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jonokenvandine, yo00:11
jonoany idea when your sexy new gwibber will land in Oneiric?00:12
kenvandinejono, i hope tonight00:13
kenvandinewell upload tonight00:13
kenvandinewill have to go through binNEW tomorrow00:14
jonokenvandine, awesome :-)00:14
kenvandineplanned to do it this morning00:14
kenvandinebut my backlog grew pretty fast today :)00:14
kenvandinespeaking of which... tedg... you around?00:15
* antigravedad is back (gone 00:17:48)00:21
carlixwath is your opinion of unity?02:36
thumperheh, no staying power02:49
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oSoMoNgood morning06:10
evfooldoes anyone know how customizable will Oneiric be? with gnome3, it won't have anything to change gtk themes, window borders, screensavers, etc07:03
JohnLeaandyrock; thanks for sending the pic over, it looks good to me ;-)08:17
jjardonmpt: thanks for the power wiki updates10:07
jjardonmpt: one question, how Can we know what hardware is certified/validated? is there a package with the database?10:08
mptjjardon, I don't know, sorry. JohnLea has been working with Jason Warner on this, so I suggest starting there.10:12
jjardonmpt: Also, I'm not very sure this is the correct level to achieve this. I mean, suspend should work out-of-the-box. If not, Its a kernel bug10:25
mptjjardon, as I understand it, every new PC model risks having a new variety of the bug. So while it is a kernel bug, it's not one that can be made less frequent over time, except by more vendors doing certification.10:27
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lamalexDBO: njpatel_ working out some issues with lightdm so i can get back up and running13:22
lamalexnjpatel_: i'll never forgive you for making us upgrade13:22
njpatel_lamalex, I love you too13:23
lamalexnjpatel_: when does iteration 3 start up?13:24
njpatel_lamalex, next week13:24
lamalexanyone know how to change my default display manager from lightdm to gdm?13:26
njpatel_lamalex, sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm13:28
lamalexthat's the command13:28
lamalexwas trying to find --reconfigure13:28
njpatel_I think it used to be something like that13:29
njpatel_but I might be wrong...I tried the same thing just now13:29
lamalexyah, that's right13:29
lamalexhm where are all of the french?13:35
andyrockMacSlow, around?13:35
lamalexit's not 14 de julliet anymore guys13:35
MacSlowandyrock, yup13:36
andyrockMacSlow, do you remember the branch lo let trash icon pulse? :)13:36
MacSlowandyrock, yes... were you able to fix it/make it work?13:36
andyrockMacSlow, mmm no :) i have a question for you...13:37
andyrockMacSlow, you dragged a desktop icon (or anything else) or a launcher icon?13:38
andyrocklauncher icon = unity launcher icon13:38
MacSlowandyrock, I dragged desktop-icons as well as launcher (device) icons on it.13:41
MacSlowandyrock, didn't pulse in both cases13:41
andyrockMacSlow, ok...13:41
lamalexnjpatel_: are you fully up to date on O?13:42
njpatel_lamalex, updated this morning, yeah13:43
lamalexhm and no issues?13:43
njpatel_lamalex, nope13:43
lamalexwtf why is my pc always f'ed up13:43
njpatel_i'm on intel, thogh13:43
lamalexthis doesn't seem like a driver issue13:43
lamalexyah, nvidia is loaded up fine13:44
lamalexthis seems /win 413:45
MacSlowlamalex, I'm usually the one who suffers in the most bizzare ways during updates.13:46
MacSlowlamalex, didn't pull this week yet... will wait after my working day is over... just to be on the save side :)13:46
lamalexi just want to get into X D:13:46
lamalexthis tty business is for the birds13:47
lamalexit's weird13:47
lamalexlightdm starts13:47
lamalexbut when i try to log in it hangs13:47
c10udhad that too a few days ago in oneiric, reboot in recovery shell with net support, apt-get update && upgrade, fixed (intel i945)13:49
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lamalexc10ud: yah, i have fully up to date system13:50
lamalexit looks like something in the upgrade is botched though13:51
lamalexman where are didrocks and seb13:51
lamalexDBO: you're on maverick right?13:57
DBOlamalex, no13:59
lamalexach really? you went to O?14:00
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smoseranyone else see bug 811052 ?14:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 811052 in unity (Ubuntu) "black screen on top of first monitor and all of second" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81105214:18
smoseri see it 100% of the time, and i thikn i've seen it since natty ( currently on oneiric as of "right now")14:18
smoserDBO, does ^ ring any bells to you?14:22
DBOlooking at your bug report14:22
DBOhold up14:22
DBOon an intel card no less...14:23
DBOwe had a bug like this before14:23
DBObut I thought it was fixed14:23
DBOI'll make sure the right people see this, aka jay14:23
DBOsmoser, could you check that it only happens in compiz with unity loaded?14:24
smoseri was afraid you were going to ask that.14:24
smoserhow would i do that.14:24
smoseri did verify doesn't happen with sawfish as window manager, but realized that wasnt 3d14:25
smoserDBO, ^ how do i do that?14:29
DBOsmoser, log into a classic session14:30
smoserDBO, just verified it does not occur14:40
DBOsmoser, can you add that to the bug report?14:40
smosergnome-shell, right?14:41
kenvandineronoc, should the user menu actually do anything when clicked?16:03
kenvandinewell, i guess is it a menu at all?16:03
kenvandineor just displays your name?16:03
ronockenvandine, no it should show you the other users that registered16:03
ronocand allow you swap between them16:03
kenvandineok... not seeing that...16:04
ronocit should only show if there are more than one user registered16:04
ronoc=> if you have only one user it should not show on the panel16:04
kenvandineyeah, i added a user to test that16:04
ronocah something is up then16:04
kenvandineis there a new service?16:05
kenvandinemaybe i missed something in the packaging16:05
ronocnope just the one service16:05
ronoctwo menus16:05
ronocyou sure you replaced the old session service with the new one16:06
ronoci need to work with Harry for a little bit16:07
ronocwill have to wait until Monday I'm afraid16:07
ronocbefore i get to look at it16:07
kenvandineno worries16:08
kenvandineit works from the indicator loader16:11
kenvandinejust not in unity.. :/16:11
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mterryHeyo!  I noticed that with the new compiz modal dialog support, windows with modal dialogs are no longer visible to a11y frameworks like ldtp.  Looking for help tracking down why.  TheMuso, DBO?19:45
DBOsmspillaz, ^^19:46
smspillazDBO: I'm not sure why that would be ... file a bug and I'll track it down I guess20:13
smspillazmterry: I'm not sure why that would be20:15
smspillazmterry: its windows that *have* modal dialogs or windows that are modal dialogs ?20:15
mterrysmspillaz, both.  I have a window that is visible to ldtp.  Then it opens a modal dialog, and I can't see either in ldtp20:15
smspillazlet me have a look at it then20:16
mterrysmspillaz, uh, i should mention that I'm using gtk+ trunk which has rewritten a11y support...20:16
mterryHaven't tried on non-trunk to see if it happens there too20:17
smspillazit seems like ldtp is coredumping here ...20:19
mterrysmspillaz, https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/staging/+packages has trunk packages20:19
mterrysmspillaz, oh?  A  LookupError?20:19
mterryThat's ignorable if so20:20
mterryI filed a bug, not sure what's going on there20:20
mterrygotta go, smspillaz, but can help with this as needed on monday20:30
hiatus_has anyone made a old fashioned menu for unity yet?21:13
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