danilosgmb, hi, could you perhaps do a quick review of https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug-790088/+merge/67938 for me? (no OCRs yet, and this is 30 line diff)10:19
* danilos wanders off after some food10:29
gmbdanilos: Sure.]10:31
* gary_poster changes hours to 7:30 (now-ish) to 4:30-ish, at least for a couple of weeks (to be able to take boys to swim lessons)11:33
danilosanyone: how do you feel about learning a bit about translations import queue and crafting some SQL for dpm? (I'd be happy to help, but I think it'd be a nice worthwhile [and simple] exercise if you are interested :)11:47
danilosanyone = oneof( bac, benji, gary_poster, gmb )11:48
benjiwhat's up?11:48
gary_posterI'm interested but I have a bit of a queue myself11:49
gary_posterI'd be happy to have someone else take it.  If not, I can take it in maybe a couple of hours11:49
gary_posterdanilos ^^11:49
benjidanilos: I think I win the has-too-many-things-in-the-pipeline contest, so I'll have to pass11:50
danilosgary_poster, benji: ack, I'll look at gmb/bac to see if they've got a minute or two11:51
gmbdanilos: I'll have some time after the team call if that suits.12:00
danilosgmb, sounds great, thanks12:00
danilosgmb, it seems we do have API for what dpm was asking about, so you might be off the hook :)12:09
gmbHa, that API-does-stuff problem :)12:09
gary_postercall RSN12:29
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb ^^^12:29
gmbSo it seems that multi-team works, but only for a value of "works" where "works" means "doesn't work."12:48
danilosgmb, to me it seems to mean "interesting" as in that curse "may you live in interesting times" :)12:50
gmbdanilos: Yes, that's fairly accurate :)12:50
gmbgary_poster: Shall we chat?13:30
gary_postergmb, yes indood.  please gimme a call13:31
danilosgary_poster, hi, can we perhaps postpone the call for tomorrow?14:19
danilos(or make it very short, fwiw)14:19
gary_posterdanilos, ack, still talking.14:20
danilosgary_poster, cool, thanks14:20
gary_posterdanilos, can talk now too.  I don't have much to talk about.  up to you.14:25
danilosgary_poster, hum, let's do it then :)14:26
gary_posterk :-)14:26
gary_posteroh, oops...CHR15:18
gary_poster...after I go get some water...15:19
gary_postergmb, flacoste's reply was good I thought16:28
* gary_poster lunches16:37
gary_posterbac, will be ready in a sec18:30
gary_posterbac, ok ready anytime, gimme a call when you want18:33
bacgary_poster: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644292/18:39
gary_posterbenji, I'm ready when you are20:02
gary_postergimme a call when you want20:02

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