enderw99how do i get 4.7 rc2? or what ppa?02:24
nagchampawow, pulseaudio is terrible, with it running any kind of business on my system and my sound wouldn't constnatly crash03:35
nagchampaplenty of alerts saying it had failed and had tried to switch to a different device03:35
nagchampaat least it's stable without it, still get a lot of popping in my sound though03:35
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DispatcherHello folks04:44
=== Dispatcher is now known as Jason
=== Jason is now known as JasonTX83
JasonTX83Would someone be able to help me figure out why my new Kubuntu 11.04 install hangs up on the loading screen? I can't get to the log on screen04:45
introublewhich is better fs. ext3 or ext4? stable. error free, secure and other features?05:45
=== nagchamp1 is now known as nagaway
introuble my isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . do i need to wory?06:54
introublemy isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . do i need to wory?07:03
well_laid_lawnI would think it is hung introuble07:11
introublewhat should i do. it everytime does the same when i restart installation07:11
well_laid_lawnintrouble: do you have enough memory?07:12
well_laid_lawndid you md5 the iso and cd ?07:12
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:12
introublewell_laid_lawn 512 ram07:13
introublewell_laid_lawn 1g swap07:13
introublewell_laid_lawn iso live cd07:13
well_laid_lawnsounds ok for memory07:14
well_laid_lawndid you md5 the iso and cd ?07:14
introublewell_laid_lawn iso live cd07:15
well_laid_lawnintrouble: you've said that twice and twice I asked if you checked it - it's important at this stage07:16
rolandHi. I've running KDE 11.04 for quite a long time now. And anytime I leave the computer on for extended periods, KMail will go grazy after a few days, and cannot be restarted for whatever reason(nepomuk?). Anyone else noticed this phenomenon?07:16
well_laid_lawnsince you have errors07:16
introublewell_laid_lawn i didnt07:16
well_laid_lawnguess what I'll suggest then introuble07:16
aLeSDhi ... what do u think about kubuntu for a netbook ?07:18
introubleaLeSD nice choice07:19
aLeSDI am choosing between xubuntu and kubuntu07:19
introublenetbook or laptop?07:19
introubleaLeSD i like kubuntu07:19
aLeSDintrouble, netbook07:19
introubleask someone else07:19
introublei never used one07:20
rolandaLeSD: do you have the laptop already?07:22
aLeSDI'm quitting ubuntu07:22
rolandthen make it dualboot  and try it out07:22
rolandor just install kubuntu-desktop on your current ubuntu and try07:23
rolandor use the liveCD07:23
aLeSDroland, is it the same ?07:23
rolandkubuntu-desktop downloads all packages necessary to try out KDE07:23
=== koolhead17|afk is now known as koolhead17
rolandmaybe even more than necessary but, still works07:24
rolandyou can choose which to use gnome/kde from the login promt07:24
rolandaLeSD: the only difference when installing kubuntu-desktop on a ubuntu system, is that you have all your gnome apps.07:28
aLeSDI will use kde with only cairo dock07:31
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introubleis www.w3schools.com authenticated and helpful for learning any thing like php ? if yes. why http://w3fools.com/ exists ?08:40
jtheueris there a (possible older) but more stable version of openoffice/libreoffice available for natty? My version 1:3.3.2-1ubuntu5  crashes every ~15minutes :-(08:44
redeyyezMy info about some xserver issues.08:45
redeyyezlovin linux tho08:54
James147redeyyez: ^^ it generally helps to state the problem then paste the link as most people dont just click random links without knowing what the issue is :)08:55
well_laid_lawnand maybe paste the X log and ~/.xsession-errors08:56
redeyyezJames147: very true. Realized it as I had done It.08:57
redeyyezwell_laid_lawn: working on doing that now.08:57
redeyyezwell_laid_lawn: can't find that file don't even see that folder08:59
introublemy kubuntu isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . and if it goes to 23% it gives an installer crash.09:00
well_laid_lawnredeyyez: The X log is /var/log/Xorg.0.log and the xsession file should be a hidden file in your home dir09:01
well_laid_lawnintrouble: the iso passed the md5 check?09:01
introublewell_laid_lawn i check it at boot option. it passed09:02
NetBookuserhi guys09:05
NetBookuserI have a bit of a problem with installing some stuff.09:05
NetBookuserI want to install airmon-ng09:05
redeyyezwell_laid_lawn, that file is large.09:06
NetBookuserwhen I type in Konsole: sudo apt-get install airmon-ng, it says Unable to locate...09:06
NetBookuserdoes anyone know what the problem is?09:08
NetBookusercan anyone help me?09:12
well_laid_lawn!info airmon-ng09:12
ubottuPackage airmon-ng does not exist in natty09:12
well_laid_lawnNetBookuser: ^^09:13
NetBookuserhow to add it09:13
well_laid_lawnit is not in the repositories so you need to find another source for it09:13
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:13
NetBookuserok. I'll try something else :S09:15
NetBookuserthanks, guys09:16
uofm49426this is kind quesstion about rekonq09:23
uofm49426how can i make a pdf out of a print Preview09:24
uofm49426or some how save the it to file09:25
Tm_Tuofm49426: print to file09:30
Tm_Tor save as html09:30
Tm_Twhichever is more preferable on the case09:31
uofm49426well the item has a case number barcode so i want to keep it all in tack09:32
uofm49426cant copy past a bare code to a libra word09:33
uofm49426in window all you need is ctrl s but dont work with rekong its a signature page for military record it for some reason was the only browser that worked with the request site09:39
uofm49426what are the keys to save print to file09:40
tsimpsonuofm49426: Ctrl-P09:44
uofm49426ctrl p just brings up print no options to save to file09:48
tsimpsonuofm49426: click the print button and choose one of the Print to File options09:49
uofm49426ok that worked thankyou printer is network its setup but not printing09:51
uofm49426this will let me fix it later09:51
aLeSDis kubuntu faster than ubuntu ?10:07
introublein what programing languages. the software developer retains the source coda and customer cannot access it to modify the applications. and in what languages it is possible to make the source code from an compiled application.            for those 2 questions i think php is not one of them. you give the application that means you give the code.   what are others?10:13
dinesh_hi i need a help when i swiching on my laptop.. there is things are showing..the thing is showing previous versions of linux10:15
dinesh_what is that10:15
aLeSDcould u suggest me a good irc client for kde ?10:18
introuble what languages can be reverse engineared?10:18
LjLaLeSD: i'm fine with Konversation10:21
redeyyezstill having a terrible time.   still getting crashes that drop me out to login10:28
redeyyezthis is becoming very frustrating10:28
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introubleok. what about obfuscation, how to secure java code. or php code even  ?10:41
tsimpsonintrouble: that's not really on topic here10:49
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=== marc is now known as Guest48610
aLeSDis it normal that I have a strange interface ?10:59
aLeSDI mean it's the first time I use kubuntu and it is totally different10:59
aLeSDfrom ubuntu10:59
BATiaLeSD: yes... Ubuntu uses Gnome/Unity, Kubuntu uses KDE SC. Two different desktop environments means two different interfaces11:02
aLeSDI will try to find a tutorial11:03
aLeSDis it normal that I have the bar on the top ?11:03
BATiaLeSD: for info about KDE look on http://www.kde.org/ ... under the hood both ubuntu and kubuntu are the same, just different interent interfaces...11:04
BATieh s/interent//g11:04
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alex____how can I switch from netbook interface to normal one ?11:26
=== alex__ is now known as aLeSD
aLeSDok ... desktop inteface11:31
=== Heliwr_ is now known as Heliwr
vikapii was configuring gmail account using disconnectd imap in kmail. when i delete a msg frm inbox,it still remains in [GMail]/All Mail.11:38
vikapiany hint on how to fix it.?11:38
BATiaLeSD: somewhere in system settings -> desktop settings11:39
aLeSDyes I did it11:39
introublei am geting installer crash error at 23% or wiping swap area while i install kubuntu repeatidly on 23%. i have changes the swap partition and resized it too but its still on 23%. help?11:49
dinesh_any one can help me to install java11:49
dinesh_waiting for the reply11:50
yofel!java | dinesh_11:50
ubottudinesh_: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:50
snakebitewhich one sun java or openjdk?11:50
dinesh_sun java11:50
yofelsun is in partner11:51
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »11:51
dinesh_Can anybody help me to install Java in Kubuntu12:02
dinesh_i have a team viewer12:02
aLeSDapachelogger: ok ... I am in kubuntu 11.04 ... what I have to do to have phonon widget in qt design ?12:12
apacheloggeraLeSD: compile phonon and install it12:13
aLeSDapachelogger: what do u suggest. Install the package form the repository than install the compiled one ?12:13
apacheloggeraLeSD: you already have the package form the repo12:14
apacheloggerjust install an own build over it12:14
aLeSDmm ... kdevelop is faster12:16
aLeSDsomeone know how to play mp3 in amarock ?12:19
szal!codecs | aLeSD12:23
ubottuaLeSD: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:23
BluesKajHi all12:41
Shirakawasunais there an apt equivalent of archlinux's pkgfile -s command? (search for a file/dir that a given package would install, if you downloaded it)13:02
BATiShirakawasuna: either use aptitude, or install apt-cache13:03
BluesKajShirakawasuna, apt-cache-search13:03
szalBATi, BluesKaj: those search for pkg names, not for files..  if you want to search for files, use apt-file13:06
BATiShirakawasuna: oh, sorry, it's apt-file13:06
Shirakawasunaah, good :)13:06
Shirakawasunathat would explain why apt-cache isn't working ;)13:07
BluesKajszal, right , my old memory fails me ....again13:16
andrej4kHello, can anybody help me resquing my borked partition table? parted can't see anything but fdisk and testdisk still see it (also kubuntu live cd)13:21
BluesKajandrej4k, do you have gparted live cd ? . It's avery handy tool and can fix most partitioning problems13:31
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vikapiusing kmail.i want to GPG sign a mail and while tryin to send,it usually does ask for passphrase(evolution/thunderbird does it).but here without askin for passprhase, it says bad passphrase.14:22
=== sayakb is now known as sayakb_away
Ddpbfvikapi: dou you use kwallet?14:34
vikapiyes i do..14:34
Ddpbfyou should check in kwaletmanager14:35
Ddpbfdid you wrot good passphrase in your wallet14:35
Ddpbfalt+f2 and type kwalletmanager14:36
vikapii importd my gpg keys using gpg --import option..14:36
vikapihow does kwallet knws my gpg passphrase then??i ve not used kde bfore..14:37
Ddpbfit read it from14:38
Ddpbfyour home14:38
Ddpbf~/.gnupg to be precise14:39
Ddpbfif you allowed kwallet to access kmail it will konow all kmail knows14:40
BluesKajkwallet is a pita14:41
Ddpbfkwallet is excelent thing14:42
BluesKajwel, to each his own14:43
vikapiDdpbf, how does it save the passwrd??in fat text?14:44
Ddpbfin kwl file14:45
Ddpbfin ~/.kde/share/apps14:45
vikapiDdpbf,unfortunately i didn allow access for kwallet to access kmail.will i be able to grant access to it now?14:48
Ddpbfbut first check page wich i copied14:49
Ddpbfalso take look at this14:49
aLeSDcould u suggest me a latex editor for kde ?15:00
Ddpbfalso there was latex plugin for kate15:02
Ddpbfbut kile is better option15:02
amanforindiahello all15:02
amanforindiahow to configure the community widget in kde?15:03
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
BluesKajcommunity widget?15:10
BluesKajamanforindia, do you mean the plasma panel15:13
amanforindiaBluesKaj ya...15:17
BluesKajamanforindia, click on the cashew on the right hand side of the panel , choose your options15:18
amanforindiaya i did and registered on opendesktop.org but nothing is showing up15:19
szalany recommendation for a screencasting tool?  recordmydesktop seems outdated (no new versions for 3 years), and the Qt frontend (qt-recordmydesktop) is nowhere to be found packaged15:23
BluesKajamanforindia, registered on opendesktop.org ?15:24
BluesKajwhat does that mean ?15:24
vikapiDdpbf, the instructions mentiond are already done in kmail.now i guess i ve to make kwallet kmail aware.15:25
Ddpbfvikapi: good luck :)15:25
amanforindiaYou are about to log in to the site "api.opendesktop.org" with the username "amanforindia", but the website does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick you.15:26
amanforindiaIs "api.opendesktop.org" the site you want to visit?15:26
amanforindiait keeps showing this15:26
BluesKajregistered on opendesktop.org ..what does that do for the panel , amanforindia ..don't think you understand what I suggested15:26
amanforindiaumm.. what?15:27
vikapiDdbpf: should use kwalletcli for gpg-kwallet integration??15:30
amanforindiaregistered on opendesktop through the widget....15:30
Ddpbfvikapi: yes15:31
BluesKaj the community icon for the panel ..sorry , amanforindia never used that link ...my apologies for my misunderstanding15:32
Ddpbfvikapi: you stumbled upon some very old bug15:32
Ddpbfhttp://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=33189 this is proposed workaround15:33
amanforindiaso? any solution?15:34
BluesKajamanforindia, did you go to the site directly with your browser to register15:43
amanforindiaya... i went to the site16:02
amanforindiasorry for late reply16:02
rdallarmihi, is there a possibility to roll back kubuntu updates? ( and no, I do not have the lsit of the latest updates). yesterday I was notified a number of updates were available, bu applying them broke my development environment17:13
Ddpbfrdallarmi: strictly speaking it is possible17:14
Ddpbfaptitude fralback17:15
Ddpbfbut you have to have older versions of packages somewhere17:15
rdallarmiDdpbf: strictly speaking... how?17:19
Ddpbfrdallarmi: it is possibile17:19
Ddpbfbut you *must* to have older packages17:19
Ddpbfi ment theoretically17:20
Ddpbfsorry for mistake17:20
Ddpbflapsus tastaturae17:20
BluesKajrdallarmi, are you running 11.10?17:21
rdallarmipoint is, even if I go nuclear and re-install it from scartch, first update will break my system again17:21
BluesKajrdallarmi, join #ubuntu+1 for help ,..I ran 11.10 for a while but it broke so badly i couldn't recover ,stuck in dependency hell17:23
Ddpbfkdesudo kate /var/log/apt/term.log if you want to see log of your update17:23
kyubutsuhow to change system font , target: ubuntu font18:28
Graf_Westerholtkyubutsu, ALT+F2 „font“?18:31
kyubutsuthat works18:34
kyubutsualthough, i have the impression ubuntu font looks different under gnome18:35
kyubutsuit is default for 11.04 as well. just that it looks , smaller18:36
kyubutsuanyway, whats with rekonq freezing up so much18:38
Graf_Westerholtkyubutsu, here rekonq is not freezing.18:39
kyubutsufresh install, cannot open up a page without fear of it turning unresponsive18:40
kyubutsubug tracker is not even coming up . only option is to force quit18:41
vikapistill having issue while signing mails in Kmail..18:43
vikapiit says bad passphrase when tryin to send emails using kmail with GPG18:52
avihayhi, can anyone with an intel GM965 can tell me about how much cpu does kwin take when useing compositing?18:54
avihayor a similar card18:55
Graf_Westerholtvikapi, I had that problem, too.18:57
vikapiGraf_Westerholt: and got fixed?18:59
Graf_Westerholtvikapi, yes, I am searching for the fix.18:59
Ddpbfvikapi: have you checked link from kde forums?18:59
vikapiDdpbf: yes i have..seems like i ve met all their reqmt..19:00
Ddpbfwich pinentry you have19:00
Ddpbfqt or gtk?19:00
Graf_WesterholtYes, that is the fix I used.19:00
vikapiDdpbf: mysql-server-5.119:00
Graf_WesterholtBut I think I changed gtk-2 to gtk-419:01
vikapisorry pinentry-qt419:01
vikapii shud use gtk4???19:01
Ddpbfgus you are using kde19:01
Ddpbfyou should fix that line19:01
Ddpbfso it corresponds qt19:02
Graf_Westerholt„pinentry-program /usr/bin/pinentry-qt4“ That's the line in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.con19:02
Graf_Westerholt~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf of course19:03
vikapiDbpbf: http://pastebin.com/Mjwe5CpA19:05
vikapiDbpbf: any change to be made in gpg.conf??19:06
CuriousKidso's, i am dual booting kubntu + w7, installed with wubi; i'm not sure what happened but now when i try to boot kubuntu, i get a grub prompt instead of the loader screen;  my question: how can i restore so i can boot into kubuntu?19:15
=== need_help_with_g is now known as kazik234
CuriousKidon second thought, i believe it may be due to a windows update which i did to get to sp1 for windows19:17
soeeguys do you know whats the wallpaper here: http://apachelog.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/kde47rc1.png ? :D19:38
szallooks like one of the wallpapers Fedora used in the past19:41
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelsoee: that's 'stripes.png' from kde-workspace 4.7 - no idea if that'll be default later or not, but it gives it a fresh look ^^19:44
soeeyofel, where can i found it ?19:44
Graf_Westerholtsoee http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Stripes+Ksplash?content=13997019:45
soeeGraf_Westerholt, thank you :) hope there is 1920x108019:47
soeeok found it on deviantart in my size :)19:53
=== massimo is now known as Guest90894
soeehmm, is there any option to set panel opacity ?20:19
BluesKajsoee, system settings>workspace appearance>desktop themes ..checkout the various options20:23
soeeBluesKaj, ok thank you20:23
BluesKajsoee, kmenu>apps>settings>system settings>workspace appearance>desktop themes ..checkout the various options20:24
soeeBluesKaj, im not using kmenu, prefer the old menu luncher :)20:24
BluesKajsoe recommend you right click on system settings and add to panel...very handy20:25
BluesKajstill the kmenu, cdlassic or new20:26
soeeBluesKaj, ah sorry i thought kmenu = the new KDE menu :D20:27
soeeim using the old tyle one20:27
BluesKajnope always been the kmenu afaik20:27
szaliirc, one is kicker, the other is kickoff20:28
BluesKajszal, always been the kmenu ...K with a menu = kmenu :)20:29
BluesKajthink it was kickoff ib fedora or suse , or no ?20:32
Infernethey all20:52
InfernetMacer: what's up20:56
Maceri am trying to install kubuntu on an artigo a1000. the install finished (11.04) but when i try using kdm to login it just keeps going back to kdm20:56
Macerthe splash scren starts and it gets towards the end then kicks back to kdm20:56
BluesKajMacer, clue me in artigo a1000?20:57
Macervia pico itx based thing20:57
Macerit uses a unichrome chipset for video20:59
Macerwell.. i suppose it could be some wierd kde video issue but i can't see that21:00
Macermaybe i will try ubuntu and see if that will boot21:00
Macertry it from the thumb drive21:01
Maceri think i know what it is21:03
Maceri encrypted  the home dir21:03
BluesKajlooks like a cool project , unichrome graphics is an unknown quantity afaik21:03
Macerit wont let  me login to my acct from a shell21:04
Macerbut then again i had the  same problem starting kde in debian21:04
Macermaybe it is some  awkward kde video  thing21:05
Maceri will try booting the live cd thumb drive i made21:07
BluesKajMacer, the driver is xserver-xorg-video-openchrome21:07
Macerif it is  the encrypted dir then i suppose that should start21:07
MacerBluesKaj: yeah... it seems to want to start and even looks like it adjusts the res21:08
Maceri am  going to try to run it  from the usb drive21:08
Macerand if it starts i will reinstall21:09
BluesKajtry rebooting and holding the sgift key down right after the bios scrn til grub loads then choose the recovery kernel and "repair broken packages " , or checkout the nomodeset options21:09
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:09
Macerthe liveusb started21:09
BluesKajer shift key21:09
Maceris there a way to drop it to vesa?21:10
Maceri figured the failsafe would be generic vga21:11
=== daniel__ is now known as Porka
BluesKajMacer, that driver should work , probly needs the vesa as you say , but if you're able to boot into the install then look in kemnu>apps>system>additional drivers ..there should be a recommended graphics driver to enable there21:15
BluesKajwhich should be the openchrome driver21:16
DdpbfBluesKaj: jockey is only for proprietary drivers21:17
Ddpbfafaik only solution for openchrome is floss driver21:17
Ddpbfwich is coming with *buntu preinstalled21:18
ubuntu____hiya, could someone help me with recovering my root.disk21:19
ubuntu____i'm not sure why, but i'm welcomed to a grub prompt when i am booting now21:19
ubuntu____will not boot kubuntu21:19
ubuntu____i installed through wubi21:19
ubuntu____i'm trying to mount the root.disk from a live cd right now, and am getting Input/output error21:20
ubuntu____when i ls -la on /win/ubuntu/disks, i get ???????? ? ? for the permissions etc of root.disk21:20
MacerDdpbf: i am reinstalling now21:21
Macerand disabled the encryption21:21
BluesKajDdpbf,  it uses the openchrome driver aka xserver-xorg-video-openchrome21:21
Ddpbfthat is opensource driver21:22
BluesKajit's the default in ubuntu repos21:22
Ddpbfi remember ther was few bugs for that driver in launchpad21:22
MacerDdpbf: like i am having? :-)21:23
ubuntu____i'll actually pay someone $100.00 to talk me through fixing this :(21:23
DdpbfMacer: that bug was solve easilly21:23
Ddpbfjyou need to create xorg.conf21:24
Macerwell.  i just hope it is a problem with the encryption21:24
Macerwow.. create one? thats old school.. havent gone through  those steps  in a long time21:24
Macer1 1 1 2 4 2 resolutions21:25
Maceri hated using the x vesa based config21:25
Ddpbfworst thing is xorg.conf i decapriated21:27
Ddpbfbut it is only way sometimes to kernel to find out wich module needs to be laded21:28
szalubuntu_______: forget about Wubi & do a real install..  and fix your wifi connection ;)21:28
BluesKajDdpbf, one can never be sure whether a proprietary driver is listed in menu or not so it doesn't hurt to check21:28
ubuntu_______szal: believe me i would, but there is work stuff on my wubi install21:30
ubuntu_______even if i can just recover these files, i'll consider it "solved"21:30
DdpbfBluesKaj: if company is not interested to write one  there is no point to check21:30
=== ubuntu_______ is now known as ^waffles
MacerDdpbf: which is  why  i am hoping it is a problem with the home dir encryption21:31
BluesKajDdpbf, so how do know id you don't check is my point21:31
^wafflesi've changed name to ^waffles to be easier to find21:31
DdpbfI am, administrator on ubuntu-rs .org I read a lot themes about21:31
Ddpbfhardware compability :)21:32
MacerDdpbf: have a g+ acct?21:32
BluesKajMacer, i doubt whether encryption of your /home dir has much to do with it21:32
DdpbfMe too21:32
DdpbfIt could be dkms issue21:32
Macerwhy wont the failsafe run then?21:33
BluesKajwhat about noapci?21:33
Macerthat is vga isnt it?21:33
Macergeneric driver?21:33
DdpbfMacer you read logs?21:33
Macercouldnt get to them21:34
Ddpbffrom live cd?21:34
Macerdidnt know holding  shift gets me  boot  options21:34
Macerlive works21:34
Maceri can run it off the thumb drive21:34
szal!pm | ^waffles21:35
ubottu^waffles: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:35
DdpbfMacer: try to boot with parameter noacpi21:36
^wafflesi think i did post the question in the channel21:36
^wafflessorry if you found that rude21:36
BluesKaj!info noapci21:36
^wafflesi'm just desperate :x21:36
ubottuPackage noapci does not exist in natty21:36
MacerDdpbf: i will try once this install is  done21:36
BluesKajanyway BBL ... errands21:37
Macer1GHz 1GB .. it is slow21:37
Macerbut it's 15W max21:37
szal^waffles: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1639198 <- a whole lot of stuff to read; if your question isn't answered there, you might want to post it there; I suppose you'll be more successful that way, not many ppl on IRC use Wubi on a regular basis21:37
^wafflesszal the problem is i can't even mount the root.disk :X21:38
^wafflesi get an Input/output error21:38
Macer^waffles: what is the problem?21:40
^wafflesi can no longer boot into kubuntu, which i installed with wubi; i get a grub prompt21:41
Macerno longer?21:42
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^wafflesright i was using it for about 4 months21:42
^wafflesthen i stopped using it for 2 weeks21:42
Maceras in it worked and now it isnt booting?21:42
^waffles4 months worth of work on it :(21:42
Macerbroken/dead drive?21:42
^wafflesthe hard drive works21:42
^wafflesbut i cannot mount root.disk21:42
Macertry fsck?21:42
^waffleshow would i run that on a virtual drive21:43
^wafflesmaybe you can i'm not that knowledgable about it21:43
Macerboot an iso21:44
^wafflesi'm on a live cd right now21:44
Macerrun fsck on the host as well21:44
Macerfsck from the live cd21:44
Macerthe virtual drive  should still be under /dev21:44
Ddpbfgood night ppl21:45
^waffleshow do you mean it should be under /dev21:45
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^wafflesi see root.disk under /win/ubuntu/disks21:46
^waffles(mounted the oflder to /win)21:46
^wafflesbut i can't mount the virtual disk21:46
Maceruse scandisk :)21:48
Macermaybe the  virtual drive has bitrot21:48
^wafflesyou can scan a virtual drive with scandisk?21:50
^wafflesi get this nice message21:51
^waffleswhen i try to fsck21:51
^wafflesthe disk21:51
FloodBotK2^waffles: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:52
Macerlooks like your root.disk is broken21:53
^wafflesi'd say so21:54
^wafflesso at this point, i'm really hoping on recovering the files21:54
gomiboy^waffles: tried "sudo fsck /win/ubuntu/disks/root.disk"?21:54
^wafflessame error message21:55
^wafflesalso, i get ??????? ? ? for permissions owner and date when i ls -la btw21:55
Macerstill doesnt work21:56
Macerit starts the login and i get the splash screen and it kicks back to kdm right at the end21:57
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Macerthis is odd22:05
Macerat least i have a console now22:06
Macerhow do i change Xorg so it uses the vga driver ?22:06
Macerthere is obviously something wrong with the unichrome open one22:06
gomiboyMacer: you should have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe (with vesa driver), copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:09
Macerah ok22:09
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Macerit  is  a problem with the video driver... wow22:10
InfernetMacer: and you video card is?22:12
Macervia unichrome.. it  is an artigo a100022:13
Macerremoving the unichrome xserver kind of worked22:13
Macerbut now i have no  acceleration22:14
Macerand  there  dont seem  to be proprietary drivers for it22:14
InfernetMacer: have your card video proprietary drivers?22:15
Maceri am looking now22:16
Infernetcheck apliccations, system, additional drivers22:17
gomiboyMacer: read man openchrome, maybe there are some options you can try to enable/disable to make it work22:17
Macerit is a cx700/vx70022:18
redeyyezseems as if flash web pages are causing my xserver to crash :((22:22
Macerit cant be this simple22:23
Macerguess not22:25
Macerneed to look at these damn xorg logs22:27
BajKwhat's the easiest way to revert from Ubuntu to Kubuntu without installing Kubuntu? :D install kubuntu-desktop, then remove ubuntu-desktop and do autoremove --purge?22:27
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andrewxto permanently delete the command-history from a terminal session, I do what?22:29
Amartolosi just installed windows on a second partition. how can i renenable grub and ubuntu in boot?22:29
Amartolosandrewx: rm .bash_history22:30
andrewxah yes.22:30
andrewxthat did not work!22:30
gomiboyAmartolos: grub-install22:32
andrewx'history -c' for crying out loud22:33
andrewxJust what did I accomplish with 'rm .bash_history' then?22:33
andrewxappears 'history -c' did what I wanted.22:34
BluesKajBajK, well autoremove should be sufficient22:35
Macerit  is definately the video driver22:36
Amartolosandrewx: .history was the file22:36
Amartolosrm .history22:36
Macerseems like i do have to make my own xorg.conf :-(22:36
BluesKajpurge might get rid of importanr conf files . BajK22:36
Macerand it does look like the dpms22:36
Macerwhat pkg is xorgconfig a part of?22:37
BajKBluesKaj: that's what I wanted to but what should be important if the package is not needed anymore? but well, I will tell her^^22:38
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs22:39
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Maceri cant get this damn unichrome  working on this artigo23:17
InfernetMacer: not working yet?23:17
Maceri give up ive tried everything23:17
Macerit works using the vga driver23:18
Macerthere is no via driver for 11.0423:18
Macerso i am guessing it wont work in ubuntu either23:18
Macerthis sucks23:18
Maceri guess i will sell it23:19
Macerit is useless23:19
Macerdamn you via!23:19
Macernever again!23:19
Maceri hope atom crushes you23:19
Macerbet all the atom based boards work!23:19
Macerive even seen omaps run kubuntu!23:20
Macerbut a via  cant? shameful via.. just  shameful23:20
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ussher_I have just added another video card and 2 monitors to make 4.  I can move the mouse to all 4 but on 2 of them the cursor becomes an X and I cant move any applications to those screens.  It feels like KDE isnt running there.  Is there a GUI way to fix this or do i need to mess around with xorg.conf?23:34
ussher_oh, its nvidia23:34
gomiboyussher_: if you see the X cursor it means that xorg configuration is ok... check in "System Settings" -> Display and Monitor" -> "Multiple Monitors"23:39
redeyyeztrying to install the nvidia driver for my pc, when i click additional drivers it says the driver has been activated but not in use.23:39
redeyyezwhat does this mean23:39
gomiboyredeyyez: the simplest way is to reboot if you have just installed it23:41
ussher_gomiboy: thanks for the hand.  in "Multiple monitors" it says "This module is only for configuring systems with a single desktop spread across multiple monitors, You do not appear to have this configuration."  (but it alwasy said that even with 2.)23:41
redeyyezI did reboot like it said, says its active now but not inuse.23:41
ussher_gomiboy: both cards are nvidia now, so i used the nvidia server settings GUI.  and when the cards wernt nvidia i used 'arandr' for the screen location setup.23:42
gomiboyussher_: then i can't help... you could have better luck in #kde... (my single 19 inches monitor cries...) :D23:44
Infernetredeyyez: find in applications, system, nvidia x server settings23:44
ussher_gomiboy: thanks.  there is a ton of stuff on the web for 'similar' things, but nothing that fits exactly.23:45
redeyyezfrom reading in forums it appears this is a bug in 11.04 though it claims its not in use others say it is anyway.23:48
BluesKajredeyyez, yes, if your desktop effects are working then the driver is working properly the message that it's not in use is bogus..been a bug for a while now23:49
redeyyezyeah i just switched the driver.  There was 2 availible for my card from nvidia.  Wierd flickering on opposite monitor when i resize things.  That and xsrver loves to crash when i run flash in a browser.  Hopefully this other driver will work better23:52
* redeyyez crosses his fingers23:52
Infernetredeyyez: refresh rate?23:53
Inferneti have a problem with this23:53
redeyyezthe normal settings shows a different one than nvidia's23:54
redeyyez60 hz refresh rate.23:54
redeyyezi changed the settings / monitor settings one to auto nvidias set it at 6023:56
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Inferneti too23:59

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