astraljavaHey! a desktop image! :D11:47
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charlie-tcaimages are available today, but a bit oversized15:32
GridCube:) im at work today :P and later i will go and watch harry potter whit my brother and nieces, :D so i'll test tomorrow maybe15:36
charlie-tcaUbuntu Developer Week Day 4 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom 15:36
charlie-tca(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek)                           15:36
charlie-tcaOkay, we do need to try those desktop images ASAP, since we haven't had one in a week15:37
charlie-tcaIf they are broken tomorrow, they probably won't get fixed until Tuesday again15:37
GridCube:/ i mostly do alternate test, i dont even have a desktop image15:38
charlie-tcaI will go try to run the desktop images today15:39
GridCubei can download a desktop image tomorrow and start using both15:39
astraljavaCan't get the desktop image to install. :-/20:58
astraljavaOn virtualbox, at least. Will try over the weekend on real hardware.20:59
charlie-tcaUsing the install from the cd menu?20:59
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yes.21:00
charlie-tcaOh, goody21:01
charlie-tcaI will tonight21:01
charlie-tcaI can try both 32 and 64bit in VBox21:03
astraljavaI'm doing the alternate 64-bit guided whole disk now.21:03
astraljavaDidn't check the spreadsheet!"21:03
charlie-tcathat's okay. The desktop images need to be done for all installs, if we can21:04
charlie-tcaMark any tests you do, whether they are "TEST" or not, please. It all helps21:05
charlie-tcaThe whole purpose of the spreadsheet is to make sure we don't do the same tests everyday, and seldom do the others21:06
astraljavacharlie-tca: Okay, makes sense, really.21:07
astraljavaWonder if anyone else has problems in logging in to an alternate install. I choose "Other...", and my username, and it still refures to give me even tha password prompt.21:29
astraljavaNow if I first chose "Other...", then typed my username, it gave me the password prompt. But didn't log me in, instead started the authentication from the start again.21:34
astraljavaHey! Now it works!21:46
astraljava"System program problem detected!" :)21:46
knomeyou call that "works" ?21:47
astraljavaknome: /me chuckles21:47
astraljavalightdm-example-gtk-greeter and Update Manager both crashed.21:49
astraljavaOops! According to apport, libcups2 is obsolete!21:49
knomejust a normal oops, not a kerneloops?22:03
astraljavaJust what the GUI gives me, not real kerneloops. Just poor wording from my side, sorry!22:12
astraljavaknome: Did you have something to do with prog music, or am I thinking of a wrong finn?22:28
knomei probably do :)22:28
knomefor some reason, i'm not *progressing* with this css at all now22:34
astraljavaknome: Right. Coolness. Check http://last.fm/user/astraljava, and get back to me if any of the bands ring a bell, and want to discuss or anything.22:41
astraljavaHaha, developing can be such a hassle at times.22:42
knomei suppose i'm  not *that* prog22:42
knomebut i do enjoy bands like kingston wall and wigwam22:42
astraljavaThey're both pretty cool!22:42
knomealso some porcupine tree22:42
knomei can listen to a wide variety of prog without getting annoyed22:43
knomeand i think that's kind of much22:43
knomei like a bit of pain of salvation as well22:45
knomeha, you have one play of fivestar prophet ;P22:47
knomei like the canada/montreal scene quite a lot, if that can be called "prog"22:47
ochosihm, just tested the overlay scrollbars with the latest greybird (both in natty), that works like a breeze and even looks quite well22:51
knomehey ochosi 22:51
ochosihey pasi22:52
micahgochosi: there was a new overlay scrollbars release in oneiric today22:52
ochosimicahg: oh right. hm. i guess that's a good signal. should dl alpha222:52
ochosimeh, still 50% left22:56
astraljavaochosi: Couldn't get the desktop image to install, alternate seemed to work, but had some severe problems.23:00
charlie-tcaastraljava: that cups bug was fixed today, should be in tomorrows images23:00
ochosiastraljava: darn, just downloaded the desktop-image :/23:00
astraljavacharlie-tca: Good to hear, will download during the office hours tomorrow, and test during the weekend.23:01
charlie-tcaThanks for testing today23:02
charlie-tcaochosi: desktop image ain't worked since alpha2, I would go with the alternate image instead23:02
astraljavaknome: Porcupine Tree is awesome, as is Pain of Salvation (one of my absolute top heroes!). No idea about the Montreal scene, but I happen to like Protest the Hero and HevyDevy from the Land of the Maple Tree. :D23:02
knomeastraljava, does bands like godspeed you black emperor and/or silver mt. zion say anything?23:03
astraljavaknome: I have heard the former, but not so sure about the latter.23:03
knomeastraljava, try them: http://cstrecords.com/cst063/23:05
ochosicharlie-tca: read that just now (after it was too late) :(23:08
astraljavaknome: Okay, I put them on so they'll be playing while I'll fall asleep. :)23:08
knomeastraljava, gybe probably fits the "prog" definition better23:08
knomeif you can ;)23:08
astraljavaYeah, that will have a stance on how good they are. :)23:09
charlie-tcaochosi: We track installs daily now at http://2tu.us/3ebn23:09
astraljavaknome: What's gybe?23:09
knomeyup ;)23:09
astraljavaSorry, I'm being slow.23:09
knomeno problem23:09
knomesilver mt zion has also been "thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band with choir"23:11
knomebut "silver mt zion" or just "smz" is a bit easier...23:11
astraljavaHeh. :)23:12
knomeand eh, two of the band members have a baby, called "steamtrain"23:12
Unit193Dang sister is doing school on the computer that can handle VBox the best :/23:12
Unit193s/doing school/still doing school/g23:13
charlie-tcaIt happens... just means you don't get to use it yet ;)23:14
astraljavaknome: Hilarious! :D23:14
knomeastraljava, yes, in a way... :)23:15
knomeastraljava, so how's the music itself?23:15
astraljavaknome: It's a bit challenging, meaning it's not overly melodic, at least from the vocal lines POV, but I'll give it chances. It's interesting, overall.23:16
knomemaybe check the other albums too23:17
knomethey've changed their style in the making :)23:17
astraljavaknome: I'll check during the working day whether they've got stuff on Spotify.23:17
knomei suppose not, but you can listen them through the constellation website :)23:17
astraljavaOh okay, that'll work too.23:18
astraljavaI tend to prefer apps that can scrobble to last.fm :)23:19
Unit193Sadly I only know a windows program that does that with Pandora23:20
astraljavaUnit193: rhythmbox does it, xmms did it (with a plugin) so I assume it's successor (sorry forgot the name) does it, Spotify does it etc. :)23:21
Unit193Plays from pandora and scrobbles to Last.fm?23:22
astraljavaUnit193: Sorry, don't know what Pandora is...23:22
Unit193astraljava: Really?? "Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites."23:25
knomeokay, i think i'm going to bed23:32
knomesee you all later23:32
knomegood night!23:32
Unit193LIttle late to say "Night!"...23:38

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