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BenzBotbenonsoftware: Error: "say" is not a valid command.07:59
head_victimHmmm a bot hey?08:19
head_victimHe was still in another channel so I passed on the good news08:27
elkydo you think you can tell him nicely that per freenode policy he's supposed to ask the people who run channels that permission is supposed to be sought before joining bots to them?08:28
elkyerr... that doesn't evne make sense to me.08:28
elkytell him he's supposed to ask ops permission before joining bots to channels, per freenode policy.08:29
head_victimYeah I actually just pointed him to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines which states no bots in #ubuntu namespace unless already authorised.08:30
elkythere are some special bot play channels on freenode, he just needs to search the channels list08:31
head_victimjaddi27: I've pinged the mootbot log maintainer about the log issue as well just so you know.08:33
jaddi27thanks for that08:33
jaddi27I just sent out the email about the meeting08:33
head_victimIt's fallen over before, takes a few days to come back if I recall correctly.08:34
jaddi27Will the logs be available after that, or will they never be generated?08:34
head_victimThey usually come up after a couple of days. 08:35
fabricator4Evening all08:35
head_victimGday fabricator4 08:35
fabricator4Is there anything planned for software freedom day?08:37
head_victimNot at this stage as far as our team goes, but by all means feel free to correct that :)08:38
fabricator4:-)  what format does it normally take, what's the objective?08:39
head_victimThe objective is to hold a public event to encourage users to try free software (of which Ubuntu is but one of many)08:40
head_victimI'd suggest contacting a local LUG to see if you can get things organised. Or just organise one yourself and invite them 08:40
fabricator4OK, but surely doing it for a LUG would be a bit like preaching to the converted?08:41
head_victimNo, I meant getting them involved in helping you run one08:41
head_victimSo that you aren't duplicating efforts in the one locatin08:41
fabricator4Oh.  The only LUG up this way is the Caboolture Retirees LUG :-)08:42
head_victimAh fair enough. Check out the sfd.org website, last I checked it had reasonable details on what's involved08:42
head_victimActually, that doesn't seem to work, give http://softwarefreedomday.org/ a shot08:43
fabricator4OK, will do.  One of the things I was thinking about was seeing if it would be possible to have a stand at University open days.08:43
head_victimThat would be perfect08:43
fabricator4Must be getting close to mid year enrolement, some unis have an open day.08:44
head_victimGood idea08:44
fabricator4I'll make some enquiries.  The only thing that concerns me is that many universities/lecturers seem stuck on Windoze.08:44
head_victimMost universities have some kind of computer club setup you might be able to convince to help you run a stand at the open day. 08:45
fabricator4That's a good idea.08:46
jaddi27head_victim, I have updated the wiki header to have the August meeting date now08:51
head_victimjaddi27: thanks mate08:53
head_victimThat's why I made that to do list, I kept forgetting one or two of the "little" things here and there when I didn't have it to work off.08:54
jaddi27Yes, it was a good idea to make that08:54
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