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gilles_hello there08:53
johnnybelfastHi, when someone gets a chance to look at it, there is an issue with my account on Ubuntu forums. I mistakenly created a second account. The admin told me it was against the rules to have two accounts so I stopped using one.  For some reason both accounts were disabled shortly afterwards and as such I had to open a third account just to get on. Now the third account has been shut down,...09:06
johnnybelfast...possibly for the same reason. I work for a company of 30 people and we are migrating some of our machines to Ubuntu.  I would appreciate if this matter be resolved as soon as possible. The account I need enabled is 'Johnsie' and the accounts that can be removed are 'Skelator' and 'johnnbelfast'. If there are any issues with this then please contact john.mccourt@yahoo.com. Thanks.09:06
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newz2000technoviking: good news, I got access to the dev server. Give me a ping when you have a moment to chat, I think I could use some further details.13:57
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el_bbwhy was read access on the ubuntu forums restricted to members?19:51
FTMichaelSTupid Unity20:06
newz2000technoviking: around? Can you help me with the dev server? I'd like to see the error so I can start understanding how to fix it20:25

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