dpmmorning all07:23
dholbachgood morning07:27
kim0Morning all07:32
dholbachصباح الخير07:36
kim0dholbach: :)07:41
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czajkowskijcastro: you'll be hapy to know phil bull is deleting 130 wiki pages13:09
jcastrooh man!13:10
jcastrowhich ones!13:10
jcastroI would like to blog it13:10
czajkowskijcastro: um... read the doc mailing list not sure13:11
czajkowskibut figured it'd make you happy13:11
jcastroooh, looking13:12
jcastrothanks for the tip13:12
czajkowskiHi guys,13:13
czajkowskiThere are 130 pages on the help wiki that are listed for deletion:13:13
czajkowskiLet's delete them! I'm planning to backup the latest version only of13:13
czajkowskieach of these pages (using wget to get the raw text) and then delete13:14
czajkowskithem all, en masse. I'll push the backup to a docs team bzr repo13:14
czajkowskisomewhere out of the way.13:14
czajkowskiAre there any objections to me doing this?13:14
czajkowskijcastro: ^^13:14
head_victimNice to get motivation to get tagging some more I guess.13:17
PiciHmm.  We should have some easy way of checking whether ubottu has any factoids for to-be-deleted wiki pages.13:18
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jcastrodpm: dholbach: kim0: hey if it's ok with jono, can we have our team call like 10 minutes early today?14:04
dpmjcastro, wfm14:04
jcastroI would like to sneak out for lunch early to have a final lunch with a group of friends14:04
dholbachjcastro, no objections14:04
kim0jcastro: ok for me14:09
jcastropaultag: YO.14:18
kim0I wonder if there's a bluetooth indicator14:21
nigelbjcastro: Sadly Ubuntu monospace wasn't available and dustin couldn't use it yesterday.14:24
jcastroah bummer14:24
nigelbjcastro: But sladen is on it, so its still good news :)14:24
jcastrofor next time!14:24
jcastrothat would look good dude14:24
* AlanBell is using Ubuntu Mono Beta14:26
AlanBell"UbuntuBeta Mono" rather14:26
paultagjcastro: yo dude14:32
paultagjcastro: what's good14:32
jcastronm yo14:33
nigelbjcastro: man, Mozilla is starting work on their directory. I now know the people working on it. I wonder if we can retheme and just use it.14:35
paultagjcastro: nada. Just having a back and forth with my job. I'm trying to figure out if they'll let me use Linux on my work machine14:37
paultagI was able to last time, and I pray to the FSM that they let me again14:38
nigelbFSM? Free Software Manifesto?14:42
* paultag rubs his head14:42
paultaghow are you a nerd nigelb14:42
paultagnigelb: http://www.venganza.org/ ← my religion14:42
paultagnigelb: the flying spaghetti monster14:42
paultagall praise him and his noodley appendage14:43
PiciPraying to the Free Software Manifesto would be pretty nerdy too.14:43
nigelbpaultag: haha, I forgot baout that one.14:43
paultagPici: yeah, but I've never heard someone say that :)14:43
paultagOK I need a coffee and a bagel14:44
paultagI'll be back. Love ya'll. May you all be touched by his noodly appendage and your tomato sauce cup runneth over. Ramen.14:44
nigelbpaultag: Noodly appendage sounds slightly creepy and slightly awkward :P14:49
dholbachnigelb, http://www.allmystery.de/dateien/vo62061,1271498684,flying-spaghetti-monster.jpg14:50
nigelbdholbach: I know what he meant, just pulling his leg on choice of words :)14:51
nigelbdholbach: ah, that visualization helped :D14:51
dholbachit's not necessarily paultag's words :)14:52
nigelbYeah, now I get that14:53
jonojcastro, kim0, dholbach, dpm sorry had some unity issues in oneiric15:02
jonowhy dont we try G+?15:02
dholbachjono, that sucks :/15:02
dholbachjono, I started a team hang out already15:02
dholbachjono, jcastro and I are already in there15:02
jonocool, one sec15:03
dpmjono, just setting it up now15:03
jonodholbach, can you invite me?15:03
dholbachjono, it's not in your timeline?15:04
jonodholbach, nope15:04
nigelbdholbach: how's G+ for you folks?15:04
dholbachjono, just a sec15:04
jonooh it is15:04
dholbachnigelb, good :)15:04
nigelbdholbach: Neat!15:04
cjohnstong+ == !fail15:05
jcastrokim0: join the hangout!15:06
nigelbcjohnston: you mean g+ != fail?15:06
cjohnstoneither way.. says the same15:06
cjohnston!fail being the tag15:06
ubot2cjohnston: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:06
paultagnigelb: dude, it's a holy prayer, dholbach's right :)15:07
nigelbpaultag: :)15:07
paultagnigelb: http://www.venganza.org/about/open-letter/15:08
paultagnigelb: that's what started it, you can see all that in there15:08
ubot2FATAL Error: Operation succeeded15:08
mhall119OMG! You killd ubot2!15:09
nigelbOh, neat!15:09
cjohnstonubot2 !failed to !fail15:09
ubot2Factoid 'failed to !fail' not found15:09
ubot2Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".15:09
kim0jcastro: sorry it crashed on me15:10
jcastrojono: hey I have to take off15:18
jcastrojono: I'd like to catch up this afternoon in more detail about other stuff15:18
jonojcastro, yup15:28
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek)15:35
nigelbjcastro: did you change teams?15:39
nigelbdholbach: Instructor missing15:51
dholbachnigelb, on his way15:51
kim0I start in an hour right15:51
nigelbdholbach: great!15:51
dholbachkim0, yep15:51
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dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow again!16:14
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doctormopaultag: ping17:32
paultagdoctormo: pong17:33
* nigelb sits back and watches the ping pong game17:33
doctormopaultag: You have a ppa with python-javascriptcore in it, i'd like to use it but it requires python >=2.7. Is that a strict requirement?17:34
paultagdoctormo: no, not at all. If you're porting back to lucid, 2.6 will work great17:34
paultagI chose 2.7 for natty →17:34
doctormopaultag: Okay, the upstream codebase fails to compile, so hopefully this one will work.17:35
paultagdoctormo: I have a version that works with ludid somewhere if that fails17:35
paultaglucid *17:35
paultagbut it should work17:35
doctormopaultag: ImportError: No module named Cython.Distutils17:36
jcastrojono: want to catch up now or do you want to just discuss tomorrow with kim0?17:36
paultagdoctormo: sec, let me find the old version17:37
kim0I'm at the UDW session, but can do it afterwards17:37
dpmsee you all tomorrow, heading to dinner with some friends, bye!17:38
doctormopaultag: I think cython is too old in maverick, from what I can tell. You should have a version requirement in your control file.17:38
jonojcastro, lets talk tomorrow17:39
jonojcastro, if that is cool with you17:39
jcastrojono: did your laptop get sorted?17:39
paultagdoctormo: that's not mine, I was fixing bits for https://launchpad.net/~cream-packaging/+archive/unstable ← on the side17:39
paultagdoctormo: somewhere the old lucid / maverick packages are in there17:39
doctormopaultag: Apol17:39
jcastronice, what as it?17:39
paultagjcastro: cream?17:40
jcastropaultag: I was talking to jono17:40
jcastropaultag: I like cream though!17:40
paultagah, righto. I figured17:40
jcastroyou mean cream the vim thing right?17:40
paultagjcastro: no, the non-unity window manager. They picked a bad name :)17:40
paultagsorry, desktop enviroment17:40
paultagjcastro: http://cream-project.org/ ← looks sexy, and uses HTML / Javascript to write widgets17:41
paultagso they've jacked web graphic designers (dime a dozen) to write widgets17:41
jcastrooh, I remember this17:41
doctormocream: Night club in Manchester17:42
doctormoWeird I actually have 0.14 version of cython (oneric version) so it's not old.17:43
doctormopaultag: False alarm, stray python 2.7 package installed on my computer and ref in control file.17:50
paultagdoctormo: roger17:50
paultagI could have sworn it worked17:50
doctormoIt does17:51
paultagyou rock doctormo :)17:52
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