nagchampahi guys, i've got a problem where my fakeraid (required for dual booting) is partitioned using gpt and dmraid won't initialise the partitions when it starts the raid, falling back instead on the gpt protection mbr record04:33
nagchampai can use kpartx to initialise the partitions but i'd like to have a boot script do it automatically04:34
nagchampais there an event i should be trying to hook in order to run before local filesystems are mounted04:34
nagchampaor should i be doing it another way04:35
nagchampai'm looking through existing jobs and having trouble finding which events i should be waiting on04:35
nagchampais there a way to ensure my script runs before certain local filesystems are mounted?04:46
nagchampaor will I have to modify the mountall job as well?04:46
nagchampawould "start on (mounting)" be the correct way to do it? would that cause my script to run before local filesystems are mounted?04:49
nagchampaor would it be better to use "start on (starting mountall)"04:53
nagchampaor considering the mountpoints for these filesystems won't be available until my script runs, would it be sufficient to just have it run on startup?05:08
pmjdebruijnhi all06:48
pmjdebruijnstart on started networking should make sure a script would only run after networking is up right?06:49
pmjdebruijnfor something that is dependant on domain name resolution06:49
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pmjdebruijnhmmm I just I should use net-device-up08:27
pmjdebruijnsorry /just/guess/08:27
ustunozgurHi, I'm trying to use upstart for a daemon written with python-daemon. However I couldn't find any correct documentation, http://upstart.at/2011/02/01/process-less-jobs/ for example doesn't seem to help. The daemon can currently be started as mydaemon start, stopped with mydaemon stop etc. 08:41
ustunozgurShould I go with the system-v style recommended there?08:42
ustunozgurAlso, sometimes after I make changes, the tab completion after issuing start doesn't work, why? Is it because of errors in conf.08:43
twbWhat's the default signal sent to food on "stop foo"?09:05
twbTERM looks like09:05
twbWhich is what poff sends by default to pppd, so now I'm having upstart control pppd directly, that should still be fine and pppd is still likely to run the iproute2 commands I put in /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/09:06
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