etnegkim0 sladen you guys wont be needing anything more on the logos right? oxygen atom idea is confirmed?00:31
etneglet me know if it's not confirmed and if you need further more.00:32
_mup_ensemble/expose-provider-ec2 r289 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:40
_mup_More logging00:40
_mup_ensemble/expose-provider-ec2 r290 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:56
_mup_Some more logging in the provisioning agent00:56
_mup_ensemble/expose-provider-ec2 r291 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com01:15
_mup_Guard against EC2 errors from txaws01:15
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_mup_ensemble/expose-provider-ec2 r292 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com03:40
_mup_Fixed incorrect CIDR format for filtering IP permissions in security group03:40
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kim0Morning all07:32
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koolhead17moning kim0 12:33
kim0koolhead17: Morning o/12:38
* SpamapS shakes off sleep and braces for the morning deluge of email12:49
niemeyerYo all!13:09
koolhead17morning and email13:10
* SpamapS wanders downstairs to make a massive omlette13:11
kirklandhaving some trouble here with a formula13:13
kirklandthat's the log13:13
kirklandthe formula install hook is:13:13
kirklandany ideas?13:14
kirklandlooks like maybe pipes in the install hook are throwing things off13:14
SpamapS2011-07-14 13:00:32,673: hook.output@DEBUG: hook install ended, exit code 0.13:14
SpamapSKind of looks like it worked fine.13:15
SpamapSwhat is the fail?13:15
* SpamapS will re-join the discussion in 20 min after his omlette has been devoured13:16
kirklandSpamapS: um, there's hook.output@ERROR all over the place13:17
kirklandSpamapS: starting with 2011-07-14 13:00:11,320: hook.output@ERROR: dpkg-preconfigure: unable to re-open stdin: 13:17
koolhead17SpamapS, massive omlette :)13:24
koolhead17he kirkland 13:24
kirklandkoolhead17: howdy13:25
koolhead17kim0, find byoubu very heavy :)13:26
jamespagein order to use specific AMI images for an environment am I going to need to do anything other than set the default-ami parameter in the environment configuration?13:36
hazmatkirkland, does it work though despite the error output (which looks non fatal to me)13:36
jamespagecan't seem to make ensemble use anything other than the default natty one ATM13:36
kirklandhazmat: no, sorry13:36
kirklandhazmat: those error commands didn't actually take effect13:36
hazmatjamespage, default-image-id is the magic parameter to be set in environments.yaml per the docs here https://ensemble.ubuntu.com/docs/provider-configuration-ec2.html13:37
kirklandhazmat: for instance, we're trying to write to the file /usr/share/byobu/profiles/classroom13:37
kirklandhazmat: and that just doesn't happen (that file doesn't exist)13:37
jamespagehazmat: ta - thanks for the pointer13:37
hazmatkirkland, is there an escaping issue around that escape sequence?, i see the hook output has the file test and the echo to create the file, and then tries to start the session right after that13:41
kirklandhazmat: hmm, is that script just executed by bash?13:41
kirklandhazmat: or is it processed in some more obscure way?13:41
kirklandhazmat: because if you just run it with bash, it works fine13:42
hazmatkirkland, its executed by whatever shell is specified with the #! at the top13:42
hazmatkirkland, in this case #!/bin/sh13:42
kirklandhazmat: it's just when run in ensemble mode that it doesn't work right13:42
kirklandhazmat: right, sh, i mean (dash)13:42
hazmatkirkland, perhaps changing the install hook  to using #!/bin/bash?13:44
kirklandhazmat: hmm, okay, i can try that i suppose13:44
jamespageFYI I  requested a sync of zookeeper for oneiric from Debian this morning - this will push the version up to 3.3.3 and will superceded what's currently in the ensemble PPA for oneiric only13:44
niemeyerjamespage: Uhmm13:45
niemeyerjamespage: I'm not sure the Debian one has the needed patches13:45
niemeyerjamespage: Or the needed packaging changes, to be more precise13:45
niemeyer(our patches ahve been integrated upstream, IIRC)13:45
niemeyerjamespage: Is this going to kill any local changes we have?13:45
jamespageniemeyer: hmm - lemme take a look13:46
niemeyerjamespage: Regarding the AMI, please note we have as a goal using stock AMIs, and using formulas/etc to do the tweaking13:46
niemeyerjamespage: We still lack some features in that area, like formulas being able to specify which release they're targeting, but that's the goal13:47
niemeyerkirkland: You can use debug-hooks as well, to debug hooks in general13:47
jamespageniemeyer: how are you managing your additional patches in the PPA version of zookeeper - I can't see anything in debian/patches that I don't have in the debian version13:48
niemeyerjamespage: Does it have the same subpackages et al?13:48
niemeyerjamespage: Maybe it's all good and it makes no difference13:49
niemeyerjamespage: I recall we've had to do changes in the package originally13:49
niemeyerjamespage: But I suppose these were synced upstream by someone more careful than we are :)13:49
kirklandniemeyer: i see the debug hooks are still using tmux :-/13:49
niemeyerkirkland: Hmm.. yeah, it will continue using it until someones change?13:49
niemeyersomeone hanges13:50
niemeyerkirkland: For the reasons we discussed13:50
niemeyerkirkland: As you know, I don't personally care about whether we use screen or tmux13:50
jamespageniemeyer: if  lp:~ensemble/ensemble/zookeeper-package is a good place to look the package structure is the same13:50
niemeyerkirkland: But I care about introducing further hacks to use screen13:51
niemeyerjamespage: Sounds fantastic.. I bet doko did the syncing work13:51
jamespageso I picked up the upgrade to 3.3.3 and fixed a load of issues that mean't it was going to get dropped in Debian13:51
niemeyerjamespage: Oh, you mean you uploaded these fixes to Debian, and then synced back?13:53
jamespageniemeyer: broadley yes - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zookeeper/+bug/810320 contains the changelog since the last release in Ubuntu13:54
jamespageniemeyer: yours truly has now adopted the package in Debian (although SpamapS will be helping me - won't you :-))13:54
niemeyerjamespage: Man.. what can I say.. that's why you're called James Page I guess13:54
kirklandniemeyer: I gave you a one-liner to use screen, that wraps it with the 'run-one' command, which is in Natty, Oneric and beyond, and generally solves the problem of ensuring one, single, unique flocked copy of a given process running on the system at a time13:56
jamespageniemeyer: for some reason (can think why) I thought it might be important for Ubuntu :-)13:57
niemeyerkirkland: Yeah, we went over that already.. I'm not introducing further locking in that already messy logic to fix an internal bug of screen13:57
niemeyerkirkland: What we have now works well for the purposes we have, and once screen fixes that we can easily switch back13:57
niemeyerkirkland: Last we talked you were going to fix screen.. any progress there?13:59
kirklandniemeyer: i have not looked at fixing screen, other than reproducing and confirming the limitation with the upstream maintainer in #screen14:00
kirklandniemeyer: I suspect that even if I fix that bug in screen, you're going to give me another hoop to jump through;  then another;  then another ;-)14:04
niemeyerJun 17 14:35:49 <kirkland>      niemeyer: would you prefer that I patched screen?14:04
niemeyerJun 17 14:37:17 <niemeyer>      kirkland: Yes, I'd certainly wish that screen implemented this logic by itself in a reliable way14:04
niemeyerkirkland: You're being silly..14:04
kirklandniemeyer: heh, maybe a little, but I've seen your branch reviews :-P14:05
niemeyerkirkland: We've been discussing this for a long time, and now you bring back as if I had said I'd switch back to screen, and that somehow I'm trying to prevent you from using screen.14:05
niemeyerkirkland: I'm using tmux because screen has a bug, and tmux works.14:05
kirklandniemeyer: imagine if I said "niemeyer: I'm using puppet/chef/cfengine because ensemble has a bug, and puppet/chef/cfengine works."14:07
niemeyerkirkland: I'd have no issues with that.. I'd politely disagree, and continue pushing Ensemble forward because I believe in what we are doing.14:07
kirklandniemeyer: i believe in what you're doing too; and i'm a strong proponent of ensemble14:08
niemeyerkirkland: Doesn't look like so.. you're creating a major issue out of something I specifically attempted to help you with.14:09
kirklandniemeyer: it's hardly a major issue14:09
kirklandniemeyer: and I specifically gave you a simple workaround, that you rejected14:09
kirklandniemeyer: a temporary workaround14:10
niemeyerkirkland: You suggested an approach for me to implement, that involves further locking in an already messy area that was full of bugs as you noticed in the review I pointed you to.14:10
hazmatfwereade, just to clarify a point on your merge proposal "  Made a start on rearranging tests as well, but IMO that will be an ongoing process (especially over the next day or two) and so shouldn't hold up a merge.14:25
hazmat".. The existing tests are all passing?14:25
fwereadehazmat: yes, everything is passing and I'm pretty certain that everything that was originally covered is still covered14:26
hazmatfwereade, cool14:26
fwereadehazmat: however, there are a number of EC2 tests that are really only hitting the common stuff14:26
fwereadehazmat: and I think it would be sensible to gradually transition them14:26
hazmatsounds good14:27
fwereadehazmat: but I think the appropriate boundaries will become clearer as we get a cobbler bootstrap integrated14:27
fwereadehazmat: ofc, don't trust me, run them yourself too :p14:27
hazmatalways.. but i wanted context for the comments, thanks14:28
fwereadehazmat: a pleasure :)14:29
kirklandfor anyone who was watching the niemeyer/kirkland paintball match, we took it private and hugged it out ;-)14:36
kirklandI have a tmux profile for byobu that will land in the archive very soon ;-)14:36
* kim0 bugs both kirkland and niemeyer :)14:36
kim0hugs* even :)14:36
kim0\o/ woohoo for byobu on tmux14:37
kim0kirkland: is your formula for setting up a shared cloud byobu ready for public consumption .. I'd love to use it for a session today14:44
kirklandkim0: damn close, has a bug somewhere in the formula14:45
kirklandkim0: the formula is at lp:~kirkland/+junk/byobu-classroom if you want to try it14:47
kirklandkim0: something's wrong with the shell script processing14:47
kim0kirkland: is there some manual workaround ?14:47
kirklandkim0: yeah;  launch and ec2 instance;  and run the install hook as root by hand14:48
kirklandkim0: works just fine14:48
kirklandkim0: does not work when ensemble calls it14:48
kim0got it14:48
kim0ok I can do that14:48
kim0kirkland: thanks a lot14:48
kirklandkim0: i'm trying a small change from /bin/sh to /bin/bash now14:49
* kim0 nods14:49
niemeyerhazmat: Not sure if you're already on it, but I think fwereade's branch is now ready for other reviews: 15:01
kirklandhmm, i just updated to the latest ensemble, and i'm not able to get status on my newly bootstrapped environment:15:01
niemeyerhazmat: lp:~fwereade/ensemble/tweak-launch-machine15:01
niemeyerSpamapS: This might be interesting for you as well, and you may have some feedback to William there15:02
niemeyerSpamapS: It'll be more clear why we didn't just merge the logic15:02
fwereadebe brutal, it's the only way I'll learn ;)15:02
SpamapSniemeyer: I've been following the branch and I think William's direction, however different from my hackery, is far more maintainable long term.15:03
SpamapSI was hacking in the things I needed to get going.. not paying any real debt back. ;)15:03
niemeyerSpamapS: He just pushed some changes today, not sure if you've seen those15:04
niemeyerSpamapS: Yeah, as we discussed before, your hacks are greatly appreciated for real15:04
niemeyerSpamapS: andreas has been hacking on top of them to enable the cloud-init support pretty much the whole time15:05
niemeyerSpamapS: and we'll be basing the XML-RPC work on them15:05
niemeyerSpamapS: Sorry, that was Andres15:05
niemeyeror RoAkSoAx for the friends15:05
SpamapSWhile I was doing the XML-RPC stuff I kept wondering if there was already a twisted xmlrpc plugin.15:05
SpamapSshallow googling produced nothing15:06
niemeyerSpamapS: There is XML-RPC support in twisted, not specifically to cobbler though15:06
SpamapSAh, so I was looking externally where I should have probably just RTFM'd15:06
SpamapSif you look at OrchestraControl .. it just uses the python xmlrpclib .. there's nothing specific to cobbler itself.15:07
SpamapSactually one thing that is broken in the OrchestraControl is that it only logs in at __init__ time ... needs to re-login whenever the token times out.15:08
SpamapSImportant since the provisioning agent keeps the provider object around forever.15:08
niemeyerSpamapS: Hmm, interesting15:09
niemeyerSpamapS: That's a good hint, thanks15:10
niemeyerGood mornings15:30
m_3niemeyer: o/15:31
SpamapSm_3: its funny that you asked yesterday how long I had been up, because it was about 4:00pm and I took a little nap... had been up since 03:3015:32
niemeyerm_3: Hey Mark15:32
kim0m_3: hey o/15:33
niemeyerSpamapS: :)15:33
* SpamapS is almost back on PDT .. slept till 05:30 today15:33
m_3SpamapS: yeah, I saw traffic from horribly early hours15:33
fwereadehazmat, SpamapS: any further thoughts on my branch?15:54
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SpamapSfwereade: I haven't had time to take another look, but I did late yesterday and I was happy to see things shaping up in a more sane way. :)16:11
fwereadeSpamapS: thanks :)16:12
fwereadeSpamapS: the really awful bit is gone now :)16:12
kim0Getting ambiguous endpoint error → http://paste.ubuntu.com/644210/16:13
kim0can someone please help ?16:13
SpamapSI for one was happy to find some awful code in Ensemble.. no successful project is ever made up of 100% pure cane sugar. There's always some bitterness buried in the pressure to be timely. ;)16:13
jimbaker kim0, you're going to get that if there is more than one possible way to relate the services16:14
kim0jimbaker: I don't think there is16:14
jimbakerkim0, use the relation name to further specify16:14
kim0jimbaker: this is the very simple mysql from examples with one interface only16:15
fwereadeSpamapS: what I've seen looks pretty solid to me :)16:15
kim0with my drupal formula .. also one interface16:15
kim0jimbaker: and I'm demo'ing this within 45mins :)16:15
jimbakerkim0, sorry about that16:15
jimbakerkim0, one thing that never made it in the codebase was more guidance in the error message16:16
kim0jimbaker: I'm mostly sure there's only one relation on both sides16:16
kim0I tried specifying it as well16:16
kim0still not happy16:17
SpamapSfwereade: right, but some of the stuff in the ec2 provider was clearly thrown together in haste. :)16:17
jimbakerkim0, on mydb, there are two relation names (db-admin, db) for relation role of server16:18
fwereadeSpamapS: sure... but I've seen far, far worse ;)16:18
SpamapSI have been working on an outline for a book I plan to write .. "Your Code Must Suck - How to succeed in software by writing crappy code."16:18
jimbakerkim0, just specify which one you are adding. if you want to add both, you need to do so explicitly16:18
kim0jimbaker: hm, I specified 'db' and it worked .. but looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/644222/ I cannot see this other db-admin relation ?!16:20
jimbakerkim0, you need to break it up16:20
hazmatfwereade, looking it over, its a lot of churn to digest16:21
jimbakerkim0, the error message is definitely unfriendly - we need to fix that16:21
fwereadehazmat: yep, sorry about that16:21
fwereadehazmat: it's *mostly* moving stuff around16:21
kim0jimbaker: can you please point me where to see this db-admin relation ?16:22
fwereadehazmat: the significant interface changes are where I fixed the machine/instance confusion16:22
fwereadehazmat: ...and that extended its own independent set of tentacles through the codebase :(16:22
jimbakerkim0, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644225/16:23
jimbakerkim0, i just reformatted the specific text from one of the error lines16:24
kim0jimbaker: I understand the error says it exists .. however looking at metadata.yaml .. it's not there right ?16:24
kim0jimbaker: as in http://paste.ubuntu.com/644222/16:24
jimbakerkim0, there's no relation named db-admin as you mentioned in this specific metadata.yaml16:25
kim0jimbaker: so this is indeed confusing ?16:25
jimbakerkim0, indeed. i think you got a version out of whack here16:26
kim0ok .. glad it works now though16:26
kim0once done .. I'll see if I can reproduce it16:26
kim0jimbaker: thanks a ton :)16:26
jimbakerkim0, sounds good about reproducing *later* and good luck with your demo *soon* ;)16:27
jimbakerkim0, i will file a bug report on this ambiguous endpoint stuff16:27
jimbakerkim0, also in looking at the docs, some of the details on add-relation seemed to have disappeared with respect to ambiguous endpoints and using relation names16:29
jimbakerkim0, that was in an earlier version of the docs, we should presumably restore some aspects of it16:29
jimbakerkim0, this is the original spec for add-relation/remove-relation, https://code.launchpad.net/~jimbaker/ensemble/rel-mgmt-cli - a quick reading indicates that it's still a correct description of the behavior of these commands16:37
kim0I'll read that soonish16:38
SpamapSfwereade: BTW, that is fantastic (fixing the machine/instance confusion). I spent probably a whole day screwing that up when playing with lxc.16:40
fwereadeSpamapS: thanks :D16:51
_mup_Bug #810600 was filed: Ambiguous endpoints error in ensemble add-relation or remove-relation is confusing <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810600 >16:55
jimbakerSpamapS, fwereade - i should look at that, it's definitely was a pain point in adding support of ec2 firewall mgmt (which almost works, just need to fix a bug in the provisioning agent itself for re-exposing a service)16:57
fwereadejimbaker: cool17:08
fwereadejimbaker: a lot of it is just renaming variables to make it clear when we have a machine or an instance17:09
jimbakerfwereade, i think my favorite example in that chunk of code is MachineProvider vs ProviderMachine...17:10
jimbakerfwereade, i suppose that means something. but symmetry like that is generally not good ;)17:10
SpamapSnegronjl: hey, there's already a memcached formula in principia!17:42
negronjlSpamapS:  duh!!!  sorry about that :)17:42
* SpamapS reads it anyway .. maybe its better. ;)17:43
* negronjl thinks it isn't :)17:43
SpamapSerr.. nope. :)17:43
SpamapSnegronjl: its part of the whole mediawiki demo that I do.17:43
negronjlSpamapS:  cool...I'll be using soon :)17:43
kirklandokay, my bad17:48
kirklandi forgot to bump the version of the formula17:48
kirklandso i've been deploying the same code for 4+ hours now17:49
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kirkland\o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  \o/  17:56
kirklandthat formula version bumping got me again17:56
SpamapSkirkland: its high time we opened that bug...17:56
* SpamapS does it17:56
kirklandjamespage: working byobu-classroom formula at bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kirkland/%2Bjunk/byobu-classroom/17:57
kirklandjamespage: m_3 is about to remove the 443 https dependency17:57
kirklandjamespage: rather, i think he's going to put ajaxterm on both 80 and 44317:58
kirklandm_3: ^ that's what I'd like to see anyway17:58
kirklandm_3: so that the user can choose if they want ssh or telnet :-P17:58
m_3sounds good17:58
kim0kirkland: thanks for byobu-classroom :)17:59
kim0worked great for me18:00
_mup_Bug #810648 was filed: The revision number in formula metadata is not very useful to users <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810648 >18:01
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m_3kim0: yeah, caught first part of the class... awesome man18:02
* ahs3 ^5 kim0 -- well done18:03
_mup_Bug #810649 was filed: Revision number should be optional in metadata <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810649 >18:03
kim0ahs3: o/ Thanks :)18:03
SpamapSOk, two bugs filed for that.18:03
SpamapSkirkland: might I suggest you review those, comment on your experiences, and +1/Confirm them? Thx. :)18:03
kim0Got a good question as I demo'ed ensemble18:04
kim0QUESTION: I didn't see a formula for apache in the list. Is that implicit? Can one swap out a different http server?18:04
kim0like can I deploy wordpress, on nginx not apache18:04
SpamapSkim0: *programs* are handled by packaging. Formulas are for configuring programs.18:04
SpamapSkim0: yes, that might be called the 'wordpress-nginx' formula though18:05
kirklandSpamapS: sure18:05
kim0a separate copy .. cant it be a config option ?!18:05
SpamapSkim0: it could be yes18:05
kim0cool that's better :)18:05
SpamapSbut I haven't seen config settings actually available yet... which is a pity. ;)18:05
kim0I really can't wait for options to land18:05
kim0yeah :)18:05
SpamapSdistractions.. :-P18:06
kirklandSpamapS: commented18:08
SpamapSkirkland: danke18:10
kirklandSpamapS: marked confirmed18:13
adam_gSpamapS: do i send this mysql merge proposal to lp:ensemble or some other?18:13
SpamapSadam_g: if you branched from lp:principia/mysql then you  just push to launchpad and do 'bzr lp-propose' .. it will propose the merge against the original source branch.18:14
adam_gok, ill rebranch and do it that way18:15
SpamapSadam_g: how did you do it?18:16
SpamapSadam_g: you shouldn't have to re-branch, you can target a merge proposal at anything18:17
adam_gi have no idea, i branched from lp:ensemble a while back it looks like18:17
SpamapSadam_g: but it typically is easier/smoother if you're proposing to merge with the branch you started from.18:17
SpamapSyou did this on the examples formula?18:17
SpamapSprincipia has a much richer mysql formula that includes one-way replication.18:18
adam_gill just rebranch and merge, its not a big deal. the share-db stuff doesn't touch anything else18:18
SpamapSDid you branch the principia mysql formula or the examples one though?18:18
SpamapSthey're totally different18:19
adam_gprincipia, according to branch.conf18:20
SpamapSok good18:20
SpamapSbzr info you mean?18:20
adam_gyeah, that too18:20
SpamapSOk you don't need to re-branch then18:20
SpamapSjust push it to somewhere on launchpad and propose it for merging into lp:principia/mysql18:20
kim0SpamapS: is it possible to use principia's mysql formula, without replication or munin ..etc. i.e. just like the simple examples/ mysql formula ?18:21
SpamapSkim0: they're interchangable in the examples yes. The only reason its different is that the example one is trying to be the simple clear example.. whereas the principia one is trying to be highly useful.18:22
kim0so when it says require: munin, it's lying :)18:23
SpamapSrequire is a lie yes18:25
SpamapSmediawiki works fine w/o memcached18:25
hazmatSpamapS, probably should have optional: true re mysq/munin18:56
SpamapShazmat: we talked about this.. required things that are then made optional is.. silly ;)18:56
SpamapSThere should be a new section, Consumes18:57
m_3the docs make it sound like required will change behavior at some point18:59
niemeyerSpamapS: That article was a good reading, btw 19:00
SpamapSniemeyer: yeah really makes a strong case for exactly what coroutines give you. :)19:00
SpamapSlight weight simplified thread-like behavior.19:01
niemeyerSpamapS: Yeah19:01
niemeyerSpamapS: It was also nice to see such arguments about callback-based logic written down19:01
hazmatniemeyer, what article was that?19:10
niemeyerhazmat: http://www.usenix.org/events/hotos03/tech/full_papers/vonbehren/vonbehren_html/19:11
niemeyerbcsaller: ping20:28
bcsallerniemeyer: pong20:30
bcsallerclient locked up there 20:30
niemeyerbcsaller: Hey20:31
niemeyerbcsaller: Would you mind to review this branch from Kapil: https://code.launchpad.net/~hazmat/ensemble/security-node-policy-def/+merge/6797220:32
bcsallerwill do20:32
niemeyerbcsaller: Thanks20:32
robbiewSpamapS: around?21:06
niemeyer   # object has changed due to parent rename, get a new handle21:06
niemeyer   sid = server.get_system_handle("system1", token)21:06
niemeyerfwereade, RoAkSoAx: ^^^21:07
niemeyerPersistent object ids are such a novel idea :-(21:07
fwereadeniemeyer: gaaaaah21:07
SpamapSrobbiew: yeah, sup?21:47
hazmatkirkland, was that install hook problem just a shell issue (dash v. bash)? and did your environment status work?21:51
negronjlSpamapS:  ping21:57
SpamapSnegronjl: pong, gotta run in 2 minutes, sup?21:58
negronjlSpamapS: issues deploying mysql formula: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644396/21:58
negronjlSpamapS:  whenever you get a chance 21:58
SpamapSnegronjl: thats quite strange... maybe a regression of some kind?22:00
SpamapSI haven't deployed it in a while22:00
SpamapSanyway, I'm late22:00
negronjlSpamapS:  later 22:00
_mup_Bug #810765 was filed: cannot deploy mysql <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810765 >22:02
hazmatnegronjl, that looks like an invalid metadata.yaml file that doesn't conform to yaml spec22:07
negronjlhazmat:  Did anything change on the yaml modules within ensemble?  I don't think the mysql formula has been changed in a while.  I'm currently playing with it nonetheless.22:08
hazmatnegronjl, no.. i kinda of doubt its an ensemble issue given the traceback22:08
negronjlhazmat:  I'm checking right now.  I'll keep you posted on my findings.22:09
negronjlhazmat:  this is happening on all formulas.  It does appear to be an Ensemble issue22:15
negronjlhazmat:  I just updated to the latest and greatest ensemble too....22:16
* hazmat updates as well22:16
kirklandhazmat: well, the spurious @ERRORS was because I had set -x in my script22:22
kirklandhazmat: (regardless of dash/bash)22:22
kirklandhazmat: set -x prints each command that gets executed on stderr22:22
kirklandhazmat: ensemble was slurping those up and labeling them "@ERRORs"22:22
kirklandm_3 helped me figure that out22:22
hazmatkirkland, but what was the issue with the script not putting the echo'd config file on disk?22:32
negronjlhazmat:  Where you able to reproduce the issue?22:36
hazmatnegronjl, not using the examples.. i'm trying with principia atm22:37
hazmatnegronjl, also works with principia22:37
hazmatnegronjl, i've got python-yaml_3.09-5ubuntu2 installed22:38
negronjlhazmat:  me too22:39
negronjlhazmat:  a bit of background.  I was working on a formulat and it was working just fine ( i was doing some last minute checks on it ) when I noticed that ensemble had an upgrade.  I shutdown the environment, upgraded it and bootstrapped it.  Now I cannot deploy any of the formulas that were working 10 minutes befoe the update 22:41
hazmatnegronjl, the issue is strange, from the traceback you posted, it looks like python-yaml is saying the metadata.yaml file is invalid... 22:45
hazmatnegronjl, can you download this paste http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644418/ and run python downloaded.py abs_path_to_mysql_metadata.yaml22:46
negronjlhazmat ( or anyone else interested ).  Can you reproduce ?22:46
hazmatnegronjl, i'm not able to reproduce22:46
hazmatif parses it should just print it stdout, if it fails, the metadata.yaml file is indeed invalid22:47
negronjlhazmat:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644420/22:47
hazmatnegronjl, your using a ppa ensemble installation?22:48
negronjlhazmat:  i am22:48
_mup_ensemble/expose-provision-machines r291 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com22:52
_mup_Properly supporting re-exposing a service22:52
negronjlhazmat:  I opened a bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ensemble/+bug/810765)22:52
_mup_Bug #810765: cannot deploy any formulas <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810765 >22:52
negronjlhazmat:  I'll be back in a minute.22:52
adam_give got an install hook that succeeds and exits 0, but ensemble.executor never logs it as complete and does not then fire the start hook.23:03
adam_gif i destroy the service and re-deploy it to the same machine, it re-installs and fires 'start'23:04
m_3negronjl: I ran into a problem with one formula in the repository directory screwing up others... you might check metadata of all or clean up your repo23:04
adam_gif i destroy the service, remove the packages from the system, and redeploy, ensemble gets stuck in 'install' again.. any ideas?23:05
hazmatadam_g, when you say its stuck in install.. what does ensemble status show?23:05
hazmatm_3, good point.. any broken formula metadata in the repo can hose the deploy23:06
* hazmat updates the bug23:06
adam_ghazmat: null23:06
m_3I had an accidentally named config.yaml file in one recipe... it took a _while_ to figure that out23:06
m_3adam_g: crickets all the way man23:06
adam_ghazmat: "hook.executor@DEBUG: Hook complete: ...." is never logged the first time around23:07
adam_g(For install)23:08
hazmatadam_g, if you log into the machine the first time a round, is it still running?23:08
hazmatie. are we sure the hook has exited?23:08
adam_gyes, positive23:09
adam_gand sure that has exitted successfully (logging in the script to make sure)23:09
adam_glp:~gandelman-a/+junk/rabbitmq if you'd like to test, its 100% reproducable23:10
hazmatadam_g, can you file a bug.. i'm about to head out for dinner, but i'll have a look latter23:11
niemeyerm_3, negronjl: In the near future "ensemble publish" will catch those issues23:14
m_3niemeyer: haven't seen that one...23:14
niemeyerm_3: It doesn't exist yet.. it's part of the repo work23:15
niemeyerm_3: We'll validate formulas before publishing them23:15
jimbakerniemeyer, i found a bug in expose-provision-machines with respect to re-exposing a service. the solution is simple: do the firewall checks per service unit with open_close_ports regardless of whether the service is exposed23:27
jimbakerniemeyer, however to fix this, i needed to do the guard against the connection being closed in _watch_topology, much like other watches23:27
jimbakerniemeyer, should i put that 2-line change in a separate branch and test it? my only concern is that the one example i have seen that tests connections is in ensemble.state.tests.test_agent.AgentDomainTest.test_connect_agent, which is not reliable when looped23:28
niemeyerjimbaker: Hmm23:31
jimbakerniemeyer, with these changes, and a downstream branch, we should have port exposing working as desired on ec2. the only bit left is 1. change the example formula (that's also 2 lines, including comment); 2. support exposed/unexposed hooks23:32
niemeyerjimbaker: Not sure I understand23:33
niemeyerjimbaker: You found a bug in expose-provision-machines, and that also needs a guard23:33
jimbaker#2 is a bit more work, but it also seems more of a specialized usage (eg, maybe a formula would respond to exposing a service by starting a web-based admin)23:33
niemeyerjimbaker: Sounds like we need a branch which addresses these two issues?23:34
jimbakerniemeyer, sounds like a good plan23:34
jimbakerniemeyer, i will create a branch to address23:34
niemeyerjimbaker: Cool, thanks!23:35
niemeyerAlright, I'm stepping out to the room.. see you all later23:59

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