h00kCheesehead: halfway, I think00:07
CheeseheadUnity 11.04 is definitely built on Gnome 2.00:09
CheeseheadG3 didn't arrive until too late in the cycle00:10
CheeseheadUnity 11.10 alphas are built on Gnome 3.00:10
Cheesehead11.04 power mgt problems (laptops burning 20-30%) more battery capacity than 10.10 was a kernel bug, since fixed.00:11
CheeseheadThe fix should propagate through updates soon, if it hasn't already.00:12
* Cheesehead tracks a bunch of the Release Team info because a lot of questions like that pop up in Brainstorm.00:14
h00kI was halfway superbusy today00:17
Cheeseheadme, too00:22
CheeseheadGot a conference call in a few minutes, so I suppose I still am00:22
h00kbah, yeah, 11.04 was definitely gtk2, but power usage was terrible00:22
h00kThat's why I downgraded to 10.04 on my laptop at work00:23
CheeseheadOnce the kernel bug was fixed, power usage in testing dropped to =Windows, =10.1000:23
CheeseheadHooray! Very short conf call.00:45
douglasawh-workcheesehead I'm talking about the management tools, not the management itself.  There are like two options in GNOME3.  It's ridiculous20:41
h00kdouglasawh-work: did you find the system settings in the top right menu? (I think that is where I saw it)21:31

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