sandra_Hello everyone :-)01:22
sandra_Hope everyone here is having a G'day or G'night.01:22
CharybdisHi, sandra_.01:25
sandra_Charybdis: Hello01:25
sandra_I was wondering if anyone here would please tell me if I can add the Linuxmint menu to Xubuntu ?01:26
CharybdisThat's a good question.01:27
CharybdisAre you talking about the kde menu from mint?01:28
CharybdisOr a xfce menu?01:28
sandra_Hopefully there is a good answer to go along with that good question lol01:28
sandra_Well I'm  referring to Linuxmint11 gnome menu.01:28
CharybdisProbably not, since it's Gnome and you are using xfce.01:29
sandra_Yes but Linuxmint has a LMDebian edition.01:29
CharybdisIs the menu the same?01:29
* Charybdis has used CentOS, CollegeLinux, Debian, Fedora Core, Mandrake, OpenSuSE, PCLinuxOS, RedHat, Slackware, Slamd64, SuSE and Ubuntu distributions. I currently run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as my primary Operating System.01:29
CharybdisI've not tried Mint yet.01:30
sandra_Mint is a wonderful distro01:30
* Charybdis says that the absolute best GUI/Desktop or distro in the world... is the one that fits *YOUR* needs. :)01:30
pleia2a lot of things are possible in linux, but I doubt it would be easy or maintainable01:30
sandra_But I find that Xubuntu runs extremely well on my laptop.01:31
pleia2(but I'm not familiar with mint or gnome either)01:31
pleia2is there a particular functionality from the menu that you're looking to get in xubuntu?01:32
charlie-tcaI would guess if the menu is 100% freedesktop.org compatible, it would be possible01:32
charlie-tcaat least in Xubuntu 11.0401:32
charlie-tcaanything less than 11.04, no way01:32
* charlie-tca has no idea what menu system mint uses01:33
sandra_I don't care for gnome 3 I find it confusing counter productive and enjoy the flexiability of Xfce perhaps it can fill the gap that gnome 2 has left behind.01:33
charlie-tcaWhat about pleia201:35
charlie-tcaWhat about pleia2's question? Is there something missing in the current menu?01:36
CharybdisGnome3 has completely ruined me on Gnome.  But, I won't go into a flame war.01:36
charlie-tcahm, doesn't seem to be01:39
Unit193I think Mint made their own menu01:41
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sandra_Hello everyone06:56
sandra_I hope everyones day is either starting or ending on a good note06:57
sandra_This is my 1st time using Xubuntu and I would like to know if there is any way to add 2 items ? 1. Linuxmint menu and 2.Compiz ?07:02
orngjce223Try #xfce first and /maybe/ #ubuntu second, but it's late on a weekday night and I know of nobody directly that can answer your question authoritatively.07:03
Unit193sandra_: The linux mint menu is a Mint only thing (unless you really want to add a repo) And I don't remember how well Compiz works in Xubuntu (emerald doesn't work in 11.04)07:04
Unit193I have never tested it, but if you REALLY want it: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/install-linux-mint-main-menu-mintmenu.html07:05
sandra_Thanks the reason I wanted to add LM menu is because there is LMXfce edition and thought if that edition of Xfce could use LM menu perhaps Xubuntu could too.07:06
sandra_and yes compiz for the eye candy effects .07:06
sandra_Unit193, Thank you so much I will read it :-)07:08
Unit193sandra_: It says it's not built for Natty (I'm guessing that's what you are using, correct?), but as you can see here, it is https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd8?field.series_filter=natty07:09
sandra_Unit193, I am using Xubuntu 11.04 so I would say it's based on Natty. Excuse my ignorance on this point I'm new to Linux and Linuxmint.07:11
sandra_Unit193, Would you happen to know if Compiz 0.8.6 would work on Xubuntu ?07:12
sandra_I know others have downgraded to that version on Ubuntu Natty.07:13
Unit193I'm sorry, I don't remember how Xubuntu stands on Compiz07:13
sandra_Unit193, Thank you kindly for your help. I figure if I blow anything up I can just reload Xubuntu.07:15
Unit193sandra_: From what it looks like, Compiz should work07:16
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz07:16
sandra_ubottu, Thank you very much :-)07:18
ubottusandra_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:18
xubuntu-noobhey !09:10
xubuntu-noobhow do I make the bottom bar appear constantly ?09:10
xubuntu-noobright now, as default setting, it always hides09:10
TheSheepxubuntu-noob: you disable the checkbox next to "Automatically show and hide the panel" in its preferences09:21
xubuntu-noobwow.... I don't know how I had not found this.09:22
xubuntu-noobThanks TheSheep !09:22
TheSheepit's easy to skip because it's such a long text09:22
TheSheepso it doesn't scan09:23
xubuntu-noobhehe yeah :P09:23
xubuntu-noobNow something else : my mounted CIFS devices don't show automatically on Desktop09:23
xubuntu-noobHow can I activate that behaviour ?09:23
* TheSheep doesn't know09:24
aatkxubuntu-noob: have you looked in  settings>settings manager>desktop, I think there's a behaviour tab that has some options for that type of stuff10:06
aatkyou might be able to select something there, failing that, can you not create a shortcut to the device from within the filemanager or similar?10:07
xubuntu-noobaatk, I just searched the whole settings tab and found nothing :/11:28
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charlie-tcaUDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) day 3 starting in 6 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:54
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vaalirwould kdropbox work with xubuntu?18:37
charlie-tcaWhy wouldn't you use "dropbox" instead?18:38
vaalirtried installing dropbox with ninite installer, but it failed18:38
vaalirninite isnt complete yet, but dropbox shows in my applications. wait until ninite completes and try it?18:39
charlie-tcaI just used http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/TextBasedLinuxInstall to install it18:39
vaalirweird, since it says it failed.18:39
charlie-tcaI don't need nautilus or konqi or anything else18:39
charlie-tcaIt works with thunar18:39
charlie-tcaI don't know what ninite is, but maybe it just doesn't work right18:39
* charlie-tca thinks it is always best to let things complete before deciding if they work or not18:40
orngjce223ninite is a scripted installer, I think18:40
vaalirits a lazy mans tool! :D18:40
vaaliryeah, ill let it complete and take it from there18:40
charlie-tcalazy mans tool == broken installations most times18:40
orngjce223I get the same thing done by maintaining a script with apt-get [packages I like].18:40
orngjce223Simpler and much much less prone to breakage.18:41
vaalirthat wasnt a dumb idea! making a script with everything i need18:41
charlie-tcasounds like one of those things you get to go to them and ask about too18:41
vaalirwould just be full og sudo apt-get lines, right?18:41
charlie-tca!info ninite18:42
ubottuPackage ninite does not exist in natty18:42
vaalirif it doesnt work, ill browse the dropbox forums :) but this script stuff, hard to make?18:42
charlie-tcaWhatever it is, it is unsupported here18:42
vaalirseems like it works, lucky this time i guess :)18:44
orngjce223vaalir: p. much.18:44
vaalirbut could you link me a good webpage with a tutorial for making a script like orngjce223 talked about?18:44
vaalirim a complete boob when it comes to linuz18:45
charlie-tcaI can't, no. Maybe orngjce223 can, since he has it18:45
orngjce223The correct pronoun is female. :v18:45
charlie-tcaI can't, no. Maybe orngjce223 can, since she has it18:45
orngjce223How 'bout I pastebin the first several lines and you just substitute in what you want?18:45
charlie-tcaI apologize, it is just hard to tell on this18:46
orngjce223No problem18:46
* pleia2 is a fan of the singular they :)18:46
vaalirwe can try that orngjce223 ;) thanks!18:46
charlie-tcaThanks for the reminder, pleia218:46
* charlie-tca really dislikes the s/h/e thing seen at times18:47
orngjce223's fine18:47
orngjce223The English language is biased towards male assumptions anyway18:47
orngjce223I won't complain.18:47
charlie-tcaUnfortunately, true18:47
orngjce223I have friends that require the pronouns "te", "ter", and "tim". It's almost amusing.18:48
orngjce223But look at me yakking, I should dig out that script18:48
vaalirtake your time :D i've got no rush18:48
charlie-tcavaalir: normally, we try to help as much as possible. However, some of those automated script things are downright dangerous when you run them.18:49
vaalirok, understood! might give you something you dont have control over i guess. i assumed this one was safe, since it was a news-post on lifehacker18:50
orngjce223give me moments18:51
orngjce223I've just gotta add some comments and it should be ready soon18:51
* vaalir gives orngjce223 moments18:51
Sysithere really is something simpler than installing .deb? (exept .rpm with yum, wish apt had localinstall)18:52
vaalirmany thanks! i will take a look at it and see what i can make of it <319:00
vaalirok, so i just have to make a file name install.sh and use those types of commands?19:01
orngjce223The # are comments, so you can literally copy this entire file to install.sh and edit from there19:02
orngjce223Obviously you'll need to change the package selection, and check that the package names are correct19:02
orngjce223But the Wait19:03
orngjce223Okay it should be #!/bin/sh19:03
orngjce223I am silly19:03
orngjce223But yeah that's the only /required/ line, the #!/bin/sh at the beginning19:03
orngjce223After that you can technically do what you like19:03
orngjce223I just structure the file so it's easy to read and modify.19:04
orngjce223also the python-software-properties is only there to make apt-add-repository exist19:04
orngjce223If you don't need it, you don't need to bother installing it either.19:04
vaalirok, yes i think i understand. i will just add what i know works and need19:04
orngjce223Well, you'll probably want to remove the lowlatency kernel reference19:04
orngjce22395% of people don't need it19:04
orngjce223only useful in serious audio processing etc.19:05
vaalirbut for adding lines in the repository? like installing XBMC, i usually have to add some lines to the repository19:05
orngjce223That's what apt-add-repository is19:05
orngjce223Also you'll have to apt-key afterwards19:05
orngjce223I'll find you the instructions19:05
orngjce223They should have similar instructions on the XBMC website19:06
vaalirguess they would, now i have something to start with at least :D thank you very much, a script seems VERY nice to have lying around19:07
orngjce223You're welcome19:07
vaalirnow for another question, and pardon for asking so much at once.. but i can't seem to connect to my windows desktop. it tells me it failed to retrieve  share list from server19:09
orngjce223Hmm, that's probably a SMB/Samba interaction problem, but I'm not familiar with that subsystem so I can't tell you much about it19:09
vaaliri will consult the oracle then.19:10
orngjce223You might try #ubuntu, this is not an xubuntu specific problem19:11
vaalirwell, since k\x\buntu is basiccly the same thing, i should most of the time direct my questions there?19:12
charlie-tcaI would ask here first, there is less traffic and you often get answered sooner19:13
charlie-tcabut it is personal choice :)19:13
charlie-tcasometimes you wait a lot longer here, too19:13
vaalirthanks :D19:16
orngjce223Well, I am not the normal IRC idler, I actually try to answer questions, tho' mostly my answers consist of "someone at ___ could help you better"19:17
orngjce223But I /do/ try to get back as soon as possible19:18
vaalirgetting directed to somewhere else usually is a good solution, if its a place with people who knows their stuff really good :D19:19
orngjce223But maybe that's just my personality19:20
voozeHey guys.. I use docky and Xubuntu 11.04.. but i want to add the "applications menu" to my dock.. how can i do this?20:32
orngjce223I honestly have no idea. You could ask #xfce ?20:33
voozeAh guess i will do that, just hoping someone in here, had been in the same situation ;)20:33
charlie-tcavooze: please do not post to more than one channel at a time20:35
charlie-tcaoh, sorry, I guess you did not do that20:36
Sysidocky is the *really* simple dock?20:36
charlie-tcaapplications menu is a panel applet, I don't know that it can go into the "docky"20:36
Sysiyou could try AWN, it's simple with that (except it gives you menu with gnome-settings stuff but you can deal with it)20:38
voozeHehe.. i just want to allmost remove the panel and just use dock.. i only use panel (thats hidden) for wifi, and system messages)20:38
Sysisystray (notification area) is aso easy on AWN20:39
Sysi!info avant-window-navigator20:39
ubottuavant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1~bzr822-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 318 kB, installed size 1080 kB20:39
voozehmm. i just really like docky.. it runs sooo smooth20:40
Sysiany dock should20:40
voozewell cairo was a big "too heavy" I think.. thats why i choose docky20:40
charlie-tcavooze: what about using the right-click on the desktop for the menus?20:40
charlie-tcaIt doesn't have to be a menu button at all20:41
SysiAWN isn't nearly as complicated as cairo, it ran well on weaker machine too20:41
voozecharlie-tca: yeah i guess that would do, but i still would like the other solution also ;)20:41
looongerdoes xubuntu depend much on gnome libs?21:06
beardygnomenot too much, i don't think21:07
charlie-tcaAs much as it needs to make it work21:08
beardygnomeless and less as time goes by21:08
looongerit used to be very gnome-dependant21:09
beardygnomea lot of work has been done to remove gnome libs where possible21:10
Zergrethhello everybody21:11
Zergrethlinux newcomer here, and i just wanted to ask if xubuntu is a good choice for a stone aged laptop (mobility amd 64 3000+ running at 800 mhz, 512mb ram)21:11
beardygnomexubuntu should work ok on that hardware21:13
Zergreththe question is, would it work well?21:13
Zergrethi also thought about getting lubuntu instead, but i'm not sure21:13
beardygnomebut it depends what you want to do with the laptop21:13
Zergrethnot much21:13
Zergrethget familiar with linux first21:13
Zergrethgot the laptop from my neighbor and i'd like to use it as a backup computer in case mine goes down the wooloo21:14
Zergrethjust for basic internet access, listening to music maybe, and some office stuff21:14
beardygnomei believe that lubuntu is more lightweight than xubuntu21:14
Zergrethi heard it is, aye21:14
beardygnomebut xubuntu is a more mature distribution, so would be perhaps more familiar to you21:15
Zergrethwell, i can always try both i guess21:15
beardygnomethat said, lubuntu is moving pretty fast atm and i've not looked at it in a while21:15
Zergrethi'll go with xubuntu first, and if that works well, i'll stick with it ;p21:15
Zergrethalright, thanks21:16
Unit193Lubuntu is looking sweet(!) in 11.04! And looking even better for 11.10!21:16
beardygnomeno problem - hope it all goes well for you, whichever distro you choose21:16
Zergrethi wouldn't mind a second opinion. which would you choose, Unit193?21:17
Unit193Zergreth: It's all personal choice, I can't exactly tell you what you should pick. I would try both and see what you like, but I might think LXDE would do just a little better21:18
Zergrethalrighty, thanks21:18
Unit193I love both Lubuntu and Xubuntu, but Lubuneu is more lightweight while Xubuntu is easier to configure21:18
Zergrethoh coincidence. the lubuntu screenshots page features one where blender's short "Sintel" can be seen. i'm in love with that21:19
beardygnomei would expect better performance from lubuntu21:19
Zergrethwell, i'm quite good with computers in general, i've been coding for several years and will begin studying computer science this year. i hope i won't be having lots of trouble with linux :)21:20
beardygnomebut the trade-off might be a desktop that's not quite as you want it21:20
Zergrethwhen you say xubuntu is easier to configure, do you mean lubuntu is hard even for people used to linux, or hard for people not used to it?21:20
Zergrethbeardygnome, the screenshots show a generic wallpaper, a taskbar-like thingy and some windows floating around. what else do i need? :p21:21
beardygnomedo you want the ability to connect to network shares?21:21
beardygnomefor example21:22
Zergrethwhat do you mean by "network shares"?21:22
Zergrethsorry, language barrier; i'm german :)21:23
charlie-tcaNFS, windows files, etc21:23
beardygnomedo you want to be able to get files from another server or computer that is connected to your network?21:23
Zergrethi don't necessarily need that, nope21:24
beardygnomexubuntu is able to do that, i don't think that lubuntu can21:24
Zergrethi don't think i care, so that's alright21:25
Zergrethany other notable differences?21:25
beardygnomenot that i can think of, but i haven't used lubuntu in a while21:25
Zergrethwell, i'll just give it a try, and if i'm not happy with it, i'll try xubuntu as well :)21:26
beardygnomei think you have to configure lubuntu by changing configuration files a lot21:26
beardygnomexubuntu has a lot more gui-based configuration21:26
Zergrethi really don't mind config files21:26
beardygnomeyou might learn more from that anyway21:27
Zergretheven on windows i prefer them over guis, and i use the command line to do many common tasks21:27
beardygnomesounds like you'll do weel with linux then :-)21:27
Unit193Lubuntu has lxappearance, but else it's an xml file21:27
Unit193Lubuntu does support shares, but not as easy as it is in Xubuntu21:28
Zergrethit really doesn't sound like i'll be having many problems with it21:28
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Zergrethalright, thanks guys. i gotta go; bye!21:28
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rynx /join #documentfoundation22:16
charlie-tcarynx: no space in front of /22:16
rynxAh, jeez; thanks22:16
charlie-tcablame the keyboard, it might add spaces at the wrong times22:17

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