xpistosWhat up peeps.01:17
Unit193xpistos: Finishing up something I was supposed to have done this morning/afternoon. How about you?01:27
xpistosredoing my home network01:27
vychunehey anyone knoe why some programs have white text on menus and stuff on linux01:34
twaynepriceJuzzy: What do you think about the new vmware licensing?12:20
twaynepricewrst: woot off!!12:24
wrstcool twayneprice on my way :)12:27
twaynepricewrst: Must. Resist. Urge. To. Click. Buy.........12:28
wrstcome on twayneprice you need another flat screen tv ;)12:28
twaynepriceActually, I do.  :)12:29
wrstactually if we move like we are trying to we will also... but better not push that button yet or I might get left out of the move :)12:30
twayneprice:)  Where ya moving to?12:35
wrstjust across the hill possibly we are in the exploratory stage at the moment twayneprice12:37
wrstoh and twayneprice this is depressing: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1385240118.png12:37
wrstwe have found with a little dudette that we could use more space we have our house on the market and I hear its a GREAT time to sell :)12:38
wrstwe do good to keep a phone working with frontier here at work so I guess just lucky to have internet but after getting used to the 10/1 at home this is more painful than usual12:38
twaynepriceI just connected back to home and got this:  http://www.speedtest.net/result/1385244794.png  :)12:41
twaynepriceI'm weak.  I just bought the tv.  :)12:45
wrsttwayneprice: I am certainly coveting your internet now ;)12:45
wrsttwayneprice: you da man12:45
wrstif I knew for sure we were moving I would be tempted to do so also12:46
twaynepriceJust move a few miles south and those speeds could be yours.12:48
twaynepriceI got this from work:  http://www.speedtest.net/result/1385253740.png12:48
wrsttwayneprice: that's not bad either the upload is really really cool13:01
twaynepriceYea, that upload speed would be nice at home.13:01
wrstyes makes uploading things toa  web server nice :)13:08
wrstmorning Xpistos13:37
Xpistoswrst: morning13:37
XpistosWHAT UP ALL!13:37
twaynepricewrst: got a sec?18:50
wrsttwayneprice: sure do what's up?18:58
twaynepricewrst: Can you take a quick look at www.faithbrook.com ?18:59
cyberangerwrst: how many can you spare18:59
* cyberanger is swamped today, I'd love a few seconds18:59
wrstha ha cyberanger probably not enough for you ;)18:59
twaynepricewrst: I'm in session 2 chat.  You'll have to create an account to chat.  :(19:00

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