cjaeI am positive that there is some issue in kubuntu, not sure about ubuntu, with writing files to vfat mem sticks.01:06
cjaewhether its just kde or dolphin I am not sure or anything else for that matter. Thank god I have a multi-drive card reader with a light on it, since kde says it sone writing to the stick, the light is still flashing indicating there is still operations taking place01:09
cjaecorrupted data nice01:10
cjaef*ck me01:10
Guest69918how do i join channel01:28
Guest69918how do i get a list of channels01:28
nomad111hi all, my laptop fan is running at full-speed from the sounds of it all the time01:42
nomad111and my cpu temp is steady at 43 degcelsius01:42
nomad111is there anyway i can fix the fan speed01:42
nomad111or diagnose the problem01:42
LINKSWORD2Greetings, all. :)02:30
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ghittsumI'm using kubuntu 11.04.  Why can't I change the color of the font in konsole from blue on black to something I can see when I pico edit an html file.  Please don't make fun of me because I'm still using pico.  I like pico.  I grew up on pico.03:01
ghittsumI'll try to hang in the channel a couple of days and just keep googling until I get lucky.03:04
e_t_ghittsum: right click on the console window, click Configure Current Profile, go to the Appearance tab. You can change the color scheme there.03:07
ghittsumI have tried that03:07
ghittsumI'll go in and change every color to white03:08
ghittsummaybe red = blue and thats why it's not working.03:08
ghittsumoh, ok...I see what you're saying.03:09
ghittsumright clicking is the key03:09
e_t_You can try the different preset themes, too.03:09
ghittsumgoing to settings didn't seem to accomplish what I wanted03:09
ghittsumyeah, I went to settings, edited my profile, changed schemes...and wasn't getting anything to work beyond the shell command line03:10
ghittsumthank you.03:10
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LINKSWORD2Is there a widget to post a status update to either Windows Live or to MySpace?03:40
e_t_LINKSWORD2: Kopete can connect to Windows Live Messenger (MSN). I don't know of anything that connects to MySpace.03:44
LINKSWORD2KNotify: "A system restart is required for these widgets to install properly."03:52
LINKSWORD2So... Excuse me. lol03:52
e_t_System restarts are usually only for kernel updates.03:53
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raevinhey everyone, is anyone having fullscreen issues with flash (in chromium, not sure if it has problems in other browsers)?04:01
raevinwhen i fullscreen the screen goes black and the video plays, but the video doesn't actually cover the entire screen04:01
raevinvideo of what i mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08yTBZuCHm804:04
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wildgoosehello SIR_Taco05:09
SIR_Tacowell hello wildgoose05:09
wildgooseraevin, I'm having that same issue using firefox only happens on certain flash sites.05:15
LINKSWORD2Hey! It's wildgoose and SIR_Taco!05:19
LINKSWORD2*Pokes both with a sharp stick.*05:19
LINKSWORD2Hehe. Long time, no see.05:19
SIR_Tacolong time no free time05:20
LINKSWORD2And how about you, wildgoose?05:21
=== erikja is now known as OZ4KK
wildgooseHello LINKSWORD2 I've got to run an errand but I'll be back in a bit.05:21
LINKSWORD2And here I was thinking we'd have a chance to catch up...05:22
* wildgoose sheds tear, heheh05:23
SIR_Tacohaha... again05:24
FloodBotK2liuqingshan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
FloodBotK2liuqingshan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
SIR_Tacoobviously he's been eating alphabits05:32
HUYAHello! Someting strange happens with my aptitude. Can somebody help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/643177/05:52
HUYADNS is ok. I'v try to use google public dns - same result.05:55
e_t_HUYA: Can you ping ?05:56
HUYAyes - ok05:56
e_t_Try "dig @ ppa.launchpad.net"05:58
HUYAalso http://ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl/ubuntu/ is normal opening in browser but05:58
HUYAErr http://ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl/ubuntu/ dapper/main Translation-en_US05:58
HUYASomething wicked happened resolving 'ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)05:58
HUYAin aptitude05:59
HUYA; <<>> DiG 9.7.0-P1 <<>> @ ppa.launchpad.net06:01
HUYA; (1 server found)06:01
HUYA;; global options: +cmd06:01
HUYA;; Got answer:06:01
FloodBotK2HUYA: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
HUYA;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 5402906:01
HUYAe_t_:  what does it mean?06:03
e_t_What does what mean?06:12
HUYAthen i'v changed software source server to US default: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643803/06:14
e_t_Why are you using repos for Dapper?06:15
HUYAam i?06:19
HUYAno idea what are you talking about (06:19
e_t_You've got"ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl dapper Release" in there.06:20
e_t_In your last paste, only the dapper and i2pbote.net sources are failing, everything else works fine.06:21
HUYAe_t_: ok! tnx06:22
lcbhi guys and gals. [kmenuedit] Any known way of avoiding empty menu entries folders of categories; any known way of recovering one (not all) category menu?06:35
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naftilos76hi everyone, i am on Kubuntu 11.04 KDE updated to 4.6.5 and i have a problem which appears to be a well known bug - There have been repeated failed attempts to gain access to a wallet. An application may be misbehaving.06:49
naftilos76i read that deleting the wallet and re-entering password fixes the issue06:49
naftilos76has anybody found any solution on this?06:50
wildgoosenaftilos76, http://askubuntu.com/questions/47216/how-to-disable-kde-wallet (if that doesn't help, I know I've seen it somewhere in the forums)06:54
naftilos76ok thanks07:03
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Guest91958Hi, I need help getting a cdma modem to work on kubuntu08:41
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James147Hello Guest9935909:39
Guest99359I need help connecting a cdma modem on kubuntu09:39
Guest99359and getting earphones to work(in that order)09:39
baron_Guest99359 is now09:42
baron_i need help connecting a cdma modem in kubuntu09:43
cryoniccoremmmmm kubuntu :)11:15
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alvinHow can I reset my mimetypes, or something like that? The problem is: Dolphin no longer creates thumbnails for images. If I select an image, the information pane shows a 'play' button, like it would do for videos.11:47
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BluesKajHiyas all12:04
lcbhello world12:15
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qrtnhow i can make program run when linux starts?12:27
yofelqrtn: if you mean at login: system settings -> startup and shutdown -> autostart, if you mean at system boot, add the command to /etc/rc.local12:30
qrtnyofel: thank you, very helpful12:32
raevinwildgoose: do you have any idea what's causing flash to be all weird?12:34
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duytruongcan someone help me ? Which is any software for learning English ?12:58
* BluesKaj suspects ppl who are desperate for disguise themselves with a woman's nick , so they'll receive faster and more attention from the "knowlegables" , than an ordinary guy type nick does.12:59
BluesKajfor help12:59
qrtnwhat is diference between i386 and amd64 linux version? when i have amd64 procesor and i have linux i386, its wrong (slower etc.) or ok?13:00
bati_BluesKaj: funny isn't it? but sad thing is that it actually usually works :)13:02
tsimpsonqrtn: i386 is not slower, the main reason to use 64bit linux is to use more than 4GB of RAM13:02
ArchangelSe7enduytruong, xchat13:02
tsimpsonBluesKaj: I don't see how that's relevant, or true13:02
BluesKajbati_, take a look over at #ubuntu ...it's abit late but wow , that was something to see13:02
qrtntsimpson: thanks a lot13:03
BluesKajtsimpson, BS13:03
tsimpsonBluesKaj: you're welcome to your opinion, but please express it in the appropriate forums, not in this channel13:04
szalhmm..  anyone have an idea what I need to change where if I want to have fsck on boot a little more verbose?  standard option is --quiet, and when fsck checks a partition it only says which one and, "Your disk drives are being checked for errors. This may take some time."..  I'd like to pass the -C option (progress bars) for fsck on boot13:25
BluesKajszal, not sure , but try removing 'quiet '13:34
szalBluesKaj: where from, that is the question13:34
BluesKaj /etc/default/grub...lemme check13:36
BluesKajyeah, that's it , quiet splash13:37
szalBluesKaj: that's the Grub, I was talking about the fsck that gets executed on boot13:38
BluesKajyeah , so was I ..you can make booting into kubuntu more verbose'13:39
BluesKajlet the fsck run or press 's' for skip , but until you let it run it's course that fsck will be there everytime13:40
szalBluesKaj: you don't seem to get me13:41
BluesKajszal, I do , but that fsck afaik appears after grub , when booting into the OS, not before13:43
szalBluesKaj: I haven't said anything to the contrary13:44
BluesKajunless I've never seen it before13:44
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jtheueris there a more stable (possible older) version of openoffice / libre office available for natty? I don't care about features but It crashes far too often (~10 minutes)14:21
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smozewhere was grub config file again?14:45
heinkel_114hello, I am trying to use the live DVD kubuntu 11.04 and access data on encrypted hardisk with that, using dolphin15:17
heinkel_114however, I can only see some unencrypted grub related files15:18
heinkel_114when I click on the icon in the left hand sidebar for the encrypted container, I need to enter password , which I did, but the program responds that15:19
heinkel_114org.freedesktop.UDisks.Error.Busy: one or more block devices are holding /dev/sda515:20
heinkel_114can I do something to release this hold? and mount the encrypted container?15:20
heinkel_114I want to do a backup and then a fresh install15:21
heinkel_114the system on the laptop broke during upgrade15:21
senorpedrohi folks15:34
senorpedroi upgraded to 11.04. now everytime i load a page in chromium that uses flash, the whole screen 'flickers', meaning for 1/2 seconds its completely dark. this is very annoying. how can i fix that?15:34
senorpedrothat wasnt before with 10.0415:35
senorpedroi'm using the current nvidia driver15:36
Ddpbfsenorpedro: wich flash you have installed15:37
Ddpbfand how ff and rekonq handle flash content15:37
Ddpbfflashplugin installer15:39
Ddpbfor flush plugin non free?15:39
Ddpbf64 or 32 bit?15:39
senorpedroflashplugin installer15:39
senorpedroff: no flickering15:39
* Ddpbf is out of ideas then :(15:40
senorpedroin rekonq also no flickering, but this browser seems broken15:40
Ddpbfsenorpedro: do you use chromium daily or from regular repos15:41
senorpedroregular repos15:41
Ddpbfthen i would suggest you to switch to ppa15:42
Ddpbfi m using chromium daily and it works gud15:42
senorpedrook i'll try that15:42
Ddpbf32 bit flashplugin installer15:42
Ddpbfyou could allways purge ppa if you are not staisfied15:43
senorpedroinstalled chromium from ppa, still flickering...15:46
Ddpbfwich gpu senorpedro15:48
Ddpbfi mean exact model15:48
senorpedronVidia Corporation G86 [GeForce 8400 GS]15:48
Ddpbflscpi -knn | grep -i video15:48
BluesKajsenorpedro, use the recommended driver nvidia-current ...that's what I use , I have the same card15:52
senorpedroBluesKaj, i'm using that driver15:52
DdpbfBluesKaj: he use it15:52
BluesKajok , just got here , so couldn't see the text15:53
BluesKajso senorpedro ..have a problem ?15:57
Ddpbfflash flickering in chromium15:57
Ddpbf32 bit15:57
senorpedrowell loading/reloading a flash-using webpage in chromium causes flicker15:58
BluesKajdefault flash , senorpedro ?15:58
senorpedroalso: when a page that uses flash has the focus, and i press ctrl-t to open a new browser tab, the browser is moved in the background and all the other open windows are placed over it....16:00
BluesKajdoesn't seem to be a flash issue then, senorpedro..rendering in chromium maybe16:04
senorpedrohow can i fix that?16:04
BluesKajdefault chromium or daily builds , senorpedro ?16:05
senorpedrodaily builds16:05
senorpedrobut i had default before, same issue16:05
BluesKajbefore when?16:06
Ddpbf10 minutes ago16:07
Ddpbfi suggested mu to try daily build16:07
BluesKajwhich kde ?16:09
senorpedrokde 416:10
senorpedro4.4.6 i guess16:10
senorpedrothat default one that comes with kubuntu 11.0416:11
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BluesKajdolphin/help/about kde ,will tell you16:11
Ddpbf4.4.6 does not exist16:12
Ddpbfnatty came with 4.6.216:12
senorpedro4.6.2 it is16:13
IamTryingHello anyone here?16:15
BluesKajwell, I'm on 4.6.5 ...wonder i a kde upgrade will help, senorpedro , if you'd like to , add the backpots ppa , sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports  , then do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:17
senorpedrook i'll try16:17
DdpbfBluesKaj: it will give him new amarok16:18
senorpedroi dont use amarok16:18
Ddpbf4.6.5 is other ppa16:18
BluesKajyeah , well remove it16:18
IamTryingHello ?16:18
BluesKaj!ask | IamTrying16:18
ubottuIamTrying: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:18
senorpedrohm seems amarok is the only thing that will be upgraded....16:19
Ddpbfsenorpedro: this ppa16:19
BluesKajddthat ppa that I posted works16:19
Ddpbftehre is a lot ppas for kubuntu ninjas16:19
IamTryingDoes anyone know what is my microphone and speaker directory? /dev/dsp is not working e.g: http://i.stack.imgur.com/7WPVw.png16:21
BluesKajsenorpedro, you could use this one as well , without the backports , sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa...afaik the backports give a full upgrade of kde16:22
senorpedroyeah i'm upgrading right now16:24
BluesKajIamTrying, open a termnal and type alsamixer16:25
BluesKajerr terminal16:25
IamTryingBluesKaj, it does not show me /dev/xyz..... it gives me ncurses mixer.16:27
DdpbfBluesKaj: backorpts will gave full upgrade16:27
Ddpbfwhen kde 4.7 will be ready16:27
BluesKajyes Ddpbf , I mentioned that16:27
Ddpbfpoint releases are in updates16:27
BluesKaj4.7 is RC on 11.10 , but it breaks the install on some setups16:31
IamTryingHow to get the sound cards as directory ?16:31
Peace-BluesKaj: ?16:33
Peace-BluesKaj: have you tried 11.10 ?16:33
IamTryingIt shows /proc/asound/ but what is my mic and speaker then?16:34
IamTryingalsamixer > F2 it shows /proc/asound/etc etc16:34
BluesKajPeace-, yes , unfortunately it broke my system badly, so I reverted16:34
Peace-mm i am going to download it :P16:35
BluesKajPeace-, good luck ..hope 11.10 works for you16:35
IamTryingBluesKaj, any idea plz?16:36
BluesKajalsamixer , also shows all the ctrls for headphones and mics etc . IamTrying ..use those16:36
IamTryingBluesKaj, http://i.imgur.com/UNCDa.png16:38
IamTryingi do not have /dev/xyz < paths to include it here http://i.stack.imgur.com/7WPVw.png16:39
BluesKajIamTrying, any ctrls with an M in the bottom box means it's muted , to see all ctrls use F516:41
BluesKajIamTrying, then open sytem settings phonon , pass the cursor over the devices to see which ones are in the path...headphone output won't bethe only the soundcard analog or digital options16:43
BluesKajheadphone output won't be there16:44
IamTryingBluesKaj, phonon command not found16:44
IamTryingWhat should i put in this output and input? still /dev/dsp? e.g: http://i.stack.imgur.com/7WPVw.png16:45
IamTryingBluesKaj, output and input field remain the same?16:45
BluesKajIamTrying, kmenu>apps>settings>system settings/>multimedia>phonon16:46
BluesKajIamTrying, just noticed . you're on gnome ...go ask in #ubuntu16:48
IamTryingBluesKaj, phonon: command not found $yum -y install phonon; // Package phonon-4.5.0-2.fc15.i686 already installed and latest version16:48
BluesKajIamTrying, your on ubuntu , this is kubuntu support , ask in #ubuntu...since you can't follow my suggestions16:50
BluesKajIamTrying, you're running Fedora /gnome ...go ask in #fedora16:53
IamTryingBluesKaj, i am actually looking for linux answer. In linux how do you say the headphone and mic? /dev/dsp or /dev/mic1 or /dev/headphone1 or /dev/pci16:54
BluesKajshould have spotted that right off the bat ...a bit slow on the uptake16:54
IamTryingBecause we are all linux. we speak same cli.16:55
IamTryingalsamixer does not worked for me.16:55
BluesKajuse F5 in alsamixer to see the headphone ctrls16:55
IamTryingWhat else you can use to dump the /dev/audio and mic?16:55
szalIamTrying: -> #fedora please16:55
James147IamTrying: yes but the details can change between distros... its best to ask on your distros channel..16:55
Picior in ##linux16:56
IamTryingszal, James147 i have kubuntu in another pc, here i am using fedora as base.16:56
PiciIamTrying: Okay? I have windows on a computer, but I'm not going to ask in ##Windows about my Ubuntu problems.16:56
szalIamTrying: that would apply if you had the exact same problem on the other box, and then error msgs or screenshots from Fedora won't help16:56
IamTryingBluesKaj, alsamixer > F5 shows still no /dev/xyz....16:57
PiciIamTrying: Fedora support is offtopic here.  period.16:57
IamTryingBluesKaj, here is F5 http://i.imgur.com/UNCDa.png16:57
BluesKajalsamixer is pretty universal, but he just doesn't get it ...not good at following suggestions ...probly been kicked from #fedora with that attitude16:57
=== bati_ is now known as BATi
IamTryingBluesKaj, sorry but its kubuntu i am running as base i use f1516:58
BluesKajIamTrying, stop asking me questions , you are on fedora ...one more and you're on ignore16:59
BluesKajPici,  thanks17:01
eric_anyone know where i should direct questions regarding thunderbird mail notification not appearing17:41
BluesKajeric_, maybe #mozilla17:46
praachello everyone :-)18:49
praacI needed to edit kdm, kdeinit, ksmserver scripts of my kde system18:49
praacso that I can include some timing parameters, and analyse the performance of various scripts18:49
praacnow as I learnt Amarok guys have done some work http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=amarok.git&a=tree&h=421eac6763687e7f40e138fb0f48854afaea7da2&hb=a7f78c99d849cc35f91a473563799daa9ae338d3&f=src/core/support on this18:49
praaccan you please guide me, on how can I edit the scripts and add your code to the scripts ??????18:49
FloodBotK2praac: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:49
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Macerhello. i don't know why but for some reason my usb ports stopped working. at first i thought maybe the controller died out but i put a pci 2.0 card i had and they still don't work on the card even though i can see the card being detected in dmest19:55
Macerdoes anybody have any ideas?19:55
Macer /var/log/messages is also not detecting devices being plugged into the controller19:56
Maceri tried all types of devices. i have no idea what happened but all of a sudden usb just stopped working19:56
Macerugh. let me boot onto the windows drive and see if it works tere20:02
Macerthis is so lame20:02
cherWhat's the best way to check if a pckg is installed? Is "apt-cache policy pckg-name" good? Is there a better way?20:06
cher(Ideal would be something that sets $?, apt-cache doesn't.)20:06
BluesKajor look in the package manager , cher20:07
cherIsn't apt-cache policy the look in the package manager? Or what do you mean?20:08
BluesKajcher, if you don't have the exact name correct in the policy command , it won't show20:09
cherI have the correct name. I can do apt-cache policy pckg-name | grep "Installed: pckg-name" to get $? set properly, but I'd like a solution which doesn't involve a pipe.20:10
cherMy use case is a java program that uses javax.smartcardio. For that to work, pcscd has to be running as root, and libpcsclite-dev has to be installed. I want to check if these conditions are met, and if not, offer the user an interface to establish these preconditions.20:11
danni_how do i install skype for kubuntu20:17
e_t_danni_: sudo apt-get install skype20:17
chere_t_: I thought that, too, but I tried before I wanted to post, and actually for 11.04, sudo apt-get install skype will not do.20:18
cherdanni_: http://www.kubuntuguide.info/index.php/Natty#Skype contains information on how to install Skype on kubuntu 11.04.20:20
BluesKajskype is best installe from the skype site , choose the linux/ubuntu version , danni_20:21
danni_does not open with package manager20:22
BluesKajcher you lost me on that last post about java, but both pcscd and libpcsclite-dev are available in the repos if you have all of them enabled including other software20:25
cherBluesKaj: I know, I got them installed myself easily. I'm a software author, my piece of software shall check if libpcsclite-dev is installed, so I currently run apt-cache policy libpcsclite-dev from Java and parse its output.20:27
cherBut instead of parsing its output, I'd like to get something that simply indicates with the return code ($? in bash terms) whether or not a pckg is installed.20:27
* BluesKaj nods , but has no idea , unless apt-cache search might show someting20:30
mr-richCorrect me if I'm wrong,  but kubuntu & ubuntu share the same core, yes?20:30
areichmanmr-rich: that's correct20:32
BluesKajmr-rich, the desktops and apps are different but will run on each other's installs20:34
mr-richBluesKaj: so, say I plug in a USB device, it should work the same on both, correct?20:35
BluesKajwell, mr-rich that's theory , in practice it's more complicated with Hardware, unfortunately20:36
BluesKaji spoke about apps and desktops btw , not hardware20:37
mr-richBluesKaj: I have an iPhone. On the laptop (running ubuntu), I can see all of the files and play music.. on the desktop (kubuntu), all I can get to is the camera ...20:38
mr-richBluesKaj: both running 11.0420:38
mr-richBluesKaj: what would the difference be?20:39
BluesKajubuntu interfaces are more suited to your phone ...unfortunately kde lags in HW dev with mobile devices20:43
BluesKajmr-rich, ^20:43
D-coym4v, ping20:52
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »21:06
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andrewxDoes anyone know how to clear the /media cache? When U change dvd's it wants to remember previous contents! its annoying!21:32
PandaBoyDoes anyone know the official Ubuntu IRC channel?21:40
e_t_PandaBoy: #ubuntu21:42
PandaBoye_t_: that doesn't work21:43
e_t_Really? I've got that channel open right now.21:44
lcbPandaBoy: type /join #ubuntu21:44
lcbnp, i get paid by tips21:46
PandaBoy@lcb that only created a new channel (@ubuntu) with only me on...21:46
szalPandaBoy: clean your glasses ;)21:47
lcbPandaBoy: copy and past this to the box where you are writing in /join #ubuntu21:47
lcbmake sure # is # and not € or $21:47
lcbPandaBoy: by the way, write it here, not somewhere else. probably you have more than 1 network open21:48
szallcb: he just joined over there the 3rd time ;)21:50
PandaBoyOkay, it's working now. Except when I do it with F7 (Quick Connect).21:50
andrewxno one understands how to clear /media cache?21:50
lcbwow PandaBoy. Quassel?21:51
lcbandrewx: i'm not sure about /media specifically. unmounting the device?!...21:52
andrewx'releasing' the disc should do it; it doesn't21:53
lcbit should indeed21:53
andrewxits actually remembering directories, etc21:53
lcbprobably that device is not properly configured, think about that option...21:54
andrewxtheres always a trick in terminal ;-)21:54
andrewxjust need to find it!21:55
lcbkill it kill it21:55
andrewxa reset command for /media, media-devices?21:55
lcbandrewx: hmmm don't know anything else besides turning off the fuse switch21:56
lcbandrewx: try #ubuntu to tweak what's going on in there. maybe someone will help doing that.21:57
lcbthat's more a 11.04 specific matter than #kubuntu, i believe. and who knows, you have a bug in there.21:59
lcbor corrupted file, or cd spinning the other wAY AROUND22:00
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lcbOOps, cops, i mean caps, i mean turning off caps before cops arrive22:00
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DoctorPepperhi guys!!!22:20
DoctorPeppercan anyone  tell me how to make  strigi  run ,  cause  in systemsettings it says   Strigi service  not  running  eventhough the strigi indexing checkbox  is checked  ?22:20
v1z_I installed kubuntu-full but I had to use gdm.. kdm doesnt start the windows management22:34
v1z_is that well known?22:34
jonny_nabbwb matt22:44
BluesKajv1z_, install kubuntu-desktop22:47
v1z_BluesKaj:  tx! but that *beyond* kubuntu-full?22:48
v1z_kubuntu-full is a misleading name22:48
v1z_but cool22:48
jonny_nabbwb matt22:49
jonny_nabbis this just a support portal22:49
jonny_nabbi was huge on irc before msn fb etc22:50
jonny_nabbwas looking for lowjack chat22:50
jonny_nabbThis channel is logged. Use of this channel implies acceptance22:51
chervim with syntax highlighting in transparent konsole in front of dragonfly  playing Tron: Legacy on a 50" Plasma just is a sweet sensation :)23:21
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cherPlus, when I connected the HDMI cable to my laptop, a nice dialog popped up, allowing for multi-screen configuration without restarting X - very nice! (You see, I don't uprgade so often)23:24
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, can I configure KMail to receive my Hotmail email account?23:37
OerHeksLINKSWORD2, yes, only if hotmail supports pop3 or smtp23:39
LINKSWORD2I may need help with that... >.>23:45
OerHeksi cant help you with that, i don't use hotmail23:48
e_t_LINKSWORD2: Hotmail uses POP3. The server names are pop3.live.com and smtp.live.com. You can get the details from Hotmail's online help.23:50
OerHeksGmail needs pop3 enabled in preferences, maybe same issue with hotmail/live ?23:53
LINKSWORD2e_t_: Would you allow me to query?23:54
mranimais there anyone using the Amazon downloader?23:54
e_t_LINKSWORD2: OK23:56

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