pleia2nhandler: do you have login access to the editor gmail account? I'm sharing the doc with people who care to be emailed each weekend when we're ready for summaries04:46
alouriepleia2: I would also care to be emailed for that :-)05:21
alouriealthough I can do it only on Sundays...05:21
pleia2alourie: ok cool, what's your address?05:23
pleia2we'll also mention it in here 40 times :)05:23
alouriepleia2: djay.il@gmail.com05:26
alouriemention it as much as you like (just imagine I get a penny for every time you do :-) )05:26
pleia2ok, you're added05:28
NRWliongood morning folks!08:32
NRWlionhi there10:34
=== Cheri703_ is now known as Cheri703
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, I have the login info somewhere. Do you need it?14:48
pleia2nhandler: no, was just making sure you had access to the doc I shared with that account (but I shared it directly with you too)16:09
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, I got it. Thanks a lot for putting that together. Also, I am going to be on vacation from tomorrow morning until Tuesday night. Do we have someone to publish UWN monday?16:12
pleia2I can probably do it, will be an interesting test of whatever we're missing docs-wise16:13
nhandlerpleia2: Thanks a lot. If you get a chance, take a quick look over the checklist and scripts, and let me know if you have any questions.16:14
pleia2will do16:15
NRWlionEvening from Germany18:31
NRWlionhey philipballew21:34
philipballewhey NRWlion21:34
NRWlionguess we havent had the pleasure yet, am I right?21:35
philipballewNRWlion, we have not.21:37
philipballewyou are right21:37
NRWlionphilipballew: well then ;) I am from germany (and thought i might be helpful but havent found the right place for myself in the team ;) )21:39
philipballewwhat are you looking to do?21:40
NRWlionphilipballew: first of all getting much more knowledge about the tech side of ubuntu21:40
NRWlionas i am mostly running mint on my system21:40
philipballewwhy mint?21:41
NRWlionwas the only system that worked on my 2001 hardware21:41
philipballewwell I would think ubuntu would if mint did21:42
philipballewand probably puppy to21:42
philipballewseemes intence21:43
philipballewthe install, seemes like it was having problems NRWlion21:47
NRWlionphilipballew: it HAD ;)21:48
NRWlionso i was lucky to get mint running cause working on a 10 inch screen for nearly 18 hrs at the weekend wasnt nice :(21:49
philipballewso what brings you to the ubuntu-news? I am new to this channel for the past week21:49
NRWlionphilipballew: i thought with my experience of nearly 8 years working on real life journalism i would be an asset but i was proofen wrong so i try to help where ever i could and absorb as much as intel as possible21:51
philipballewthat never hurts. you did real life for what?21:51
NRWlioni did several years as reporter for icehockey in local papers and afterwards more than 3 years in local radio stations hosting a cinema show and other stuff21:53
philipballewnice! never seen a real hockey match21:55
philipballewprobably hard to report on21:55
NRWlionnot if you write your stuff afterwards or simply phone in the details after the match21:56
NRWlionbut i godda go now21:56
nhandlerpleia2: Think you are good for UWN?21:56
NRWlionnight is over about 5 hrs21:56
NRWlionnhandler: i am not there on Sat this time21:56
pleia2nhandler: when I haven't been working today I've been at an Ubuntu Women meeting, no time to look so far :(21:56
nhandlerNRWlion: Neither am I21:57
nhandlerpleia2: Alright, no problem21:57
NRWlionok folks. godda run for my pillows. gn8!21:58
nhandlerNight NRWlion21:58
philipballewthat NWRlion seemed nice22:04

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