ChinnoDogCommuting to Baltimore does not sound fun02:59
macoChinnoDog: its the opposite direction of everybody else though, so thats good14:40
ChinnoDogmaco: I guess? I work down town right now.15:30
macono traffic ;)15:31
ChinnoDogI am in the metro. no traffic here either.15:32
macoi dont really understand people who voluntarily choose to drive into the city15:33
macowell, except when i think about the fact that the red line's been under constant construction for a year15:33
ChinnoDogme neither. also, parking at work is $18/day!15:33
ChinnoDogI am on orange15:34
dobeyanyone around?19:45
dobeyah, i was talking to bcurtiswx before UDS, and he was saying people meet up at Taste of India nearly every saturday. and i'm coming up to DC on saturday, and was wondering if people are meeting up there then19:57
macoi dont think i'll be there. i have  LOT of sewing to do (i know that sounds funny, but i'm making costumes for a big event in a few weeks)20:06
dobeyis it a dinner thing, or a beer thing?20:12
macodinner thing20:14
macothey have a bar20:14
macobut its mostly people having hummus & naan and some curry20:14
dobeyi probably won't go to that then, and i'll be getting there later anyway20:33
ChinnoDogmaco: That doesn't sound funny. What kind of costume are you making?20:43
macoi was going to do 12th century English, but now i think Italian Ren20:45
macomy body type is more in line with italian clothing construction techniques than english20:45
maco(12th c. english = all rectangles, but should be tight on tummy....which...implies no curves at all)20:46
ChinnoDogmaco: sounds like a fun event21:01
dtchendobey: there's a keysigning, but it might (probably?) not happen at ToI22:04

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