BobJonkmanHi, youcanlinux!03:24
youcanlinuxHi, Bob. How are you?03:24
BobJonkmanJust got back from #gwmm, pretty good presentations03:24
youcanlinuxwhat's that about ?03:25
BobJonkmanFor anyone doing anything with Web pages03:25
youcanlinuxBefore I did the wordpress thing for my youcanlinux blog, i kept a real simple web site, plain html, no fancy stuff.03:26
youcanlinuxNow I want to set up moodle.03:28
BobJonkmanWhat's a moodle?03:28
BobJonkman"Nuttin'.  Whatsa moodle wid you?"03:28
youcanlinuxIt's like a wiki thing, a CMS, content-management system...03:28
youcanlinuxAnyway, I want to approach private schools and daycare centers and see if they'd be interested in free educational software using Linux  and other alternative operating systems.03:31
BobJonkmanSadly, that's a hard sell03:35
youcanlinuxI've got one place using it for about 2 years now.03:37
youcanlinuxGood morning11:59
BluesKajHiyas all12:04
youcanlinuxanyone use edubuntu ?12:38
foodleHi! anyone has any news of MagicFab??16:26
foodleI'm trying to get in contact with him for a project...16:27
willwhnot seen for a little bit16:35
willwhI have a question too, how do you set the main group for a user from the command line/ :]16:36
BluesKajwillwh,, best to ask in #ubuntu16:38
willwhyeah will do16:38
youcanlinuxchmod and chgrp16:52
youcanlinuxgruess, howdy16:53
youcanlinuxi mean chown and chgrp16:53

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