eonfiftyI just upgraded (through update manager) from 10.04 to 10.10 and immediately to 11.04, and now all my windows lost their borders (the minimize, restore and close buttons are gone.)00:11
eonfiftyscreenshot: http://i.imgur.com/UwDQf.png00:12
eonfiftyHow can I fix this?00:12
pleia2xfwm4 may have died00:22
pleia2if you alt f2 it'll bring up a run prompt, you'll want to run xfwm400:23
pleia2see if that fixes things00:23
eonfiftypleia2: my keyboard stopped working after I tried advice from #ubuntu and had to reboot. what was that command again00:27
pleia217:23:36 < pleia2> if you alt f2 it'll bring up a run prompt, you'll want to run xfwm400:27
eonfiftyok, thanks.00:27
eonfiftynothing happened with alt-f400:28
eonfiftya terminal gave me this:00:28
eonfiftyxfwm4-Message: To replace the current window manager, try "--replace"00:28
eonfifty(xfwm4:2003): xfwm4-WARNING **: Another Window Manager is already running00:28
eonfiftyis compiz a window manager?00:28
pleia2if you're using compiz then I don't know :)00:29
eonfiftyi think i will try uninstalling all the fancy stuff and see what happens00:29
eonfiftywhoa! [xfwm4 --replace] fixed it.00:30
eonfiftyi'll see if it lasts a reboot. thanks.00:31
JeZ-l-Leeanyone familiar with 64bit Linux LightScribe disc imaging?01:19
roastedAnybody good with Exaile? Curious if I can sync playlists with it. Can't seem to figure it out and I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible.01:24
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tigruHey there!07:56
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blkdghi, if i want to install xubuntu + ltsp, can i do that from the desktop iso? or do i need the alternate disk? the thin clients have 512 ram and are 32 bit.10:42
onlasssi got some issues with my graphics card on ubuntu 11.04 fresh install.. I had to choose classic with no effects to have it work.. not unity. would I be having same problems if i tried a fresh install of xubuntu 11.04 ?10:46
onlasssi'm fine with classic though, of xfce or whatever. just wondering10:46
onlasssmy other problem is that my secondary monitor is showing half of the primary monitors screen and only half showing the secondary :o tried to google that problem but couldn't find anything10:47
onlasssthat is with that ubuntu 11.04... so i am wondering of just installing xubuntu 11.04 first and see if it works, or just xubuntu 10.04 lts10:48
Sysiblkdg: you need alternate disk to install xubuntu ltsp server (and for what I know you don't really install the clients)11:00
Sysionlasss: what graphics card?11:01
blkdgSysi, if the client doesn't have netwoork boot capability, what do you install on them?11:02
Sysiregular xubuntu/lubuntu, network mount /home and set up passwd system on server I guess11:04
Sysior check if bios update offers that11:04
Sysimost machines do support PXE11:04
blkdgok thank you11:05
onlasssSysi hd685011:30
onlassssmth like this problem but my card is not nvidia https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72874511:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 728745 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "[nvidia, 7300, 7400] display freeze when using unity desktop" [Low,Triaged]11:31
Sysionlasss: propietary drivers?11:46
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Sysiif you have propietary ati, you need catalyst or whatever their tool is to set it up, I only know that ati drivers are kinda bugsy11:48
Sysians unity is somewhat bad with all drivers11:49
onlasssi go read how to install those on ubuntu.. soon11:55
SysiI don't know how well open drivers work if the card is new, with them you can try with arandr, or classic gnome settings should have the same11:56
Sysitry alt+F2 "jockey-gtk" for propietary driver installation11:58
onlasssi'll go try12:06
jnsl_how do i turn off notifications ? half of them get stuck on screen12:27
ochosijnsl_: you can either tweak the settings in settings manager > notifications or "sudo apt-get remove xfce4-notifyd"12:31
onlaSysi, thanks. unity works now. that was easy.. I'll test the 2nd monitor as an extended now12:31
jnsl_Thanks ochosi, think i will remove for now, seems very buggy for time being :)12:32
ochosijnsl_: sure, well actually the "don't show again" button in the notification bubbles should help. which ones are getting stuck specifically?12:33
jnsl_ones from beatbox, but i seem to recall there were others12:34
ochosijnsl_: hm, wondering whether that's maybe a problem of beatbox (iirc it's designed to work with notify-osd)12:36
jnsl_that could be the case, beatbox is also in beta only i think12:37
ochosijnsl_: probably there's no timeout set (notify-osd times out notifications automatically). would be helpful if you could check that and file a bug12:37
jnsl_yeah may look into it when i get home =)12:37
onlathis unity is interestingly weird and different12:38
onlaatm struggling to find the place to change some preferences, like login settings12:39
onlaon the unity menu there's no menu for those adminstrating tasks12:39
onlaI found the place for system settings and for monitors. Now after installing the proprietary drivers and having unity working, the monitors are displayed as "unknown" and both do work as mirrored. When I try to not mirror, but to extend, it doesn't work12:50
onlawhen I press apply, nothing happens, and the 2nd monitor stays mirrored12:50
onlabefore.. the monitors had names there like asus and acer12:51
Sysiwith ati driver you need to use the ati tool12:51
GridCubei might be late here, but what does xubuntu has to do whit unity?12:53
Sysihe asked about xubuntu and I accidentally fixed unity12:54
GridCubesorry for interrupting then12:55
Sysi(for your question, you can install unity on xubuntu but it isn't really the same thing anymore)12:57
onlaoki. seems like I got the 2 monitors work side by side from the catalyst. need to boot13:00
jnsl_7j #cvs13:04
jnsl_seems like download icons (the icons next to downloaded material in the "download" pop up box) in firefox are missing =)14:44
jnsl_xubuntu 11.04 firefox514:44
GridCubeyes, that happens15:04
chad____How can I replace Thunar with PCManFM? Desktop folders (only these)  continue to open using Thunar.18:41
chad____Sysi: If you're talking to me, then yes.18:42
Sysisettings → preferred applications18:42
Sysior does it still keep opening them in thunar?18:42
knomeSysi, are you sure that affects the desktop folders?18:42
knomei think thunar is still controlling the desktop by default18:43
chad____knome: Yeah, you're right.18:43
charlie-tcait should affect everything but the launcher on the hidden panel.18:43
charlie-tcaIf it doesn't, that is a bug18:43
Sysiit should be common setting, ans xfdesktop takes care of desktop, it will change in xfce 4.1018:43
knomeyeah, so not in 4.818:43
chad____Sysi: Alright, just wasn't sure if I could change it without too much hassle18:44
vaalirgreetings, how do i rotate my screen in ubuntu? tried doing it via the monitor settings, but i only have the standard option18:53
vaalirsettings>settings manager > display: Rotation: normal, but shouldnt there be an option to turn 90degrees or 180? i could in ubuntu at least18:54
vaaliri am using the recommended proprietary drivers18:54
knomevaalir, #ubuntu for ubuntu desktop support, this is the xubuntu support channel18:56
vaaliri am using xubuntu18:56
RisterHi, I'm trying to install Xubuntu 11.04 on my older Acer Aspire One and I'm having trouble getting the installer to boot off my USB thumb drive. I've tried several different methods of preparing the usb drive (unetbootin, yumi, the included USP preparation tool) but every time the usb boot hangs at the syslinux copyright notice.18:58
charlie-tcatype help at the point, see if it will continuew18:58
RisterThere isn't really any prompt,  Just a flashing Underscore18:59
Risterok. I'll try it.18:59
charlie-tcatype     help     and hit enter, see if it will go on18:59
vaalircharlie-tca, could you help me with my rotation problem?19:01
RisterIt doesn't do anything.19:01
charlie-tcavaalir: I don't really know how to fix that19:01
charlie-tcaRister: try burning the image with unetbootin instead of usb-creator, then19:02
RisterI've tried that.  I didn't type in help though.19:02
charlie-tcaIt could be a bad image, too. Maybe download it again?19:02
charlie-tcaIf it always hangs at the same point regardless of app to burn it, I would suspect the download19:03
Risterok.  I did use that image to install to a virtual box machine though.  Does that still make sense?19:03
RisterI also tried using unetbootin's automatic download option to prep the usb drive once as well.19:05
charlie-tcacould be something about the drive, too. I had to format one of mine in Windows to make it work19:05
vaalirtry using a different USB stick19:05
vaaliri have troubles with one of mine19:05
Risterwhat filesystem should you use to format the drive?19:05
charlie-tca(and I do not have windows here, either)19:05
vaalirfat32 is what i use at least19:06
* charlie-tca going walk the dog19:06
ballAnyone here tried using Xubuntu and LTSP together?23:05
charlie-tcaball: apparently not anyone here right now, but it should work23:10
charlie-tcaIsn't there an ltsp install on the cd even? (either F4 or F6 at the menu23:11
ballI may reinstall Xubuntu tonight to check.23:12
charlie-tcaI don't think it gets tested, but the one on Ubuntu images does, and it worked for natty23:12
ballI'm approaching the point where I have to roll this out at the office and I'd like to test it at home first.23:17
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