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poolie_spiv so shall i just retry? you're not hitting this locally?00:31
spivpoolie_: I haven't tried locally, but it's totally unrelated to what that patch touches.00:33
spivIt looks like some sort of dependency issue in the test environment.00:33
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* poolie burns more coal00:34
AfCI prefer burning midnight oil, myself.00:47
pooliehi afc00:48
pooliei started a new ec2 instance00:48
pooliei wonder what actually ultimately fuels them00:48
lifelesspoolie: spiv: james would like the importer shutdown to -> lucid for you00:48
spivSounds like a good thing.00:53
poolieunderway now00:54
pooliespiv, are you busy?02:00
pooliecould you have a look at fixing the ppa daily build failures02:00
poolieeg https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75172413/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.bzr_2.4.0~beta5-0~bazaar1~maverick1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz02:00
pooliesome shallow problem with meliae it seems02:01
spivAt a glance it looks like the meliae package is broken on amd64?02:14
poolieyes it does02:53
pooliepackage importer is not running jobs atm, i'm working on it02:56
abentleypoolie: hi.03:32
Kamping_Kaiserhm, my text went missing04:10
Kamping_Kaiserdoes bzr-buildpackage require tags in the repo before it will build? paste above has it failing to find debian/chagnelog04:10
poolieKamping_Kaiser: it might require it's versioned in the same tree04:36
pooliewhat does 'bzr st debian/changelog' show?04:36
Kamping_Kaiserpoolie: nothing returns05:17
poolie_what was the context?05:17
Kamping_Kaiseri have a bunch of <package>/debian/ dirs in a bzr brfanch (Standalone tree (format: 2a)). if i try and dpkg-buildpackage any of them it returns that error05:20
Kamping_Kaiserit occrus to me that it might be disliking having all packages in one branch?05:20
poolie_it could well do05:21
poolie_that is not a typical setup05:21
poolie_probably at least arguably a bug05:21
spivKamping_Kaiser: so $(bzr root)/debian/changelog doesn't exist?  That sounds likely.05:21
Kamping_Kaiserspiv: no it doens't.05:23
Kamping_Kaiser(doesnt exist)05:23
Kamping_Kaiserit would be nice if the error could be a little more verbose, and or br-builddeb had an option to use $PWD/debian. do either of those seem like valid bugs to you?05:26
poolie_if an error's confusing i'd say that's almost always a bug05:52
poolie_the second is perhaps worth filing05:52
poolie_i think it has a pretty strong opinion of one branch per source package so i'm not sure if it's likely to be fixed05:53
Kamping_Kaiserok. i'll file them and see what returns05:54
Kamping_Kaiserthanks both :)05:54
pooliewhich packages are they for curiousity?06:18
pooliesomething of your own?06:18
arnetheduckjelmer, hi, I spoke the other day to poolie and jam who let on that you might be able to give me some pointers regarding bzr-rewrite?07:11
vilahi all, despite today a national holiday, I didn't feel like putting heads on pikes (death penalty have been abolished for good reasons) so I'll be around instead ;)07:24
fullermdAw, man.07:25
* fullermd reluctantly puts his pike away.07:25
vilafullermd: there are better ways these days :)07:26
vilahttp://www.internetevolution.com/video.asp?section_id=1361&doc_id=207380 comes to mind...07:26
fullermdBetter, maybe, but not as much fun.07:27
fullermdOh, ew.  You want to put heads on Flash?!07:28
fullermdThat's disgusting.07:28
vilaSome want to put flash on pikes, is it better ? ;)07:30
fullermdSee, that would be a holiday worth celebrating   :p07:32
poolie_hi vila07:38
poolie_hi fullermd07:39
poolie_vila, i wonder if i should shut down the importer until lp is back up07:59
poolie_in fact i think i will08:00
jampoolie_: good idea08:05
poolie_hi jam08:09
poolie_hi there08:12
maxbpoolie_: rather than shutting it down, just echoing 0 to max_threads works too, and is a bit easier to undo later08:19
maxbjam: btw, do you know you have a copy of the udd scripts owned by jameinel, not pkg_import, in /srv/package-import.canonical.com/new/test-scripts/ ?08:20
maxbvila: I noticed that your latest change to /etc/init.d/mass-import hasn't been deployed yet - I suppose you'll need to RT it or grab a LOSA informally08:22
maxband morning all :-)08:22
jelmerarnetheduck: hi08:23
poolie_hi jelmer08:30
poolie_maxb how 'easier to undo'?08:30
maxbWell, mass-import isn't running right now, yes?08:30
maxbAnd starting it either requires a LOSA, or a bit of creative tweaking08:31
poolie_i think i can just start it?08:32
poolie_just running that as pkg_import seems to work08:33
maxbI didn't count on start-stop-daemon being that clever08:34
jelmer'morning maxb, poolie08:35
poolie_i just added documentation saying this :)08:36
maxbvila invoked a losa last time we needed to restart mass-import. I assumed from the way the init script was written that it wouldn't run as non-root08:36
poolie_it is a bit unusually08:37
maxbspiv: Any news on append-revisions-only?08:38
jamyay, lp is back up08:47
jamof course, it forgot who I was again08:47
poolie_vila, you fell off09:00
maxbso as a side effect of going lucid, we've also moved to bzr 2.4b409:09
maxband a sane version of launchpadlib too09:11
maxbjelmer: How would you feel about the daily-ppa bzr build having the python-dbg support removed? It's looking challenging to support back to lucid09:16
jelmermaxb: I'd like to stay as close as possible to the official packaging to be able to catch problems09:24
jelmerperhaps we can split the recipe and have a separate branch that removes the -dbg package for <= lucid ?09:24
maxbIt's problematic for maverick too09:28
maxbAlthough there only because there's no meliae-dbg, and the testsuite feature doesn't skip the meliae tests on the debug interpreter09:29
poolie_maxb, so does everything seem to be working ok?09:44
poolie_i'm going to head out in a bit09:44
vilapoolie, maxb: I don't remember the details but at some point not running as root was a no-go, may be things have been fixed since then ?09:45
poolie_spiv, your patch landed09:45
poolie_vila huh?09:45
vilapoolie: we're talking about mass-import on jubany right ?09:45
poolie_starting it not as root seems to work09:46
vilagreat. That wasn't the case in the past09:46
vilahow did you launch it ? /etc/init.d/mass-import start or using mass_import.py directly ?09:47
vilalucid ? jubanu runs lucid ? Since when ? New hardware too or just upgrade ?09:52
arnetheduckjelmer, hi, I'm considering writing a plugin that replays a complete branch history while applying a script to the working tree for each commit - in other words I want to end up with the same sequence of commits including all commit properties and merges, but with different file data (depending on the script)...I was wondering if any parts of the bzr-rewrite plugin might help with this?09:59
vilajam: seen my last comments about the 2.3.4 blocking bug ? I agree with you, just wanted to make sure you're ok with landing the patch as is and addressing the larger issues in a followup10:00
jelmermaxb: We could use the same branch for lucid and maverick10:05
jelmermaxb: maybe just with a bzr-daily and a bzr-daily-pre-natty recipe?10:06
jelmerarnetheduck: hi10:06
jelmerarnetheduck: You might be able to reuse some bits from the current bzr-rewrite, or at least get some inspiration from there.10:06
jelmerarnetheduck: the current code is a bit more complex than it needs to be though10:07
vilajam: ping10:08
arnetheduckjelmer: heh, indeed, I had a quick look but nothing obvious came up on the first perusal so asking seemed like a better idea =)10:08
jmljelmer: you were saying that there are long-term plans to polish loom. do you know of any detail attached to those plans?11:00
jmlpoolie: ^11:00
jelmerjml: everybody seems to agree we want to make looms rock, that having them better supported in core would be nice, and that they would be an awesome way to represent quilts in debian packages11:01
jelmerbut as far as I know there are only vague plans at this point11:01
jmlright. no specs for exactly what 'rock' means here, for example11:02
vilajml: 'rock' should include the ability to share looms, including merging them11:13
jmlvila: agreed. but I guess I meant a list of things somewhere other than random IRC comments :011:14
spivjml: bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-loom, I guess ;)11:14
jmlyeah yeah11:16
jmlbecause everyone knows that the full list of bugs is all you ever need to do focused work11:16
jmlspiv: wait till you see my specs for making Launchpad rock!11:17
maxbUhoh. The UDD importer seems to have lost the ability to write to debian branches.11:17
maxbbinged flacoste on #launchpad to fix11:21
jammaxb: sounds like poolie's change to change credentials to the pkg_import robot11:33
vilajam: ping11:35
jamhey vila11:41
jamsorry about the delay11:41
jamfor some reason IRC isn't actually making noise for me11:41
jamI have the "beep when someone says your name" checked... :(11:41
vilajam: np ;) As long as we meet in the end :)11:41
vilaI hate it when it stopped working for me11:42
vilastops even11:42
vilaso, about bug #786980, I'd like to double-check you're ok to land the patch as is and handle the other issues in a follow-up11:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 786980 in Bazaar 2.3 "bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.ReadOnlyError: A write attempt was made in a read only transaction" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78698011:42
vilajam: I've added some comments to the review since your last one11:43
jamreading now11:46
jamvila: I think we talked past eachother a bit. I asked for more tests, and you said "I agree with that but I don't think the stable branch is the place to add more fixes"11:48
jamI don't actually think we have more bugs in edge cases11:49
jamjust lack of test coverage.11:49
jamAnd if we *have* bugs, then we should be fixing them on the stable branch anywaay11:49
jamand the 'update' thing is because I didn't realize you had extra commits on master branch11:49
jamit is a bit hard to make that clear in tests, unfortunately.11:49
vilawell, I think we have more bugs, including storing url-encoded urls in the config files11:49
vilaso yeah, we weren't talking about the same things11:50
jamI think they *should* be stored url encoded...11:50
vilawhy ?11:50
jambecause URLs aren't UTF-8 strings11:50
jamand 7-bit URLs fit just fine in a UTF-8 file.11:50
vilabut the config files are11:50
vilaand we get their content as unicode...11:51
vilaand I'm concerned about what people will put there11:51
vilaeven if in this case bzr itself is storing them, a user can still edit them11:51
vilabut I don't feel like fixing this kind of bug in 2.311:52
jamvila: interpreting parts of a URL that we don't control is dangerous11:52
jamas anyone can put their repo at "http://host/latin-1/repo/.bzr"11:52
jamso trying to decode "latin-1" can fail11:53
jamso it should stay encoded (as the user gave it to us)11:53
jamand we shouldn't try to fake that we understand it11:53
vilathat's the point11:53
vilausers are likely to give them in their own encoding from the command-line (whereas internally bzr will attempt to store them as... well, I'm not entirely sure but probably url-encoded11:54
vila(reading log: "'update' thing is because I didn't realize you had extra commits", ha good, thanks for confirming)11:55
jamvila: URLs don't have the 8th bit set. psuedo-URLs might11:56
jamwe should be storing URLs11:56
jamyes they come out of the config system as ascii11:56
jamas unicode11:56
jambut we can safely '.encode(ascii)' them11:57
vilayeah, that avoids the issue but url-encoded is not user-friendly11:57
vilaand whatever we chose, another bug is that we should raise a user error if we can't properly decide an url in a config file11:58
vilaso this kind of problems (how do we store/retrieve URLs from config files) has ramifications far beyond this proposal which makes me a bit uncomfortable12:00
jamvila: ATM, you can't supply a non-URL-encoded URL12:00
jamyou can supply a Unicode (ish) local path12:00
vilayou can, just edit the config file12:00
jamwe can consider that illegal, you can't pass them on the command line12:00
jamI think overhauling this is *way* outside a stable release12:01
vilaha good12:01
jambut that was never what I asked for12:01
jamI was asking for tests covering stuff like "~user"12:01
vilaright, but I couldn't understand where your drew the line12:01
jam"valid URL" should match "valid URL"12:02
vilabut ~user *is* a non-URL-encoded URL12:02
jamno, ~user is valid, IIRC12:02
jamI'll check12:02
vilawell, +branch definitely isn't valid12:02
vilabut I need to check too :)12:03
vilayup, exact same link :)12:03
jamsays "~" is unsafe and "must always be encoded within a URL"12:03
maxbjam: That's a very ancient RFC12:07
maxbThe more modern ones all agree that unencoded ~ is right and proper12:07
vilamaxb: urls ?12:07
vilahttp://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986 ?12:07
spivjam: see 2.3 and 2.4 of http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt12:08
lifeless      unreserved  = ALPHA / DIGIT / "-" / "." / "_" / "~"12:08
maxbvila: Use the htmlified rfc browser at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1738 - and click through to the obsoleted by12:08
maxbhm, well that would work if the things in the obsoleted by field actually made sense12:09
vilamaxb: yeah, thanks, they kind of make sense if you include Updated by12:10
jamand even then, it doesn't describe *what* is obsoleted by what12:10
vilahehe, that's the nice part of dealing with RFCs :)12:10
vilawow, so http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986 has a red warning 'Errata Exist' but they aren't applied to the displayed text :-/12:20
jamvila: anyway, you can land it, I'd like a bit more tests, but we ca ndo that on trunk if you feel strongly.12:20
vilajam: ok thanks, I think this fix is enough to unblock the SRU which is my main target here12:22
vilathere is still uncertainity in this area which would be nice to address so I'll see what adding tests reveal (or not) and see from there whether it's ok to add them to trunk or whether I encounter other bugs (that I could then file)12:23
vilajam: what stays unclear for me is how I should write such tests: specifically how do I introduce a distortion between what bzr stores and what is later retrieved...12:27
vilajam: do you have an idea about why/when bould_location lost its final slash ?12:28
jamvila: I haven't seen anything specifically that indicates we dropped the final slash.12:34
jamWe've been pretty good about Transport.base always having a trailing slash.12:34
vilaright, but the bug reports were about people lacking the final slash in their config files12:34
vilaa previous fix has activated the code path where we compare the urls, but it works ok if the branch is created from scratch12:36
vilaso the url present in the bug reporters config files has been created earlier at a point where there wasn't a final slash12:37
vilaand yes, transport._base should always have one (AFAICS)12:37
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vilarevno for bzr-2.3.4 ? 5656 :D17:42
vilaAnd to be clear: 2.3.4 has gone gold, tarball uploaded on launchpad, email sent to ML, so: installers/packages needed ! ;)17:48
maxbhrm I haven't finished 2.4b5 yet :-/18:12
maxb(complications with sid changes to the packaging)18:12
fullermdShucks, another boring lplibrarian number.  No fun at all...18:16
SpamapSTrying to use bzr-builder and I think I'm missing something..18:21
SpamapSIt doesn't seem to modify debian/changelog after 'bzr build recipe foo' .. foo/debian/changelog is identical to the one from the nest-part that I did.18:21
jelmerSpamapS: I think you want "bzr dailydeb"18:22
jelmerbzr build doesn't use deb-version AFAIK18:22
SpamapSHmm ok I thought bzr build would allow me to inspect and build it18:23
jelmerSpamapS: bzr dailydeb only creates a source package IIUC18:24
SpamapSahh --no-build is what I want18:24
SpamapSno dailydeb builds by default as it failed for me.18:24
SpamapSjelmer: I see the point though, build just squishes the pieces together, whereas dailydeb does something with them.18:25
SpamapSjelmer: cool.. the recipe actually works fine. :)18:27
SpamapSjelmer: thanks for the reassurance. :)18:28
vilafullermd: you should file a bug, I'm sure there is a way to fix it by creating a bzr lp-xxx command to get the right url18:48
vilafullermd: or is requiring *a* bzr to do that a no-go ?18:48
* jelmer waves to vila19:19
fullermdvila: ??  ECONTEXT...19:19
vilafullermd: "another boring lplibrarian number"19:20
jelmervila: how's RMLL?19:20
vilafullermd: Isn't the issue related to a url that you can't reliably use ?19:21
fullermdWhat would a lp-xxx command have to do with that?  I mean, you don't upload the tarballs via bzr, right?  So it's not like you could pick an unboring one there...19:21
fullermdOh, it's not an "issue".  Just boring is all.  "75242790" is just no fun at all.19:22
vilafullermd: http://launchpad.net/bzr/2.3/2.3.4/+download/bzr-2.3.4.tar.gz19:23
vilafullermd: why don't you use that ?19:23
vilafullermd: just to refresh my memory19:23
fullermdBecause ports exlicitly doesn't follow redirects, so I have to resolve through to the lplibrarian URL to put into the Makefile.19:23
vila"exlicitly doesn't follow redirects" ?? What's the rationale ?19:24
fullermdI think one major one was to avoid user confusion in the face of "friendly" servers that 302 to a "gee, I dunno what you were looking for" page instead of just 404'ing or the like.19:25
fullermd(and thus winding up with a ".tar.gz" that contains 15k of HTML, and mysteriously fails the checksum tests, etc)19:25
vilahmm and no config option to disable that ?19:26
vilaThere aren't that many evil sites (bogus redirects) and tarball are not hosted there ? Aren't they ? ;)19:27
fullermdOh, I could big-hammer it in various ways.  Overwrite the fetch(1) args, say.  But there'd have to be a lot more compelling reason than "save me typing a command and C&P'ing a big number every month or two".19:27
fullermdEnough that I remember it having come up at some point in the distant past.19:27
vilaOh right, so you were Shuck'ing here so I know I could mention the BSD port in the official announcement19:29
* vila furiously takes notes to *not* forget19:29
fullermdI was just hoping for a palindrome or a perfect number or something...   shine a little light into my day.19:30
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vilamgz: I just setup an oneiric chroot on babune : http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-chroot-oneiric/lastFailedBuild/19:42
vilamgz: I'm pretty sure I read some emails were you talked about a fix19:42
mgzI thought oneiric was the one with the broken python?19:42
vilayup, that's it, I follow the mails to the python site19:43
mgzah, it is. but... I'm suprised selftest runs at all.19:43
vilahave a look :)19:43
vilaonly 43 identical failures, so your fix should be enough19:44
vilawhat I didn't remember is if/when python will be fixed on oneiric19:44
vilaI don't remember, grr19:44
mgzI can hack around in bzr if we need to, did I understand correctly that it had some non-release version of python 2.7 though?19:44
vilawho ? oneiric ?19:45
vilano idea19:46
vilajelmer runs oneiric19:46
vilaha wait, stoopid19:46
jelmerI can reproduce the issue on oneiric, fwiw19:46
mgzjelmer: `python -V`?19:46
vilajel... :)19:47
jelmerPython 2.7.2+19:47
jelmernot much help :)19:47
mgzthe '+' is what I thought.19:47
jelmerit's a upstream snapshot from 20110709 apparently19:47
mgzso, they built some version from hg rather than tarball.19:48
mgzso, what I don't know is how long that funky version is planning on lingering around. if they are going to update python, there's not much point working around in bzr a problem that existed for two weeks on python trunk.19:50
mgzbut it's not hard to do, so I can propose a change if that helps anyone out.19:51
vilamgz: let's wait a bit19:52
vilaor rather, let see who we can poke to know if/when the oneiric python will be fixed19:52
vilajelmer, maxb: any idea ?19:52
vilamgz: do you have the url for the python bug ?19:56
vilaexcellent, thanks19:57
mgzmy heat hurts from writing javascript all day.19:58
mgzI am going to get some coffee and see if that helps.19:59
lifelessmgz: heat eh?19:59
mgzcurly braces, I think.19:59
vilacurly braces turns heads into heat ?20:00
vilalike, burning them ?20:01
vilaShould be a cultural thing... we used to put them on pikes around couple of centuries ago20:01
fullermdFar more civilized to use barracudas.20:03
vilanot according to the barracudas...20:07
vilajelmer: already fixing bug #810701 ?20:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 810701 in Bazaar "i18n.install fails in fails some situations" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81070120:20
jelmervila: yep20:21
jelmerand simplifying some of the i18n code in the process20:21
vilaif lang is not None in i18n.py should be enough20:22
vilaha great20:22
mgzI think I saw another report of that20:22
mgzdon't know if it was a bug entry though20:22
mgzah, mailing list.20:23
vilamgz: thanks for the heads-up, replying20:26
vilaooooh, fireworks time ! I forgot :)20:30
jelmervila: huh, what's the occasion?20:30
mgzwait, it's november?20:30
mgzwhat happened to the summer ;_;20:30
vilawe put heads on pikes, dance in the street and so on20:31
vilacelebrating freedom and getting rid of tyrans20:31
mgzI think celebrating actually blowing something up is just wrong, you need to celebrate nearly but not quite blowing something up.20:32
vilamay be we need to do it again instead of celebrating it ;)20:32
fullermdWhat, celebrate failure?  That's not for another 8 days.20:32
* fullermd points at the obligatory http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=95520:34
vilawow, my own Juliet is born on the Pi approximation day ! And I didn't notice earlier...20:35
smoseri'm trying to do a daily build20:36
smoserand having some trouble20:36
fullermdvila: I think that makes you a bad father.  Or a bad mathematician, maybe.  One or the other.20:36
smoseri have 2 issues initially20:37
smosera.) i can't get '{debupstream}' to work20:38
smoserCommitted revision 453.20:38
smoserbzr: ERROR: Invalid deb-version: {debupstream}+452+5: Invalid version string '{debupstream}+452+5'20:38
smoserthen, if i just say "forget that"20:38
smoserb.) if I have '1.3.1-0ubuntu11' in the version, then it insists that the euca2ools branch have a 'upstream-1.3.1' tag in it20:39
jelmersmoser: you can prevent b) by passing --allow-fallback-to-native20:39
jelmera) is probably bug 80161820:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 801618 in bzr-builder "{debupstream} no longer looks at non-base branches for debian/changelog" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80161820:40
james_whi jelmer20:41
jelmerhey James20:41
james_whave you seen bug 809412?20:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 809412 in bzr-builder "{debupstream} isn't working in a local recipe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80941220:42
smoserso given those two things, how is it iexpected that soeone would build an upstream branch ?20:42
smoseri think i might be hitting that.20:43
jelmerjames_w: I hadn't yet, it's a dupe of 80161820:43
james_wjelmer, I wasn't sure, as he uses {debupstream:packaging}20:43
jelmerjames_w: oh, I hadn't seen that yet20:45
jelmersmoser: Either add a upstream-FOO tag or specify --allow-fallback-to-native if you're ok with building a native package20:46
jelmersmoser: The debupstream is the top item on my todo list (just got back from leave) and should be resolved soon.20:46
smoserwell 2 things sucks about tag.20:46
smosera.) i can't tag lp:euca2ools (no write access there)20:46
smoserb.) there isn't actually even a tag that would make sense... their bzr branch and releases were not tied together.20:47
jelmersmoser: --allow-fallback-to-native makes the most sense in that case then, I guess20:48
smoseri guess the only option is allow fallback to native, which is fine , i just want something for now.20:48
smoserhow do i add that to the recipe?20:48
jelmerit's specified on the command-line to "bzr dailydeb"20:48
smoserand, would there be some other way to utilize the fact that lp:ubuntu/euca2ools *does* have a sane upstream-1.3.1 tag ?20:48
smoserjelmer, right, but i want to push that to launchpad20:48
jelmersmoser: launchpad runs an older version of bzr-builder that implicitly uses --allow-fallback-to-native20:49
jelmersmoser: can you file a bug about looking for upstream-FOO tags in other branches?20:49
smoserand we think that the {debupsream} would work ther ealso ?20:50
jelmeryeah, the {debupstream} bug is not present in the bzr-builder on launchpad20:51
smoserso if i hadnt' tried to test this locally i'd have a couple hours of my life back20:51
jelmer(it's actually what's preventing the deployment of the new bzr-builder to launchpad)20:51
jelmersmoser: sorry about that :-/20:51
smoserwell that will teach me to try to test something before pushing20:51
smoserthanks for your help, though, jelmer20:52
smoserjelmer, bug 81074021:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 810740 in bzr-builder (Ubuntu) "support obtaining tag upstream-VERSION from other repository" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81074021:02
jelmersmoser: thanks!21:02
smoseryou could probably add more context there.21:02
smoseri'm not really sure i knwo what i'm talking about or explained myself clearly21:02
jelmersmoser: I think that's a pretty good explanation of it21:03
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poolie_hi all21:32
mgzhey poolie!21:32
poolie_hey mgz21:32
poolie_how are you?21:32
poolie_did you get anywhere with my test-errors branch with the unicode failures?21:33
poolie_otherwise i might try to finish it today21:33
mgzonly as far as tracking down the failures, I did mean to have a look at which changes need making21:34
mgzbut have been buried in curly braces21:34
mgzI'm a little scared of what bad habits I'll have picked up when I get back to python.21:35
vilapoolie: hey !21:44
viladefinitely bed time for me :)21:44
marienzI spent some time in a c codebase that did "func (args);" (notice the space), and then I started doing that in python :(21:44
poolie_hi there21:44
poolie_doesn't that work?21:44
mgznight vila!21:45
marienzwhat, that space? it does, but it looks really weird21:45
mgzheh, yep, doing `if(a > b):` is another thing I've seen refugees from less kind languages fall into21:46
lifelessmarienz: its common practice in many C codebases21:47
marienzI actually went from "if(a > b) { ... }" to "if (a > b) { ... }" in curly braces code after being exposed to python21:47
marienzlifeless: yeah, but it's not all that usual in python code, and my fingers started writing that way after spending slightly too much time in c21:48
poolie_i hate "if(foo)" in C21:48
poolie_it makes it look like [the person thinks] it is a higher-order function21:49
marienzI used to do that but python helped me get over it :)21:49
poolie_and it's not21:49
maxbhi poolie_ - so, turns out jubany is still using a james-w launchpadlib token22:03
poolie_yes, probably22:03
poolie_is that actually breaking it or just an incomplete fix for the bug22:04
maxbI'm guessing you might be the person with ~package-import's password?22:04
poolie_either way, i will deal with it22:04
poolie_i do22:04
poolie_hm i should probably share that22:04
maxbIt temporarily broke stuff, but I asked and got james-w readded to ~launchpad-debian-maintainers to fix22:06
poolie_that was silly22:07
maxbp-i wasn't a member of ~ubuntu-branches either, bit I found a friendly techboard member to sort that22:08

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