Kilosmorning superfly kbmonkey nuvolari  and others06:39
Kiloslo inetpro is the eintlik hier?06:40
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:40
* Maaz starts grinding coffee06:40
KilosMaaz, with cremora06:41
MaazAh! At last someone with taste06:41
KilosMaaz, with milk06:41
MaazYay Kilos You aren't one of those skinny guys that needs to drink black coffee to cast a shadow06:41
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:44
KilosMaaz, ty06:45
MaazEnjoy Kilos06:45
scar[w]morning Kilos06:49
Kiloshiya scar[w] 06:49
scar[w]strike on the N2 this morning eish06:52
drubinscar[w]: where about?07:12
drubinand ohia07:12
Kilosmorning drubin 07:13
Kiloshowdy morgs 07:13
drubinmore ooom Kilos hoe gaan dit daar?07:19
drubindis 'n awesome dag by stellenbosch. 07:19
Kilosgoed dankie , en self drubin 07:20
Kilosnog koud in pretoria07:20
drubinVhata: Would you recommend any blogs/books other then the main site + pulling strings with puppet?  For some noobie like me to get started?07:21
Vhatadrubin: not really.  also, kinda prefer chef now.  although they can be complementary07:23
scar[w]drubin close to the airport07:33
drubinscar[w]: :( 07:36
scar[w]it was very early this morning07:36
scar[w]more Tonberry07:39
drubinVhata: Why though?07:46
Vhatawhy which?07:46
Vhatadrubin: do you read devops-weekly?07:47
drubinVhata: Why do you prefer chef :) and yes I understand it is a personal view but interested to hear soem reasons from people that have used both07:47
drubinVhata: not actively... but I have read it.07:47
* drubin subscribes07:47
Vhatacomes out on sunday evenings - I generally just open the few things I think sound interesting in tabs and get round to reading them over the course of the week07:48
Vhataor when Outsider makes me07:48
Vhataanyway, my minion Duncan gets featured in there occasionally, because he turning into quite the famous devops guy, and: http://nuknad.com/2011/05/10/puppet-lessons-learned/07:49
drubinVhata: thanks.07:49
LangjanGood morning guys, I will be in and out today, will keep an eye...07:59
Vhatadrubin: please ping us if you need to know anything?08:01
Vhatadrubin: and I hope you're looking into mcollective too08:01
drubinVhata: thanks! who is "us" you speak of :)08:02
VhataYola :)08:02
drubinVhata: and I didn't know about mcollective, adding it to the list of things.08:02
Vhatame, nuknad, bearnard, Outsider08:02
drubinVhata: thanks really nice of you08:03
Vhatawhat are you trying to do?08:04
drubinVhata: Learning comparing stuff.08:05
drubinVhata: but goal would be to have automated deployments and configuration setup for a boxes. (just a couple at first)08:06
Squirm‎13 millions users on Google Plus as of 13 July 11 p.m (G.M.T+ 0.00) <<--- It hasn't even been officially released08:06
drubinAutomated deployments are pretty easy if you package your code, it is the configuration that becomes a pain.08:07
drubinVhata: Does that explain basic idea, although nothing really cast in stone just looking at options to make every thing better.08:07
Vhataautomated deployments are not easy :P08:11
Vhatadrubin: do you have testing environments?08:11
drubinVhata: yes.08:14
drubinVhata: they are when you have already spent time on it. ;-p08:14
Vhataso how do you handle the different configurations between testing and production?08:15
drubinhence the complication.08:16
drubinVhata: Do people still not have staging enviroments in this day and age?08:16
Kilosmorning Langjan Vhata 08:17
VhataI don't know, I'm sure they do.  That's why I'm asking how you handle the different configurations, since you seem to think it's easy.08:17
drubinVhata: no that part is hard.08:18
drubinVhata: how do you handle sensitive data like passwords in your configuration management?08:19
Vhataso by automated deployment, you mean "putting code on a box"?  :P08:20
=== queery_ is now known as queery
=== queery is now known as Guest43248
drubinVhata: sort of. 08:21
Kiloshi Guest43248 08:22
Guest43248hi oom Kilos 08:22
Kilosyou know me08:22
=== Guest43248 is now known as queeyr_
=== queeyr_ is now known as queery_
queery_* queery :Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable08:23
Kilosqueery_, are you the uy with an uncle in pta08:23
Kiloswhew i get mixed up at times08:23
queery_well i think i have an uncle in pretoria08:23
queery_but i have not told you that before08:24
Kiloswe had a chap here months ago that introduced his nephew to ubuntu08:24
queery_oh not me than08:24
Kilosi just mixed up with the nicks i think08:25
queery_my sister is probably a lesbian08:25
Vhatadrubin: 'deployment' includes 'configuration', and configuration management is *hard*08:25
=== Kilos is now known as kilos
drubinVhata: ;-p08:26
queery_still can't change my nick08:27
kilosyou gotta wait for it to timeout first08:28
queery_no the nick is not here any more08:29
queery_it timed out08:29
kilosor there is another command08:29
queery_and I ghosted it08:29
queery_ghost I know08:29
queery_but it's not working cause it already timed out08:29
kilosim not sure anymore but try /msg nickserv identify password08:29
queery_won't work, cause this nick is no registered08:30
kilosyour queery one?08:30
queery_queery is reg08:30
kilosnot this one with the tail08:30
queery_but queery_ isnt08:30
kiloswell  just do it with the password you registered with08:31
kilosit should then change you back08:31
queery_said that the nick aint reg08:31
queery_oh well08:32
kilosare you using xchat08:32
kilosclose it , wait 5 then come back08:32
queery_I can live with the tail for a bit08:32
queery_will anyway close xchat in 5 min08:32
queery_have to work08:32
kilosLangjan, run sudo apt-get install -f08:39
kilosor sudo apt-get install-f   i cant see if there must be a space in there08:40
morgsYes there should be a space, kilos08:49
kilosguys, is there a command to kill update manager please08:49
kilosty morgs08:49
morgskilos: what is it doing that you want to kill?08:49
kilosLangjan, cant do any updating or install anything because i am sure the update manager is running automatically but there is a broken package or incomplete update somewhere08:51
kilosi forget the site to send screenshots08:52
kiloshe sent me two08:52
morgsIf an install is in progress and you kill the gui, the dpkg processes will still be running08:52
kilosupdate manager cant open to turn off check for updates08:53
morgsnot a good idea to kill that stuff08:53
kilosit cant do the install because it brings up tiny windows 08:53
kilosi think he had a bad update/upgrade and now he has those probs08:54
kiloshe cant sudo apt-get update or upgrade because that update manager is going all the time and he gets the error saying he has another pm running08:55
kilosthats why i though we should kill the update manager08:56
kilosor software centre i am not sure08:57
kiloswhere do wee paste screenshots to please09:10
superflykilos: imageshack.us if you want09:15
kilosty superfly 09:15
kilosi gotta save that somewhere so i remember it09:15
kilosits so Langjan can paste his screenshots of what happens when he tries to open update manager09:20
queerylook im queery again09:27
kodezgood day.  how is ubuntu-za family today?09:45
kiloswell ty kodez 09:45
kilosthink we got the prob with Langjan  inna dark time09:45
kodezstill the same probem or another one?09:46
kilosthe main one that wont let him update upgrade or install anything09:47
kilosi am sure update manager is trying to run in the background but had an aborted update and now is stuck09:48
kodeza cowered approach is to re-install Ubuntu. that has always worked for me. i thought the --configure -a will help but i can't help more than that09:48
kilosbut he is busy at work so will hang around till he finds the time09:49
kiloslol i want to kill the update manager but will hear what the pros say first09:49
kodezit's difficult to think what will happen. but i don't see any danger09:51
kiloswe are trying to get around the need to download everything again to save his data and then i will help him partition so he can have space for rsyncing backups and cahe09:51
kodezpartition hdd is always best09:52
kiloshe has 2 large drives but i dont think they are partitioned09:53
kilos160g i think09:54
kilosor maybe he can boot from cd and try repair from the cd but i will need help there09:55
kilosthen at least the update manager wont be running09:56
kodezi have 150GB on my laptop and it's partitioned into three accomodating also virus village09:56
kilosi even though he can install maverick again alongside and move his packages to the new install that way09:57
* kilos dunno why i missing the last t in thought lately09:58
kodezis he using natty?09:59
kilosno maverick10:02
kilosthats what upsets me. maverick runs so well here10:03
kilosand i dont know how to get him to the recovery option with only the one installation. i have karmic and maverick alongside so it boots nicely to options and there is recovery and dpkg repair broken packages10:05
kilosbut if i member right with one install it boots right in10:06
kilosi think that would be the answer for him to do a dpkg repair before it boots and the update manager blocks cli commands10:08
kilosmaybe i am just rambling ?10:08
kodezwhere can i learn about configuring my own repository?10:26
kilosdidnt you get what superfly  said yesterday kodez 10:30
kilosapt/cd or something10:30
kodezno. please assist again10:30
kilosi scroll back and see10:30
kilosaw i cant see that far10:32
kiloslook in yesterdays logs10:32
kodezi'm thinking of copying the dvd to my pc and configure synaptic package manager to look application to the local folder10:32
kilosthere were two suggestions addressed to you10:33
kodezi think i was offline when superfly posted as i can't find them on my log or any superfly messages10:36
superfly<superfly> Maaz: tell kodez apt-cdrom10:42
kodezwhat is the full syntax of apt-cdrom?10:44
superflykodez: man apt-cdrom10:44
kodezsuprfly: if i want to make the repo local to the pc, what will the the way to do it?10:49
kilosmust be apt-"path to repo" hey?10:54
kilossuperfly, when booting from cd can you run sudo apt-get update and upgrade from the cd and will it upgrade the OS on the harddrive11:03
kilosor anyone else11:03
kiloskodez, when you type a nick dont you use the tab key11:04
kilosfirst three letters of nick then tab11:04
morgskilos: when booting from the CD you can only do an install, not apt-get upgrade. If you want to apt-get upgrade off a CD you need the alternate CD or DVD, and then you don't boot from it, just insert into a running system11:05
kilosty morgs11:07
kilosthen i think we gotta go the kill/killall route to stop the update manager11:11
kiloslo, Squirm 11:11
kilosthen he can do a sudo dpkg --configure -a11:12
kiloswould sudo stop update manager work?11:32
kilosor is there something else to add in there11:33
kilosstop sounds more gentle than kill11:33
morgskilos: use ps ax and look for dpkg and apt processes12:00
kiloswill get him to do that when he gets time ty morgs12:01
kiloslooked at ps aux as well12:01
morgskilos: it's really not going to work with you relaying commands. Either he must come here, or just reboot his machine or something.12:01
kiloshopefully he will be on here later12:02
kilosi am not relaying just trying to work out strategies12:02
kiloshe has rebooted over and over12:02
kilosthats why i think it is the update manager12:03
kilosor something it needs12:03
* scar[w] hopes he didn't remove python12:46
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on13:02
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:02
kbmonkeykilos, that error from langjan is elusive, i can't find any real answers except "close synaptic" 13:04
kbmonkeyi think he needs to post on the ubuntu forums, more eyes on the problem is needed :)13:05
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!13:06
kiloshi kbmonkey 13:06
kilosi asked him inna morn to go to update manager and untick check for updates13:07
kbmonkeygood idea!13:07
kiloshe cant open update manager all the way as it pops up a window that says partial upgrade13:08
kilosand another one thats says run sudo apt-get install -f13:08
kilosbut neither work13:09
kilosso i think in his aborted update it has damaged some package or got a corrupted one13:09
kbmonkeypartial upgrade? 13:10
kilosnow um starts and can go no further and thats the pm thats blocking us from doing anything13:10
kilosi have the screenshots but dont wanna use up data pasting them so will get him to do it tonight13:11
kilosi think we need a kill/killall command to stop the update manager and then we can go on and fix whats broken13:11
kilosor a stop command13:12
kilosbut he seems very busy so we will see tonight13:12
kbmonkeypartial upgrades are not recommended and cause problems, unless you know what it's going to do13:13
kilosthats why i wanna kill um and we go cli13:14
kilosupdate and upgrade13:14
kiloseven dist-upgrade13:14
kbmonkeyUM is just a pretty window for apt, under the hood apt always gets used13:15
kilosbut i am sure update manager is the other running pm13:15
kbmonkeyso the same command gets run on updates and installs 13:15
kilosmember it keeps saying there is another package manager running13:16
kbmonkeyim worried that something deeper is broken, like the config for apt or the files it uses to work properly13:16
kilosupdate manager or software centre i was thinking it could be13:17
kiloswell if killing update manager doesnt work he can install again alongside so he does have to download everything again13:18
kilosthe other way i think is to get to recovery or dpkg fix broken packages on startup13:18
kilosbut i dunno if you got that option with a single OS13:19
kilosone of those F8 while booting or something13:19
kilosi dunno which one , or space or something13:20
kbmonkeylast night jan managed to delete the lock fine (http://pastebin.com/4UA6ZeTd) but never told us the result of running the update13:20
kiloswith 2 OS you get the option on bootup to do recovery of the dpkg thing13:21
kiloswe will see when he gets here13:21
kbmonkeyalright :)13:22
kilosmaybe someone knows what key you keep hitting on boot to see all the options13:23
kilosthanks for all the help last night. i know how he feels13:23
kbmonkeyI see he installed bumblebee.  its that graphics drivers for laptops with hybrid gfx cards. i wonder if that is the package messing us around13:23
kilosus ballies get worried13:23
kilosi saw some where it said something about bumblebee13:24
kiloslol asked here what that was13:24
kilosand was told its a thing that polinates fruit or plants13:24
kbmonkeyI have a feeling jan forgot to paste all the info, where it reconfigures his packages, it probably waits for him to choose an option, but he doesnt realize it waits, and thinks its hanging13:25
kbmonkeybecause what he did paste, it says: "997 Enter Manual Configuration, 998 Show all profiles.,999 Do not configure now "13:26
kbmonkeyI have never seen that before, so I guess that is bumblebee configuring itself.13:27
kilosif we can get in before it boots fully we will be able to fix it i am sure13:27
kiloslike boot from cli13:27
kilosbut then he cant come on here13:27
kbmonkeyI would just remove the lock again, remove bumblebee, and then try update13:28
kiloswe can do that13:28
kodeztextbook then. lol13:28
kiloswont his screen go black if thats his graphics driver13:28
kilosi saw lekker commands in your LPI book13:29
kbmonkeythe lock isn't the problem, but really when it asks him to choose an option, he closes the window  and the lock isn't removed.13:29
kilosyeah thats why it will work if we get in before booting13:29
kilosor not?13:30
kbmonkeyhe needs to post on the forums, someone else who also uses bumblebee might have a better view. I only heaerd of this bumblebee last week13:30
kilosbut it was working till he removed compiz halfway13:31
kiloshis prob started with compiz requiring him to login if he was away a few mins13:32
kiloslekker challenge this one13:33
kbmonkeyhis Um history doesn't show compiz as being removed, maybe he couldn't remove it due to this issue.13:34
kbmonkeyhe did however remove nvidia stuff13:34
kbmonkeyso it could also be the graphics stuff. eish, my brain hurts13:35
kbmonkeyMaaz, thank you13:35
Maazkbmonkey: No problem13:35
kbmonkeydidn't even see that coffee there13:35
kilosi would love to have that pc here13:38
kilosbbl i gonna try see how to boot into cli14:09
Kerberohierdie core2 goedjies lyk nie sleg nie14:21
Kerbero*skuus, verkeerde channel14:21
Kiloscan someone tell me does this link show Jans 2 screenshots please15:22
Kiloskbmonkey, ^^15:23
Kilosi cant go there. used 3 days data yesterday15:24
Kiloslo nlsthzn 15:24
nlsthznHey Uncle Kilos ... did Jan get his PC sorted out...15:29
kbmonkeyyes i can see that screen15:30
kbmonkeyit says one cause of this problem is unoffial packages15:31
Kilosty i will tell him thats the rightlink then15:31
Kiloshe will mopst likely be here later15:31
Kilosi was thinking15:31
Kilosct+alt+del gives a shell hey?15:32
Kilosi think shell is the right word15:32
Kilosis all your graphics and everything then off so we can work from there15:34
Kiloswill just need to make a list of commands for him to do that way and then tell him how to get gdm going again15:35
kbmonkeyC-A-F1 to F5 gives you a text console, or tty15:35
nlsthznKilos: normally the best way to get completely away from GUI is to press Ctrl+Alt+2... log in then sudo init 3... then there is no more graphical environemnt15:35
Kilosof yes F1 sorry15:35
* nlsthzn also meant F215:35
kbmonkeyyou log out, then press the keys to switch to a text console15:35
kbmonkeyalso, if you boot and at the grub menu choose recovery mode, it boots into a text mode console as root15:36
Kiloslog out? switch off?15:36
kbmonkeyno, log out, so it shows your log-in screen15:36
* nlsthzn can see the chaps are busy... will be back later... enjoy :)15:36
kbmonkeythx nlsthzn 15:36
kbmonkeyoh guests just arrived, I'll need to step away and say hello :)15:37
Kiloswhen you only got one OS installed it boots right into gui15:37
Kilosenjoy kbmonkey 15:37
kbmonkeyperhaps the grub menu has no delay set so it boots directly15:37
kbmonkeybut i don't have maverick so I not sure15:37
Kiloshow do you logout of of c+a+f2 or 115:38
kbmonkeyusually you have the boot menu either ways, which gives you the recovery option. but after 3 seconds it will proceed to the default boot option15:38
Kiloseish sorry i forgot15:38
Kilosmaverick goes straight in here on my other drive15:38
kbmonkeyyou type 'exit' or 'logout' i think15:39
Kilosno recovery shows15:39
Kilosoh mya exit ty15:39
kbmonkeyyou edit the file /etc/default/grub and the line that says GRUB_TIMEOUT=5 (that's my value) but see if his is set to 015:40
kbmonkeynot sure why ubuntu disabled that by default15:40
Kilosok he must do that too then15:40
kbmonkeydid he upgrade to maverick from a previous version?15:40
Kilosi think he did a clean install15:41
Kilosbut says it uses too much data to do it again15:41
kbmonkeytoo much data..?15:41
kbmonkeydoes he have any space left? you know if your space runs out all sorts of strange errors pop up. i wonder...15:41
Kilosthe upgrade and downloading all his stuff15:42
Kiloshe has 160G15:42
kbmonkeyoh dear, maybe that is the problem :P15:42
Kiloswill ask though to check15:42
kbmonkey160G free? no that is plenty15:42
Kilosnot free15:42
Kilosits a 160g drive15:42
kbmonkeyif you run 'df -h' it will show you how much space is free for every partition15:43
kbmonkeythe '/' is the important one, 15:43
kbmonkeywhere is system files are stored, on the root mount point15:43
kbmonkeybecause if you look at your home free space, it is different than '/' 15:44
Kiloshopefully we get this fixed and get to gparted and so15:44
Kilosi am sure he used the option use the whole drive15:45
Kilosnot manually conf partitions15:45
Kiloslol he is lucky he didnt start with 8.0415:46
kbmonkeyoh that is a good point! well we can ask Jan later about his free space15:46
kbmonkeybut that df command tells us how his disk is partitioned, and how much space is free, all in one go :)15:47
* nlsthzn was chilling at home and drinking to much rum last night... need to make a rule not to sit in front of keyboard while drinking :/15:51
Kiloswhat rum?15:52
Kilosdid you mess on keyboard nlsthzn ?15:53
nlsthznKilos: now... but the last thing one needs when on the internet is even less inhibitions...15:53
nlsthznI drink exclusively Old Monk Rum here in the UAE... Indian Rum off all things, and it is for exclusive use within the UAE :p 15:54
Kilosim lucky. gave up drinking about 20 years ago15:54
Kiloshave you tried bacardi15:55
* nlsthzn might give up drinking in 20 years too...15:55
nlsthznI prefer dark...15:55
Kiloswith coke its like colddrink15:55
Kiloshave you tried it?15:55
nlsthznCaptain Morgan... even Spiced Gold... hmmm Spiced Gold... sure... I try anything :15:55
Kilosi also enjoyed the captain till i found bacardi15:56
nlsthznI upgraded to 11..10 this morning after jono tweeted he was... eish, now it is bugs all over the place...15:56
Kilosnow i drink tea and cyber coffee15:56
Kiloswow just thought about it. i gave up when ian was 7 so thats 28 years15:59
Kilosmaybe thats my prob. been good for too long15:59
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:01
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:01
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:05
KilosMaaz, dankie man16:05
MaazGroot plesier my vriend16:05
nlsthznPlant doesn't want to give us a break it seems... :/ 16:38
nlsthznAlso good for you Mr. Kilos ... if one can make a decision like that and stick to it is awesome!!16:40
kbmonkeythat's strong will right there!16:41
kbmonkeydoesn anyone use PyPanel?16:41
nlsthznkbmonkey: nope, don't even know what it is16:46
kbmonkeyit's a taskbar panel, window list, clock, date, that kind of thing16:49
nlsthznCool... 16:51
nlsthznAt the moment all my needs are satisfied with a borken unity interface16:51
nlsthznsilly alpha 216:51
kbmonkeyoops :P16:52
nlsthznJono tweeted last night that he was swiching and like a trained parrot I did too :/16:55
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:48
* Maaz washes some mugs17:48
Kilosmaaz hot17:50
MaazCome on Kilos How many peeps do you know that make coffee with cold water twit!17:50
Kiloscheeky bot17:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:52
KilosMaaz, thanks man17:52
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)17:52
Kilosim not a bunch 17:52
KilosMaaz, grrr17:52
Maazyou tiger you17:52
nlsthzn... so I take it Mr. Jan still has his issue?17:53
Kilosyes but i hope he comes online tonight17:53
Kiloswe got some ideas17:53
nlsthznDid you find which mail he describes all his issues in?17:54
Kilosgedit his grub timeout then try recovery if it shows17:54
Kilosit goes over a while nlsthzn 17:54
Kilosfirst was not being able to drag windows in the bottom panel to another desktop17:55
Kilosthe compiz was loging him out after a few mins17:55
nlsthznHe wants to get to his grub menu... usually at boot time if you press F8 you will get your menu...17:56
Kilosthen he removed compiz but says it was aborted.  i didnt ask why17:56
Kilosi tried the F8 with mine17:56
Kilosit went straight in17:56
nlsthznOh, I have read some of these issues... didn't know it was the same user... to be honest I would simply make backups of my data and re-install... If data is an issue I would try and get someone to send me a 10.04.02 CD as it has a lot of updates already installed...17:57
nlsthznBest to keep pressing F8 from the bios screen repeatedly... ususally works :)17:57
Kilosi was thinking of c+a+F2 then running update and upgrade17:58
Kilosand that config -a command17:58
Kilosbut first if he can slow down grub he might see the recovery option17:59
Kilosi hopw that works then it will save lots and it is always there in the future17:59
Kilosmy recovery works well for any issues18:00
Kilosor if he can go to and earlier version and recover from there18:01
Kilosearlier update18:01
nlsthznI don't have much experience with recovering (which is a bad thing)... I tend to over react to soon and to re-install...18:03
Kiloshiya Symmetria  cold enough for you18:05
Symmetriaheh, I'm back in capetown, its pretty warm here compared to joburg :P18:06
Symmetrianot nearly as warm as its gonna be in Accra though :p18:06
Kilosyip its rather nippy up here18:07
Kiloswhere is Accra18:07
Symmetriain Ghana18:07
Kiloshey nlsthzn those bags of heat you posted didnt arrive18:07
nlsthznKilos: I will be sending them the 19th... arrive the 20th in the morning... so prepare for a heat wave... it went over 50degC today at 12 in the afternoon ... I was walking home at about 11... thought I wasn't going to make it :/18:08
Kilosi envy you18:09
Kilosthis cold is for penguins and walrusses18:10
Kiloscan someone tell me how to copy a cd with natty langjan says his wifes brazero wants him to install applications that he does know where to find18:16
Kiloshas natty got synaptic18:16
|3o|3Kilos: yes18:18
Kilosthats most likely why he isnt here . mommy got work for him18:20
kodezhi kilos, do you want to copy the contents of a cd to a folder in the pc?18:24
Kilosno i think she wants to copy the cd to another one18:24
nlsthzndefault burn application in natty should do a disc copy no problem... weird18:25
Kilosthats one thing i enjoyed when on windows. clonecd worked great18:28
* Symmetria has a feeling he is gonna be spending very little time at home in the coming months18:29
* Symmetria took on a rather daunting project today :P18:29
Kilosthats tough if you married18:29
Symmetriaheh trying to create an africa wide network to link all the academic networks in africa together18:30
Symmetriaat multi-gigabit speeds18:30
Symmetriaheh, gonna be fun 18:30
Symmetrianah, not married, if I was there is no way I woulda taken this on18:30
Kilosthen go for it and enjoy18:30
SymmetriaI would recon Im gonna be spending at least a week outta every month on the road 18:30
Symmetrialol air miles ftw :P18:31
Kilosget yourself a chopper18:31
Kiloslol oh you call airtime on the road too18:32
Symmetriahehe, by the end of this year just on my tenet travelling alone I'll have hit 10 countries this year18:33
Symmetriaadd the other stuff to it and I'll be suprised if I dont hit 15 or 20 18:33
Kiloswho is gonna look after us if you are away18:34
Symmetrialol, my technical team at tenet18:34
Symmetriawho are extremely competant :P18:34
Symmetriaspent the last coupla years grooming em to do a good job :P18:34
Symmetriaheh, I am still very much a part of tenet, still their cto, will just be delegating a lot more stuff to people under me so I have more time to concentrate on africa18:35
Kilosok but we will still see you on here hey18:35
Kilosso we can complain and you can kick bug18:36
Symmetriaheh yeah, dude, I been on irc through thick and thin for *hrm* 18 years now :P18:36
Symmetriaso I aint going anywhere haha18:36
Symmetrialol there are people who come into this channel who werent born when I started ircing, how scary is that18:36
Kiloshehe you sound like me18:37
Kilosmosta the guys that help me are the age of my son18:37
Symmetria:P I have no kids (that I know of) 18:37
Symmetria:P I mean, there is always a possibility that I have kids in some foreign country that I dont know exist , but its doubtful :P18:38
Symmetria*shrug* you gotta have some fun on the road :P18:39
Kilosyou are like a sailor18:39
Kilosgirl in every port18:39
Symmetriahahaha not every port, there are definately places on this planet you don't wanna pick up women :P18:39
* Symmetria thinks its time to go watch some tv and chill :P18:41
Kiloscheers Symmetria 18:41
kodezis there someone who has done configuration of postgresql in ubuntu?18:51
superflykodez: what's there to configure?18:53
kodezi tried to read the postgresql pdf document and ended up messing up. i need someone to guide me with the basics18:54
kodezby the way. i managed to configure my local repository18:55
Kiloswell done kodez 18:56
superflykodez: I don't know what you messed up, because all I did to get postgres up and running was "sudo aptitude install postgresql-server"18:57
kodezthanks kilos. i am back with one leg half up18:57
Kiloslol. hope you wrote it all down in case i need help doing same one day18:58
kodezsuperfly: what follows after installing postgresql?19:07
superflykodez: you use it19:08
kodezi haven't used it and it will be the first time if i can win. atleast if i can follow up to running it for the first time19:09
kodezi just went through ubuntu server 11.04 document and atleast it gave me light to use the template1 database. it's difficult to be in grade r19:46
kodezi am going to study more 2moro. i hope i will not loose heart19:47
Kilosknowledge is power19:47
nlsthznWhat is grade r?19:48
kodezthat is before grade 1 (pre-school)19:48
kodezwhat do i need to change if i want aptitude/apt-get to search packages from the local repo. i had realised it's not working19:50
kodezgood night. i have a seriously short day tomorrow. i need all the energy i can gather now20:08
Kilosnight kodez  sleep tight20:09
kodezthanks kilos20:09
Kilosnight everyone sleep tight20:10
nlsthznWhy would you need more sleep for a short day?20:12
nlsthznjust after 12 in the night... a nice 33 degC outside... and humidity of more than 70% :/20:18

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