maxolasersquadI need some bzr help.12:08
maxolasersquadI have downloaded some code, modified it, and now I need to create a patch to attached to a bug report I posted.12:09
maxolasersquadI'm not sure how to create a patch based on the commit.12:09
maxolasersquadWell, I think I created the patch properly.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/checkbox/+bug/809928/+attachment/2207574/+files/809928.diff12:28
mhall119maxolasersquad: looks okay to me13:34
mhall119maxolasersquad: alternately, you could have pushed your bzr branch to LP under a different name, and propsed it for merging13:34
mhall119bzr push lp:~${user}/${project}/${your branch name}13:35
DammitJimdo you guys know if this is a good deal? http://dealnews.com/Refurb-Corsair-V128-Nova-Series-128-GB-2.5-Internal-SSD-for-128-2-s-h/480408.html14:59
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munzfriday yet???20:15
jck77at least is almost 5:30 :-D20:16
munzwhere r u?20:16
jck77anyone likes Dual Core the band? 20:16
jck77Miami FL20:17
munzur clok is fast?20:17
jck77I can make it fast!! 20:17
munziv liked what iv herrd20:17
munztick tock20:22
jck77I didnt notice that there is no more version of Ubuntu netbook20:25
jck77gonna install 10.04 on a mini dell 20:26
munzyea, it has been joined w/11.0420:26
maxolasersquadWow, on June 14th Adobe discontinued support for Air on Linux.  Another reason to not develop "cross platform" air applications.20:36
jck77munz: I can see by the new interface20:36
jck77I dint like it20:36
jck77well I have been using fluxbox for a while and gnome for my wife but we have 10.04 20:37
maxolasersquadjck77: You have to give it some time.  It took me a while, but I now prefer it over the old interface.20:37
maxolasersquadThere's a few things I don't like so much, but the built-in "Gnome Do"-like behavior is great.20:38
jck77you're right 20:38
jck77i might need to try again hehe20:42

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