poolie_hi spiv00:16
spivMorning poolie.00:28
poolie_hi there00:28
poolie_your lp haproxy change landed00:29
poolie_i don't know if you need to qa it or something00:29
jammorning all05:58
vilamorning jam et al.05:59
poolie_hi jam07:12
jamvila: can you try to message me again, I might have gotten ping to work07:34
vilajam: pingeling07:35
vilajam: so, does it work ?07:37
poolie_hi jam, vila07:38
AfCIs there a newer CIA client than http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr/cia_bzr.py ? I'm quite impressed with the notifications coming into #gnome-shell from a CIA bot.08:02
Riddellgood morning Bazaar08:07
jamno, it doesn't work08:18
jamhi Riddell08:18
jamvila: it doesn't highlight lines with my name in them, either08:18
jamit apparently doesn't think my username is actually my username08:18
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vilawhat a pity08:19
jam-otherjam-other: test08:19
jam-othervila:  try with a different name08:19
vilajam-other: like that ?08:19
jam-otheryeah, doesn't work either08:19
jam-othertry "jam1"08:19
jam-otherit still thinks that is my name... ugh08:19
vilajam1: you mean *this* works ?08:19
jam-otherwhen I logged in a long time ago, it had to fall back to that08:19
jam-othervila: yep08:19
vilahmm, nice bug08:20
jam-otherand it doesn't seem to be following "/nick"08:20
jam-otherI'm going to log back in08:20
jamok, I think it is working now08:20
jamhopefully I don't lose my name again08:20
vilajam: pingeling08:20
jamvila: got it08:21
vilajam: regarding bug #786980,08:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 786980 in Bazaar "bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.ReadOnlyError: A write attempt was made in a read only transaction" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78698008:38
jamvila: ??08:39
vilajam: an interesting point is that the code involved is only triggered if bound_location is an url that will lead to the right branch08:39
vilai.e. only small variations can trigger it (including the missing final slash)08:39
vilaso I've added tests for + and ~ but we already have coverage for urls that differs in a way that get_transport will point to a different branch (or no branch at all)08:40
vilaI'm merging 2.3 to 2.4 to trunk right now and will make my proposal when lp:bzr is up-to-date08:41
jamvila: so you're saying we have coverage if URL mangling would cause us to not find the path?08:41
vilayeah, because get_master_branch is called higher in the stack08:42
vilaso bound_location errors are also caught before we reach this code08:42
jamsure, but %7E stuff will still open the right branch08:43
vilait also explains why we didn't get more bug reports, the window is pretty small08:43
vilajam: yup, hence the added tests08:43
vilajam: but even %7E requires a manual user intervention08:43
jamvila: we used to put one way into config files08:43
jamand then changed which one we saved08:43
vilajam: indeed08:43
jamThat may not be what is happening here08:44
vilaso the fix should cope with that08:44
jambut *this* case could be that we used to keep the path read from the config file as Transport.base08:44
jamand we started normalizing the path, etc.08:44
vilaoh, yeah, sorry isunderstanding08:44
vilajam: yes, that may be the explanation, .base is now normalized so we shouldn't run into it anymore08:44
vilas/that may be/that *is*/ but I don't feel like validating that by searching the history for the relevant change08:45
vilamaxb: is there some special stuff going on currently on jubany ?10:11
maxbNot that I'm aware of10:11
vilamac_threads == 1 seems... wird10:12
vilamaxb: any objection about setting it to 8 again ?10:12
maxbI wonder why it's set to 110:13
vilahehe, me too, hence my question10:13
maxbRegardless, we should set it back to 8 since no reason not to has been advertised10:13
vilamaxb: once the queue is down again, I'll retry enigmail and similar (NoFinalPath)10:15
maxbAh, when did your fix land?10:15
vilahehe, when 2.4b4 did (or am I confused ?)10:15
maxbby the way, since we moved to 2.4b4, a number of packages seem to have started failing with BzrCheckError10:17
vilaha crap, my fix is not included in 2.4b4 :-/10:18
vilamaxb: I didn't follow who/what/when/why the upgrade was done, could we ask for 2.4b5 with good changes of success ?10:20
maxbThe upgrade occurred as a side effect of jubany hardy->lucid10:20
maxbTo get 2.4b5, we should speak to jelmer since he did the lucid-cat upload for 2.4b410:21
vilaooooh, I see, so that's probably a side-effect of lp itself upgrading to 2.4b410:22
vilajelmer: ^10:22
spivWhat was the bzr version before the lucid upgrade?10:26
spivIf it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/806348, it may be that we now have a bzr version that fetches tags by default, which AFAICT is more likely to hit the corner case that triggers that error.10:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 806348 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: Cannot add revision(s) to repository: missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [High,In progress]10:27
spivAnyway, I'm battling a cold today so I should probably log off.10:28
maxbspiv: Before you go...10:34
maxbWould you be ok with me doing the appendrevisionsonly udd rollback?10:34
maxbI think the tag fetching is indeed the issue10:38
jelmerhi vila, maxb10:42
jelmerit's a side-effect of the builders almost upgrading to 2.4b410:43
jelmer(Launchpad has its own bzr copy, the builders use the bzr from lucid-cat)10:43
vilaha, thanks for confirming10:43
vilajelmer: so how about 2.4b5 ? :D10:43
jelmervila: Happy to backport 2.4b5 as well, though I'd prefer to get it into oneiric first10:44
vilajelmer: fair enough10:44
vilajelmer: just let me know when it's deployed on jubany so I can retry the affected packages10:45
jelmervila: ok10:45
maxbjam: Thanks for proxying that RT for me :-)      By the way, do you need /srv/package-import.canonical.com/new/test-scripts/ any more? (I tried to mv it into probably_obsolete, but it's owned by jameinel not pkg_import, so I couldn't)10:52
jamdon't you have sudo rights?10:52
jamanyway, not specifically10:52
maxbI can sudo to pkg_import, but the file ownership is such that only jameinel or root can move it10:54
spivmaxb: go ahead11:14
* jelmer -> doctor, back in ~1.5 hrs11:50
vilajam: https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/786980-url-aliases/+merge/68069 is up for review13:18
jamvila: approved13:31
vilajam: thanks ;)13:32
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vilajelmer: what did the doctor say ?14:09
jelmervila: Salut!14:11
jelmervila: she took most of the stitches out :)14:12
vila(added bonus for 'she', they are more careful ;)14:12
fullermdCareful?  Nah, you just gotta do it quick.  You grab one stick with a pair of pliers, see, and...14:17
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* maxb unsubscribed ~bzr-core from lp:bzr/2.4 and subscribed ~bzr-codereview-subscribers instead16:41
* jelmer waves to maxb16:58
* vila fixes the wiki page used by the losas to create the 2.4 branch so in 6 months maxb won't have to tweak the subscriptions again17:14
maxbIt seems immensely silly that we need LOSAs for this17:14
vilamaxb: DRY :D17:16
jelmermaxb: at least it's every 6 months now rather than every month..17:16
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poolie_lifeless, in theory of course we can detect someone else has started doing the replacemen20:26
poolie_in practice there are quite a few different possible traces20:26
poolie_maybe we should have initialize(threaded=True)20:29
lifelesspoolie_: that sounds like a possible compromise20:43
lifelesspoolie_: my concerns about single-threaded overhead are perhaps unwarranted20:43
lifelesspoolie_: changing it and testing should be pretty straight forward20:43
poolie_by booting loggerhead and running several clients?20:44
lifeless'bzr st' or similar20:47
lifelessI meant assessing the impact of a simple mutex solution20:47
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