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bazhanggnome 3 session? does that not indicate they installed the gnome3 PPA?00:48
IdleOnethey installed gnome3 somehow00:50
bazhangphr3rd and godtrunks both it seems00:51
bazhangwould the PPA be in sources.list.d ?01:06
bazhang<Phr3d13> GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session   just this one, apparently01:12
Pici!info gnome3-session01:13
ubottugnome3-session (source: gnome-session): The GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu20 (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 132 kB01:13
bazhangif someone can make sense of what godtrunks2 is saying, please enlighten me01:29
bazhang<Phr3d_13> bazhang, it looks blue and has a clock centered on the top   <--- gnome 3 session for natty has this Pici ?01:40
bazhang<sqadfafsdgf> if i wanted to install windows would the windows installer do it for me aswell?01:49
bazhangmy senses are tingling01:49
bazhangso its possible to remove unity *and* classic from 11.04 and use gnome3 session exclusively, apparently02:01
bazhangthats a neat trick, as I dont see a package that is classic02:10
bazhangKlickitYlack      = sqadfafsdgf02:20
rwwbazhang: GNOME 3 PPA removes GNOME 2 and Unity.02:50
bazhangrww, ah so. thanks. but he claims never to have installed the PPA02:50
rwwI'm sure you can guess my opinion of this.02:50
bazhangand he's in unity, but no classic option02:51
bazhangand klickityclack seems to be trolling02:51
rwwperhaps an odd person responding to K4k's "comcastbusiness" hostmask? iono.02:52
bazhangalso "is ubuntu better than windows?" and does the windows installer et c etc etc02:52
rwwI'd have them "apt-cache policy", except they'd probably doctor it if they're pretending not to have GNOME 3 PPA (which is my cynical interpretation)02:52
rwwoh, I didn't see KlickitYlack02:53
bazhangwell he wont give a screenshot, claims to be on the desktop, but somehow cannot do so02:57
rwwi saw. has a gmail address that corresponds to their IRC handle, and the time is about right. so there we go :|03:00
bazhangis billy_ aka billy2007 normally an issue?04:42
bazhangaugh coldpaste, and response to !here is quoting self with coldpaste04:52
bazhangwonder what happened to erusul ; not seen him in ages05:28
ubottuwildbat called the ops in #ubuntu (kopral)06:30
rwwto the surprise of nobody, the software billy2007's been complaining about not being able to use on his VM is pirated.06:38
CoreyShock oh shock.06:40
rwwalso, kopral decided that the best way to respond to being told not to be offtopic in #ubuntu was to ignore it, get +q'd, and then NOTICE spam me with anti-semitic crap in a foreign language.06:41
rwwfun times06:41
Coreyrww: Lovely!06:42
rwwjussi: I'll admit, I went on BT and looked to see if they're one of our regular drugged-up users ;(06:54
jussirww: yeah...06:55
ikoniamorning bullgard407:27
bullgard4ikonia: gm!07:27
ikoniahow can we help you today ?07:28
bullgard4ikonia: Just a moment, please.07:28
bullgard4When finally will you stop the mobbing of not so experienced people asking for help in the #ubuntu-de channel by regulars and operators every day? Example: Today: [09:05]<Nicodemus>Wie suche ich die Passwörter für meine Verschlüsselten Home-Verzeichnisse herraus ?  -- [09:13]<LetoThe2nd>Nicodemus: ich habe dich hier in den letzten tagen oft gesehen. ich schätze dich als lesefaul,...07:33
bullgard4...denkfaul, unmotivert und nicht willens eigene geistesleistung zu investieren an. ändere das und lies was ich sagte, oder tu's nicht.07:33
ikoniabullgard4: why are you giving us ?07:33
rwwbullgard4: #ubuntu-ops deals with channels in the Ubuntu core namespace. LoCo channels are not managed here; try #ubuntu-de's channel operators, the LoCo Council, or #ubuntu-irc07:34
bullgard4What do you mean by "giving us"?07:34
ikoniagiving us this inforamtion07:34
rwws/channels in the Ubuntu core namespace/Ubuntu core channels/07:34
bullgard4rww: Thank you for this information. I will try to act accordingly.07:37
bazhang<wslayer> what is mouse?09:56
bazhanga well-loved character copyright to eternity09:57
ikoniait won't be tollerated long09:57
bazhanghe's been in the channel before now09:57
ikoniajrib: 6.06 was LTS = 5 years on the server paltform......should it have been removed by now ?10:59
jribikonia: I don't know what the policy for the old-releases server is11:00
ikoniaif it's been removed - that's bonkers11:00
ikonia(which it appears to have)11:00
jribikonia: I don't see anything before hardy on old-releases11:01
ikoniadapper was 6.06 wasn't it ?11:01
ikoniaso basically after 5 years, support doesn't end, it's existance ends11:02
* jrib sees nothing wrong with that11:02
ikoniajrib: it is if you want to upgrade11:02
ikoniajussi: it's been removed from there11:03
ikoniahence why it doesn't exist any more11:03
jribikonia: you can upgrade to hardy, no?11:03
ikoniano, as it requires some stuff from 6.06 to do the ugprade11:04
ikoniaor at least requires access to the repo to do the upgrade process11:04
jribpresumably, one could have upgraded to hardy in 200811:04
ikoniaI would agree, but in a work environment it's not always possible11:04
ikoniahence my surprise11:05
ikoniafor a home user, I don't really care, you should be on top of it, but for business yes11:05
jribikonia: ah you are saying that actual access to dapper repository must exist despite an install having been up to date (on dapper) post hardy release date?11:05
jribwell that's kind of silly then11:06
jribalthough to be fair, old-releases is a bit of a courtesy, upgrades should be planned with the 5 year deadline in mind11:06
tsimpsonI don't think you *need* the (old-)releases archives to actually upgrade11:07
ikoniathen that's a poor model from canonical11:07
ikoniatsimpson: it looks like you do11:07
tsimpsondo-release-upgrade should just look for the next LTS11:07
ikoniait wants to accesss the old repos to do the update11:07
ikoniadon't know if that was changed post 6.06 so is no longer a problem11:07
jribhttp://debian.anu.edu.au/ old mirror with dapper still on it11:09
ikoniajrib: useful as a work around, sloppy as an overall process11:10
ikoniaalthough I guess all mirrors should have an oldrelease style archive11:10
jussiHave you asked the sysadmins about this?  perhaps its an oversight?11:21
elkyjpds, around?11:21
jpdselky: Hi.12:06
bazhangnice spot IdleOne12:34
bazhangwslayer account should be taken with a grain of salt. he was asking "what is mouse?" and "what is ubuntu?" earlier12:38
bazhangthere are allegedly tools that will make a windows iso bootable, as his is admittedly pirated, and the ubuntu tools are not made for that, it seems out of channel scope, at the very least (billy2007)12:41
bazhangis blueskaj's advice sound or not12:47
Picibazhang: It looks like hes answering a question that wasn't asked.12:48
PiciAnd tsimpson's advice was already given12:48
bazhangPici, he's telling joanthrax how to bypass eolupgrades12:48
bazhangwhoops joann something else12:49
tsimpsonsimply doing sed s/oldrelease/newrelease/g is _not_ good advice12:49
PiciAnd this is where he says that he mentioned it was 'risky'.12:52
Picilike so.12:52
bazhangit broke my install once, when I knew no better12:53
PiciI thought he was better than this...12:53
bazhangrww, so the xp not working in vm was pirated, then? re: billy2007 's issue13:02
bazhang<g0t> Results for | Quantum_Ion on Google:13:36
bazhang^ responding to !google | user13:36
bazhangyoutube-dl is fixed?13:40
Picidunno. I use a build of cclive13:40
bazhangheh topyli 's law13:40
bazhangdev null is empty why?14:12
bazhangbetter to use mongodb14:13
PiciI almost used !die instead of !ide14:17
bazhangprobably has something for that in -ot14:17
bazhang* Python1 (~snake@ has joined #ubuntu  ban dodging?14:18
PiciDid we remove it?14:18
bazhangwhoops yes. my mistake14:20
bazhangstill wondering how that user was able to remove classic and unity and be running gnome3 session on 11.0414:28
bazhangthe webmin factoid no longer mentions ebox, that broken , too?14:39
PiciI don't think it exists anymore.14:39
bazhangstill there in natty, at least. just not recommended I guess14:41
popeyebox -> zentyal14:43
bazhang<teekoh|2> bazhang, no my encrypted hard drive :(    <--- gone for good, then, yes?14:43
bazhangjukeitaa, hi15:06
jukeitaabazhang: hi and sorry to disturb, just checking channels topic15:07
Pici/topic #otherchannel15:07
bazhang-this is not the channel you want-15:08
bazhangso connman is only for intel cards? that seems odd15:27
popeyits made by intel ☺15:54
popeybut I'd be surprised if that's true15:54
popeyAIUI Android uses connman15:54
popeyand most phones don't have intel wifi chips in them15:54
Picitsimpson: iirc, Stockholm_Angel was discussed here or ops-team a bit ago, I forget why though :/16:46
tsimpsonugg, yeah, I see the conversation in -team16:52
PiciWeird, ubottu gave me an error about 'no closing quotation' when I used it in a @comment17:10
PiciIs that bugworthy?17:10
tsimpsonPici: sounds more like a supybot issue to me17:12
Picitsimpson: yeah, thats what I was thinking.17:12
tsimpsonyeah, looks like the tokenizer raises that error, I really don't like supybot sometimes...17:16
rwwrewrite ubottu in perl :317:18
tsimpsonI'll rewrite it in python, but this time with some sanity17:20
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rwwStockholm_Angel just wandered into #ubuntu-women :|17:41
PiciI saw17:41
PiciAnd was asking in #freenode about registerig ##feminism17:42
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