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DNS777hi there :)00:37
DNS777is there atm a problem with teh buildign system or in maintaince?00:37
DNS777oops i cant type00:37
DNS777i uploaded source packages and they are in "needs building" status, but the site says no time it just says "Start" without any time00:40
wgrantDNS777: All builds are currently on hold due to major breakage in Ubuntu oneiric.00:41
DNS777oh k00:41
DNS777thx for info :)00:41
wgrantDNS777: Should be back to normal in an hour or two.00:42
wgrantDNS777: Things should be happening again now, but it might take a while to catch up,.00:44
DNS777ok thx00:46
DNS777some builds were have a Chroot problem, but i hit the retry button00:53
DNS777- were00:53
wgrantDNS777: Oneiric builds?00:54
wgrantThey're not going to work.00:54
DNS777oh k00:54
wgrantOneiric is still not fixed.00:54
DNS777btw is there somethin in plan that before a build a bot or something checks source package control file and if it sees dependencies then it dont starts to build?00:59
DNS777hope you understand me (my brain is today a bit messed up)00:59
DNS777*if it sees dependencies which are not in repo01:00
StevenKDNS777: In the usual case for that, the build will hit dep-wait and be automatically retried01:02
DNS777yea but i think of something like submit a control file to a bot and then the bot says at once if there or not01:04
DNS777so it could save resources01:05
DNS777and would be maybe faster01:05
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PythonPupHowdy.  I want to update a page on help.ubuntu.com.  I have a launchpad account and I am currently logged into it.  When help.ubuntu.com asks me to login, I don't know what to put.  I have searched answers.launchpad.net as instructed and did not find anything useful.04:40
lifelessPythonPup: it should take you to the ubuntu single signon page04:44
wgrantlogin.launchpad.net, actually.04:44
lifelesswgrant: really? sadface04:44
wgrantPythonPup: Who instructed you to check answers.launchpad.net?04:45
PythonPupThis irc channel has text that says to check answers...04:48
PythonPupI got the message when I connected to this channel.04:48
PythonPupThe help.ubuntu.com page I am trying to edit sends me to  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BadRAM?action=login   when I press the Login to Edit field.04:50
wgrantWhat is on the ?action=login page?04:50
PythonPupAt the top is ubuntu documentation.  There is a field for Name and one for password.  There is a Login button  A little more text is in places.  Should I take a picture and post it somewhere?04:52
PythonPupI think I may have figgured it out.  The page works differently if javascript is enabled, and since I am not daft, I normally browse with it off.04:54
wgrantOdd. I would expect it to work like most OpenID consumers, just presenting you with a button if there is no JavaScript.04:55
wgrantThey must be using some strange plugin.04:55
PythonPupThat is not what it did.  Should I look for some place to report that?04:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 595222 in Moin OpenID module "Using the noscript plugin breaks SSO javascript integration (with Moin?)" [Undecided,New]04:57
PythonPupI do use noscript.04:57
PythonPupI am uncomfortable ever enabling it.  I will make this edit, since I did not find this info anywhere else.04:58
PythonPupwgrant.  I also commented on the bug, since the prior commentor seemed to think that the openid login was also available to people who got this error.  Thank you for your help.05:34
dpmgood morning all. Could someone help me with a question re: delegated teams? On their description I can read "Membership is open, requires approval, and subteams can be open or closed" - I don't quite understand the part that says that membership is open but requires approval. How does that work?07:48
poolie_dpm i think that means anyone can apply but they must be approved07:50
lifelessdpm: its like a restricted team07:51
lifelessdpm: but it permits subteams of any sort rather than equally-or-more-restrictive07:51
lifelessdpm: please file a bug about this confusing you07:51
PythonPupI am in a tead that is open, but needs approval.  I sent messages to the team members and one of them approved me.07:52
PythonPuptead -> team07:52
dpmpoolie_, lifeless. Thanks. Yeah, I understood the subteam part, but I was confused by "membership open, but needs approval". Will file a bug, then07:52
poolie_please include the url where you saw the confusing text07:53
dpmpoolie_, lifeless, done: bug 81031307:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 810313 in Launchpad itself "Confusing text in the description of Delegated teams" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81031307:58
dpmSo, if I'm using a delegated subscription policy for a translation team, and assuming it has direct members and indirect members through an Open subteam, will everyone be able to do translations (i.e. not only translation suggestions), or just those who are direct members will be able to?08:01
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lifelessdpm: yes (all)08:11
dpmthanks lifeless08:13
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maxbflacoste: Hi. Please can you add ~package-import to ~launchpad-debian-maintainers. It seems the UDD importer has been migrated off ~james-w's credentials without noticing that11:19
dpmhi, could someone give me a hand with the Ubuntu translations imports queue? We've got nearly 400 templates that need to be blocked, as they're from manpages, which are not supported and cannot be imported. They're making the imports queue quite crowded and we need to block them so that they do not appear on the queue, but manually marking them as Blocked one by one is a bit of a pain. Could someone give me a hand disabling them all at once? They're at htt11:34
dpmps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/live-build/+imports?field.filter_extension=pot&field.filter_status=all (all the 'manpages/pot/*' templates)11:34
wgrantdanilos, henninge-lunch ^^11:45
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danilosdpm, yellow team will take it, I am trying to find candidates to learn a bit more about translations, and if that fails, I'll do it for you :)11:51
dpmthanks danilos :)11:51
dpmbtw, I've tried to do this through the API in the past, but the status is read-only, so I cannot change it: https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#translation_import_queue_entry11:53
danilosdpm, have you tried using setStatus method instead?12:01
danilosdpm, (now that you mention it :))12:01
dpmno, I did not try, but I will now :)12:02
danilosdpm, cool, let me know how it goes12:02
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henningedanilos, dpm: Yes, that is what we added setStatus for.12:19
dpmhenninge, thanks, I'll try that12:23
dpmhenninge, I've got another question re: sharing. I noticed that this string is not sharing: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/software-center/+pots/software-center/ca/11/+translate - the problem was that the upstream template was named differently. I've sorted that out, and I understand the next step is to run some sort of migration to mark the templates as shared?12:25
henningedpm: Hm, we don't have a way to kick off such a job manually.12:33
henningeI think12:34
dpmhenninge, is there any workaround for translators or project maintainers, other than manually clicking on all translation suggestions for empty messages?12:35
henningedpm: I don't understand.12:35
dpmhenninge, right now in Ubuntu there are empty messages with global suggestions from upstream, where in fact there shouldn't be any suggestions at all and the messages should be shared and contain the same translation. The way to fix this is for translators to go and click on every suggestion, and I'm wondering if there is a way to avoid that and mark these empty messages as shared with upstream all at once12:37
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henningedpm: import upstream translations in Ubuntu.12:42
dpmhenninge, you mean choose "import templates + translations" in the upstream project settings? Will that do it?12:43
henningedpm: no, take the upstream po file and import it into Ubuntu, that way all the translations will be shared.12:44
dpmhenninge, oh, I see, I'll do that12:45
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wagafoSince yesterday I'm trying to upload a <source-changes> with dput to a ppa of mine and I always get [Errno 110: Connection timed out]. This happened after I aborted an upload which was working normally, and after a couple of hours I tried the "dput" again and since yesterday I always get this message. Is there anything on launchpad that could be causing this or should I check further on my system?13:20
dpmhenninge, danilos, the using setStatus('Blocked') worked well, so I could block the 400 templates through the API. The only strange thing is that I had to run the script 3 times, as not all of the templates were blocked in each run13:25
danilosdpm, weird, but I am happy to attribute that to you messing something up :P13:25
bigjoolswagafo: can you ftp directly to the upload service?13:27
gary_posterwagafo, we had issues yesterday but they should have been resolved as of around 08:30 UTC today.  It's possible scripts are dealing with a backlog, but db load looks OK atm.13:28
wagafobigjools : with an ftp from the terminal ppa.launchpad.net responds to me asking for my password13:28
wagafogary_poster: would this cause the timeout I'm seeing?13:28
bigjoolswagafo: ok, how far does dput get, and is your .dput.cf ok?13:28
gary_posterwagafo, bigjools is the expert on this.  Since he is here, I'm just going to listen to him. :-)13:29
wagafobigjools , it arrives until the line starting with Uploading to ppa... and then it sits there for a while and the timeout message comes up13:29
bigjoolswagafo: it sounds like you have a router, proxy or other local connection issue.13:31
wagafobigjools: I'll check, I'm doing it from a network from where I uploaded repeatedly in the past. And the ftp command line connects OK...13:32
bigjoolswagafo: you could try the sftp method instead13:32
bigjoolswagafo: uploading in FTP is an extra connection compared to just getting a prompt13:32
bigjoolsset your upload method to sftp and supply a login = <your LP ID> in .dput.cf13:33
bigjoolsif your ssh key is registered in LP then it'll work13:33
wagafobigjools: where can I read about it ? My ssh key IS registered...13:33
bigjoolsok so edit ~/.dput.cf13:34
bigjoolsthen either change your existing config or add a new section13:34
bigjoolsand change it so:13:34
bigjoolsmethod = sftp13:34
bigjoolslogin = <your Launchpad ID>13:34
bigjoolsthen dput to that target13:35
wagafobigjools, thanks, I didn't have a .dput.cf file in my home, I'll try this13:35
bigjoolswagafo: do you currently use the "dput ppa:<me>" construct then?13:36
wagafobigjools: that's right13:36
bigjoolsok I'll paste you an example config13:36
wagafobigjools: great13:36
bigjoolswagafo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644108/13:37
bigjoolsedit as appropriate13:37
wagafobigjools: many thanks!13:37
flacostemaxb: done13:37
maxbflacoste: thanks :-)13:37
* maxb requeues things13:37
bigjoolswagafo: woops I got one bit wrong, hang on13:38
wagafobigjools: I'm still here13:38
bigjoolswagafo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644109/13:38
flacostedanilos: we should make setStatus a mutator for status13:38
wagafobigjools: OK, [myppa] should be substituted by something or it is just the title of the section?13:38
bigjoolswagafo: it can be anything, it'll be your target in the dput command, like:  "dput myppa something.changes"13:39
wagafobigjools: understood and thanks again13:39
danilosflacoste, we should if that's possible13:39
bigjoolsgary_poster: if you need any of this explaining for future reference feel free to ping :)13:39
bigjoolswagafo: great, good luck13:39
gary_posterthx bigjools.  on call but then will read backlog13:40
dpmdanilos, I'm not sure, the script is quite simple: it gets all the Needs Review templates, iterates through them and marks them as Blocked, so not much room for getting it wrong (although possible). In any case, I'm happy with the result and I don't need to investigate for now :)13:40
maxbflacoste: Oh. And could you add ~package-import to ~ubuntu-branches too?13:41
maxbor maybe I need a ~techboard member for that13:43
flacostemaxb: i'll get an admin to do it13:54
maxbflacoste: no need, pitti has obliged13:54
maxbflacoste: Something odd is happening. The importer is still getting unauthorized errors calling setBranch on debian sourcepackages, even after being added to ~launchpad-debian-maintainers14:11
maxb(<SourcePackage <Distribution 'Debian' (debian)> <DistroSeries u'sid'> <SourcePackageName 'swt-paperclips'>>, 'setBranch', 'launchpad.Edit')14:11
maxbfor example14:11
maxboh, sorry. no it isn't14:13
maxbflacoste: Can I trouble you to re-add james_w to ~launchpad-debian-maintainers, because the UDD importer is apparently still doing its REST API access as james-w14:14
james_wfixing that would require doing the oauth dance logged in as the package import user?14:15
james_wdoes anyone other than poolie know the credentials for that?14:15
maxbprobably not14:19
wagafobigjools: Success!14:32
bigjoolswagafo: great.  Something is wrong with your FTPing then I guess.14:32
wagafobigjools: OK, I'll check14:33
nerd_blokehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/292203 has been marked as invalid against ppp, which project should it be assigned to for user creation with a usergroup membership?14:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 292203 in ppp (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/pppd has group owner dip, not dialout" [Undecided,Invalid]14:36
gary_posterbigjools, just read backlog.  So, what he needed was simple upload to our filesystem and database access was irrelevant, right?14:36
bigjoolsgary_poster: he is trying to use dput over FTP and it was timing out the connection14:37
bigjoolsnothing to do with DB, right14:37
bigjoolsgary_poster: I directed him to use sftp instead and it worked.  It probably means a local router or proxy issue.14:37
gary_posterbigjools, cool.  ah, method = sftp14:38
* gary_poster wouldn't mind doing some small packaging/soyuz work to get a better handle on all this14:38
gary_posternerd_bloke, that's a question for the #ubuntu channel, I think.14:39
nerd_blokegary_poster: tried posting in there and ubuntu-desktop past couple of days, just getting ignored14:45
gary_posternerd_bloke, understood. :-/  I stared at the bug for a second and I don't know enough to help you.  If I were you, I'd try with a reply on the bug itself.  Marco d'Itri said "This should probably be reassigned to the installer to add the user to the dip group by default."14:50
gary_posterI'm honestly not sure what he means, but perhaps you could ask for help in identifying the precise project that should get the bug?14:50
gary_posterIn a bug comment, I mean14:50
flacostemaxb: done14:51
maxbI will talk to poolie when his part of the world is awake again about getting the api access moved over too14:51
SiM0nAanybody for little help ? :S14:58
benjiSiM0nA: as with most IRC channels, we go by the rule "don't ask to ask, just ask"; so ask away and if anyone can help, they will15:01
SiM0nAbenji sorry, my mistake ... because i am blondy :D15:02
SiM0nAso, during installation of libmemcached-0.50 when i do make coomand15:03
SiM0nAi receive this15:04
SiM0nAclients/memcapable.cc:658: error: integer constant is too large for Á-?longÁ-? type15:04
SiM0nAclients/memcapable.cc:728: error: integer constant is too large for Á-?longÁ-? type15:04
SiM0nAclients/memcapable.cc:787: error: integer constant is too large for Á-?longÁ-? type15:04
SiM0nAmake[1]: *** [clients/memcapable.o] Error 115:04
SiM0nAmake[1]: Leaving directory `/www/root/libmemcached-0.50'15:04
SiM0nAmake: *** [all] Error 215:04
benjiSiM0nA: hmm, that doesn't seem to be a question about launchpad.net; maybe you're wanting an Ubuntu-specific channel, or even a memcached chan15:05
benjiSiM0nA: #memcached seems to be the offical memcached chan15:05
SiM0nA10x :)15:06
nerd_blokegary_poster: thanks15:24
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komputesI really need an upstream bug search. I can't be browsing through 1280 bug trackers every time I need to find an upstream bug.17:50
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cjohnstoncan someone look at OOPS-2021EE81 and see if its something i broke please18:15
benjicjohnston: I can't find that OOPS, will you double-check the number for me?18:22
cjohnstonbenji: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-oneiric-community-web-projects18:24
benjicjohnston: That's a bug.  Either LP has a straight-up bug or it has a bug that let you do something you shouldn't be able to do.  Either way it's an LP bug.18:26
cjohnstonbenji: i added a new dependency to the spec18:27
cjohnstondo i need to file a bug?18:27
benjiyep (or find a pre-existing one about the problem)18:28
cjohnstonwhat oops number did you use?18:28
benjiI used the original one you gave me; apparently it hadn't been synced to the OOPS system yet; now it's there.18:29
cjohnstonbenji: Bug #810664  thanks18:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 810664 in Launchpad itself "OOPS-2021EE81" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81066418:30
james_wkomputes, one thing that may help, if you have an upstream bug and want to know where it is in LP use something like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/debbugs/XXXXX where XXXXX is the upstream bug number18:38
james_wdoesn't do everything, but non-obvious and sometimes useful18:38
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komputesjames_w: nope, that doesn't work for me, is that the debian upstream tracker?18:58
james_wkomputes, yes19:06
komputesjames_w: I really need a place where I can input an upstream bug URL and find if any LP bug is linked19:07
james_wif you do the translation of bug tracker -> LP upstream tracker and use the bug id then you can urls like the above19:08
james_wnot as easy, but easier than looking through every bug19:08
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bhearsumwhat drives the launchpad builds? is it buildbot, or hudson, or something custom, or ....?20:17
lifelessbhearsum: launchpad20:36
bhearsumah, so a custom system20:36
lifelessbhearsum: code is in lp:launchpad (but thats a very big tree :P)20:36
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cjohnstonlifeless: I'm wondering if the oops with the community blueprint that you edited is because i added a second blueprint that had the same name?21:34
lifelesscjohnston: possibly yes21:34
lifelesswhich would be a bug in one way or another21:35
lifelessthe url name is unique21:35
lifelessand display names are known to be non-unique21:35
cjohnstonlifeless: is there any chance it would be easy to remove the old bp so that atleast the bp would maybe work?21:35
lifelesswhat are the blueprints in question ?21:36
cjohnstonone against ubuntu and one against loco-directory21:36
lifelessfull urls please21:36
cjohnstonone sec21:36
lifelesscan you try renaming one of them ? e.g. to ...-old21:38
cjohnstonin the display name?21:38
lifelessinitially yes21:39
lifelessand if that doesn't work, the url name21:39
cjohnstonrenamed the first one21:39
cjohnstonwould it take any time for anything to update?21:40
lifelesscjohnston: is that a 'still boom' ?21:40
cjohnstonrenamed to community-o-loco-directory-old21:40
lifeless<- confused21:41
cjohnstonit works21:41
lifelessand you renamed the url name ?21:41
cjohnstonit worked after i renamed the url, not after the display name21:41
cjohnstonSo the problem is that the community-o-loco-directory was the same, even though it was against different projects21:42
lifelessits a regression21:42
cjohnstonWant me to file a bug on that?21:42
lifelessyou have already :)21:42
cjohnstonok.. so that one will work21:43
cjohnstonyay.. thanks lifeless21:44
cjohnstonatleast I know how to fix it21:44
BUGabundojust found a minor hickup and would like to get it clear before filing22:39
BUGabundotheres http://ppa.launchpad.net/22:39
BUGabundoand there's http*S*://ppa.launchpad.net/22:39
BUGabundobut the 2nd is not totally funcional. should it be fixed or removed the vhost for it ?22:39
wgrantBUGabundo: The second is private-ppa.launchpad.net22:40
BUGabundoI have a browser addon that redirects all requests to SSL if found.. and in this case, it will fail to load the page properly . I've blacklist it22:40
BUGabundowgrant: https://private-ppa.launchpad.net won't even load for me22:41
wgrantBUGabundo: Oh?22:42
wgrantHTTPS vhosts only started working sensibly in the last couple of years.22:42
BUGabundoI've used it for several years now22:43
BUGabundobut the question remains22:43
BUGabundoshould I file a bug?22:44
BUGabundoif so, to fix it or to remove it ?22:44
SteveExodushttps://launchpad.net/~steve-bush works for me22:44
BUGabundoSteveExodus: I found it at https://ppa.launchpad.net/pidgin-developers/22:45
SteveExodushttps://private-ppa.launchpad.net/~steve-bush doesnt22:45
wgrantNeither of you have private PPAs, so that's not terribly shocking.22:46
SteveExodusim happy22:46
BUGabundookay, no bug to be filed! just leave it be.... _\22:50
maxbBUGabundo: I think the correct answer here is that it is not valid to assume that http://foo and https://foo refer to the same website, so there is no bug22:50
BUGabundomaxb: I would disagree22:50
maxbIt is a common convention, yes, but there's nothing which says it must, or should, be the case22:51

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