J21Know if anyone else went?00:04
Cheri703_I think andy showed up :/ I wasn't able to get a message out. though it is absolutely ok for others to go even if I'm not there :)00:26
* canthus13 thought Cheri703 was rounding people up and 'encouraging' them to attend, using a cattle prod for said 'encouragement'01:28
* Cheri703_ just spent 7 full days with parents here...needed to rest a bit01:28
Unit193That would work... But I was working on something that needed to be done by morning/afternoon01:28
Unit193Cattle prod would work and the reason I wasn't there ^^01:30
canthus13Wow. only 1 router in the neighborhood left running WEP.01:30
* canthus13 just got a new Alfa card. :)01:31
=== Cheri703_ is now known as Cheri703

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