Atamiraroll on the weekend00:38
Atamirasuppose to be mild showers and sunshine00:38
chiltsthe weekend seems ages away01:22
chiltsunless you're having a long weekend?01:22
Atamiraim still off work for one more week01:24
Atamiraits all a weekend to me right now01:24
Atamiranaming days just gives me a time line01:25
chiltsyou on holiday? sounds like a good plan to me ... I should take some time off :)01:27
Atamirakinda forced on me02:44
Atamirai had an operation 5 weeks ago. im off for one more week02:46
chiltshope all worked out well :)02:53
Atamirayep, im still here. and i have one more week off03:01
Atamiratho it will take months to completely heal03:01
Atamiraand i wont be running any marathons for a while (not that i ran them before the op)03:02
chiltsI ran one once, never again03:06
ibeardsleedone a couple of 1/2s03:07
ibeardslee.. does that make a whole?03:07
chiltsyeah, done two of those too03:07
chiltsibeardslee: no :)03:07
Atamiraive watched a few03:20
Atamiradoes that count? :)03:20
chiltsthey're worth 10% each, so you gotta watch 10 to get a full one :)03:22
ibeardsleebut only if your heart starts racing as the leaders come towards the finish line03:40
Atamirawell, i watch the iron man series. and the local marathons, the boston marathon when its on.04:39
Atamirathen ive done a marathon :)04:40
Atamiranew york marathon04:40
Atamiraand if i dont take my hypertension pills..my heart races04:40
Atamirait all counts04:40
ojwbmy nose sometimes runs04:59
Atamiradont think that counts ojwb05:20
ibeardsleebut let's give him a medal for trying?05:27
Atamirawell, a little medal then05:39
HoggsLooks like we might top USD too08:45
hadsInteresting in't it.08:46
HoggsNo other currencies are moving much.. I guess it's just a sign the US economy is failing08:47
Hoggsslowly falling apart08:47
hadsYeah, NZD is generally weak right now but that's about it.08:48
Hoggsthe US economy is going to have to hit rock bottom before they realise how badly they fucked up08:48
elkyHoggs, they're already out of money for social security, pension and disability allowances unless the republicans concede that rich people should pay some tax as well09:45
HoggsRepublicans have no interest in looking after their country at all. Their only interest is making the democrats look bad.09:46
ojwbUK rate is pretty bad, at least compared to what it was a few years ago10:34
ibeardsleemythtv types ... https://www.firstin.co.nz/products/foxconn-home-theatre-barebones-system-5573/21:46
ibeardsleewould that ^^ be any good as a front end?21:47
hadsibeardslee: No hardware video acceleration22:35
hadsWould be just okay, no good for HD material really.22:35
ibeardsleehads: ta, was thinking that I shouldn't be looking at things like that anyway .. jsut delay me starting the project I have for the front end box22:42

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