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philipballewhas anyone else noticed their battery life got longer? apt-get updated and now my bettery is lasting an extra hour01:07
Error404NotFoundhow would an update save power...01:09
Unit193Kernel update might01:10
Error404NotFoundby an hour?01:11
Error404NotFoundis there a power save setting in ubuntu?01:11
Error404NotFoundpossibly dimmed his display01:11
philipballewError404NotFound, yeah, it went from 3.5 to 5 hours. it might be a kernal update. seemes weird if my battery all the sudden started pumping more power out01:12
Error404NotFoundthats one serious kernal update if thats what it is01:13
Error404NotFoundi never use my laptop so i wouldnt know about battery life01:14
Unit193This talks about the issue (not fix) http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTM3NQ01:14
Error404NotFoundima have to update my laptop now..01:18
philipballewUnit193, this seemes like its crazy. interesting bug01:29
LincMiiCan I install software off a website using Ubuntu Natty Server Edition?02:28
LincMiiIs anyone in here?02:29
Elise001Hi. I am not familiar with it.02:31
LincMiiIs anyone familiar with hosting an Ubuntu LAMP server on VirtualBox?02:33
Elise001I am still learning myself. Perhaps Seidos knows of this.02:34
pleia2LincMii: not really sure what you mean "install software off a website"02:34
pleia2and I've run LAMP in lots of virtualized environments, do you have specific questions about it?02:35
LincMiipleia2: I'm trying to experiement and learn about hosting a web environment from home through VirtualBox and Ubuntu 11.04 server edition02:37
pleia2what's your host operating system?02:37
LincMiiWindows 7 Prof02:38
pleia2do you want this ubuntu server to be accessible to the internet?02:39
pleia2you might need some special configuration in Windows (not sure how that works, I don't use Windows) but otherwise it should work fine :)02:40
LincMiiThanks :) I think my biggest problem right now is adjusting to the CLI of ubuntu's server edition02:41
* pleia2 nods02:41
pleia2https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/index.html is helpful02:42
LincMiiThank you :)02:43
pleia2https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/web-servers.html in particular02:44
LincMiiIf I wanted to install a file from a website however, such as the ubuntu.iso ... Can I do that through the cli?02:44
pleia2if you want to download a file from the command line you can use either curl or wget02:45
pleia2so: wget http://example.com/foo.txt02:45
pleia2or curl http://example.com/foo.txt02:45
pleia2but an ubuntu iso is a whole operating system, so I don't know how you'd install that from inside the operating system02:46
LincMiiOh okay. Thank you :)02:46
LincMiiThe .iso was just an example to make it more clear. I guess I made it more confusing :P02:46
pleia2wget and curl just download the file, it's up to you what you do with it from there02:48
LincMiiThat's what I needed to know :)02:49
LincMiiThanks a lot02:49
Error404NotFoundi cant close or minimize anything!04:25
Jorbfix your mouse04:26
Error404NotFoundnothing to click04:26
Jorbcan you terminate programs in terminal?04:26
Jorboh the boxes arent there?04:27
Error404NotFoundhow do i get it back04:29
Error404NotFoundthis is annoying04:29
coalwateru killed ur unity?04:30
Error404NotFoundhell if i know what happened04:30
Error404NotFoundi rebooted and wham04:30
Error404NotFoundthe boxes were gone04:30
coalwatercan u run a comand from alt+f2 ?04:30
Error404NotFoundmy apple kb dont like alt f204:31
coalwaterctrl+alt+t ?04:31
Error404NotFoundi can open terminal04:31
coalwatercompiz --replace04:31
Error404NotFoundwhats that do04:31
coalwaterreplaces the window decorator04:32
coalwaterwhich i believe might be ur problem04:32
Error404NotFoundError: Screen 0 on display ":0.0" already has a window manager; try using the --replace option to replace the current window manager.04:32
coalwaterur running it from tty0 ?04:33
Error404NotFoundi dont use unity04:33
coalwaterdid u write the '--replace' ?04:33
Error404NotFoundc&p what you said04:34
coalwaterhm, though it says use --replace in the error lol04:34
coalwaterok well, if u restart it'll get fixed, i just wanted to spare u the reboot04:35
coalwateror wait04:35
coalwaterdo something else04:35
* Error404NotFound waits...04:35
coalwaterservice gdm restart, but it will restart ur session, if u want to save any thing before u try it04:36
coalwaterand kill ur irc client too04:37
coalwaterlike i said lol04:37
coalwaterits a normal issue, whenever u get any problems with decorators just replace compiz04:43
Error404NotFoundall i did was reboot04:44
coalwateryea, it not a perm problem, just happens randomly04:44
coalwateralt+f2 => 'compiz --replace'  should spare u the rebooting04:45
Error404NotFoundalt f2 does nothing04:45
coalwatero well04:47
Error404NotFoundapple kb04:47
coalwateranyway gotta go04:47
coalwatersee u04:47
Error404NotFoundok i think my computer is jacked..06:01
philipballewError404NotFound, what now?06:06
Error404NotFoundjust weird crap goin on surfin..06:06
Error404NotFoundsearching on ebay for crap and it goes to diff sites..06:06
philipballewError404NotFound, did you try with more then one browser06:07
M0hiError404NotFound: offtopic talks in #ubuntu-begginers-team =]06:07
Error404NotFoundwhos off topic...06:12
Error404NotFoundphilipballew:  it stopped now...06:14
philipballewcomputers are crazy06:14
Error404NotFoundmakes me want to buy a mac..06:15
truepurpleWhere in ubuntu do I find my DVD drive? I don't see it in nautilus.06:27
holsteintruepurple: you have a disc in there?06:27
truepurpleI mean it sees the disk well enough to burn to it, but not to actually open it or AV scan it06:28
holsteinAV scan?06:28
truepurpleIts not listed in nautilus at all06:28
Error404NotFoundwhy you use av on linux..06:29
holsteintruepurple: when i put a DVD in, it auto mounts06:29
truepurpleIts for the windows program disk, which is why its especially frusterating that nautilus cant see it06:29
holsteinthats the default action06:29
holsteinwindows program disc?06:30
Error404NotFoundwindoze is evil06:30
truepurpleAnd I dont want to get more flake about AV, I'm sick of it06:30
holstein*the* ?06:30
holsteintruepurple: if i had a disc that didnt auto mount, i would probably look at how it was made06:30
Error404NotFoundtru dat06:30
holsteinError404NotFound: truepurple is a windows user06:31
truepurpleI mean flak, I guess06:31
Error404NotFoundpfft windoze06:31
philipballewtruepurple, no need for av on a linux pc06:31
truepurplesetting up dual booting06:31
truepurplePlease save it philip06:31
Error404NotFoundhe just jealous we have computers that run good06:32
truepurplethe issue at hand is why its not seeing my DVD drive06:32
Error404NotFoundand hes stuck limping by with windoze06:32
truepurpleHey, windows and my motherboard didn't have any trouble detecting my drive06:32
holsteinError404NotFound: its just not appropriate for this particular channel06:32
Error404NotFoundwhat isnt06:33
holsteintruepurple: the DVD you made?06:33
holsteinError404NotFound: it being the last few comments06:33
truepurpleI burned it, yes06:33
Error404NotFoundthen its broke06:33
truepurpleNo it works06:33
Error404NotFounddo other disks auto mount?06:33
holsteintruepurple: im still not clear on what you burned...06:33
truepurpleWhy does it matter, it works on anything other then ubuntu which won't even see the drive itself06:34
Error404NotFoundsounds like a pebkac error06:34
holsteintruepurple: i feel like im missing some information06:34
truepurpleI mean even brasero sees it06:34
holsteintruepurple: did you burn the disc with buntu?06:35
holsteinOK, so buntu does see the drive itself then?06:35
holsteinyou dont see an empty icon like on the windows systems06:35
truepurplebut it can't find the disk/drive it itself burned to06:35
holsteintruepurple: it?06:35
holsteinit wont06:35
holsteinyou can though06:35
holsteinfor me, i put a disc in, and it mounts06:36
truepurpleThat is not what is happening though06:36
holsteinError404NotFound has suggested trying a different disk06:36
Error404NotFoundcan you see drive in computer?06:36
philipballewis it in /media06:36
truepurpleor if its mounting, its doing so somewhere invisible06:36
truepurpleNo I don't see any drive06:37
holsteintruepurple: you wont see any drive06:37
holsteinyou dont see a blank icon like on the windows systems06:37
holsteinits not like that06:37
Error404NotFoundi see my drives06:37
Error404NotFoundeven without a disk in it06:37
truepurpleYes, I should be able to too06:37
truepurplebut I dont06:37
truepurpleI dont see any listings that I can't account for06:38
Error404NotFoundhome foldert06:38
truepurpleI see my usb flash drive, but not my DVD drive06:38
holsteintruepurple: can you get *any* disc to mount automatically?06:38
truepurplemy usb flash drive06:38
holsteintruepurple: any optical disc06:38
truepurpleAnd if its not mounting at all, how can ubuntu burn to it?06:38
Error404NotFoundsounds like hardware issue06:39
philipballewis it possible the driver for the cd drive isnt there?06:39
Error404NotFoundshut off computer unplug optical drive boot ubuntu06:39
Error404NotFoundshut off again plug in again start ubuntu06:39
truepurpleeh, sounds like a hassle06:40
Error404NotFoundthats troubleshooting 10106:40
truepurpleI will try another dvd, a movie of mine06:40
holsteintruepurple: can you get *any* CD/DVD to mount automatically?06:40
Error404NotFoundwhats terminal to check drivess06:40
Error404NotFoundlike lspci06:40
M0hifdisk -l ?06:41
philipballewit may be lsusb as well06:41
holsteinyeah, ^^ thats what i use06:41
holsteinsudo fdisk -l06:41
philipballewdepends on how the cdive is installed06:41
truepurpleI don't see that either06:41
holsteintruepurple: you dont see?06:41
truepurpleI don't see the movie dvd I installed06:42
truepurpleI mean put in06:42
Error404NotFoundlike i said hardware06:42
Error404NotFoundtry what i suggested06:42
holsteintruepurple: i say its a driver thing then06:42
philipballewtruepurple, open the terminal and tyoe what Error404NotFound  and paste here06:42
philipballewor say post a link to http://pastebin.com/06:43
truepurpleThat would explain why I can burn it, but not see it in nautilus?06:43
holsteintruepurple: who knows how you burned to it, but the burned disc is not working corretly, right?06:43
truepurplephilip, I am not getting any errors to put in pastebin06:43
Error404NotFoundtruepurple:  hit places computer06:43
truepurpleother dvds arent showing either holstein06:43
Error404NotFoundwhats in there06:43
truepurpleAH, there it is06:44
M0hiError404NotFound: do you know that this channel is logged?06:44
Error404NotFoundsure do06:44
M0hiand do you know that this channel is only for talks related to help regarding Ubuntu and not the ebay and others?06:45
philipballewtruepurple, we have it! congratulations06:45
truepurpleOk, so why did I have to go through there to see it? Why doesnt it show regularly in nautilus?06:45
Error404NotFoundi mention a computer problem dude06:45
Error404NotFoundget over yourself06:45
truepurpleAnd why won't this DVD movie run or something?06:45
philipballewM0hi, his ebay problem was a computer problem. thus a ubuntu problem06:46
M0hiyou have to use #ubuntu-beginners-team to talk about those non ubuntu related stuff06:46
philipballewM0hi, he was on the right channel i believe. it was ubuntu releated i think06:46
Error404NotFoundif i go off topic you will know it...06:46
philipballewright click and open with a the movie player you have06:47
holsteinError404NotFound: actually, you are offtopic, and its easy to join the OT channel :)06:47
truepurplephilipballew: I did try that, first thing06:47
M0hiholstein: (;06:47
truepurplephilipballew: I wouldn't have said anything without trying that first, I don't expect things like autorun from linux06:47
philipballewtruepurple, what exactly did you do06:47
truepurplephilipballew: Exactly as you said, I right clicked it and choose open06:48
truepurplenothing happened06:48
philipballewdo you have a movie player installed?06:48
truepurpleI dont know, ubuntu doesnt come preinstalled with one?06:48
philipballewit does06:49
truepurpleYes I do, I watched some anime earlier from a file06:49
holsteinthey'll be codecs you'll need to install probably06:49
philipballewhere ill find them06:49
M0hitruepurple: check for updates to confirm whether there is some missong driver06:49
truepurpleYeah but I didn't get any codec errors, I got nothing at all06:49
holsteinyeah, a kernel rev can really change things support-wise06:49
truepurpleAlso the drive just says "cd/dvd drive" it doesn't label itself like there is anything in it.06:50
philipballewrun this06:50
philipballewsudo apt-get install libdvdread406:50
M0hitruepurple: have you tried with other DVDs?06:51
philipballewsudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh06:51
truepurplephilipballew: What are those?06:51
philipballewthey install dvd codects06:51
Error404NotFoundi imagine codecs06:51
truepurpleI am pretty sure it is not a codec issue06:52
philipballewclick the link above to see where i copyed them from06:52
philipballewyoull still need them06:52
truepurpleIf it were codec issue, Id get a error message or something06:52
Error404NotFoundyep i just installed them06:52
philipballewnot nessesserly06:52
holsteintruepurple: you dont get codecs with ubuntu, so it is quite likely06:52
truepurpleAnyway I installed codecs I think when I made it so I could run that avi file06:52
truepurpleI have run video files under this ubuntu06:52
philipballewava and dvd codecs are 2 different installs06:52
holsteinright, but what kinds...06:53
truepurplebut why could lack of codecs cause it to not see the drives content or interact with it at all?06:53
truepurplewhen I tried to run the avi file before I had codecs for it, I got messages and stuff06:53
truepurpleThis is like there is nothing there06:53
holsteinim not sure thats whats happening06:53
holsteinit might just be unlike what you are used to06:54
Error404NotFoundi still think its hardware06:54
Error404NotFoundif you put in a real dvd movie and it dont play06:54
truepurpleyou mean driver?06:54
Error404NotFoundi doubt its a driver06:54
truepurpleYou think the dvd drive is bad?06:54
holsteinyeah, but from what i understand, it works fine in windows06:54
holsteinthats supports the driver theory06:55
truepurpleWell I actually havent managed to dual boot windows yet, still trying to figure out how to do it all right06:55
philipballewthen lspci should tell the model. you can google that and see if theres a bug06:55
truepurpleit gives me a headache06:55
philipballewinstall windows first06:55
truepurpleMore to it to do it right, especially how I want to do it06:55
truepurpleand how come I have to go to this computer thing to see the drive at all06:56
Error404NotFoundhave to go to computer in windows to see drive...06:56
truepurpleand if the drive is bad for reading, could it still burn just fine?06:56
M0hitruepurple: open terminal and typed lspci ?06:57
Error404NotFoundare you trying to read a burned disk?06:57
M0hican you pastebin the result?06:57
holsteinshare it with us here http://paste.ubuntu.com/ truepurple06:57
M0hisorry too much complicated words06:58
* M0hi scratches head06:59
philipballewwould lspci -vvv be better?06:59
truepurpleI don't think so, thats even longer07:00
holsteinmaybe... i dont see what im looking for there07:00
holsteintruepurple: it wont hurt to paste it in07:01
philipballewtry lspci -vvv it shows even more deteal07:01
Justice125days connection uptime for a dlink router, that has to be a record no ?07:01
philipballewalso do lusb -vvv07:01
M0hilsusb I beleive07:02
truepurpleyeah lusb didnt work07:02
philipballewM0hi, your right lsusb -vvv07:02
Error404NotFoundsudo fdisk -l07:02
Error404NotFounderm thats partitions07:03
holsteinJustice: not bad :)07:03
Justicemaybe I should contact Dlink so they can update their track on uptime since dlinks often dont have higher uptime than a week ^^07:04
Error404NotFoundcat /var/log/dmesg | egrep '(CD|DVD)'07:04
M0hitruepurple: dmesg | grep DVD07:04
truepurpleNothing happened07:05
Error404NotFoundtype what i said07:05
Error404NotFoundwill list all optical drives07:05
Error404NotFoundand drivers07:06
truepurpleIt did not07:06
truepurpleIt just gave me a fresh prompt07:06
holsteinError404NotFound: yeah, and it listed something on my system07:06
philipballewmine to07:06
M0hithen the driver is missing07:06
philipballewit is indeed07:06
holsteinand i dont have an optical drive07:07
Justiceplaying hide n seek :P07:07
truepurplewithout a driver, I could still burn using that drive?07:07
M0hiholstein: mouse07:07
Error404NotFoundwhat it should look like ^07:07
truepurplebut did you type "cat /var/log/dmesg | egrep"?07:08
Error404NotFoundcopy and paste it into terminal07:08
Error404NotFoundcat /var/log/dmesg | egrep '(CD|DVD)'07:09
truepurpleUsage: egrep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...07:09
truepurpleTry `egrep --help' for more information.07:09
Error404NotFoundthis is what team viewer is for...07:10
M0hitruepurple: just try using grep07:11
M0hiinstead of egrep07:11
Error404NotFoundgives one complete access to a remote computer07:11
truepurple"dmesg | grep DVD", you mean?07:11
truepurpleor just "grep"?07:11
philipballewteamviewer is nice07:12
truepurpleeh, I don't want to welcome a bunch of strangers onto my PC anyway :p07:12
M0hidmesg | grep DVD and also cat /var/log/dmesg | grep '(CD|DVD)'07:12
truepurplePlus I can tell you everyting I see just fine07:12
M0hitruepurple: true07:12
Error404NotFoundyou still have control when someone is on your computer using teamviewer07:13
truepurpleI tried the former M0hi07:13
truepurple"cat /var/log/dmesg | grep" doesn't work, same message07:13
M0hitry the other one too and if it is not listing any, the go for a driver update. whats your DVD brand truepurple ?07:13
truepurpleUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...07:13
truepurpleTry `grep --help' for more information.07:13
M0hitruepurple: what version are you using?07:13
M0hihmmm! grep command07:14
M0hitruepurple: when you updated the machine lastly?07:14
Error404NotFoundi dont see why that command doesnt work..07:14
JusticeError404NotFound, noone can stop a rm /* command faster than i type it :P07:15
Error404NotFoundi got that command from a post from like 4 years ago..07:15
truepurpleM0hi: When did I? a few days ago07:15
Error404NotFoundbig kernal updates from yesterday..07:15
M0hitruepurple: you tried with other DVDs?07:15
Error404NotFoundthats what i said07:15
truepurpleI tried two movie dvds besides the one I burned07:15
Error404NotFounda real dvd movie or music cd07:15
truepurpleReal movie DVDs, from official clam shell etc07:16
Justicewait what issue you got?07:16
M0hiis that working before? I mean before some days?07:17
M0hiJustice: DVD not showing up07:17
Justicei would check BIOS if its listed there.07:17
Error404NotFounddid he not say he seen the drive in computer?07:18
truepurpleError404NotFound: I see the drive, but I can't use it07:18
Error404NotFounddo what i said then07:18
truepurpleIt sits there like a dead icon or something07:18
Error404NotFoundshutdown unplug the drive07:18
truepurpleNot reflecting anything in it07:18
Justicetry to mount the dvd then07:18
Error404NotFoundshutdown and plug back in07:19
Error404NotFoundshould reinstall driver07:19
Justicebtw do a dmesg | grep rom do anything ?07:20
truepurpleError404NotFound:  Unplugging sata cable unnecessary?07:20
Error404NotFoundjust power cable07:20
Justicetruepurple, the sata cable is not bent or anything close to 90c no?07:21
Justice(90 degrees)07:21
Error404NotFoundtry this truepurple07:21
Error404NotFoundwodim --devices07:21
Error404NotFoundshould look like07:22
Error404NotFound0  dev='/dev/scd0'rwrw-- : 'PIONEER' 'DVD-RW  DVRTS08'07:22
Justicenice never knew that :P07:22
JusticePIONEER, arrent those expensive?07:22
truepurpleJustice: right07:22
Justiceright what?07:23
truepurpleJustice: cables are fine, I put em in myself07:23
Error404NotFoundits actualy a slot drive laptop dvd for a laptop07:23
truepurpleError404NotFound: 0  dev='/dev/scd0'rwrw-- : 'ASUS' 'DRW-24B1ST   a'07:23
Error404NotFoundin my desktop07:23
truepurpleAnd asus is my DVD drive07:23
Error404NotFoundthen ubuntu sees it07:24
truepurpleNot in the ways that count for using it, except for burning on it07:24
Justicehm  0  dev='/dev/scd0'rwrw-- : 'TSSTcorp' 'CDDVDW SH-S223L'07:24
truepurpleAre you still recommending I pull the power on my drive and stuff?07:25
Error404NotFoundi would07:25
Error404NotFoundmount dev/scd007:26
Error404NotFoundmount /dev/scd007:27
truepurpleIt caused my DVD drive to spin up, but said "mount: can't find /dev/scd0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"07:27
Error404NotFoundpull the power plug once07:28
Error404NotFoundand come back07:28
Error404NotFounddid you have a cd in it?07:28
M0hianyways, I ll say that the dvd driver is not proper maybe and will be advising to check the ASUS dvd driver for you particular brand.07:29
truepurpleI got a bunch of windows and stuff open, and if I left IRC id need to record all this chat, so I am not eager to do that07:29
Error404NotFoundmount /dev/cdrom07:29
truepurplemount: can't find /dev/cdrom in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:30
truepurpleand its a dvd drive (though it does play CDs like most all of them)07:30
truepurpleDoes the fact that it sees it with that one command, that it sees it to burn on it, and that it sees the drive but not anything on it, mean anything for whether its drivers or whether the power should be pulled and replugged while rebooting?07:32
truepurpleI mean with process of elimination07:32
Error404NotFoundits either driver problem or compatibility with linux07:35
truepurpleBut what about the fact that it burns disks?07:36
truepurpleAnd does so just fine07:36
Justicemaybe ubuntu is buthurt dunno07:37
Justicebut there should be something in dmesg though.07:38
Error404NotFoundmaybe 2 diff drivers for it07:38
Error404NotFoundfor burning and readin07:38
Justicedont think so07:39
Justicemaybe a firmware issue on the drive though...07:39
Justicewould google the drive and check if someone else got the iffies.07:39
truepurpleYou mean google to try to find a driver for this DVD drive?07:40
truepurplefor linux?07:40
Justiceno to check if other creatures on the planet earth got issues with it07:41
Error404NotFoundfirmware for yer drive07:41
truepurpleWould a fireware update work under linux though07:46
truepurpleand do you really think firmware is the answer?07:46
Error404NotFoundi would imagine it would work, it gives an md507:48
Error404NotFoundand it cant hurt..07:48
truepurpleBut it seems to be written to run under windows07:49
Error404NotFounddidnt you say you dual boot?07:49
truepurpleAnd how do I check my firmware level?07:49
truepurpleI haven't set up dual boot yet07:49
Error404NotFoundi dont think you can07:52
Error404NotFoundbut i doubt its the newest version07:53
Error404NotFoundjust try unplugging it once07:54
truepurpleOK, but it will take some time to wrap up whats currently up07:55
Error404NotFoundlike internet searches?07:55
truepurpleand irc chat info07:56
truepurpleOK I will try now08:07
Error404NotFound man i sure hope he dont unplug it without shutting it off..08:09
RH43G0Hey guys08:26
RH43G0Does anyone know how to install an AV on UBUNTU? I seem to get it installed, and it works fine, untill after the first update... I think it might be region issues... I havn't tried reinstalling08:28
truepurpleok that worked08:29
truepurpleIts seeing the dvd08:29
truepurpleCould not read DVD. This may be because the DVD is encrypted and a DVD decryption library is not installed.08:30
truepurpleWhat do I need to install again for that? What do I need to type or where do I need to go?08:30
RH43G0Have you tried the package manager and look for decryption SW?08:32
truepurpleit found "Cryptonit",is that it08:33
truepurpleCryptonit is a client side cryptographic tool which allows you to08:33
truepurpleencrypt/decrypt and sign/verify files with PKI (Public Key08:33
truepurpleInfrastructure) certificates.08:33
truepurpleI don't know what that means though08:34
RH43G0You can try it...08:35
truepurpleIt sounds like your guessing...08:36
RH43G0Wel, I was guessing08:40
RH43G0If I were a pro user, I would not be in this room hey :) still on the experimental level, just like u m808:40
truepurpleAnyone else here?08:42
truepurple th^^08:47
head_victimtruepurple: I assume you've looked at the DVD wiki for how to install the required software to play dvds? If not check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs08:56
truepurpleI am restarting, brb09:03
truepurplehead_victim: Is there a media player that has a true ratio setting and allows subtitles?09:35
head_victimtruepurple: vlc is the one that most people find just work and have everything in my experience.09:36
head_victimI personally don't watch many DVDs on my computer. If that doesn't work give Xine a shot09:36
truepurpleOk thanks09:36
head_victimThat link I gave before has some links to the different players - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs09:36
truepurpleYou dont know if either have true ratio or allows subtitles?09:36
head_victimI'm not sure what "true ratio" is09:37
truepurpleI mean where the picture isnt stretched one way or another09:37
head_victimAh that's usually configurable09:37
truepurpleStretched, or squished or anything like that, but instead just put everything in the original aspect ratio for that video09:38
head_victimYeah it should be an option in most of the players09:38
head_victimDepends on the player, which one are you using?09:38
truepurpleI see a ratio setting, but it doesnt say anything about true ratio09:38
truepurpleone moment09:39
truepurpleTotem Movie Player 2.32.009:39
truepurplespeaking of, it seems to have bugged up, how do i force close it?09:40
head_victimin a terminal type "sudo killall -9 totem"09:41
head_victimBut that will kill all totem player instances09:41
truepurplethats fine09:41
head_victimhttp://sernaonubuntu.wikidot.com/totem has some shortcuts to help you with toem09:41
truepurpleIs there a graphical way to do it?09:42
head_victimUsing the close button should09:42
truepurpleyou mean when you right click it in task bar?09:42
truepurpledoesnt work09:42
truepurpleanother way?09:42
head_victimOpen up the system monitor and try to kill it with the task manager there09:44
head_victimOtherwise just use the terminal command09:44
truepurplethat worked, thanks09:45
truepurpletotem seems really buggy09:46
head_victimNot sure, I've never used it09:46
truepurplecodecs aren't attached to specific players, right?09:47
head_victimNot generally.09:47
truepurpleWhen you have watched movies on your PC, what have you used?09:47
head_victimVLC is what I find works ok09:48
truepurpleThat is what you use?09:48
truepurplewith both totem and VLC I am having trouble with their menus09:50
truepurpleWhen the menu is in front of the movie, it goes behind the movie09:51
truepurpleand only flicker appears for a second09:51
truepurplewhen drawn down09:51
head_victimSorry truepurple I'm not sure why that is09:57
truepurplealso, no sound with vlc09:58
truepurplewell thanks anyway10:06
bobweaver so I installed kde on my ubuntu 10.10 machine and like it. so much that I never use gnome and would like to get rid of it from the login menu is there a way to do this ?10:09
bioterror!purekde | bobweaver10:09
ubot2bobweaver: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »10:09
bioterrorasda sdasdasd10:09
bioterrorthat's soooo outdated10:09
bioterrorhttp://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde take this10:10
bioterrorsorry, you had 10.19010:10
bobweaverthanks you guys I just dont want to loginto it anymore I have a bunch of programs and dont want to lose them but really like kde10:10
bioterrorhttp://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekdemaverick.php this is correct10:10
bobweaverbiotered that in a vbox and now I can not get to any desktop to load from the login menu10:11
bobweavereffen mose pad10:11
bobweavereffen mouse pad*10:12
bobweaver!purekde will do it from the terminal10:13
ubot2bobweaver: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:13
bobweaverit took me months to set it up this way and would like to just have it so at the login screen the only log in is kde not ubuntu desktop10:14
LincMiiQuestion: Is it possible to use msn's video chat on Ubuntu?10:23
bioterroramsn supports webcams10:24
head_victimbioterror: last I checked they kept changing the protocol so amsn couldn't use it on the msn network10:25
Sidewinder1LincMii, Perhaps in "Wine", but it's rather doubtful.10:25
bioterrorhead_victim, I would rather try than just say "last time I checked"10:27
bioterrorI'm not owning a webcam10:28
bioterrorso I cant try10:28
head_victimbioterror: fair call, LincMii amsn was the client that was the better one around when I last checked, feel free to let us know if it still works :)10:28
LincMiiThanks guys :)10:29
LincMiiWill give amsn a shot when I get the chance10:29
M0hibioterror: nice words ;)11:00
Dark_owli nedd help13:01
Dark_owli can connect my wifi well but can't browse internet13:01
schmohey yo17:38
Sidewinder1Good Afternoon. s-19:13
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pretyI need help-23:06
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:07
pretym installing ubuntu 11.04 from cd-rom23:07
bioterrorpress couple of times next and add some text into boxes ;)23:08
pretybut encountring initramfs error23:08
bioterrorwhat kind of error23:09
pretyinintramfs mount : mounting dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed : Input/Output error cannot mount dev/loop0(/cdrom/casper/filesysteem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs23:11
bioterrorcheck md5sum of your iso file23:11
bioterrorand then burn the CD-ROM again23:11
pretyits correct23:12
pretyfirst i tried 10.08 than 11.04 each time the same problem23:13
bioterrorcan your computer boot from USB?23:13
pretyi haven't tried yet23:13
bioterrorit can or it cant23:13
bioterroryou can check that from the BIOS23:14
bioterrorand if it can, make yourself a USB Pen Drive with unetbootin for example23:14
bioterror!unetbootin | prety23:14
ubot2prety: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:14
pretyis there something wrong with cd installation??23:15
charlie-tcamight be a bad download, even if it passes md523:16
s-foxBurn at lowest possible speed?23:17
s-foxUse alternative iso?23:17
pretyi have tried it on other pc and it is working properly23:18

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