persiaWow!  This is the most useless stacktrace I've seen in a while.00:00
persiaNo pointers to where the segfault is happening.00:00
persiaAnd cyclical from frame #1, with gdb reporting a corrupt stack.00:01
sgnbso probably in ocaml land00:01
persiaI'm happy to be a robot, but I don't have any idea how to begin to debug this without instructions.00:02
sgnbwell... you do have access to the surrounding assembly code, don't you? I would try to find the closest symbol or so00:05
persiaI'll need guidance for that.  I'm good at reading stacktraces, but don't really use GDB as such, beyond as a stacktrace generator.00:06
sgnbI usually use the disassemble command00:06
sgnbI should probably do that myself... is there a quick guide to set up an Ubuntu armel box in qemu?00:07
persiaDo you need full system emulation, or just userspace emulation?00:07
sgnbI don't know... sothing enough to reproduce the problem00:08
persiaIf the latter, `mk-sbuild --arch=armel --distro=ubuntu oneiric` should do it, from a Debian system00:08
persiaIf the former, you'll need more setup, and I'd have to hunt up a guide.00:08
sgnbW: Failure trying to run:  dpkg --force-depends --install /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.13-9ubuntu2_armel.deb00:16
persiaOh, right.  debootstrap is broken (/run)00:17
persia`sudo rm -rf /var/lib/schroot/chroots/oneiric-armel`00:17
persiaThen `mk-sbuild --arch=armel --distro=ubuntu natty`00:17
persiaThen `sudo schroot -c natty-armel -uroot`00:17
persiaThen edit sources.list, and dist-upgrade.00:18
sgnbavoiding libc6?00:18
persiaIt doesn't actually avoid libc600:18
persiaIt just avoids the situation that makes libc6 fail to install with debootstrap for oneiric00:18
persiaAlternately, if you want persistence, edit /var/lib/schroot/chroots/natty-amd64/etc/apt/sources.list, and then enter the natty-armel-source chroot.00:19
sgnbok, I can reproduce the segfault00:33
sgnbactually, a mere "ocamlfind" segfaults00:34
sgnbbut I get in gbd: qemu: Unsupported syscall: 2600:34
persiaThat's fine.00:35
persiaWe haven't been grilling qemu-user agressively recently, but I believe that support was added for all the syscalls need to build all the packages in the archive.00:36
persiaWhich would include anything necessary to run ocamlfind properly.00:36
sgnb26 is ptrace00:36
persiaMind you, that isn't how we build stuff, but the work was done to enable just the sort of debugging you're doing now.00:36
persiaAh, hrm.  Maybe running gdb in that environment isn't so reliable :(00:37
persiaWell, I suppose you could try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch/QemuDebootstrap00:38
persiaI've been reminded that there's a buildd chroot available from https://launchpad.net/api/devel/ubuntu/oneiric/armel/chroot_url if you like.00:39
persia(or rather, from the URI given at that URL)00:39
sgnbpersia: actually, an empty program segfaults00:45
persiaEmpty ocaml program?00:45
persiaThen I'm confused.00:46
persiaBecause ocaml didn't change between when it was working and when it wasn't working.00:46
sgnbcreate an empty file "toto.ml"00:46
sgnbrun "ocamlopt toto.ml", then ./a.out00:46
sgnbit segfaults00:46
persiaFile "toto.ml", line 1, characters 0-1:\nError: I/O error: /tmp/camlasm637f94.s: Invalid argument00:47
sgnbpersia: with empty toto.ml?00:47
sgnbfor me, it compiles00:47
persiaThat's the output from `touch toto.ml; ocamlopt toto.ml`00:47
sgnbso it means that you cannot even compile anything00:48
persiaI got here by dist-upgrading my natty buildd chroot, and installing ocamlfind.00:49
persiaMaybe I need to install something else?00:49
sgnbthat's what I did00:50
sgnbsomething must have changed somewhere else00:51
persiaBetween when I did what I did and when you did what you did?  There was only a short window.00:51
persiaAnd not much has been added to the archive, as folk are trying to fix the /run issue (publishing and buildds are expected to stop being manual any time now)00:52
sgnbno, I meant between 2011-05-20 and 2011-06-2800:52
sgnb(when ocaml stuff started segfaulting)00:52
sgnbit must be something very fundamental in the toolchain00:53
persiaWell, we had a successful run on 2011-06-28 ( ocaml-data-notation ), and the failure on 2011-06-29 (oasis)00:53
persiaThere is no difference in the versions of everything in a buildd chroot there.00:53
persiaSome differences in the build-depends, but nothing that I'd call "fundamental toolchain".00:53
persia(as that would be Priority: required or build-essential, or in the complete dependency/recommendation tree of those)00:54
persiaIt was just mpfr4, udev, and apt that differed in the base set.00:55
sgnbit's getting late here00:57
* sgnb goes to bed00:57
persiaSleep well.00:57
* persia updates the buildlog parsing scripts, and looks for differences in build-dependencies00:57
persiaHrm.  ocaml-findlib is the only package with a different version.01:01
persiaMind you, there are other packages that are present/absent in one or the other build based on differing build-dependencies, but those shouldn't matter for parallel runs of ocamlfind01:02
sgnbwell, one should find an oneiric snapshot of 2011-06-28, and try to compile and run a program there01:03
persiaDunno if such a thing exists.01:03
persiaDoes anyone happen to have an un-updated chroot including ocaml stuff from June?01:05
sgnbpersia: binutils is faulty01:58
sgnbwith the version from natty, the empty program works01:59
sgnbpersia: was binutils the same between the two builds above?01:59
sgnbMartyn: an empty .ml file compiled with ocamlopt segfaults on armel02:01
sgnb(since ~end of June)02:01
persiasgnb, Yes02:01
sgnbwell, the upgrade from to did trigger the bug here02:03
persiaAh, maybe we have more than one bug.02:03
persiaBoth of those builds were running binutils
sgnbmaybe one of them doesn't run native program at all02:04
sgnbindeed, it seems that ocaml-data-notation doesn't run ocamlfind02:05
sgnbah no, it does02:05
persiaI think that pair of builds is likely the closest in time we'll find between working and not working.02:06
persiaEverything from oasis on seems to have the same issue.02:06
sgnbwell: take a natty chroot, install ocaml-nox, upgrade everything but binutils and gcc, it works, upgrade binutils, and it doesn't02:06
persiaAnd this makes me suspect that findlib misbuilt02:06
persiaVery odd.02:07
sgnbI don't think findlib is involved02:07
persiaBTW, oneiric can debootstrap again02:08
persiaWhat happens if you install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/binutils/ ?02:08
* sgnb really goes to bed now02:09
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armelTestanyone know of a tool to edit the size of a disk image without messing up the data inside?02:30
persiaDoesn't exist, but there are tools that achieve most of the things that people want to do when they want to do that.02:32
persiaSo, what do you want to do?02:32
armelTestwell i have the same img i was working with yesterday... the img size is only 2G i wanna make it 302:36
persiaOK.  If I remember correctly, that was a raw filesystem on an image, with no internal partitions or anything.02:37
* persia grumbles at dd not behaving quite as expected.02:39
persiaOK, try `dd if=/dev/zero of=my.img bs=1G count=3 && mkfs.ext4 -f my.img && mount -o loop my.img /mnt/new`02:41
armelTestok kewl imma try one more thing b4 i do that02:42
armelTestthanx again02:42
persiaHeh, OK :)  Note that this creates a 3G image.02:42
persiaThen you have to copy stuff.02:42
persiatar is probably easiest for that.02:43
lintux04 or 11.10 work with the arm archictecture here's the link for the dreamplug: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/c-5-dreamplugs.aspx04:55
lintuxi just purchased  dreamplug while it has ubuntu downloads my question is will 11.04 or 11.10 work with the arm archictecture here's the link for the dreamplug: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/c-5-dreamplugs.aspx04:56
lintuxmy fault marvell kirkwood cpu05:00
lintuxanybody here?05:05
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persialintux, Hey.  Ubuntu won't run on that device (although Marvell ships it with their own remix of Ubuntu)05:38
persiahttp://dreamplug.googlecode.com/files/Dreamplug%20-%20Change%20OS%20from%20%20Debian%20to%20Ubuntu-20110615.1.pdf has instructions05:39
persiaHrm.  Timing :(05:39
lilsteviepersia: bad timing there05:43
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=== Baybal is now known as Baybal32
sijiWhether any netinstall option is avilable for ubuntu-arm06:47
sijiI mean atleast for building RootFs06:48
sijijanimo`, you there06:53
janimo`siji, yes07:00
sijiI gone through your doc07:01
sijiregd.devlopers meet07:01
sijijanimo`, here am working with Beagleboard and ubuntu-arm07:01
sijiAnd looking for a small ubuntu footprint version07:02
siji(with minimal things)07:02
sijiSo I think netinstall for arm will be good option07:03
janimo`siji, I have never used netinstall so cannot comment on this :)07:04
sijiok,now netinstall is not there for ARM07:04
sijiSo why cant you add it in the developers agenda ?07:05
janimo`siji, the session is about package build failures and aimed for those who want to help fix them. It is not about installing Ubuntu on ARM hw07:27
sijijanimo`, ok07:28
persiasiji, If you're looking for stable, small-footprint, check out the "headless" images.07:29
sijipersia, ok07:29
persiaFor the beagleboard, you want the "OMAP3" image.07:30
sijipersia, i have tried those07:30
persiaThe headless one?  It wasn't small enough for you?07:31
persiaNetinstall is only available for oneiric (in-development), at http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/oneiric/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap/netboot/07:33
persiaBut it may or may not work, depending on the current state of the archive.07:33
sijipersia, ok07:35
sijilet me try that07:35
persiaThanks for helping test :)07:39
sijipersia, actually am in the process of deciding OS for one of our Device07:41
persiasiji, What sort of device?07:43
sijiAn ubuntu based tablet07:44
siji*without android :)07:45
persiaOh, cool!  That sounds kind of exciting.07:45
sijiand i strongly prefer ubuntu07:47
sgnbpersia: same pb, but it works with the one just before (
sgnbpersia: reported it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/binutils/+bug/81040211:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 810402 in binutils "all native ocaml programs segfault on armel" [Undecided,New]11:17
sijipersia, my protorype is running with 11.04 now14:28
sijiNow try to enable touch screen14:29
LPhashello, installing ubuntu-omap4-extras from trunk on ubuntu10.10 i get this error Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 2.6.35-903-omap4 (armel)15:02
LPhasConsult the make.log in the build directory15:02
LPhas/var/lib/dkms/pvr-omap4-kernel/1.7~git0f0b25f/build/ for more information.15:02
LPhasTraceback (most recent call last):15:02
LPhas  File "/usr/share/apport/package-hooks/dkms.py", line 57, in <module>15:02
LPhas    report.write(open(apport.fileutils.make_report_path(report), 'w'))15:02
rsalvetimahmoh: GrueMaster: next u-boot upload should have the unique mac address fixed on panda15:08
rsalvetithanks to jcrigby15:08
rsalvetistill building15:08
GrueMasterYes, I saw the email.  Thanks.15:08
* mahmoh now has to convince jcrigby to make pxe a default (and /me needs to also investigate a boot failure by the likes of "test" with that setup)15:09
damian0815hey folks.. i just got wlan working on my pandaboard, got a quick q about wpa_supplicant binary vs functions.sh versions...15:14
damian0815basically /etc/wpa_supplicant/functions.sh includes a "-s" parameter when starting the wpa_supplicant daemon15:14
damian0815but this isn't supported by the wpa_supplicant that comes with ubuntu natty15:14
damian0815is this a bug? something wrong on my end?15:15
ogra_NCommander, oh, in case you didnt notice, persia provided a patch for netboot that now also publishes the MLO and u-boot.bin files ... so we have publically available unpacked binaries for both15:36
ogra_lool, so i'm just looking into adding the postinst/trigger bits to flash-kernel, whats the reason you focus on the ABI only in your original patch, shouldnt just the latest existing initrd suffice to get the version without splitting out the ABI15:38
GrueMasterStill need to post non-uImage versions of the kernel & initrd (or create an abootimg netboot.img) for usbboot.15:38
ogra_GrueMaster, meh, you should have said that when persia wrote the patch ... its just two more lines to the two he added :)15:38
GrueMasterI noted it back at the rally.15:39
ogra_bug ?15:39
GrueMasterNCommander was working on the d-i at the time.15:39
GrueMasterNo one told me persia was working on it.15:39
ogra_he fixed the other issue a few days ago15:40
ogra_spontaneous as response to a user request15:40
ogra_but it was discussed largely in here, probably at a time where you were asleep though15:41
ogra_bug #80881015:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 808810 in debian-installer "Please publish MLO and u-boot.bin on download page for OMAP netinst" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80881015:42
GrueMasterI'm guessing that the u-boot that is there is already out of date, given the fix for die-id based mac in pxe.15:42
ogra_well, there was an upload today iirc15:42
ogra_    - Generated unique usbethaddr (LP: #809015)15:43
ogra_i guess thats the one15:43
ogra_so next d-i rebuild then15:45
LPhasGrueMaster, any hint about this? http://dpaste.com/568564/16:03
* GrueMaster looks16:03
GrueMasterI haven't seen that before, but I haven't looked at maverick in quite a while.16:04
LPhashttp://dpaste.com/568555/ this is the make.log16:04
GrueMasterIt looks almost like the maverick ppa got clobbered by the natty ppa release.16:06
LPhasrobclarck (from ti) sent me here saying16:06
LPhas<robclark> hmm.. you might want to ask on #ubuntu-arm ...  I think there was some PM related API that changed in the kernel..  so when it upgrades the kernel, it tried to rebuild the old pvr kernel module, which failed..16:06
LPhas<robclark> I don't remember how to get around that.. I think perhaps remove the sgx packages, then update, then re-install them16:06
LPhasbut makes no sense to me16:06
GrueMasterI'll see if I can reproduce.  May take a while though.16:06
robclark<LPhas> Linux panda 2.6.35-903-omap4 #22-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 28 17:25:09 UTC 2011 armv7l GNU/Linux16:13
robclarkthat is not the trunk update..  which should be 2.6.35-98016:13
ogra_but the trunk driver ?16:13
LPhasyou are saying that i'm not using the up-to-date kernel16:14
ogra_you are using the release kernel16:14
LPhasthat's strange16:14
robclarkyeah.. so I guess you end up w/ release kernel, but trunk userspace syslink libs and trunk firmware16:14
ogra_but not the release PPA for pvr16:14
LPhasok, in which package i have te kernel?16:15
robclarkI seem to remember you need to uninstall pvr/sgx stuff to update.. otherwise the upgrade gets blocked by dkms compile error16:15
ogra_linx-omap4 should be the metapackage pulling in everything16:15
ogra_oh, that might be, could be that dkms is blocking16:15
LPhasuhm uhm16:15
LPhasdpkg drives me mad16:16
robclarkit is a bit ugly, but if you uninstall sgx/pvr stuff first, then upgrade, then re-install16:16
GrueMasterIt may not have updated the boot partition.  We have a bug filed about that.16:16
LPhasi've already tryied to uninstall sgx/pvr16:16
robclarkIt isn't really dpkg's fault..16:16
LPhasand upgrade16:16
GrueMasterRun "sudo flash-kernel" and it should update properly.16:16
LPhasas you said16:16
ogra_GrueMaster, indeed !16:16
robclarkproblem is kernel API that changed, so old pvr kernel module won't compile w/ new kernel headers and visa versa :-(16:16
ogra_why didnt i have that idea !16:16
LPhasbut no newer package were pulled16:16
LPhasalso, i tryied to run flash-kernel16:16
* ogra_ is hacking on exactly that code atm :)16:16
LPhasphas@panda:~$ aptitude show linux-omap416:18
LPhasPackage: linux-omap416:18
ogra_ugh, aptotude16:18
LPhaswhat's wrong with aptitude?16:18
ogra_thats just the meta16:18
ogra_check for the linux-image package16:18
LPhas(aptitude show linux-image-omap4 ...016:19
GrueMasterLPhas: Make sure you have maverick-updates in /etc/apt/sources.list16:19
GrueMasteriirc, that was also an issue with maverick.16:20
LPhasGrueMaster, yep, they seems to be there16:20
ogra_dpkg -l|grep linux-image16:20
ogra_try that16:20
LPhasphas@panda:~$ dpkg -l | grep linux-image16:20
LPhasii  linux-image-2.6.35-903-omap4                  2.6.35-903.22                                     Linux kernel image for version 2.6.35 on TI OMAP4-based systems16:20
LPhasii  linux-image-omap4                                                         Linux kernel image for the OMAP4 architecture.16:20
ogra_k, only 90316:20
LPhashttp://dpaste.com/568569/ sources.list16:21
ogra_hmm, how did you add the PPA16:21
ogra_that looks like manually hacked in, usually ppas end up in sources.list.d16:22
LPhasyep, i put them in manually16:22
ogra_(if you use the right tools)16:22
ogra_well, better follow the instructions next time :)16:22
ogra_wont do harm though16:23
ogra_its intresting that you dont get the new kernel from the trunkl ppa16:23
ogra_robclark, did you not provide a linux-meta package too in there ?16:24
LPhascouldn't i simply download the deb file and dpkg -i into it?16:24
ogra_well, there is a bug we'd like to identify :)16:24
LPhasi get your point16:25
ogra_so there is no -meta package16:26
ogra_thats the issue16:26
ogra_sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.35-980-omap4  linux-headers-2.6.35-98016:27
ogra_try that one16:27
robclarkogra_, no idea..  I wasn't really too involved in the deb packaging stuff16:32
ogra_well, thats definitely the blocker16:32
LPhasso i won "i found a bug" t-shirt?16:33
ogra_though its possible that one of the ubuntu-omap4-*-* packages would pull it in16:33
jayabharathfollowup from #pandaboard....16:42
jayabharathLPhas: plz file a bug against the TI natty PPA16:43
jayabharathwill ping the folks who maintain it to see if they can address it16:43
LPhasthis is maverick not natty16:44
LPhasand i'm not 100% aware of what happened, not sure at least.16:45
LPhasbasically the meta package of linux-omap4 was not updated to include newest linux kernel?16:45
jayabharathoops yeah maverick16:46
ogra_there was no metapackage created at all16:47
LPhassob, now i've x not starting16:47
ogra_the existing one in the archive cant depend on a linux-image outside of the archive16:47
ogra_so someone would have had to create it inside the PPA with a higher version than the archive has16:47
ogra_which didnt happen16:48
LPhasFATAL: Module omap_gpu not found.16:48
LPhasthat's strange16:48
LPhasoh, well, i probably got why16:48
LPhasmmh i keep getting omap_gpu not found on startx17:11
LPhasi removed and reinstalled ubuntu_omap4_extra thinking that previous installation compiled modules for the old kernel17:12
LPhasbut nothing, it keeps not working17:12
rsalvetiLPhas: which ppa are you trying to use at maverick?17:20
rsalvetirelease or trunk?17:20
LPhasi have to use it17:20
rsalvetiso you should be using the linux-kernel from trunk17:20
LPhasrealease worked fine17:20
LPhasif you look at the history17:20
LPhaswe found a bug17:21
LPhasthat prevent me to automatically get the latest version of the kernel from trunk17:21
rsalvetiLetoThe2nd: 2.6.35-980.1release9?17:21
rsalvetiLetoThe2nd: sorry17:21
rsalvetiLPhas: 2.6.35-980.1release9?17:21
rsalvetioh, ok17:22
rsalvetisorry, huge backlog17:22
LPhasi noticed that linux-headers-2.7.35-980-omap4 was not installed17:22
GrueMasterInteresting.  Fresh install of maverick, I am getting dependency failures trying to install ubuntu-omap4-extras.17:22
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ogra_: LPhas: http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_OMAP_trunk17:23
LPhasGrueMaster, interesting17:23
rsalvetithat's why meta wasn't included I believe17:23
rsalvetineed to update x-loader/u-boot to make it work17:23
LPhasrsalveti, the "update the bootloader" part seems quite overcomplex17:24
LPhasshouldn't just sudo flash-kernel do the trick17:24
LPhasoh, it is intended17:24
rsalvetiLPhas: not for maverick17:24
LPhasoh my17:24
GrueMasterAh, forgot that multiverse & universe were not added by default.  yet another bug (and I now remember filing it back in the day).17:26
LPhaswell, that is written on a lot of documents online17:27
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* GrueMaster signs his life away to the TI liscense agreements in Maverick for the sake of testing.17:48
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pmcgowanjeremiah, ping18:08
ogra_GrueMaster, you read them before clicking, right ?? especially the part talking about your first born i hope :)18:12
GrueMasterBah.  They can have him18:13
* GrueMaster is more concerned with the anti-cloning on Titan 6 clause.18:13
ogra_i dont think it says they want him :)18:14
ogra_i might misremember, but i think there was something abotu life long vacancy *g*18:14
persiaSo, about exposing netboot stuff: I tossed in those lines as a whim.  The linked branch should make the process fairly obvious if anyone wants to include more files.18:39
persiaI don't know what needs doing with abootimg to generate the right files for USB: if someone *really* wants to send me code to stick in the file, rather than writing a patch, that works.18:39
persiaI'm also happy to review someone's patch adding abootimg code for syntax, integration, etc. if someone wants.18:40
persia(although I can't commit, so it would be a "looks sane" class of review)18:40
persiasgnb, Thanks for filing a bug about it.  Looks like useful progress is happening there.18:42
persiaogra_, regarding the image list: it's not *my* list (if anyone's it's skaet's), and it has mx5 images for Server starting today and for Xubuntu Desktop starting on Tuesday, so not everything is supposed to wait until 080118:43
* micahg notices a mention of xubuntu ARM images...18:45
persiamicahg, Yeah.  When 0705 passed with no images in site, I bumped the date to 0719, because I figured two weeks was a nice round number, and someone else had set server/mx5 to 071518:46
persiaFrom my memory of our last conversation about it, you didn't really care about the specific date, as long as there was something to test sufficiently before alpha-3 that you had a chance to fix obvious problems.18:47
micahgpersia: sounds good, now I just have to take care of my other stuff so I can actually play with this image :)18:48
persiasgnb, Apologies: I am having a bit of trouble following the discussion in bug #810402 : Does the 4.5 -> 4.6 change mean we need *another* ocaml transition for ABI shift?  Is there something else happening?18:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 810402 in ocaml "all native ocaml programs segfault on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81040218:49
ogra_note that there was an ocaml rebuild upload today18:50
ogra_which apparently ftbfs on all arches (i havent looked at the logs)18:50
persiaYeah, doko uploaded ocaml to build with a different GCC.18:51
persiaIt didn't work.18:51
* persia grumbles at the institutionalilsation of *yet another* resolution: "qHD", with a vertical component less than 600 pixels (and also less than the 576 pixels we chased last time someone had this sort of brilliant idea)18:52
ogra_well, but you should at least get back horizontally what you lose vertically :)18:53
persiaBut the discussion in 810402 seems to be missing some bits, or at least it doesn't make sense to me as a conversation.18:53
ogra_why else would they add a q in front :P18:53
persia'q' is for "Quarter".18:53
ogra_must be something special :)18:53
persia19020x1080, except only 1/4 of it, so 540 vertical.18:54
ogra_so not for quality ?18:54
persia960 horizontal is fine.18:54
Neko960x540? better than iPhone4 resolution! :)18:54
ogra_well, thats close to PAL18:54
persiaStill means that we either have to squash software or declare the resolution unsupported as a primary display18:56
ogra_i would go for the latter18:58
ogra_how many devices that fit a formfactor we target are there ?18:59
ogra_(with such resolution)18:59
micahgjanimo: I know where to find you when I do have porting questions, thanks :)19:03
janimomicahg, ok ;)19:03
* janimo crosses fingers it is not chromium :)19:04
persiaogra_, An increasing number, since the resolution has a special name, and glass is available, rather than being considered weird.19:05
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mahmohI'm trying to run pts/java-scimark2 and all the tests fail, exit non-zero, so it's not working for sure.  Should I try the same tests with JemVM? (if that's correct?)19:38
GrueMastermahmoh: It would be interesting to look at the failure log to see why it fails.  I have openjdk-jre-headless running jenkins slave on panda.19:39
mahmohoh, and a crash in netboot too: http://paste.ubuntu.com/644324/ ( cmagina )19:40
mahmohGrueMaster: good point, let me try that19:41
mahmohGrueMaster: it wasn't installed correctly b/c unzip wasn't installed!  Is that a package bug I would guess?19:49
GrueMasterdependency issue.  Should have resolved on it's own, but phoronix-test-suite relies on aptitude to install (which isn't part of the standard image).19:50
mahmohit's not?  It's installed on my image (netboot w/ basic server), unzip was not19:51
GrueMasterI have seen a lot of dependency issues with phoronix.19:51
GrueMasterMy netboot install with basic server & openssh-server didn't have aptitude.  Not sure what else was missing.  Had to install build-essential for the io tests as well.19:52
GrueMasterPossibly due to the debootstrap issues.19:53
mahmohGrueMaster: hm, build-essential was installed for me by pts, aptitude's on there, wonder why our installs are different, itneresting19:53
GrueMasterI installed fresh Tuesday, right in the middle of the bootstrap issues.19:54
mahmohok, I'm installing now on another board so I'll check19:55
mahmohactually, the install crashed (noted above)19:55
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mahmohand if anyone is nice enough to take a look at this and tell me why it's failing I'd appreciate it:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/644336/20:02
GrueMastermahmoh: Install libaio-dev20:07
mahmohGrueMaster: awesome, thx20:13
mahmohoh, it's installed already20:14
JohuHy. I did this : http://seabright.co.nz/2011/03/29/building-the-ubuntu-pandaboard-kernel/ but it didn't seem to do anything. Where should the uImage be?20:34
Johuit only compilse some object files but makes no linking... is this right?20:38
JohuIt might  be I'm getting just to sleepy.  I'll continue tomorrow.20:41
phhno that's not right20:41
phhthsi page assumes you've got an arm crosscompiler20:41
JohuI was doing it on arm not on crosscompiler20:42
JohuOkey... thanks.20:43
phhok so you don't have CROSS_COMPILE= line ?20:43
Johuin makefile?20:44
phhin the page you gave, it says to do export CROSS_COMPILE=blabla20:44
Johui didn't need to..20:44
Johui didn't crosscompile.20:45
JohuI was running it on panda.20:45
phhso you didn't do what this page states like you first said ...20:46
Johueee... yes (angel).... i did allmost like it told20:46
phhanyway, what did the make say ?20:47
JohuIt just made lot of .o and finaly one ld. It didn't link.20:48
phhld isn't a link tool ?20:48
JohuOnly on ld.20:49
JohuI did something wrong. I'll go to sleep... won't anoy you any more.20:49
phhif you did something wrong there are errors in make log ...20:49
JohuI'll come back with log tomorrow... there was no errors.20:50
JohuTnhx. Bb.20:50
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persiaCould anyone point me to nice documentation on boot.scr?  I can't seem to find anything :(23:43
rcn-eepersia, just something generic or?  (btw, if this is for the beagle, upstream has moved to uEnv.txt's instead, clear text..)23:52
persiaNot for the beagle, and for a vendor uboot, so not even something where I can happily leverage upstream, sadly.23:52
persiaBut generic works.  I basically want to understand conditionals, how program flow works, and how variables are used.23:53
rcn-eeah, variables get fun.. they end up being 'true' if they are not defined..23:54
persiaIn the end, I probably just want to setenv ramdisk/kernel/bootargs and bootm, but when digging through the pile of examples I have, it helps to have docs alongside to make sure I understand.23:54
persiaOh my :)23:54
rcn-eekinda decent example here: https://github.com/RobertCNelson/flash-omap/blob/master/reset.cmd23:54
rcn-eeif i boot that on  a pandaboard, where "beaglerev" is not defiend it'll drop into every if..23:55
persiaWait, not only is the variable true if undefined, but the tests are automatically true if the variables are undefined?23:55
rcn-eeyeah, that's what i ran into, it was annoying..23:56
rcn-eeso you have to be pretty careful with the end target..23:56
persiaIn one of the examples I'm looking at, there's a construction that might work around that: "if test "_${foo}" = "_"; then:"23:56
persia(explicitly tests for null state, but presumably the same sort of thing could be extended to specifically testing a known state)23:57
rcn-eeactually, yeah that should work, didn't think of that..23:57
persiaHeh, and that's why sharing is good :)23:58
persiaMind you, having documentation that mentioned the flaw in the implementation of test and the workaround would be even better :)23:58

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