ameertawfikI am doing an academic research about content usefulness in online forums. In order to have an understanding of content usefulness, i need to study whats makes users evaluate content as useful.08:36
ameertawfikin your opinion and through your experience in cnet:   1- What makes a useful post ( Initial or reply post)?  2- What makes a useful thread (The overall discussion)?08:37
ameertawfiki have posted this question in ubuntu forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1770676), but the respones were not that much08:38
ameertawfikso, i was wondering if you could give me some feedback?08:39
ameertawfikhi all08:50
ameertawfiki have one question related to  my study. the question is what are the characteristics of a useful thread or post?08:52
Guest34331need help with wubi installation, downloaded it to run alongside windows..rebooted computer and no option to choose os09:19
dipiweelooking for the nick of a forum mod..10:08
dipiweeor if a forum mod is available in here right now..10:08
dipiweeanyone around ?10:08
dipiweestill no one around ?10:56
Mandrewmaybe :P10:59
dipiweeMandrew: are you a forum op ?10:59
dipiweeby any chance10:59
Mandrewnot by a long shot ;)11:00
dipiweeMandrew: mind giving me the nick of a forum mod ? so i could maybe pm him on the forum11:00
Mandrewi just found this place myself11:01
ZereFhi hi16:07
ZereFhey guys, i'm having trouble setting up a new grub script16:43
dipiweeis there anyone around ?17:06
Picidipiwee: Why do you need a nick of a moderator here on IRC if you're going to pm them on the forums?17:25
dipiweePici: i found no forum moderator on the forums.. 17:26
ikoniadipiwee: they are all listed 17:26
dipiweeit's a little easier to type in the nick17:26
dipiweeand send a pm17:26
dipiweeikonia: i must be blind.. you don't have a link by any chance?17:26
ikoniadipiwee: it's easy to send a pm to the person 17:26
Picidipiwee: http://ubuntuforums.org/showgroups.php17:27
ikoniadipiwee: the big "show forum leaders" link at the bottom17:27
dipiweeikonia: thats great17:27
dipiweethanks alot17:27
ikoniadipiwee: or if you click on the forum you want and scroll down to the bottom it lists all the moderators of that forum17:27
dipiweeikonia: the "question" is that i don't know where to post the topic i would like to create17:28
dipiweehence why im looking to pm a mod to ask where i should post that topic :D17:28
ikoniawhat's the topic ?17:29
dipiweeikonia: off ubuntu topic..17:29
dipiweeI would post a link .. but if i do so in here i will be held guilty of promoting ..17:30
dipiweeso i prefer posting it on the forum where a mod will let me post it17:30
ikoniadipiwee: that's the coffee house thing17:30
dipiweebasically its a dot sharing website17:30
ikoniadipiwee: what's the actual topic17:30
dipiweeso.. "dots" = configuration files.17:30
ikoniadot sharing ?17:30
ikoniawhat is dot sharing ?17:31
Piciikonia: where people share things like .vimrc and .screenrc and .bash_aliases things like that.17:31
dipiweePici: nope.. dotfiles has been "down" for a looong while now..17:31
ikoniaPici: I'm clearly not cool, I've never heard of that17:32
Picidipiwee: I meant it as an example.17:32
dipiweePici: sorry 17:32
dipiweeso .. if a topic could be posted on the forums about it.. would be awesome ! for people who enjoy "customizing" and great for the website aswell17:33
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