jasoncwarner_RAOF: just saw you post on g+. Can I just say that I thought american politics was entertaining. AU politics is downright comical! Tony Abbot FTW (in enterainment value).01:43
RAOFEnjoy it while it lasts.  We don't *always* have fools for an opposition leader ;)01:44
chowderHas anyone here ever used the xen hypervisor? I want to run it on my laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 as the dom0. I've looked online for a how-to but to no avail. Any ideas?01:47
TheMusoI find myself not playing with GPlus much, probably because the web experience is not entirely accessible, and I'd feel better with a desktop client.01:49
RAOFIt's got a nice android client, which will therefore also be pretty inaccessible :/01:50
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: they def need more apps like for iPhone. Android seems to work well, though probably not accessible.01:50
TheMusoYeah, I want Apple to pull their finger out and approve the iPhone app. I don't expect the app for Linux from google to be accessible.01:51
jasoncwarner_I heard they don't hvae public API yet so that is why apps aren't coming yet01:51
TheMusoThought as much.01:51
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: gwibber...coming down right now :)01:51
RAOFGoogle have an iPhone and WP7 app in the store process, though.01:52
jasoncwarner_RAOF: oh, nice..can't wait for those...can't wait to be done with twitter and facebook (sorry gwibber :( )01:53
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: looks like my icon issue with gwibber is fixed. I am still having the tiling issue, but I think I know what is going on and can explain.01:53
TheMusojasoncwarner_: I actually really like twitter, and I don't use facebook.01:54
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: basically, if a complete tile cannot be shown at the bottom of the window, it displays a blank tile instead of a partial tile...01:54
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: we can talk when you are awake since, uh, you aren't now01:54
* jasoncwarner_ always talks to himself01:54
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: I "like" twitter, but it annoys me in some ways as well. I hate facebook. hate.01:55
TheMusojasoncwarner_: What do you not like about twitter?01:55
jasoncwarner_mostly has to do with technology (which I grant most people won't care about).01:55
jasoncwarner_I don't like the fact that if you follow the same people on two accoutns you might not see all their tweets.01:56
jasoncwarner_I also don't like the random unfollows (which is still a problem).01:56
TheMusoWell I only ever use twitter from a client if I can help it, and since I still have my mbp here with OS X, I am currently using an OS X client when at home.01:57
TheMusoAnd then there is tweatlist for my iphone.01:58
TheMusoSo the website be screwed IMO.01:58
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: :)01:59
jasoncwarner_hey robert_ancell ... which greeter-theme do I set in lightdm.conf? do I set the one in [seat-0] (I see two in my config, both are commented out).02:06
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, the one in seat-002:07
* RAOF will be interested to hear if you get anything but a black screen, too.02:07
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: thanks...set and rebooting...be back in a bit.02:07
jasoncwarner_RAOF: I'll let you know in a few :)02:07
jasoncwarner_RAOF robert_ancell yeah, I got a black screen as well.02:10
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, can you look in /var/log/lightdm02:11
robert_ancellthe lightdm.log and the greeter log02:11
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: anything I am looking for?02:13
jasoncwarner_btw...reverted change to .conf file and I still have black screen02:14
robert_ancellparticularly the greeter log, did it print an error?02:14
robert_ancellcan you put the logs in a pastebin?02:14
jasoncwarner_one sec02:14
robert_ancelli don't think it does02:16
jasoncwarner_RAOF: I no longer have black screen02:45
jasoncwarner_I have lightdm unity config02:45
RAOFOooh, how?02:45
jasoncwarner_it looked like I didn't have unity-greeter installed02:45
jasoncwarner_so after I installed it and rebooted, things were there.02:45
cyphermoxgah, I think I really hate evolution03:10
nano__how to use the theme of the Ubuntu netbook edition 10.04 en ubuntu 10.10 desktop? any idea?03:26
pittiGood morning04:21
jbichapitti: hi04:25
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:25
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
cyphermoxhey pitti!05:25
cyphermox(omg, it's so late, didn't realize it was this bad)05:26
pittihey cyphermox! you're up late05:26
cyphermoxpitti: I was finishing up hacking on usb_modeswitch while waiting for various rebuilds of evolution05:26
cyphermoxI really think I'm done now, and the output is almost exactly the same here with my device05:27
pittibrb, need to reboot again to debug /run breakage05:27
cyphermoxpitti: ok05:27
cyphermoxpitti: if you're still interested in doing code review, everything is there: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/+junk/usb-modeswitch05:35
pitticyphermox: opened a tab for it, will do05:36
pittithanks for this!05:36
cyphermoxsure, thanks05:36
cyphermoxno rush :)05:36
cyphermoxright now I only know for certain it works with ONE device... mine ;)05:37
cyphermoxI'll try my old Rogers stick again to see, and I might be able to find other testers with various types of devices05:37
jbichapitti: could you take a look at this merge proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/gdm/fix-gdm-path05:37
pittijbicha: queueing05:38
jbichacool, thanks05:38
cyphermoxalright, I'm off to bed now, ttyl05:52
chrisccoulsonha, my daughter has learnt a new word - cake!07:20
mvochrisccoulson: lol - I assume she already knows "WANT" too ;) ?07:20
chrisccoulsonmvo - not yet, but i'm sure that will be next ;)07:21
pittihey chrisccoulson07:22
pittiheh, cute!07:23
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:23
chrisccoulsonyeah, she talks quite a bit now ;)07:23
pittiI thought they have some equivalent of "want" from the day they get born :)07:23
pittichrisccoulson: splendid, thanks!07:23
pittinow that my ecryptfs /home/martin actually works again :)07:23
chrisccoulsonheh :)07:23
mvopitti: do we have a policy for schema naming? for update-notifier I wonder if it should be com.canonical or com.ubuntu-update-notifer. I would prefer the later, but don't really mind much either way07:33
pittimvo: no policy in that regard; I think com.ubuntu.update-notifier is fine07:33
mvogreat, thanks07:34
chrisccoulsonb'ah, i wish people would stop reporting crash reports against firefox without provide a backtrace or link to a crash ID07:38
chrisccoulsoni think i need to create some bug reporting guidelines which states "your bug will most likely be ignored if you don't provide this information"07:38
BigWhalerodrigo_, morning :)08:02
rodrigo_hi BigWhale08:06
BigWhalerodrigo_, I think I found another bug in EDS. I've sent you mail about it.08:08
rodrigo_ok, looking08:08
pittimvo: yay update-notifier port08:30
mvopitti: yeah, mterry is my hero of the day :)08:31
jbichapitti: thanks, that bug had been bugging me for awhile, finally figured out how Debian avoided it08:39
jbichaI also have this if someone would like to sponsor it: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/transmission/transmission-2.3208:41
chrisccoulsonlol @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-1413552308:47
BigWhalechrisccoulson, yeah, this guy is my hero! ;)08:49
rodrigo_BigWhale, your message is empty, seems that's happening to some people with evo 3.1.3 :(09:01
BigWhaleI noticed09:02
chrisccoulsonit's a conspiracy!09:03
chrisccoulsonevolution is sending empty mails to get people to switch to thunderbird09:03
rodrigo_yeah, chrisccoulson is patching evo to make it fail :)09:03
chrisccoulsonseriously though, wth has happened to evolution? i've never known it to be this broken before :/09:04
BigWhalerodrigo_, anyway... in short: http://pastebin.com/fquz3cxN this is the C source that works... and the equivalent in python that doesn't work... The assertion error goes away if the contacts list isn't empty and it seems that EDS will perform a search. However, nothing is returned. :'(09:04
rodrigo_BigWhale, yes, seems to be what I told you yesterday, the introspection comments for &contacts09:07
rodrigo_will try a fix in a bit09:07
BigWhalerodrigo_, you're the man! :)09:07
BigWhaleI need this to make kenvandine happy :>09:08
rodrigo_but anyway, isn't gwibber being rewritten in vala?09:08
rodrigo_vala uses the same introspection stuff, so not that it will work better in vala without the fix, but why are you using python?09:09
BigWhalethis is the backend that is still written in python09:10
rodrigo_ah, ok09:12
BigWhaleyeah, gwibber is multilingual! :>09:17
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ricotzpitti, hello, is it already known that cups has some trouble after the /run,/var/run transition?09:30
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
pittiricotz: not known to me09:31
ricotzcaused by appamor09:31
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
ricotzperhaps the apparmor profile needs an update? or something is broken here :\09:36
pittiricotz: ah, thanks; I'll get that fixed in bzr right now09:37
ricotzso you can confirm it?09:37
jbichabug 81027009:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 810270 in apparmor "/run transition wreaking havoc on profiles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81027009:37
ricotzah ok ;)09:37
desrtDBO: awake?09:38
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pittichrisccoulson: do you happen to have a minute to fix bug 810258? (missing Replaces:/Breaks:)10:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 810258 in yelp "package libyelp0 3.1.1-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite /usr/lib/libyelp.so.0.0.0, which is also in package yelp 3.0.3-0ubuntu2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81025810:32
pittichrisccoulson: I'm still busy with unbreaking the /run transition10:32
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, sure10:32
pittichrisccoulson: appreciated, thanks10:32
pittichrisccoulson: we seem to be severely low on Europe-TZ developers today ..10:33
pittino didrocks, no seb128, no rodrigo10:33
desrtpitti: hello!10:33
pittibonjour desrt, ca va?10:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, it seems that the french are slacking today ;)10:33
desrtuh.  good.10:33
chrisccoulsonnot sure about rodrigo though10:33
chrisccoulsonhi desrt10:33
desrthey chris10:33
pittichrisccoulson: no, busy with attacking the Bastille again10:33
desrtdidrocks, at least (and seb too maybe?) are at RMLL10:33
desrtand yes.  bastille day.10:33
desrtrodrigo is just a lazy mexican10:34
* desrt wonders if the french enjoy doing the 'make it a 5-day weekend' trick10:34
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, we got 2 of these so far since the gconf update yesterday: bug 81037110:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 810371 in gconf "gsettings-data-convert crashed with SIGSEGV in gconf_client_get_default()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81037110:39
chrisccoulsonhas anyone else recreated that? i don't see it here10:39
pittichrisccoulson: fallout from dbusification?10:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i guess so10:40
pittino, just evolution calendar is broken beyond repair right now :(10:40
ricotzregarding cups: somehow cups-pk-helper should be pulled in to have the support in g-c-c10:40
pittibut not necessarily related to dbus10:40
pittiricotz: bug 80882910:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 808829 in cups-pk-helper "[MIR] cups-pk-helper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80882910:40
pittibut it's not clear to me yet whether we actually need it10:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, the calendar was broken for me at the rally :(10:41
ricotzpitti, it improves the adminstration10:41
pittichrisccoulson: it still worked here a few days ago10:42
* ricotz should search for the bugs first and then complain :\10:42
pittino worries :)10:43
chrisccoulsonoh, my, the gnome-settings-daemon "does your display look ok" confirmation dialog is seriously broken with the compiz dialog handler plugin enabled10:51
chrisccoulsoni just docked my laptop, reconfigured my screen, and the dialog size grew continuously until my laptop froze10:51
rodrigo_hmm, seems gnome-shell and gnome-panel need a rebuild with the new evo11:08
pittichrisccoulson: bug 80841911:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 808419 in gnome-control-center "Font continually increasing in the dialog box after waiting to change display" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80841911:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, i'm wondering whether to reassign that. the dialog comes from gnome-settings-daemon anyway, and it works fine when you turn off the dialog handler plugin in compiz11:10
pittichrisccoulson: ah, should be reassigned then indeed11:10
chrisccoulsonoh, i got the issue as well without that plugin enabled :/11:17
rodrigo_pitti, is gnome-themes-standard on the CD?11:21
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
pittirodrigo_: yes, still, but we'll remove it (only for gtk2)11:21
zygais there a way to make dash index external drives?11:53
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
nerd_blokehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/292203 has been marked as invalid against ppp, which project should it be assigned to for user creation with a usergroup membership?12:01
ubot2Ubuntu bug 292203 in ppp "/usr/bin/pppd has group owner dip, not dialout" [Undecided,Invalid]12:01
rodrigo_had a kernel panic with kernel 3.012:01
* rodrigo_ investigates12:01
pedro_hello folks12:08
rodrigo_hi pedro_12:08
pedro_hola rodrigo_, remember to join #ubuntu-bugs for the bug day12:09
rodrigo_pedro_, right, that's what I was going to ask, I didn't know which irc channel12:09
* rodrigo_ joing12:09
pedro_reboot brb12:10
smspillazdesrt: is it possible to make a key in a schema read only in gsettings?12:40
smspillazhmm, afaict there is a g_settings_is_writable ....12:46
cyphermoxgood morning!12:47
pedro_morning cyphermox12:51
cyphermoxhey pedro_12:51
cyphermoxpedro_: are all the emails you send through evo blank? I'm wondering if they still are if you disable the PGP signing?12:57
pedro_cyphermox, yup, with or without signing the emails are blank , it doesn't make any diff12:58
smspillazdesrt: hmm, actually, nevermind, it seems like libcompizconfig just expects the backend to fail to do anything at all with read only settings12:59
smspillazactually, the name "read only" in the metadata is a little misleading12:59
smspillazits more referring to the fact that plugins can store data in option values and these shouldn't be exposed to the user12:59
smspillazthough that's a really stupid way of doing it12:59
DBOdesrt, i am now13:02
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
pittiafter ten days, another daily build!13:24
pittibut oh my, what did we do? it's 15 MB bigger than alpha-2, i. e. 30 MB oversized13:24
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's worse than that isn't it? the alpha 2 i386 ISO was 714MB (and 709MB on amd64)13:26
chrisccoulsonso, 21MB larger :/13:26
pittiyes, 20 MB bigger now13:26
chrisccoulsonwasn't me this time ;)13:26
pittiand we even dropped some old mono libs since then13:27
pittichrisccoulson: well..13:30
pittifirefox (Δ 3.3 MB - 5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2: 16.9 MB   6.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1: 20.2 MB)13:30
pittipartly :)13:30
pitti3.3 MB growth is far from trivial :/13:30
pittiall packages together grew by 4.8 MB since alpha-213:31
pittioh, and we added sunpinyin, but something still keeps the old pinyin on the CDs13:32
* pitti hunts down and shoots into the head13:32
smspillazpitti: don't worry, we can start hacking out compiz plugins13:33
smspillazthat will be fun13:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-beta/rev/8e06280639df :(13:33
smspillaz1kb each :)13:33
chrisccoulson-Os -> -O313:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, i just mentioned it in #developers on irc.mozilla.org, and it's meant to only be -O3 for PGO builds13:41
chrisccoulsonthe fact that it isn't is a bug13:41
chrisccoulsonso i will just switch it back for the next uplaod13:41
pittichrisccoulson: ah, thanks13:41
pittichrisccoulson: speakign of next upload, as firefox-6.0 already broke the defaults packages, any chance that it could move to /usr/lib/firefox/ ?13:42
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'll try and look at that before i upload the next beta build (hopefully tomorrow)13:43
chrisccoulsonand i'll switch that one back to -Os as well13:43
chrisccoulsonpitti - is any other growth down to me too?13:43
chrisccoulson(other than thunderbird) ;)13:43
dpmpitti, do you know if a new ubuntu-docs upload is generally included in the next langpack PPA? Or does it have to be a full language pack to include documentation?13:44
pittichrisccoulson: thanks!13:47
dobeypitti: hi13:47
pittichrisccoulson: no, I don't think so; still figuring out what makes ibus-pinyin appear in the default install13:47
pittidpm: as long as it gets properly imported, it should be13:48
pittihey dobey13:48
dobeypitti: i don't have upload perms for lazr.restfulclient, which is why i made a merge proposal; otherwise i would have just uploaded it to -proposed directly and waited for approval there :)13:48
pittidobey: sure, I can sponsor it; toss me the URL?13:50
dpmpitti, I'm not sure I understand the answer. You mean delta language packs should also be able to include documentation?13:50
dobeypitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/lucid/lazr.restfulclient/fix-803475/+merge/6636213:50
pittidpm: oh, I see what you mean; no, only full -base packs13:50
dpmpitti, ok, cool, thanks for confirming. We might need to kick off a full natty langpack then, since it seems that for some (all?) languages the documentation is in English13:51
pittidobey: ah, that one; so you really want to do that SRU?13:54
pittidobey: even now it already took more work to prepare it than it's worth it IMHO, but *shrug*13:54
pittiif this was a binary package, I'd reject it, but as this is pure python, there's little regression potential13:55
pittidobey: uploaded13:56
dobeyeh, it's a bug, and it affects me, so yes i think it should be fixed. python-simplejson has never been included in python core, so the | doesn't make any sense at all :)13:56
mvois it just me or is python -c 'from gi.repository import GLib; print GLib.main_context_default()' not working? and if its not just me, what is the way to get the main context?14:02
chrisccoulsoni hate binary firefox extensions14:05
chrisccoulsonthey're a pain with every single update14:05
dobeymvo: don't you have to create a main loop first?14:05
pittimvo: you want gobject.main_context_default()14:05
pittimvo: the MainLoop is there, too; don't ask me why, though14:05
mvopitti: aha, thanks! that works now: python -c 'from gi.repository import GObject; print GObject.main_context_default()' - but why is it not in GLib? and instead in gobject?14:07
pittiah, you did ask me after all :)14:08
mvodobey: not yet, I just want the context for now, I was confused why its not exported, but I looked at the wrong spot14:08
pittimvo: I really don't know; perhaps a circular dependency, or classes should be in gobject, no clue :/14:08
dobeypitti: but it's not a class :)14:09
pittiMainLoop is?14:09
mvopitti: fortunately I have the pitti oracle :)14:09
dobeyit's no more a class than GHashTable is or GList14:09
dobeyin terms of what a class is in GObject anyway14:10
pittiso let's discard that theory14:10
mvobut its really a bit cumersome to search around the gir xml for stuff like this14:10
pittimvo: another theory: it's not introspectable?14:10
dobeyno idea why it would be in gobject14:10
dobeyvs glib14:10
dobeypitti: nothing in glib is introspectable, because they're not gobjects :)14:10
pittidobey: GI works for non-gobject, too (despite its name)14:11
pittimvo: anyway, /usr/share/gir-1.0/GLib-2.0.gir e. g. has g_main_loop_get_context() as non-introspectable14:11
pittimvo: so "can't be made introspectable yet" is my best guess14:11
dobeypitti: yes, but it's not quite the same, for non-gobjects you have to define a bunch of stuff in a comment in the code, iirc14:12
mvodobey: interessting, a *lot* in GLib-2.0.gir is marked as introspectable="0"14:12
dobeymvo: right :)14:12
dobeyit's g*object*-introspection, not glib-introspection ;)14:13
mvopitti: so its a override in gobject? that explains why I did not find it14:13
mvodobey: heh :)14:13
dobeyso there is some weirdness abound14:13
pittimvo: no, not an override; it's a static binding14:13
mvopitti: so the way to find it is to grep through the python-gobject source? or is there a better way?14:13
pittimvo: maybe "if it's not in GLib, but should be, then it's in gobject"?14:14
pittihelp(gobject) also has a list14:14
pittiI guess at some low level GI reaches a point where it needs gobject/glib itself14:15
smspillazdesrt: around?14:15
smspillazdesrt: I'm getting a rather cryptic error message from gsettings14:15
mvopitti: ok, thanks. I will try help(gobject) next time :)14:16
smspillazdesrt: GLib-GIO-ERROR **: settings object created with schema 'org.freedesktop.compiz.animation' and path '/apps/compiz-1/plugins/animation/screen0/options', but path '/apps/compiz-1/plugins/animation/screen0/options/' is specified by schema14:16
smspillazit's a relocatable key14:16
smspillazand according to dconf-editor, the schema for that key is org.freedesktop.compiz.animation14:16
pittimvo: but there sure shuold be a way to "fake" it, i. e. have some overrides for GLib which redirect stuff to gobject14:16
dobeypitti, mvo: i'm guessing the dependencies for gobject-introspection that are in glib, might all end up in the GObject gir, yeah14:17
dobeybut is weird14:17
mvoI guess my mental mapping needs to be "glib.(.*)" -> "GObject.\1" as it appears most stuff is really moved to there14:21
* pedro_ -> doc appointment bb in ~1 hour14:26
smspillazhm, lovely, it seems like you need a path14:37
smspillaza trailing / in the path14:38
mvopitti: two more question (no rush). glib.io_add_watch() and glib.threads_init() are the last missing ones afaict for my porting of s-c to GLib. any hints?14:59
mvopitti: heh, silly me, io_add_watch is there15:03
mvoand threads_init too, all in GObject of course15:04
pittimvo: ah, sorted out?15:06
mvopitti: yeah, glib -> GObject, that is really the magic :)15:07
mvolooking good so far, soon at least the gobject/glib stuff in s-c should be finished15:07
mvoand ready for the brave new gi world15:07
pittimvo: oh, GObject works? that's a surprise, I had thought gobject15:07
pittiif introspection doesn't work in GLib, it shouldn't work in GObject either15:08
mvopitti: interessting, at leat for threads_init I get: python -c 'from gi.repository import GLib, GObject; print GObject.threads_init ; print GLib.threads_init'15:10
mvothe first works, the second does not15:10
pittimvo: ah, I guess there's some cleverness to pretend that GObject is a GI module, while it's not :)15:10
pittimvo: i. e. it might just silently be "gobject"15:11
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didrockshey :)15:15
didrockshey kenvandine!15:16
=== rodrigo__ is now known as rodrigo_
mvopitti: yeah, I would not be suprised, still, looks more consistent this way15:57
pittihey kenvandine16:18
pittihey didrocks, how are you?16:18
pittididrocks: shouldn't you be marching towards the Bastille today?16:18
pittididrocks: how was LLVM?16:18
pittisorry, RMLL16:18
=== alecu is now known as alecu-lunch
didrockspitti: hey! I'm fine thanks, quite tired after 6 hours of train, but fine :)16:18
didrockspitti: RMLL were good, lot of conferences, and long time at the booth16:18
didrockspitti: so, I prefered to work on the train (I'm at home now), finishing catching up with emails and swapping today with tomorrow16:19
pittiah, nice16:19
pittiI noticed a bunch of replies from you indeed :)16:19
didrocksyeah, once connected back :-)16:20
pittimvo: did you see Spammap's comment in bug 807745?16:22
pittimvo: nevermind, saw the discussion on #devel16:24
bjfafter upating yesterday, light-dm won't let me log in any longer, an update today has not helped. are there logs somewhere I can look at that will give me some clue what it's doing16:27
pittibjf: what happens exactly?16:28
ogra_there is /var/log/lightdm16:28
bjfproblem: "clicking on my name in light-dm causes it to go away, I don't get the 'password' prompt"16:28
bjfpitti, *16:28
pittibjf: do you see the greeter? does it say wrong password? does it attempt to start the session?16:28
pittiah, ok, different bug then16:28
pittibjf: does the keyboard selection work, to avoid the greeter crash?16:29
bjfpitti, not sure16:29
pittiif you get an apport crash, reporting that would be appreciated; I'm not aware of major lightdm crashes right now16:30
bjfpitti, the log says "pam_close_session -> System error"  "pam_setcred(PAM_DELETE_CRED) -> System error"16:30
bjfpitti, i'll pastebin the entire log (it's short)16:30
pittibjf: most troubles people have these days are due to the /run migration16:31
pittibjf: do you have the absolutely latest packages now? udev 172-0ubuntu3, mountall 2.30, initscripts 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu4?16:31
pittithat fixes a bunch of them16:31
pittibjf: plus, checking dmesg for apparmor violations can't hurt16:31
pitti(all apparmor profiles with /var/run are also broken and being fixed)16:32
bjfpitti, packages are the versions you gave, log is pastebin: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644231/, last few dmesg lines: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644233/  there is a problem with apparmor and cups16:38
pittibjf: the apparmor/cups problem is fixed in cups 1.4.7-116:38
pittino idea about the pam error :/16:38
pittiI take it VT1 login works?16:39
pittiwould be interesting to see whether gdm works better; might at least be a workaround16:39
bjfpitti, yes vt1 working just fine16:39
mvoalex3f: hi, before I leave for dinner, I landed some GI changes in trunk, you may need to reolve some conflicts in your backends-refactor branch, but should be really straightforward (only a bit cumbersome)16:39
alex3fmvo: seen them, will do that, thanks for the heads up16:40
mvoalex3f: thanks !16:40
mvoalex3f: and we should sit together tomorrow so that I can merge your stuff :)16:40
alex3fI'm up for it16:41
alex3fI have a nasty bug16:41
alex3fthat's keeping me busy16:41
mvooh, ok16:41
alex3fthe cache doesn't refresh16:41
alex3fafter an installation is done16:41
alex3f(in PK branch)16:41
alex3fbut regardless that, backend-refactor is ready for merging16:41
mvook, we can have a look at this together tomorrow16:41
alex3fthank you16:41
mvothank YOU :)16:42
* mvo waves and vanishes for dinner16:42
* alex3f waves back16:42
bjfpitti, after cups update and reboot I see: lightdm-example[1220]: segfault at 0 ip 00007ffe5d36617a sp 00007fff45369e58 error 4 in libc-2.13.so[7ffe5d233000+19b000]16:45
bjfpitti, that's dmesg output16:45
bjfpitti, installing gdm now16:46
bjfpitti, gdm works just fine, though unity very slow coming up16:49
Sarvattbjf: you could update the cups package? i've been stuck on "Installing new version of config file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.cupsd"16:51
bjfSarvatt, again? i just updated to 1.4.7-116:52
bjfSarvatt, now that i'm logged in and have unity up, i see metacity and gsettings-data segfaults in dmesg16:53
micahgbjf: that lightdm bug is bug 80989017:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 809890 in lightdm "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcmp_ssse3()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80989017:00
bjfmicahg, thanks17:03
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pittigood night everyone!17:16
desrtpitti: good evening17:16
chrisccoulsongood night pitti17:17
didrocksok, enough catchup on email, this will make monday less scary (as I'm swapping tomorrow). Time to take the Bastille, see you on Monday!17:19
didrocksand good night pitti ;)17:19
rodrigo_ok, eod for me also, later all17:21
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lamalexSarvatt, do you know the last working X version with nvidia? alpha 2 was working, right?17:43
Sarvattlamalex: nvidia didn't break wrt X at all this cycle, just some multiarch "fun" for a bit there that was fixed shortly after alpha 2 where mesa updates were moving the alternative making it have to be deactivated and reactivated again to work every mesa update17:47
lamalexoh really?? hm so I DONT need to reinstall to fix my drivers?17:48
lamalexha ok17:48
lamalexso I just need to do ... what?17:48
Sarvatti have no clue how they're broken on your system, whats wrong?17:48
lamalexit's not loading the nvidia drivers17:49
lamalexFailed to load module "nvidia" (module-specific error, 0)17:49
lamalexthen it loads nouveau instead17:49
Sarvattmeans the kernel module didn't load, you sure its built?17:50
lamalexhow do i find out17:50
Sarvattare you using generic-pae with only generic headers installed for instance?17:50
lamalexi don't think so17:50
lamalexuname -a doesn't say anything about pae17:51
lamalexand linux-headers-generic are installed17:51
lamalexi guess ill try reinstalling nvidia-current/17:52
jbichamy wife's laptop won't load the nvidia drivers anymore either17:59
cyphermoxevo still doesn't seem to display emails with everything properly; but sends correctly for me18:23
cyphermoxpedro_: care to try the packages in https://launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/+archive/evolution-staging; they're basically evo and EDS from git HEAD18:24
cyphermoxso if this doesn't work, then it's broken in git atm18:24
pedro_cyphermox, ok will give it a try18:25
cyphermoxpedro_: thanks.18:27
mterrychrisccoulson, thanks for fixing the libyelp0 breaks thing.  I totally forgot to add that logic18:38
mterryHow can I easily answer the question, "what packages in main install a file in /usr/share/xsessions?" (pitti?)18:46
cyphermoxmterry: apt-file?18:46
mterryah... good one.  I had forgotten about that guy18:46
pedro_cyphermox, bad news...18:46
cyphermoxpedro_: dah. :/18:46
pedro_cyphermox, just kidding , it works fine now! thanks :-))18:46
cyphermoxyou still sending empty emails?18:47
cyphermoxoh yay!18:47
pedro_no more empty emails wooo18:47
cyphermoxsigned emails still appear empty but at least it's a little better now18:47
pedro_well at least there's a workaround for that ;-)18:48
cyphermoxfor instance, see the ARM meeting reminder, it renders as empty (but the mbox file is good)18:48
cyphermoxthere is?18:48
pedro_aah no , sorry i thought for emails you send , like that you can disable the sign18:48
cyphermoxah ok18:49
cyphermoxbut now if you send signed emails it works?18:49
cyphermox(wfm anyway)18:49
pedro_let me check, tried without signing18:49
pedro_cyphermox, yeah that works fine as well18:51
cyphermoxok :)18:51
pedro_cyphermox, thanks again :-)18:51
cyphermox"it works, ship it! ship it!!!" :)18:51
cyphermoxI however, am going to upload this now18:52
DavieyIs tbird leaking file descriptors on large IMAP's?19:25
jibelDaviey, define 'large IMAP' ?19:52
Davieyjibel: well, it's been running pretty crap for the last week. I have ~10GB imap folders, and wondered if that was related.20:02
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robert_ancellRAOF, is there a way to get X to log any useful information?  e.g. why it's not authenticating a client?23:13
chrisccoulsonis there no retracer again?23:26

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