pleia2MarkDude: geeknic announcements? :)01:11
MarkDudeUh, I may have a hicup with needing to take Gma to baseball game01:12
MarkDudeSorta no fun here01:12
MarkDudeIt is a double header, and the person that was going to take her - cant01:12
pleia2wanna skip it and pour our effort into linux picnic next month?01:12
MarkDudeWill know tonight01:12
* grantbow waves from Ubunt Hour01:13
* MarkDude 's life has been revolving around going to OSCON and CLS01:13
MarkDudeand hopefully finding an awesome job01:13
* MarkDude thinks his effort to market himself as cutrate jo no Bacon and Karsten Wade will work01:14
MarkDudeWith a bit of Joe Pesci thrown in for good measure :D01:14
* MarkDude still thinks you should wear Leia Dress from end of Star Wars movie, as well as play the award song from the movie at wedding01:15
MarkDudeEven if you don't we should tell folks you will01:15
pleia2mj would not approve :)01:16
* MarkDude will edit a few pictures to make it appear that way01:16
pleia2I did try to talk him into eloping though01:16
MarkDudeFair enough, don't want to upset the mammoth hunter ;D01:16
MarkDudeI think he would be ok with just pretending - and telling folks that is your plan01:17
MarkDudeTell folks that I am performing the ceremony- and you are deciding whether I am dressing like Obi Wan, or R2D201:17
MarkDudeWell you can elope- and just have a party after to invite friends01:18
MarkDudeNon- Star Wars , if you must01:19
pleia2we're probably getting married back east and then having a party out here01:19
MarkDudeGood deal01:19
MarkDudeBetter than trying to do it twice01:19
MarkDudeI have had friends do it that way- they got overwhelmed01:19
pleia2two weddings?01:19
pleia2crazy people01:19
MarkDudeI know01:26
* MarkDude is helping friends plan theirs - it takes all sorts of work01:27
* MarkDude is minister for it. It will be my 1st time doing so01:27
MarkDudeThey keep asking my opinion, most answers from me are -- idk01:27
* MarkDude just has to help with the vows, and smartly decided that Courtney makes the other decisions01:28
* MarkDude deciding bridesmaids dresses? That is not a good thing XD01:29
pleia2Courtney is also helping, or getting married?01:29
MarkDudeHow big will your ceremony be?01:29
MarkDudeShe is helping- It is my friend Sara getting married- her and Colin were at the geeknic01:29
pleia2aaahh ok01:30
MarkDudeCourtney wont get married for a while I am guessing01:30
pleia2I don't know how big, I think we were shooting for 100 or so (oh gods, scary, I can't think about this)01:30
MarkDudeBesides, she needs a bf 1st :)01:30
pleia2pfft, overrated01:30
MarkDudeYou will do fine01:30
MarkDudeI mean you already got a cool dude, that is the most important part01:31
MarkDudeMJ is lucky it appears also ;)01:31
MarkDude100 is actually manageable - much bigger than that can be a real hassle01:31
pleia2yeah, we both done good01:31
MarkDudeAll of it is important, dont get stressed01:32
MarkDudeIt does not have to be perfect, accept that from the start, and you both will be able to enjoy it a bit more01:32
MarkDudeThe seating thing is the biggest hassle- accept that, and the rest falls into place01:33
MarkDudePawn it off on someone else, and then you will be set01:33
* MarkDude suggests maybe playing the cantina song for one of the songs during01:33
MarkDudeDisco version if you dare01:34
philipballewthere are so many versions of that song.01:34
MarkDudeAll joking aside pleia2 , I have had folks suggest it is good to look at it like a dinner you must do, the work beforehand is important, its like setting the table01:38
MarkDudeDont go crazy with the details01:38
MarkDudeDont worry about it, it will work out fine01:39
pleia2well, it was just me and grantbow at the Ubuntu Hour, ah summertime :)01:54
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rww"Maybe I should go to San Francisco. Maybe I should sleep. sf... sleep... sf... SLEEP... sf... ZZZZZZZZZZZ"02:49
jyoSo the two people who tweeted about the Ubuntu Hour were the two people who showed up?05:50
pleia2yep :)05:56
MarkDudeSo much for my plans to wear a skin tight tux to CLS18:14
seidosbummer, sounds kind of like my plans to wear the batsuit18:20
MarkDudeThat would be epic seidos18:24
seidosthere are always problems though18:25
pleia2MarkDude: word on geeknic?18:25
* pleia2 haz weekend to plan! :)18:25
seidosstarted with batman, then nightwing, sooner or later, ends up being robin18:25
seidosthen there's the whole ambiguously gay aspect of batman and robin...18:25
seidosiheartubuntu: http://fiverr.com/users/seidos/gigs/grow-a-potato18:26
iheartubuntuhahaa!!! french fries!18:27
seidosgot some ff with nephew yesterday at the mall18:27
seidoshad to return microphone @ radioshack18:27
iheartubuntuohh yah?18:27
seidosyah, need an amplifier it turns out18:28
seidosso went to local music store, they're going to call me with a price for a set up18:28
MarkDudeI dont think its a go pleia218:28
MarkDude<sad face>18:28
pleia2MarkDude: ok18:28
seidosbtw, hello princess leia18:28
pleia2g'day seidos18:28
seidoswhat's the weather like in sf?18:29
seidossupposed to go this saturday18:29
pleia250s, partly cloudy18:29
pleia2same old same old18:29
seidosbetter bring a jacket18:30
seidosneed to buy one18:30
seidosleft jacket and hoodie at old place18:30
MarkDudehttp://gabeweb.tumblr.com/post/7620638671/star-wars-fan-builds-giant-r2d2-model-from-the << pleia2 just an idea for the after party18:31
MarkDudeUse it as a cooler18:31
pleia2thank goodness that's not brian wilson in a skin tight penguin costume18:31
MarkDudeI know18:32
MarkDudeAlthough wearing it would be a for sure job opportuniyty18:32
* seidos hands philipballew a robin costume18:32
philipballewI hope it fits18:33
seidosthat's usually the problem isn't it?18:33
philipballewmost super hero costumes are to small. because there in kids sizes18:34
* seidos ponders how many push-ups robin can do18:34
seidosphilipballew: this one isn't http://media.80stees.com/images/products/Bat_Man_Robin_Woman-Costume.jpg18:35
philipballewwould i look good in that?18:35
seidosnah, doesn't fit18:36
pleia2ok, this is worse than brian wilson18:36
seidosdepends what is meant by "i", really18:36
iheartubuntudo it!18:36
seidoswas looking through super hero cards awhile back (Marvel) and all super heroes are 5'11"+18:37
seidosaverage is like 6' or 6'1"18:37
philipballewits the steroids that make them short18:38
iheartubuntui guess im a dwarf hero18:38
seidosapparently captain america's steroids made him taller18:38
seidosthe guy from breaking bad looks like Gordon Freeman from Half-Life18:39
seidoshow absurd, Obiwan is 5'9"18:39
seidosso, yeah, if shorter than 6', better learn the force18:40
iheartubuntuseidos - your potato growing venture is worth a tweet :)18:40
seidosiheartubuntu: good idea18:40
iheartubuntui hope it helps you! just imagine the $5 rolling in. i hope your farm is ready for the influx18:41
izdubariheartubuntu, have you seen pics of plants recently?18:42
izdubarI have big plants now18:42
izdubarNixie Pixel may be getting one of the tomato plants18:43
iheartubuntuof tomatoes? potatoes?18:52
iheartubuntuyou have pics?18:52
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* MarkDude will find them18:59
MarkDudepleia2, bonus points for MJ. Much style on how he did things. Looks like it took some imagination and work on his part.19:29
pleia2yeah, he did an amazing job :)19:29
MarkDudeBetter than proposing using text on sign at baseball game :D19:30
MarkDudeYou would have to text back , nope- try harder next time19:31
pleia2yes :)19:31
philipballewpleia2, am I free to like the womens page or is that a gender only thing?22:12
pleia2philipballew: anyone can like it :)22:12
pleia2no gender restrictions anywhere in the project22:13
pleia2even our goal, while is women-focused, often drifts into generic diversity and accessibility things22:14
philipballewis there a ubuntu-mens group or is the thought that women and more a minority so they need a own group? just wanna know so i can join it to if there is one22:23
rwwin short, no22:23
philipballewi see rww22:24
philipballewoh well...22:24
pleia2someone could start a men's group if they felt that men were under-represented in the community and needed their own group22:25
pleia2but thus far everyone who has done such a thing is trolling us22:25
pleia2apparently picking on minorities is fun for them22:25
pleia2attacking women, woo22:25
philipballewseemes like an odd way to pick on someone22:25
* pleia2 does not understand trolls :(22:25
philipballewpleia2, I agree, whats the point22:26
rwwphilipballew: I wish everyone shared that mindset, then there wouldn't be >300 bans in #ubuntu ;(22:47
philipballewwhat do they do to get banned?22:48
rwwtrolling, cussing up a storm, spamming "where is channel for stock" repeatedly, letting their cat walk over the keyboard, asking for help with non-Ubuntu distros and not listening when we redirect them, bizzare stalkerish comments, notice flooding people with anti-semitic rants... and that's just stuff from the past week :|22:49
philipballewits easy for them to say that because they are not face to face with the people22:51
nhainesThe invention "punch to the face via TCP/IP" will revolutionize the Internet.23:09
rww/ctcp luser PUNCH23:10

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