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etneghey coz_13:26
etnegany luck?13:26
coz_etneg,  no  I am still working on the 3d models ,,,sorry13:26
coz_etneg,  these models take hours to do,, they have to be modeled then animated13:26
coz_I am having issues with the butterfly swarm and its rendering in the compiz cube model plugin right now13:27
coz_it takes me longer because I am definitly ont a 3d animator :(13:28
coz_definitly "not"13:31
etnegah ok13:32
etnegi think i scrapped the iea13:32
etneglet them go with the weird nuclear reactor logo13:32
etnegk i guess i'll leave this place. there isn't much activity and i dont think i have much to offer to ubuntu at this point13:33
etneglater coz_13:33
coz_geez  I dont know how I could fit that into my schedule,, I feel bad but   hey13:34
troy_scoz_: Greets.16:57
troy_svish: Hello vishy.16:57
coz_troy_s,  hey guy16:58
troy_scoz_: It doesn't look like you were getting PMs the other day.16:58
coz_troy_s,  I dont think I did,, why/ did you pm me?16:58
troy_scoz_: No reason in particular. It just seemed odd that you weren't responding.16:59
coz_troy_s,  oh could be I have so many tabs on xcaht I didnt see it ...apologies16:59
troy_scoz_: XChat? You nerd.16:59
coz_troy_s,  lol...yes xchat ,, for years now,, cant let go of it :)17:00
tsimpsonI usually find it pretty easy to see them in xchat, as they're all put at the bottom of the list17:03
troy_stsimpson: Shush. It's coz_. He can barely see 20 pixels around a letter at a time. Sheesh.17:04
coz_tsimpson,  I have tabs set for channels,, and 2 servers running with 12 channels totoal17:04
tsimpsonmeh, call me when you're at 71 (which is apparently what I have open)17:05
coz_then I apparenlty have no exuses17:05
coz_or proper spelling skills17:05
tsimpsonit does take xchat over 5 mins to sync to all the channels when I start it up though, so I wouldn't recommend that many :)17:06
coz_tsimpson,  that I can understand,, even with my 12 channels it takes a while17:06
coz_applolgies anyway troy_s  for not seeing the PM,, was this about the colouring thingy yesterday?17:07
troy_scoz_: May have been.17:07
troy_stsimpson: When you have 71 windows monitored, you are supposed to be getting paid. Significantly.17:08
coz_troy_s,  I couldnt make time for that colouring project,,  I am trying to figure out why some my animated 3d models dont render properly in compiz17:08
tsimpsontroy_s: feel free to donate :p17:08
coz_tsimpson,  I dont think i would want to do that amount of support ,, I am assuming many of those are support channels17:09
coz_not "free" anyway17:09
tsimpsoncoz_: lots are, lots are just channels that I keep an eye on as a member of the IRC council17:10
coz_ah ok17:10
coz_tsimpson,  I find a few support channels are enough for me plus one or two "venting"  channels and one or two  observing ones is all I can handle17:10
tsimpsonyou learn to override the desire to look at a channel just because it has activity ;)17:11
coz_i understand that,, this channel , however, when it is acti17:13
coz_active  i tend to jump to it17:14
coz_simply because it is generally inactive :)17:14
coz_I feel bad for that etneg guy who wanted his drawings coloured digitally,, i just dont have the time,,, and really I think he should be looking into at the very least Gimp17:15
tsimpsonI eventually get around to looking at the channels, I just don't jump on them17:17
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