djbpythonbut I dont have "Sound Preferences"00:00
djbpythonjust Volume Control00:00
Benkinoobynotsureaboutthis, in your case you want the .deb file. this is the file that is allready compiled. only if you want to comle the programm on your own or if you want to see the source code you should go for the source files.00:00
Benkinoobynotsureaboutthis, just curious: what deb do you want to install?00:00
w30Eitan, the problem is that the Web page is IE only, not for Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.00:00
w30Eitan, thank Bill for that.00:01
notsureaboutthisBenkinooby: this game engine: http://www.panda3d.org/ I assume it's safe because it looks legitimate, i think i'll just try it and hope for the best :) (if i looked at the source code on my own i doubt i'd know what it was even doing anyway)00:01
w30Eitan, lots of big company apps are built that way and they would find it expensive to change so IE 6 keeps on existing.00:02
Benkinoobynotsureaboutthis, hm, seems legit :P00:02
qazplmIf I want to encrypt my hard drive with truecrypt and dual boot, should I install ububtu then encrypt, or vice versa?00:03
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
notsureaboutthisBenkinooby: alright, thanks for the help :)00:04
Jordan_Uqazplm: I would personally recommend going with ecryptfs or other native linux encryption options. They are better supported and don't have the licensing issues of truecrypt.00:05
qazplmYea, I guess I will just use the /home encryption ubuntu provides00:05
ActionParsnipqazplm: personally I wouldnt bother encrypting, too many headaches00:05
qazplmand truecrypt on my windows aprtition00:05
qazplmIll add teh truecrypt bootloader on the GRUB list00:06
qazplmActionParsnip, this is the only way to truely secure my files00:06
ActionParsnipqazplm: is it a laptop?00:06
ActionParsnipqazplm: i see, and wil the data be super sensitive?00:07
ActionParsnipqazplm: or is it just MP3s and some random snap from your hols00:07
qazplmActionParsnip, yes, or else I would simply just make a file and use it as a TC volume00:07
dan__hi, anyone know what causes this -> ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:957:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) The dmix plugin supports only playback stream00:08
ActionParsnipqazplm: i guess its good then. ive seen far too many users in here needing to decrypt stuff before a reinstall.00:08
ActionParsnipdan__: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh00:09
Jordan_Uqazplm: For loading truecrypt from grub2 see:  http://gitorious.org/grub2tc/grub2tc/blobs/master/README00:09
qazplmActionParsnip: I just reinstalled Windows 7 myself, going to boot into ubuntu now00:09
tyler_dcan anyone help me to configure my xorg please?00:10
dan__ActionParsnip, wget: unable to resolve host address `alsa-project.org'00:10
dan__but thats probably something on my end00:10
ActionParsnipdan__: does the system have web access?00:11
dan__yup, im on it right now00:11
dan__ActionParsnip, ^00:11
Phr3d13my login screen is different and i can't select gnome classic with it00:11
dan__ActionParsnip, chrome cant resolve it either00:12
DogearsHi, How can I change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy?00:12
Phr3d13how do i get back my default ubuntu login screen?00:12
Jordan_UDogears: In what context?00:12
archiconnect #bookz00:12
ActionParsnipdan__: same, maybe its being worked on#00:12
* vetun escuchando : Enigma - [] - Sadness ~ [ 1:03] de [ 4:47] ~ 128kbps ~ 44100Hz00:13
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dan__ActionParsnip, I can tell you i have 1.0.23 on my machine00:13
DogearsJordan_U: My system setting shows mm/dd/yyyy and I can seem to find the way of changing it00:13
tyler_dhere is a copy of both the error log as well as my xorg.conf, http://paste.ubuntu.com/643626/00:13
Phr3d13Dogears, it has something to do with locale00:13
dan__I followed this tutorial -> http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2010/05/02/upgrade-alsa-1-0-23-on-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-10-04/00:14
Jordan_UDogears: Shows you this where?00:14
Phr3d13how do i get back my default ubuntu login screen?00:14
Phr3d13my login screen is different and i can't select gnome classic with it00:14
robin0800Phr3d13, are you on 11.10 alpha2 ?00:14
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,  what did you install to change it?00:15
Phr3d13i did updates/upgrades00:15
Phr3d13it was working fine till i did that00:15
jerry_is anyone familiar with sdlmess?00:15
DogearsJordan_U: I am on 11.04 and date format in Thunderbird shows as mm/dd/yyyy. I haven check other programs00:15
Phr3d13i had xfce installed, but not used before i upgraded to 11.0400:15
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,   try a 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm' and be sure it is using gdm00:16
ActionParsnipdan__: wget http://www.vitki.net/sites/vitki.net/files/attachments/utils-alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./utils-alsa-info.sh; ./utils-alsa-info.sh00:16
Phr3d13i tried that00:16
DogearsJordan_U: I can find Locale in Unity?00:16
Phr3d13it gets me the gdm login, but not the ubuntu gdm login00:16
DogearsJordan_U: That was I cant?00:16
eonfiftyI just upgraded XUbuntu (through update manager) from 10.04 to 10.10 and immediately to 11.04, and now all my windows lost their borders (the minimize, restore and close buttons are gone.)00:17
eonfiftyscreenshot: http://i.imgur.com/UwDQf.png00:17
eonfiftyHow can I fix this?00:17
ActionParsnipeonfifty: what video chip do you use?00:17
eonfiftyati radeon 95something00:18
Jordan_UDogears: I'm not at an Ubuntu machine right now, but it should be available in "System Settings" from the drop down menu at the top right in Unity. I don't know if that will have the option you want or if it will affect thunderbird though :(00:18
eonfiftyit is a laptop00:18
InkuraUgh, can't get my bridge working. Anyone knows of a user friendly version to bridge a ppp0 interface to eth0?00:18
=== AndIrc is now known as Guest16812
DogearsJordan_U: Thanks for your help. It was in the language support section.00:18
dan__ActionParsnip, running..00:18
tyler_dhow do you get the screen in use from term00:18
Jordan_UDogears: You're welcome.00:18
ActionParsnipeonfifty: try:  compiz --replace    I assume you have 3D accelleration00:18
BaltazaarI haven't used Ubuntu for a couple of years, and I must say: 11.04 rocks ass! I actually prefer it over OS X...00:18
fishsceneHere Here!00:19
eonfiftyactionparsnip: yes, I'll try that00:19
ActionParsnipBaltazaar: you can make it look like OSX if you want00:19
BaltazaarActionParsnip, I like it as it is. Been using Linux for almost 10 years, this is all time high00:19
rhin01anyone know a SIMPLE console irc client00:20
=== rhin01 is now known as rhin0
Baltazaarrhin0, xchat00:20
rhin0is that console?  no gui00:20
Dr_Willisrhin0,  irssi, weechat00:20
jribrhin0: weechat, irssi00:20
rhin0xchat is console are you sure00:20
* jrib eyes Dr_Willis00:20
Baltazaaryou can use it from console00:20
Dr_Willistheres a few otehr console irc clients.. but those are the top 200:20
Dr_Willisi used sirc (or was it pirc?) some perl based one - ages ago00:21
eonfiftyactionparsnip: there was a "segmentation fault," and it is stuck at [Setting Update "shadow_opacity"].00:21
ActionParsniprhin0: xchat, pidgin00:21
cjaehow do I make a usb controller show up in vbox? I shows up in the gui but is grayed out. I think it must be released from ubuntu first? 11.0400:21
mersaultis there a decent DAAP server in 11.04? what happened to forked-daapd?00:21
rhin0pidgin isn't console --- i'm on it now its GUI00:21
dan__ActionParsnip, there is no output after running utils-alsa-info.sh00:21
cjaeusb gamepad*00:21
ActionParsnipcjae: you need the closed source version from the vbox repo00:21
Dr_Williscjae,  theres some vbox configs, then a menu item, or button you actually seelct in the vbox gui. i recall.00:21
Dr_Willisrhin0,  irssi, or weechat are the top 2. I perfer weechat.00:22
Baltazaarxchat-text is console rhin000:22
rhin0this is good information ... ty00:22
edbianI have a 16Gb flash drive.  gparted says the fat32 partition is only 14Gb big.  That's a lot missing isn't it? What gives?00:22
edbian12% is missing?00:23
Jordan_Uedbian: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -lu"?00:23
rhin0thining of setting up console irc with 'screen' multi session ssh -- ssh - rejoin of session (persistance)00:23
Baltazaarrhin0, and you have BitchX00:24
Dr_Willisrhin0,  check out 'znc' also... it is handy.    You can reconnect to the znc proxy with any irc client, from any location if done right and 'reconnect' to your irc session00:24
rhin0i tried bitxhx -- is like vi couldn't even get out of it00:24
rhin0at the time00:24
Dr_Willisrhin0,  thats how i do all my ircing..00:24
ubottubitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.00:24
Baltazaarrhin0, http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IRC/console.html00:24
edbianJordan_U: Here's the bit about the flash drive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/643634/00:24
ActionParsnipdan__: let me see what I can do00:24
Jordan_Uedbian: OK, the partition is at least the right size. Next thing to check is the filesystem.00:25
edbianJordan_U: e2fsck ?00:25
Jordan_Uedbian: e2fsck is for extN filesystems only.00:26
Dr_Willise2fsck on a vfat filesystem?00:26
cjaeDr_Willis: you mean in the closed source edition? I thought it usb was supported in OSE00:26
edbianUpon closer inspection It's 14.9 Gb00:26
Dr_Williscjae,  no idea. I rarely use the feature. and havent messed with the latest vbox.00:26
Dr_Williscjae,  it used to require the closed source ed..   but i was thinking it changed a bit in the last vbox release00:27
edbianWhich means I've only been robbed of 6% of my drive00:27
edbianJordan_U: Thoughts?00:27
cjaeDr_Willis: ok thats what I thought00:27
Phr3d13how do i get back my default ubuntu login screen?00:28
edbianPhr3d13: What are you using right now?00:29
Phr3d13ubuntu 11.0400:30
* edbian annoyed Jordan_U :P00:30
edbianPhr3d13: What are you using as a display manager right now?00:30
ActionParsnipdan__: i guess we'll have to wait for the alsa boys to fix their site00:30
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,  so its using the xfce 'theme' for gdm?00:30
Phr3d13unity i think00:30
Phr3d13or compiz00:30
Jordan_Uedbian: I'm trying to figure out how to check the size of a fat filesystem.00:30
edbianJordan_U: ha, thanks :)00:31
Phr3d13i think its using the default non ubuntu gdm theme somehow00:31
edbianPhr3d13: ... what?00:31
Phr3d13yeah, its all retarded00:31
edbianPhr3d13: hahaha00:31
Phr3d13i can't get the ubuntu themed logon screen back00:31
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
Phr3d13i tried the ubuntu-branding package or whatever... didn't work00:32
edbianPhr3d13: The default is Ubuntu gdm looks like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryandtaotao/5222344209/   (assuming your name is terry)00:32
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,   if its just the theme - that wouldent affect the features, or the missing 'ubuntu-classic' item you were mentionign earlier.00:32
jifyhello guys00:33
dan__ActionParsnip, ok thanks00:33
edbianjify: Hi00:33
Phr3d13how do i take a screenshot of the login screen?00:33
edbianPhr3d13: The easiest way is to have the OS in a virtual machine.00:34
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,  i was just windering how you would do that also.... :)00:34
Dr_Willisit is possible to run apps as the 'gdm' user on the gdm login screen...00:34
Dr_Willisbut thats a bit extreme.00:34
Jordan_Uedbian: Can you post a screenshot of gparted showing this missing space, and pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?00:34
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: use a camera of some fashion00:35
g2bl33tcan someone help answer a couple questions in a PM00:35
Phr3d13the login screen i have now has the bar at the top with a clock centered00:35
edbianJordan_U: I'm just saying gparted listed 14.9 Gb on a 16Gb device.  I'll give you a screenshot but it does not show any visual indication of missing space.00:35
Dr_Willisg2bl33t,  best to keep it in the channel.00:36
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d00:36
ActionParsnipg2bl33t: if you ask here, you will get MORE replies00:36
godtrunks2hy i'm new with linux.i have blacklist broadcom driver.how i remove it from bclack list?can anyone help me?00:37
Phr3d13Description:Ubuntu 11.0400:37
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »00:37
g2bl33twell my first question should i up my 10.10 to 11.0400:37
edbianJordan_U: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/screenshotdevsdcgparted.png/  and sudo parted -l : http://paste.ubuntu.com/643644/00:37
Jordan_Ug2bl33t: I would say yes.00:37
Dr_Willisgodtrunks2,  edit that file,  and remove the entry normally.   /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf00:37
edbiangodtrunks2: I can probably help you get wifi working.  What card do you have?00:37
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: can you give a pastebin of the output of: apt-cache policy gnome00:38
astraljavag2bl33t: Not necessarily, unless it's got something you really need.00:38
ActionParsnipg2bl33t: if its not broken, why fix it00:38
godtrunks2is working but when i try to install aircrack i have a error00:38
edbiang2bl33t: 11.04 has a whole new interface that is fun to play with.00:38
jdobrienI am using 11.04 and I can't figure out how to record into MP3 format using sound recorder00:38
Dr_Willis!info xubuntu-gdm-theme00:38
godtrunks2and every time when i start linux i have to enter manualy the drivers00:38
ubottuxubuntu-gdm-theme (source: xubuntu-artwork): Xubuntu GDM greeter theme. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.04.9 (natty), package size 5 kB, installed size 120 kB00:39
Dr_Willis!info ubuntu-gdm-theme00:39
ubottuPackage ubuntu-gdm-theme does not exist in natty00:39
jdobrienI have installed LAME and gstreamer00:39
Dr_WillisHmm.. couldent be that easy. :)00:39
g2bl33tOk I'm learning the shell is there a book or document someone could link me to?00:39
Dr_Willisg2bl33t,  theres 10000's of online sites for learning bash.. check out the delicious.com tags for 'bash' and 'tutorials'00:39
ActionParsnipPhr3d13: ok looks good, clock in the middle at the top sounded a lot like gnome 300:39
Dr_Willisg2bl33t,  they seem to be better  then just googling  for them :)00:40
gerzelJust got the scott pilgrim dvd and it seems it doesn't want to play.  What do I need to get it to play on ubuntu?  I've already installed restricted extras00:40
ActionParsnipgodtrunks2: do you mean via the modprobe command?00:40
astraljavag2bl33t: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/00:40
ActionParsnip!dvd | gerzel00:40
ubottugerzel: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:40
Jordan_Uedbian: Gparted is claiming that the entire device is only 14.91 GiB also (top right corner, device selection).00:40
edbianJordan_U: Yes but parted -l said 16Gb00:41
g2bl33tAwesome even if I update to 11.04 can I still customize it like I did00:41
=== _CommandeR_ is now known as Justice
g2bl33tWith 10.1000:41
edbianJordan_U: The gui says 16Gb (like listed in nautilus gui) as well00:41
Jordan_Uedbian: Indeed, it's very odd.00:41
edbianJordan_U: I think it's marketing bs.  Conversion between bits / bytes or some nonseonse00:41
godtrunks2i'l show you00:42
gerzelthank you00:42
astraljavaedbian: Jordan_U: GB vs. GiB?00:42
g2bl33tCan someone show me a screenshot of their 11.04 ubuntu00:42
edbianYeah that nonsense00:42
edbiang2bl33t: http://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&source=hp&biw=1060&bih=706&q=Ubuntu+11.04&gbv=2&oq=Ubuntu+11.04&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1235l2564l0l2713l12l10l0l2l2l0l152l872l3.5l800:42
Jordan_Uedbian: That may well be. GParted is listing "GiB" which is unambiguous at least.00:42
edbianJordan_U: mmm good eye00:43
Phr3d13ActionParsnip, i looked in package manager and found that i have this installed gnome-session00:43
Phr3d13GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session00:43
godtrunks2every time when i star ubuntu i have to enter those commands00:43
godtrunks2if not my wireless is not working00:43
robin0800Phr3d13, sudo apt-get install gdm or reinstall if already there should give you an option to configure it00:43
edbiangodtrunks2: Actually you probably only have to enter the last one.  Is b43 in /etc/modprobe.conf  ?00:43
godtrunks2what i shoud enter?00:44
edbiangodtrunks2: sorry wrong file.  is b43 in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf00:44
godtrunks2i'm new with this00:44
astraljavaPhr3d13: GNOME 3 is in oneiric. Are you using a development version?00:44
Dr_WillisGiB vs GB (or was it Gb) has confused a lot of people. :)00:44
Dr_Willisincluding me.00:44
edbiangodtrunks2: It's just a file, go look in it00:45
godtrunks2i don't have only one file00:45
filo1234Dr_Willis: lemme know it which is the difference?00:45
astraljavaDr_Willis: Just different measurement systems, that's all. Just keep in mind which one you're using/seeing in any given time. :)00:45
PolahDr_Willis: GB and Gb are separate things, if your brackets semi-question was actually a question.00:45
godtrunks2and what shoud i edit there?00:46
godtrunks2in blacklist.cfg?00:46
astraljavaPolah: Not an issue of bytes and bits.00:46
edbiangodtrunks2: what?  no /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf   I'm asking you to look in it for 'b43'00:46
kcjI currently on the 11.04 live cd. For some reason I can only mount partitions as read-only. Help please.00:46
edbiangodtrunks2: Yes, look in there.00:46
astraljavaPhr3d13: natty (gnome): The GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 2 session, oneiric (gnome): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session00:47
filo1234well Dr_Willis http://wintelguy.com/gb2gib.html :p00:47
Phr3d13astraljava, so should i remove the gnome 3 session package?00:48
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,  installing gnome3 can cause all sorts of breakage....00:48
astraljavaPhr3d13: Please don't. Can you pastebin the output of `apt-cache policy gnome-session`, please?00:48
Dr_WillisPhr3d13,  or was that a typo and you ment gnome2 ?00:49
bazhangPhr3d13, did you install the gnome3 PPA?00:49
Dr_Willisalways fun when people dont mention such little details.... :)00:50
godtrunks2whis i hev in blacklist.conf00:50
Phr3d13i didn't add the ppa00:50
astraljavaPhr3d13: But it is there anyway.00:50
Phr3d13yeah, i don't get it00:51
Dr_Willismust of been the cat.. :)00:51
godtrunks2what shoud i edit to remove the driver from the blacklist?00:51
=== Lucas__ is now known as mrwizard
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:51
edbiangodtrunks2: If b43 is in that file take it out00:52
edbiangodtrunks2: That is all :)00:52
kcjCan anyone help?00:52
mrwizardis there a support channel for oneiric?00:52
Blackoakx22Hello. Is this laptop capable of dual booting with 11.04 http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/0000/Acer/Aspire4330/Aspire4330sp3.shtml00:52
edbiankcj: With what?00:52
bazhang #ubuntu+1 mrwizard00:52
godtrunks2but i cannot edit00:52
kcjedbian, Scroll up.00:53
mrwizardbazhang: thank you! :)00:53
edbiankcj: Alright lets see.  What partitions?  HDD partitions only? Certain ones?  HOw man you got?00:53
ActionParsnipBlackoakx22: sure00:53
kcjedbian, hold on...00:54
kcjedbian, I have to fight with Unity.00:54
edbianJordan_U: What filesystem should I make my 16Gb jump drive?  I'm gonna re-format it since it's some stupid windows software on it00:54
edbiankcj: I have my money on you00:54
PolahBlackoakx22, dual booting isn't an issue of general hardware (unless that hardware can't actually run the operating systems you want.). It's more an issue of being capable of installing it (we can help you there) and having enough storage space for both.00:54
=== electron is now known as Guest99351
edbianBlackBinary: dual booting is easy00:55
kcjedbian, Just one ext3/ext4 partition.00:55
edbiankcj: Can you open gparted and look at that partition?  gparted will show you why there are problems mounting it normally00:56
godtrunks2why i cannot install some files00:56
drdranyone know of a command line program that lets you connect to wireless networks?00:56
bazhanggodtrunks2, which session are you in? gnome3?00:56
Guest99351Hi I am having an issue where every time that I boot up my menu bar containing minimize maximize and close keep missing. I use "compiz --replace &" and it fixes the issue but when I reboot it ends up missing again. . .00:57
Guest99351I really dont know what to do00:57
kcjedbian, Time for round two then.00:57
=== Guest99351 is now known as raj
edbiankcj: yes00:57
ActionParsnipGuest99351: add a startup item to run the command needed00:57
ositohow do you add an application link to unity??!!??00:57
edbiandrdr: iwconfig (but doing that is hard I think)00:57
rajok thank you ActionParsnip00:57
ActionParsniposito: run it as normal, then when it shows right click it and click "keep in launcher"00:57
drdrii need a eaysy one edbian00:57
ositoActionParsnip, let me try it, thanks !00:58
Phr3d13trying a combo of 'sudo apt-get purge gdm' then 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dekstop'00:58
filo1234drdr: do you use wpa encrypt?00:58
edbiandrdr: there ain't one (use the GUI, that's what it's for)00:58
godtrunks2how i can find out in what session i am?00:58
drdror some way to automate it00:58
ositoActionParsnip, it worked, great!00:59
kcjedbian, Nothing seems to be wrong.00:59
bazhanggodtrunks2, did you add the gnome3 ppa00:59
drdrfilo no not currently00:59
ActionParsniposito: easy stuff bro :)00:59
edbiankcj: How are you mounting this HDD?  Is it mounted right now?00:59
godtrunks2i don't remember00:59
filo1234drdr: is open?00:59
kcjedbian, In gparted I mean.00:59
kcjedbian, Just with nautilus.00:59
edbiankcj: Yeah.  I'm moving on.  Unless you wanna give me a screenshot of gparted wink wink nudge nudge00:59
godtrunks2i have error 2 all the time00:59
kcjedbian, Ok. One sec.01:00
bazhanggodtrunks2, let us see your sources.list01:00
filo1234drdr: is your network without protection?01:00
drdryes filo01:00
godtrunks2how i'm new with this01:00
drdrmy network has no passwords or encryptions01:00
filo1234drdr: and do you use DHCP?01:01
ositohow do you disable the screen saver for user in unity?01:01
drdryes i use dhcp01:01
bazhangcat /etc/apt/sources.list   --------> paste.ubuntu.com godtrunks201:01
ositoahhh I found it01:01
filo1234drdr: then look for iwconfig and dhclient01:01
Jazball72Can anyone one recommend which services in can turn off at start up due to low spec old laptop. Lxde ubuntu desktop01:01
kcjedbian, http://i.imgur.com/sIa3f.png I be back in about ten minutes. I need lunch.01:01
ositook here's a good one, how do you add a "shutdown" button to unity ?01:02
edbiankcj: It's 9:02 man.01:02
edbiankcj: you liar...01:02
edbianYou said you had 1 partition!01:02
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filo1234drdr: sudo iwconfig your_wlan_name essid name_of_your_network && sudo dhclient your_wlan_name01:04
bazhanggodtrunks2, and whats in sources.list.d01:05
godtrunks2is empty01:05
filo1234drdr: if you want to use ( recommended ) wpa protection there is a little bit thing in addition to do...01:06
drdradd key i got the manpage01:06
godtrunks2shoud be empty?01:06
filo1234drdr: good choise :p01:07
godtrunks2bazhang can u help me with this?01:08
bazhanggodtrunks2, with aircrack?01:10
bazhang#aircrack-ng godtrunks201:10
canu-qummwhat's the most minimalistic browser for ubuntu?01:12
F3RR1Sprobably epiphan01:13
godtrunks2bazhang but not only aircrack.anythin01:13
billy2007when i download a file using vuze where can i find the completed download01:13
godtrunks2bazhang but not only aircrack.anything. if i wnaht to install drivers it tell me same error01:13
kcjedbian, I'm back.01:13
edbiankcj: rockin'01:14
F3RR1Scheck your download folder under places01:14
bazhanggodtrunks2, what error01:14
kcjedbian, Any ideas?01:14
mrdebdo you recommend the $250 pc01:14
mrdeboh nm wrong channel01:14
edbiankcj: which partition are you trying to mount?01:14
bazhangmrdeb, try ##hardware01:14
edbiankcj: sdaX ?01:14
canu-qummepiphany, you say?01:15
kcjedbian, sda601:15
canu-qummI want something like mm.. jumanji from #pkwm.01:15
canu-qummin that sort of style01:15
edbiankcj: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt     what does it say?01:15
bazhanggodtrunks2, you're trying to compile aircrack; got build-essential installed ?01:15
* edbian loves jumanji01:15
FloodBot1billy2007: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:15
FrozenFireMy understanding is that Xorg automatically generates a configuration for the hardware it handles on boot, rather than using the Xorg.conf as was previously used. Is there a way to export a working configuration of Xorg into an Xorg.conf, and then inhibit regeneration?01:16
bazhangbilly2007, stop that01:16
kcjedbian, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt01:16
edbiankcj: Go to the /mnt folder and look at it.  Are the file read only?01:16
edbiankcj: no news is good news. No error means the command worked01:16
godtrunks2this is build-essential01:17
billy2007if i download a torrent using vuze where can i find the completed download01:17
FrozenFirebilly2007, Wherever you have Vuze configured to download to.01:17
FrozenFirePersonally, I use ~/Torrents for Deluge.01:17
kcjedbian, Still read-only. I can't create folders or files.01:17
FrozenFireMight go to ~/Downloads01:17
bazhanggodtrunks2, aircrack-ng is in the repos, why are you compiling it01:17
godtrunks2i whant ot install it01:17
edbiankcj: can you show me ls -l /mnt  ?01:17
canu-qummedbian: what distro are you using? ( if you use, jumanji as a browser ).01:18
bazhangsudo apt-get install aircrack-ng godtrunks201:18
edbiancanu-qumm: I like the movie and the game jumanji.  I use Debian and firefox :)01:18
filo1234kcj: is that partition NTFS?01:18
edbianfilo1234: no01:18
kcjfilo1234, nope.01:18
godtrunks2i have it01:18
canu-qummedbian: when I said jumanji, I was referring to the browser project by #pwkm.01:18
godtrunks2i downloaded01:19
canu-qummedbian: lol.01:19
edbiancanu-qumm: I know :P01:19
canu-qummedbian: wanna help me get it? :D01:19
edbiancanu-qumm: When I said jumanji I was referring to one hell of a movie01:19
edbiancanu-qumm: Does it run on linux?01:19
kcjedbian, http://paste.ubuntu.com/643666/01:19
bazhanggodtrunks2, you installed it, using the command above? then no need to compile it01:19
canu-qummedbian: yes, it's FOR linux.01:19
dwarderdo repos contain dbase.so for php5-5.3.201:19
dwarderdbase extention01:20
edbiankcj: This is on a live CD ?01:20
godtrunks2so i don't need to enter the command: make all install?01:20
kcjedbian, Indeed.01:20
billy2007by right clicking an iso and selecting burn to disk will make the disk executeble am i right01:20
canu-qummedbian: but arch users usually use it.01:20
filo1234kcj: anyway if you mount it with sudo.... user doesn't have permission for write in01:20
dan__what do i need to install to get System->Preferences->Sound? I'm on 10.04 and it's missing01:20
bazhanggodtrunks2, in the terminal type -----> which aircrack-ng01:22
edbiankcj: The partition is mounted read / write but the liveCD user doesn't have permission to edit the files.  Are you trying to do a one time fix here?  use gksudo nautilus and use that window to do what you need to do.  It is root01:22
kcjfilo1234, edbian, Ah. gksu nautils saved the day. :) Thanks for the help.01:22
edbiancanu-qumm: Looks like you need to use git01:22
canu-qummedbian: I got it installed, the output didn't go too well with jumanji.01:22
edbiankcj: Sure.  Alternatively you might be able to run the mount command without sudo and then you don't need it at all.01:22
godtrunks2i typed01:22
bazhanggodtrunks2, and what was the output01:23
edbiancanu-qumm: What did it say? Do you have those dependencies met?01:23
billy2007by right clicking an iso and selecting burn to disk will make the disk executeble am i right i just want to double check as i only have one disk left01:23
canu-qummedbian: im kind of a noob.. lol01:23
edbiancanu-qumm: What are you trying to tell me?01:23
edbianbilly2007: In Ubuntu ?01:23
bazhanggodtrunks2, try this:    sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng01:23
billy2007edbian, yes but not an ubuntu iso file a different operating system01:24
bazhangbilly2007, it will burn the iso to disk for booting, no matter the OS01:24
edbianbilly2007: I wouldn't trust right lick.01:25
edbianbilly2007: But perhaps it does do that.01:25
bazhangedbian, right click works fine01:25
godtrunks2i have install again01:25
godtrunks2now what shoud i do?01:25
edbianbilly2007: There ya have it!01:25
billy2007thanks ill get burning :)01:25
bazhanggodtrunks2, do with what? you want a live tutorial on how to use aircrack?01:26
bazhanggodtrunks2, then ask a clear question01:26
godtrunks2why i have all the time same error when i try to install drivers01:27
bazhanggodtrunks2, install drivers for what, from where01:27
godtrunks2for a usb wireless card01:27
godtrunks2or to upgrade broadcom drivers01:27
godtrunks2same error01:27
bazhanggodtrunks2, what does this have to do with aircrack01:28
godtrunks2i try with a difrent driver01:28
godtrunks2i thougt that i do something wrong01:28
godtrunks2but all the time i have same error01:28
usr13It might help if we use complete sentences.  We might also need to use more than one sentence, certainly more than just a phrase.01:28
usr13It is all about communications here.  If we have accurate communications, we will be able to help each other more effectively.01:30
dan__can anyone help me who has a working microphone on 10.04?01:31
usr13dan__: What seems to be the problem?01:31
dan__can you go to System-. Preferences -> MMS01:32
godtrunks2look what erro i have when i try to install asus driver01:32
godtrunks2same error01:32
toneshifter_sup all01:32
dan__usr13, and test your microphone, i'm trying to figure out what expected behaviour is01:32
edbiantoneshifter_: hi01:32
usr13dan__: What is MMS?01:32
toneshifter_did anybody had a problem with rm -r and got error "no such file or directory"01:32
dan__multi media selector01:32
dan__sorry multimedia systems selector01:33
jeffyHoping someone might be able to help me. Just got Linex installed on my older HP desktop. Seems to work good but I can't figure out how to work my sony cybershot camera on it. Tried the original startup disk for the camera but it's not working with this system. Any advise????01:33
toneshifter_when i try to change permissions under xfce it automatically get them back to same settings01:33
usr13dan__: Exactly what is it you are trying to do?01:33
toneshifter_jeffy do you want to use camera with skype ?01:33
dan__usr13, my microphone doesnt work01:34
usr13dan__: Is your mic not working?01:34
edbiantoneshifter_: I do if I try to remove a folder / file that doesn't exist...01:34
dan__usr13, right01:34
usr13dan__: Are the levels turned up?  Or is it muted?01:34
dan__i've installed the latest alsa01:34
jeffytoneshifter. Not really, just want to download my pic's and video's.01:34
dan__usr13, cranked01:34
zaccagninoanybody have an idea why i can get all the compiz animations working except the additional ones airplane blur beam ect.01:34
toneshifter_edbian it does exist - thunar sees it and can browse it01:34
edbianjeffy: plug the camera into the computer.  Does it show up in places -> computer  ?01:35
usr13dan__: cranked ?01:35
dan__usr13, If i go to applications->sound & video->sound recorder it errors out01:35
toneshifter_jeffy it should mount it into the media01:35
edbiantoneshifter_: You made a typo?  What is the full path to the file?01:35
dan__usr13, levels are turned up01:35
Phr3d13gdm is still messed up, still no ubuntu classic option, and it still looks all blue and junk01:35
zaccagninoi see this where all questions go01:35
toneshifter_edbian i didn't want to mess it up so i cd'd into the folder01:35
bazhangPhr3d13, what does lsb_release -a    in terminal say01:36
usr13dan__: Turn your audio volume up and the mic level up and tap on the mic and see if you hear it through the speakers.01:36
jeffyReally, I tried that but never could fine anything on my computer.01:36
toneshifter_and than tried rm -r on the final one01:36
edbiantoneshifter_: That's fine.  What is the complete path though?  Don't have to run rm on it.01:36
dan__usr13, I don't hear it01:36
toneshifter_and got "no such file"01:36
toneshifter_the complete patch is01:36
dan__i can play music. youtube etc01:36
usr13dan__: Does your speakers work?01:36
dan__usr13, works fine, i can play music fine01:36
toneshifter_the last one if messed up so i want to delete it01:37
zaccagninoi wish my airplane animation would work ha01:37
toneshifter_but it keeps returning01:37
usr13dan__: Check to see that the mic is plugged into correct port.01:37
toneshifter_i believe it's permissions problem01:37
dan__usr13, built in mic01:37
bazhang!enter | toneshifter_01:37
ubottutoneshifter_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:37
edbiantoneshifter_: ls -l file01:37
toneshifter_but not sure how to fix it01:37
zaccagninoprobably a driver01:37
usr13dan__: This is a laptop?01:37
dan__usr13, yes01:37
TheEvilPhoenix!enter | toneshifter_01:37
toneshifter_edbian it shows files normally01:37
usr13dan__: Open a terminal window and type alsamixer and hit enter.01:37
necrodeariapcA connected by ethernet cable to modemrouterA cannot see pcB connected wirelessly to modemrouterA.        Previously, another person executed some sort of command on pcB so that pcB could `ping pcA`  It seems to be temporary though (not preserved across reboots) since pcB cannot `ping pcA` anymore.  Does anyone have any idea what that command may be?01:38
chowderanyone ever installed Ubuntu 11.04 as the dom0 in xen?01:38
bazhangPhr3d13, what does lsb_release -a    in terminal say01:38
edbiantoneshifter_: It shows you the permissions01:38
toneshifter_give me a sec01:38
Phr3d_13No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 11.04 Release:11.04 Codename:natty01:38
bazhangPhr3d_13, and what are the options from the login window01:38
ikus060I need help to fix a grub issue. I get "error: unsupported RAID version: 0.91" while updating or reinstalling grub-pc version 1.98-1ubuntu12. I'm on ubuntu lucid.01:38
edbiannecrodearia: What is the IP address of pcA and pcB ?01:38
ActionParsnipnecrodearia: route would be the command (with some options)01:38
dan__usr13, ok, everything is turned to the max01:39
Phr3d_13ubuntu and user session i think01:39
toneshifter_edbian two of them have "?" marks in place of permissions rest of the files have rw for my user01:39
zaccagninoi feel kinda selfish coming in here with a animation addon issue01:39
edbian toneshifter_ what?01:39
dan__usr13, however, i can now open the sound recorder, but when i record and playback, it just plays an annoying beep the whole time...01:39
bazhangPhr3d_13, thats it? "ubuntu" and "user"  ?01:39
edbiantoneshifter_: They have ?'s ?01:39
edbianThat's bad01:39
Phr3d_13bazhang, it looks blue and has a clock centered on the top01:39
usr13dan__: Is the sound card correctly identified at the top of the screen?01:39
necrodeariaedbian, pcA (ethernet) is .29, pcB (wireless) is .10101:39
toneshifter_edbian yes01:40
toneshifter_2 of them01:40
edbiantoneshifter_: try using sudo01:40
chowderHas anyone here ever used the xen hypervisor? I want to run it on my laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 as the dom0. I've looked online for a how-to but to no avail. Any ideas?01:40
edbiantoneshifter_: Sounds like the files are corrupted01:40
dan__usr13, yes01:40
necrodeariaedbian, pcA is static, pcB is dynamic01:40
usr13dan__: Hit the right arrow repeatedly until you get to Mic.01:40
edbiannecrodearia: Can they both ping the router?01:40
dan__usr13, I've done that, all levels are maxed out01:40
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen01:40
edbiannecrodearia: I assume they have the same first 3 octets?01:40
usr13dan__: Do you see the MM at bottom of the Mic collum?01:41
toneshifter_edbian thats why i want to delete entire filder01:41
sqadfafsdgfhi everyone01:41
zaccagnino anybody have an idea why i can get all the compiz animations working except the additional ones airplane blur beam ect.01:41
dan__usr13, I do01:41
sqadfafsdgfcould you help me01:41
necrodeariaedbian, yes, same first 3 octetts01:41
edbiantoneshifter_: sudo rm -rf that folder  (careful with that command!)01:41
necrodeariaedbian, yes both can ping router01:41
toneshifter_sudo ls -l same story01:41
sqadfafsdgfi want to install linux mint or ubuntu01:41
edbiannecrodearia: But neither one can ping the other?01:41
usr13dan__:  Is it highlighted?  (Hit the letter m  to toggle back and forth.)01:41
sqadfafsdgfbut im on windows 701:41
necrodeariaoh wait01:41
sqadfafsdgfand i was told i have to reformat and all that sh*t01:41
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, www.ubuntu.com for the iso01:41
dan__usr13, it is now highlighted01:42
sqadfafsdgfya but i dont want to reformat01:42
usr13dan__: If the MM is highlighted, that means the Mic is muted.01:42
necrodeariaedbian, pcB (wireless/dynamic/101) cannot ping the router01:42
edbiannecrodearia: waiting...01:42
sqadfafsdgfi dont want to use a livecd01:42
edbiannecrodearia: That's bad.  Is pcB online?01:42
sqadfafsdgfand i dont want to reformat my whole harddrive01:42
toneshifter_cannot remove: directory not empty01:42
dan__usr13, it is now a highlighted 0001:42
bazhang!enter | sqadfafsdgf01:42
ubottusqadfafsdgf: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:42
necrodeariaedbian, yes, pcB is connected to Internet01:42
sqadfafsdgfbazhang what do i do!01:42
usr13dan__: 00 means it is tuerned all the way down.  Hit the up arrow to turn it up.01:43
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, put everything on *one* line, for starters.01:43
sqadfafsdgfyes besides that01:43
edbiannecrodearia: What do you get when you ping the router?01:43
dan__usr13, hmm, its 00, but its all the way up to two bars of red01:43
toneshifter_<sqadfafsdgf> use punctuation marks instead enter01:43
zaccagninosqadfafsdgf, did you try using wubi01:43
toneshifter_edbian any ideas ?01:43
edbiannecrodearia: pcB should be able to ping it's own gateway (this is DHCP wifi?)01:43
sqadfafsdgfi dont want to use wubi01:43
sqadfafsdgfi want all linux01:43
necrodeariaedbian, When I (pcA/ethernet/29) ping the router, I get lines like 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=254 time=0.404 ms01:43
edbiantoneshifter_: I told you sudo rm -rf that folder  but be careful with that ocmmand01:43
usr13dan__: Do you also see Mic Select ?01:43
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, please stop with the enter key.01:43
necrodeariaedbian, yes, dhcp wifi01:44
sqadfafsdgfim sorry im rly angry because i lost my TV remote01:44
edbiannecrodearia: That's good.  That's a good ping. What do you get when B pings the router?01:44
toneshifter_edbian i did - cannot delete (directory not empty)01:44
zaccagninothen the drive has to be formatted01:44
dan__usr13, I don01:44
dan__t see mic select01:44
toneshifter_i also tried sudo rm -r _name01:44
sqadfafsdgfif i reformat my drive and install ubuntu, if i want to go to windows for some reason at a later point do i have to reformat the drive again01:44
necrodeariaedbian, http://privatepaste.com/2f220ca27901:44
sm0keanyone know how to get a transparent framebuffer splash in ubuntu?01:45
zaccagninoyes lol01:45
toneshifter_"cannot remove - no such file or directory"01:45
edbiantoneshifter_: You're not using -r then01:45
sm0keive done this dozens of times in slack but ubuntu seems to hate me01:45
bazhang!dualboot > sqadfafsdgf01:45
ubottusqadfafsdgf, please see my private message01:45
usr13dan__: Try and change, maybe  what it is on now is for the external Mic.  Plug in an external Mic and see.01:45
sqadfafsdgfi dont want to dualboot01:45
zaccagninojust use wubi and make linux half the drive its more than enough for a linux based os01:45
toneshifter_edbian tried both01:45
edbiannecrodearia: what is the gateway address on pcB ?01:45
sqadfafsdgfi DONT want to DUALBOOT01:45
dan__usr13, dont have an external mic01:45
edbiantoneshifter_: Then I don't know01:45
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, seems you know what you dont want, but not what you *do want01:45
zaccagninocan anybody fix my airplane issue serious question01:45
toneshifter_edian when i used just rf it says "directory not empty"01:45
bazhangzaccagnino, with compiz?01:46
bazhangzaccagnino, ask in #compiz as well01:46
usr13dan__: You may need to mute or turn off another input device.01:47
theferrethi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm looking for this specific package: pam-1.1.001:47
dan__usr13, ah, that sounds likely01:47
TheEvilPhoenixtheferret:  why do you need that specific package?01:47
billy2007what would be the best virtual machine to install vista ultimate iso on01:47
usr13dan__: 00 at the bottom indicates that it is turned down or dissabled.01:47
bazhangbilly2007, vbox01:47
toneshifter_edbian thanks anyways01:48
theferretTheEvilPhoenix: It's for a pentest lab, there's a local priv escalation exploit in there which I'd like to use for the lab.01:48
usr13dan__: Did you try turing up the Mic?01:48
sqadfafsdgfso how would i refromat my drive for linux01:48
Phr3d13bazhang, recovery, user session, and gnome01:48
dan__usr13, mic is turned all the way up, i dont know how to get it off of 0001:48
edbiantoneshifter_: good luck!01:48
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, the installer will do that for you.  www.ubuntu.com for the iso01:48
edbiannecrodearia: what is the gateway address on pcB ?01:48
TheEvilPhoenixtheferret:  i'd recommend a virtual environment for any vulnerable packages01:48
godtrunks2why i cannot install anything on unbuntu 10.40??01:48
necrodeariaedbian, gateway is     output of `ifconfig -a` http://privatepaste.com/f3067a8b41      output of `route` http://privatepaste.com/f1f94216c701:48
sqadfafsdgfif i wanted to install windows would the windows installer do it for me aswell?01:48
TheEvilPhoenixtheferret:  its also VERY likely its not going to be available in the repos or package managers, if its got an exploit01:48
godtrunks2i have all the time error 201:48
usr13dan__: Is your audio chip correctly identified?  Which one is it?01:49
Phr3d13how do i get gdm back to ubuntu defaults?01:49
theferretTheEvilPhoenix: It is in a vm, I'm just wondering if anyone might have a direct link to it.01:49
godtrunks2if i enter command make i have error 201:49
TheEvilPhoenixtheferret:  did you try an apt-cache search?01:49
dan__usr13, Realtek ALC88301:49
InkuraCan anyone help me setup a NAT from ppp0 to eth0?01:49
theferretTheEvilPhoenix: No, I haven't. I'll have a look at it. Thanks!01:49
bazhangPhr3d13, you somehow uninstalled unity? and classic as well?01:49
InkuraTried ufw, didn't wokr.01:50
edbiannecrodearia: Someone ran a command and then pcB could ping out?  pcB isn't a vm or anything right?01:50
Phr3d13i'm in unity right now and i can't stand it01:50
godtrunks2what shoud i do so i can install some drivers?01:50
bazhangInkura, what did not work01:50
usr13dan__: Turn the master channel down, open another terminal and type cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp  and then trun up master enough so that you can hear the noise.01:50
necrodeariaedbian, nope, not a vm, a laptop01:50
blindwhat controls the bluetooth file pushing and etc when plugging a usb bluetooth adapter in on gnome. it just pops up in the status bar, but what's the program/service behind that?01:50
Inkurabazhang, the NAt.01:50
sqadfafsdgfso ubuntu automatically reformats the hard drive?01:51
bazhangPhr3d13, if you are on 11.04 then classic is an option01:51
edbiannecrodearia: what does sudo iptables -l look like ?01:51
Phr3d13but its not there, and my gdm isn't all ubuntu-ified01:51
bazhangInkura, what about iptables01:51
Phr3d13its blue background with a clock centered at the to01:51
Inkurabazhang too complicated for me.01:51
dan__usr13, happens around 601:51
dan__usr13, i just hear static01:51
TheEvilPhoenixInkura:  its probably the most efficient way to do that kind of NAT forwarding though01:52
BiggFREEIs Virtualbox-guest-additions adapted to 11.04 of Ubuntu ?01:52
zaccagninoasked in #compiz no response01:52
usr13dan__: Ctrl-c to stop it.01:52
bazhangPhr3d13, what did you do to get to this state? no classic as an option, only gnome (2 or 3?)01:52
sm0keanyone familiar with plymouth customization?01:52
dan__usr13, yup01:52
Phr3d13i upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 did some updates after and re-started, which gave me the different gdm01:53
usr13dan__: Ok, well not sure why the Mic is not working. You don't have a port for an external Mic?01:53
InkuraTheEvilPhoenix, I see. Thanks, I guess I'll go check for some guides.01:53
sqadfafsdgfso many people01:53
sqadfafsdgftalking at once01:53
TheEvilPhoenixInkura:  you could just ask bazhang for help x]01:53
usr13dan__: Is your system fully updated?01:53
Phr3d13when i was on 10.10 i installed xfce / xubuntu01:53
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, did you have any actual support questions?01:53
dan__usr13, i have a port, just no mic, I upgraded to 10.04 about 1 month ago01:53
Nobgul-bncsqadfafsdgf, that is why we suggest that when talking with someone you use the name at the front of what you are typing.01:54
bazhangPhr3d13, try installing ubuntu-desktop package , see what that brings in01:54
Inkurabazhang, can you help me setup a NAT?01:54
blindWhen plugging a USB Bluetooth adapter in, a little bluetooth icon shows up in the status bar. what's the name of the program that controls that?01:54
Phr3d13i did that like 5 times now01:55
BiggFREEIs Virtualbox-guest-additions adapted to 11.04 of Ubuntu ?01:55
bazhangBiggFREE, sure01:55
usr13dan__: Well, find an external Mic someplace and test it to see if that is the active Mic port.01:55
Nobgul-bncblind, gnome-bluetooth may be the program01:55
Phr3d13BiggFREE, i think so, i had to download a new one recently01:55
BiggFREEbazhang ... I got errors01:56
dan__usr13, I bet thats it01:56
blindNobgul-bnc: no, i tried that, there's no gnome-bluetooth installed01:56
bazhangBiggFREE, which one, the -ose or the #vbox ones01:56
InkuraI don't have two network cards though, or does the modem (mobile broadband) count as a network card aswell?01:56
Nobgul-bncblind, bluez01:56
dan__usr13, how would i change that?01:56
zaccagninoi just want my animations to work01:56
usr13dan__: I don't know.01:56
=== BlackZ is now known as Guest67368
usr13dan__: May not be able to.01:57
BiggFREEPhr3d13 bazhang .... I don't know; I'll check it  ty :)01:57
bazhangBiggFREE, -ose is from ubuntu repos, the other are from the website01:57
Nobgul-bncblind, if not then just bluetooth. It sahould be /etc/init.d/bluetooth01:57
billy2007using virtualbox when i try to start my virtual macihine i get this error01:57
billy2007Result Code:01:57
billy2007NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)01:57
FloodBot1billy2007: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:57
bazhangbilly2007, vbox from where01:58
BiggFREEbazhang ... I need one from the website    Thanks :)01:58
billy2007software centre01:58
sqadfafsdgfhe gets to use enter why dont i01:58
Nobgul-bncsqadfafsdgf, Do you have a ubuntu related question?01:58
bazhangsqadfafsdgf, did you have an actual  support question? chit chat is NOT here.01:58
Phr3d13bazhang, for some reason my gnome-session package has this:gnome-session GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session" in its description01:58
Phr3d13sqadfafsdgf, !offtopic01:59
Phr3d13!offtopic | sqadfafsdgf01:59
ubottusqadfafsdgf: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:59
bazhangPhr3d13, looks an awful lot like you either installed gnome 3 session from natty, or the gnome3 ppa01:59
billy2007bazhang i installed it from software centre02:00
Phr3d13bazhang, there's a gnome-session and a gnome3-session package, but both say gnome 3 session in the description02:01
Phr3d13how do i get back to gnome2?02:01
chocolatesis there a paint program for ubuntu?02:01
Phr3d13chocolates, try looking through the package manager02:02
Nobgul-bncchocolates, you can use gimp02:02
Phr3d13errrr i mean the software center02:02
chocolatesis it like paint?02:02
Nobgul-bncchocolates, or gimpshop02:02
chocolateshow much does it cost02:02
DangerOnTheRangrchocolates: $002:02
Nobgul-bncchocolates, free its opensource02:03
bazhangchocolates, they are all free, unless you are kidding02:03
billy2007chocolates, you really dont understand ubuntu do you02:03
edbianIt is free02:03
edbianchocolates: It's $0.00 did you get that already?02:03
chocolatesy r u guys attacking me it was a serious question02:03
Nobgul-bncchocolates, Don'02:03
Nobgul-bnct mind them02:04
bazhangPhr3d13, check the synaptic package manager, and see if the gnome 3 session is installed02:04
edbianchocolates: Just friendly joking on my part !  :)02:04
bazhang!ubuntu > chocolates02:04
ubottuchocolates, please see my private message02:04
DangerOnTheRangrAnyone here have any experience with MinGW?02:04
chocolatesthanks for the help!02:04
Phr3d13gnome-session is installed but in its description it says: gnome-session GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session02:05
Nobgul-bncchocolates, Your welcome.02:05
Phr3d13bazhang, gnome-session is installed but in its description it says: gnome-session GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session02:05
zaccagninoanyone here have any experience with compiz02:05
edbianzaccagnino: yes02:05
bazhangPhr3d13, and search for unity-2d as well please02:05
DangerOnTheRangrzaccagnino: I have a little02:05
ActionParsnipchocolates: if you want an mspaint like app then gpaint is pretty close02:05
Phr3d13unity-2d is not installed02:06
zaccagninowell can you explain to me or pvt message me why the paper airplane blur beam etc doesnt work but all other animations do02:06
ActionParsnipchocolates: there's also mtpaint02:06
Yossarian256Question: I am installing Natty mini iso and I need rtl8171 driver to complete net install. How would I go about doing this?02:06
billy2007can anyone help i had virtual box kept on getting error uninstalled now i cant install through terminal please dont answer if you cant help02:06
zaccagninoi asked this in #compiz and noone answered02:06
DangerOnTheRangrAnyone know if MinGW can cross-compile for Windows 7?02:07
Phr3d13zaccagnino, most of them aren't enabled by default, you have to tinker with the options ie: setting the choices to random, etc02:07
zaccagninoyeah i did all that02:08
zaccagninoi got the sphere going atlantis gears etc02:08
ActionParsnipbilly2007: can you pastebin the termminal contents of your efforts, so we can see what is going on02:08
zaccagninoits only the additional addons02:08
chocolatesActionParsnip, is gpaint GNU PAint?02:09
Phr3d13are you sure you have them set correctly? i thought they were broke till i started looking into the config stuff02:09
billy2007ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/KZbiACvq02:09
Yossarian256There is no dpkg from ash in Natty mini.iso so I don't see how I could install any module.02:10
Phr3d13bazhang, unity-2d is not installed02:10
ActionParsnip!info gpaint02:10
ubottugpaint (source: gpaint): GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.3-6 (natty), package size 116 kB, installed size 776 kB02:10
Nobgul-bncbilly2007, are you using 11.04?02:10
zaccagninoyeah theres no other options i can enable i tried shortening time between intense effects i just want my window to become a paper airplane and fly its way home is that too much to ask02:10
billy2007Nobgul-bnc, i dont know the newest release is what im using02:10
sladfraI am in the middle of upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 LTS.  It presented me with a prompt "Replace the customized configuration file /etc/sysctl.conf?" but my USB mouse and keyboard aren't responding!  I've tried another USB mouse and keyboard (on various USB ports), and even dug up an old PS/2 mouse.  Is there a way to reset the mouse without resetting the computer?  I tried modprobe -r usb_storage but that module is in use.  Sug02:10
bazhangPhr3d13, just trying to figure out how you uninstalled classic02:10
Nobgul-bncbilly2007, type in terminal uname -a02:10
ActionParsnipbilly2007: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.002:11
afeijoI had to change my /var from partition to a folder, now I have errors like access denied to files in /var :p how can I fix it?02:11
ActionParsnipbilly2007: you may need to run:  sudo apt-get update    first02:11
edbianafeijo: Are the erros in the log files or from you trying to view them?02:12
sladfrap.s.  I have remote commandline access to the machine02:12
afeijoedbian, 3 errors I see while loading ubuntu (after a reboot)02:12
afeijoedbian, mysql cant run (it has a socket file in /var)02:12
zaccagninodamn wright brothers can get a pile of wood flying and i cnat get a virtual plane to fly probably 5 inches and crash02:12
ActionParsnipsladfra: sounds like you added to the file, not sure about the keyboard / mouse stopping. If you unplug then plug them back in is it better?02:12
afeijo /var has all ownership to root:root02:13
bazhangActionParsnip, where is vbox-4.0 package from02:13
edbianafeijo: Well obviously mySQL needs to access some file in there.  I'm not sure what the permissions should be.02:13
sladfraActionParsnip: I tried unplugging but that didn't work.  I honestly don't care about my changes to the configuration file, I just want the upgrade to continue without restarting the computer in the middle (which I assume might brick it).02:14
billy2007ActionParsnip, after update i try install and get http://pastebin.com/ju7BV32U02:14
afeijoedbian, it appears that the permissions are OK, I used cp -ru before I did the change02:14
pythonirc101What is a good compressed file system to use on ubuntu? (Like NTFS Compressed on windows).02:14
edbianafeijo: Then I'm not sure.  permission denied is a permissions error02:14
edbianI'm quit sure02:14
bazhangActionParsnip, did you instead mean -ose  ; in lieu of -4.002:14
edbianpythonirc101: .tar.gz ?02:14
pythonirc101And please dont tell me fusecompress...I have problems with fuse...02:15
billy2007yes he did thanks bazhang02:15
pythonirc101edbian: I need it online...the file is dynamic02:15
omeletehow to play mss2 files on linux?02:15
billy2007bazhang when i type that it says its set to manual install?02:15
bazhangomelete, got a link?02:16
anuinshow to replace \ in sed command, the slash is escape..=/ i need replace to empty02:16
sladfrap.p.s.  I unplugged the mouse while the upgrade was going on (I share it with another computer).  Perhaps one of its modules was removed since it wasn't actively in use?02:16
sladfraIs there any way to remotely attach to the X session currently running on the console?02:16
DangerOnTheRangrpythonirc101: Something like NFS?02:16
omeletebazhang,  no02:17
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Tochtlihello all02:17
Tochtliany one on here02:17
DangerOnTheRangrWell... :)02:17
omeletewmv file, but i need this mss2 to play02:17
anuinshow to replace \ in sed command, the slash is escape..=/ i need  replace to empty02:17
anuinshelp me pls02:17
sladfraanuins, it's been awhile since I did sed.  does s/\\/abc/ do it? (where abc is whatever you want to replace it with)02:18
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1229073 omelete there you are.02:18
KlickitYlackbazhang: can i use recordmydesktop to record a video of my computer if im on linux, and then use devede to convert the ogg file to AVI?02:19
sladfraAccording to this, maybe 3 backslashes would work: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2369314/why-does-sed-require-3-backslashes-for-a-regular-backslash02:20
billy2007 how do i execute modprode vboxdrv as root?02:20
Nobgul-bncuse sudo02:20
Nobgul-bncsudo command02:20
DangerOnTheRangrbilly2007: sudo modprobe vboxdrv02:20
zaccagninoI knew it was something stupid02:20
afeijocan anyone check for this file permission in your ubuntu? /var/lib/gdm/.ICEauthority, is it -rw------ ?02:21
KlickitYlackzaccagnino : can i use recordmydesktop to record a video of my computer if im on linux, and then use devede to convert the ogg file to AVI?02:21
somsipafeijo: -rw------- gdm:gdm02:21
afeijomine has it to root:root02:22
afeijoomg, what have I done02:22
* afeijo is stupid02:22
somsipafeijo: all gdm:gdm in mine, except .local which is root:root02:22
DangerOnTheRangrKlickitYLa: You should be able to, but I'm not sure02:22
KlickitYlackkk ty dnger02:22
KlickitYlackdangerontherangr : if i install ubuntu and then want to install windows, will windows reformat the hard drive right over ubuntu?02:23
KlickitYlacki do NOT want any dual booting to occur02:23
bazhangKlickitYlack, ask in ##windows02:23
afeijosomsip, thanks, I changed it but I might have to review my whole /var folders, I will open an virtualbox I have02:23
Phr3d13you want two OSes but you only want to boot one of them?02:23
Scuniziwhere am I going to find .bash_aliases?02:24
somsipafeijo: np02:24
anuinssladfra: dont work sed s/\\//g teste.txt > teste2.txt02:24
tertl3afeijo, what is command to check permissions?02:24
DangerOnTheRangrKlickitYlack: You can tell the Windows installer to do so, but I'm not sure if it does so by default (it probably does)02:25
DangerOnTheRangrtertl3: I use ls -l, but there are probably alternatives02:26
RenaKunisakiwtf apport02:26
sladfraanuins: What about using "sed -e"...02:26
RenaKunisaki"Your computer does not have enough free memory to automatically analyze the problem and send a report to the developers."02:26
RenaKunisaki...5GB of swap won't suffice? and you can't wait and let me free some?02:26
bazhangRenaKunisaki, this is 11.04?02:26
sladfraAlso, are you putting your sed command in single quotes?  Otherwise your shell might do something with it02:27
RenaKunisakiit's worked before but I guess it insists on having physical RAM free?02:27
tertl3DangerOnTheRangr, thnks02:27
somsipScunizi: cd; ls -la .bash_aliases; pwd02:27
bazhangRenaKunisaki, fully updated 11.04? I recall some apport bug before final02:27
DangerOnTheRangrtertl3: np02:28
RenaKunisakiI mean I can easily free up a ridiculous amount by closing firefox >.> but it seems like a design flaw if I can't do that after the crash02:28
ohzieHey guys.02:28
RenaKunisakifully updated yes02:28
sladfraanuins: Try:  sed -e 's/\\//g' teste.txt > teste2.txt02:28
bazhangRenaKunisaki, then the apport bug is still there02:28
Scunizisomsip, looked in ~ with ls -ls and found it there.. but what's weird is with nautilus I can't find it even with the hidden files exposed.02:28
RenaKunisakibazhang, the "not enough memory" thing is a known bug?02:28
Scunizisomsip, sorry.. found it with ls -la02:29
somsipScunizi: k02:29
RenaKunisakibazhang, I was commenting more that if I don't have enough free memory it should be able to try again after I've freed some rather than throwing out the info02:29
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Scunizisomsip, why can't nautilus see it ???02:29
=== kast is now known as Dreamkast
bazhangRenaKunisaki, apport being flaky? apparently. or just crashing and not giving the option to report a bug. kind of a catch-2202:29
somsipScunizi: dunno - not something I've ever had to look into02:29
RenaKunisakiwell it's saying not enough free memory when I have maybe 100M of RAM free plus a 4GB swap file which is almost empty02:30
anuinssladfra: work fine... thanks02:30
Scunizisomsip, nevermind.. I was looking at the hidden folders for it and not a text file.. DOH!02:30
saliakHaving a heck of a time getting an init.d script to work.  The daemon starts when I call it manually, however, it doesn't start a boot time.  default start is RL 2, 3, 4 and 5.  http://pastebin.com/8GQ45iph02:30
=== Dreamkast is now known as com64
billy2007how can i check that vbox is COMPLETLY removed from my laptop02:30
bazhangbilly2007, from synaptic package manager02:30
LancelotQuestion: I got rid of the main unity package, and I want to remove all the remaining unity packages, like the firefox global menu package, etc. Does Gnome 2 mode depend on any of these packages, and can I remove them without anything going loopy?02:31
crusIs python 2.6 supposed to be installed on Ubuntu 11.04? Or is it leftover from the upgrade process?02:31
DangerOnTheRangrbilly2007: A quicker way is with dpkg -l02:31
billy2007bazhang i have 3 files when i type vbox delete them all02:31
bazhangVersion 2.7.1-0ubuntu5 (natty) crus02:32
crusbazhang: okay, it seems i have python2.6 on my system still.. how can i purge all old packages from my system?02:32
xanguaLancelot: are you aware that the 'classic' desktop won't be incuided in future releases and uninstalling unity may be a bad idea¿02:33
colby_i need help installing pinta 1.0 from tarball. can someone step me through it? i'm new to linux02:33
ohzieI disabled IPV6 and wlan1 is still trying to probe for ipv6 routers and then dying. Not sure what I did wrong.02:33
Phr3d13well, i'll be off soon to re-install ubuntu...02:33
KlickitYlackif i delete all my partions that i have then run the ubuntu installer will i be fine?02:33
crusKlickitYlack: sure, so long as you have backed up the data you need from those partitions02:33
xanguacolby_: already installed build-essentials ¿¿ just follow the readme instructions02:33
KlickitYlackyes crus i have sir02:34
Lancelotxangua: I don't plan on sticking around for future releases02:34
KlickitYlacki will go do that now crus ty02:34
bazhangcolby_, sudo apt-get install pinta02:34
bazhangcolby_, thats from the repos02:34
colby_i have pinta .6, i'm trying to install pinta 1.0 and the instructions are not very clear to me.02:34
Phr3d13how about 'sudo apt-get my-natty-to-work'02:34
billy2007do i install all vbox programs from synaptic manager?02:35
bazhangcolby_, why do you need the latest version02:35
colby_because there are save file issues that are fixed.02:35
KlickitYlackcrus : how can i make sure my wifi will work in ubuntu?02:35
bazhang!compile | colby_02:35
ubottucolby_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:35
ActionParsnip!hcl | KlickitYlack02:35
ubottuKlickitYlack: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:35
crusKlickitYlack: boot the live CD and test it02:35
bazhangKlickitYlack, tell us the chipset, thats how02:35
KlickitYlackok bazhang im on it sir02:35
KlickitYlackum i have an asus laptop and nothing is there02:36
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
bazhangKlickitYlack, lspci to paste.ubuntu.com02:36
KlickitYlacki have a mobile intel 45 express chipset02:36
pythonirc101DangerOnTheRangr: Does NFS allow compression?02:37
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv402:37
DangerOnTheRangrpythonirc101: AFAIK, not by itself, but you could always write some shell scripts that do the job02:37
KlickitYlackbazhang : i have an intel 45 express chpiset series02:37
cyphasehow can i create a log of all files opened on my computer, specifically in a certain directory?02:37
pythonirc101DangerOnTheRangr: I'm looking for a local file system, like NTFS, that compresses its contents automatically02:38
pythonirc101fusecompress does exactly that , but is not reliable.02:38
bigeyeHello, I have a question. Can I bind C-a, C-e, C-b, C-f to move cursor like emacs-style? It is default in mac but ubuntu.02:38
afeijoyay! mysql is back02:38
pythonirc101how hard is it to setup ZFS on ubuntu?02:38
KlickitYlackbazhang : will my wifi work on ubuntu02:38
pythonirc101with compression that is02:38
Yossarian256how do you go back to the Ubuntu installer after installing modules in ash?02:39
Nobgul-bnccyphase, GNOME Activity Journal02:39
bazhangKlickitYlack, thats the gpu not the wifi02:39
KlickitYlacki have an atheros wifi adapter bazhang02:39
cyphaseNobgul-bnc, more detailed than that. not just files opened by programs that will report it to GAJ02:39
bazhangKlickitYlack, which version of atheros02:39
DangerOnTheRangrpythonirc101: Are you fine with using FUSE? If so, see https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/fuse/index.php?title=CompressedFileSystems02:39
billy2007how do i completly remove vbox ive tryd 3 times now but it still finds virtual machines ive deleted and says there unaccesable02:39
KlickitYlackAR9285 bazhang02:39
pythonirc101DangerOnTheRangr: I tried fuse, its unreliable.02:40
Nobgul-bnccyphase, sorry thats all i got for ya02:40
DangerOnTheRangrpythonirc101: Then I'd go with ZFS, though I'm not sure if that even is available in Linux02:40
cyphaseNobgul-bnc, thanks anyway :). lsof might be able to do what i want anyway02:41
DangerOnTheRangrs/that even/that is even/02:41
bazhangKlickitYlack, yes its supported02:41
Nobgul-bncDangerOnTheRangr, there is a opensource zfs thing for linux02:41
DangerOnTheRangrNobgul-bnc: Really? Cool!02:42
KlickitYlackid be so sad if it wasnt bazhang02:42
Nobgul-bncYea i havent tried it but i saw it the other day02:42
bazhang!info zfs-fuse02:42
ubottuzfs-fuse (source: zfs-fuse): ZFS on FUSE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.9-1 (natty), package size 1377 kB, installed size 3728 kB02:42
pythonirc101has anyone here used zfs on ubuntu?02:42
pythonirc101I've heard bad things about fuse on ubuntu...i hear the latest version is not stable...02:43
KlickitYlackill run it live to make sure bazhang02:43
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS pythonirc10102:43
billy2007can someone check this out and help me im ripping my hair out here http://pastebin.com/v5nidTRK02:43
pythonirc101bazhang: I saw that earlier02:43
pythonirc101i do hope someone has already done this heere02:44
bazhangpythonirc101, then you saw there is a native PPA for ubuntu02:44
pythonirc101bazhang: This is what the zfs-fuse link points to : http://zfs-fuse.net/ (not ubuntu)02:44
Phr3d13backing up my home directory in preparation for re-install of 11.0402:45
KlickitYlackis ubuntu better than windows?02:45
billy2007can someone check this out and help me im ripping my hair out here http://pastebin.com/v5nidTRK02:45
pythonirc101bazhang: how do you change the fs to zfs for a partition after installing zfs-ubuntu?02:45
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/~dajhorn/+archive/zfs/   pythonirc101 no, to this02:45
bazhang!ot | KlickitYlack02:45
ubottuKlickitYlack: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:45
bazhangKlickitYlack, this is ubuntu support only, please take such questions as "is ubuntu better than windows?" to the chat channel02:46
usr13Phr3d13: What do you have installed now?02:46
pythonirc101bazhang: I dont see how to move a partition from ext4 to zfs using this PPA, any ideas ?02:46
Yossarian256After doing udpkg on the appropriate packages I need for my network driver, how do I install the modules from ash?02:46
bazhangpythonirc101, no idea sorry02:46
Phr3d13my gdm is borked: i don't have the option for gnome classic anymore02:47
usr13Phr3d13: What is wrong?  Why are you wanting to re-install?02:47
billy2007vbox unistall problem please help http://pastebin.com/v5nidTRK02:47
Phr3d13and my gdm is all blue02:47
Phr3d13and i really can't stand unity02:47
usr13Phr3d13: It is blue?  As in the color blue?02:47
klickityclackK4K ; are you at work right now?02:47
usr13Phr3d13: Have you tried ubuntu-classic?02:47
TrfsrfrIf I were to purchase a new motherboard for my main pc at home, to be bought exclusively for running ubuntu, what kind of setup would y'all  recommend as far as mfgr's and compatibility?02:48
Phr3d13i don't have that option any more02:48
bazhangklickityclack, why does that matter. stay on topic here02:48
K4kklickityclack: What do you mean?02:48
Phr3d13it disappeared during an update02:48
usr13Phr3d13: Why not?02:48
billy2007vbox unistall problem please help http://pastebin.com/v5nidTRK02:48
superawesomenesshello ubuntu world02:48
Phr3d13i just want my default gdm back, and it seems no one can help me02:48
bazhangPhr3d13, curious as to how you managed to remove unity as an option02:49
bazhangerr I mean classic02:49
Phr3d13i have no idea02:49
billy2007Phr3d13, so you want default gnome in the newest release02:49
superawesomenessPhr3d13: maybe apt-get install unity ?02:49
Phr3d13its already installed02:49
Phr3d13my gdm is blue with a clock centered at the top instead of the ubuntu themed gdm02:50
K4kThis may be slightly OT, has anyone here used Symphony-cms. I was just put in charge of a server. They forgot the mysql db password, had to reset that and now I need to set Symphony to match the new password.02:50
usr13Phr3d13: You could set it back to default.  How about that?02:50
superawesomenesslook into /etc/xdm or gdm-themes02:51
usr13rm -rf ~/.gnome02:51
billy2007Phr3d13, try sudo apt-get purge unity*  compiz*02:51
billy2007Phr3d13, then sudo apt-get install unity02:51
Phr3d13usr13, and that will get me my ubuntu themed gdm?02:51
Phr3d13unity works though02:51
Phr3d13i just don't like it and want to pick gnome-classic02:52
bazhangPhr3d13, screenshot please02:52
Phr3d13but gnome-classic isn't an option02:52
Phr3d13how do i take a screenshot of the gdm screen?02:52
yagooPhr3d13, i don't think that's possible..02:52
billy2007Phr3d13, try sudo apt-get purge unity*  compiz*02:52
billy2007Phr3d13, then sudo apt-get install unity02:53
bazhangPhr3d13, not of gdm, of the currently running system02:53
afeijowhat is the name of the unity feature to fast reposition the window using ctrl+alt+numpad-arrows ? Mine aint working02:53
billy2007vbox unistall problem please help http://pastebin.com/v5nidTRK02:53
TrfsrfrIf I were to purchase a new motherboard for my main pc at home, to be bought exclusively for running ubuntu, what kind of setup would y'all  recommend as far as mfgr's and compatibility?02:53
Phr3d13bazhang,  what do you mean?02:54
billy2007Phr3d13, a screen shot of your desktop02:54
bazhangPhr3d13, you are in ubuntu now, correct?02:54
bazhangPhr3d13,  a screenshot of that02:54
usr13Phr3d13: sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop-enviornment02:54
Phr3d13my actual desktop doesn't show up02:55
bazhangPhr3d13, you said you were in ubuntu now02:55
Phr3d13whenever the desktop is supposed to be there all i see is what used to be full screen02:55
Phr3d13i am02:55
billy2007im starting to get really annoyed now ive been here all night dosnt anyone know how to completly remove vbox02:55
DangerOnTheRangrbilly2007: sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-ose maybe?02:56
bazhangbilly2007, repeating quickly will not get a quick answer02:56
usr13Phr3d13: Is your screensize resolution correct for the monitor?02:56
Phr3d13usr13, http://i55.tinypic.com/i23kub.jpg02:57
Phr3d13i think so02:57
usr13Phr3d13: Looks like you have lots of windows open.02:58
Phr3d13but i don't02:59
usr13What is all that on the left?02:59
Yossarian256How do you install kernel modules under ash?02:59
usr13Phr3d13: Again, you can set it back to defaults.03:00
usr13Phr3d13:  Try setting it back to default.03:00
iheartubuntuQUESTION: Does anyone know how to get images working in Liferea RSS feed reader? Thanks!03:00
usr13Phr3d13: Close all the windows first.03:01
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NewToUbuntuIs there a way to load the gnome interface using the live cd?03:07
billy2007anyone know how to remove a program completly yet im going back to windows soon this is stupid the simpleist of tasks become a chore with linux03:07
NewToUbuntubilly2007: use the software center03:08
bazhangNewToUbuntu, that happens default when you boot the live cd03:08
NewToUbuntubazhang: I have the unity interface on the live cd and I want to try it without the live cd03:08
bazhangNewToUbuntu, the classic option?03:09
NewToUbuntuI tried switching users and re logging in and selecting the classic option but it still show unity03:10
i2iotI don't guess anyone really uses Ubuntu for gaming03:11
i2iotDo we have any cool ones?03:11
iheartubuntuwhat type of games do you like to play?03:12
i2iotStarcraft is cool03:12
Daraeli2iot: I reasonably regularly game on Ubuntu.  It does depend what you want to play, but between the native games and the fact that only one of the Windows games I like to play doesn't work in Wine, I'm covered :)03:13
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CeleronWow, every one of my aliases are registered.03:13
saliakthe script /etc/rc.local gets run at the end of boot up, right?03:13
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i2iotCool, I've been getting acquainted with wine03:14
iheartubuntuhave you tried bos wars? http://www.boswars.org/03:14
iheartubuntubos wars is in the ubuntu software center03:14
i2iotI'll check that out now, thanks!03:15
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iheartubuntutheres a bunch of great games. just do internet search on top ubuntu games03:15
iheartubuntugood thread here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42720503:16
Daraeli2iot: You're in luck.  Starcraft has a gold rating in the Wine AppDB, as does Starcraft II - if you want to run those, they should be fine too.  The AppDB is well worth checking up on.  For RTS, Warzone 2100 seems pretty popular.03:16
iheartubuntui personally like to play Regnum Online, its like World of warcraft, but free03:17
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iheartubuntutry PlayDeb... http://www.playdeb.net/03:18
DaraelRegnum, I should point out, is RvR/PvE rather than PvP/PvE as I understand WoW to be.03:19
DaraelThat is to say, realm-versus-realm focused.03:19
iheartubuntuyou have to install their DEB file to be able to click their "install now" buttons on their website to install each particular game03:19
iheartubuntuyes it is realm vs realm.03:19
GSF1200Sis there a way to force a terminal to open an app on a particular screen in terms of how you open the terminal? Im using tilda on my second screen (opened using DISPLAY=:0.1 tilda &), and whenever I execute a command for an application, it opens on my first screen. I know I could use the DISPLAY variable every time, but is there an export variable I can use when opening the app?03:20
alazyworkaholicI want to encode a large set of files to a new format. I hoped this would work, but instead of treating the * as a wildcard and doing them all while keeping the name the same, it thinks * is part of the filename. Is there a way I can batch this?03:20
alazyworkaholicffmpeg -i *.avi -s 220x166 -vcodec mpeg2video -b 200k -ab 192k -ac 2 -ar 44100 -acodec libmp3lame -threads 4 *.mpg03:20
taar779Hello, for some reason when my computer suspends or hibernates it doesn't turn back on. Can anyone explain this or help me fix it? thanks!03:20
bazhangalazyworkaholic, I'd use handbrake for that, and put the rest in the queue03:20
ohzieHey, I was looking at this bug(https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/548992) and I was going to try disabling wireless-n, but I don't have an /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf and was wondering what newer versions of ubuntu replaced this with. I believe i'm using 10.0403:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 548992 in Debian "Wireless connection frequently drops [deauthenticating by local choice (reason=3)]" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:21
iheartubuntusome more top games... http://www.fossapps.com/best-games-for-ubuntu-11-04/03:21
billy2007can someone PLEEEEASE HELP with virtual box it wont fucking uninstall!!!!03:22
Daraelalazyworkaholic: "for file in $(ls); do ffmpeg -i $file.avi -s 220x166 -vcodec mpeg2video -b 200k -ab 192k -ac 2 -ar 44100 -acodec libmp3lame -threads 4 $file.mpg; done" perhaps? (no quotes, obviously)03:22
bazhangbilly2007, stop the cursing03:22
Darael!ohmy | billy200703:22
ubottubilly2007: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.03:22
ohziebilly2007: you've gotta watch your language or someone's going to get mad! I will try to help you, though. =)03:22
ohziebilly2007: how are you attempting to uninstall it?03:22
billy2007ohzie ive tried every way imaginable03:23
somsipbilly2007: and in what way does it still appear to be installed?03:23
billy2007through software centere deleting the files directly through terminal using all sorts of commands03:23
ohziebilly2007: Have you done "sudo aptitude purge VirtualBox" ?03:23
Daraelalazyworkaholic: Modify $(ls) to replace "ls" with a command that'll get a list of the files that you want.  Perhaps "ls *.avi", and change "$file.avi" to "$file".03:23
ohziebilly2007: deleting packages is likely to make something in your system start crying. :[03:24
alazyworkaholicDareal & bazhang, thanks!03:24
Daraelalazyworkaholic: Note that you'll end up with a heap of *.avi.mpg files, but that's a start.03:24
i2iothow do i kill using the terminal03:24
i2iotjust "kill"?03:24
Daraelalazyworkaholic: Once you've got that, you can use a batch-renamer, as I'm sure you're aware.03:24
ohziei2iot: kill psid03:24
bazhangDarael, he quit03:24
somsipi2iot: ps -e, then kill the process id03:24
ohziei2iot: or you can 'killall nameofprocess'03:24
ohziei2iot: but kill is much more reliable03:25
billy2007ohzie you mean like not finding the command aptitude :S03:25
Daraelbazhang: So he did.  Never mind.03:25
ohziebilly2007: apt-get install aptitude03:25
i2iotwhich one lets me click the windows i want to kill03:25
bazhangbilly2007, you'd need to install aptitude03:25
somsipi2iot: xkill03:25
Daraelbilly2007, ohzie: apt-get purge works just as well.03:25
bazhangi2iot, you need xkill for that03:25
bazhangalt f2 xkill i2iot03:26
i2iotthats the one03:26
iszakHow do I find out what hard drive grub is installed on?03:26
pythonirc101I just installed quantlib-examples -- when i try to run examples/test/QuantlibTestSuite.py -- I get an error  -- ImportError: No module named termstructures -- does anyone know where this file is?03:26
Daraeliszak: Would it be terribly unhelpful to suggest disconnecting them in turn until the machine won't boot?  I suppose it would.  Sorry.03:26
iszakDarael, I could certainly do that, but it's be terribly time consuming more so than simply executing a command perhaps that could find out for me.03:27
billy2007ohzie, its doing somthing different to last time03:27
usr13billy2007: apt-get purge virtualbox*03:28
ohziebilly2007: When getting tech support, it's important to tell people what it's doing, rather than tell them that it's doing something.03:28
somsipbilly2007: in what way does it still appear to be installed?03:28
ohziebilly2007: Not trying to give you crap, just trying to be helpful!03:28
Tbruff13hey can someone help me please03:29
Daraelpythonirc101: The best I've got is to use "apt-file search", if it's not already installed, for which you'll first need to install the apt-file package.  This assumes that termstructures is a pymodule that can be found in some Ubuntu package, which it may not be...03:29
Darael!ask | Tbruff1303:29
ubottuTbruff13: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:29
usr13Tbruff13: No, we have reached our quota for supporte issues.  Try again tomorrow.03:29
pythonirc101Darael: Its a packaging error...the file termstructures is in quantlib-examples but is ".gz" -- unzipping it makes it work03:29
usr13Tbruff13: Just teasing....03:29
Tbruff13Darael, how can i get ipod touch support in xubuntu 11.0403:30
billy2007i stil have the vms they havnt gone but i think its acctually uninstalled now if i delete the vms and reboot do you think that might work03:30
billy2007Tbruff13, you cant really i had same problem with iphone03:30
DaraelTbruff13: AIUI, the ipod touch is supported by most programs in the more recent releases: GTKpod and Banshee certainly are both supposed to be able to deal with it.03:31
bazhangTbruff13, do you have banshee? that works fine here03:31
Tbruff13billy2007, what have you come up with03:31
gusgI have a Wubi install. According to GParted, my /host partition has 41GBs left, though Ubuntu reports I have ~100MBs left. Can I resize the root.disk?03:31
Daraelpythonirc101: Good to know.  Report a bug, please - that way it might get fixed.03:31
bazhanggusg, resize the wubi? sure, instructions at the wubi guide03:32
bazhang!wubi | gusg03:32
ubottugusg: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe03:32
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billy2007Tbruff13, i found that you can install itunes in virtualbox and run your ipod through that03:32
Tbruff13billy2007, not an option jailbroken ipod03:33
billy2007ohzie, is there any command to check for files relating to vbox03:33
DaraelTbruff13: Have you tried GTKpod or Banshee?  Both of them at least /claim/ support, and gusg just supported Banshee.03:33
upgrdmani just changed my router and now ssh is warning about different fingerprints. is that normal?03:33
billy2007Tbruff13, so's mine :) just make sure you dont update or restore03:33
billy2007Tbruff13, ssh is another option if your jailbroken03:34
Daraelupgrdman: Pretty much, yes.  IP changes, for example, will change the fingerprint.03:34
bazhang!cn | puppy_03:34
ubottupuppy_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk03:34
upgrdmanDarael, thanks03:34
toful!cn I puppy03:35
ubottutoful: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:35
toful!cn | puppy03:35
ubottupuppy: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk03:35
rwwtoful: bazhang's way ahead of you :P03:36
CeleronCEGuys, what does the setcap command do?03:37
bazhangCeleronCE, to accomplish what exactly03:38
CeleronCEIdk, someone told me to do it after I installed Wine.03:39
rwwCeleronCE: it sets POSIX capabilities03:39
bazhangCeleronCE, ask in #winehq03:39
tomoyuki28jpCron is not working somehow. When I run `cron status`, it shows "cron: can't lock /var/run/crond.pid, otherpid may be 437: Resource temporarily unavailable". I tried to rm /var/run/crond.pid and start the cron again, but same result. Any idea how I can make my cron work?03:39
cryptodirahi folks,  what aspect of VLC or totem movie player stays alive (in memory?) after you close it?   something hangs such that when i return to VLC or totem after a period of time and start a session... the video will NOT play.... only audio works..... a complete reboot is required to set things right again.... i would like to know what aspect is hanging so that i can kill it and avoid a reboot.....  current 10.10 amd/6403:40
NewToUbuntuHow can I disable unity and load the classic gnome interface after logging in03:41
sideonehey all.. i am running backtrack 5, can the os be upgraded?03:41
bazhangsideone, ask in the backtrack channel03:41
SubSolarQuestion, I was looking at an Ubuntu 9 machine yesterday that was being use as a file server for Windows clients.  But it looked like a stock/default smb.conf.  Can it be using a different config file located somewhere else?03:41
bazhang#backtrack-linux sideone03:41
sideoneok thanks bazhang03:41
klickityclackcan i install ubuntu over my current windows just by running the installer?03:42
bazhangklickityclack, yes, same answer as before03:42
usr13klickityclack: Yes, if you boot to it first.03:42
klickityclackso no deleting partitions?03:43
klickityclackcuz my partition software wont work03:43
bazhangklickityclack, sure it does03:43
klickityclackwell it prbly does but my vms dont have a usb option03:43
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
usr13klickityclack: What do you mean the partition software won't work?03:43
klickityclackso i can always just run the installer over03:43
klickityclackcan i delete all my partitions03:44
klickityclackthen install ubuntu03:44
usr13klickityclack: Yes03:44
bazhangklickityclack, the vm's? that is something different.03:44
klickityclackkk im gonna go install ubuntu03:44
cryptodirabazhang,  any idea why both vlc and totem will no longer play video after being closed for awhile....?03:46
cryptodirabazhang, they both will play audio... just not video03:46
bazhangcryptodira, check top. never used totem, mplayer never does that03:46
bazhangcryptodira, try disabling compiz then03:46
bazhangcryptodira, or try with mplayer03:47
uuser123how to clean apt cache03:47
cryptodirabazhang. checking top does not reveal the culprit....(at least not that i understand).... matters not if compiz is running.03:47
sideonei have a dell netbook that appears to have an atheros ar9285 chipset. the wireless throughput is quite slow. anyhow have a howto on increasing wireless speed?03:48
ftjlaIm trying to find help with guvcview? I have quite a bit of sound latency in my recordings?03:48
bazhangsideone, in backtrack?03:48
trevorjsideone: define slow03:49
sideonebazhang, yes.03:49
trevorjsideone: Are you sure it's not a noise problem?03:49
bazhangsideone, then ask in the backtrack channel as its not supported here03:50
bazhanguuser123, the man page for apt-get reveals that03:50
sideonetrevorj,  i have a dual boot system, where win7 gets 10x faster bandwidth than linux03:50
sideoneok baz03:50
sideonewas just asking a general lin* question03:50
bazhangsideone, this is not the general linux channel , though; its for ubuntu support only03:51
uuser123yes i run autoclean but when i want to download some packing with sudo apt-get  inststall abc-xyz-* it look for .rar file03:53
uuser123i was try to download .rar file with wget with abc-xyz.rar03:53
bazhanguuser123, trying to install a rar with wget in conjunction with apt-get?03:54
bazhanguuser123, whats the exact package name03:55
billy2007hi i need help with vbox i found this forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1198060 it shows my problem and a solution but when i type sudo  /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup it says command not found?03:55
Daraeluuser123: apt-get autoclean won't fully clean your package cache.  "apt-get clean" will.03:55
bazhangbilly2007, did you not just remove all vbox packages?03:56
uuser123sudo apt-get install owasp-wte-*03:56
billy2007bazhang, for this reason lol03:56
uuser123i have add deb for same in /etc/apt/source03:56
billy2007 bazhang i thought re-installation would work but it seems i have the wrong kernel package03:57
bazhanguuser123, whats the exact package, without the wildcard03:57
uuser123yes i try clean also03:57
uuser123it say package is installed03:57
ubuntu24234Ok I read the guide on how to isntall windows and ubuntu side by side ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot ) and I need help I'm at a part and it says it is going to remove windows, how do I get it so both are installed03:57
bazhanguuser123, and how exactly did you add the repo to the sources.list03:57
uuser123but i lost the application group for owasp03:58
uuser123and it was there ,that's why i want to reinstall all group03:58
bazhanguuser123, there is no package owasp03:58
saliakI have a program in my /etc/rc.local script that is located in /usr/sbin, but in my boot.log i see the error that it's not found.  i've tried putting the full path to the file as well with no luck. anyone know what's going on?03:58
ubuntu24234Anyone know what to do? I read the guide on how to install windows and ubuntu side by side ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot ) and I need help I'm at a part and it says it is going to remove windows, how do I get it so both are installed03:59
uuser123deb http://appseclive.org/apt/stable03:59
uuser123i have added this04:00
bazhanguuser123, please answer my question: how did you add it. exact method please04:00
uuser123i think i missunderstood u04:00
zelozelosubuntu24234 is windows already installed?04:01
uuser123bazhang: r u asking how did i add owasp to my source list ?04:01
ubuntu24234zelozelos: yes04:02
bazhang<uuser123> i have added this    <---- added how04:02
uuser123with vo04:02
zelozelosubuntu24234, which ubuntu are you installing?04:02
waz1whats the best text based game for ubuntu04:02
ubuntu24234zelozelos: 11.0404:02
BaramiHi. i forgot the channel about gnome3.04:02
BaramiPlease teach chanel name.;04:02
bazhangBarami, what version of ubuntu04:02
BaramiI using gnome3 on 11.04.04:03
billy2007hi i need help with vbox i found this forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1198060 it shows my problem and a solution but when i type sudo  /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup it says command not found?04:03
zelozelosubuntu24234, ok, durring install youll get to a partition optons menu, you want to set it to manual,04:03
bazhangBarami, then there is not one04:03
bazhang!gnome3 | Barami04:03
ubottuBarami: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.04:03
zelozelosubuntu24234, if you do it right it wont mess with windows at all, did you defrag windows 1st?04:03
ubuntu24234zelozelos: is that after a screen that gives the options replace windows and something else?04:03
uuser123bazhang: i have added that line with vi ,added in last04:03
Roasted_Which multimedia applications besides Rhythmbox and Banshee allow you to synchronize a playlist to your media device?04:03
ubuntu24234zelozelos: no i didn't04:03
BaramiI know. But i have a problem about input method with gtk3.04:04
zelozelosubuntu24234, is it a new or almost new win install?04:04
Baramii can't find answer on the web.04:04
bazhangBarami, its offtopic here. so please dont ask any further.04:04
ubuntu24234zelozelos: 6 months04:04
zelozelosubuntu24234, ok you need 2 defrag 1st unless its 7 which does it automatically, vista will if you had it set to do it04:04
ubuntu24234zelozelos: it is windows seven04:05
zelozelosubuntu24234, this is because you will be squishing your win partition and making room for linux and swap04:05
uuser123bazhang: last time when i download this group of package it went through04:05
ubuntu24234zelozelos: so do I have to defrag if the install is windows seven04:05
maestrohi, I'm having an issue upgrading to 11.04, I get this error at the end of the download bit:  Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kde4libs/libkhtml5_4.6.2-0ubuntu4_i386.deb Size mismatch04:06
zelozelosubuntu24234, personally i always start with defrag 1st when messing around with a windows partition04:06
uuser123but when i try to download .rar file after that i am facing this problem04:06
ubuntu24234zelozelos: ok will do then04:06
ubuntu24234zelozelos: thanks :-)04:06
zelozelosubuntu24234, ok so after that when you get to the partition manager part of the install you have 2 click install side by side, then scroll the amount of disk space you want to allocate04:06
zelozelosgood luck04:07
Baramii know, but i had been found channel that can have discussion about gnome on this server.( #ubuntu-next? #ubuntu-gen? )  but i forgot the correct channel name.;04:07
bazhangBarami, there is none..04:07
bazhangBarami, as I said 11.04 does not support gnome304:07
uuser123when ever i try to download any package with sudo apt-get install owasp-* or even sudo apt-get install owa* it give me error with could not find package owasp-wte-s2-.rar04:09
MrCleanWithHairuuser123: why are you using  a *04:09
nagchampaI've run into a problem where I have a fakeraid (raid 0, intel, required for dual booting) partitioned using gpt and dmraid doesn't automatically intialise the partitions04:09
uuser123becase there is a lot of package04:09
nagchampai can use kpartx to initialise the partitions after startup, but i'm wondering what the best way to have this occur automatically at startup04:10
nagchampai'm thinking creating a boot script to run before local partitions are mounted, so i can add the partitions on the raid to fstab04:11
nagchampajust wondering if anyone has a better option04:11
keldinany way to get a linux/unix version of wordperfect?04:12
bazhang!equivalents | keldin04:13
ubottukeldin: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot04:13
billy2007why wont the terminal find sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup04:14
DaMicCan anyone help with systemd and getting vgetty to work under it?04:14
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gridbagWhy does chrome pop up the scary "Type in your password to unlock your keyring" window when visiting nationaljournal.com ?04:15
Roasted_Which multimedia applications besides Rhythmbox and Banshee allow you to synchronize a playlist to your media device?04:15
gridbagwhat part of any website can trigger that in the browser?04:15
chocolateshow do i get a printer to work on ubuntu?04:15
bazhanglinuxprinting.org database chocolates check there04:16
billy2007why wont the terminal find sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup04:16
e_t_Roasted_: Amarok and Songbird, possibly Exaile.04:16
billy2007and what command can i use to make myself a vbox user04:16
Roasted_e_t_, thought songbird died?04:17
billy2007hi i need help with vbox i found this forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1198060 it shows my problem and a solution but when i type sudo  /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup it says command not found?04:17
bazhangRoasted_, it did04:17
chocolatesbazhang, what do i do?04:17
Roasted_bazhang, :(04:17
Roasted_bazhang, rhythmbox too, it seems04:17
chocolateslike what do i click on the website?04:17
e_t_Roasted_: If I remember correctly, it's no longer *supported*.04:17
bazhangchocolates, go to that website and check your printer04:17
bazhangchocolates, the database link04:18
e_t_billy2007: sudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox (or virtualbox-ose) will replace anything that might have accidently been deleted or lost. Then try the vboxdrv command.04:21
billy_can anyone here help me get virtual box working04:24
bazhangsudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox (or virtualbox-ose) will replace anything that might have accidently been deleted or lost. Then try the vboxdrv command. billy_04:24
billy_bazhang, nope still get same error when i try to open vm04:28
nosea_I have some troubles , please look at this :http://code.bulix.org/yqpeam-8023404:29
nosea_<nosea_> I have some troubles , please look at this :http://code.bulix.org/yqpeam-8023404:29
bazhang!here | nosea_04:29
ubottunosea_: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com04:29
bnesbittjoin #mapnik04:29
bazhangbnesbitt, /join04:29
nosea_I just want to know how to fix it. thanks .04:30
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billy_bazhang, heres a forum showing my problem and loads of different solutions but i dont understand most of it04:32
opakavicso, guys, whats the port this channel is using? 8081?04:35
opakavic8081 or 8082?04:35
HackNewtonopakavic, HTTP applications normally use 80** ports04:35
chocolatesguys i am trying to update HPLIP to its latest version,but i cant. i am using synaptic package to try to update. do i have to install ubuntu 11.04?04:36
rwwopakavic: ask #freenode04:36
opakavicif i use emacs, through 6667 its not working04:36
HackNewtonopakavic, it is depend on by which medium you are trying to access channel04:36
billy_can anyone here help me get virtual box working04:36
billy_can anyone here help me get virtual box working http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1198060 this is my problem04:37
opakavici'm trying by connecting into this channel emacs04:37
chocolatesguys i am trying to update HPLIP to its latest version,but i cant. i am using synaptic package to try to update. do i have to install ubuntu 11.04?04:38
ActionParsnipchocolates: the hplip installer is available on the hplip site04:39
chocolatesso do i just install that?04:39
ActionParsnipchocolates: mark the file as executable and launch it in a terminal (without sudo)04:39
ActionParsnipchocolates: you need the .run file04:39
billy_what other virtual machine cant i used cause ive had enough of this04:39
billy_linux is PATHETIC04:40
bazhang!vm > billy_04:40
ubottubilly_, please see my private message04:40
xanguabilly_: drop that attitude04:40
ActionParsnipbilly_: which version of virtualbox ?04:41
ActionParsnipbilly_: virtualbox is external to Linux04:42
saliakhas anyone here been able to start a daemon from their /etc/rc.local script? i start one that foks an di see its output in boot.log, but it stops running04:42
billy_ActionParsnip, 4.0.2 i think you helped me uninstall it earlier and it hasnt worked on reinstall ever since04:42
ActionParsnipbilly_: you can run virtualbox on windows, its made by the same people04:42
chocolatesActionParsnip, can i pm you what the terminal is telling me to do after i installed it?04:42
chocolatesit is pretty long,and i am not sure what it is asking me to do.04:43
ActionParsnipbilly_: what is the issue, the post has details but are the messages within the guest or the host?04:43
ActionParsnipchocolates: make a pastebin and post the link04:43
=== Cydd is now known as MsJulia
billy_i dont know i dont even think i have a user set up in there04:43
ubuntu24234How do I get Ubuntu and Windows7 installed side by side, I am at this part of the install ( http://imageshack.us/f/535/screenshotklt.png/ ) and there is no option to install side by side04:43
ActionParsnipbilly_: do the messages you posted get made when you try and launch virtualbox itself or is it in the OS you have installed in a virtual system.04:44
chocolatesActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/HRgbTcTS04:44
billy_as soon as ive made the vm and try to launch it04:44
saliakseems like it gets a sigterm at the end of rc.local04:44
ActionParsnipchocolates: use software centre and disable the CD as a repo, then enable universe an multiverse04:44
e_t_ActionParsnip, the error billy_ is talking about is on the host. The guest VM never successfully starts.04:44
wildbatubuntu24234: you have single drive?04:45
ActionParsnipbilly_: have you rebooted since installing virtualbox?04:45
ActionParsnipe_t_: gotcha :D04:45
billy_yep several times lol04:45
chocolatesActionParsnip, can i show you something else?04:45
chocolatesi think something went wrong04:45
ActionParsnipchocolates: if you want04:45
ubuntu24234wildbat: ya04:46
chocolatesis this normal?04:46
SenjaiFriend of mine has an issue with xinerama for the nvidia x server and needs to disable it via command line, how can he do this?04:46
billy_ActionParsnip, any ideas04:47
HackNewtonSenjai, why use terminal if you do it by GUI ?04:47
ActionParsnipchocolates: install the packages it names to get rid of the warnings04:47
SenjaiHackNewton, xinerama broke the GUI04:47
chocolatesActionParsnip, the terminal is installing them, is that ok?04:47
ActionParsnipbilly_: is your user in the vboxusers04:48
ActionParsnipchocolates: that's fine04:48
billy_ActionParsnip, where do i find that sorry i really aint very good at this04:48
infinigodwhat do i put in the sudoers file to allow a user ALL access except for "su"04:49
wildbatubuntu24234:  you need to resize partitions ~ and make a new one for ubuntu . you can use Gparted ~ to do it you can only have four primary partition ~ so you have to backup one ~ then delete it , then make a logicial partition so you can have more then four partitions.04:49
ubuntu24234wildbat: so the ubuntu installer can't do that04:49
ActionParsnipbilly_: you can use user management to add the user to the group, there are many guides on virtualbox on the which I think you should use rather than guessing, they show you how to do it properly04:49
ubuntu24234wildbat:  can I run gparted off the live usb04:49
bullgard4ubuntu24234: Yes.04:50
e_t_billy_: type "groups" on the command line and press Enter. That command shows you all the groups your user is a member of. Look for "vboxusers" in the list.04:50
ubuntu24234bullgard4: to both questions?04:50
bullgard4ubuntu24234: No.04:50
wildbatubuntu24234: nope ~ you have to allocation spaces for ubuntu ~and  yes you can  ALt-f2 type in "gparted"04:50
billy_e_t_, vboxusers isnt there04:51
ubuntu24234wildbat: ok thanks04:51
=== pilot is now known as Guest12183
bullgard4!patience | Senjai04:52
ubottuSenjai: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:52
e_t_bully_: Then "sudo usermod -aG vboxusers <yourusername>" Replace <yourusername> with your ACTUAL user name.04:52
lintuxi just purchased  dreamplug while it has ubuntu downloads my question is will 11.04 or 11.10 work with the arm archictecture here's the link for the dreamplug: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/c-5-dreamplugs.aspx04:52
bazhanglintux, try #ubuntu-arm04:53
ubuntu24234Ok I have gparted started what do I do then (should I be asking this here or in another channel)04:53
madmncan i upgrade my ubunut04:53
lintuxk thx04:53
ActionParsnip!upgrade | madmn04:53
ubottumadmn: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:53
ActionParsnipbilly_: have you also asked in #vbox04:53
bazhangmadmn, what version now04:54
tyler_dcan anyone help me to configure my xorg please?04:54
tyler_dhere is a copy of both the error log as well as my xorg.conf, http://paste.ubuntu.com/643626/04:54
billy_not yet but on my way there now04:54
madmnbut i see there is something newer04:54
bazhangmadmn, sure, see the upgrade link above04:55
madmni just don't want to reinstall04:55
bazhangmadmn, 11.04 is the latest04:55
ActionParsnipmadmn: you will need to upgrade to maverick (10.10) first04:55
madmndoes it matter which one i do there are a few listed there04:56
saliakis there a way to keep programs started in /etc/rc.local running after the script stops executing?04:56
ActionParsnipsaliak: add an ampersand to the end of the command04:56
ActionParsnipsaliak: with a space between the last character of the command and the ampersand04:57
saliakActionParsnip: it's already running as a daemon, is that still necessary?04:57
ActionParsnipsaliak: if you want it running in rc.local and not hang the boot, you'll need it04:57
saliakActionParsnip: looking at syslog and my debug messages, it seems to get a SIGTERM message04:57
saliakActionParsnip : so i feel like I should be able to do this the right way, using init.d scripts.  so I made one that starts the daemon when i call it manually, but when I boot up, there's no sign of it ever running.  what are the log files that would help debug that?04:58
billy_ActionParsnip, right i wasnt marked as a user i am now should i restart and see if this takes effect04:58
HackNewtonhi guys i cant install google earth giving error 'Error in processing google-earth-stable' what will be likely cause of this ?05:00
bazhangHackNewton, install from where05:00
ActionParsnipsaliak: not sure, i've not played with init scripts much save for a dropbox one which I've used to cli install dropbox05:00
HackNewtonbazhang, installing it through terminal05:01
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth05:01
bazhangHackNewton, the package came from where? google repos?05:01
HackNewtonbazhang, yes05:01
HackNewtonNow my USC giving error asking for repair damange packages05:02
ubuntu24234what is the best way to image a partition for backup before I delete it ( I am guessing dd command line but anything gui?)05:03
billy_ActionParsnip, i take it im on my own again05:03
bazhangclonezilla ubuntu24234 ?05:03
infinigodwhat do i put in the sudoers file to allow a user ALL access except for "su"05:03
ActionParsnipbilly_: it's not something I've used in years, maybe others can help05:04
ActionParsnipinfinigod: su isn't a user05:04
ubuntu24234bazhang: is that already on the iso05:04
SenjaiHow can I manually start the openssh server?05:04
infinigodi know05:04
bazhangubuntu24234, nope, check their website05:04
ActionParsnipSenjai: sudo service ssh start05:04
infinigodi want the user to be able to access all commands except for su05:04
SenjaiActionParsnip,  thank you05:04
ubuntu24234bazhang: anything on the iso?05:05
bazhangubuntu24234, not that I know of05:05
ActionParsnipinfinigod: then you will need to chmod the file so the user cannot execute it05:05
ubuntu24234ok thanks05:05
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oogiesHey I got some chicks making out I wanna take a screenshot how do I do that05:06
billy_can anyone here help me get virtual box working http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1198060 this is my problem05:06
HackNewtonStrange ! Google Packages have repaired automatically ?05:06
oogiesnow they are stripping o.o05:07
ubuntu24234what is the default root password05:07
bazhangoogies, thats nothing to do with ubuntu stop05:07
oogiesI need to take a screenshot05:07
HackNewtonDoes anyone know is there some function by Ubuntu do that ?05:07
ActionParsnipinfinigod: you may need to make a new group, add the users whom can use su to the group then change the ownership of the su binary to the group, then chmod o-x /bin/su   the users outside the group wil not be able to run the command05:07
ActionParsnipbilly_: could try vmware05:07
bazhang!coc > oogies05:07
ubottuoogies, please see my private message05:07
ActionParsnipoogies: press printscreen05:08
e_t_billy_: the only solution to the problem you describe is the one given in that forum: "sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup"05:08
bazhangubuntu24234, there is none05:08
bazhang!sudo | ubuntu2423405:08
ubottuubuntu24234: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:08
billy_e_t_, i run that and it cant find the file ive looked in the directory myself and there isnt a vbox folder in /ect05:09
bazhangbilly_, 4.0 is a #vbox issue, try there05:09
=== blackops is now known as blackops66
billy_bazhang, no replies and its an issue with it running in ubuntu so it an ubuntu problem aswell05:10
e_t_billy_: There isn't supposed to be. Within the /etc folder is a folder called init.d. Within the init.d folder is an executable *file* called vboxdrv. You are running that file with the option "setup".05:10
=== MsJulia is now known as MsCydd
billy_e_t_, theres my problen then i dont have that file in init.d05:11
e_t_billy_: It should have been created when you installed virtualbox.05:12
e_t_Are you using the version from Oracle or virtualbox-ose from the repository?05:13
billy_but ive installed virtualbox several times?05:13
=== MsCydd is now known as E-woman
bazhange_t_, the website one05:13
e_t_Did you get any errors during install?05:13
keldinbazhang thanks for the wp help - sounds really complicated to install05:13
billy_e_t_, from terminal?05:13
bazhangkeldin, welcome05:13
=== E-woman is now known as Cydd
billy_e_t_, i cant remember ill try a reinstall quick and see if that gives me the file i nedd05:14
bazhang!nickspam > Cydd05:14
ubottuCydd, please see my private message05:14
Cyddsorry about that05:14
SenjaiDoes anyone know how to manage Nvidia X Server by command line?05:14
SenjaiI have no idea what process it is, or where its' config files are05:14
ubuntu24234would this dd command image the fourth partition on the first hard drive?  dd if=/dev/sda4 of=~/hptools_backup05:15
e_t_ubuntu24234: yes05:15
ubuntu24234ok thanks e_t_05:16
billy_e_t_, nope no errors and still no file05:17
e_t_billy_: what process are you using to install it?05:17
ActionParsnipSenjai: if you run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    you will generate an xorg.conf file which you can manipulate then restart the X server to test the settings05:17
SenjaiThank you!05:18
billy_sudo apt-get --reinstall virtualbox-ose05:18
ubuntu24234What would a usb external hard drive be listed as under /dev05:20
=== erikja is now known as OZ4KK
zztrI have a wireless router with one ethernet port, a tablet with no ethernet ports, and a desktop with no wireless card but two ethernet ports. I can plug the desktop in, and plug the router into the desktop, but I don't know how to give internet access to the router through the second ethernet port. from my searching it seems like it should be a single iptables command or something, but i can't figure it out and am having trouble se05:22
e_t_billy_: Let's do this: "sudo apt-get remove --purge virtualbox-ose" to completely remove it, then "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-dkms" to reinstall. Please pastebin any output at all from the second command.05:22
=== blackops is now known as blackops67
ActionParsnip!ics | zztr05:29
ubottuzztr: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:29
billy_e_t_, this is the result http://pastebin.com/mm36s5d5 there was an error and i had to force it to do somthing05:29
Bipulany one know how shud i know i have sound card in my system05:31
ActionParsnipbilly_: sudo lshw -C sound05:31
bhaveshmy ubuntu 10.10 always freezes... :(05:31
ActionParsnipBipul: ^05:31
ActionParsnipbilly_: wrong target, sorry05:31
SockPantshi all05:32
bhaveshim really sick with it..05:32
SockPantsi'm having trouble installing the jdk05:32
e_t_billy_: OK. Run the process again, but restart your computer after you uninstall and before you reinstall. That should clear out the kernel modules and allow them to be reinstalled.05:32
SockPantsthe repositories i need don't work05:32
bhaveshSockPants: for Netbeans IDE u need jdk from sun java systems05:32
bhaveshSockPants: not openjdk05:32
SockPantsbhavesh: it's for adb05:32
ActionParsnipbhavesh: is your RAM healthy?05:32
bhaveshActionParsnip: yes its 2GB and a lot of swap space..05:33
ActionParsnipbhavesh: when did you last test it?05:33
bhaveshActionParsnip: it freezes like for 5 seconds after every few minutes05:33
bhaveshActionParsnip: what do u mean by test it?05:33
spassbhavesh: memtest05:33
SockPantsi tried to add the repo but it returns 404 on update: add-apt-repository ppa:sun-java-community-team/sun-java605:33
ActionParsnipbhavesh: in order to know your RAM is healthy you must have tested it. When did you last test it?05:34
bhaveshActionParsnip: i dunno how to test it, memtest returns command not found05:34
ActionParsnipbhavesh: then when I said "is the ram healthy" why did you say yes?05:34
bhaveshActionParsnip: I thought u meant "did u have enough RAM space"05:35
bhaveshSockPants: http://dailyubuntu.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/installing-java-jre-and-jdk-netbeans/05:35
spassbehanw: you have to run memtest from CD (like Ubuntu Alternate CD)05:35
bhaveshSockPants: This might help you05:35
ActionParsnipbhavesh: no, it's quite simple05:35
ActionParsnipbhavesh: hold shift at boot, select memtest from the grub menu05:35
bhaveshActionParsnip: oh yes I see those things in my GRUB menu..05:36
bhaveshActionParsnip: ill just do it05:36
spassbehanw: if there will be red lines after like 20-30 minutes then your memory makes error. Like alzheimer :)05:37
billy2007i havent yet  re installed vbox but theres still vbox files in the init.d folder?05:38
e_t_billy2007: That's OK, so long as the kernel modules are gone. Run "lsmod | grep vbox" and tell me if you get anything.05:39
billy2007e_t_, nothing05:40
e_t_billy2007: Now do the install command and paste the output.05:41
billy2007http://pastebin.com/dy56t5Vg e_t_05:43
zztrActionParsnip: thanks. i'll see if it works05:43
olskolirchow do I block an ip address from natty please?05:44
e_t_billy2007: Did you previously install the version from Oracle?05:45
zeroedoutolskolirc, how do you mean?05:45
olskolircmpsnare.iesnare.com from adobe05:45
olskolircits a spy05:45
olskolircit got past my ssh and proxy05:45
billy2007e_t_, i think so05:46
SockPantsanyone know how to get adb installed on natty? the steps i'm following don't work because i can't install java05:46
billy2007i had it installed yesteday downloaded from web uninstalled this morning and trying to put back on now05:47
crackerjackz"update manager" is frozen.. what is the name of that process so that i can kill it?05:47
vivanovhow to set keyboard hotkeys in oneiric ?05:47
e_t_billy2007: OK. That's why it's not working now. The virtualbox-ose version is only at 4.0.4 while the one from Oracle is 4.0.10. It won't replace a newer version with an older version.05:47
zeroedoutah.... um, you can set something in /etc/hosts to redirect it to another ip......... I think05:47
DasEicrackerjackz: lookup pid in htop05:47
billy2007so i need to go online to download it05:48
zeroedoutthat's in response to olskolirc05:48
e_t_billy2007: Do you still have the downloaded file from Oracle?05:48
erle-is there a subchan for the gnome ppa?05:48
crackerjackzDasEi, pidof htop returns nothing05:48
olskolirchost.deny zeroedout ?05:48
DasEicrackerjackz: or sudo killall update-manager; htop would list your running processes05:49
crackerjackzDasEi, is htop a GUI of top or something?05:49
upgrdmanhow do i verify my ethernet card is running in gigabit mode? file transfers are topping out at around 11 - 12MB with a gigabit router and other box with known gigabit ethernet05:49
e_t_billy2007: Download it again, then "sudo dpkg -i /path/to/downloaded/file"05:49
DasEiif htop isn't running, it will have no pid, and yes more comfortable top05:49
zeroedoutolskolirc: i belive hosts.deny is for denying hosts accessing your machine. you want an entry in /etc/hosts that redirects querys from xxx.com to $null05:50
billy2007i dont need to uninstall the old version again do i05:50
erle-upgrdman, you will get a gigabit transfer rate only under perfect conditions (good cable etc.)05:50
crackerjackzDasEi, thanks05:50
erle-upgrdman, "gigabit" is just the name of the new standard, not a guarantee of transfer rate05:50
e_t_billy2007: It wouldn't hurt to do so, just to be safe.05:50
DasEicrackerjackz: if you killed it, run : sudo dpkg --configure -a05:50
olskolirchow would I make that look zeroedout please?05:50
olskolircdirect it back to adobe lol zeroedout05:51
erle-upgrdman, you can see that you have a gigabit card by connecting two cards directly without special cables05:51
crackerjackzDasEi, okay, and what does that do?05:51
DasEicrackerjackz: checks for dpkg state, as you interupted in unkwon state for now05:52
upgrdmanerle-, i know but its topping out at almost exactly 100Mb05:52
realjoedoes lucid run on zacate boards?05:52
crackerjackzDasEi, i see, you have any idea why it froze? looks like a kernel update and things to do with the new kernel05:53
e_t_olskolirc: sudo bash -c "echo mpsnare.iesnare.com >> /etc/hosts" Be sure to use TWO > characters.05:53
DasEicrackerjackz: no, you could check the logs though, mostly something wrong with network05:53
olskolircthanks :-) e_t_05:54
crackerjackzDasEi, that makes sense actually im not sure why but my net keeps flaking out.. took me like 15 minutes to download xchat but it fluctuates.. i think its my router05:54
DasEicrackerjackz: maybe slow repo ? can use synaptic to find the fastest one for you05:55
=== CodenameStrike_ is now known as CodenameStrike
crackerjackzDasEi, how do i go about that.. once i have synaptic open05:56
DasEicrackerjackz: settings > repos > download from > other > find...05:57
DasEierr select best server05:57
crackerjackzDasEi, i see it thanks :]05:58
MK``Ever since I upgraded to 11.04, file opening has been a bit off. If I try to open a file of unknown type, instead of sending me to select a program, it throws an error and says "not a folder", but I never set Nautilus as default to open unknown files. Additionally, whenever I download something with Firefox, I can't open it from Firefox's Download window, it throws the same error, even if the type is known.05:58
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.05:58
billy2007e_t_, i think this is the one05:59
MK``And on top of all that, whenever I do open a file or folder, the "Opening [folder]..." thing that gets to the taskbar lasts way too long, long after it has successfully opened. I can close the folder before the "Opening..." message goes away.05:59
olskolircblock mpsnare.iesnare.com from anywhere else?  /etc/hosts.deny?06:00
MK``I won't even go into my other problems at the moment, but how can I restore Ubuntu to, at least, prompt me to select a program when file type is unknown?06:01
baldarishey why is sudo In -s used?06:01
ActionParsnipHapsbana1: do you mean ln -s06:01
crackerjackzis there a way to make sudo use a different password rather than the same password i login with?06:01
baldarisooh thats a l no I lol, my bad06:01
ActionParsnipHapsbana1: it makes a symbolic link to a file, its like a windows shortcut but more powerful06:02
e_t_olskolirc: hosts.deny is something different. The entry in /etc/hosts will thoroughly kill the website from that computer.06:02
olskolircthanks e_t_06:02
e_t_olskolirc: When looking up a website, the computer consults /etc/hosts BEFORE looking at DNS, so giving the entry there will prevent it from loading.06:03
LancelotI'm trying to edit drop shadows in CCSM, but the shadows aren't responding to input changes06:03
billy2007e_t_, http://pastebin.com/L6kZ8yiV06:04
LancelotI'm trying to edit drop shadows in CCSM, but the shadows aren't responding to input changes. I just want to get rid of the drop shadows, but I can't disable the window decorations plugin.06:04
olskolircim sooo happy e_t_ im going to test it now - HOW the H* adobe can get past ssh tunnel and a proxy bind is amayzing06:04
ubuntu24234Using gparted how should I edit the last parttions to make it to install ubuntu on? right now it is fat32 and 100 mb big what should i change it too06:05
JoeR1__I have a folder on a USB drive that Ubuntu won't let me delete, suggestions?06:05
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: 100Mb isn't enough to install Ubuntu to06:05
billy2007JoeR1__, have you got a lock key on your usb06:06
DasEiJoeR1__: prefix rm -r  with sudo ? but be cautious with rm06:06
billy2007e_t_, you still here?06:06
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: ya I was going to resize it with gparted06:06
dr0idnot being able to play a .mov file in my browser, what could be the issue ?06:06
dr0idFF5, Chrome1206:06
dr0idvideo streams fine, but then doesn't plays.06:06
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: but what format should I set it to (ntfs, fat32 etc)06:07
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: then you'll need it to be Ext4 and about 6Gb in size06:07
JoeR1__DasEi, I don't understand what you mean06:07
almoxarifebilly2007: the file does not exist, you misspelled it?06:07
JoeR1__billy2007, no there is no lock on it06:07
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: not ext3?06:07
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: you can use ext3 if you wish06:07
bhaveshActionParsnip: this is the image when I finished Pass: http://imgur.com/1S62P06:07
e_t_billy2007: I'm here, just studying up.06:07
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: is there any advatage one of the other06:07
kopralSPEED :: 240.71 :: Kbps06:07
DasEiJoeR1__: say you have a folder foo on your desktop, to delete : sudo rm -r ~/Desktop/foo06:08
billy2007i get this when trying to run command http://pastebin.com/L6kZ8yiV06:08
ActionParsnipbhavesh: ok thats cool, we now know for sure that the ram is good06:08
LancelotI'm trying to edit drop shadows in CCSM, but the shadows aren't responding to input changes. I just want to get rid of the drop shadows, but I can't disable the window decorations plugin.06:08
bhaveshActionParsnip: ok :)06:08
dmaahi guys im tryin to install a software from console but it say no admin rights for present user what to do06:08
ActionParsnipbaldaris: a bad one looks like this: http://www.limelites.co.uk/memtest.jpg06:08
brandon_Who here can help me with dual monitors?06:08
bhaveshdmaa: use sudo before your command?06:09
ActionParsnipdmaa: you need to prefix the command with sudo06:09
Lancelotbrandon_: what are you trying to set up?06:09
dmaa@bhavesh i will check06:09
baldarisActionParsnip, thanks i figured it out , kindaa stupid of me , to mitsake06:09
brandon_Dual monitors with a nvidia Card on pinguy06:09
JoeR1__thank you DasEi06:09
JoeR1__that worked06:09
bhaveshActionParsnip: So what should we do now?06:10
Lancelotbrandon_: sudo nvidia-settings06:10
JoeR1__and No I do not my commands for linux06:10
=== pen_ is now known as pen
kazagistarI have a dual monitor configuration, with a bigger monitor on the right. However, youtube videos always maximize to the one on the left, no matter which monitor I have set as my "main" one. Any way to fix this?06:10
ubuntu24234is ext4 still unstable sometimes or is it good to use06:11
Lancelotbrandon_: open the terminal, run sudo nvidia-settings. Under Display Configuration you can enable the other monitor. I'm guessing you just want an extended desktop. Enable it in twinview mode.06:11
billy2007e_t_,  this is result from dpkg command06:11
JoeR1__ext4 has stabilty issues?06:11
e_t_billy2007: Spelling or typing errors are most likely. Linux is cAsE sensitive, so "downloads" is different from "Downloads".06:12
DasEiJoeR1__: new to me , no06:12
ubuntu24234JoeR1__: I found that on a 2009 post on the ubuntu forums and wanted to be sure06:12
ubuntu24234so I take it the answer is no06:12
baldarisActionParsnip, is there any software to loginto windows VPS similar to remote desktop in windows?06:12
JoeR1__Oh ok, cause I'm using ext4 and its the same thing I used on my buddies pc06:12
phaidrosubuntu24234: even though it is preselected and standard by now in ubuntu and others, I have had stability issues. and of course performance issues. having a crypted home and barriers=1 enabled (default!!) rendered my system useless. on other systems I have had data loss due to crashes, with barriers disabled (for performance)06:13
phaidrosetx4 ^^06:13
ubuntu24234so ext3 to be safe?06:13
phaidrosubuntu24234: personal experience, way more than ext4, yes. I am heading for xfs on performance oriented systems these days06:15
ubuntu24234phaidros: on non performance just normal installs has ext4 been ok for you06:15
phaidrosubuntu24234: nope. with barriers=1 it rendered even my private laptop newr to unusable06:16
ubuntu24234Ok.... one sec rebooting to make sure windows works after re partitioning06:17
phaidrosubuntulo1: you can give it a try, it may not be that last OS you will install :) just remember the barriers and other settings to check in fstab in case of heavy iowait and such06:17
truepurpleWhere in ubuntu do I find my DVD drive? I don't see it in nautilus.06:18
billy2007e_t_, all working now thanks for all your help your a lifesaver06:18
cyphaI'm at the CL, how can I select the current word, and previous words, or the whole line?06:19
cyphain X, obviously ctrl+A (for all), ctrl+shift+Rightarrow, etc06:19
cyphabut can't seem to do that at the CL06:20
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:22
shaibnHello :) I took my HDD from the old PC and placed it into a new PC that I bought. This is a server that I have in the office. The only thing that isn't working yet, is network. If I do 'ifconfig -a' I can see eth0 with the new MAC address of the new on-board NIC on the new PC ... but it is only in UP state, and not RUNNING state. I tried dhclient, and it can't seem to be able to get an IP. It is connected to the same small switch I have in the room, that my06:23
shaibn own PC is connected to and my PC works fine. What could be the issue?06:23
truepurple Where in ubuntu do I find my DVD drive? I don't see it in nautilus.06:24
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:24
cyphatruepurple, you may need to mount it06:24
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:24
phaidroscypha: depends on the editor06:24
truepurplecypha: how?06:24
cyphatruepurple, the toolbar at the top06:25
phaidroskopral: repeating the question might not help if nobody seems to understand it ;)06:25
cyphaI don't have X (the GUI), can't tell you exactly06:25
cyphaphaidros, at the CL itself06:25
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:25
phaidroscypha: only with gpm console mouse driver, the CLI interface metapher is different, what you want doesnt work06:26
truepurplecypha: Tool bar on top of the nautilus window? What do you mean by toolbar?06:26
phaidroskopral: you keep repeating a question which at least I have a hard time to understand, stock? build a cattle ..06:26
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:26
phaidroskopral: build a cattle06:27
e_t_kopral: check your local newspaper for rentable storage space.06:27
=== Lancelot_ghost_g is now known as Lancelot
alesanhi!is it possible to make my user so I do not need to use sudo?06:27
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:27
=== snimavat is now known as sn
alesanand type the password everytime?06:28
* e_t_ thinks phaidros means "corral"06:28
phaidrosalesan: yes, but definitely not recommended.06:28
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:28
phaidrose_t_: hemm?06:28
billy2007is there a way to mount iso file on my harddrive instead of burning to disk06:29
phaidrosalesan: you can edit /etc/sudoers so you dont need a password for your user when doing sudo06:29
cyphatruepurple, http://www.ehow.com/how_6799640_mount-dvd-ubuntu-9.html06:29
e_t_phaidros: you had said "build a cattle" and I thought you probably meant "corral"06:29
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:29
phaidrose_t_: ah, heh, thanx :)06:29
phaidroskopral: this is annoying06:30
wildbat!op | kopral06:30
ubottukopral: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!06:30
cyphaphaidros, I have GPM running, so I can bind shortcuts to jump words, etc?06:30
e_t_kopral: This is the wrong place to ask any questions about cattle.06:30
wildbathe is a bot06:30
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:30
wildbatevery exact minute ~ he repeat himself06:30
phaidroscypha: nope. gpm is only for mouse. what you try to achieve is imho not possible in CLI06:30
cyphait's engrained in me06:31
gridbagI like to take the updates about once a week. Is there an ubuntu blog around that highlights each week's updates? I want to know what is changing. The descriptions in the Software Center are lame, to say the least.06:31
billy2007is there anyway of making an iso executable without burning to disk or usb06:31
cyphaphaidros, what about with screen?06:31
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:31
cyphakopral, what does that mean?06:32
e_t_billy2007: You don't want to make an iso file executable.06:32
phaidroscypha: that might be possible.06:32
gridbagbilly2007, I've pointed VirtualBox to boot from a .iso on the disk. VirtualBox is very good.06:32
billy2007kopral, what do you mean stock?06:32
wildbatthank rww06:32
phaidroscypha: with ctrl-a ctrl-esc you are in history mode, I seem to remember that you can copy stuff then there06:32
billy2007ive tried that but it just says no executable media06:32
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:32
kopralwhere i can find room for stock?06:32
dr0idsearch with /list06:33
wildgoosebilly2007, What are you trying to do with it?06:33
alesanphaidros, thanks!06:33
alesanphaidros, but... is there also a way to not need sudo at all? that would be even better06:33
cyphaphaidros, ctrl-a ctrl-esc doesn't do anything06:34
billy2007wildgoose, an xp iso file but it just keeps saying no bootable medium06:34
cyphafor me06:34
faze`alesan: be a man and run as root06:35
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.06:35
afatyI have some problems in iso-8859-1 to UTF-806:35
afatyanyone call help me.06:35
afaty file -ib Readme.txt06:36
afatytext/plain; charset=iso-8859-106:36
wildgoosebilly2007, So you are trying to burn a bootable xp iso? Or use it as a VM06:36
tripelbafaty, you have to state your situation and your problem and your type of setup all on one thingy then see if anyone bites.06:36
billy2007wildgoose, use it for a vm it is a cracked file so it might be corrupt im trying to get a new one now06:37
tripelbI would like to know how to copy a cd and change it's properties and end up with an avi file. I'll see about learning the reverse later. I have Ubuntu 10.0406:37
=== vincent is now known as Guest22037
wildgoosebilly2007, I'm afraid we can't help you with pirating software here.06:37
alesanfaze`, that is exactly what I am doing now on my computer; but on another computer I have reasons to use a particular user06:37
alesanfaze`, but I'd like to avoid the sudo thing anyway, if possible06:38
afatyafaty@afaty-laptop ~/Downloads/system_status $ file -ib Readme.txt06:38
afatytext/plain; charset=iso-8859-106:38
Guest22037any one can tell me where i can start learning linux06:38
afatyafaty@afaty-laptop ~/Downloads/system_status $ iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t UTF-8 Readme.txt06:38
FloodBot1afaty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:38
afatyOK. SORRY.06:38
pheonixmanhi, does anyone here help me installing Gnome3 in ubuntu 10.1006:39
tripelbbilly2007, I never did get a good XP Home. They ended up short of drivers for PCI stuff and audio gear. But maybe as a virtual machine they'l be good. I'm just reporting my limited experience/06:39
ActionParsnip!manual | Guest2203706:39
ubottuGuest22037: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:39
faze`alesan, i was joking. anyways, you should be able to edit /etc/sudoers to do passwordless sud06:39
faze`alesan, use sudo visudo /etc/sudoers when you do that as editing the sudoers file another way can leave you locked out, and visudo will check for errors06:40
Guest22037i just downloaded it!06:40
wildgoose!gnome3 > pheonixman06:40
ubottupheonixman, please see my private message06:40
e_t_afaty: Why do you need to change the encoding?06:40
ActionParsnipPhoenix6780: there is a ppa. Gnome3 isn't stable in Maverick though and its a 3rd party repo you use at your own risk06:40
tripelbGuest21598, Yes, but there is more than one way to learn. You can install and go. You can read a book. You can read the Introduction to Linux html site I like. Or all at once. Depends on your experience.06:41
billy2007tripelb, all i want it for is itunes06:41
pheonixmanwildgoose: so there is no way i can install it in 10.1006:41
Guest22037is the book called linux bible or running linux good?06:41
billy2007wildgoose, your not helping me with piracy your helping me get an ubuntu program working :)06:41
Coreybilly2007: Enough.06:41
e_t_billy2007: iTunes is supposed to work fairly well in Wine.06:42
billy2007Corey, or what06:42
afatyBecause this document is written in the windows, I would like to view its contents under LINUX, but it is garbled under LINUX.06:42
wildgoosebye bye billy200706:42
Coreybilly2007: You're off topic.  Please don't be?06:42
billy2007e_t_, i tryed that but it wont detect my iphone06:42
e_t_afaty: What are you using to view it?06:42
wildgoosehey thats kinda catchy06:42
afatycat or vim06:42
j3rothWhere is the SSHD MOTD kept in 11.04?06:42
afatyor gedit06:43
wildgoosepheonixman, The bot knows best, I haven't done it myself.06:43
afatyI tried transcoding, but failed.06:43
ActionParsnipPhoenix6780: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/install-vanilla-gnome-3-in-maverick/06:43
tripelbbilly2007, I see. WEll you can just try. I kept getting the same crippled ones from people. Thus I got the Dell, with legal XP, fixed up and am using a 2004 machine. It works fine. I very seldom go to windows so a virtual machine sounds good.06:43
com64afaty, try using notepad under Wine06:43
pheonixmanwildgoose, thanks06:44
pheonixmanActionParsnip, thanks06:44
ActionParsnipAfaty: try dos2unix06:44
wildbatafaty: that file don't look like plaintext~06:44
com64it could be a binary file or something by the looks of it.06:44
e_t_afarty: are you sure the file is NOT garbled when viewed in Windows?06:44
com64try notepad with wine.06:45
evildaemonCan anyone else see the moon?06:45
ActionParsnipPhoenix6780: a simple search online would have found that for you06:45
afatyI just want to know why.06:45
* com64 checks the moon06:45
tripelbwhat's the program for looking at a DVD and ending up with an AVI file?06:45
rwwevildaemon: try asking #ubuntu-offtopic ;)06:45
* com64 can't find the moon06:46
tripelbevildaemon, I saw it full and high this night.06:46
evildaemonI'm sorry, it mesmerizing me rtight now06:46
ActionParsniptripelb: mencoder06:46
tripelbthanks AP06:46
* com64 checks another window06:46
* tripelb goes to look it up.06:46
afatyWhy does the file command to identify the file as iso-8859-1, but the format conversion failed.06:46
* tripelb wonders about womencoder06:46
evildaemonIt's so bright in washington right now, I'll go though.06:47
ActionParsnipTripelb: ffmpeg can do it too (as faze said)06:47
com64evildaemon, it's cloudy here :(06:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:47
tripelbThanks ActionParsnip I missed that.06:47
com64I'm right above Washington State (BC)06:47
wildbatafaty:  file can't guess what codepage you use ~06:47
wildbatafaty: and i don't think it is latin ~ it should be some gb06:48
afatySo in addition to 'file', is there a better command to identify the file's character encoding format?06:48
afatyYES,It's GBK.06:49
afatyBut why 'file' command did not correctly identified it06:49
e_t_No program is perfect.06:50
wildbatafaty: no app can ~ only guesses ~06:50
afatywildbat:  Thank you06:50
wildbatafaty: especially you have a small text file ~  it is hard for program to guess it06:51
tuanhtdoes anybody know how to run s script after ubiquity installer is complete? (d-i preseed/late_command... not work for me)06:51
afatyThen I try to find a large file06:52
ActionParsniptuanht: you could remaster the iso and create an alias for ubiquity to run a script which runs ubiquity followed by whatever you wish06:53
tuanhtActionParsnip: can you give me a keyword (for google search)?06:54
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility06:54
tuanhtActionParsnip: I follow instruction on ubuntu to custom live iso cd06:54
tuanhtActionParsnip: i edit ubuntu.seed file, append `d-i preseed/late_command...`, but it's not work06:55
ActionParsniptuanht: yes, you will need an alias06:55
billy2007does an image checksum have to be complete or can i remove the disk06:56
wildbatafaty: i told your file can't detect it ~ try enca06:57
wildbatafaty: and you need luck too06:57
afatyTHANK YOU.06:57
tuanhtActionParsnip: thanks06:58
billy2007when burning a dick do i need to wait for image checksum or can i remove disk06:58
nit-witbilly2007, are you using brasero?06:58
e_t_Waiting for the checksum helps to avoid coasters.06:59
billy2007nit-wit, no riht clciked and selected burn06:59
ActionParsnipbilly2007: i'd let it finish so you know the burn is good06:59
billy2007e_t_, what are coasters and il let it finish just to be sure it going to take an hour :(07:00
nit-witbilly2007, it's using brasero then turn off the md5sum plugins , if you don't need that function.07:00
wildgoosebilly2007, Bad cd burns can be used as coasters.07:00
e_t_"coasters" are mis-burned disks that are good for little else but putting under drinks.07:00
ActionParsnipbilly2007: coasters are little mats you put cups and similar on07:01
spassor to throw them at neightbours...07:01
ubuntu24234Ok I partitioned my hard drive using gparted and now have a 80 gb ext 4 partition, how do I get ubuntu to install on that partition07:01
ActionParsnipOr make cat toys from :-)07:02
billy2007ActionParsnip, lmao haha07:02
glebihanubuntu24234, During installation, select this partition to be mounted on "/"07:02
ubuntu24234glebihan: select it for the partition for the bootloader?07:03
subhcan u tell me how to get initd demon07:04
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: ubuntu should use 2 partitions. / and swap. Use custom partitioning and you can manipulate the space07:04
afatywildbat: Thank you very much.07:04
glebihanubuntu24234, no the bootloader will be automatically configured based on the partitions you choose to install your system on07:04
afatyafaty@afaty-laptop ~/Downloads/system_status $ enca -L zh_CN Readme.txt Simplified Chinese National Standard; GB231207:04
subhhi can u tell me about initd07:04
afatyenca is OK07:04
wildbatafaty: your welcome ~07:04
glebihanubuntu24234, you just have to choose the mount point for each partition you want to use, the one for the system being mounted on "/"07:05
ActionParsnipEnca looks smart07:05
wildbatafaty: still not perfect ~ use UTF8 ~ ! even in windows ;p ~ (OT: use Notepad++ WIN$)07:05
ubuntu24234glebihan: I don't understand, I am at this part http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/screenshothhq.png/ and there is no way to set the / thing07:06
bhaveshActionParsnip: ehm is there something wrong with my graphics card or compiz then?07:07
glebihanubuntu24234, select your 80GB partition, click "Change..." then select "Use as ext-4" and set "/" as mount point07:07
glebihanubuntu24234, *ext-3*07:08
ubuntu24234glebihan: wait so not ext407:08
ActionParsnipbhavesh: after the hang, run:  dmesg | tail    it may give clues07:08
glebihanubuntu24234, which one of the partitions do you want to install on ?07:08
ubuntu24234the ext4 one07:09
glebihanubuntu24234, I don't see it on your screenshot, but in this case it's "Use as ext4"07:09
bhaveshActionParsnip: aha it gave me some numbers! and shows some settings07:09
AlexDevilLXcan i put intel i7 on asus m3a76-cm?07:10
ubuntu24234glebihan: oh excuse me I miss spoke ext3 you were right07:10
afatywildbat: Now been completely resolved, I hate windows, I know a lot of file editing software can solve, but I wanted to use under linux command to resolve. enca is nice.07:10
ActionParsnipbhavesh: use the Internet to see what it means :-)07:10
glebihanubuntu24234, then "Use as ext3" :)07:10
bhaveshActinParsnip: ok07:10
ActionParsnipAlexDevilLX: ask in ##hardware this is ubuntu support07:11
bhaveshActionParsnip: btw: http://i.imgur.com/zakF0.png07:11
ubuntu24234glebihan: so like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/813/screenshot2zu.png/ ?07:11
glebihanubuntu24234, yes07:11
ubuntu24234ok the installer is now saying I need a swap partition, can't it just use the ext3 partition?07:13
glebihanubuntu24234, no the swap must be on its own partition07:14
ActionParsnipbhavesh: in future, pastebin text if you want to show text. Pasting an image isn't necessary at all07:14
bhaveshActionParsnip: ok. I feel pasting image is easier,07:14
bhaveshive to just drag and drop it..07:14
ubuntu24234glebihan: so ubuntu  just can't create a file on the partition and use that as swap? dang. Do i need a swap partition with 3 gb ram?07:14
ActionParsnipbhavesh: plus if you look at the image the text is illegible07:15
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: do you want to be able to hibernate?07:15
glebihanubuntu24234, yes it's highly recommended. the swap partition should be about the same size as your RAM07:15
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: Yes07:16
ubuntu24234glebihan: ok is there any way to have it just use a file, like windows07:16
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: then you will need 3Gb of swap07:16
glebihanubuntu24234, no07:16
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: sure you can use a swapfile but keeping swap to itself is good (same in windows too)07:17
glebihanActionParsnip, how would you do that ?07:18
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: What would be the advatages of an actual swap file and if so is it ok that I use a logical partition not a primary one because I ran out of primary partitions07:18
ActionParsnip!swap | glebihan07:19
ubottuglebihan: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:19
cg2916i can't install from a live usb07:19
glebihanubuntu24234, an extended partition is ok07:19
cg2916it says it can't find a live install medium07:19
ubuntu24234Ok how many partitions do I need for ubuntu, I have already partition once07:19
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: you can use a logical partition for swap. Its all good07:20
glebihanActionParsnip, thanks07:20
cg2916Could someone please help, I can't install from my LiveUSB07:20
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: 2, one for swap and the rest for /07:20
glebihanubuntu24234, it's recommend to have one partition for the system (mounted on "/") one for the data (mounted on "/home") and one for the swap07:20
ubuntu24234sigh ok07:20
ubuntu24234time to go partition again, hope windows doesn't die haha07:21
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: you can get fancy and even have a separate one for /home07:21
billy2007any help? the statup disk creator wont let me pick my iso file07:21
cg2916can someone help me07:21
mandlaHello guys, is there anywhere i can find Blackberry Desktop Manager for Ubuntu??07:21
ubuntu24234ActionParsnip: haha no i am getting tired of partitions07:22
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: great for backups and reinstalling.07:22
ActionParsnipubuntu24234: stick to 2 for now07:22
mandlaHello guys, is there anywhere i can find Blackberry Desktop Manager for Ubuntu??07:22
DistroJockeybilly2007: Try resizing the Startup Disk Creator window07:23
ActionParsnipmandla: what does it do?07:24
billy2007DistroJockey, nope didnt work07:25
cg2916i can''t install from my live usb, it can't find a live file medium07:26
cg2916or something to that effect07:26
ActionParsnipcg2916: did you md5 test the iso you used to create the install usb device?07:27
cg2916i can't install07:27
cg2916hold on...07:27
cg2916how do i do that07:27
DistroJockeybilly2007: I recall a little bug with it. Maybe you have to change to another directory or something to get the list of iso's to show properly. Can't remember the exact trick atm07:27
ActionParsnipcg2916: use the web to find out ;)07:27
=== maristella_ is now known as giuseppe_
cg2916ActionParsnip ok07:27
glebihan!md5 | cg291607:28
ubottucg2916: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:28
=== tum is now known as Guest71153
mikubuntui had lots of problems getting my hp f4480 printer/scanner to work.  now its working, but not so well.  is it possible that the ink has dried up in the printheads after sitting idle for a year?  pretty sure these are the original new printheads that came with the unit, but i'm only getting about a 40 % greyscale out of it.07:29
IledenHi! I'm experiencing a weird problem. My computer loses network connection after certain amount (30min?) of inactivity, and any user activity brings it back up. This is problematic because I'm trying to do a long network file transfer on it... Any ideas?07:29
ActionParsnipglebihan: trying to teach a dude to fish and you throw in a kipper07:29
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: print some sizable blocks of the 4 printer colours. May help clear it07:31
mikubuntuActionParsnip: thx for your help earlier in the day, i had to leave and come back to this printer prob.  i reinstalled hplip and now computer and printer are communicating (but printer not giving me good image for some reason)  is it possible i need to run several test pages to 'break in' the printheads?07:31
crackerjackzwhen i run apt-get update i get this error...07:32
crackerjackzE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)07:32
crackerjackzE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?07:32
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: afaik hp heads are in the cartridges07:32
crackerjackzwhat does that mean?07:32
DasEicrackerjackz: synaptics still open in parallel ?07:33
ActionParsnipcrackerjackz: are updates running or is software centre open?07:33
crackerjackzDasEi, i guess, what does that mean? nope software center isnt open07:33
crackerjackzDasEi, what is the name of the process for software center?07:33
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:33
DasEimikubuntu: can be, if that stood for a while, they are dried out, see if there is a selftest, or print some dense code page07:33
ActionParsnipcrackerjackz: ubottu's command will fix you up07:34
crackerjackzActionParsnip, yes that fixed the problem.. thank you very much07:35
crackerjackzActionParsnip, what happened exactly and what did that command tell it to do?07:36
crackerjackzjust so that i have an understanding of how it works and what not this way i can help others in the future07:37
ubuntu24234What is the best way to convert a primary partition into a logical one, do I have to delete and reformat?07:37
mikubuntuDasEi, what do you mean by dense code ezackly?07:37
DasEicrackerjackz: same as half an hour ago, plus removing apt-lock (I guess your synaptic was still open from repo-change)07:38
stingray1hi, I'm trying to upgrade an old dapper LTS server to hardy, it seems to be broken. Does anyone have some advice?07:38
ActionParsnipcrackerjackz: there was a rogue dpkg process locking the packages. Only one process can access them at one time. The command frees them up07:38
ikoniastingray1: define broken07:38
rww!eol | stingray107:38
ubottustingray1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:38
stingray1ikonia: a "do-release-upgrade' says 'Getting upgrade prerequisites failed'07:38
DasEimikubuntu: just a page with many characters, f.e. code (ink..)07:38
crackerjackzActionParsnip, so it was a dependency problem.. is that the correct terminology?07:39
ikoniastingray1: what upgrade instructions are you using07:39
glebihanubuntu24234, using gparted should be the easier way, and yes you have to delete and reformat07:39
truepurplecypha: It said mount: can't find /media/cdrom0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:39
ubuntu24234glebihan: ok07:39
stingray1ikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Dapper07:39
ikoniastingray1: do you have any 3rd party repos or PPA's ?07:39
stingray1ikonia: none, I have them as per that doc07:40
stingray1ikonia: I've also changed it to point to old-releases.ubuntu.com, which fails less07:40
mikubuntuDasEi, should i print a colorful image, like a photo?07:40
DasEimikubuntu: no, see ActionP, problem was more than one apt/dpkg process at one time07:40
ikoniastingray1: could you please pastebin your sources.list07:40
DasEimikubuntu: nick miss, second07:41
ActionParsnipcrackerjackz: not dependancy. Just a dpkg process holding the packages, preventing other installs etc. Its one of the weaknesses of package based distros07:41
=== blackops_ is now known as blackops67
DasEicrackerjackz:  : no, see ActionP, problem was more than one apt/dpkg process at one time07:41
stingray1ikonia: http://pastebin.com/Zj1yJQs207:41
=== nagchampa is now known as nagaway
ikoniastingray1: if you do "sudo apt-get update" what happens ?07:41
=== DArk is now known as Guest91045
DasEimikubuntu: just black if you tend to print letters, colours for pictures07:42
jacobfoggNew install of Ubuntu 11.04 with an SSD... Everything went well. Some updates ran, including a kernal update to 2.6.38-10 (from 38-8). The problem is, the system won't boot. If I boot to the 38-8 kernal, it boots fine.07:42
Guest91045any one can help me in wlan ?07:42
stingray1ikonia: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/dapper-backports/main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80]07:42
ikoniastingray1: there you go then07:43
stingray1ikonia: explain please07:43
e_t_Guest91045: Maybe. Can you provide more information about what you want to do, or what is not working?07:43
DasEistingray1: dapper ?!07:43
stingray1DasEi: yes07:43
mikubuntustrange, it only wants to print a light greyscale, and only on the setting 'high quality greyscale', but when i run the test page it prints all the colors and all the shades of grey, but i can't get a good black print07:44
ikoniastingray1: that's the problem, somewhere you your system you have the repo archives.ubuntu.com setup and it's not reachable on your machine07:44
Guest91045k i have ALFA adapter and i can connect the wlan by connection manager but  can';t surf internet :(07:44
crackerjackzactionparsnip and DasEi i see think you very much07:44
stingray1ikonia: do-release-upgrade seems to add that07:45
anthony_devwhere I can ask questions about ubuntu dev? (gtk+)07:45
ikoniastingray1: looks like you've found a bug then07:45
DasEicrackerjackz: np07:45
e_t_anthony_dev: #ubuntu-devel07:46
stingray1ikonia: ... which is why i've come here to get help with it07:47
Guest91045<e_t_> k i have ALFA adapter and i can connect the wlan by connection manager but  can't surf internet :(07:47
e_t_Guest91045: If you're connected, then the problem isn't with the wireless adapter.07:47
ikoniastingray1: you'll need to log a bug to get that pacakge updated/fixed/resolved07:47
anthony_deve_t_: thanx07:47
ikoniastingray1: you may want to consider trying to fool it by putting an entry in your /etc/hosts file07:47
stingray1ikonia: I doubt they would fix a bug in an unsupported distro07:47
ikoniastingray1: possibly, possibly not, if they have a suppoted EOL update program, they should07:48
Guest91045e_t_ : i know i need sth to configure i think .. by the way i use 10.0407:49
e_t_Guest91045: I don't understand what that means.07:49
DasEiGuest91045: did you try to go this troubleshooting ? :07:49
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:49
Guest91045i think there is something should be set (settings)07:51
ubuntu24234would the partition  setup here work for ubuntu on a maching with 3gb ram dual booting windows and ubuntu  http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/707/screenshot3wv.png/07:51
JohnDoe_71Rusflashplugin installer during file loading counts second strange. After 1m40s goes 99s07:51
e_t_Guest91045: What do you think needs to be set?07:52
mikubuntuDasEi, printed a snapshot from my pictures and it came out in all muted tones, like looking at an antique picture or something.  think maybe there is some color calibration issue?  is there a way to calibrate that you know of?07:53
DasEiubuntu24234: no, second07:54
Guest91045i don't know may be gateway ,not sure. i can't use ubuntu because of this problem and i tried other editions 11.0407:54
ubuntu24234DasEi: hmmm07:54
mikubuntuhttp://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBgQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmanpages.ubuntu.com%2Fmanpages%2Fhardy%2Fman8%2Fcups-calibrate.8.html&ei=i6AeTtnAHdSq0AG9p8zmAw&usg=AFQjCNEJF_w8hDvvtwKdyBBh6W2blZj_wQ maybe there is07:54
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DasEimikubuntu: tinyurl ;), does gnome-default-printer show correct model ?07:55
glebihanubuntu24234, you would have to format your swap partition as "swap"07:55
glebihanubuntu24234, apart from that, should be ok07:55
DasEimikubuntu: http://tinyurl.com/ , keeps channel readable07:56
e_t_Guest91045: With wireless, things like that are usually set automatically by DHCP. You can find out your default gateway with "ip route | grep default".07:56
ubuntu24234like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/232/screenshot4ha.png/07:57
glebihanubuntu24234, yes07:58
mikubuntuDasEi, printer is showing as default (only) printer07:59
DasEiubuntu24234: you won't need a seperate /boot in ntfs and swap could be 6 gb on 3 gb ram for hibernation , if win is already set up like this, leave it07:59
StevethepirateBest C++ MySQL bindings?08:00
DasEimikubuntu: with correct model listet ?08:00
Guest91045bro i know that too and i haven't changed any thing (dhcp) . when i click wireless icon i find my Ap then i select it and it connects then i open Firefox but it dose n't open and i tried ping but in vain > ip route | grep default < i tired this befor and dosen't work08:00
ubuntu24234DasEi: so if it is 3gb it can't hibernate08:00
e_t_Guest91045: What does "ifconfig" show?08:01
DasEimikubuntu: can cause trouble, yes, just drag it 3 down of the root ext408:01
mikubuntuDasEi, not ezackly, mine is f4480, and showing 'f4400 series'08:02
e_t_Stevethepirate: libmysql++-dev ?08:02
DistroJockeyDasEi, ubuntu24234: the 199MiB ntfs boot partition is something Windows 7 does and needs08:02
Stevethepiratee_t_: Coolio.08:03
DasEiubuntu24234: so already installed and not you doing a recovery setup, yes, that's it then08:04
ubuntu24234DasEi: so a 3gb swap will be enough for hibernation08:05
ileacan someone tell me what could be the problem with brasero disk burner because i am writing a DVD and i choose maximum speed and it writes it at 2,4x why?08:06
DasEiubuntu24234: no,  can cause trouble,  just drag it 3g more down of the root ext408:06
ileai never had this problem with nero08:06
IledenHi! I'm experiencing a weird problem. My computer loses its network connection after certain amount (~40min) of inactivity, and any user activity (even pressing shift) brings it back up. This is problematic because I'm trying to do a long network file transfer on it... Any ideas what might be causing this, and how to troubleshoot?08:06
DistroJockeyIleden: Could be power management cutting power to the network interface08:07
IledenDistroJockey: there's no options for that in power management menu...08:08
DasEimikubuntu: what do you get if you enter : lsmod | grep hp*08:08
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
=== wsx is now known as Barbagianni
BarbagianniHi man08:09
ileai choose maximum speed at brasero disk burner and it writes with 2,4 x what could be the problem?08:09
DistroJockeyIleden: Might even be a BIOS option. Was just a thought. Not sure where you would look.08:09
glebihanIleden, are you using gnome ?08:10
BarbagianniWe use Unity?08:10
Iledenglebihan: ah, no actually. it's xubuntu, so xfce08:10
IledenDistroJockey: hm, good point.08:10
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
BarbagianniI use Windows :/08:11
BarbagianniAnd Arch Linux08:11
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
BarbagianniUbuntu on startup give me this error08:12
dydcan someone tell me how to set the fastest setting on ubuntu?08:13
ubuntu24234will this partition setup work for linux and allow me to hibernate? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/219/screenshot5az.png/08:13
dydlike low graphic effects and stuffs like that08:13
Barbagiannifuck ubuntu, give me this error, fuck gnome 3 tinyurl.com/66bze4e08:13
DasEidyd: fast in what ?08:13
Stormshadowhi all - quickie :: if i want to use GRUB2, should I label my drive as GPT or would msdos suffice?08:13
thegoodcushionsteady on Barbagianni08:13
RH43G0Hey guy;s08:14
dydDasEi: like in windows you can set "performance" to the quickest possible, removing all graphical effects on menus etc08:14
BarbagianniHey http://tinyurl.com/66bze4e08:14
e_t_Stormshadow: Unless your disk is >2TB or you've got an Itanium processor, you don't need GPT.08:14
mikubuntuDasEi output is http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/643888/08:15
DasEidyd: you can disable compiz, but for that a light install, f.e. with lubuntu is a better approach08:15
e_t_Barbagianni: There isn't any error text on the link you posted.08:16
sbarcteamis 11.10 going to have gnome 3 ?08:16
Barbagiannisbarcteam, Unity08:16
Stormshadowthatnks e_t :: for GRUB2 to work, should I create a 1MB primary partition?08:16
ileagnome 3 is a very nice interface08:16
DasEidyd: on a default install can disable compiz/metacity and drop uneeded services , see08:17
sbarcteamBarbagianni, do you mean ONLY unity, without gnome3 in the official repos, or unity as a default, and the gnome3 as separate task?08:17
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:17
DasEidyd:for the hard ones : http://tinyurl.com/ynmk4408:17
e_t_Stormshadow: What are you trying to do?08:18
RH43G0So any of you tried to install an AV on UBUNTU?08:18
DasEimikubuntu: sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart08:18
Barbagiannisbarcteam, Separate i think08:19
=== calc is now known as Guest38036
mikubuntuDasEi run sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart  NOW?08:19
DasEimikubuntu: try another print08:19
tsimpsonBarbagianni: do not post your spam in here08:19
dydDasEi: thank you08:20
mikubuntuDasEi run another print before sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart ?08:20
BarbagianniHey http://tinyurl.com/66bze4e08:20
glebihanIleden, could you pastebin your ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce4-power-manager.xml file ?08:20
DasEimikubuntu: after, you did already as you said above08:21
RH43G0No? Haha OK then.08:22
mikubuntuDasEi :: output :: FATAL: Module hpcups not found08:22
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
DasEimikubuntu: sudo apt-get install hplip-cups hplip-gui08:24
mikubuntuDasEi 3 mins08:25
DasEimikubuntu: I'm not sure about 4400/4480 , but hpcups should be correct module for 4480 on natty08:25
Iledenglebihan: that's easy, there is no such file. :)08:25
Iledenglebihan: oh, it seems the interval isn't regular. I just lost the connection after 15 min or so08:25
glebihanIleden, ok, that's weird...08:26
Iledenglebihan: agreed :)08:26
ubuntu24234would this partition setup work for ubuntu http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/219/screenshot5az.png/08:26
MK``Ever since I upgraded to 11.04, file opening has been a bit off. If I try to open a file of unknown type, instead of sending me to select a program, it throws an error and says "not a folder", but I never set Nautilus as default to open unknown files. Additionally, whenever I download something with Firefox, I can't open it from Firefox's Download window, it throws the same error, even if the type is known.08:27
MK``And on top of all that, whenever I do open a file or folder, the "Opening [folder]..." thing that gets to the taskbar lasts way too long, long after it has successfully opened. I can close the folder before the "Opening..." message goes away.08:27
MK``I won't even go into my other problems at the moment, but how can I restore Ubuntu to, at least, prompt me to select a program when file type is unknown?08:27
FloodBot1MK``: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:27
shaibnhello :) i'm trying to install my linux driver for a realtek 8168 driver. I did 'make clean modules' -> 'make install' -> 'depmod -a' -> 'insmod ./src/r8168.ko' ; and it all went fine. but after I reboot, it doesn't load the driver automatically. How can I make this work automatically?08:27
mikubuntuDasEi :: sudo apt-get install hplip-cups hplip-gui COMPLETED08:29
mikubuntuDasEi should i run :: sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart :: NOW?08:30
glebihanIleden, from what I've read, xfce4-power-manager doesn't seem to control the network adapters, do I guess your problem is bios/hardware related08:31
ubuntu24234mikubuntu: DasEi left08:32
Iledenglebihan: the irregular interval would suggest it's not a power manager thing08:32
glebihanIleden, right08:33
mikubuntuubuntu24234: oh, my08:34
mikubuntunow i'm lost ;p08:34
kubancis ubuntu support good for USB/IDE-SATA adapters08:35
DistroJockeymikubuntu: "sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart" just loads that module and restarts the print service, you can run it anytime (but best not to run it when printing)08:36
asfggHello. I recently installed ubuntu 11.04. Had this certain issue with my gpu freezing the x, so I am using classic with no effects which is working. My problem is however, that my second monitor is showing wrong. Half of the screen is showing primary monitor and half is showing only the secondary. the resoltuoins are set as what is optimal for both08:36
mikubuntuDistroJockey: i'm not sure why he told me to run it08:37
mikubuntuDistroJockey: can you help me with printer (color) calibration?08:37
the-newsmani need help regarding the vlc..... i cannt play .mp4 . the voice only but no picture08:38
DistroJockeymikubuntu: pretty sure they were trying to get the right driver/module required for your printer on your system. I can't help with calibration specifically sorry08:38
mikubuntuDistroJockey: btw, when i ran :: sudo modprobe hpcups && sudo service cups restart :: just now, i got :: FATAL: Module hpcups not found AGAIN08:38
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
gnzntwhere is the list of packages by category?  link?08:40
truepurpleCan someone help me fix codex or whatever so I can play dvd movies under ubuntu?08:41
dddbmtHi guys. I'm having problems with copying a folder with SCP to another computer: http://pastebin.com/yQUkmwZD - would anybody mind taking a look?08:41
mikubuntuanybody know how i might calibrate the color on hp deskjet f4480 all in one printer?08:42
e_t_dddbmt: lihj@ (note the colon)08:43
mikubuntui found this page, but i'm not sure if its what i need :: http://tinyurl.com/6ycwl8p08:44
e_t_dddbmt: alternately, lihj@ (note the colon)08:44
dddbmte_t_, thanks alot, it seems to work. However I get a "connection refused" now.08:45
truepurpleCan someone help me fix codex or whatever so I can play dvd movies under ubuntu?08:45
e_t_dddbmt: Is the remote machine running an SSH server?08:45
mikubuntuat any rate, its showing :: cups-driver-gutenprint :: as INSTALLED in the software center ... arrrrgggghhhh08:46
DistroJockeymikubuntu: Looks like HPLIP doesn't support Color calibration08:46
com64truepurple, have you tried using VLC? I think it doesn't use codecs...08:46
com64and maybe the codecs could be downloaded from Ubuntu software centre iirc.08:47
DistroJockeymikubuntu: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/photosmart/photosmart_c4400_series.html08:47
e_t_truepurple: You need the libdvdcss2 package from the medibuntu repository.08:47
mikubuntuDistroJockey: looking now08:47
truepurplee_t_: How do I get that?08:48
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:48
dddbmte_t_, No it wasn't running ssh deamon;) - Everything is running now! Thanks alot for your time!08:48
pRoV7x what's the best yahoo messanger for ubuntu that has the vidoe and voice calling abality08:49
mikubuntuDistroJockey: i don't see my printer listed there, mine is an f448008:49
DistroJockeymikubuntu: HP ?08:49
JasonF1what port does jabber client operate on?08:50
truepurplee_t_: So is that package getting command downloading all sorts of various files or what?08:51
JasonF1sorry the Empathy IM client08:52
e_t_truepurple: to what are you referring?08:52
DistroJockeymikubuntu: Deskjet or Photosmart ?08:52
truepurplee_t_: http://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php08:52
glebihantruepurple, it adds repositories to your software sources then updates the list of available packages08:53
Dr-Zeussquick question - best ubuntu distro for netbook with amd c50/fusion (acer one 522)? 10.04-netbook386? or would a 64 distro  be better? (no c50 support info) thoughts?08:53
truepurpleglebihan: It doesnt install anything though?08:53
glebihantruepurple, it only installs the medibuntu-keyring package08:54
bobweaverDr-Zeuss, what is the ram08:54
Dr-Zeuss1gb shared08:54
truepurpleSo look in the package manager or the software center?08:54
bobweaverDr-Zeuss, I would go 3208:54
Dr-Zeusscrappy eh? need to drop  4gb in08:55
bobweaverDr-Zeuss, untill I got up to 3 gigs of ran08:55
bobweaverDr-Zeuss, untill I got up to 3 gigs of ram*08:55
bobweaverDr-Zeuss, that is just my option08:56
Dr-Zeusssounds like we are on the same wavelength, just couldnt find info if 64 would use the c50 better (it is a dual core 64bit cpu) but it fairly new.08:56
DistroJockeymikubuntu: At any rate, I doubt you will find color calibration for it in Linux. As you said, it's been sitting idle for a year and the cartridges are probably solid ink now. Best to get new cartridges. Then again, probably cheaper to buy a new printer.08:56
mikubuntuDistroJockey: sorry, deskjet f 4480 .. i definitely have something wrong because i see others in the forums have solved there problems and report perfect operation08:57
billy2007stuck in vbox help08:57
alqaysarhey guys08:57
billy2007ive sorted it now :)08:57
alqaysari need some help08:58
bobweaverbilly2007, hit the right ctrl and a left click on the mouse08:58
pRoV7x what's the best yahoo messanger for ubuntu that has the vidoe and voice calling abality08:58
bobweaveralqaysar, what is the question08:58
mikubuntubilly2007: you're an ez customer08:58
DistroJockeymikubuntu: Yeah, the included drivers should be fine. Pretty sure your cartridges are dead.08:59
alqaysari need any program it can repair bad sectors08:59
Dr-Zeussbobweaver: Thanks08:59
pRoV7x how can i use drivers from Windows with Uubuntu, please08:59
mikubuntuDistroJockey: ya, thats prolly it, i wonder if they can be refilled08:59
mikubuntui haven't had a printer for 5 years so i haven't had any printing issues ... lols09:00
DistroJockeymikubuntu: As I said, it's probably cheaper to buy a new printer.09:00
bobweaveralqaysar, if your harddrive is going out then it is you could try and fix it with fsck -y09:00
mikubuntui think i'm remembering why i din't have a printer09:00
DistroJockeymikubuntu:  hehe. Yeah, I don't.09:01
mikubuntucauses sharp pain in the a** , just below the wallet09:01
bobweaveralqaysar, but if it is going out back up and get a new one09:01
alqaysarits USB harddrive , how can you used this tool?09:01
bobweaveralqaysar, never mind I thought that you where talking about a harddrive09:02
alqaysaris open it but its slow09:02
mikubuntuthanks guys for all your help, i'll check on cartridges in the morning09:02
bobweaveralqaysar, are you trying to get lost info out of it data recovery ?09:03
DistroJockeymikubuntu: no and good luck09:03
DistroJockeymikubuntu: np^09:03
buggyerhi, any recommendation on a distributed/replication file system?09:03
bobweaverbuggyer, remastersys09:03
alqaysari want to fix the bad sectors09:04
bobweaveralqaysar, 0.oI dont know if you can do that09:04
alqaysarthere is some programs in windows i try it, but it dosent work09:05
buggyerbobweaver: im looking for a kind of live replicating fs. i want to have specific data on 2 machines, as failover.09:05
alqaysarnow i want to fix it in ubuntu09:05
bobweaverbuggyer, yes remastersys http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/09:06
alqaysarany idea?09:06
DistroJockeyalqaysar: Google gave me this post, might be worth a look: http://www.overclock.net/linux-unix/588130-ubuntu-9-10-failing-hard-disk.html09:07
bobweaverbuggyer, It makes a live cd/dvd of you system09:07
DistroJockeyalqaysar: badblocks  might do what you want. The hard drive will get worse though, so best to replace it09:07
buggyerbobweaver: yeah, i read that. but i'd like to have some server-client stuff. means if i copy a file to server1 it should appear on server2 also.09:08
bobweaveralqaysar, I agree with DistroJockey09:08
bobweaverbuggyer, Ohh09:08
alqaysarthank you guys :D09:09
DistroJockeyalqaysar: You're welcome :)09:10
onatshey guys09:10
onatswhat's the term called again when i want a partition to be expandable by adding disks?09:10
buggyerbobweaver: drbd looks good.09:10
bobweaverbuggyer, yeah I am not much of a cluster guy one day...09:11
buggyerbobweaver: i'm trying to avoid to have lots of boxes just for security reasons. i have master slave setup already running. except some files i need on both as failover. thats the reason why im asking. :)09:12
DistroJockeyonats: An LVM Volume Group maybe:  http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/11864509:14
onatsthere we go!09:15
onatsthanks DistroJockey09:15
DistroJockeyonats: Not a big fan of LVM, but it may be worth looking at09:15
onatsDistroJockey, why so?09:15
onatsits just hard to setup right?09:15
onatsno known disadvantages?09:15
DistroJockeyonats: if a drive dies so does all your data probably09:16
onatsunless i have raid 109:16
e_t_LVM has many of the risks of raid0.09:16
onatsbut i have raid 1 hardware09:16
DistroJockeyonats: yeah, what e_t_ said :)09:16
DistroJockeyonats: you might be better off adding a disk and mounting it as a new directory in your /home (pretty sure you can do that)09:18
onatswell im going to provision a partition for mail storage09:18
onatsthus, i need an expandable volume09:18
e_t_On top of raid1 hardware, it should be OK. It is harder to configure, and harder to recover in case of serious errors. About the only advantage is the ability to concatenate disk space and grow or shrink volumes.09:18
onatse_t_, with a mail storage space (software manages)09:19
onatsi think its best to use expandable volumes09:20
DistroJockeyonats: adding the drive and redirecting what you need to it would be safest I think. Like placing /var on a new volume for example.09:20
LoqusCan I create  a number of virtual Ethernet Interfaces which uses the same physical Ethernet Adaptor, but each have a different MAC address?09:22
IledenHi! I'm experiencing a weird problem. My computer loses its network connection after random amount (~20min) of inactivity, and any user activity (even moving mouse) brings it back up. This is problematic because I'm trying to do a long network file transfer on it... Any ideas what might be causing this OR how to hack around the problem, by e.g. mimicking user behaviour with a script or something like that?09:22
LoqusIleden, what's your platform (hardware type)09:23
IledenLoqus: some Compaq desktop, running xubuntu09:24
cyphahow do I make a file writable?09:24
cypha(remove read-only)09:24
LoqusCypha google for CHMOD09:24
buggyerwhats a good method to create a container file to host a separate filesystem on an already used filesystem? like this /DATA (ext3); /DATA/container mounted on /DATA2 (ext3)09:24
Iledencypha: right click, and use "permissions" to allow it.09:24
o0o0can it be power management?09:24
Iledencypha: or from terminal: chmod u+w filename09:25
LoqusIleden, it sounds like power modes... so the PC goes into power saving if unused for a while.09:25
IledenLoqus: yeah, i thought so... but the interval is random!09:25
Loquso0o0... snap ;')09:25
LoqusRandom? It's hard to know what your PC might considder as "inactivity"... hoe random is random? I mean, is it always longer than 10 minutes and never more than 20?09:25
unopbuggyer, you can use a loop device on pretty much any of the standard filesystems..  I'd think this might do.     mount -o loop -t ext3 your_ext3_file /path/to/directory09:26
IledenLoqus: so far i've measured roughly 15 mins, 40 mins and 20 mins09:26
Loqus...definately looks like PM settings. Can you check when it goes offline if the link LEDs on your network card, and whatever you're plugged into stay up?09:26
Loqus...also, look out for flashing turnign into solid lights on the activity LED of your adaptor.09:27
buggyerunop: is it possible to give the loopback device a specific size? if i crate a 500GB big file, would the loopback device then also have 500gb of size?09:27
IledenLoqus: I'll check at next disconnect09:27
Loquscool... let me know, I'll be Idling all day.09:27
e_t_buggyer: dd if=/dev/zero of=/DATA/container bs=1024 count=X where X is how many kilobytes you want the file to be. Then mke2fs /DATA/container.09:27
cyphathank Ileden09:28
LoqusHas anyone succcessfully created  a number of virtual Ethernet Interfaces which use the same physical Ethernet Adaptor, but each have a different MAC address?09:28
icerootLoqus: if i am correct you cant change the mac-adress because eth0 is used for the traffic instead of eth0:1 so the mac from eth0 is used09:28
Gorrodoes anyone know how to move a file from one directory to another ?09:29
icerootGorro: mv09:29
mosx1hi all, having a breakdown here trying to get a remote desktop session to an 11.04 desktop box  over ssh09:29
e_t_Loqus: I *think* that only the priciest NICs allow multiple MAC addresses.09:29
mosx1from a win box09:29
mosx1using putt09:29
icerootGorro: mv file /new/path/09:29
buggyere_t_: thanks a lot, i think i can use this method. :)09:29
cyphaIleden, it didn't work09:30
Gorrookay how do i find out the full directory in putty?09:30
Iledencypha: no?09:30
cyphastill says readonly file09:30
Iledencypha: hm, could be you're not the owner of the file09:30
mosx1I run this command on the ubuntu box: x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :009:30
cyphai did sudo chmod u+w inputrc09:30
mosx1then attempt to connect to localhost:0 using vncviewer (version 4.1.2)09:31
Gorrois there a command to fing the true full directory09:31
alqaysarguys , how can i used the terminal form Ubuntu LiveCD?09:31
Iledencypha: if you're not the owner, there two choices: change the owner of the file, or give write permissions to everyone (u+ only gives to the owner)09:31
cyphahow do I change the owner?09:32
wh1zz0Hi guys.. please pardon my stupid question...09:32
Gorrocypha use chmod09:32
wh1zz0How can I change my box name?09:32
crackerjackzi am looking for a text editior similiar to notepad plus plus for linux09:32
Iledencypha: chown username filename09:32
ortsvorstehercypha, you can use chown to change owner09:32
crackerjackzany ideas?09:33
Iledencypha: but be careful... it could break something09:33
LoqusThanks iceroot, e_t_, I think you're right... for the scenario VLANs is the obvious way to go, but I want to make sure I've explored all options. I would ofc like to have 6 network cards, but some things just aren't practivcal on an embedded system ;)09:33
Gorrocrackerjackz you can try pico09:33
Iledencypha: since after that the original owner no longer has access to the file09:33
almoxarifewh1zz0: change the 'host' file to something else in /etc09:33
ortsvorstehercypha, do you want to modify /etc/inputrc with ownership and mode?09:34
cyphaIleden, cool, that worked09:34
crackerjackzGorro, isn't that nano?09:34
cyphabut I don't know who the original owner was09:34
cyphaand is it possible to have multiple owners?09:34
Gorroyes you can allow who you want to be the owner09:34
Iledencypha: a file can have one owner, and one group (which can contain multiple users)09:34
crackerjackzi am looking for a text editor that doesn't make a mess of my XTHML, CSS, PHP.. etc09:35
cyphaok, well, hopefully it didn't break anything09:35
cyphaguess I'll find out09:35
Phylockcrackerjackz - take a look at http://linuxappfinder.com/09:35
Iledencypha: yeah, knowing the original owner would've been part of the being careful part... :)09:35
wh1zz0almoxarife: thanks but not sure I clearly get you...which of the files precisely?09:35
e_t_wh1zz0: you have to change both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts09:35
wslayergrub is showing error: file not found but after rebooting my pc three times grub starts ubuntu09:36
ortsvorstehercypha, you talking about /etc/inputrc?09:36
ortsvorstehercypha, mine is looking like this: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1721 2010-01-18 09:15 /etc/inputrc09:36
=== ServerSurfer is now known as Guest47968
adrian__hello, I have ruby's script which starts server at Computer has eth0 interface with IP: I can connect to server at but at I can't. System is Ubuntu 11.04. I suppose that is routing problem but I don't know how to handle this. Please help me...09:37
crackerjackzPhylock, ty09:37
Gorroanyone here run a ircd server ?\09:38
billy2007how can i make a usb connection get recognized in vbox09:38
cyphathanks ortsvorsteher09:38
Gorroi hated virtual box sorry09:38
wslayergrub isn't booting ubuntu properly it shows up error: file not found but I restart my pc three times and ubuntu starts fine09:38
crackerjackzis there a way to get gvim to number the lines of code?09:38
billy2007Gorro, i know this isnt what this rooms is for but can i ask why09:39
wslayerwhat could it be?09:39
Gorroi just needed some help09:39
=== airtonix_ is now known as airtonix
ikoniabilly2007: because this channel supports ubuntu issues, not virtual box09:39
Gorroi thought maybe someone here could possibly help09:39
Phylockbilly2007- you want to use a usb device from inside a virtual box? did you install the usb plugin?09:39
ikoniabilly2007: you where told about this yesteday09:39
icerootLoqus: vlan is a good choice, i am using it here also and i am very happy with it09:40
billy2007i had a major problem with it earlier and came here it took all night but i got it fixed09:40
wh1zz0hostname is not a directory09:40
Gorroits not the same as having a real box that runs09:40
ikoniabilly2007: ok - so it's best asked in #vbox09:40
almoxarifewh1zz0: hostname is a file09:40
ortsvorstehercrackerjackz, may you try :set nu09:41
wh1zz0yeah.. but there's nothing inside almoxarife09:41
billy2007no one answers in vbox and if its an ubuntu os im using and having problems with the files then i have every right to ask here09:41
Gorrois there a command to find the true full directory09:41
ikoniabilly2007: #vbox is the correct place09:41
almoxarifewh1zz0: the file exists but is empty?09:41
Gorroi am using pico and it does not show the whole directory09:41
wh1zz0almoxarife: yeah09:42
billy2007Phylock, its my iphone it should install itself i assumed?09:42
wh1zz0when I cd to etc dir09:42
wh1zz0and open hostname09:42
wh1zz0there's actually nothing inside09:42
ikoniabilly2007: stop asking #vbox is the correct place09:42
unopbuggyer, the loopback device doesn't really take up space -- it's your file that does09:42
billy2007ikonia, no its a problem in ubuntu so like i said i can post here09:43
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:43
ikoniabilly2007: it's not a problem with Ubuntu, it's you wanting to learn how to configure virtual box - please ask in #vbox09:43
wslayersomeone help me please :d09:43
bobweaverbilly2007, I will help at #ubuntu-beginner09:43
almoxarifewh1zz0: it should have your host name, decide what that should be and add it to the file, you may need to re-start09:43
Gorrobilly2007 don't use virtual box it sucks09:43
ortsvorsteher!someone | wslayer09:44
ubottuwslayer: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:44
Gorrojaded.zanity.net is something you all might want to check out09:44
wh1zz0there's nothing inside hostname but when I looked at hosts09:44
wslayergrub isn't booting ubuntu properly it shows up error: file not found but I restart my pc three times and ubuntu runs09:45
wh1zz0I can see my box name, just that I cant edit it.. almoxarife do you need to sudo bash before I can edit the file?09:45
wslayerwhat is the issue?09:45
almoxarifewh1zz0: yes, you need admin permission09:45
wh1zz0Ahh.. okie09:46
wh1zz0let me try now09:46
billy2007ikonia, your a nozy one aint ya09:47
ikoniabilly2007: no, I'm just trying to direct you to the correct place09:47
Phylockbilly2007 - which version of vbox, host, guest? did you add yourself to the 'vboxusers' group? did you install the usb extension pack?09:48
billy2007Phylock, so the usb is in the extras pack?09:48
cyphaortsvorsteher, how can I put my file back to those permissions and owner?09:48
Phylockbilly2007 - http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch01.html#intro-installing09:49
crackerjackzortsvorsteher, it works cool :D ty09:49
wh1zz0almoxarife:  (gedit:4836): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.TID1XV': No such file or directory09:49
ikoniathat link is in the topic in #vbox channel whichi billy2007 should join09:49
ikoniawh1zz0: you shouldn't be using root09:50
wh1zz0I actually can see my box name in hostname now that I did sudo gedit hostname09:50
ortsvorstehercypha, try sudo chmod 644 /etc/inputrc and after that: sudo chown root:root /etc/inputrc .09:50
wh1zz0Okie.. thot they said never login to root09:50
ortsvorstehercrackerjackz, you are welcome :)09:50
cyphacool, one sec09:50
wslayerwhat is the grub config file?09:50
wh1zz0Okie.. lemme try again09:50
ikoniawh1zz0: the root account is disabled for a reason09:50
almoxarifewh1zz0: I am assuming you did not do something close to sudo gedit /etc/hostname09:51
ikoniaalmoxarife: gksudo for graphical applications09:51
almoxarifeikonia: true09:51
wh1zz0yes that was what I did almoxarife  the first time09:52
almoxarifeam I the only person who figured out that there is such a thing as 'open as admin' in nautilus and uses it?09:52
wh1zz0i cd to the /etc/ then i did sudo gedit hostname09:52
Iledenalmoxarife: pretty much, yeah :)09:53
wh1zz0ikonia: i still get the same error09:53
wh1zz0(gedit:4836): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.TID1XV': No such file or directory09:53
ikoniawh1zz0: exactly what command are you using ?09:54
wh1zz0even when logged in as root ... and when i just used sudo outside root09:54
almoxarifeikonia: wh1zz0 initially stated that his 'hostname' file was empty, how does that effect gksudo or sudo I wonder?09:55
wslayerwhat is mouse?09:55
wh1zz0initially i did sudo gedit hostname09:55
ikoniawh1zz0: ok - so top09:55
ikoniawh1zz0: what is the command you are doing now that is causing you a problem09:55
mosx1I'm struggling trying to connect over ssh using port forwarding to a vncserver09:55
mosx1connection just immediately closees09:55
wslayerwhat is ubuntu?09:55
ikoniawh1zz0: right, so it's wrong, to use graphical applications you use "gksudo" not "sudo"09:56
wh1zz0when i do sudo gedit the file actually opens and i can see the contents09:56
wh1zz0when i try to edit and save that's when i get this error09:56
ikoniawslayer: a linux distribution see www.ubuntu.com09:56
wh1zz0i see09:56
mosx1I'm thinking it may be a firewall type issue but I'm unsure09:57
mosx1If I can connect ok with putty and log in then presumably I'm good as far as firewall goes ?09:57
ikoniamosx1: that is port 2209:58
ikoniamosx1: is vnc running on port 2209:58
mosx1I'm using SSH tunnel09:58
mosx1configured in putty09:58
mosx1or trying to09:58
ikoniamosx1: ok, so I see what you are saying your firewall is open09:58
mosx1I can connect to the ubuntu, log in and command line start x11vnc09:59
kriegerodis there any poll results showing how many percents use {,k,ed,x}ubuntu, and also stable/testing/unstable?09:59
krambiorixhi guys, because of my svnclient doesn't work with libsvn1 version 1.6.6 i need to downgrade to version 1.4.6. I downloaded this version and installed it with dpkg -i . But now i have a dependencies problem. What can i do?09:59
mosx1just cant then connect to it from my win box09:59
ikoniakrambiorix: meet the dependencies09:59
wh1zz0ikonia: thanx.. but do i need to restart b4 this change visibly takes effect? Cuz i did and saved without any issue but after closing the file I get this on screen10:00
wh1zz0gedit:4995): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory10:00
voozeIs there  a way to run uniy without the launcher and use dock insted? I like the idea of having alot of the things in my top panel, but i would rather like a dock, insted of the launcher..10:00
voozeunity *10:00
ikoniaI suspect your session is now messed up, log out and back in10:00
wh1zz0referring to me ikonia ?10:01
wh1zz0okie.. let me log off10:01
babuif i modify the contact group in empathy, will it reflect in original chat...10:01
mosx1any suggestions for me to troubleshoot my connection issue ?10:01
babubabu, hi10:02
ikoniamosx1: isn't X11vnc a X11 application ?10:02
mosx1no idea10:03
ikoniamosx1: I believe it is, which is why it won't work on your non-X11 windows machine10:03
mosx1huh? I thought it was a vnc server10:04
ikoniait is - but it's display is X11, hence the name10:04
mosx1I was following this guide that shows a connection from Windows10:05
wh1zz0(gedit:5217): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory10:05
wh1zz0ikonia: i still get the same error10:05
ikoniamosx1: what vnc server are you using on your windows machine10:05
ikoniawh1zz0: can you STOP posting that10:06
ikoniawh1zz0: we've seen it every other line10:06
mosx1I'm using a view10:06
ikoniawh1zz0: please show me the output of the command "id"10:06
wh1zz0looks like the error code is different10:06
ikoniamosx1: how are you launching the viewer ?10:06
mosx1Real VNC Viewer 4.1.210:06
wh1zz0uid=1000(wh1zz0) gid=1000(wh1zz0) groups=1000(wh1zz0),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),112(lpadmin),120(admin),122(sambashare)10:06
ikoniamosx1: good, so you're not trying to launch X11vnc on the windows machine as I suggested initially10:07
ejoHi.  I have a USB memory stick with an 11.04 ISO on it and have used that successfully (with no problems at all) to install to one computer so far.  Now I'm trying to use it to install 11.04 on a second computer, and the computer just reboots about ten seconds after I choose "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Drive" from the boot menu.10:07
mosx1definately not10:07
bobweaveranyok so I installed kde on my ubuntu 10.10 machine and like it. so much that I never use gnome and would like to get rid of it from the login menu is there a way to do this ?10:07
mosx1that def wouldn't work ;)10:07
ikoniawh1zz0: you've messed up your session logging in as root, it now thinks your trying to edit things as root and as such wants to use roots home directories where they don't exist/permissions are wrong10:07
mosx1I'm a Ubuntu newbie but not a complete newbie10:08
ikoniamosx1: ok, that's good,10:08
mosx1so I ran: x11vnc -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :010:08
mosx1on the ubuntu box10:08
christoph_Hello. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in taking the UserComment tag that fspot exports its "title" of the photo from the image metadata and writing it into XMP.photoshop.headline that shotwell uses10:08
mosx1and checked with nmap that it opened the port10:08
ejoAny ideas how I can avoid this problem of constant rebooting before I can get through the Ubuntu install from a USB stick?  It's not-very-old hard drives on an otherwise perfectly working computer.10:09
ejoI reset the box's BIOS to defaults and made sure everything looked normal in there10:10
ejoThere's nothing exotic plugged into it, the video card is working properly10:10
stratoshello, where is actual old-releases repository, please10:10
ejoSame USB stick has successfully installed Ubuntu on another computer, no problem.  OK that's my full description so I'll just wait and see if anyone is able to help.10:11
coz_stratus if you mean repositories to update old releases I dont believe there are any,, if you mean live cds'  of old releases let me check10:12
Sidewinder1stratos, Perhaps this'll help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Why%20choosing%20a%20fresh%20install10:12
=== tum is now known as Guest395
stratosin my /etc/apt/sources.list i have: deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper main restricted universe multiverse10:14
stratosbut after apt-get update i get: Failed to fetch http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/dapper-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found10:14
=== will is now known as Guest39412
wh1zz0ikonia: & almoxarife thanks alot for your help ... All I did not was restart my box and the change now shows10:15
Guest39412can anyone tell me how to clear frequently used in applications?10:16
Guest39412most frequently used*10:16
baomihuawhy people use ubuntu?10:17
ikoniabaomihua: personal choice, see why you would/wouldn't use it10:18
ejoSo no one has seen this problem where a live CD (on usb stick) would just keep rebooting before it gets anywhere?  Does it at least suggest some likely sources of trouble?10:18
Guest39412anyone able to tell me how to clear most frequently used?10:18
gryGuest39412, stand by10:18
Sidewinder1stratos, Here is a step by step how-to in order to go from Dapper to Hardy... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Dapper10:18
mosx1ejo: I have seen problem yes10:19
mosx1oh sorry - didn't see it was on a usb10:19
mosx1my mistake10:19
Dr_Willisejo,  bad iso, tool making the iso messed up. .. issue btween the kind of usb and pc...10:19
ejoThe ISO worked fine for installing on another pc last week.10:20
ejoYeah maybe I'll just try another port (that would be too easy/weird but i'll try it of course)10:20
Dr_Willisejo,  test it with some other pc's, try remaking it with some other iso->usb tools , try a differnt usb stick10:20
csdwifiis there a shortcut C^ or M^ command for desktop switcher?10:20
Dr_Willisin the next release i  hear you are supposed to be able to 'dd' the iso to theusb stick. so hopefully that will remove a lot of problems.  but thats for the future10:21
ejoThe only other thing I can think of is, the two hard drives in this PC used to be a striped RAID array; I deleted the array and reset the BIOS so that I would have a clean slate to work with, and I don't know if anything about that operation could have interfered with Live CD operation.10:21
Dr_Williscsdwifi,  clarify what you are meaning.10:21
gryGuest39412: Do you want to continue using Unity after removing that?10:21
ejoDr_Willis: like I said, it tested fine with another PC, it installed perfectly10:21
csdwifidr_willis : I mean control or alt command10:21
gryGuest39412: You wanted to remove most used applications list.10:22
Guest39412no, clear :)10:22
ejoI thought he just wanted to clear the list, not remove it.10:22
csdwifii want to switch desktops using function keys10:23
gryGuest39412: Ah I see.10:23
Guest39412do you know a way?10:23
Guest39412anybody know a way?10:23
Dr_Willisthers proberly a way Guest39412  but i dont know it off hand. check the askubuntu.com site would be my first stop.10:24
Dr_Williscsdwifi,  that would be a setting you could setup via the CCSM tool for  'compiz'10:25
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz10:25
csdwifithanks Dr_Willis10:25
Dr_Williscsdwifi,  theres some default keys for it. but i rarely use the desktops feature any more.10:25
mosx1weird...I know the SSH port forwarding is working ok as I can port forward port 80 and see the apache server running at http://localhost10:25
Guest39412i tried google and ubuntuforums but I'll see if i can find something there10:25
mosx1but for some reason port 5900 just will not connect10:25
Dr_WillisGuest38036,  it may be using that zegiest database feature.. ive not looked into it..10:26
Dr_Willisooops.. wrong guest..10:26
buggyermosx1: does it connect locally?10:26
Dr_Williswill guest nicks please pick a better nick. :) getting to be croweded in here with them...10:26
mosx1from the ubuntu to the ubuntu you mean ?10:26
=== Guest39412 is now known as will1
gryGuest39412: Sorry, no clue. There is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1399816 but I don't think it would work. Probably ask at the ubuntu-users mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users10:27
mosx1buggyer what exactly do you mean ?10:27
buggyermosx1: if you can connect on the machine which has the service running. without forwarding...10:29
wslayerwhat the hell is wrong with grub?10:29
wslayererror:file not found10:29
rofood-pzzI've a template for a website that i want to make RTL. Would you do it for money? do you know where can i find a freelance?10:29
jrib!ot | rofood-pzz10:29
ubotturofood-pzz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:29
dattebayois anybody her played the Warcraft?10:29
wslayerbut if I restart my system three times ubuntu runs10:29
wslayerdattebayo: narutard10:30
mosx1if i turn off the localhost setting I can connect across to it fine from my win box ?10:30
the-newsmanjrib can i /msg u ?10:30
jribthe-newsman: sure10:30
dattebayowslayer, what?10:30
wslayerdattebayo: nvm10:30
jrib!backtrack > the-newsman10:31
ubottuthe-newsman, please see my private message10:31
dattebayowslayer, i dont get wat u sayin10:31
Sidewinder1!wow > dattebayo10:31
ubottudattebayo, please see my private message10:31
mosx1buggyer not sure how to try that10:31
buggyermosx1: how do you try to connect when the forwarding is active?10:31
rofood-pzzI've a template for a website that i want to make RTL. Would you do it for money? do you know where can i find a freelance?10:32
mosx1from a windows machine - the forwarding is active as soon as the ssh session is initialised10:32
jribrofood-pzz: why have you asked that question again after you were told it was not appropriate in this channel?10:33
gorskiI would like to install ubuntu on an external usb hard drive on one partiton and another would be ntfs, is that possible, and will windows xp see the ntfs partition, when  i plug usb hdd to computer with xp installed!?10:33
dligorski, yes, and yes10:33
gorskiok, many tnx10:34
helpcryptowhich one is the channel for devel-related questions?10:34
luk6windows will be able to see the ntfs.. no prob10:34
jribhelpcrypto: what is your question?10:34
buggyermosx1: you estable connection like this ssh -N -L 33642:remotemachine:5900 user@firewall ?10:35
helpcryptodpkg-gencontrol: warning: can't parse dependency openssl (>= 0.9.8g)10:35
helpcryptowhats bad on this control file line?10:35
luk6helpcrypto: development in which programming language10:35
jribhelpcrypto: where did you obtain this deb?10:35
helpcryptoubuntu .deb package control file10:35
helpcryptoim doing it10:35
helpcryptoa few days ago, it worked10:35
jribhelpcrypto: try #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-packaging10:35
helpcryptook, thx10:36
BaribalHi. I used find to get a list of all python files in a path. Into what program do I have to pipe it to get the content of all those files, so I can grep through that?10:38
wslayerso here's my issue I can boot onto ubuntu only after restarting grub three times. I have no idea how to fix the error:file not found.10:39
jribBaribal: none, just grep the list of files10:39
dliBaribal, or find: find . -name "*.py" -exec grep -H foo {} \;10:39
krakscan someone offer me linux distro wich for sure works on my Acer Aspire 5742G Xtreme GT. I installed Mandriva 2010.1 smoothly, but when i finished and restarted machine, black window appeared and that's it10:39
IledenLoqus: ok, no it disconnected, and the network light is off, and my NAT doesnt see the computer10:40
jribkraks: well you might try an ubuntu live cd and see how that goes...10:40
wslayerkraks: have you tried tty?10:40
disinphohey, im getting artifacts at ubuntu bootup after adjusting my ati card clocks using aticonfig - now i booted in failsafe x mode to change it back, but aticonfig saids X needs to be running (doing this in terminal inside failsafex)10:41
krakswslayer i am kinda noob. don't know what u mean with tty :)10:41
luk6kraks: r u new to Linux10:41
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
kraksluk6 yeah, kinda new. well.. i will have win7 on my lap, but i have problems with my cd drive on this pc, so i need to install linux on my lap to burn win7 in cd10:43
kraksjust googled about tty10:44
krakswell.. the problem is.. i even can't see terminal10:44
kraksi see nothing when mandriva boots10:44
CruX|try to turn off grub gui10:45
disinphoplease advise10:45
luk6kraks: \have u tried ctrl+alt+F110:45
kraksluk6 no10:46
wslayerUbuntu only works after three reboots, what the hell? Before three reboots grub will show error: file not found10:46
luk6if u r new i recommend the use of Ubuntu... it is a Linux distribution10:47
grywslayer, which file10:47
wslayergry: that's what I'm trying to figure out here10:47
com64Hm... for some reason, when I Hibernate in 11.04, it's not saved when I start ubuntu up again!10:47
com64as if it didn't hibernate in the first place.10:47
mosx1how do i kill the process that has port 5900 open ?10:48
luk6com64: did u create a swap partition while installing it10:48
com64luk6, yes, yes i did10:48
luk6hw big is yo ram and the swap10:48
mosx1after x11vnc -kill it is still open10:48
kraksluk6 it's 100% that ubuntu will work on Acer Aspire 5742G Xtreme GT  ?10:48
wslayergry: it will show error: file not found then freeze or reboot10:49
luk6i have seen it work on other Acer machines... i believe it will work for your model....10:49
cyphacan I get the terminal to realize when the control key is pressed?10:50
com64luk6, my RAM is 1GB and my SWAP is supposed to be 3GB10:50
wslayergry: then I restart the system manually three times after this which will make grub run ubuntu10:51
kraksok, i hope my cd drive will burn this *.iso, couse there is always problems with burning dvd - it just doesn't work10:51
mzainikraks, try wubi10:52
disinphoey, im getting artifacts at ubuntu bootup after adjusting my ati card clocks using aticonfig - now i booted in failsafe x mode to change it back, but aticonfig saids X needs to be running (doing this in terminal inside failsafex)10:52
luk6com64: ok that is ok10:52
com64luk6, my swap partition shows up as "unknown filesystem" in gparted... is that normal?10:52
com64Also, I can't format it and it isn't mounted.10:52
dlicom64, swap can not be mounted :(10:54
dlicom64, just swapoff it, then, use gparted to reformat it as swap10:54
com64but is it normal to show up as "unknown" under the filesystem category in GParted?10:55
com64dli, I tried that.10:55
com64sudo swapoff -a10:55
luk6the file system of swap shd be linux-swap... anyway if ur using Ubuntu10:55
com64right next to the name (/dev/sda2) in gparted, there is a red circle with an exclamation mark...10:55
dlicom64, still, it's better to make it consistent10:55
com64I Can't format it "resource is in use" or something like that...10:56
stratoscan anyone tell me where is functional old-release repository? old-releases.ubuntu.com is not working (dapper)10:57
jribstratos: is there a reason you have not upgraded?  Dapper is EOL10:57
ikoniastratos: it appears to have been retired10:57
com64Okay, I deleted the partition, now it's unallocated space, but I can't create a partition in its place.10:58
com64I think I need to reboot.10:58
luk6com64... what did u use to format it10:58
com64I keep getting errors that it's already in use.10:59
com64when trying to format it10:59
dlicom64, cat /proc/swaps10:59
luk6u can also try to see if u can use disk utility under administration10:59
Sidewinder1!u > luk611:01
ubottuluk6, please see my private message11:01
com64going to reboot and see what happens...11:01
=== Lomex is now known as Lomex_off
=== mzaini is now known as hpubuntu
sgo11hi, just fresh install ubuntu 11.04 and fresh install chrome. Then "Keep Chrome in launcher" and quit chrome. click the chrome icon in launcher will not open chrome in unity. why? any ideas?11:04
khis there anyway to get 'workspace switcher' to upper bar in 11.04?11:05
grykh: Right click. Move/11:05
sgo11btw, right click chrome icon in launcher will not show "New Incognito Window" option, it was in my another ubuntu install 11.04 upgrade from 10.10.11:05
recon69_lapis the skype bata 2.2 working in ubuntu 10.411:06
khgry: nothing happens when i right click that icon on a left popup bar11:07
StephenSwhy is my phpmyadmin goes so slow?11:07
recon69_lapanyone using skype atm11:07
luk6meaning of atm?11:08
chuck_monkeyat the moment11:08
recon69_lapat the moment11:08
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest71054
grykh: sorry, we're apparently using different things. I'm out at this point.11:10
recon69_laphmm, gotten very quite here since i was last on, ubuntu must have no bugs ;-)11:10
sgo11hi, just fresh install ubuntu 11.04 and fresh install chrome. Then "Keep Chrome in launcher" and quit chrome. click the chrome icon in launcher will not open chrome in unity. why? any ideas?11:11
=== LittleFool`off is now known as LittleFool
jribstratos: so you want a dapper mirror so you can upgrade or... ?11:12
hpubuntui switched to classic ubuntu from unity11:12
hpubuntui think unity has some problem11:13
recon69_lapsgo11, in the launcher, have you look at properties and checkrd the command line setting11:13
chuck_monkeyanyone know a good place to go for unity shortcuts. I've found heaps of sites that haven't been useful11:13
sgo11recon69_lap, how to look at properties?11:14
recon69_laplol, sgo11, right click icon, select properties11:14
stratosirib: install next app11:14
billy2007kh, If you find an answer let me know thats a great idea11:14
jribstratos: why do you want a dapper repository?11:15
sgo11recon69_lap, ??? right click icon will just show "New tab" "Keep in launcher" "quit" three options. where is properties?11:15
khbilly2007: will do!11:15
harshadahey how to get bottom panel application list11:16
stratosjrib: to install application from dapper packages11:16
sgo11btw, "new tab" option in launcher won't work either.11:16
recon69_lapsgo11, well dont know then, not familiar with this autolauncher11:16
harshadai want to kill some application from bottom panel how to do tha11:16
sgo11recon69_lap, thanks anyway. :)11:16
sgo11anyone familiar with unity launcher ? where are the configuration files? thanks.11:16
jribstratos: you should probably create your own local mirror.  There are some mirrors that still have dapper (e.g. http://debian.anu.edu.au/), but I would not depend on them.  I strongly suggest you upgrade to a supported release of ubuntu11:17
stratosjrib: thx, i'll create local mirror11:19
com64luk6, I tried disk utility. "One or more block devices are holding /dev/sda2"11:19
com64It also says that my disk has a few bad sectors11:20
=== omichalek is now known as bng
luk6then the swap partition can not be used when the OS is using it let me look into that11:21
sgo11unity is the default wm in ubuntu. is there a unity channel? thanks.11:21
com64I did do sudo swapoff -a though.11:21
Phylocksgo11 - no configurations, take it as it is ... joke aside, what is it you try to change?11:22
com64and checked lsof and didn't see anything...11:22
recon69_laphmm, guess no skype users11:22
sgo11Phylock, did you read my previous question? i keep chrome in launcher which doesn't work. clicking chrome icon in launcher will not start anything.11:23
ikoniarecon69_lap: I am using skype11:23
recon69_lapikonia, is it working for you, and if so what versions11:23
mnemochi, i'm running 11.04/64 on a pure efi machine but the updater now wants to remove grub-efi and install grub-pc instead, does't sound ok, but... did they get merged?11:23
ikoniarecon69_lap: it was working for me earlier today and the current stable version11:24
com64is it really bad if my disk has 4 reallocated sectors? (according to SMART data) ?11:24
sgo11by googling, somebody said logout and login and reinstall solves the problem. but actually I did reinstall and logout. maybe I should restart my laptop and reinstall.11:24
recon69_laphmm, i'm still on the beta 2.2 , might be why it's not working11:24
sattu94hi, i have a problem here.11:24
Phylocksgo11- then delete the icon, create a new desktop link to chrome on the desktop, and drag it in if i remeber correct11:25
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=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
com64*sigh* I don't understand... It used to work fine...11:25
luk6com64: try using Gparted on the Livecd.... in that way the OS will not be using the swap partition11:25
com64luk6, okay... I have a liveusb somewhere, but it takes so damn long to load.11:26
sgo11Phylock, thanks for the tip. I will restart my laptop first. if that doesn't work, i will try your way. thanks.11:26
ikoniaremove swap from the /etc/fstab file and reboot11:26
ikoniaor just do "sudo swapoff"11:26
com64ikonia, I did sudo swapoff -a11:26
ikoniacom64: and ?11:26
com64didnt change anything11:26
com64I think the problem might be bad sectors on the disk11:26
ikoniacom64: so remove swap (comment) from /etc/fstab and reboot11:27
recon69_lapcom64, smart is not really that smart. if it's what i think it is11:27
wh1zz011:39 < wh1zz0> Help please.. I'm trying to share my LAN connection via my wireless adapter to other computers but I have not been successful so far.. I'm  on ubuntu 11.0411:27
wh1zz011:40 < wh1zz0> I created a new wireless network first.. then I shared eth0 ....11:27
wh1zz011:40 < wh1zz0> the other laptops see my shared connection but cannot surf the web11:27
ikoniawh1zz0: can you please stop copying and pasting stuff11:27
ikoniawh1zz0: if you have a question, ASK it, stop copying and pasting with time stampes and peoples name11:28
wh1zz0I'm really sorry about that11:28
com64Okay, rebooting... here goes...11:28
mosx1ProFTPD warning: cannot start neither in standalone nor in inetd/xinetd mode.11:28
luk6com64: are you the one who could not hibernate as you wanted11:28
mosx1anyone know where to go with this error ?11:28
shtutgartHi. Why -t argument of notify-send doesn't take any effect? I'm doing $ notify-send -t 300 "foo", but notifications floating around 5 seconds. Version is 0.5.0 on ubuntu 10.10.11:28
com64luk, yeah11:28
aurillianceDoes anyone know if it is possible to change the short codes for the Ubuntu 11 unity launcher? I hate the way "calc" always selects "Libreoffice Calc", rather than "Calculator". I'd like to change it so that when I type "Calc" it selects the calculator as the first option. Any clues?11:28
com64I used to hibernate, though11:28
ikoniamosx1: look at the proftpd log ?11:28
com64just suddenly stopped11:28
com64brb restarting...11:29
shtutgartaurilliance: remove openoffice calc? :)11:29
aurillianceshtutgart: lol11:29
sattu94i have lost all my window decorations, and i can restore them only using sudo metacity --replace, however i can't add it to the startup since it has sudo.11:30
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csdwifii need some help trying to install/patch Samba to 3.x11:30
=== AnneGilles123 is now known as christovery
Dark_owlneed help in wireless internet anyone there ?11:31
csdwifii am getting error messages like this when compiling from a samba_3 SVN and running ./autogen.sh11:31
csdwifiautom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 111:31
csdwifiautoheader2.50: '/usr/bin/autom4te' failed with exit status: 111:31
recon69_laplol, get a router Darkowl11:31
wh1zz0Please my problem which I have been battling with for about 3 days now is this.. I want to share my internet connection. I am connected via LAN (so my device is eth0). I created a new wireless addhoc and encrypted it, then under network settings I modified the IPv4 settings for eth0 as "shared to other computers" instead of the default automatic DHCP. Now, the other laptop sees my connection and even connects but theres no access to the in11:31
luk6wireless internet>>> wimax or wifi or gsm modem11:32
ditadipolverewhen it comes out this new version of ubuntu? http://goo.gl/FF51y11:32
wh1zz0luk6: referring to me?11:32
recon69_lapwhizz0, you should get the output of ipconfig and more and paste bin it. to little info to really know what you tring11:34
Sidewinder1!who > luk611:34
ubottuluk6, please see my private message11:34
DistroJockey!ops ditadipolvere Spam11:34
ubottuDistroJockey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:34
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
recon69_lapifconfig i mean, keep using the win one11:34
com64Okay, now I get "/dev/sda2: Device or resource busy"11:35
com64cat /proc/swaps shows nothing11:35
com64I removed swap from /etc/fstab...11:35
dlicom64, did you restart gparted?11:36
com64I restarted the computer, dli11:36
recon69_lapcsdwifi: i'd try the samba room, that sounds like missing libraries11:36
dlicom64, can you do with parted (cli instead of gui)?11:37
Layke2What does %st% mean in top?11:37
Layke2software terminations?11:37
luk6com64: this link will help u to enable swap for hibernation.... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq11:38
desshi everyone, is there anyone who could help me to upgrade to ubuntu 11.04 from a very old version 6.06 LST (i don't have a CD burner and cannot boot from USB)11:38
dessalso the update-manager says my system is up-to-date and does not offer me to uprgrade11:39
luk6dess: you dont have a usb port!11:39
dessluk6: i do, but seems like my bios cannot load from usb11:39
tsimpsonLayke2: Steel Time: The amount of CPU 'stolen' from this virtual machine by the hypervisor for other tasks (such as running another virtual machine).11:39
dessi tried11:39
tsimpsonLayke2: section 2c of man top11:39
dlidess, can boot from usb then with some tweak11:40
dessdli: could you brief me explain how11:40
dlidess, http://download.plop.at/files/bootmngr/plpbt-5.0.12.zip11:40
recon69_lapdess: you think of ordering the cd11:41
csdwifirecon69_lap,  i'm in there and asked, no response yet.11:41
dessrecon69_lap: i might order i know, but it would take some time to deliver11:41
hpubuntuhow to share a lan with other computer by wifi11:42
dessdli: what am i supposed to do with that zip?11:42
dlidess, it's not free software, but quite straight forward, unzip it, copy the plpbt.bin to your /boot, make an entry to boot it in your menu.lst, like "kernel /boot/plpbt.bin", then, plpbt.bin handles booting from USB11:42
dessdli: ok i will try now, thank you mate11:42
aurillianceDoes anyone know if it is possible to change the short codes for the Ubuntu 11 unity launcher? I hate the way "calc" always selects "Libreoffice Calc", rather than "Calculator". I'd like to change it so that when I type "Calc" it selects the calculator as the first option. Any clues?11:42
hpubuntuplease help11:43
dlidess, if you can make a boot partition, it's easier, otherwise, something wrong with upgrading, you may not be able to boot :(11:43
dessdli: am i supposed to copy *only* plpbt.bin? what should i do with other files?11:44
dlidess, not needed, the small binary file is a boot manager11:44
recon69_lapcsdwifi: you done much compiling on you machine before11:44
hpubuntuplease help how to share connection with other computer adhoc11:44
utusanhpubuntu, do you have wifi router?11:45
wh1zz0Can anyone help me please?11:45
wh1zz0Without router ie11:45
grywh1zz0: With?11:45
csdwifirecon69_lap eh, not really :)  just winging it11:45
wh1zz0Please my problem which I have been battling with for about 3 days now is this.. I want to share my internet connection. I am connected via LAN (so my device is eth0). I created a new wireless addhoc and encrypted it, then under network settings I modified the IPv4 settings for eth0 as "shared to other computers" instead of the default automatic DHCP. Now, the other laptop sees my connection and even connects but theres no access to the in11:45
hpubuntua cable connected to one computer11:45
Banetashi all11:45
Sidewinder1dess, From what you said, you may have problems upgrading from 6.06; you may need to order a LiveCD, from Canonical and do a clean install.11:45
Iledenwh1zz0: if you don't get answers here for a long time, you could also try askubuntu.com11:46
dlihpubuntu, take the cable, directly connect two computers via ethernet :)11:46
dessdli: it says there is no command kernel, i might misunderstand you though11:46
recon69_lapcsdwifi: you did open the readme me file and read the instructions i take it.11:46
dessSidewinder1: yeah i know mate, it would take a long time though11:46
dlidess, do you know what menu.lst is?11:46
Sidewinder1dess, That's rather time consuming; do you have a friend that could burn you a liveCD?11:46
csdwifii did, i followed the readme and website docs on their site11:47
wh1zz0Okie thanks Ileden11:47
hpubuntui want to use wireless to use on other devices11:47
dessdli: sorry i read your message wrong, where is menu.lst located?11:47
recon69_lapcsdwifi: can you paste a line plz to the website11:47
com64Okay, so I have a useless non-working swap partition that I can't get rid of (probably because of bad sectors) and I need to create another one elsewhere... but I can't have more than 4 primary partitions X(11:47
utusanhpubuntu, you need to have a wifi router11:47
hpubuntuwhat about adhoc11:48
BanetasI'm sorry, is there any italian in this chat?11:48
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dlidess, the idea is to copy the plpbt.in to /boot, make a grub boot entry for it, then, choose plpbt.bin in grub to load the plpbt boot manager11:48
utusanhpubuntu, a cable alone doesn't buy you anything11:48
dlidess, edit the file /boot/grub/menu.lst11:48
=== NaSSiM is now known as NaSSiM`
hpubuntuthis computer is connected to the net11:49
csdwifirecon69_lap,  http://samba.org/samba/subversion.html11:49
Negativwhere i can get deb packet to install them without internet?11:49
hpubuntui want to share this connection bt adhoc11:49
csdwifirecon69_lap,  i might try the git instructions since svn is marked (historical) on the page before11:50
tomek_anyone can help with wi-fi on priv?11:50
dlihpubuntu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc11:50
utusanhpubuntu, your isp comes to your house thru modem then connect to a wifi router.  your other computer then connects wirelessly to the wifi router11:50
recon69_lapcsdwifi: git/svn should not affect the compile, something else missing11:50
dessdli: ok i added the row "kernel /boot/plpbt.bin" at the end of the file, gonna try it now11:51
csdwifihmm, would you like to see error output from autogen.sh?11:51
dessdli: it should be able to boot from the usb now, right?11:51
dlidess, hope you added the entry properly :(11:51
dessdli: what happens if not haha11:51
recon69_lapcsdwifi: could you pastbin the output of autogen,11:52
dlidess, pastebin it, and verify the location of plpbt.bin11:52
tomek_is it possible to have two networks on two wifi cards?11:52
dlitomek_, why not?11:52
grytomek_: With different users logged in at the same time, sure.11:53
dlitomek_, you can have many ethernet cards as well11:53
tomek_one - internet with access point and second windows-samba11:53
csdwifirecon69_lap, http://paste.ubuntu.com/644022/11:53
dlidess, please do not private msg without asking :(11:54
dessdli: sry, have you got the message?11:54
dlidess, http://pastebin.com/nuYt2s6E11:56
dlidess, this is better, with boot: http://pastebin.com/kZt1utft11:56
sgo11Phylock, finally it works. I have to go through the exact sequence to make it work. (1) install chrome (2) start it and keep it in launcher (3) reboot. (4) chrome will disappear in launcher, then start it again in terminal. (5) keep it again in launcher. this time will work.11:57
dessdli: thank you, im gonna try now11:57
csdwifithe only thing on configure.in:353 is the line AC_LIBREPLACE_CC_CHECKS11:58
dohomii trying to run a sendmail on my ubuntu via apache2 and php, but it doesnt work. has anybody a howto or something for me, whats the best to use?11:58
recon69_lapcsdwifi: look like you in version hell from here, http://samba.2283325.n4.nabble.com/PATCH-Fix-circular-dependency-error-with-autoconf-2-6-3-td2477234.html  might help. but you should try the samba room or post to their forum11:59
Tex_WillerHi all , is there any italian in this chat?12:00
bazhang!it | Tex_Willer12:00
ubottuTex_Willer: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:00
Tex_WillerThank you ;-)12:01
rsmarpleshi. is it possible to roll back to an older nvidia-current version or manually install an nvidia driver? the latest one in lucid ppa has many errors for wow12:01
recon69_lapcsdwifi: i think the problem might be that you have a newer version of autoconf-2.60 than they are using. best guess from current info12:01
bazhangrsmarples, remove the ppa?12:01
csdwifithanks recon69_lap I'll pursue those avenues12:02
rsmarplesbazhang: yes, but my question is probably better as - how do i do a manual install of the driver so i can use the ppa once a newer one get in12:02
bazhangrsmarples, a newer one gets in where? you have to remove the ppa one, take it out of your sources.list then install from additional drivers (ie jockey-gtk)12:03
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
BluesKajHiyas all12:04
JoAnneOminousHi, everyone...does anyone know why when i do a "sudo apt-cache search jre", the openjdk stuff no longer appears at all?  I'm trying to reinstall it and it's gone missing.12:04
JoAnneOminousIt was there just a few minutes back.12:04
szalJoAnneOminous: tried to search for 'openjdk' instead?12:04
JoAnneOminousszal: yes12:05
bazhangopenjdk-6-jre   JoAnneOminous this?12:05
BluesKajJoAnneOminous, open a pckage manager and search there12:05
JoAnneOminousYes, that.12:05
bazhangIn component main  <--- JoAnneOminous12:06
dar--owlmy wifi connection is not working << plz help12:06
bazhangdar--owl, details12:06
JoAnneOminous"Package openjdk-jre has no available version but still exists in the database"...or something to that effect...12:06
dar--owli can connect the sifi and can open google and search but then it dosen't response12:06
JoAnneOminousbazhang: I don't understand.  What is component main?12:06
bazhangopenjdk-6-jre   thats the package name JoAnneOminous perhaps you mistyped main is the repository12:07
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
JoAnneOminousbazhang: Sorry, yes, openjdk-6-jre12:08
JoAnneOminousUnfortunately, that's not the problem.12:08
bazhangdar--owl, what is sifi, what chipset, and how were the drivers installed. lspci (if pci) or lsusb (if usb) to paste.ubuntu.com12:08
JoAnneOminousUsing apt-get OR synaptic gives me the same problem...12:08
JoAnneOminousi.e.: it can't seem to find openjre at all.12:08
JoAnneOminoussynaptic, strangely enough, still lists it.12:08
BluesKajdar--owl, that's probly just a cached page in your browser ..wif isn't connectini12:08
JoAnneOminousI believe the database is local.12:09
lantjiehello guys12:09
lantjiehow are you doing ?12:09
dohomidid anyone setup sendmail or something similar for local mail transport?12:09
bazhanglantjie, ubuntu support issue?12:09
csdwifirecon69_lap,  i just did autoconf --help and i'm running 2.50 (chosen by Debian wrapper script.)12:09
lantjieso i have a question12:09
JoAnneOminousAh...I tried to upgrade the package information in synaptic and it gave me a number of "404 not found" errors for the repositories...12:10
lantjiedoes anyone know a linux virtual server like vmware esx i ?12:10
bazhangJoAnneOminous, please pastebin your sources.list12:10
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest79183
khlantjie: virtualbox12:11
antiheroWith the kernel PPA, can I install 3.0 and then have it still list the stable one in grub, in case it decides to ruin everything?12:11
khlantjie: oh sorry u meant server12:11
lantjiekh: yes12:11
=== Tex_Willer is now known as Mardocke
lantjiekh:I had found one, but i forgot the name.12:12
=== Mardocke is now known as Murdock
lantjiekh: I know it was something like foxmouth12:12
lantjiebut i google again and did not find it12:13
Murdock\join #ubuntu-it12:13
DARkiwhen i connect to wifi and can open only one page then it dose not response ,so i must reconnect again to open only one another page ...12:13
AlexDevilLXcpufreq-set -f 2.6GHZ right?12:14
recon69_lapcsdwifi: think you need to get revision number of your checkout and contact the developers12:15
Dark_owlhelp me in WI-FI :when i connect to wifi i can open only one page then it dose not response ,so i must reconnect again to open only one another page ...12:15
gestshould I install an antivirus software on my ubuntu machine?12:16
recon69_lapcsdwifi: have you tried the patch, only 2 lines12:17
csdwifino i haven't tried the patch only, i've been trying install12:17
gestshould I install and antivirus in my ubuntu machine?????????12:17
csdwifimy version on ubuntu is 1.x.x , not even sure it would patch correctly12:18
tsimpsongest: you don't have to, no. though you can install anti-virus software if you want to12:18
tsimpson!virus | gest12:18
ubottugest: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus12:19
gestcause u have windows machines on my network12:19
recon69_lapcsdwifi, the patch i linked to,  adds two lines to autoconf-2.60.m412:19
JoAnneOminousbazhang: http://pastebin.com/C0fmu3pR12:19
gesthow would I even pass a file to windows ?12:19
tsimpsongest: samba12:19
gestso if I dint use samba12:20
gestI'm safe?12:20
svipWhy won't do-release-upgrade allow me to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10, but insists on 10.04 instead, which it then says is not supported?12:20
tsimpsongest: yes12:20
csdwifiok i'll try that recon12:20
Dark_owlanyone to help me in WI-FI ?12:20
gestis samba something that u have to install from the ubuntu software center?12:20
JoAnneOminousbazhang: At least that's the sources that it's not finding.12:20
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recon69_lapgest: no, the reason for putting anti-virus on linux is to make sure that virus dont pass through from windows to windows12:21
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100412:21
xelisterhi, how to start G3 network, as nm-applet (network manager gnome applet) can do, but from command line?12:21
BluesKajsvip, 9.10 isn't supported12:21
gestrecon69_lap I know but if I don't intall samba that can't even happen right?12:22
svipBluesKaj: old-releases says otherwise.12:22
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.12:22
svipBluesKaj: I am just bothered by the -h switch on do-release-upgrade is being so vague on what -p does.12:22
Dark_owlanyone to help me in WI-FI ?12:23
svipBluesKaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:23
gestwithout using samba a windows machine can't get infected from my ubuntu right?12:24
recon69_lapgest: well, thats the idea12:24
csdwifirecon69_lap, from which directory should I run the autoconf patch?  i'm not sure where it's stored12:24
gestand is samba something I'd have to download separate ?12:24
IledenDark_owl: ... but apparently the caps-lock key still works?12:25
recon69_lapcsdwifi, the patch is a change to the files you compiling. if you download the patch file and open it you can see the changes you need to make12:25
gestwhat does clamav even do then??????12:25
billy2007is it possible to write an iso to a 2gb sd card?12:26
Dark_owlYape .. plz help me bro12:26
Picisvip, BluesKaj: Check old-releases again.12:26
gestbilly2007 no because an sd card is a non bootable device12:26
IledenDark_owl: you can get better help if you describe the problem a bit more.12:26
recon69_lapgest:  scans you computers hard drive from windows virus parterns12:26
Dark_owlwhen i connect to wifi i can open only one page then it dose not response ,so i must reconnect again to open only one another page ...12:26
gestbut I'm only running ubuntu12:26
gestnot duo biotic12:27
billy2007gest i have it in my usb dongle and its shows as a usb stick12:27
IledenDark_owl: has it always been like that?12:27
Murdockwhere can I download programs for ubuntu?12:27
recon69_lapgest:  then dont install anti-virus12:27
IledenDark_owl: or did the problem suddlenly appear? or appear after an update?12:27
Dark_owlyes ,so i don't use ubuntu12:27
Dark_owlit was from the moment i installed it12:27
IledenDark_owl: can you try if the net works ok with a wired cable instead of wifi?12:27
PiciMurdock: Use Ubuntu's Software Center12:28
gestmy question is if I'm running ubuntu only but I have windows machines on my wifi network can They get infected without me using samba?12:28
IledenHi! I'm experiencing a weird problem. My computer loses its network connection after random amount (~20min) of inactivity, and any user activity (even moving mouse) brings it back up. This is problematic because I'm trying to do a long network file transfer on it... Any ideas what might be causing this OR how to hack around the problem, by e.g. mimicking user behaviour with a script or something like that?12:28
Dark_owli'm on wifi now using windows and every thing is ok12:28
IledenDark_owl: ok.. sounds like a driver issue...12:28
IledenDark_owl: have you tried using a wire with ubuntu?12:29
JoAnneOminousbazhang: Are you gone?12:29
recon69_lapgest: sure the can, the windows pc's can get on the web and download viruses12:29
WiKim tring to setup a gdm message_banner when you attempt to login.  Is there a way to get multiple lines?  ive tried the standard \n\l, \r\n, \n  but they all just show up as text12:29
gestno not that12:29
IledenDark_owl: if it is a driver issue, you could use something called "ndiswrapper", which is basically a way to use your windows wifi driver on linux.12:29
StephenSsudo: deb:command not found12:29
saliakI'm having a lot of trouble getting a init.d script to start on boot.  I've written the script using skeleton as a template.  when i run it as root the daemon starts as I would expect.  i ran update-rc.d to add to runlevels 2-5, and confirmed that it's in each with a S (pirority 80).  however, when I boot, no sign of it running.  any ideas how I can start to debug?12:29
gestthe windows machines all have antivirus protection can they t infected from MY UBUNTU12:30
tsimpsongest: they can not get infected from your ubuntu system, no12:30
Dark_owlno bro the adapter works well12:30
gestthen how could they get infected12:30
Murdockpici thank you very much12:30
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recon69_lapgest: putting AV on linux is normally for scanning mail servers/shared drivers so virus are spotted before transmission12:30
gestbesides from being on the windows machines and installing a virus12:30
hwq001Ileden: you are using WIFI ,right?12:31
Iledenhwq001: nope, it's wired.12:31
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billy2007can anyone help when i select an iso in usb disk creator it dosnt load yet ive installed it on vbox so it must be a valid file12:31
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hwq001Ileden:If it is wired ,so I have no idea ...strange12:32
JoAnneOminousOkay... bazhang is apparently gone.  Anyone else here want to look at this pastebin of my sources bazhang asked me to post?  http://pastebin.com/C0fmu3pR12:32
gestI have windows only machines on my wifi network if I download viruses on Linux will it infect12:32
Dark_owlIleden: the adapter works well12:32
gestany of my windows only machines12:32
IledenDark_owl: it could be the adapter works ok, but linux doesn't work well with the adapter. or even that linux doesn't work well with the adapter & wireless station combination. have you tried the ubuntu on any other wifi network?12:32
Iledenhwq001: it is :D12:32
Soothsayerwhere exactly can I view my full list of running processes? I don't think I can see all the processes in the System Monitor.12:32
PiciWiK: Try double escaping. Like: \\n12:33
csdwifirecon69_lap,  so if i understand this right I need to get a autoconf2.68 source and put the lines into the file specified in the patch12:33
Iledenhwq001: hm, i guess it could actually be the network transfer itself that causes the problem...12:33
WiKPici: thanks, didnt even think of that12:33
csdwifiand then compile12:33
recon69_lapgest: no, but you could download an infected file that could infect a windows pc if opened by that windows pc12:33
gestoh yes ik12:33
Iledenhwq001: it's transferring large amounts from SMB share to another SMB share :/12:33
Sidewinder1gest, Perhaps you will find this information of value: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33812:33
bazhangJoAnneOminous, try switching servers in synaptic package manager and reload12:34
billy2007can anyone help when i select an iso in usb disk creator it dosnt load yet ive installed it on vbox so it must be a valid file12:34
doc-donkeyhello oh so great keeper of the ubuntu temple of knowledge. i've been away from home for quite a while and when i got home i had 160mb of update to download. in trying to thin this out, i started looking what is so big in the update package, so i ha ve the "Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.38 on x86/x86_64" the thing is im pretty sure i run on a 32bit version of the OS, could i discart this update ?12:34
doc-donkey i also have a bunch of QT4 files to download, im not into programing and was wondering if i could discard those updates since i never use the QT4 programing tools. are they usefull to the system even tho i never open the programs ?12:34
IdleOne!eol | JoAnneOminous12:34
bazhangJoAnneOminous, are you able to load webpages in firefox?12:34
ubottuJoAnneOminous: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:34
JoAnneOminousbazhang: Yes.12:34
IledenI guess I should just make a simple robot that would press shift every now and then :D12:34
bazhangJoAnneOminous, thats jaunty so its end of life as IdleOne just pointed out12:35
gestif I download a virus for windows on my Linux pc I can run it on my Linux without infected my windows12:35
bazhanggest pardon?12:35
Ileden... i wonder what it does if i leave a key pressed with weight...12:35
JoAnneOminousbazhang: so what do I do if it's EOL?  Can I just switch to a non-jaunty repository?12:35
tsimpsongest: why would you want to?12:35
ichbinderhello. Trying to set-up openssh. For ssh -v ... I get: https://gist.github.com/1daf7c2db953cfdc16b9 I actually want password login, but I can't find an option in sshd_config...? UsePAM is set to yes.12:35
gestI'm just saying12:35
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: read the document ubottu linked to12:35
Dark_owl<Ileden> stop joking a while and  help me12:36
bazhangJoAnneOminous, theres a eolupgrades link in there12:36
recon69_lapcsdwifi: no, you can use patch to apply the patch file, or edit the file /b/source/lib/replace/autoconfig-2.60.m4 and manualy add the patch changes12:36
gestI test malware in virtual machines so if a virus slips onto Linux it can hurt any of my windows pcs on my wifi network right?12:36
tsimpsongest: unless you install wine, and run the "virus" manually, you can't run windows programs in non-windows environments12:36
IledenDark_owl: joking? i've only made one joke, that was about your all-caps message.12:36
cordoval[error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/cordoval/sites-2/google/googlegit/google/trunk/app/12:36
Dark_owlOh Gosh12:36
cordovalwhat is wrong with this error?12:36
tsimpsongest: you'd want to make sure the virtual machine can't access your local network, to be sure12:37
gestexactly tsimpson and even if I I'd run it with wine it would do anything12:37
MurdockI go out, bye bye all12:37
dydguys how can i install a VM with XP on ubuntu?12:37
cordovalthe permissions are correct12:37
com64Okay, finally got swap and hibernation to work :D12:37
gestI need internet on my virtual machine12:37
cordovalcan anyone please help me?12:37
dydvirtual machine with XP on ubuntu12:37
IledenDark_owl: it's not a joke that the linux drivers might not work with the adapter, even if it's otherwise ok.12:37
tsimpsongest: you can give it external access without internal access12:37
wslayeri have a problem one big hella of a problem. Ubuntu will boot only after three or two reboots before which grub shows error: file not found.12:37
recon69_lapgest: the windows machines should be looking out for themselves with there own anti virus, you ubuntu machine will not infect12:37
gestby using the NAT adapter12:38
IledenDark_owl: and I've personally seen a perfectly ok adapter working with linux fail on another wifi station too, so that's quite possible as well. no jokes.12:38
IdleOne!fixgrub | wslayer12:38
gestah ok my windows machines have verygood antivirus12:38
ubottuwslayer: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:38
Picidyd: Easiest way is to install virtualbox and mount your xp install media with that.12:38
billy2007is there a reason why start-up disk creator wouldnt open the iso it detects my usb finds the iso file but when i click open it does nothing i installed this iso on virtual box so i know it works12:38
Dark_owlIleden: so i should install another sriver ?12:38
jamesiarmes_I am trying to set up an Ubuntu 10.10 server running apache 2.2.16 and PHP 2.3. When I browse go to the web browser using HTTPS I get the following in the log repeatedly: "[Thu Jul 14 08:31:51 2011] [notice] child pid xxxx exit signal Segmentation fault (11)". If I go to a page that doesn't include anything (images, css, etc.) everything loads fine. If I go to a page that has some includes then I occasionally get a file (usually a CSS or image file) that12:38
jamesiarmes_ fails to load. I am using mod_gnutls.12:38
gest I just wanted to make sure if I downloaded a windows virus on ubuntu t would affect my windows only pcs on the network12:38
bazhangbilly2007, what version of ubuntu is the iso12:38
dydPici: thank you12:39
ichbinderhm, nobody has a hint? Maybe some buzz words I could search for? The actual message didn't bring up something that was helpful to me... :-/12:39
billy2007bazhang it isnt an ubuntu iso12:39
bazhangbilly2007, what is it12:39
IledenDark_owl: if I were you, I'd try using the windows driver via ndiswrapper12:39
billy2007winxp ut it says in help file it will burn all bootable os12:40
recon69_lapgest: don't work like that. the virus has to get run on the pc. your linux box can't do that12:40
IledenDark_owl: or maybe see if the linux driver (which is a kernel module) has some options to try12:40
wslayerIdleOne: i didn't install windows, there's only ubuntu on the machine12:40
gestoh ok12:40
wslayerIdleOne: anyway thanks12:40
recon69_lapcsdwifi: you following what i saying about the patch file12:40
compdocjamesiarmes_, is it an old computer? maybe you have a hardware issue12:40
mosx1how do i get privilidges on the desktop gui 11.04 ?12:41
tsimpsonichbinder: password login is enabled by default, so someone probably put "PasswordAuthentication no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the remote system12:41
mosx1equiv of sudo - where it puts the key icon at top of screen12:41
Dark_owlIleden: and to check that options ?12:41
IdleOnewslayer: the links provided will still help you to reinstall grub. How or why grub is gone doesn't really matter the point is you need to install it.12:41
tyler_dI used to "zoom out" and see all of the desktops using 'super+e' but now it does not work, anyone tell me how to get that functinoality back please?12:41
tsimpsonmosx1: I think you mean gksudo12:42
jamesiarmes_compdoc: I've tried it on a server we have in the office that is about 2 years old and I've tried it on Amazon's EC212:42
JoAnneOminousDo I just append that EOL upgrade sources.list to my /etc/apt/sources.list, or should I replace the whole thing?12:42
bazhangtyler_d, using unity?12:42
tyler_dbazhang: yes12:42
csdwifirecon69_lap, i'm trying to sort it out.  not sure what version of autoconf i have but what I want to do is remove whatever version it is and do a ./config make and make install for 2.68 to make sure i'm current. the patch you linked to said it was a workaround for 2.6.3, i'm thinking it's fixed in 2.6.812:42
ichbindertsimpson: ah, ok... hm, is there a way to have the passwords not clear text?12:42
compdocjamesiarmes_, then that rules out hardware12:42
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: replace the current repositories with those from old-releases.ubuntu.com12:42
bazhangtyler_d, what about hitting the workspaces icon12:42
tyler_dbazhang: want the keyboard shortcut if its possible please12:42
tsimpsonichbinder: "clear text" is a bit misleading, the password is transmitted encrypted12:43
IledenDark_owl: unfortunately i have to go now. ask someone about how to find out what kernel module your wifi card is using ,and how to check if it has options12:43
bazhangtyler_d, no idea, sorry12:43
tyler_dbazhang: doesn't have to be win+e12:43
IledenDark_owl: i would help you but i really have to go.12:43
Dark_owlo>k bro THANX ANY WAY :)12:43
bazhangtyler_d, probably set in ccsm though12:43
ichbindertsimpson: within the tunnel, correct?12:43
recon69_lapcsdwifi:  what i'm saying is there is a bug in the code you downloaded, you need to edit the m4 config file in samba's build tree12:43
tsimpsonichbinder: yes, so it can't be snooped over the network12:43
tyler_dbazhang: k, I will keep googling ;) thanks anyways12:43
mosx1what i mean is...if i go looking in /etc/apache2/conf.d/ any files i open are read only12:43
ichbindertsimpson: like: using the keys, the tunnel is established and encrypted. The password is then needed for login, kind of12:44
bazhangtyler_d, I'd ask in #compiz as well12:44
csdwifioh oh oh... i see now.  i'll go check the source file indicated in the patch then12:44
bazhangDark_owl, whats the chipset for your nic12:44
onlawhere can I find the preferences and adminstrative task handling with unity ? like I want to configure my monitor settings and login settings, but in unity menu I can only add apps on it12:44
desssdli: thank you mate, installed system and running 11.04 now :)!12:44
ichbindertsimpson: ah, thanks! Good to know. I put it there myself, but was mentally too unflexible to realize, that that might be the problem... thanks for teaching! :)12:44
Dark_owlbazhang Realtek12:44
bazhangonla, system settings ---launcher and menus , perhaps12:45
tsimpsonichbinder: the raw computer<->computer connection is established, then encrypted, then data (including passwords) is sent12:45
bazhangDark_owl, exact model name and number please12:45
tsimpsonichbinder: you aren't the first person to be confused by the poor wording of that option12:45
bazhangDark_owl, usb or pci12:45
mosx1if i go looking in /etc/apache2/conf.d/ any files i open are read only - how can i open them as root ?12:45
Dark_owlbazhang: usb12:45
recon69_lapmosx1: you could use  sudo nautilus on command line. be careful though12:45
onlabazhang, ah thanks12:45
bazhanglsusb to paste.ubuntu.com Dark_owl12:46
ichbindertsimpson: yeah, that's what confused me... i mean, it's saying tunneled, but it should be capitalized :D12:46
Dark_owlbazhang: i works with airecrack and kismet12:46
Sidewinder1mosx1, gksudo gedit.12:46
Dark_owlbazhang: it works with airecrack and kismet12:46
bazhangDark_owl, so whats your issue12:46
BluesKajJoAnneOminous, Upgrading the sources.list to new development release Make sure you edit it for ppas first  'sudo sed -i 's/lucid/maverick/' /etc/apt/sources.list , Warning , this can be risky,12:46
Sidewinder1mosx1, Or gksudo nautilus.12:46
recon69_lapSidewinder1: opps, keep forgetting about the gksudo12:46
ichbinderonla: it should be where you can turn of your computer12:47
ichbinderonla: clicking on the power button, it should open a menu. At the bottom, you can find "System Settings"12:47
BluesKajJoAnneOminous, substitute the proper versions in (/lucid/maverick/)12:47
ichbinderonla: or do what I did: http://scottlinux.com/2011/03/05/ubuntu-11-04-change-from-unity-to-classic-gnome/ :)12:47
onlaI found the place now.. went to the "monitors" and my system is not finding the names for my monitors. it just says "unknown" and when I try to not mirror the 2 monitors, it doesn't work12:47
Dark_owlbazhang: i conntect the wifi well and can open only one page then it sops responsing and i must reconnect again every 3 or 4 seconds12:48
ichbinderonla: (you can see the button there :) )12:48
onlayup thx...12:48
Sidewinder1mosx1, You may wish to read: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo12:48
ichbinderonla: then, I guess, it's a problem with the X-config, etc... only solo-monitor, so can't really help. Sorry12:48
PiciBluesKaj: I don't see how that is helpful.12:48
PiciJoAnneOminous: Please follow tsimpson's advice. I don't think that what BluesKaj is telling you will do what you want.12:49
csdwifiaha, pesky pesky.  recon69_lap - gnu m4 wasn't installed, i'm going to see if that solved anything12:49
Dark_owlbazhang: i conntect the wifi well and can open only one page then it sops responsing and i must reconnect again every 3 or 4 seconds12:50
BluesKajPici,  : JoAnneOminous> Do I just append that EOL upgrade sources.list to my /etc/apt/sources.list, or should I replace the whole thing?i12:50
BluesKajPici,  it's an option12:50
bazhangDark_owl, dont see how that is "working well"12:50
tsimpsonBluesKaj: your advice doesn't answer that, changing release wasn't the question12:51
PiciBluesKaj: tsimpson answered 4 minutes before you did.  Simply doing s/oldrelease/newrelease/g is not the same as replacing archive.ubuntu.com with old-releases.ubuntu.com12:51
bazhangDark_owl, try #aircrack-ng12:51
tsimpsonBluesKaj: and simply replacing and old release name with a new one is not a good way to upgrade, and in fact will likely break badly12:51
Will123456hey guys. is it a bad idea to share /tmp and /var partitions between operating systems?12:52
BluesKajtsimpson, I did say it was risky12:52
recon69_lapDark_owl:  get the ip address of both machines and try ping them12:52
Dark_owl<bazhang> bro it connect WELL but can't browse internet12:52
tsimpsonBluesKaj: there is "risky" and there is "likely to require you to scrap everything and do a fresh install"12:52
BluesKajtsimpson, looks like that may be the case anyway12:53
csdwifiwhen i'm installing a package like autoconf do i have to specifiy it to my /usr/bin/ directory?12:53
billy2007bazhang any ideas why startup disk creator wont load my iso12:53
bazhangbilly2007, where does xp hand out iso?12:53
JoAnneOminousOkay...I'm a bit confused...12:53
tsimpsonBluesKaj: no, there is a clear and documented procedure from upgrading from dapper to hardy12:53
bazhangJoAnneOminous, follow tsimpson 's advice please12:54
recon69_lapcsdwifi: i'd just go with the default.12:54
JoAnneOminousI did what it says to do on the EOL upgrade page, and it's upgrading to karmic...which is also EOL?12:54
* BluesKaj backs off12:54
JoAnneOminousbazhang: I am, I think...12:55
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: did you run the command with "/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades" in it?12:55
csdwifiwell, i successfuly ( i think) ran ./config ; make ; make install but i'm getting :   bash: /usr/bin/autoconf: No such file or directory.12:55
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: make sure that /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades has "Prompt=lts", then re-try the upgrade12:55
recon69_lapcsdwifi: you need to read the output of each comman to make sure they worked12:55
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: Yes, I ran that...12:55
JoAnneOminousOkay...I'll check...12:56
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: you should not when you want to run LTS -> LTS upgrades, I'll fix that documentation12:56
Dark_owl<bazhang> bro it connect WELL but can't browse internet12:56
recon69_lapcsdwifi: the last bit will tell you if the worked correct12:56
bazhangDark_owl, no idea about aircrack-ng and kismet, sorry12:56
Dark_owl<bazhang> not that but i can't browse internet using my wifi on ubuntu12:57
csdwifirecon69_lap, http://paste.ubuntu.com/644072/12:58
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: Okay...I updated the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades with the Prompt=lts...but the other upgrade to karmic is ongoing...should I not-interrupt it?12:58
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: as long as it hasn't started downloading, installing or removing packages, you can interrupt it12:58
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: I'm pretty certain it is already...I think because I told it to...12:59
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: It's performing a number of "Get" operations12:59
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: then I guess you'll just have to wait, and upgrade again when it's complete13:00
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: Okay...it's only another 20 minutes or so...thanks for your help...13:00
mosx1I have no copy/paste functionality in my VNC Viewer session from Windows to Ubuntu, is it a server side setting ? I'm using x11vnc or is it client side setting ?13:01
csdwifirecon69_lap, i do see some bin files now in my autoconf-2.68/bin directory, should i just manually move them to usr/bin ?13:01
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: So...when it's done do I just re-do the "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade" and "sudo do-release-upgrade" again with the new /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?13:01
csdwifi(they weren't there in the tarball)13:02
recon69_lapcsdwifi: hmm, depends what the files are called.13:02
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: And should I do the "sudo do-release-upgrade" when it's done with the karmic before moving onto the LTS upgrade?13:02
csdwifirecon69_lap : they're autoconf autoheader autom4te autoreconf , all executable13:02
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: (sorry for all the annoying questions)13:03
recon69_lapcsdwifi: no, dont copy them13:03
recon69_laptry 'make -B'13:03
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tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: well do the normal package updates, then you may have to change that file back to "Prompt=normal" (as karmic wasn't LTS), then do-release-upgrade again13:04
csdwifilots of warnings with that one...13:04
recon69_lapcsdwifi: try 'make -B', i dont think it compiled13:04
voozeHey.. I just reinstalled ubuntu 11.04.. but after removing emphaty and installing pidgin insted, when i close pidgin with the (X) it closes down, insted of staying online like IM should.. How can i change this?13:04
recon69_lapcsdwifi: warning dont matter to programmers lol13:04
csdwifiwell it's doing a lot more than last time...13:05
recon69_lapcsdwifi: i forced it to rebuild everything to see if any error happen, you can look at the end to see what it did13:05
th0rvooze: it is an option in Preferences in Pidgin13:05
tyler_danyone else notice when you whitelist 'all' applications with unity that clicking the "default" icons no longer works... you have to click on your name then scroll over to get to them? anyone know how to fix that13:06
CycovinceHello community :)13:06
csdwifiis it normal for it to look like it's just looping?13:06
CycovinceI've got a small problem with Lifera (RSS reader). The launcher included in the messaging menu is gone :(13:07
recon69_lapcsdwifi: yes13:07
recon69_lapcsdwifi: could take a while, depending on you comp13:07
csdwifii see it's starting to do things inside of /usr/bin/  so that is a good sign i guess =)13:07
Ir0nmanI have a problem two folders are showing up as files13:08
Ir0nmanand i cant access them from the browser idk how i broke them13:08
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: When it's done with the downloads I'll run the "do-release-upgrade" (having changed the prompt back to 'normal') and then change it to lts...13:08
recon69_lapcsdwifi: you should see changes though, hope it's not doing anything in /usr/bin though :P13:08
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: yeah, that should be fine13:09
stratosold-releases.ubuntu.com is working again :-)13:09
voozeth0r, do you remember where? I cant find it13:10
csdwifier, i think the warning might have been about this..13:10
csdwifinevermind it's done i believe...13:10
JoAnneOminoustsimpson: So, after changing back to Prompt=lts, do I need to reboot or something, or can I just jump into a new round of  "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade" and "sudo do-release-upgrade"?13:10
th0rvooze: Tools-Preferences-Interface set the system tray icon to show Always13:10
csdwifino errors at the end13:11
recon69_lapcsdwifi: then try make install13:11
voozeth0r, ah thanks alot :)13:11
recon69_lapcsdwifi: read the out put, check the directory is lists for you binnary13:12
csdwifirecon69_lap, such as this = test -z "/usr/local/share/autoconf/autotest" || /bin/mkdir -p "/usr/local/share/autoconf/autotest"13:13
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: you shouldn't have to reboot, no13:13
csdwifii still can't use autoconf from the command line...13:13
tsimpsonJoAnneOminous: it may be a good idea, to boot into the newer kernel etc, though13:13
recon69_lapcsdwifi: was hoping for 'entering dir xxx, copying file13:13
recon69_lapcsdwifi: past the output13:14
csdwifirecon69_lap,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/644088/13:15
recon69_lapcsdwifi: what directory are you in13:17
szalhmm..  anyone have an idea what I need to change where if I want to have fsck on boot a little more verbose?  standard option is --quiet, and when fsck checks a partition it only says which one and, "Your disk drives are being checked for errors. This may take some time."..  I'd like to pass the -C option (progress bars) for fsck on boot13:17
tyloi am trying currently ubuntu 11.04 and i wonder how i can set up my front headphone and microphone jack ?13:18
Sidewinder1Ir0nman, I'm not really sure what you're saying; a "browser" will usually open files. If you're talking about Nautilus it should be able to open folders and access files. Please elaborate. :-)13:18
Ir0nmanthose are showing like files but they are folders13:18
csdwifiis where i'm running makes from13:18
recon69_lapcsdwifi: though we where trying to make samba, you in the right directory13:19
recon69_lapcsdwifi: or did we just build autoconf-2-6813:19
csdwifiyes we did just build autoconf 2 68 because i thought that a newer version would help the samba install13:20
=== paul_ is now known as kerozene
csdwifibut i can't even get this one right13:20
mitshi... does anyone know what the situation is (support-wise) regarding hybrid graphics with sandy bridge in laptops?13:20
bazhangmits is that optimus, or something other13:21
Sidewinder1Ir0nman, That is weird. They look like binary files on tour Pendrive. Perhaps you could simply recreate the folders with Nautilus in the Pendrive?13:21
Sidewinder1your, even.13:22
mitsbazhang: hmm i don't think it's optimus (don't know what that is)13:22
recon69_lapcsdwifi: i'd go back to your samba tree and try build that.13:22
recon69_lapcsdwifi: hopefully we have not changed anything. you did not use sudo make install i take it13:23
csdwifino i didn't13:23
recon69_lapcsdwifi: apply that patch to samba, should fix your problem13:23
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1782966 mits thats one more recent post13:24
Ir0nmanSidewinder1 those files are not on pendrive13:24
Ir0nmanthey are on internal hd13:24
mitsbazhang: thanx13:25
Sidewinder1Ir0nman, OIC. You're logged in as "root" and they're in your filesystem /opt directory... I'm very sorry but I can not help with that. :-(13:28
Ir0nmanim not logged in as root13:28
Ir0nmanim logged in as another user13:28
ron34563654listen all, i can't connect my other computer to the internet. the card might not be supported. what can i do?13:29
Quantum_IonUbuntu runs better then Windows Vista on my computer13:29
Quantum_Ionron34563654, What kind of card do you have ?13:29
edbianQuantum_Ion: Ubuntu runs better than windows vista on any computer.13:30
edbianron34563654: Wifi or wired?13:30
Sidewinder1It says "root@thomas-Len..." at the bottom of your screen... Beyond my abilities, sorry.13:30
Sidewinder1!es | paulo13:30
ubottupaulo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:30
pauloalguien habla español?13:30
WiKPici: welp no go...double escape \\n didnt work13:30
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, edbian  wifi. edimax something13:30
Quantum_IonSpeak english paulo13:31
Quantum_Ionwifi edimax I have to google that one up13:31
bazhang!es | paulo13:31
ubottupaulo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:31
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, ok' i'm wating. how much time should it takes13:32
Ir0nmanim logged into terminal as root13:32
edbianron34563654: Can you find it in the output of sudo lspci -k   ?13:32
Ir0nmanthe user im logged in at welcome screen is different13:32
danopiapaulo, habla sólo en inglés aquí13:32
danopiaor that13:32
rkhshmis there a pdf creator for ubuntu ?13:33
danopiawhat do you want to make?13:33
danopiascan docs to PDF, create documents..?13:33
fuzzeelumpkinslooking for help /advice with resolution problem if anybody is free13:33
bazhangrkhshm, print to pdf, like that?13:33
danopiaLibreOffice can print to PDF13:33
rkhshmor a toolkit from where i can rip existing pdf /modify it and recreate the pdf file13:33
Quantum_Ionron34563654, Did you google ubuntu linux 10.04 and wifi edimax ?13:33
ron34563654edbian, find what? i've a cd driver and the model printed on it13:33
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: don't ask to ask, just ask13:33
bazhang!google | Quantum_Ion13:34
ubottuQuantum_Ion: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.13:34
g0tResults for | Quantum_Ion on Google:13:34
qinrkhshm: pgftohtml ?13:34
edbianron34563654: We are talking about Ubuntu Linux here right?13:34
bazhangg0t, hi13:34
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, i can try but i find it hard to concentrate on written material13:34
rkhshmqin: you mean pdftohtml?13:34
ron34563654edbian, i've the windows cd13:34
qinrkhshm: Yes.13:34
Sidewinder1edbian, Yes.13:34
rkhshmcan it rip existing pdf files to plain text and then recreate the pdf ?13:34
edbianron34563654: The windows CD / driver is probably not going to be useful.  This is Linux, totally different OS.13:35
edbianSidewinder1: :)  Yes to what question?13:35
Sidewinder1edbian, Sorry, didn't read correctly...13:35
fuzzeelumpkinsOK thanks. My problem is my monitor(x223hq) native resolution (1080p) is not available. I've tried following guides with no avail13:35
edbianSidewinder1: haha :)13:35
bazhang!google | windows13:35
ubottuwindows: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.13:35
g0tResults for | windows on Google:13:35
fuzzeelumpkinsusing ubuntu 11.0413:35
qinrkhshm: pdftotext then, but browsers can print to pdf13:35
Sidewinder1edbian, Not the forst time, either...:-(13:35
bazhangg0t, turn off that script13:35
Sidewinder1first, even.13:35
Quantum_Ionron34563654, Try this - > http://www.matthartley.com/rt2870-linux-driver-on-ubuntu-10-04/13:36
rkhshmi downloaded the poppler-utilites13:36
edbianQuantum_Ion: Why do you think that's his card?13:36
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: how are you connecting to the monitor?13:36
Quantum_Ionedbian, Because it is a The RT2870 Linux Driver For The Edimax13:37
edbianQuantum_Ion: mmm13:37
Quantum_Iontest the driver see if it works13:37
bazhangron34563654, please pastebin out put of lspci13:37
fuzzeelumpkinsI'm connected via VGA. My card is 9400GT which is capable.13:37
reachingperfectihie, i want to download youtube videos, google says after playing complete videos and before closing ur web browser , u can copy paste it from ur tmp folder , but i do not see .flv file in tmp folder13:38
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, You need youtube-dl13:39
bazhangreachingperfecti, user firefox addon video download helper13:39
edbianreachingperfecti: That used to be the case.  Then firefox moved their tmp files.  It is annoying to say the least.13:39
szalfuzzeelumpkins: using what driver? -> 'lspci -v' will show you under "VGA adapter" or whatever it's called13:39
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: that probably explains why it can't auto detect the native res (just a guess). if you can't use DVI or something like that, i recommend using xrandr to set the resolution13:39
Sidewinder1reachingperfecti, You may wish to download the add-on to Firefox of UnPlug...13:39
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, Go to Synaptic Package Manager and enter youtube-dl13:40
Quantum_Ionthen run youtube-dl from the commandline with the youtube url13:40
fuzzeelumpkinsKernel driver in use: nvidia13:40
fuzzeelumpkinsKernel modules: nvidia-current, nvidia-173, nouveau, nvidiafb13:40
reachingperfectithank everyone i will use youtube-dl , but don't u guys know where did mozilla move that folder13:41
reachingperfectiadd ons are not wroking well this side ,13:41
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, http://rg3.github.com/youtube-dl/13:41
bazhangreachingperfecti, youtube-dl uses the -t switch (or it did, it was broken for awhile there)13:41
fuzzeelumpkinsI've tried following xrandr instructions with no success as well13:42
yellarhow do you keep the screen from locking13:42
bazhangreachingperfecti, really easier to use the fx addon, no command line at all, and it will convert for as you dl13:42
reachingperfectibazhang : okay i will try that now13:42
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, edbian  bazhang , http://paste.ubuntu.com/644114/13:43
reachingperfectibazhang: what was the name of the addon13:43
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: tried typing lspci -v ?13:43
fuzzeelumpkinsyes, the output for the VGA was Kernel driver in use: nvidia13:44
fuzzeelumpkinsKernel modules: nvidia-current, nvidia-173, nouveau, nvidiafb13:44
Sidewinder1Gotta' run. Have a great day, ALL!13:44
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: then you will want to use the nvidia-settings program, not xrandr13:44
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: that's assuming you're using the nvidia blob13:45
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, sometimes /tmp file such as .flv videos are stores in .cache/google-chrome/Default/Cache with Google Chrome13:46
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, cd .cache/google-chrome/Default/Cache and take a look in that directory but the file gets deleted fast13:46
fuzzeelumpkinsTried that, opens the X server setting GUI and the highest resolution available is 1360x768 on CRT-013:46
hello_worldi cannot input Chinese in gnome-terminal after something upgraded today13:47
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, edbian  bazhang , http://paste.ubuntu.com/644114/ do you know?13:47
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, you can use lftp and youtube-dl to capture some .flv files13:47
reachingperfectiQuantum_Ion : thanks for the info13:47
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: and you can't manually specify it?13:47
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, No problem13:47
Quantum_Ionron34563654, So what kind of computer do you have ?13:48
SkaagHey, I need the original sources.list file for Intrepid, how do I get it?13:48
Will123456fuzzeelumpkins: i have to go - sorry! hope you solve your problem.13:48
fuzzeelumpkinsthere's no option in the menus like on windows OS. the only option is the panning resolution13:48
fuzzeelumpkinsok, no worries thanks for support though :)13:48
[snake]is it usually possible to make multiple port forward instances for one machine? because my router is telling me "Triggering internal Error"13:49
Quantum_Ionreachingperfecti, Say for example you wanted to capture the latest Justin Bieber video as an .flv computer you would install youtube-dl and run a command like .youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kffacxfA7G413:50
hello_worldno one help me?13:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:50
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th0rhello_world: you would probably have better luck on #ubuntu-cn13:51
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, edbian  bazhang , http://paste.ubuntu.com/644114/ do you know?13:51
reachingperfectithanks for the info everyone god bless u all . problem solved13:51
Quantum_Ionron34563654, What kind of computer do you have ?13:51
anthony_devguys, if in windows we had resource files, what we have in linux? how images, icons and all data stored in linux apps?13:51
onelinerHello there, i have added the make-human repository to my software sources, now the updates manager complains that "non trusted software sources may be downloaded for this instalation" but that pop up how no "ok" button, how can i add the repository to my list of "trusted sources"?13:51
fuzzeelumpkinsAnybody have a solution to resolutions not being displayed.  native resolution not available13:51
fuzzeelumpkinsKernel driver in use: nvidia13:51
fuzzeelumpkinsKernel modules: nvidia-current, nvidia-173, nouveau, nvidiafb13:51
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, someone found me this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608095  it's just a desktop pc13:52
Quantum_Ionron34563654, you have to be more specific with your computer and your components13:53
szalfuzzeelumpkins: I wonder why you have the nvidia-173 listed there, that's definitely not for your card..  try uninstalling nvidia-17313:55
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, it's edimax card13:55
Quantum_Ionron34563654, Is it a USB wifi card ?13:56
nerd_blokehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/292203 has been marked as invalid against ppp, which project should it be assigned to for user creation with a usergroup membership?13:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 292203 in ppp (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/pppd has group owner dip, not dialout" [Undecided,Invalid]13:56
=== Cheri703_ is now known as Cheri703
[snake]is it usually possible to make multiple port forward instances for one machine? because my router is telling me "Triggering internal Error"13:57
bazhanghttp://www.dragonflame.org/2011/07/10/tutorial-install-edimax-ew-7711ln-pci-wifi-on-ubuntu/ ron34563654 but use sudo -i instead of sudo su in the instructions13:57
JoAnneOminousOkay...I'm confused again.  I did the upgrade to karmic that i was doing, but then I changed the release-upgrades file to Prompt=lts and tried the "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade" and it didn't do anything...13:57
fuzzeelumpkinsremoved nvidia-173. rebooting13:57
JoAnneOminousdo I need to change my EOL sources to all say "karmic" now?13:57
Quantum_Ionron34563654, How are you accessing the internet with an RJ-45 connection to the modem ???13:58
dave___whoops, apologies13:58
ChesterXhi everybody, is it possible to run an application designed for ubuntu 10.04 on 11.04 (sort of a compatibility mode)?13:59
bazhangChesterX, no13:59
bazhangChesterX, whats the app13:59
ChesterXbazhang, it is not really an app. rather an gui for an already 11.04 compatible app (aircrack-ng)14:00
bazhangChesterX, ok, whats the package name14:00
ChesterXbazhang, this package is not in the ubuntu repository - but i can give you the sourceforge link14:01
onelineri can install nightly builds through apt-get upgrade at the console but the update manager gui fails to provide the option to "trust sources", is this a glitch? should i report it?14:01
bazhangChesterX, the package name will suffice14:02
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, i don't know what is this connection. i've a wl router. someone told me that that will solve it all. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608095  would it?14:02
Picioneliner: I'm not sure what you mean.  What sort of 'trust sources' message are you referring to?14:03
fuzzeelumpkinsremoved nvidia-173 kernel modules still displays nvidia-17314:03
bazhangron34563654, check the link I sent you14:03
=== Guest42841 is now known as B00bba
Shinkaon Unity, how can I add a program on the bar on the left if it's not installed with the software manager (I have downloaded Eclipse).14:03
bazhangShinka, run it, then right click keep on dock or similar14:03
ChesterXbazhang, main app package name "aircrack-ng", gui package name "wepcrackgui"14:03
Shinkabazhang: oh great thanks !14:04
bazhangChesterX, for lucid? a search of the repos shows no such package14:05
onelinerPici; i use make-human (look it up, pretty cool 3d open source answer to "poser"), the thing is for the installation method i chose, nightly builds, i needed to add the make human repository to the software sources list, so far so goo, are you with me?14:05
disciplewhat's mean of "cpio -o > /dev/null"14:06
Picioneliner: Yes, continue.14:06
F3RR1SI have the broadcom drivers installed, the wireless nic is active (light on laptop is on) but I cannot use wifi... any suggestions?14:06
disciple what's mean of "cpio -o > /dev/null"  who can help me14:06
F3RR1Sit is 11.0414:06
F3RR1Swith gdm14:06
F3RR1Sgnome environment (i removed unity from the system)14:07
ChesterXbazhang, as i told you before this package does not form part of any of the ubuntu repository14:07
onelinerthe intended idea was that the update manager would then fetch new nightly builds and update the package for me, and that works fine up to the point where it needs to "authenticate" the source, here the make human repository fails (has no public key) and the gui update manager tells me so, and here is the culprit; the gui update manager warms me that it couldnt check the authenticity of the source, but instead of giving me the option to "continue anyway"14:08
onelinerit simply has a close button14:08
dmsupermanWhat's the new way to send notifications in 11.04? Like notify-send14:09
Picidisciple: That won't do anything.  cpio is supposed to take filenames on stdin and write their data to stdout.  You're sending stdout to /dev/null so the data will go into oblivion.14:09
bazhangdmsuperman, for what application14:09
bazhangChesterX, no idea sorry. you could ask in #aircrack-ng I suppose14:10
Picioneliner: I suppose you could file a bug, but repositories are meant to have keys.14:10
dmsupermanbazhang: Arbitrary shell scripts14:10
onelineron the other hand, running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on the console prompts me with the appropriate "cannot authenticate makehuman-nightly continue? [Y/N]"14:10
dmsupermanDoes it still use libnotify?14:10
onelinerthe gui should allow me to continue anyway14:10
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LaurencebW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 089EBE08314DF16014:11
ChesterXbazhang, will do thank you (btw, that means there is no way to run a compatibility mode in ubuntu whatsoever, right?)14:11
Laurenceb^what can i do about that?14:11
Laurencebi see to not be seeing the repo packages14:12
alum1numwhat is a good c++ ide for ubuntu?14:12
disciplebut the /dev/null is empty why?14:12
spacebug-what is a good way to backup/save my gpg keys? Can I just tar my .gnupg and crypt that far file using gpg and then store it somewhere?14:12
jpdsdisciple: Because it's a data sink?14:12
onelinerwhats more, the gui message implies as you do: this package "should" have a key but it dosent, i may need to download untrusted sources to continue,.. all that its missing is the button14:12
jpdsdisciple: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki//dev/null14:12
mwichey guys i've got chkconfig reporting memcache "on" at levels 2345 but it still doesn't start at boot14:14
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ron34563654hi,, these instructions ask me to "the instuctions in the README file." but i don'y know how to open it  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608095  tell me how14:15
ron34563654Quantum_Ion, what about the other solution?14:15
=== ozior_ is now known as ozior
alum1numwhat is a good c++ ide on ubuntu? or what do you recommend?14:16
Quantum_Ionalum1num, try NetBeans IDE or Eclipse IDE14:16
=== nagaway is now known as nagchampa
Picialum1num: There are so many that is a bit silly to try to list them all.14:16
Pici!ide | alum1num a few14:16
ubottualum1num a few: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator14:16
Quantum_IonQuantum_Ion, There is also Qt Creator14:17
alum1numi was think thinking of using netbeans for c/c++ or code::blocks; is that any good?14:17
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
Quantum_Ionalum1num, I use NetBeans IDE and play around with Eclipse IDE14:18
alum1numhow do you like netbeans IDE?14:18
=== Python1 is now known as Python
Quantum_Ionalum1num, It is functional gets the job done and has a lot of plugins for Android, Qt, etc14:19
byroncoughlinalum1num I use Eclipse but that is just what I have become comfortable with14:19
alum1numalright ill try netbeans14:20
Pythonalum1num: maybe you can ask at #C++14:21
alum1numwhat is the default gui toolkit for ubuntu?14:21
wal3hello. is there a way to clear Trash after umount of usb sticks/sd cards automatically? it's so annoying that there is always a .Trash-1000 left.14:22
byroncoughlinI am having problems with usb being active on startup. I need to disconnect/connect mouse and keyboard from login screen Where can I look to see problem14:22
antiherohas anyone written a scirpt to check if my PPAs support my dist yet?14:22
bazhangantihero, what is "your distro"14:22
PythonHi bazhang :)14:23
Picialum1num: Its written right on the PPA pages themselves...14:23
Eric-Norhello all. how can i mount my external wd harddrive?14:23
JovaroDoes anyone know how to make the fsck at startup non-interactive?14:23
alum1numthe ppa pages where14:24
bazhangEric-Nor, in fstab?14:24
bazhangalum1num, that was for antihero14:24
PythonEric-Nor: mount /dev/sdX14:24
mosx1hi, anyone know should I be able to rescue files from a failed Ubuntu install with a UBCD4WIN rescue disk ?14:24
icerootmosx1: if the files are not deleted. yes14:24
alum1numoh sorry was tagged14:25
Eric-Nordidnt understand that fstab....read some guides....can mount ordinary ntfs drives, but i think it does this automatic too.....14:25
bazhangantihero, what distro14:25
byroncoughlinEric-nor do you have a mount directory for drive14:26
chris_w\server random.ircd.de14:26
Eric-Noryea, think so. i will be back later and ask again. have to go now....14:27
byroncoughlinWhen is usb recognized on startup14:28
JovaroDoes anyone know how to make the fsck at startup non-interactive?14:29
byroncoughlinJovaro What are you having to do with fsck?14:30
JovaroI have this crappy computer here that crashes every now and then, but it needs to start up by itself. But if it has crashed fsck finds some error and blocks the computer booting14:31
JovaroI just want it to fix errors if possible automaticly14:32
chocolates it14:32
Jovaroany ideas on that, byroncoughlin ?14:33
szalJovaro: it already does that, but if it finds errors it cannot fix automagically, it drops you to a rescue shell14:34
Jovaroszal, not on this computer, it asks me to press F or some other button14:34
szalJovaro: what *buntu version?14:35
dydsituation: i have ubuntu installed and a VM with XP and IIS. I have a whole site in ASP. I'm want that http requests i receive are solved by the VM and then sent to the client trough ubuntu. how can i do that?14:35
dydclient ---> ubuntu ---> VM ---> ubuntu ----> client14:35
Jovaroszal, seems to be lucid14:36
StephenSShould I install Basic Ubuntu Server in tasksel?14:36
szalStephenS: what for?14:36
StephenSI will use lamp dns and openssh and after that I will install webmin14:37
StephenSfor hosting domains I think Basic Ubuntu Server is not needed?14:37
StephenSAlso should I install Mail Server, or I can do that with module in webmin?14:37
bazhang!webmin | StephenS14:38
ubottuStephenS: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:38
LmatHow do I add a newer version of Eclipse to the Ubuntu repositories?  I downloaded it yesterday and got 3.5.2.  Ghastly!14:39
byroncoughlinJovaro not sure if there is a .conf file that runs fsck where parameters can be set anybody know?14:39
bazhangLmat, you'd not add it to the repo, you'd either get a PPA or compile it yourself14:40
PythonLmat: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/14:41
Lmatbazhang, I would like to exercise the first option.  Who is PPA?14:41
LmatPython, What is "sudo apt-get install eclipse" for?14:41
bazhangLmat, personal package archive14:41
zztrlast night I tried to share the internet from one ethernet port to a router plugged into the other using the directions on the "ConnectionsSharing" help page. after restarting, neither the router nor the desktop had internet access. The directions were pretty straightforward so i can't think of anything i might have missed. any tips?14:41
StephenSoh so I cant use webmin on ubuntu?14:41
silidanhi, i just got a terrible experience from both ubuntu 11.04 live cds (32bit and amd64) on a dell D630, when i install the proprietary wlan driver i am asked to do a reboot, since when does linux need a reboot for wlan drivers to work?14:41
Lmatbazhang, Ahh, so the ubuntu repository doesn't change.14:42
teekoh|2HELP, i forgot my hdd password. what can i do??????14:42
Lmatteekoh|2, Just type "OpenSaYzMe"  and it should work.14:42
bazhangteekoh|2, ubuntu user password?14:42
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:42
th0rbyroncoughlin: I believe fsck is called at boot by one of the scripts in /etc/init.d. The option you want to change is probably in there.14:42
bazhangLmat, thats not helpful14:42
LmatAn old secret password that nobody seems to remember anymore works for everything.14:42
* Lmat beats himself14:42
teekoh|2bazhang, no my encrypted hard drive :(14:42
byroncoughlinLmat I don't add eclipse to repository Prefer to go to eclipse site and download latest version. There is no configuring or compiling14:42
Jovarobyroncoughlin, I found it! You can set the option FSCKFIX=yes in the file /etc/default/rcS14:43
hansunderscoreHello there. Whats a good IDE for lua?14:43
teekoh|2Lmat, lol whats that password ? ha14:43
Lmatteekoh|2, ;)14:43
Pythonhansunderscore: #lua14:43
byroncoughlinJovaro what version ubuntu are you running?14:44
tucemiuxanyone knows how to take a screenshot of an application ?14:44
Lmatbyroncoughlin, Why do you say "I don't add eclipse to the repository"? Does that imply that you could?14:44
Jovarobyroncoughlin, lucid14:44
Jovarono specific version, only ubunt-minimal i think14:45
bazhangtucemiux, prtnscrn button?14:45
tucemiuxbazhang: I want a screenshot of an appliation/windows, not the whole screen and then edit the whole screen in gimp etc.14:45
silidanhi, why does ubuntu 11.04 ask me for a reboot after installing restricted wlan drivers, ubuntu 10.10 just worked after the install no need for a reboot ?14:46
jukeitaaHey simple question, how to het list of programs that have installed in your machine by apt-get or aptitude? just do not want to use graphical system here14:46
bazhangjukeitaa, dpkg -l14:46
jukeitaabazhang: thx14:46
szaltucemiux: your screen capture application doesn't have options?14:48
byroncoughlinLmat Eclipse is supplied in the standard univers repository14:48
bazhangbyroncoughlin, he wants the latest14:48
tucemiuxszal: its easier than that, in windows you can do it14:48
tucemiuxszal bazhang its "alt-printscreen"14:48
WilcoRogersIs anyone here familiar with setting up VPNs?14:49
Lmatbyroncoughlin, The one in the repository (the one that apt-get install uses?) is very old.14:49
szaltucemiux: in XP you sure can't w/o installing 3rd-party software, no idea about Vista/W714:49
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN WilcoRogers this may help14:49
dave___info therealdave14:49
WilcoRogersThanks bazhang, I've got the server setup, and am able to connect, but I have some routing questions.14:51
szaltucemiux: and KDE comes w/ KSnapshot which has a host of config options to either capture the whole screen, the window under the mouse pointer, or a selection you draw up by hand, plus you can set the delay after which the screenshot is taken14:51
CialSo, Ubuntu decided that it wanted to remove some of its icons off of the top panel14:52
byroncoughlinLmat Yes the one in the repository is old. Eclipse does not have a repository. In order to get the latest version you can go to eclipse.org download the version you want go into the root directory and run eclipse. As long as you have a jre available it should start right up14:52
bazhangWilcoRogers, please ask the channel, I'm not knowledgeable about vpn in the slightest (apart from knowing that link)14:52
WilcoRogersIs anyone here familiar with the intricacies of VPNs?14:52
therealdaveinfo therealdave14:53
Python!ask | WilcoRogers14:53
ubottuWilcoRogers: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:53
tucemiuxszal: I dont use KDE, its too slow !14:54
bazhangtucemiux, try apt-cache search screenshot then14:54
* szal doesn't think so14:55
tucemiuxszal: I found my solution though, "alt-sprintscreen" does the trick14:55
WilcoRogersI am trying to set up a small office VPN, containing several workstations and a server with multiple VMs. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around all the routing/bridging.14:55
tucemiuxbazhang: I alredy found the solution after much googling, it's "alt-printscreen", I think thats how windows does it too14:55
teekoh|2anyone know of channels where someone will know about cracking passwords?? :)14:55
PiciWilcoRogers: If your question isn't specific to Ubuntu, you may want to ask in ##networking14:56
bazhangteekoh|2, not on freenode14:56
teekoh|2bazhang, whats a good server for that kind of stuff?14:56
tucemiuxanyone familiar with picture editing?  If I remove data from a picture, can it be recoverable?14:56
WilcoRogersPici: Thanks. Will Do.14:56
bazhangteekoh|2, no idea. not here.14:56
teekoh|2roger, good day to you14:56
Dr_Willistucemiux:  what data14:57
Lmatbyroncoughlin, Right, that's what I did, but only after apt-get ting and uninstalling (which took a lot of time).  It undermines my faith in apt-get, but I suppose that's of  no consequence to Ubuntu.14:57
sowmyahow to add a channel to xchat14:57
sowmyacan anybody pl help me out14:58
ortsvorstehertucemiux, if you are not sure, why you do not make a copy of that picture and save it as backup before editing it.14:58
bazhangsowmya, xchat menu network list, edit server, put in channel to autojoin14:58
lapagasowmya, just type /j #channelname14:58
byroncoughlinLMat do you use synaptic?14:58
bazhangsowmya, separate them with #chan1,#chan2 thus14:58
tucemiuxDr_Willis:  whatever pixel you have on a picture, ifyou delete it, is it gone forever or can it be recovered ?14:59
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Dr_Willis sowmya you did check the xchat docs.  ther are decently well done14:59
bazhanglapaga, that does not add them14:59
Lmatbyroncoughlin, I doubt it.  I don't know what that is.14:59
tucemiuxortsvorsteher: that's how I cheated, thanks14:59
byroncoughlinLMat it is the program that I use to get software for Ubuntu15:00
bazhangsowmya, in ubuntu xchat, freenode is listed as ubuntu servers15:00
Dr_Willistucemiux: id say its gone15:00
Lmatbyroncoughlin, Ah, no, I don't use it.  I use apt-get .15:01
bazhangbyroncoughlin, it makes no difference, eclipse in the repos is a bit older.15:01
Laurencebanyone got googleearth to work?15:01
Laurenceb/usr/bin/googleearth: line 14: /usr/lib/googleearth/googleearth-bin: No such file or directory15:01
Dr_WillisLaurenceb: worked here last i tried it15:02
Laurenceboh nvm15:02
PiciLmat, byroncoughlin: apt-get, synaptic, and the software center are all apt frontends, they look at the same repositories.15:02
Tru3fatehow do i access my network files pc from ubuntu15:02
sbarcteamI have a folder /x15:03
tucemiuxTru3fate: you mean you have files on a server and you want to access those files remotely?15:03
sbarcteamI want to share it, and to put inside it symlinks to other folders (outside /x)15:03
sbarcteamand I want nfs clients to NOT see these symlinks.15:03
sbarcteamis it possible ?15:03
sbarcteam(I need to have a shared structure, with local parts)15:04
byroncoughlinPici Thanks. I use apt-get but sometimes prefer the gui15:04
bazhang!enter | sbarcteam15:04
ubottusbarcteam: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:04
Tru3fatei network a shared folder from a pc to my other windows pc, im new to ubuntu i have one set up but can't access the shared folder from one of my pc on the network15:04
Tru3fatethe OS is windows15:04
tucemiuxTru3fate: youre not being specific enough, the resource you want to share is hosted on what OS??  You are trying to access the resource using ubuntu or what OS ?15:05
sbarcteambazhang, ok.15:06
byroncoughlinTru3fate are you using Samba?15:06
FulgencioI got serveral machines which are identical. I'm cloning them. Clonation is OK, everything works fine. But wicd. It detects no wired network. I uninstalled it. Configured /etc/network/interfaces. No way. Can't see eth0 when I do ifconfig...just lo. Any help you could provide?15:07
kunjiHey everyone, I'm trying to get Gitorious setup with the directions here: http://cjohansen.no/en/ruby/setting_up_gitorious_on_your_own_server     I've got most of it working, it just seems like the style sheets aren't being applied, if anyone know where I should change the paths for them I would really appreciate it.  Well, except it seems like they're applied to the login page, and to the page gitorious.org (that is, the "fancy"15:08
LmatPici, Thanks.15:09
Laurenceb^how is that even possible?15:09
Tru3fateits a windows pc with a shared folder on home network, i have a laptop with ubuntu on it. im trying to access that shared folder on my windows pc thru home network.15:10
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somsipLaurenceb: sudo chown root:{user-name} googleearth-bin15:11
byroncoughlinLaurenceb have you tried it as root?15:11
Laurencebyes, same issue15:11
LmatPici, How do I use apt-get to decide which version I will be downloading and installinG?15:11
somsipLaurenceb: your signed in as laurence on both of the pastebins and are not using sudo or root login15:12
LmatPici, apt-cache... perhaps.15:13
Laurencebsudo: unable to execute ./googleearth-bin: No such file or directory15:13
lapagaLaurenceb, look in opt15:13
Tjololo12How do I install sun java? What's the package name?15:14
PiciLmat: decide? normally you'll get the latest version. apt-cache policy packagename  will tell you what versions are available though.15:14
bazhang!java | Tjololo1215:14
ubottuTjololo12: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.15:14
bazhangTjololo12, from the partner repo15:14
Laurenceblapaga: theres nothing there15:14
PiciLaurenceb: try using bash itself to execute it. i.e.: bash filename.bin15:14
=== Lomex_off is now known as Lomex
Laurenceb./googleearth-bin: ./googleearth-bin: cannot execute binary file15:14
Tru3fatei install it, just see a shared printer, still cant see my other systems on network15:14
bazhang!partner | Tjololo1215:14
ubottuTjololo12: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »15:14
airtonixhow was it that you would make dpkg reveal the path it installs each of the files in a deb ?15:15
Tjololo12ah there we are, thank you15:15
Piciairtonix: dpkg -L packagename15:15
bazhangTjololo12, or you can go into synaptic package manager under other software and enable there15:15
Piciairtonix: And the reverse is dpkg -S /path/to/file15:15
Laurenceboh i need to run GoogleEarthLinux.bin15:15
Fulgenciowicd is not finding any wired connnection....why could that be for?¿15:16
tucemiuxTru3fate: ahhh... the answer is samba, apparently you can use samba to access your shared folders which is an over kill for me, I once had that same problem and decided to just host an ubuntu server and store all my files there, windows and ubuntu can access the files without a glitch15:16
LmatHow do I put something on the path?15:16
LmatOr change the path to accomodate a program?15:16
bazhangFulgencio, wicd is for wireless, right? try ifconfig for ethernet15:16
Fulgenciowicd is for both, I thought...i actually have it running in another computer with a wired conenction15:17
lapagaLaurenceb, at least on my system it is larry@ubuntu:/opt/google/earth/free$15:17
bazhangFulgencio, try sudo dhclient eth015:17
Laurencebhmm it still wont load15:17
tucemiuxyeah where is PATH defined??? I cant find it in .bashrc15:17
Fulgencioi got static ip, should i try it as well?15:18
bazhangFulgencio, assuming you have eth0 in ifconfig15:18
Eric-Norhi. need helt mount external usb hdd15:18
bazhangEric-Nor, use fstab?15:18
bazhang!fstab | Eric-Nor15:18
ubottuEric-Nor: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:18
Fulgenciobazhang: when i do ifconfig no eth shown, just lo15:19
bazhangFulgencio, what about sudo ifup eth015:19
Picitucemiux, Lmat: It is initially defined in /etc/environment, but for adding to it for yourself, you should add a PATH=/new/path:$PATH to your own .bashrc (or relevant $SHELL config file)15:19
LmatWhat does bg do?  man bg doesn't work and bg--help isn't very descriptive.15:19
Tjololo12:( add-apt-repository: command not found Can't do package manager, I'm cli only15:19
Tjololo12sorry, bazhang ^15:19
Eric-NorThx, i will try15:19
Fulgenciobazhang: unkwnon interface15:19
tucemiuxPici: apparently on ubuntu it's on .profile15:19
LmatPici, Is that the normal way to get things done.  Is it more normal to add a link that IS on the path rather than putting a whole directory on the path?15:20
cg2916When I install from a Live USB, it says "Can't Find a Medium Containing a Live File System" and then switches to BusyBox15:20
kunjiFulgencio: Were you having trouble with eth before switching to wicd or did your distro start with it?15:20
bazhang sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" Tjololo1215:20
bazhangTjololo12, what version of ubuntu?15:20
damian0815hey folks, just had a possible bug with wpa_supplicant on natty/omap4 -- anyone here know relationship between /etc/wpa_supplicant/functions.sh & wpa_supplicant executable?15:20
Fulgenciokunji: im working in a cloned machine...where wicd was working properly....it its not on the cloned machine now.15:21
tucemiuxLmat: edit .profile and search for PATH, add the location of your application there BUT if you have your own app you should create it in ~/bin -- anything in there will be seen in your PATH15:21
Tjololo12bazhang: no idea, it's what I found googling for "moodle appliance"15:21
bazhangFulgencio, paste.ubuntu.com with the output of lspci please15:21
Tjololo12any way I can find out?15:21
PiciLmat: Yes, unless you have a reason to add a whole directory to your path, its common to just drop a symlink into something already in your path.15:21
Lmattucemiux, Thanks.15:21
bazhangTjololo12, lsb_release -a15:21
LmatPici, Thanks.  How do I create a symlink?15:21
Eric-NorIt did auto mount sometime. now it's just unable to mount, not authorized15:21
Fulgenciobazhang: ok...you should wait...since i got no connection there....just a minute.15:21
Tjololo1210.04 Lucid15:21
bazhangEric-Nor, you did read that link?15:22
Tjololo12*10.04.1 LTS15:22
cg2916Can someone help me, When I install from a Live USB, it says "Can't Find a Medium Containing a Live File System" and then switches to BusyBox15:22
Eric-Norhelp ubuntu com?15:22
kunjiFulgencio: you say it was cloned, did you restore it to new hardware, or the same?  It seems like it might be a driver issue.15:22
Fulgenciosame hardware15:22
byroncoughlinLmat look at man ln15:22
Dr_Williscg2916:  bad iso file. or the tool put the files on usb wrongly15:23
tucemiuxcg2916: the Live USB could be borked, try creating the Live USB again15:23
Fulgenciokunji, bazhang http://pastebin.com/wT5ayyin15:23
Lmatbyroncoughlin, Thanks.15:23
Tjololo12bazhang: can I just add it to /etc/apt/sources.d/sources.list?15:23
bazhangTjololo12, okay well sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the # from in front of the partner repo, save then update sources.list15:23
cg2916Dr_Willis, i checked the iso this time, it's fine15:23
Eric-Nor./dev/sda1 /media/WindowsNTFS ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,rw 0 015:23
cg2916I'm using Universal USB Creator, will UNETBooting work?15:23
bazhangcg2916, should do15:24
cg2916bazhang, ok15:24
Dr_Williscg2916: i tend to use tools from the pendrivelinux site15:24
bazhangcg2916, what version of ubuntu15:24
cg2916bazhang, lubuntu 11.0415:24
bazhangcg2916, then its in the repos to install15:24
Eric-Norbazhang: /dev/sda1 /media/WindowsNTFS ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,rw 0 0 - that is the internal ntfs hdd15:24
byroncoughlinEric-nor doe you have a directory /media/WindowsNTFS15:25
cg2916bazhang, repos?15:25
silidanhey can someone confirm the missing of the formware files for broadcom wlan devices on Ubuntu 11.04 ?15:25
bazhangcg2916, sudo apt-get install unetbootin15:25
Eric-Norbyroncoughlin: , yes, its iternal ntfs hdd, work correct15:25
kunjiFulgencio: and you /etc/network/interfaces is still the same, has eth configured, etc..?  If so then it's beyond my help, sorry.15:25
bazhang!it | Mistya15:25
ubottuMistya: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:25
cg2916bazhang, i'm using windows 7 now, i'm going to dual-boot to lubuntu15:25
Eric-NorDon't know how to mount external...prob same way?15:25
Tjololo12bazhang: it's installing now. Thank you15:25
bazhangcg2916, ok15:25
bazhangTjololo12, welcome15:26
Fulgenciokunji: /etc/network/interfaces has no eth configured...since wicd needs it to be with no eth refernce :?15:26
cg2916bazhang, Lubuntu isn't on UNETBooting15:26
byroncoughlinEric -Nor ?15:27
Dr_Williscg2916:  any ubuntu entry should work for lubuntu15:27
xanguacg2916: download lubuntu, open unetbootin and select lubuntu's iso15:27
cg2916xangua: Gotcha15:27
Dr_Williscg2916:  or try some of the tools at the pendrivelinux site should work15:28
cg2916Dr_Willis, didn't for me15:28
Fulgenciokunji, bazhang got it working, thnx!15:28
Dr_Williscg2916: thry have more then 1 tool15:28
bazhangFulgencio, nicely done15:28
cg2916Dr_willis, i'm using unetbootin now15:29
lintuxwow just had alot of lag on xchat15:29
kunjiFulgencio: what did you need to do?15:29
Dr_Willisi perfer the tools that boot iso files. i forget its name15:29
Dr_Willisunetbootin has been flakey for me in the past15:29
Fulgenciosudo ifconfig eth1 up and set eth1 as wired network interface in wicd15:30
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:30
kunjiFulgencio: hmm, thanks.15:30
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edbianlieying: hi15:33
Eric-Norstill dont know what to do. the external usb hdd says "not authorized"15:34
lieyingI can speak english a litlle15:34
whoeverhi all , in gnome is there a way to change what shortcut keys launch ? i have looked under system> preperences > keyboard shortcuts and it looks like I can only change the key values used to launch an app . ie instead of fn+mail to open evelotion i would like it to check and see if I have a firefox tab with gmail , and if so set focus on the tab if not open ff and go to gmail or open tab if ff is aleady open and go do gmail15:34
byroncoughlinEric- Nor how are you trying to access the hdd15:35
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek)15:35
whoeveris there a script already set that does this or will I have to wite the script \15:35
Eric-Norbyroncoughlin: just piont and click15:35
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Eric-Norbyroncoughlin: , ah, did it with nomachine, worked on local machine now....15:36
jribwhoever: my guess is you'd have to write such a script15:37
Eric-Norlocale -a i must run?15:38
propmanminimum requirements for running ubuntu 11.04 web page?   Can't seem to find anything relevent on ubuntu web site15:39
jrib!notes | propman15:39
ubottupropman: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110415:39
Fulgenciohow can i get to know which file in whichever folder on / has the text "sampletext"?15:39
Picipropman: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements as well.15:40
jribFulgencio: you may use grep...15:40
PiciFulgencio: grep -Ril "sampletext" /*15:40
propmanthanks guys....much appreciated :)15:40
Fulgenciogrep thnx pici!"15:40
dliProf_BiG_BanG, I have a pentium-III 500MHz, 192MB, 6GB, running 11.0415:41
Eric-Norhow to see whats mounted?15:41
PiciEric-Nor: 'mount'15:42
kwvargaDualmonitors, having an issue where my mouse can go out of screen since resolutions do not match15:42
chocolates    * The inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit and the inerrancy of Scripture as a result of this.15:42
chocolates    * The virgin birth of Christ.15:42
chocolates    * The belief that Christ's death was the atonement for sin.15:42
chocolates    * The bodily resurrection of Christ.15:42
chocolates    * The historical reality of Christ's miracles.15:42
FloodBot1chocolates: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:42
byroncoughlinEric -noe mount15:42
chocolatesderp wrong channel15:42
whoeverjrib: thx , I have another question for you too, [assuming you have an iPod/iphone], have you had any luck transpering music to in from ubuntu?15:42
dlipropman, sent to wrong id:( just want to give you some idea, I have a pentium-III 500MHz, 192MB, 6GB, running 11.0415:43
byroncoughlinWhoever I use gtkpod15:43
Eric-Norbyroncoughlin: thx. i have to unmount, then add line to fstab? ext usb hdd...15:44
tobiassjostenIn Unity, even if I set the launcher to open when I "touch left top corner", I am stuck with an invisible 1px column in the left. When I hover that and try scrolling, in my browser for example, nothing happens.15:44
tobiassjostenDoes anyone know how to get rid of that?15:45
byroncoughlinEric does hdd show up now in mount15:45
Eric-Noryes, my book 2 byroncoughlin15:45
Eric-Norsdc1 media/my book 215:45
StephenSISPconfig is15:46
StephenS!ispconfig eric-nor15:46
cg2916I still can't boot from a Live Usb, It says Can't Find a Medium containing a live file system15:46
StephenSIS ISPConfig accepted in ubuntu?15:46
Eric-Norwhat StephenS ?15:46
cg2916I've checked the iso and used two methods to make a live usb15:47
byroncoughlinEric yes umount /dev/sdc1 then add to fstab then you can mount /dev/sdc115:47
roastedDoes anybody use clementine? Curious about a playlist issue I'm haivng.15:48
sktn07Anyone can help me i have crystal clear c language knowledge....i wanna do project to build .jad or .jar file(mobile application )15:48
stercor"sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base" failed.  How do I submit a bug report?15:48
cg2916Can someone help me w/ my live usb?15:49
dlisktn07, BTW, .jar is probably java not c15:49
dlistercor, 11.04?15:49
neodemii just installed openvpn, but it doesn't show up in the network manager vpn connection type list even after a reboot, anyone know how to get it in that list. running 11.0415:50
stercordli: 10.04LTS15:50
Piciroasted: you may want to ask in #clementine if you can't get an answer here.15:50
dlistercor, pastebin the command line and error messages15:50
llutzneodemi: you need network-manager-openvpn-gnome15:50
roastedPici, I have for the last two days. The chat is pretty dead, however I heard a lot of users in here recommending Clementine, so I wanted to try my luck in here again.15:50
trongminhhi everybody15:51
hawkerHi ! Can I get help with ubuntu here ?15:51
neodemithanks llutz its in the list now15:51
trongminhmy ubuntu have sth wrong15:51
cg2916can someone help me with my live usb not working?15:51
trongminhI am using touchpad and i had turned off tap click15:52
trongminhbut some menu show suddenly while am typing15:52
trongminhi dont know why15:53
LmatIs a ".sh" file a bash script?15:53
trongminhmy laptop installed  KDE, xfce and gnome15:53
trongminhit's usual in gnome but not in other15:53
trongminhwhy ? tho can help me15:53
rumpe1Lmat, usually bash or dash15:54
hawkerany help with GRUB ? I've got minimal grub bash-like line editing problem, GRUB does not respond to "root" command.15:54
hawkersays that there is no kernel loaded15:54
Lmatrumpe1, I ran "cat file.sh" and it is binary.  Is this normal?15:54
byroncoughlinhawker did grub ever work15:55
rumpe1Lmat, try "file file.sh" ... thats the correct method to determine the filetype.15:55
Lmatrumpe1, Thanks.15:55
sktn07Anyone can help me....i wanna do to build .jad or .jar file(mobile application )?15:56
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Lmatrumpe1, "POSIX shell script text executable"15:56
Picisktn07: I answered you in #freenode: I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but ##java might be a good place to ask15:56
dlihawker, grub2 or grub1?15:56
hawkergrub 2 i think15:56
byroncoughlinsktn07 Have you tried eclipse15:56
hawkerit worked fine before recent uptade15:57
hawkeri had newest ubuntu15:57
rumpe1Lmat, there you go15:57
Lmatrumpe1, So should I be able to read "cat file.sh"?15:57
rumpe1Lmat, but little advice: if it's an installer of some kind, first check the package-manager ...15:57
Lmatrumpe1, Sure, it's an installer.  Why would I check the package-manager?15:57
Lmatrumpe1, I already installed it.15:57
byroncoughlinhawker have you tried disk to repair grub15:58
rumpe1Lmat, not if it's executable. you can execute it with "./file.sh" or "/path/to/file.sh" (sometimes "sudo" in front is necessary)15:58
whoeverbyroncoughlin: i have tried gtkpot and have problemes getting the music to ipod and deleteting music from ipod. gtkpod would say done syncing and when i went to the ipod the file name would be there but the file wasn't. I am sure it should be streight forward but wasn't/isn't working right for me15:58
usermanager* * * * wget http://www.test.com   will tis cron command load test.com site ?15:58
rumpe1Lmat, package-manager is always the first choice. Otherwise you risk the integrity of your system.15:58
Lmatrumpe1, Oh, I thought scripts are necessarily text.15:58
hawkerbyroncoughlin what do you mean ?15:58
rumpe1Lmat, well.. usually they are15:59
Lmatrumpe1, I risk the integrity of my system by looking at it ;)15:59
Lmatrumpe1, Ahh, usually.  That's fine, thanks very much.15:59
byroncoughlinwhoever I usually eject the Ipod from taskbar then connect it in gtkpod for it to work16:00
hawkeri've alredy tried to reinstall ubuntu16:00
hawkerbut after  installation the problem has repeated16:00
mosx1I have setup ftp user to have full permissions to /var/www is this a good approach? what account does apache run under ? will it be able to read uploaded directories ?16:00
hawker(and after actualisation)16:00
stercordli: http://pastebin.com/HsZKt6cS16:00
stercordli: it's good for 10 minutes.16:01
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Ububegin_After I deleted my ubuntu partition, I cudnt  boot in... I got this error :unknown filesystem and grub rescue16:01
cg2916i can't boot off my live usb16:01
cg2916it can't find a live file system16:01
whoeverbyroncoughlin: I belieave I tried that but when I ejected the ipod from the taskbar then gtkpod wouldn't find the ipod16:01
dydguys, i've copied with dd my old 40gb hd in a new one with 160gb, then i resized the partition, but it still thinks that there is no space16:01
llutzmosx1: www-data is the user/group apache runs as16:01
menukostasGRhi.i have a problem installing ubuntu 11.04 in a dell mini16:02
byroncoughlinwhoever what version of ubuntu are you running16:02
mosx1llutz: thx, and how do i recursively give that account permission to an uploaded folder structure ?16:02
sktn07pici, i want to make mobile software using knowledge of language c.16:02
menukostasGRis anybody available for help please?16:02
whoeverbyroncoughlin: fyi its been about a month since I have done this , (i know too many iphages)16:02
llutzmosx1: chown -R16:03
Ububegin_After I deleted my ubuntu partition, I cudnt boot in... I got this error :unknown filesystem and grub rescue.. now i want to install windows xp there. pls help16:03
mosx1ah yes - I remember now. thx man16:03
Picisktn07: C support in ##C then.16:03
g2bl33tCan someone send me a screenshot of their ubuntu 11.0416:03
cg2916i can't boot off my live usb, can someone help me?16:04
mosx1another one....nautilus cannot see filenames beginning with . ?? like .htaccess ? is that right ?16:04
menukostasGRmy dell has a 8gb ssd and the installation requires 4.4 gb available.how can i erase some space from my disk?help please16:04
whoeverbyroncoughlin: what do i cat to get the ver16:04
rumpe1mosx1, if i were you i would definitely look into some other protocols like sftp if you tend not only to allow anonymous downloads. ftp is extremely old, slow and unsecure16:04
g2bl33tWhat distros are you guys using?16:04
subcoolstupid Q. I just bought a itouch from a friend, but the power button appears to be jammed. How do i find out how old the itouch is to see if it is still under warrenty?16:04
menukostasGRwhar is distros?16:04
subcooland no he doesnt know.16:04
whoeverbyroncoughlin: i think it is 10.11 (cant go any higher or my video doesn't work)16:05
dlistercor, let me try whether I can get latex on 11.0416:05
g2bl33tLinux Distros (Ubuntu,Debian, OpenSuse) etc16:05
mosx1rumpe1: thx - it is actually sftp16:05
llutzmosx1: nautilus should have an option to show hidden files, ctrl-h? not sure16:05
mosx1only gonna be me uploading16:05
menukostasGRi m using ubuntu 11.04 32bit16:05
whoeverbyroncoughlin: and I have already done a dist-upgrade16:05
stercorg2bl33t: I'm back to 10.04LTS after problems with 10.04LTS->10.04->11.04.16:05
byroncoughlinwhoever cat /etc/issue16:05
LmatHow do I view a .pdf file in ubuntu?16:06
stercorLmat: evince.16:06
xanguaLmat: double clic on it16:06
byroncoughlinLmat I use okular16:06
coz_or lsb_release -a16:06
whoeverLmat: right click open document viewer16:06
LmatWhich viewer automatically updates its contents?16:07
cg2916can someone please help me?16:07
Lmatcg2916, no.16:07
cg2916Lmat: grr, lol16:07
Lmatcg2916, That's a cute way of saying, "Don't ask to ask" ;P16:07
cg2916look, i'm having trouble with my live usb16:07
whoeverbyroncoughlin: it is 10.1016:07
stercorcg2916: make another live USB.16:07
cg2916stercor: i did... twice16:07
stercorcg2916: oh...16:08
IamTryingWhat is my sound card? /dev/dsp does not sound in/out e.g: http://i.stack.imgur.com/7WPVw.png16:08
whoeverLmat: why are you trolling16:08
Lmatwhoever, no, no troll.  I just want to know which pdf viewer auto-updates.16:08
stercorcg2916: Did you change the boot order in your BIOS?16:08
whoeverLmat: i think thay all do just hit f516:09
cg2916stercor, I can boot from it, but when i go to Install, it says Can't Find a Medium with a live file system16:09
IamTryingLmat, you can use Opera and put auto refresh 1 seconds to that pdf.16:09
ChroniXВсем превед16:09
dlistercor, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_curve_theorem16:09
dlistercor, sorry, http://www.tug.org/pipermail/tex-live/2009-May/020855.html16:10
ChroniXЕсть тут русские?16:10
LmatIamTrying, ahh.16:10
unaI got very weird internet problem16:10
dlistercor, seems to be a version mismatch, the lualatex.ini16:11
cg2916is there any way to wubi lubuntu16:11
Pici!ru | ChroniX16:11
ubottuChroniX: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:11
unaa speed test sites calculates internet download upload speed about .76 and .89mb, whereas it in reality it turns out only .14 and .07mb16:12
byroncoughlinwhoever what ipod are you using?16:13
SikCan somebody help me find out why PulseAudio refuses to detect the first sound device? I need to have two sound devices connected for it to detect anything other than dummy output, and I'm tired of rebooting lots of times until it gets the right sound device :|16:13
dliuna, how do you confirm it's 0.14 and 0.07 MB/s ?16:13
dliSik, do you have pavucontrol?16:14
qinuna: bit or byte?16:14
Sikdli: what's that?16:14
Sik...OK, not installed, will get16:14
whoeverbyroncoughlin: it was ipone416:14
whoeverbyroncoughlin: i just notice my 10key use to work and for some reason it stoped working(numpad)16:15
unaI mean to say that there is very huge difference between the test calculated by any online internet test system and the actual speed16:15
unaat least to my case16:15
unaand is very weird ti me16:16
SikChecked pavucontrol, it only detects "analog stereo internal audio" (dummy) and the second sound device.16:16
Eric-Norbyroncoughlin: , trying it out here now, let u know how it goes16:19
whoeverbyroncoughlin: should i try an actual ipod , although it shouldn't matter iphone is just an ipod with a phone16:20
roastedDid 11.04 include some better QT/GTK integration? Amarok looks much better in Gnome than it has in the past...16:20
FloodBot1liuchunxue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:21