lifelesspoolie_: whats the link you added to creatingnewprojects for ?00:00
poolie_lifeless: i think people will google 'create launchpad project' end up there and be confused00:00
lifelessok, I think it needs refinement though00:01
poolie_just wanted to give people a chance to understand it is not rules about launchpad as a whole00:01
poolie_typical quoting problem00:01
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wgrantWhere did the 15 new bugs come from? :/00:35
wgranthttp://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/better-bug-subscriptions was published yesterday, but it shows the UI from when the feature was released, which is completely different from the current one :/02:13
wgrantShould we unpublish until it's fixed?02:14
wgrantOh, it's at least not frontpaged.02:14
lifelesseyeballs requested: https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/DatabaseSchemaChangesProcess02:18
wgrantlifeless: Have we analysed recent patches to see how many of them are doable without simultaenous changes?02:21
lifelesswgrant: not rigorously, but we haven't been trying to do it either, so what we've done isn't a baseline02:22
lifelesswgrant: we know that all the ha services out there manage02:22
wgrantlifeless: I think we should before we go much further, so we don't get ourselves into trouble.02:24
wgrantSince we're throwing away read-only (which I still find fairly unwise)02:24
wallyworld_lifeless: about your document ^^^: in the Deploying Patches section, "After successful QA on a patch, ...". I take it that is for hot patches. Cold patches are deployed once a month during out downtime deployment. Shoudl that text say "After QA on a hot patch, ..."?02:25
lifelesswallyworld_: not any more02:25
lifelesswallyworld_: you might want to read yesterdays performance tuesday mail ;)02:25
StevenKwgrant: Do you think the removal of the bazaar-experts celebrity is QA-able?02:26
wallyworld_lifeless: i read it but it clearly has gone in one ear and straight out the other :-(02:26
wgrantStevenK: Check that you have branch access, possibly check that LOSAs do.02:26
StevenKwgrant: I can change the details of an owned branch, good enough?02:27
wgrantStevenK: Indeed.02:28
lifelesswallyworld_: there are now no scheduled monthly patch windows02:29
lifelesswallyworld_: over the next 4 weeks we'll be bringing up the process for doing short downtime multiple times a week02:29
lifelesswallyworld_: (short => less than 300 seconds)02:29
lifelesswallyworld_: and all patches landing from here on in need to be compatible with that process02:29
wallyworld_lifeless: ah, right. thanks. for that 300 seconds, lp will be in ro mode?02:30
wallyworld_this will be a fantasic change02:30
lifelessno, just db connections refused02:31
lifelessgoing into readonly mode and out again takes an hour02:31
wgrantlifeless: In the current implementation.02:31
wgrantThere is nothing that requires that.l02:31
lifelesswgrant: sure, and if someone wants to work on that they can02:31
wgrantEven in the current model, where we have to rebuild the slave because slony is crap.02:32
wgrantTouch file, detach slave, upgrade, remove file, rebuild slave.02:32
wgrantNo slower than blocking connections.02:32
lifelessso no02:32
lifelesswe're not detaching slaves or rebuilding them.02:32
wgrantWhy not?02:32
lifelessthats a cause of about 90% of our downtime delays.02:32
wgrantWe can easily do this without downtime...02:32
lifelessI don't object to a great implementation of readonly mode. But readonly mode must not make the downtime longer or riskier.02:33
lifelessCurrently it does.02:33
wallyworld_if db connections are refused for 5 minutes, the users will see page timeouts?02:33
lifelessAnd its not at all clear to me that that can be fixed on slony.02:33
wgrantCan we tell SSO to GTFO of our DB and move to a sensible replication strategy?02:33
lifelesswgrant: not in the same timeframe as this project ;)02:34
lifelesswallyworld_: they will see a horrible mess in the very first cut, but we'll iterate.02:34
wallyworld_cool, just checking :-)02:34
wgrantlifeless: "a horrible mess" meaning a maintenance page?02:34
lifelesslike, the appservers can show a fail-UFO page when they can't connect to the DB eventually02:34
* wallyworld_ was also wondering that02:34
wgrantUnlike slony, reloading apache isn't risky.02:35
lifelesswgrant: according to losas it is.02:35
wgrantThey are wrong :)02:35
lifelesswgrant: they are the ones dealing with our apaches not restarting cleanly today.02:35
lifelesswgrant: so, I beg to differ.02:35
wgrantWe have had a lot of rollout problems, and that is not one of them that I've ever heard of.02:35
wgrantSo we have rollout problems that are hidden from us? Yay.02:35
lifelesswgrant: we don't restart apache during our rollouts.02:35
spmminor correction. we graceful apache on crowberry.02:36
lifelessah, one.02:36
wgrantWe can't just leave the appservers silently broken for 5 minutes.02:36
spmbranch rewriter thingybobby02:36
lifelesswgrant: 5 minutes is not the target; its the absolute outer limit02:37
wgrantPerfect is the enemy of good, but terrible is the enemy of not looking like we are useless.02:37
lifelesswgrant: the target is 10-20 seconds02:37
lifelesswgrant: look, if you want to jump in and make the error condition look nice, that would be awesome.02:38
lifelesswgrant: I was clear about what I was proposing on -stakeholders02:38
elmowhat's the problem with reloading apache?02:38
wgrantThat's what I said.02:38
StevenKHow do I get (and reset) the OOPS count in a test? self.getOopsCount() or so?02:38
elmore*starting* apache can be problematic02:38
elmobut reloading is just fine02:38
elmowe do it *all the time*02:38
wgrantIf we can't reload Apache, we have pretty serious problems.02:38
lifelesselmo: spm was telling me a month or so back that our ones don't go cleanly occasionally02:39
lifelesselmo: I didn't get details02:39
elmolifeless: restart yes - reload no02:39
elmoand we wouldn't need a restart to put a maintenance page in place02:39
lifelessok, good to know. Can a script running on wildcherry drive such a change ?02:39
wgrantSo I may not be insane. This is good.02:39
elmolifeless: it could, sure02:40
lifelessok, cool.02:40
spmlifeless: I suspect you're mixing problems there. we have a known issue where a reload won't clear a certain problem; necessitating a restart. but that's a different beastie.02:41
lifelessspm: it wasn't, but its beside the point - I'm entirely happy for us to do something you guys consider low-risk-of-fail02:44
lifelessspm: my criteria are: the core script must not block on niceties (because once downtime starts, users are indisposed regardless); and the script must not be able to be made unreliable due to non-core-tasks.02:45
StevenKwgrant: O hai, can haz review?03:55
wgrantStevenK: Which?04:05
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/daily-build-oops/+merge/6791504:09
StevenKwgrant: Danke04:20
pooliespiv, your patch failed again the same way05:08
pooliehas anyone else seen "ImportError: No module named html5browser" inside importfascist?05:09
poolieah i see the mail05:09
pooliespiv i think i can fix it05:10
spivAh good :)05:10
StevenKlifeless: O hai, Mr OCR. Can haz review?05:22
lifelessof whut05:42
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wgrantStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-419534/+merge/6791806:17
StevenKlifeless: Sorry. https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/uploaded-packages-wrong-link/+merge/6791606:35
StevenKwgrant: r=me06:37
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lifelessstub: hiya07:50
lifelessstub: after this cutover, can we do our weekly catchup ?07:50
adeuringgood morning07:52
stublifeless: sure07:54
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jtvAnyone mind if I update dogfood?  allenap, bigjools, StevenK, wgrant?08:56
* jtv jfdis08:56
StevenKAny one up for reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/queue-no-changes ?09:19
StevenKBah, branch URL.09:19
bigjoolsStevenK: where's the bug for that?09:25
StevenKbigjools: I don't think there is one.09:48
bigjoolsStevenK: then what are you fixing?09:48
StevenKbigjools: Happy to file a High bug for it.09:48
bigjoolsjust want to know more about it, 'tis all09:48
StevenKbigjools: Right. When I was working with the LOSAs to reject an ACCEPTED binary upload on germanium, the queue tool didn't work. That branch should sort it.09:49
bigjoolsah ok09:50
bigjoolsfile bug :)09:51
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bigjoolsrelease the hounds - /me just made a branch that allows people to use the API to request uploads to ubuntu by copying packages from PPAs.10:43
LPCIBotProject devel build #888: FAILURE in 2 hr 5 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/888/10:48
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bigjoolsallenap: incoming branch from me if you don't mind?10:51
allenapbigjools: Cool.10:53
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StevenKbigjools: Can you have another look at my MP?10:58
StevenK2 hours?!10:58
* StevenK peers at Jenkins10:58
henninge-lunchallenap: Hi! If you could have a look at my branch while I am away, that would be great.10:58
StevenKSigh, the slave died10:59
bigjoolsStevenK: that's an odd test10:59
StevenKbigjools: It tests that exact code path10:59
StevenKWhich is what you wanted10:59
bigjoolsStevenK: by inspecting the logger?10:59
bigjoolsshouldn't it check no email is sent?10:59
StevenKHow else do I determine it did *nothing*? :-)11:00
StevenKIt doesn't even get that far, it bails out extremly early11:00
bigjoolsso checking that no email is sent will be fine, right?11:00
wgrantStevenK: So it's going to reject it silently?11:00
wgrantThat's bad.11:00
StevenKwgrant: There's no changes file and no blamer11:01
bigjoolsif there's no changes file what else can be done?11:01
wgrantAh, true.11:01
wgrantDelayed copies must die.11:01
bigjoolsnearly there!11:01
bigjoolsmy branch today does some of the PCJ attachment to API copies11:01
* StevenK prods bigjools :-P11:06
bigjoolsStevenK: fix the test to check for no email, examining the debug log is gross11:07
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bigjoolsthat is the intention of the change, right?  To not blow up by attempting to send email with corrupt data (no PU)11:08
StevenKbigjools: Done.11:13
bigjoolsStevenK: I approved you already11:13
StevenKbigjools: Danke11:13
StevenKBring on longpoll11:14
jmlStevenK: how long do we have to wait11:17
jmlit's been two weeks since I saw a working demo11:18
bigjoolsblame lifeless, he wants all this deployment gubbins done :)11:18
StevenKI'm so tempted to reply with 'Oh noes'11:18
jmlbigjools: what sort of deployment gubbins?11:19
bigjoolsit will be the first time we've done something with the new SOA, so the longpoll server needs its own deployment story.  We also need better metrics on it and Rabbit11:20
bigjoolswe'll probably look at it agan when DDs are done.11:20
bigjoolsand when I say "better", I mean "some" :)11:20
jmlbigjools: quite a lot of stuff then11:21
jmlbigjools: it'd be nice to be able to see how an external contributor could help.11:21
bigjoolsjml: the best place would be to help us get metrics since the rest of it's internal11:22
jmlbigjools: got a list of the things you need & the format you need them in?11:23
bigjoolsthat's a better question for lifeless11:23
bigjoolslet me dig up some bugs though11:23
bigjoolshmm no bugs11:24
lifelessjml: the bugs are all linked from the LEP11:24
bigjoolsthere we go11:25
jmllifeless: ok, thanks.11:25
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #720: FAILURE in 5 hr 13 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/720/11:40
cjwatsonis https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/DatabaseSchemaChangesProcess active as of now?  should I be refactoring my multiarch-translations branch to separate out the schema patch?11:43
lifelesscjwatson: yes11:49
wgrantlifeless says yes, but I doubt it.11:49
wgrantBut for yours it can't hurt.11:49
lifelesswgrant: you also doubted making LP faster ;)11:49
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, but that didn't go from 0 to implemented in three weeks :)11:49
lifelesswgrant: indeed, it was faster :P11:49
lifelesswgrant: I want a consult with you wearing your tz-friendly soyuz-internals-specialist about the buildmaster + db resets tomorrow, if you have time11:50
wgrantlifeless: Ewww, but maybe.11:51
cjwatsonwgrant: seeing as I don't really want to wait for Aug 12 :-)11:51
lifelesscjwatson: oh, for clarity11:52
lifelesscjwatson: we need *patches* to abide by that now.11:52
lifelesscjwatson: we're not live on the *deployment* side of it yet, but we're aiming to be doing that rather than a 90 minute downtime in august11:52
bigjoolslifeless: FWIW I don't think the buildmaster has any issues, when I was writing it I often killed it mid-cycle and there's lots of code to recover from Bad Stuff.11:52
lifelessbigjools: thats a great comfort11:53
lifelessbigjools: did you try taking the db out from under it ?11:53
wgrantbigjools: There are a couple of consistency issues that are just about impossible to track down.11:53
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wgrantBut they are rare.11:53
lifelessbigjools: I figure we'll need some reconnection glue11:53
bigjoolslifeless: I didn't test that.11:53
cjwatsonOK; if, for the sake of argument, I posted the db part of that patch separately, might I expect it to be deployed before Aug 12?11:53
bigjoolsall our daemons will need reconnection glue I expect11:53
lifelesscjwatson: expect no. Pleasantly surprised, I hope so.11:53
cjwatson(and how are you tracking dependencies between the separated-out db-devel and devel targeted branches?)11:53
lifelessbigjools: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?field.tag=fastdowntime11:54
bigjoolsyes :)11:54
lifelesscjwatson: for your branch, you'll need to land both components on db-devel (because we're not live on the incremental deploy steps yet)11:54
lifelesscjwatson: but you need to land them in separate landings so we know the schema change doesn't break existing code.11:54
cjwatsonok, makes sense11:55
bigjoolsI think I am in love with bzr switch11:56
bigjoolshow can I break this to my wife11:56
lifelessbigjools: offer her preferred-courtesan status11:56
lifelessbigjools: 'same job, better perks'11:56
bigjools"cour·te·san (kôr t -z n, k r -). n. A woman prostitute"11:57
bigjoolsshe'll love that11:57
nigelbWe desperately need an Ubuntu quotes db.11:58
bigjoolsperhaps some bzr-backed wiki?  *cough*11:59
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StevenKnigelb: No, we *don't*.12:13
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nigelbStevenK: heh12:19
nigelbStevenK: Why not? :-)12:19
StevenKBecause quotes pages are dangerous.12:19
StevenKAnd productivity sinks. Ubuntu has enough of those. :-)12:20
benjiStevenK: that should go on the quotes page12:26
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jcsacketthenninge: ping.13:44
henningejcsackett: Hi! ;)13:54
jcsacketthenninge: hi, i'm looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~henninge/launchpad/bug-740208-ws-regression/+merge/67937, and had one question.13:54
henningejcsackett: ask away13:54
jcsackettis this just you addressing a wart in the code you found, or was this Text/Diff thing responsible for an issue found in qa?13:54
henningeIt was causing an oops13:55
jcsacketthenninge: ok, then is it possible to create a test showing the oops doesn't happen anymore as part of this branch, to prove it's the fix?13:55
henningejcsackett: Sorry, I just realized I forgot to mention more context.13:55
jcsacketthenninge: no worries. just leads to me bugging you on IRC. :-)13:56
henningejcsackett: I could try but it is a test for a corner case.13:56
jcsacketthenninge: how "corner" are we talking? major pain to set up the testcase?13:57
henningejcsackett: I am not sure. There are tests that don't trigger the error so I think something is still missing to create the same situation as in production.13:58
henningejcsackett: But I am happy to give it a try.13:58
henningejcsackett: did you claim the review? deryck had offered to review it. Just to avoid double work.14:00
jcsacketthenninge: i was just looking it over. i claimed it, but can abstain in a comment and assign it to deryck, if he has more context to look at it with. :-)14:01
* deryck doesn't mind jcsackett taking it, but is happy to do it, too14:01
jcsackettderyck, henninge: I'm OCR today, so i may as well finish it up. :-)14:01
deryckjcsackett, henninge -- works for me. :)14:01
henningejcsackett: go ahead ;)14:02
deryckFresh eyes are nice as well.14:02
flacostebigjools: i need to QA https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/80563414:04
flacostebigjools: what do you suggest? I ask a losa to run populate-archive on qastaging and check the builds priority?14:04
bigjoolsflacoste: yes, that should work14:05
bigjoolsflacoste: or staging14:05
flacostebigjools: any easy way to look at an archives builds from the UI? or should I use API, or poke the DB?14:08
bigjoolsflacoste: yes it'll appear in the UI14:08
bigjoolsflacoste: <distro>/+archives14:08
bigjoolsand you can examine the builds14:09
abentleyderyck: chat?14:11
jcsacketthenninge: given the corner-case issue, i think this looks fine. esp as the actual diff is fairly trivial. r=me.14:13
henningejcsackett: thank you! ;)14:13
deryckabentley, sure.  let me fire up mumble.14:14
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flacostedanilos: can you update the description of bug 775691 to clearly describe the low-priority corner case that it is? please15:09
flacostegmb: i think i have the solution to your problem, and it's netierh #1, #2, or #315:10
flacostegmb: i'm confirming my hunch and writing a reply15:10
gmbflacoste: Cool, thanks.15:13
abentleyderyck: is there a way of testing whether an object is an lp.client.Entry?15:19
abentleyderyck: I would have thought you could do prototype === prototype, but I get false positives.15:20
deryckabentley, instanceof will work.15:21
deryckabentley, x instanceof y15:21
deryckI don't know if yui 3 has some wrapper around this to make it nicer.15:21
deryckabentley, so a docs search shows me Assert.isInstanceOf and Y.instanceOf15:23
abentleyderyck: cool.15:23
flacostegmb: hunch failed... writing reply :-(15:31
gmbflacoste: Boo. Oh well.15:34
jkakarI'm regularly getting logged out of Launchpad... is that a temporary issue or was some change made to make this happen?15:47
gary_posterjkakar, temporary.  dbs were flipped around.15:48
gary_posterdanilos, jtv, neither of you are here, but if you had a better idea on triaging https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/810309 that would be great15:49
_mup_Bug #810309: Translator credits appear duplicated <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810309 >15:49
jtvgary_poster: I am here.15:49
gary_posterjtv, why for goodness sake? :-)15:50
jtvgary_poster: I'm in Europe, where it's still more or less working-day hours.15:50
gary_posteroh, ok, didn't know jtv15:50
jtvThis bug looks like some kind of nasty loop behaviour between imports and exports.15:51
jkakargary_poster: Cool, thanks.15:52
jtvoh, hi jkakar!15:52
jkakarjtv: Hi! :)15:53
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* deryck goes offline for lunch, back online in an hour16:34
* bigjools waves at jcsackett16:44
jcsackettheya, bigjools.16:48
bigjoolshowdy jcsackett.  May I push a review in your direction please?16:48
jcsackettbigjools: r=me.17:00
bigjoolsjcsackett: thanking you sir17:01
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LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!17:11
LPCIBotProject devel build #889: FIXED in 5 hr 59 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/889/17:11
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!17:19
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #721: FIXED in 5 hr 39 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/721/17:19
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flacostederyck, gary_poster: a new escalated bug by ISD: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/81062618:04
_mup_Bug #810626: launchpad should mark required sreg attributes  as required <escalated> <Canonical SSO provider:New> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810626 >18:04
flacosteshould be fairly shallow18:04
deryckflacoste, cool, thanks.18:04
gary_posterflacoste, cool, yeah, we were asking you about that one on ops18:04
flacostebut it blocks them deploying their new version as it's a potential source of problems for us18:04
deryckgary_poster, what will it be?  orange or yellow?  rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock for it?18:05
flacostei've only marked the one about making the fields required Critical18:05
flacostesince the other one, is only relevant when we handle multiple OPs18:06
flacosteso I marked it Low18:06
gary_posterderyck, whoever gets to first :-) we've got a couple of escalated in progress already18:06
* flacoste thinks Orange should contribute to the escalated effort ;-)18:06
deryckindeed we can :)18:06
flacosteYellow has 3 potential fixes for the week18:07
* deryck didn't realize yellow had escalated bugs already18:07
gary_posteryellow hears "escalated" and comes running!  It might be...fun, or something?!18:07
deryckflacoste, gary_poster -- we've got a card on orange next lane now for it.18:08
abentleybac: because your getnewcache is based on my json-serialisation, merging from devel creates criss-cross merges and screws up the diffs between my branch and yours.  Could you please refrain from that in the future?18:34
abentleybac: And could you please pull my ~abentley/launchpad/getnewcache, where I've fixed the criss-cross?18:35
abentleyderyck: a closer look at the update_cache code shows it's correctly updating the plain json objects, rather than replacing them with Entry objects.18:39
deryckabentley, ok, thanks for the update.18:41
SpamapSIs there an API call I can do to get this list: https://code.launchpad.net/principia/oneiric18:55
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abentleySpamapS: Yes: getBranches19:34
abentleySpamapS: Actually, that's on DistroSourcePackage, not DistroSeries.19:35
SpamapSabentley: you got me all excited.. ;-)19:37
abentleySpamapS: It probably exists as a method, just not exported yet.19:37
gary_postersinzui, I'm about to file a bug about the send-person-notifications script not logging errors to the filesystem.  Am I right, or did I simply miss it?  AFAIK, one can only get the error reports from the launchpad-error-reports list, which I think is bad.19:43
sinzuigary_poster, I did not find the log. report the bug19:43
gary_posterthanks sinzui19:43
lifelessgary_poster: well it should be oopsing19:51
lifelessgary_poster: have you looked for an OOPS yet ?19:51
lifelessgary_poster: changing from stderr to a log file is an RT generally, if its a Launchpad*Script19:51
gary_posterlifeless, looked for OOPS: how and where would I do so?  I am only aware of a "if you know the OOPS id then you are in luck" interface19:52
lifelessthey all get rsynced to carob19:52
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lifelessflacoste: on bug 81062321:23
_mup_Bug #810623: launchpad oopses when no sreg attributes are returned by SSO <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810623 >21:23
lifelessflacoste: I think we should keep to the oops->critical, but do a real simple fix - make it a UFD or BadRequest21:24
lifelessflacoste: or21:24
lifelessflacoste: close it invalid21:24
poolie_hi all21:52
flacostelifeless: might want to leave a comment21:59
flacostederyck's squad can sort it out when they work on the main one21:59
lifelessflacoste: I will, wanted to discuss with you first ;)22:00
lifelessflacoste: so we didn't get in a bidding war22:00
lifelessflacoste: I favour the first case22:00
flacostelifeless: i'm easy today, so whatever :-)22:01
lifelessheh, ok22:01
poolie_re https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/807383 in theory it ought to be possible to work out which oops a particular user hit, shouldn't it?22:01
poolie_s//oughtn't it?22:01
poolie_or is it just a case of, if they don't work hard enough to report it we don't have a special bug for it?22:02
lifelessits not easy to find the right one (we log oops *files* for things we don't count as OOPS. [thats a bug]).22:04
lifelessalso, we're still swamped, so its not like we're at the point [yet] of picking up the 3 or 4 unique oopses from the daily report and driving them to zero.22:04
lifelesspoolie_: actually, another way to put it is: we track all oopses and well get them all eventually; if soneone wants to jump queue - manually filing a bug for us, thats fine, but then the onus is on them to help us out22:18
poolie_that's pretty much what i though22:26
lifelessoh wow22:35
lifelesssinzui: why ?22:35
lifelessNew member:22:35
lifeless (Choose…)22:35
lifelessYou can't add a team that doesn't have any active members.22:35
lifelesssinzui: adding ~canonical-launchpad-emeritus to https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-emeritus/+addmember22:35
poolie_<lifeless>  The most recent 90 minute downtime was the last ever.22:36
poolie_would be nice22:36
LPCIBotProject devel build #890: FAILURE in 5 hr 36 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/890/22:47
sinzuilifeless, I have never seen that issue show up. I do not know why Lp wont let you23:00
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #722: FAILURE in 5 hr 41 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/722/23:01
sinzuiStevenK, mumble?23:04
lifelesssinzui: I think its a mistake, because a team can be emptied after including in another team23:13
lifelesssinzui: any objection to a jfdi fix ?23:13
sinzuiplease jfdi23:15
StevenKwin 2423:22
nigelbfail? :)23:23
* StevenK kicks nigelb :-P23:23
* nigelb has had a sleepless night :/23:24
wgrantlifeless: When do you want to talk?23:25
lifelesswhen I get off the phone with allison :)23:25
wgrantAttack of the TAs?23:29
nigelbwallyworld_: What time do you EOD?23:30
wallyworld_nigelb: i've only just started my day23:30
=== wallyworld_ changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: wallyworld* (jtv) | Critical bugs: 232 - 0:[######=_]:256
nigelbwallyworld_: I'm about to head to bed on a /very/ late night thanks to work.23:30
wallyworld_nigelb: do you want to ping me later?23:31
nigelbwallyworld_: Yeah, that's why I was trying to figure out what's your usual EOD to plan that.23:31
wallyworld_nigelb: ah, right. i'll be here for another 8-9 hours, plus i can be online tonight. there'll be a few hours in the even when i have soccer23:32
nigelbwallyworld_: In that case, I think I can figure out something today. I'll keep my devel up-to-date23:33
wallyworld_nigelb: ok. i'll wait to hear from you23:34
wallyworld_aaarrghhh. did qastaging just die?23:35
wgrantwallyworld_: Looks fine to me. Maybe it just updated.23:39
wgrantShouldn't have, though.23:40
wallyworld_wgrant: it just came back now23:40
wallyworld_wgrant: could you do me a favour to help me qa? could you subscribe someone (not you or me) to a branch you own and then change the owner to launchpad and let me know which branch?23:41
wgrantlifeless: Do you still only do Skype?23:41
wgrantwallyworld_: https://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~launchpad/launchpad/db-devel-merge-fix23:43
wallyworld_wgrant: awesome thanks23:43
* wallyworld_ marks his bug as qa-ok23:44
* wgrant goes to use canonicaladmin for a while, to acclimatise himself to crap software before using Skype.23:45
wallyworld_skype isn't that bad. it has pretty good echo cancellation23:46
wallyworld_seems to work better than mumble often times23:46
wgrantThe echo cancellation is the only thing that is not crap.23:46
wgrantWell, and the NAT traversal.23:46
wallyworld_they're pretty important features, no?23:46
wgrantYes, but the software itself is crap.23:47
wgrantCrashy, slow, ugly.23:47
lifelesswgrant: its easiest in a bunch of ways, if you don't mind significant feedback I can do voip23:48
wgrantI have Skype not crashing now.23:48
wgrantSo we can use it.23:48
michaelh1Hi there.  I'd like to import the GDB 7.3 release branch into Launchpad.  They use CVS and have a GIT mirror.  Who should I ask? (mwhudson is away)23:59

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