astraljavaScottL: No, never heard of him.00:00
TheMusoScottL, astraljava, anyone else who worked on the seeds. Here is a list of what has been added/removed, and I think there is a fair amount in here that you may not want on the studio disks. http://paste.ubuntu.com/643670/01:27
TheMusoScottL, astraljava, I am not uploading until I hear back as to whether you wish to make more changes, or go with what is there.01:27
TheMusoastraljava, ScottL, the above is from the changelog entry for ubuntustudio-meta with the recent seed changes.01:28
ScottLastraljava, i talked to cory via google chat and he's good with what you have done (not that he looked with much depth to be forthcoming)01:33
ScottLman, we added a lot without removing that much :/01:34
ScottLastraljava, basically i told cory that i thought we should try the " forward, see what breaks, and try to fix it" method01:36
holsteinwhats replacing brasero?04:58
astraljavaScottL: Like I said, I merged from Xubuntu without really knowing what not to include. Development stuff, sure, but not really anything outside.06:18
astraljavaTheMuso: Thanks for the output! We seriously needed to have the discussion, but as you probably noticed, there wasn't any. :-/06:19
* persia notices backscroll and wonders why abiword should be included. Same for orage, parole, vinagrr07:43
astraljavaWe didn't have any office tools by default before? Okay, I'll scratch all of that.08:17
astraljavaNo idea what the rest are.08:17
astraljavaSo with abiword, we ought to get rid of gnumeric, too?08:17
persiaDepends on the plan.08:31
persiaIf we think people need to be able to do flyers and calculate how much money they lose for signing with a major label, then perhaps we want those tools.08:32
persiaAlternately, we could tell folk who want an office suite to install one of libreoffice, gnome-office, or Calligra, depending on their preference.08:33
persiaorage is a calendar, parole is a media player, vinagre is a remote desktop client.08:34
persiaAgain, there might be good reasons to have them.08:34
astraljavapersia: For Xubuntu, or us? Once again, desktop is pretty much directly copied from Xubuntu's. I left out some pretty obvious choices only (e.g. development tools and the like)08:43
persiaThere are definite reasons for Xubuntu to have that stuff.08:43
persiaBut I always presumed there was a reason that we had a separate desktop seed, related to wanting/not wanting certain things from Ubuntu Desktop.08:44
persiaIf we want to have the same behaviour when using Xubuntu, I would expect the same filters to be applied.08:44
persiaIf we just want the Xubuntu Desktop as-is, with our stuff on top, then we could just have "xubuntu-desktop" in our seed, or not even have an ubuntustudio-desktop package, and just have the other ones.08:45
astraljavapersia: I highly doubt we want it as-is, hence the discussion. But stuff like "there might be good reasons to have them" only apply for the reason that it's currently a product of direct copying.08:47
astraljavapersia: I am just not well-enough informed to make the call for removing individual packages.08:48
astraljavaThat's why we wanted, especially, Cory's input on it.08:49
astraljavapersia: Ahh... your meaning wasn't "there might be reasons why they are there", but rather "there might be reasons people would want them to be there". Gotcha. Sorry. :)08:50
persiaI firmly believe that for Ubuntu Studio to be useful, it has to provide a coherent experience based on some vision.08:55
persiaI'm not at all confident that I understand that vision: I have opinions, but I know I don't have enough time to keep track of what folk are thinking closely.08:55
persiaSo, if having an office suite is part of that coherent experience, then it needs documentation targeting the Ubuntu Studio userbase, etc.08:56
persiaBut I believe it to be different than the past experience, and wasn't sure if that was intentional.08:56
astraljavaYep. Well, Scott can put his foot down on this, once we have gathered enough input on the matter. Your points were excellent, though, so thanks! I'll keep that in mind.09:06
persiaHeh, yeah :)  I should also say: nice work in sorting the migration.09:09
persiaIt will be nice to have buildable images again.09:09
astraljavaAgreed, I hate when we couldn't test. Also, I'm highly stoked to see the new desktop. :)09:15
falktxhey there10:19
astraljavaHi falktx!10:55
falktxare the new ISOs building now?11:09
falktx(gnome-session and lash fixed?)11:09
astraljavaAt least I didn't receive any notion of uninstallable binaries in the daily health check, but I haven't attempted a test install yet.11:26
astraljavaerr... s/binaries/packages/11:27
astraljavaNah, installation still fails, and obviously so because Luke just informed us that he hadn't updated the seeds due to confusing nature of desktop's contents.11:43
falktxah, too bad11:45
astraljavafalktx: If you could, please take a look at the desktop in the ubuntustudio.oneiric seed.11:46
astraljavaWe could use the opinion in the application selection area.11:47
falktxI can take a quick look11:49
falktxit seems like oneiric has more GCC bugs than natty had11:54
ScottLastraljava, i have luke's pastebin and i'll parse it later today (hopefully, work is pretty busy again)11:55
ScottLhi falktx 11:55
astraljavaScottL: Yeah, no sweat. We still have a few weeks until alpha-3 (but time flies) :D11:58
ScottLyes and i still want to make additional changes to add new plugins, etc, one xfce is sorted, so that makes the time even shorter12:00
falktxScottL: did you ever tested my xfce menu patch for real?12:01
falktxI can see a lot of plugins missing12:06
falktxguitarix is not available, so it should be added12:06
falktxyoshimi is a good choice too12:07
falktxhm, it seems to me the seed are very short right now... did someone removed lots of apps?12:08
falktxI can't see invada-plugins in there, but I remember US using it before12:08
falktxah! generation.seed adds a few more12:09
astraljavaI see plugins in audio-common and audio-plugins12:09
falktxdamn, I need to sleep12:12
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scott-workastraljava: did you ever get ubuntu studio installed on your mac?  did you dual-boot by chance?15:13
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astraljavascott-work: I never got the mac. I had some financial issues, and when they were resolved, Apple had switched from nVidia to ATi/AMD, so I didn't bother anymore.16:15
scott-workah, gotcha16:22
scott-workone of the hosts for the "terminal geeks" podcast is thinking about using a mac and was curious about dual booting it16:22
astraljavaI understand there's nothing really irky about it anymore. EFI works really well for that.17:03
scott-workastraljava: what is EFI?18:47
scott-workoh, and i'm still going to get you information about the back porting situation, there's just too many irons in the fire for my time18:47
astraljavascott-work: No fear, natty/lucid is not going anywhere for a while. :)18:52
astraljavascott-work: The BIOS equivalent on Macs, I believe.18:54
charlie-tcaEFI is something in the 64bit macs, that's the reason we have have a special release for mac 6418:56
astraljavaThe Unified Extensible Firmware Interface BIOS (UEFI) is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. UEFI is a replacement for the older BIOS firmware interface present in all IBM PC-compatible personal computers. (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface)18:59
astraljavaI don't see how that limits to 64-bits only, though.19:00
charlie-tcaI don't understand much of it, but there is something about the 64bit system that requires a special cd spin19:01
persiaEFI is an earlier revision of UEFI, used by Apple, Dell, HP, and maybe some other folk.  Apple did it first, and in a special way that doesn't match what everyone else did, hence the amd64+mac images.19:09
persiaThe i386 images either don't support the Intel macs *OR* do something special to get into some "compatibility mode".  I forget which, but suspect the former.19:10
astraljavaThanks for the correction, persia!19:41

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