jthanHey everyone01:36
TheEvilPhoenixenoyreve yeH01:36
jthanAlright, well.. backwards is one way to do it.01:37
TheEvilPhoenixhows things01:45
jthanThey're going.  Looking for some kind of project to pick up.01:46
TheEvilPhoenixwhat type of project01:46
jthanI don't know. I have to start working with PHP to get it back into my head, then I have to create a secure login for a website I'm working on. I want to password protect certain pages.01:47
rmg51morning JonathanD09:15
rmg51nine days09:15
JonathanDyes indeed09:15
rmg51thought I'd beat you to it this morning :-D09:16
JonathanDI noticed :p09:22
JonathanDnot nearly enough time.09:32
rmg51there is never enough time09:51
JonathanDI think I'll run in cirlces for the next 9 days.09:58
JonathanDthat'll help09:58
JonathanDWe're at 100, btw.09:58
JonathanDStill time for everyone who isn't coming to come!10:00
JonathanDand get a chance at winning a mysterious metal briefcase.10:00
InHisNameIf I do NOT come, will you guarantee that I cannot win a mysterious metal briefcase ?10:24
InHisNamebtw,  good morning all10:24
JonathanDand of course, whatever is inside it.10:25
JonathanDThere COULD be a cheeseburger in there.10:25
JonathanDOr a ninja.10:25
JonathanDOr even a very tiny banjo.10:25
InHisNamea six week old cheezburger ?   Uggh10:26
JonathanD(but probably not)10:27
InHisNameHere's an interesting guess/idea for the contents:10:31
InHisNamea baker's dozen DVDs containing FOSS that replaces over one million dollars retail of the 1000 most popular applications that runs on the OS that we shall not name here.10:33
JonathanDit's a "thing"10:42
JonathanDnot "media"10:42
PiciI didn't realize that FOSSCON was in Philly12:36
teddy-dbearit's all JonathanDs fault :-D13:00
JonathanDPici: fosscon is in philly.13:00
PiciJonathanD: Yes.  I realize that now.13:01
JonathanDin NINE days.13:01
JonathanDwill you be there, Pici13:02
PiciJonathanD: I think so13:07
ChinnoDogWhat is that site that is like pastebin for images?16:57
ChinnoDogah. Thanks!16:58
andrewjedijf: chumby one http://www.woot.com/ [wootoff]17:27
PennBotTitle: Woot® : One Day, One Deal™ (at www.woot.com)17:27
andrewtoo late17:29
JonathanDwhy can't it be on friday.17:30
andrewclose enough, i'm leaving work at 11am tomorrow anyways17:37
waltmanI'd pay $19.99 to *not* have a fathead tron thingy on my wall.17:40
pleia2aw, I missed chumby one :(17:41
pleia2but really I wanted the squishy chumby17:41
jedijfandrew: damn...i am on route so in office at 2am....21:35
jedijfi shoul have looked21:35

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