lamontslangasek: they do.00:01
lamontseems the mirrors get busy around release time00:01
lamontso we quit using them. :-(00:01
slangasekso I need some help unwinding this mess quickly00:01
slangasekbut first it seems I need to do another upload of initscripts to fix this bug, which I didn't even notice because it's in a binary package I wasn't looking at :/00:02
lamontso you want the world on manual, for starters?00:02
slangaseklamont: prolly00:02
lamontset-builder --all --manual00:02
* lamont hugs the api00:02
lamontafk for about 5.  OTOH, you're fortunate I was idling00:03
* slangasek frowns. Not sure how this worked *before*; no /usr/share/sysvinit/inittab in the old package either00:07
lamontalso, have we fixed the libc6-breaks-debootstrap-with-no-/var/run bug yet?00:08
slangasekthat's exactly what I was in the middle of fixing00:08
slangasekaha, got it - something changed that caused debian/postinst to be picked up into the sysvinit-utils package where it hadn't been before00:09
slangasekit'll be the fact that upstream switched to debconf, sysvinit used to be the first package in debian/control, and we nuke that \o/00:09
slangaseklamont: sysvinit 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu3 is the package we need to get build to unbreak the chroots; and sysvinit-utils needs to be put on hold in each of them to get it built00:12
lamontslangasek: all 4 architectures, eh?00:13
lamontdo we want to have this discussion in #u-d, or drag infinity here?00:14
slangasekeither way :)00:14
slangasekyes, all 4 archs00:14
lamontslangasek: I'm understanding you to say you want the chroots with the only change being that sysvinit-utils is on hold, yes?00:19
slangaseklamont: yes00:19
slangasekI trust that the apt config will dtrt with other packages not upgradable due to unsatisfiable versioned dependencies00:20
slangasek(the build-dependencies will all be installable)00:20
* lamont taps his foot at annonaceae00:22
lamontslangasek: I expect that tomorrow I'll freshen the oneiric chroots, once you've fixed debootstrapping00:27
lamontditto for natty, without the prereq00:28
slangaseksounds good :)00:28
lamontdid you already score sysvinit through the roof?  (as in are you ready for a build?00:35
lamonttarballs are uploading now00:35
* lamont goes on a scorathon00:37
lamontkicking builds off00:37
infinitylamont: Okay.00:38
lamont4 builds running, world on manual again (roseapple allspice adare araceae)00:39
infinitylamont: If you're doing the hacked-up chroots, I can return the status quo when you're off.00:39
lamontswitching the world is one command00:39
lamontset-builder --all --auto :)00:39
infinityI meant the chroots, not the buildds.00:39
infinityBut sure.00:39
lamontI want to wait and make sure the builds finish before I restore the chroot tarball00:39
lamontUploading build on roseapple00:40
wgrant(#launchpad-ops would appreciate notification about stuff like this, FWIW)00:40
lamontwgrant: sorry00:40
infinitywgrant: Bah. ;)00:41
wgrantDo we have an ETA?00:41
wgrantWe have non-Platform users :)00:41
infinityNot until we crank a manual publisher run.00:41
lamontwgrant: once the freshly built packages are published00:41
wgrantWe really need a better way to do this.00:41
lamontchroots are now correct (old)00:42
lamontwgrant: a way to tell lp-buildd to not dist-upgrade the chroot would be (1) a start, and (2) violate a few holies00:42
infinityslangasek: You want to turn the publisher handle, or shall I?00:42
infinitylamont: You could mitigate the ickiness of that by pushing chroots that are fully up-to-date except for the package you want on hold, but I agree, it's just a different form of ugly.00:43
lamontwgrant: all of the virtual builders are back to auto00:43
lamontinfinity: it helps if the release is debootstrappable00:43
wgrantlamont: Thanks!00:43
lamontsince I started rolling chroot tarballs from whole cloth for repeatability00:43
infinitylamont: Only because you insist on building your chroots from scratch every time. ;)00:44
lamontinfinity: there was lots of cruft in them when I shot them in the head00:44
infinitylamont: (I agree it's a decent sanity check, but not quired every day either)00:44
lamontwgrant: of course, anyone building oneiric is going to find that their builds fail until the publisher run happens00:44
wgrantYes, but it's oneiric.00:44
infinitylamont: Yeah, I used to regularly deborphan and hunt stale conffiles, etc.  I assume that ended about a day after I left.00:44
lamontinfinity: ./make-chroot.sh -d oneiric --lp  <-- far more trivial than fetching and unpacking the tarball00:45
infinity(Except when it doesn't work) ;)00:45
lamontthat's a distro problem. :-p00:45
infinityAlso, I think vorlon fell into a black hole.00:45
infinityI'm going to crank the publisher.00:45
lamontthe current hack of the moment (used to bootstrap libjboss-buildmagic-java) was to /STAGE2=/""/\/var\/run\/agentx/00:46
lamontcrank away00:46
* slangasek climbs back out of the black hole00:47
slangasekinfinity: armel is still building?00:47
slangasekdoesn't that make it premature to crank?00:47
infinityLamont led me to believe it was done. :P00:48
infinityGood thing the publisher's sad.00:48
infinityDid someone kill it mid-run?00:48
lamontyou said you were gonna crank it, I assumed you had looked00:48
infinityEither way.  No harm done.00:48
infinityBut yeah, did someone kill the previous publisher run by hand?00:48
infinityCause stale locks concern me.00:48
lamontnot me.00:49
infinity-r--r--r-- 1 lp_publish lp_publish 1 Jul 13 21:09 /srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-archive/cron.daily.lock00:49
lamontand arm is in installdocs00:49
lamontand now it's stripping00:49
infinityYeah, I'm watching now. :P00:49
slangasekinfinity: yes, I did00:49
slangasekto prevent publishing the precise version of sysvinit that broke the chroots (though for a different reason)00:50
infinitylamont: Hahahaha.  Nine 5s.  Nice.00:50
lamontit's a historical value00:50
infinitylamont: Except that it's only eight. :(00:50
lamontonly 8 5s00:50
slangasekinfinity: lock removed00:50
lamontit's more "pound on the 5 key"00:50
lamontand yet, the troll refuses to die00:51
infinityAnd uploading...00:51
infinityAnd publishing.00:52
infinitylamont: So, where does your shiny chroot tool live?00:55
lamontsee also https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-buildd00:57
lamontthe wanna-build tree being the dump of history from the forkpoint for wanna-build, for wgrant's happiness00:57
lamonthow much longer on the publisher?00:58
infinity"Until it's done".00:58
infinityvorlon's hasty killing of the earlier run means it had some backlog to chew through. :P00:58
slangasekit was not hasty00:58
slangasekit was premeditated00:58
infinityAnd, apparently, it takes 20 seconds to process every effin' kde-l10n-uzbekistnification_all.deb00:59
slangasekthe upload that /led/ to the killing was what was hasty00:59
infinityDearest Soyuz.  WTF, over.  No love, Me.00:59
infinityslangasek: I just don't recall it being this slow. :P01:00
lamontslangasek: I think he's remembering some of the rough edges01:00
wgrantinfinity: We are running at DB capacity.01:00
wgrantinfinity: Because our master is getting a disk upgrade.01:00
infinityThis is sort of like dating a girlfriend you dumped a decade ago.01:00
wgrantAnd apparently we can't extend arrays live.01:00
lamontinfinity: I wasn't going to go there01:01
lamontinfinity: and the girlfriend hasn't changed, eh?01:01
wgrantAlso, Soyuz is terrible, but the DB isn't helping.01:01
infinitylamont: Not so much, no.  Neither the real one, nor the current metaphor.  But I'm smart enough to stay away from the former.01:02
lamontinfinity: smart man01:02
lamontI was going with the metaphor only01:02
infinitylamont: Sadly, that intelligence didn't extend to staying away from Soyuz. ;)01:02
lamontinfinity: after all the devs left, someone has to tend to it.01:03
lamonts/left/got dragged off to other things/01:03
infinityThere we go.  Moving on to on-disk mangling finally.01:03
lamontit's more soyuz got stuffed into the greater whole, and lots it's dedicated crew of minions/wranglers01:04
infinityAnd no more complimentary cowboy hats with every commit.01:04
infinitySad times.01:04
lamontsay when master is current and I'll light the sky01:04
infinityIt's thinking about it.01:08
* lamont waits for proc 8939 to exit01:08
lamontI'm guessing that's all it needs01:08
lamontwell, 7035 actually01:08
infinityWhen dists.new disappears, it's good.01:08
infinityWell, or the world has exploded.01:09
infinityIn which case, we have nothing to worry about.01:09
lamontfsvo "we"01:09
infinityLoving all these apt-ftparchive warnings about malformed overrides.  Are we abusing something intentionally, or do we actually have a bug, I wonder...01:10
wgrant(those files are generated by scripts maintained by Platform, FWIW, not us)01:16
infinityI know.01:17
infinitySinged release files...01:18
infinityAlmost there.01:18
lamontand dists.new is gone01:19
* lamont lights things01:19
lamontwgrant: fwiw, if we had a way to put a particular DAS on hold, and then override that hold on a build-record basis, we wouldn't have to do the things we do01:21
wgrantNo Soyuz team to do that, though.01:21
infinityI have Celso's home number.01:22
infinityI'll just call him every hour, on the hour, until he agrees to work for me.01:22
wgrantA maintenance squad might be able to do it eventually, but not until http://webnumbr.com/launchpad-critical-bugs reaches 0.01:22
wgrantAs you can see, it's going well.01:22
persiaWhy does it need a Soyuz team?  can't we just file a bug and get someone to whine at the stakeholders meeting about it?01:22
lamontpersia: I will not push it for stakeholders01:23
infinitypersia: It's not really nearly as critical as a lot of other features we need last year.01:23
lamontthere are bigger fish to fry01:23
persiaOh, of course.  I'm not saying it's *most* important.01:23
persiaI just wonder if it needs a dedicated "Soyuz" team for anything to happen.01:23
lamontit doesn't, actually01:23
wgrantpersia: Without a team that cares, it needs to be escalated or it will never happen.01:24
wgrantThat's how things are now :(01:24
persiawgrant, Are there teams that care for anything at this point?01:24
persiaRight.  Then it *does* need whining, but it's in our interest to have folk whine about other things first.01:25
wgrantRight. The bandwidth available by whining is smaller and different from the bandwidth that was available last year.01:25
persiaAh.  Now I understand.  Yes, that is bad.01:26
infinity(Gave back everything in chroot-wait, BTW)01:28
ScottKWell, it's not like LP is anything more than some web app thing.01:28
slangasekand publisher back on auto01:28
slangaseklamont, infinity: thanks much :)01:29
infinityScottK: It's pretty much just phpBB with a different skin.01:29
slangasekI'm going to be afk much of the evening; if anyone finds a critical bug in sysvinit that I *didn't* catch in the nick of time, feel free to ring me :P01:29
ScottKAll you soyuz elitists are just claiming you need a special team and stuff.  Soyuz makes web pages just like the rest of LP.01:30
infinityslangasek: Oh, should this sysvinit upload actually fix debootstrap, BTW?01:33
slangasekinfinity: yes01:33
persiaIt doesn't seem to have done01:33
infinityslangasek: \o/01:33
slangasekpersia: oh?01:34
* persia started debootstrap *after* things were lit01:34
persiaSame error I got before "W: Failure trying to run: chroot /var/lib/schroot/chroots/oneiric-armel dpkg --force-depends --install /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.13-9ubuntu2_armel.deb"01:34
infinitypersia: Not from ftpmaster.internal, you didn't.01:34
infinitypersia: Mirrors are being pulsed now. :P01:34
slangasekwere you debootstrapping after the packages were published to the world, though :)01:34
* slangasek nods01:34
* persia waits for mirror pulse01:34
infinityWhich reminds me, we need to move the mirror pulse in cron.daily to happen right after dsync-flist...01:35
infinityDelaying it until after cron.germinate and such seems silly.01:35
wgrantSpeaking of dsync, can we remove it?01:35
infinitywgrant: Why?01:35
infinitywgrant: I was planning to pick up maintenance and get it building on modern OSes, would that make you happy?01:35
wgrantinfinity: It's slow and shouldn't save anything significant, should it?01:36
infinityIt only sometimes saves some space on ftpmaster, I'll admit.  If it's being run on cesium, it probably saves a ton.01:37
infinityIt's not that slow, though.01:37
wgrantBy cesium you mean germanium?01:37
wgrantcesium should have no persistent data.01:37
infinityErr, yes.01:37
infinitySorry.  It's been a while. :P01:37
wgrantWe could possibly run it over PPA pools, but we don't.01:38
wgrantgermanium is dead enough as it is.01:38
infinityEither way, it took all of 56s on the primary archive.01:38
infinityIt's not exactly slow.01:38
infinityIn other words, it took less time than processing two arch:all BPRs. :P01:38
* lamont afk, laters01:39
* persia tries again with 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu3 this time01:40
infinityslangasek: libc6 is still a sad panda, trying to touch /var/run/init.upgraded01:58
infinityslangasek: So, still no debootstrap.01:59
persiaWorked for me02:01
infinityslangasek: Oh, wait, I might be pulling a persia here, my local mirror's still pulsing. :P02:01
* infinity taps his foot.02:01
persia(just got "I: Base system installed successfully." about the same time you posted)02:01
infinityNormally, being 30 minutes behind ftpmaster doesn't bug me in the least.  Sometimes, it's really annoying...02:02
persia30 minutes?  I really need to configure push-mirroring at some point.02:02
infinityI need to weasel my way back into the push-primary rotation again.02:03
slangasekinfinity: bootstrapping looking happier now? :)04:54
infinityslangasek: Indeed.04:59
* cjwatson continues to attempt to get lucid images to build :-/10:55
cjwatsonjibel: All the cronned lucid builds (Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu alternate, Ubuntu server, Ubuntu DVD, Kubuntu desktop, Kubuntu alternate) should be up to date now17:12
cjwatsonjibel: I can't vouch for them working17:12
cjwatsonwell, ia64 and sparc didn't build; I don't know whether we care17:13
cjwatsondoes anyone know if the 2.6.32-33 ABI is intended for 10.04.3?17:13
jibelcjwatson, desktop i386 is ok. I'll sync the other images this evening and try them tomorrow.18:22
skaetcjwatson, kernel we're hoping to use for 10.04.3 is 2.6.32-33.70.    Based on tracking bug 807175,  looks like its gone through cert and testing, so should be good to move to updates.  However not sure I understand where the ABI ref is coming in from, and the concern.  Can you elaborate?21:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 807175 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 10 other projects) "linux: 2.6.32-33.70 -proposed tracker (affects: 4) (dups: 4) (heat: 44)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80717521:59
infinityskaet: If lucid's meant to update from 32.62 to 33.70, that'll be an ABI bump (and hence new package names) from -32- to -33-, which will require a d-i upload, and some fiddling, that's all.22:03
infinityskaet: So, if that's the plan, we should get it into -security,-updates and get with the mangling before testing images that aren't remotely valid. ;)22:04
infinityskaet: s/meant to update from 32.62 to 33.70/meant to update from 32.62 to 33.70 for the point release/22:04
skaetinfinity,  need to check with security team, but its ready to go to updates based on cert/QA results in the bug.22:06
infinityI think Colin's question wasn't so much "is it ready?" as "do you want it on the point release images?" :)22:12
infinityAnd I think the above constitutes a "yes", so yeah, just need to shove it through and then rebuild d-i, and then images.22:14
skaetinfinity,  as long as security doesn't throw up a red flag in the final stages of the process.    Yes please.22:15

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