminal session, add tabs and change its size, run "pulseaudio-D", then start two other programs on every boot since moving to 11.04 from 9.10.16:33
SpudnutWhat do you do if synaptic cannot update due to a "badsig" from ftpmaster@ubuntu.com16:35
ron34563654how can i make my wireless card work? it doesn't shows the list of wifi nets16:36
sipiormikemol: well, that's fair. they may feel that using the file in /etc may encourage folks to modify it directly, rather than through gconf-editor. still having the file in two places is daft. perhaps an issue of backward compatibility? (also, the gnome tendency away from simply-editable config files is regrettable, but that's a digression for another channel...)16:36
phaxCan the latest version of gcc and its source be installed by adding another package source, I am using 10.0.4 distro16:38
pppwhat is exactly the chipset and wifi card ? it's not explained very well.. :/16:38
Tigerboyron34563654:  if you got to staples get Netgear N300 gigabit router-- or cisco but don't bother with Belkin(junk) the N300 (model WNR3500L) is actually a mini- Linux box-- you can even add your own firmware.. Or even better is the buffalo routers which are available on the internet.16:38
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SpudnutWhat do you do if synaptic cannot update due to a "badsig" from ftpmaster@ubuntu.com16:38
tafkazhi all. i have an odd problem with my hauppauge tv remote, since i updated to ubuntu 11.04. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/783107?comments=all is pretty much the problem16:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 783107 in linux (Ubuntu) "cx88 remote control does not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:38
pppwhat is exactly the chipset and wifi card ? it's not explained very well.. :/16:39
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
blinkybhi. I can't see the Sound control on the taskbar! i can't adjust sound :/16:39
pppwhat is exactly the chipset and wifi card (in brief) ? it's not explained very well.. :/16:40
tafkazafter todays kernel updates i see, that the remote will show action on the cli when lircd is NOT running16:40
abrown_Dulak:  WLAN switch was off, but no change.  Oldest kernel is 2.6.31-14, same hang; booting with no "quiet splash" boots to blank screen, no dmesg.  Ubu 11 install disk, Knoppix 6.2 disk, boots, runs the video OK (so far as I can tell).  Not a hardware problem, but a driver/kernel problem.   I'm going to back up /home and reinstall, I think.16:40
tafkazas soon as i start lircd the input wont show anything while i press on the remotes buttons16:40
tafkazthis is strange16:40
tafkazcan you help maybe?16:41
onetwothreefourhi .. i have setup a vpn connection and for testing purpose the same connection on a VM wiendows 7.its openvpn and the network on the VM works as desired.i get connected receive ip and all other like gateway aso.the connection establishes and works fine..when i do the same on my linux system (where the vm is running) it connects gets relevant ip gateway aso informations but no connection in general is possible..i have teste16:41
onetwothreefourd to disable firewall still no success..i have compare the routing tables between both machines and its the same..what could cause this behaviour?could it be related to MTU settings?what either could i check?any tips and help is greatly welcome16:41
abrown_Dulak:  Thanks for your time and help!   Do you also play exhibition chess for fun?16:41
louislangIs there anyway to turn on autologin for an account over ssh? I need to use vnc to access the desktop, but can't get tightvnc/x11vnc/vncserver to work as the user isn't logged in.16:41
truflipi'm trying to install aircrack-ng but i'm getting frimware-b43-installer error16:42
dydsorry i can't understand: i want to install mono to make asp pages work on ubuntu, what does this page mean? http://mono-project.com/DistroPackages/Ubuntu16:42
onetwothreefouran addition: the vm is set to bridged network settings16:43
SpudnutWhat do you do if synaptic cannot update due to a "badsig" from ftpmaster@ubuntu.com16:43
tafkazif the remote works without lircd (which sounds really spooky to me) then where do i have to map the keys16:44
tafkazhm...seems the remote is just being handled as a keyboard16:45
tafkazso maybe lircd cant take over the remote, because something allready uses it?16:46
tafkazx perhaps?16:46
onetwothreefoursomeone with vpn experience?16:46
blinkybI need help here, the volume control disappeared from the taskbar! I still can play music but can't adjust the volume.16:47
SpudnutWhat do you do if synaptic cannot update due to a "badsig" from ftpmaster@ubuntu.com16:47
onetwothreefour@blinkyb is the notification area still there ?16:48
blinkybonetwothreefour, no.16:48
onetwothreefourdo a right click on the bar choose add to bar search notification and add16:49
blinkybonetwothreefour, when I right-click, there is only "Add to Panel", which Volume is not listed in the given options.16:50
amitprakashHi.. can someone tell me how I can install bugzilla on my ubuntu server and allow it to run on port 80016:50
onetwothreefourblinky its called notification i think16:50
Tigerboyron34563654: check the window I opened with you for links you can go to.16:51
onetwothreefour@blinky i have non english ui do i cannot tell you directly16:51
qin!tab | onetwothreefour16:51
ubottuonetwothreefour: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:51
lsvblinkyb: the volume is part of the "Indicator Applet"16:51
onetwothreefouryes qin i know sry16:52
BauerHow do I apply on the fly memory modification to a VM running Debian, like these distributions here? http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=101276416:52
BauerI have a debian machine to which I modified the amount of RAM, but the guest (debian) doesnt see the changes yet16:52
blinkyblsv: I added that, the volume is still not there16:52
Baueror Ubuntu, in this case.. same question really16:52
PiciBauer: Try #debian , not #ubuntu16:52
BauerPici same question for Ubuntu :) I want to get one distro I know to work with vmware hot-swap memory, cpu functionality16:53
lsvblinkyb:  and you have sound?16:53
Bauerbesides the fact ubuntu is largely debian based16:53
onetwothreefourblinkyb, is the little monitor and message icon visible?16:53
PiciBauer: ah, okay.  (I can't help you with that though)16:53
IdleOneSpudnut: look at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1425221.html16:54
blinkyblsv, yes. I removed Pulseaudio app and since that removed it disappeared!16:54
blinkybonetwothreefour, no. that's what am trying to bring back!16:54
unown_the_secondhello, how can I turn initrd.cpio.gz into initrd.gz16:55
onetwothreefourblinky check one of these should be the right one..indicator applet or notificaten are.so the other icons should appear at least16:55
lsvblinkyb: why did you removed the pulseaudio thing?16:55
blinkyblsv, browsing on my pc has became extremely slow, once i listed 'top16:56
blinkyblsv, browsing on my pc has became extremely slow, once i listed 'top' apps in terminal, pulseaudio was taking lots of %16:56
tafkaznoone here can help with this odd hauppauge remote problem?16:57
nerdshellhow to boot into terminal ?16:57
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:57
apodoalguien habla español?16:57
lsvblinkyb: ok.  still looking..16:57
Pici!es | apodo16:57
ubottuapodo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:57
IdleOne!es | apodo16:57
lamnkanyone know a good irssi theme ?16:58
zulu34sxIch brauche Hilfe bei einem kubuntu 11.04-Soundproblem... Habe Rückkoppelungen, höre mich selbst.16:58
zulu34sxKann mir bittebitte jemand helfen?16:58
tafkazlircd(devinput) ready, using /var/run/lirc/lircd16:59
Pici!de | zulu34sx16:59
ubottuzulu34sx: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:59
IdleOnelamnk: irssi.org16:59
tafkaz accepted new client on /var/run/lirc/lircd16:59
tafkazinitializing '/dev/input/irremote'16:59
lsvblinkyb: according to this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1754285 you need the package indicator-sound16:59
tafkazbut nothing in irw16:59
lamnkIdleOne: it looks like a matrix to me16:59
lamnkIdleOne: tried some themes16:59
amjadi would like to install yahoo messenger in ubuntu17:00
lamnkIdleOne: all low quality17:00
IdleOnelamnk: perhaps #irssi can point you to something. irssi themes are not on topic for Ubuntu support.17:00
=== cedri is now known as cedricc
lamnkIdleOne: ok i'll switch, thanks17:00
blinkyblsv, lemme try installing that17:00
lsvhi GregAce17:02
phiberoptikfrench salon ?17:02
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:03
phiberoptikok, thank you17:03
IdleOnede rien phiberoptik17:03
skilzhow can I tell if someones portscanning me or trying to hack me?17:04
nerdshellphiberoptik: send me a message, I speak french17:04
skilzis there some console program I can run that warns me when im scanned ect17:04
BluesKajok llutz ..pw-less ssh is working , thanks for the help :)17:04
IdleOnenerdshell: better to join #ubuntu-fr and try to help them in the channel there17:05
=== LittleFool`off is now known as LittleFool
dipiweehello, no one is replying in #ubuntuforums after about 3 hours.. so i'd be better off asking it here17:07
dipiweeim looking for the name of a mod on the forums17:07
skegeekCan anyone provide the basic 'key points' generally needed for system/server management? I mean such as the best set of (newbie friendly/basic) tools for a secure and efficient system, and the best practice for maintaining some sort of journal for activity/changes made.17:07
dipiweeor the nick of a mod present in the room maybe17:08
blinkyblsv, problem solved.17:09
blinkyblsv, thanks.. what about browsing? i disabled accelerated flash display, still browsing it extremely slow.17:10
BluesKajskegeek, for ubuntu-server ?17:10
lsvblinkyb: :D how did you solve the problem?17:10
blinkyblsv, i installed pulseaudio and indicator-sound, magic happened.17:10
Trond--Is there a Latex program for Ubuntu that doesn't take hundreds of MBs?17:11
Calinoulolmatic: +1000017:11
Trond--lolmatic, I need it so I can copy the latex to mathbin.net17:12
lolmaticcat latexfile | pastebinit17:12
lsvblinkyb: oh ok.  I'm kind of new, so I don't really know a lot.17:12
dipiweereally? anyone?17:13
lsvdipiwee: have you tried /help17:13
dipiweelsv: nothing to do with my q' :p17:15
uuser123if i want to remove all network related setting and cleanup all footprint and want to start fresh network setting  what i should do17:15
lsvdipiwee: oh sorry.17:15
pppHow do i determine my wifi card chipset ? I found some stuff on google but i just don't get it.17:18
roastedDoes anyone know if Listen supports ipods?17:19
Pythonppp: lspci -nn17:19
visor2580Hi all! Is this a russian channel?17:19
Python!rs | visor258017:19
ubottuvisor2580: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.17:19
Pici!ru | visor258017:19
ubottuvisor2580: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:19
kkulhavyHi all! Is this a thai channel?17:20
PythonHi delx17:20
Pythonkkulhavy: no17:21
delxI have a symlink to my current software version "update-1.0". Now the symlinkchanges to "update-1.1". What happens with the http processes that were currently reading the old "update-1.0" ?17:21
Python!th kkulhavy17:21
Python!th | kkulhavy17:21
ubottukkulhavy: Please see #ubuntu-th for Ubuntu in Thailand.17:21
selvakumaran Hey All., i wish to add a change in UI of Update mgr., can i code for that..?17:21
kkulhavyPython, nice! There is support for so many languages!17:22
pppPython, which one gives details on my wifi card ? there is Network Controller, Ethernet Controller, Ethernet Adaptater, and the whole rest of list, and i don't have any idea which I need :p17:23
selvakumarankkulhavy: posted for5 me huh.?17:23
* dipiwee seeks the name of a mod of the ubuntu forum17:23
ikoniadipiwee: check #ubuntuforums17:23
dipiweeikonia: i did.. i got no reply after asking 3 times in 4 hours :p17:23
ikoniadipiwee: someone responsed 6 minutes after you last asked17:24
ikoniadipiwee: we don't look after the forums, so if you don't get a response in #ubuntuforums, it's best emailing the forum moderators17:24
dipiweeikonia: http://pastie.org/220826017:25
dipiweeikonia: it's exactly what im looking for.. the nick or email of a forum moderator..17:26
ikoniadipiwee: I don't need to see a post - I've told you the best place to ask17:26
Escherialhello :) is there any way to stop eclipse from displaying its tooltips in the "dead" section below my monitor?17:26
BluesKajppp, look for wireless mobile adapter or something similar17:27
PythonEscherial: try #eclipse17:27
Escherial(i'm using a dual monitor setup where my primary's height is smaller than my secondary, thus there's this rectangular "dead area" underneath my primary)17:27
pppmmh i'm browsing some stuff on google atm17:27
roastedDoes anyone know if Listen supports the ability to sync playlists?17:27
Pythonppp: pastebin the output please17:27
Escherialit happens most noticeably in eclipse, but i figured it was a window manager issue17:27
ActionParsnipEscherial: could try in Ubuntu classic to test17:28
pppPython hold on, in 5 minutes, i'll see what i can do now17:28
yulerMetacity is more responsive than Compiz on my system (10.10 + updates, Nvidia 6200.  If I ditch Compiz for Metacity, I have to figure out why window overlays in Firefox are not drawing completely.  Any ideas?17:28
EscherialActionParsnip: that's not a bad idea :)17:28
ActionParsnipYuler: if you reduce compiz plugins it will be more responsive17:29
=== B0g4r7_ is now known as B0g4r7
ActionParsnipHow is metacity pronounced? Is it me-tasity, meta-city, meat-a-city?17:33
Escheriali would imagine meta-city17:33
yulerSwitching to Compiz sometimes fails to load window decorations, so I switch to Metacity with the "Compiz Fusion Icon"17:34
Escherialthis is unrelated to anything, but hibernate doesn't seem to do anything on my machine :\17:34
Escheriali'd like to hibernate ubuntu so that i can switch to windows without losing all the stuff i have open17:35
ActionParsnipEscherial: thats what I thought, just checking though, I'm English and Americans have different enunciation ;-)17:35
Escherialppp2: i don't believe so; that looks like a wired ethernet adapter17:36
Escherialunless there's some wireless gigabit standard of which i'm unaware @_@17:36
Pythonppp2: no it's the ethernet card17:36
pppAg, ethernet = wired17:36
pppSoo, what kind of stuff do i need to look at for the wifi card ?17:36
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
Pythonppp: paste the lspci -nn output please17:37
Sozanah r u?17:37
ActionParsnipEscherial: there's a command to make the session be saved then log you out but it escapes me17:37
Pythonppp: pastebin*17:37
BluesKajActionParsnip, Escherial , some would say metacity , accent on the met , others , accent on the a like metAcity , IMO , but I'm a Canajun so I have to be flexible :)17:38
Escherialtesting hibernate, one moment17:38
ActionParsnipPpp: if you reboot and run:   dmesg | less    you will see the OS setting up including the wireless device. It may give clues17:39
Python!ot | BluesKaj, ActionParsnip, Escherial17:39
ubottuBluesKaj, ActionParsnip, Escherial: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:39
Escherialwell, hibernate seems to just lock the screen @_@ not sure why that happens...er, and is discussing hibernate off topic?17:39
skegeekAny recommendable free ebooks for system/server/web administration?17:40
BluesKajPython, bah , you an ot cop or something ?17:40
ActionParsnipEscherial: my pronunciation question is offtopic ;)17:40
ActionParsnipHi truflip17:42
A-C1hello,all text disappeared in firefox and many other programs,when I open firefox I can't  see any text just pictures17:42
Escherialas for my monitor issue, i've resigned myself to putting a dozen extra newlines at the bottom of problematic files for now, which i have to remove once i've read the blessed tooltip17:42
ActionParsnipA-c1: does it happen as all users?17:43
A-C1I just use one user ActionParsnip17:44
ActionParsnipA-c1: make another to test17:44
ActionParsnipA-c1: i don't type that fast. I prer17:44
BluesKajActionParsnip, should I setup my other machine with dns masq or is regular net/iface static setting and resolv.conf  ok ? I'm a bit confused on that issue17:44
ActionParsnipPre-emptively typed it17:44
A-C1ActionParsnip what do you think the problem is?17:45
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: i put dnsmasq on all systems personally17:45
Sozanai need a room's name to get in please ?17:45
ActionParsnipA-c1: if its the same then its application based, if its ok then its your settings17:46
=== Zorlin is now known as Guest74341
Sozanai need a room's name to get in please mr?‏17:47
ActionParsnipSozana: can you expand the question please17:47
qin!ot | Sozana17:47
ubottuSozana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:47
Sozanasexy room gentel?17:48
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
BluesKajok ActionParsnip , what about nameserver in resolv.conf, is the normal IP ok like 192.168.x.x ?17:48
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: if you use dnsmasq the first will be then whatever you desire. You will need to edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf to tell the service to listen to localhost17:50
=== arfbtwn_ is now known as arfbtwn
wsandinis there something i can do with dpkg to reset to the 'minimal' package database? my system and package database is completely bloated17:54
ikoniawsandin: just remove what you don't want17:54
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=== sibgle_Male is now known as alterBock
Escherialso, this adequately describes the problem i'm facing: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/24412/17:58
Escherialnone of you happen to know of a more recent solution, do you?17:58
AlexDevilLXчто еще17:58
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:01
dliEscherial, true, when I disable one monitor, windows on it stay in dead zone :(18:02
wildc4rdevenin all18:03
=== cradam_ is now known as Cradam
Escheriali'll survive ;_;18:04
Escherialanyhow, logout/login time18:04
LinSteveHI have an HP dv6-2155dx laptop, with numeric keypad.  When I tried 11.4 in memory, the pad worked as expected, but I don't know how to configure it to work, now that I have installed in on the hard drive.  Any troubleshooting thoughts?18:07
ChrisRJerseyusb mouse18:08
ChrisRJerseysorry pad18:08
ChrisRJerseyusb pad18:08
cipherboy_loc@LinSteveH: have you checked for available drivers?18:08
Phr3d13trying to get a vt6410 pci ide card working on ubuntu 11.0418:09
LinSteveH@cipherboy_loc: Drivers?  I thought that it was a config thing.  Not sure about any KB drivers.18:09
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: still no luck huh18:10
Phr3d13ActionParsnip, nope :-( upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 didn't do it18:10
cipherboy_locOh, sorry.18:10
cipherboy_locMisread your message.18:10
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: let me see what i can find18:11
cipherboy_locHow are you trying to configure it? VIA a xorg.conf, or via the gnome control center?18:11
SolitonWaveI'm trying to figure how to use Pitivi18:11
SolitonWaveI want to delete some frames at the beginning and at the end of a video clip18:12
LinSteveH@cipherbor_loc: via the keyboard preferences tool.  Is this wrong?18:12
dliSolitonWave, I think mencoder (from mplayer) can do it, but you may have to read the doc, or try a GUI for it18:12
Phr3d13SolitonWave, http://www.pitivi.org/manual/18:13
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: seems to use the via92cxx driver18:13
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2005-April/007257.html18:14
Phr3d13ActionParsnip, the module loaded currently for it is pata_via