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andyrockgood morning06:11
MacSlowhey there everybody07:03
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andyrockTrevinho, around?08:44
kamstrupnjpatel: I merged the Dee desc collator branch from kenvandine, so lp:gwibber can build with lp:dee trunk now08:52
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andyrocksmspillaz, around?10:09
andyrocksmspillaz, about this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/81031510:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 810315 in unity (Ubuntu) "scale pluging doesn't work as desired when "Click Desktop To Show Desktop" is true" [Undecided,In progress]10:11
andyrocksmspillaz, you will read it when you are free... can you tell me it this is a possible solution?10:14
andyrockmaybe it triggers other problems... i don't kwnow :) you are the genius10:16
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smspillazandyrock: best to ask Jason that one10:52
smspillazandyrock: erm, DBO10:52
smspillazandyrock: though, I think you'll need to hook the signal for scale triggering10:52
smspillazerrm except that I don't know if the scale plugin actually updates the input window if the struts change10:53
smspillazlet me check10:53
andyrocksmspillaz, it works for me :)10:53
smspillazandyrock: hrm, are you sure it's actually taking the workarea size into account?10:55
andyrocksmspillaz, try my branch first... for me it works, try you too10:56
smspillazright, though it's a bit of a strange solution10:56
smspillazI'll try it though, nonetheless10:56
andyrocki know this is strange, but it is just a workaround...10:58
smspillazandyrock: right, but I don't see anything in the scale plugin which actually takes into account the _NET_WM_STRUT of other windows when creating the dnd target window10:59
andyrocksmspillaz, maybe i'm wrong11:00
smspillazit just does dndTarget = XCreateWindow () ... XMoveResizeWindow (dndTarget, 0, 0, screen->width (), screen->height ()); XMapRaised (dndTarget)11:00
andyrockmaybe i'm right11:00
smspillazandyrock: well it's not that you're /wrong/, its more that I don't quite understand what this branch is doing :)11:00
andyrockbut let me explain11:00
smspillazwhat *might* be happening is that when you set the strut ::updateAttributes gets called and the launcher gets stacked on top of the dnd target window11:00
andyrocklook to line: 146911:01
smspillazah, that11:02
smspillazahh ok, that makes sense11:02
smspillazyeah, that kind of works, through some rather implicit magic in unity itself :)11:02
andyrocksmspillaz, so approve or reject? :)11:03
smspillazandyrock: so basically, your branch will work 99% of the time with a race condition that will happen if the user toggles scale and then clicks again instantly11:04
smspillaz(because we're waiting on a round-event trip from X to get screen->workArea () up to date11:04
smspillaz(though, really, in compiz we should just store everything we send to the server twice, once for last_sent once for last_recv, it's race condition madness)11:04
smspillazandyrock: I'm just going to test it briefly to make sure that there aren't any cases where the struts stay on11:05
andyrocksmspillaz, ok...11:06
smspillaz(need to rebuild compiz for something else too)11:08
smspillazandyrock: thanks for looking into this though11:11
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jjardonHi, gnome-contorl-center doesnt show any panel here, Is it a known bug?11:31
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jjardonmpt: I updated a new screenchot of the power settings panel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BatteryStatusMenu Do we want to make modifications against this new design?12:24
jcastronjpatel: did daniel van vugt fix the flashing white menus?13:01
mptjjardon, is that the pure upstream one?13:05
njpateljcastro, yep, merged too13:10
jjardonmpt: yeah13:11
jjardonmpt: more upstream designs here: http://live.gnome.org/Design/SystemSettings/Power#Concepts13:12
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mptjjardon, ok, working on a new sketch for you now13:32
mptI guess we need to collapse those menu-related radio buttons into a menu or something13:32
jjardontedg: Hey, can I have another package with the modifications of this week? I think Its feature complete now13:46
jjardonmpt: Id like to know your feelings about the power indicator after ^13:47
jjardontedg: Should I send a message for testing (I only have one power source) to ayatana-dev or ubuntu-dev ?13:48
tedgjjardon, Yes, a release today would be good.13:49
tedgjjardon, I'd actually send it to ubuntu-desktop13:49
andyrockhow can i revert a bzr revision?13:49
tedgjjardon, Probably more people there willing to test desktop-y stuff.13:50
tedgandyrock, bzr uncommit13:50
tedgandyrock, or bzr revert if you haven't committed.13:50
andyrocktedg, using bzr uncommit no file is changed...13:51
tedgandyrock, bzr visualize <- you need bzr-gtk but it can show you what's happening.13:53
andyrocktedg, i have already resolved :)13:53
andyrocktedg, thx :) btw bzr revert13:53
tedgjjardon, Also, do you have a list of icons that I can forward on to design?13:55
jjardontedg: After some investigation seems that all the icons are already in the default theme13:55
jjardontedg: I'm using GIcons now so the icon is adapted to the curren theme13:56
tedgjjardon, Oh, I thought some of them were missing.13:57
jjardonAnyway I'm going to note it in the mail to ubuntu-desktop13:57
tedgjjardon, Cool.13:57
mptjjardon, design done, I'm writing it up now14:14
mptjjardon, I'm proposing to move the "Show: Icon only / Icon and time remaining" radio buttons into the menu itself, as a "Show Time in Menu Bar" checkmark item above "Power Settingsā€¦"14:14
mptand then the other radio buttons are condensed down to a radio menu in the settings panel14:15
APIlamalex, btw, I added you on two of my a11y related branches?14:15
APII mean to review them14:15
APIit is ok or should I assign them to other people?14:15
jjardonmpt: yeah, I already moved them to the indicator menu14:16
jjardonmpt: thanks!14:17
lamalexAPI, no that's fine14:17
lamalexi'll review them today14:17
APIlamalex, ok14:20
lamalexthanks for the reminder14:20
APIas rodrigo is not assigned to a11y tasks anymore I was not sure14:20
APIbtw, it is required two reviewers or it is enough with just one?14:21
APII'm not sure about the policy here14:21
jjardontedg: https://launchpad.net/indicator-power/trunk/0.314:30
tedgjjardon, Thanks!  kenvandine ^14:30
kenvandinejjardon, cool14:31
andyrockdanm, i still have the flash blank menu bug14:39
mptjjardon, done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power?action=diff&rev2=19&rev1=1815:00
mptjjardon, on a related topic, JohnLea just told me about how we're disabling Suspend and Hibernate unless either (a) the hardware is certified/Friendly or (b) you override them in ... the Power settings. Are you familiar with this plan?15:06
kenvandinejjardon, please tag releases in bzr15:12
kenvandinejjardon, furture releases that is... unless you want to go back and figure out the revisions for each release and tag those15:14
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tedgjderose, Hey, I was talking with njpatel about novacut, he was curious if you guys were planning on talking to the platform libraries, or just doing everything in HTML.15:44
jderosetedg: bit of both... main editor UI will be embedded webkit if possible... but we always what to integrate with notifyOSD, application indicators, etc15:45
* Nafai is excited for novacut, even though he isn't exactly the target audience15:46
tedgjderose, Do you have any idea how you're going to do that?15:46
jderosetedg: some place we might use something besides webkit, maybe gtk or qml15:46
tedgjderose, Ah, so you're not planning on doing that in JS inside the Webkit instance.15:46
tedgHave some sort of "wrapper" or something?15:47
jderosetedg: so the tricky thing we still need to figure out is we need something like a <video> element, except gstreamer draws raw video there from render server15:47
tedgHonestly, we're trying to figure out how people want to use those libraries and interfaces.15:47
jderoseah, gotcha15:48
MacSlowjderose, do you have test-cases for doing UI in webkit under heavy system-load? I'm not sure the UI will stay responsive.15:48
jderosetedg: so aside from needing render server to draw raw video, all webkit does it talk to couchdb - http://cdn.novacut.com/couchone-guest.html15:48
MacSlowjderose, that's just me always having a bad feeling about everything ;)15:48
tedgjderose, Okay, so you're using Webkit more like a canvas.15:48
njpateljderose, so you talk to the platform outside of the webkit container and just signal between the two?15:48
njpateljderose, also, Hi! :)15:49
jderoseMacSlow: experiments thus far suggest it will be okay, but stuff is fairly simple still15:49
jderosehi njpatel, people have told me you fix things, whatever it is :)15:49
jderosenjpatel: sorry, bit tired, had to digest your question a bit... :)15:50
MacSlowjderose, but the UI will run as its own process... right... not in the browser?!15:50
jderosenjpatel: aside from <video> trick, we don't talk to platform at all... only to desktopcouch, directly from webkit with ajax (awesome fast, BTW)15:50
jderoseMacSlow: yup, UI runs in own process, in embedded webit in GTK window15:51
njpateljderose, yes, I fix some stuff time-to-time :)15:52
tedgSo asking a slightly tangential question, jderose, if you could let's say send a notification in the JS side of things, would that useful?  Or is that something that just doesn't make sense?15:53
njpateljderose, interesting, I think I need to think about it a bit more, I'm sure I have a whole list of questions to ask :)15:53
jderosetedg: yeah, that could probably be useful, although haven't thought of burning need just yet15:53
jderosenjpatel: watch out, i might come back with a list of things to fix! :P15:54
* tedg hides15:54
jderoseso how you all doing?  how's oneiric work going?15:54
tedgjderose, It's keeping us busy :-)  No big surprises, but that's a good thing.15:56
njpateljderose, busy busy15:56
jderosenjpatel: see, that's what you get for fixing thing! :)15:56
njpatelindeed :)15:56
tedgWe just curse every day that kamstrup went on paternity leave.  We're buying him condoms when he gets back :-)15:57
jderosetedg: so is it a bit less hectic than last cycle?  you guys flew in N15:57
tedgjderose, Yes, a bit.  But it's always one of those things where 10% of the features are 90% of the work.  So less noticeable stuff, but still a bunch of detail work.15:57
MacSlowjderose, flying is still to come I guess... although I'm taking a detour in NotifyOSD-land atm15:58
MacSlowjderose, everybody is fighting their typical battles :)15:58
jderoseyeah, i could tell you've all been extra busy last month or so... or maybe lots of people on vacation, one of the two :)15:59
NafaiI can't wait to try out the new gwibber stuff15:59
NafaiI might drop tweetdeck15:59
njpatelNafai, it's rough but getting there15:59
jderosenjpatel: saw the video, looks really cool16:00
njpateljderose, thanks :)16:00
Nafaiyeah, the video excited me :)16:00
njpatelit's nicer in real life, without gtk-recordmydesktop messing up the framerate :)16:00
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andyrockJohnLea, around?18:20
andyrockJohnLea, in already merged branch we have this notifacation: http://twitpic.com/5q40yg18:24
kim0Hi, is there an indicator for bluetooth?18:39
jcastromy new laptop doesn't have BT though, so I haven't seen it in a while18:41
bratscheWhat's your new laptop?18:44
kim0jcastro: mm I can't see it .. apt-cache search indicator | grep tooth19:01
jcastroare you on 11.04?19:02
jcastroor 11.10?19:02
kim0on unity 2d atm though19:02
kim0jcastro: if u can find that indicator, let me know .. I use bt a lot :)19:04
jcastroit's always just worked for me in 11.04, it's part of the standard bluetooth thing19:04
kim0is there a way to add / remove indicators19:05
kim0or is it .. I just install them and they appear19:05
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lamalexDBO, i'm reinstalling O19:51
DBOlamalex, reasons?19:51
lamalexnvidia was hosed, was workin on it with sarvatt but it ended up being easier to start fresh19:51
lamalexmy touchpad was whacked out, linker kept doing weird things, it needed done anyway19:52
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