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charlie-tcaCheri703: I am sold on the vertical mouse17:55
charlie-tcaThis evoluent is great! It is big enough for the hand, when the fingers are swollen and don't bend. It is easier to use than the trackballs or standard mouse17:56
charlie-tcaEven though the learning curve is there and takes getting used to, it really is about the best mouse I have tried.17:56
Cheri703ah, very cool :)17:57
charlie-tcaI probably have more mice and trackballs here than most people, too17:59
Cheri703you could start a review site :)18:01
charlie-tcaheh, yeah, I probably could18:02
charlie-tcaI would highly recommend the Evoluent Vertical mouse for anyone with wrist and finger problems18:03
charlie-tcaThe button are very easy to use, even when the fingers can not be used on a keyboard18:03
charlie-tcaSince they are bigger than a normal mouse, you can place your hand on top and slide it around when you need to, but most of the time, it doesn't make my fingers hurt to use it.18:04
Cheri703charlie-tca: I'm really glad it worked out for you :) 18:47
charlie-tcaMe too! Thank you so much for suggesting it18:49

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