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* jledbetter2 waves.20:09
jledbetter2Did I miss the meeting?20:11
* Tubu wondering if 20:00 UTC is now or 2 hour before... or later... :o%20:11
pleia2oh no20:12
pleia2sorry everyone20:12
pleia2work has been killer this week, phew, ok, let's start the meeting now :)20:13
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 20:13. The chair is pleia2.20:13
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pleia2so, who all is here for our meeting? :)20:13
nigelb(why am I always attending the weirdest times for my TZ)20:14
Tubume... as kind of witness20:14
pleia2[LINK] wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda20:14
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda20:14
pleia2alright, let's dive right in then20:15
pleia2[TOPIC] Oneiric Blueprint progress20:15
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Oneiric Blueprint progress20:15
pleia2[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-o-ubuntu-women-project-goals20:15
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-o-ubuntu-women-project-goals20:15
pleia2nigelb, hypatia, any updates on your mentoring tasks?20:15
nigelbpleia2: not yet, thanks for the refresh yesterday night20:16
nigelbI'll try to get to them this weekend20:16
pleia2sure thing :)20:16
pleia2the only other thing on the blueprint which isn't covered elsewhere is the website stuff20:17
pleia2Tubu and nigelb have done really amazing work these past few weeks!20:17
nigelbTubu has fixed some of the ones I couldn't do :)20:17
pleia2almost all our bugs are fix committed now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org20:17
jledbetter2Awesome :)20:17
* Tubu blushing20:18
pleia2I'm going to cycle through the final ones and hopefully get them all done by the end of the month so we can change the theme over for real20:18
pleia2the live wiki.ubuntu-women.org site also now has the new ubuntu women logo for the favicon (it used to have the old branding regular ubuntu logo)20:19
pleia2any questions or comments about the site?20:20
pleia2you can check out the demo with all the changes applied here: http://uw.princessleia.com/MyWiki/20:20
pleia2if you want to play around with it :)20:20
Cheri703ah, sorry!20:22
pleia2ok, let's move on then20:22
Cheri703I knew the meeting was happening but got distracted >.< sorry folks20:22
pleia2yay, Cheri703's agenda item is next!20:22
pleia2[TOPIC] Career Day20:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Career Day20:22
pleia2Cheri703: care to introduce your thoughts on this?20:22
Cheri703my initial thought was: we have a TON of people as part of the project who work in IT related jobs/fields. However, how many of us know what those jobs actually entail?20:23
Cheri703(probably more than I'd think, since I'm one of those who don't actually know)20:23
Cheri703I thought that having a day/week of classes (like one per day or something) or even a series of blog posts about "I'm a U-W member and this is a day in the life at my job" or something20:24
Cheri703would be awesome :)20:24
nigelbI like the idea20:24
Tubuye i like it too20:24
nigelbblogging + wikifying would be a good idea.20:25
Cheri703The logistics would have to get resolved, but I think we have a large variety of people/jobs that could be represnted20:25
jledbetter2maybe extend that to day in the life at my open source project too? some do not tech during the day but do tech at "night"20:25
pleia2jledbetter2: yeah20:25
Cheri703yeah, I would like it to be a future resource for people20:25
Cheri703absolutely jledbetter220:25
pleia2I like the idea of having it in IRC since that allows us to ask questions of the person live, then following up in blogs, wiki, etc20:25
Cheri703I know as I was getting started in ubuntu and moving more toward technical interests, it'd have been awesome to have a resource like that20:25
jledbetter2definitely see this as a way to help mentor too. "I see you do web stuff. I wanna do web stuff. What should I study?" etc20:25
nigelbSo, bloggers generally do stuff like Saturday specials20:25
pleia2so like I'd do an IRC session, then blog about it later20:25
nigelbI wonder if we can do something like that20:25
Cheri703good call pleia220:25
Cheri703jledbetter2: +120:26
nigelbjledbetter2: +1 to that20:26
nigelbIt helps not be overwhelmed20:26
jledbetter2True. And blogging gets out some good PR too.20:26
Cheri703do we have a uw blog?20:26
Cheri703or uw-project blog?20:26
jledbetter2Planet I think20:26
Cheri703might be a good inaugural project for it20:26
Cheri703just a thought20:27
Cheri703or "for one" instead of "for it"20:27
pleia2yeah, we just have a planet20:27
pleia2canonical is starting to do wordpress hosting, so we can ask about getting one set up20:27
jledbetter2post there and then repost on our own blog?20:27
pleia2my concern all along has been maintaining it, but it turns out a lot of stuff I post to the list would be great on the blog, and it's not too much more effort to cross post20:27
pleia2so I think we can handle a blog :)20:28
Cheri703So that was basically it for the career day idea, I just think having it as a future resource needs to be a major point in how it is arranged20:29
Tubuit would be great if it was with audio files... like radio intervieuws were you can found also link to the appli the one is using20:29
Cheri703Tubu: that makes it harder to translate (if it was necessary), and I think text is likely to be easiest for everyone20:29
pleia2interviews may be trickier because not everyone has the equipment for that20:29
Tubuach, ye... indeed...20:30
pleia2good idea to consider though if we can make it happen20:30
pleia2(maybe as a separate project?)20:30
Tubuye, maybe...20:30
Cheri703perhaps we could put a page on the wiki for people to sign up if they'd be open to doing one (class/post/explanation)20:31
pleia2that sounds like a good place to start20:31
Cheri703and then we can gauge interest, perhaps even have a "if anyone is a ____ can we try to have one?"20:32
pleia2Cheri703: do you want to take care of creating that page, and we'll go from there?20:32
* Cheri703 is not the best with the wikis20:32
Tubuthe thing is to get it "unified"... like 10 question everyone answer...20:32
Cheri703Tubu: I dont think that20:32
Cheri703d be as big a deal20:33
Cheri703I know I've had jobs that if I had to fit it into 10 generic questions, it'd sound super simple and basic, but that wouldn't cover ALL of the stuff that I do20:33
Tubuwe can make a template page that the inlogged one is filling with own feelings and acts of the "typical day" or nite20:33
pleia2maybe just some basic questions to set expectations for instructors20:33
pleia2er, presenters20:33
pleia2then they can take it from there20:33
nigelbpleia2: heh, too much classroom? :)20:34
pleia2nigelb: yes :)20:34
Cheri703yeah, I think having some guidelines of "make sure to cover these points" and then let them go from there20:34
pleia2Cheri703: I'll help with wiki stuff :) if you want to just toss some ideas together for a signup page that'd be good, including guidelines20:34
Cheri703ok, cool20:34
Tubuye, indeed better to stay simple...20:34
* Cheri703 adds it to the list20:34
pleia2[ACTION] Cheri703 to draft up page for Career Day20:34
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  Cheri703 to draft up page for Career Day20:34
pleia2ok, we should talk about this more once we have the ideas on the wiki, shall we move on to our next item?20:35
pleia2[TOPIC] Adding to BestPractices20:36
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Adding to BestPractices20:36
pleia2[LINK] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/BestPractices20:36
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/BestPractices20:36
pleia2so one of the ideas we came up with at the ubuntu developer summit (UDS) was to collect best practices from teams who have been successful at getting more women involved20:36
pleia2the basics I put up on the BestPractices were from an article I wrote a couple years back based on stuff in pennsylvania20:37
pleia2it would be nice to contact some locos that do well with this, italy and vancouver come to mind20:37
pleia2or anyone here can add their own stuff :)20:37
jledbetter2Florida maybe too?20:37
pleia2oh yeah, they're great at making everyone feel included20:38
jledbetter2Completely. All genders and tech levels and ages.20:38
nigelbok, vancouver is already there20:38
nigelbare we thinking of teams outside of Ubuntu?20:38
nigelbI remember hypatia talking about how dreamwidth doing some good stuff with participation. I don't have numbers/proof though20:39
pleia2could be, but we want to focus on tips that can be applicable to ubuntu teams20:39
jledbetter2like gnome?20:39
pleia2so, "bring more pink thread" to get more women to come to a knitting circle need not apply20:39
nigelbjledbetter2: Like p2pu :)20:40
nigelbLead dev + jessy + you that I know of20:40
jledbetter2We have more now :)20:40
jledbetter2pleia2: How can we help with the best practices? Just add to the page or?20:41
pleia2jledbetter2: yeah, I'd say just go ahead and edit it20:41
pleia2and if some people can reach out to those teams to ask them what they did it'd be great20:41
pleia2my plate is pretty full right now20:41
jledbetter2MichelleQ: I'm reaching out to you. Hello!20:42
jledbetter2pleia2: Understandable :)20:42
* nigelb hugs pleia2 20:42
pleia2mostly this agenda item was to introduce the page so people could start working on it, we can cycle back to organzing more specific reaching out to make sure we reach everyone later20:43
pleia2sounds like we did that :) ok, moving on!20:45
pleia2[TOPIC] Plans for our Social Media outlets (facebook, identica, twitter)20:45
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Plans for our Social Media outlets (facebook, identica, twitter)20:45
jledbetter2g+? ;)20:45
pleia2so this was discussed on list some, and rww wrote a great post about facebook groups vs pages: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2011-June/003289.html20:45
nigelbg+ doesn't seem to have groups/pages stuff yet.20:45
jledbetter2I have a circle and add to it oodles. :)20:46
pleia2I think we pretty much decided based on rww's email and comments from others that we should move to a Page20:46
jledbetter2Yes pages > groups.20:46
pleia2any objections?20:46
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to create Facebook Page and work with Carla to retire Group20:47
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to create Facebook Page and work with Carla to retire Group20:47
pleia2ok, who else wants to be an admin on the page?20:47
* nigelb moved to g+ :P20:47
TubuA month ago, the page I maintain for my work  disapear without any comment... we did try to contact FB but no answers... we lost 700 followers...20:48
pleia2yeah, there is always that risk with these proprietary tools20:48
Tubuit seams to happen kind of "often"...20:48
jledbetter2probably the leader types should be admins20:48
pleia2jledbetter2: nooo, project leaders just make sure bits get flipped, no more responsiblities! :)20:48
pleia2and I don't grok facebook20:49
pleia2alright, well I'll set it up and then I'll nag people to help me ;)20:49
pleia2for ubuntu california we use posterous.com to update identi.ca, twitter and facebook all at once20:50
pleia2so I'll look at our options and maybe we use that20:50
Tubuanyone know about the statut of Diaspora actually?20:50
jledbetter2that'd be good20:50
nigelbmaco: ^20:50
pleia2diaspora is still invite only, and I'm not on it, I don't know how/if they have group pages20:50
nigelbmaco used to run a seed, I don't know if its still running20:51
macoit is20:51
macohowever i dont think it works right20:51
macofrom my pod, i cant add joindiaspora.com users, for example20:51
macomy only guess right now is that the searchy stuff is refusing to interact with my server due to lack of SSL20:52
jledbetter2I'm on joindiaspora but haven't been on in a while.20:52
pleia2do they have Pages like facebook?20:52
pleia2we're not an individual :) so we'd need something that's catered to groups20:52
jledbetter2I don't remember them. But maybe they have them now.20:52
jledbetter2We can add that to the list of things to check. Probably maybe.20:53
pleia2looks like posterous can't auto-update it either, but maybe it can pull from some other source20:53
pleia2I'm not on it so I can't do this, can someone volunteer to check?20:53
jledbetter2I'll check20:54
jledbetter2and maybe it can pull from twitter20:54
pleia2[ACTION] jledbetter2 to review options for UW on Diaspora20:54
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  jledbetter2 to review options for UW on Diaspora20:54
pleia2we don't have an identi.ca account, just a group, should we have an account that mirrors twitter?20:54
pleia2I don't know bout identi.ca things :)20:54
jledbetter2we have 'uw' on identica20:55
jledbetter2right, maco ?20:55
macono i dont think there are groups or Pages or any of that on diaspora20:55
pleia2no http://identi.ca/uw or http://identi.ca/ubuntuwomen (I think we'd prefer the latter, since it's the same as twitter)20:56
maco!uw is the group tag20:56
macoi think thats actually an abbreviation for !ubuntuwomen though... identi.ca allows aliases20:56
jledbetter2right, group tag. switch it to ubuntuwomen for consistency? really long though20:56
macoi believe both work20:57
nigelbI think we have both20:57
nigelbone being the short version20:57
maco!uw is an alias for !ubuntuwomen20:57
jledbetter2Oh thought the question was about mirroring?20:57
macothat was about having an account for @ubuntuwomen20:58
macoto match @ubuntuwomen on twitter20:58
pleia2it's easy to cross-post, so maybe we just do it?20:59
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to create identi.ca account20:59
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to create identi.ca account20:59
pleia2alright, I think that's enough about this stuff for now, we can regroup once we have some of these action items completed :)21:01
pleia2oh right UW blog - do we want to ask canonical for blog.ubuntu-women.org ?21:02
nigelbthat'd be great!21:03
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to submit ticket to get blog.ubuntu-women.org created21:03
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to submit ticket to get blog.ubuntu-women.org created21:03
pleia2we'll work through how we want to theme it and stuff later :)21:03
pleia2any more social media comments before we move on?21:04
pleia2[TOPIC] Nominations phase for Leadership has started - Questions? Comments? Etc?21:04
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Nominations phase for Leadership has started - Questions? Comments? Etc?21:04
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/LeadershipElectionProcess/201121:04
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/LeadershipElectionProcess21:05
pleia2I emailed the list last week to kick this off21:05
pleia2in a week (July 21st) we'll be closing the nomination phase21:05
pleia2so far we have valorie and myself applying for the 3 spots21:05
pleia2so, does anyone have any questions about the process, requirements or expectations of leadership?21:06
nigelbwill potential candidates be poked to apply?21:07
pleia2I've nudged a few people, poking is highly encouraged :)21:07
jledbetter2Do you have to be a woman?21:07
pleia2jledbetter2: good question! no21:07
pleia2I don't think this was ever specifically stated anywhere21:08
pleia2but we don't have restrictions on membership, there are no statements declaring that only women can apply, and I don't love the idea of imposing such a thing now21:08
pleia2ok, so everyone should go bug the people you want to be leader :)21:09
Cheri703pleia2: I'm applying too!21:10
pleia2Cheri703: yay!21:10
Cheri703I just haven't filled out my page21:10
jledbetter2So there are the 3!21:10
pleia23 for 3 spots!21:10
Cheri703(others can apply too, that's the whole voting idea ;) )21:11
pleia2not sure what we'd do if that was the final result, maybe some kind of confirmation vote21:11
pleia2de facto leaders :)21:11
pleia2I guess we'll cross that bridge if we get to it21:12
jledbetter2True. Still time. Might be a fourth or sixth.21:12
pleia2yeah :)21:12
pleia2alrighty, so that's the last formal agenda item21:12
pleia2[TOPIC] Announcements and other stuff21:12
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Announcements and other stuff21:12
pleia2I'm keynoting at the fosscon.org conference next weekend, and freedeb and maco are speaking too :)21:13
pleia2makes 3/11 speakers women, which is not to shabby!21:13
jledbetter2Woo hoo!21:13
* Cheri703 would love to attend, just no way to get there21:13
jledbetter2Not bad at all!21:13
pleia2nigelb: did you have a thing?21:14
nigelbAlanBell and I took an action item earlier to help organize something for Ada Lovelace day21:15
nigelbWe brainstormed multiple times and we didn't get any particular idea on what to do.21:16
nigelbIf anyone has suggestions and would help us run those, please fine AlanBell or me here or in #ubuntu-women21:16
jledbetter2nigelb: Y'all have a list somewhere?21:16
* AlanBell concurrs21:17
AlanBelljledbetter2: we have an empty list21:17
nigelbjledbetter2: argh, I lost it in history. I'll ask AlanBell to look for it21:17
nigelbThere was an etherpad21:17
jledbetter2empty list... alright :)21:17
AlanBellwe might have a list of ideas we didn't like much21:17
nigelbyeah, that was ideas that we brainstormed and didn't get anywhere list21:18
jledbetter2Ah, I see. Ok, I'll find y'all in #u-w later :)21:18
pleia2ok, anything else?21:19
nigelbAre we doing anything for UDS for next time last last time?21:20
jledbetter2nigelb: What do you mean?21:20
jledbetter2Blogging thing? Or a meetup?21:21
nigelbThere was a gender diversity thing with blogging etc21:21
nigelbOr was it s/gender//21:21
jledbetter2was kind of focused on gender21:21
pleia2I'll probably do another post on my own about general attending21:22
nigelbYeah, just checking if we're doing something similar this cycle too. Planning early helps.21:22
pleia2we should make sure we nudge canonical folks about diversity again though, they had little signs saying what was in foods (gluten, dairy, etc) and that was awesome, don't want them to lapse into no info again :)21:23
pleia2and accessibility is important21:23
jledbetter2They did? Fantastic!21:23
pleia2I don't know about a more gendered push aside from updating wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS21:23
pleia2this meeting is long, maybe pick this one up at the next meeting?21:25
nigelbYeah, just brought this up too, a little early.21:25
pleia2nah it's good, my brain is just full :)21:25
pleia2ok, anything else before we wrap up?21:27
nigelb3..2..1... :)21:27
pleia2thanks everyone!21:27
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 21:28.21:28
jledbetter2See you later :)21:28
Tuburead you later, bye!21:32
valoriedamn it, missed the meeting21:33
pleia2everyone like that21:35
pleia2and I made http://identi.ca/ubuntuwomen21:37
MichelleQjledbetter: sorry, was snoozing.  What' sup22:07
jledbetterMichelleQ, Was regarding how to make meetups welcoming for the womenfolk. http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/BestPractices23:22

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