* gmb -> lunch11:16
gary_posterhey gmb.  I had one follow-up thought on our pre-imp call about bug 777874.  From my notes:12:07
gary_poster" * OPEN QUESTION: if a bug has been explicitly moved back to "New," should we not make the change--that is, should we honor explicit moves back to "New"? Given current feedback on related issues, I believe the answer is that we should still make the change, ignoring any previous explicit moves. That would certainly be easier."12:07
_mup_Bug #777874: If multiple reports on new bug, mark it confirmed <bug-lifecycle> <bugs> <escalated> <ubuntu-platform> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by gary> <Ubuntu:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/777874 >12:07
* danilos drops out to pick up some food, back in time for the call12:08
* gary_poster received stuff for MacBuntu hard drive! Will attempt over lunch12:20
bacgary_poster: which machine are you putting that in?  an iMac?12:27
gary_posterbac, MacBook Pro.  http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/drive_bracket/datadoubler/12:28
gary_posterbac benji danilo gmb, call in 212:28
bacgary_poster: i've wondered about those.  curious to hear how it goes.12:29
gary_posterbac, me too. ;-) I'll let you know.  reviews looked good.12:29
* gary_poster check to see if he forgot about gmb/benji not being around12:32
gmbI'm here...12:32
benjiI think I'm here.12:32
gary_posteroh cool12:32
bacgary_poster: my expense is 'awaiting signoff'12:37
gary_postergmb, I have assembled a few more proposals for that bug.  Could you review these and see what you think?13:27
gmbgary_poster: Sure13:27
gary_poster * (this one might be kind of lame; I haven't decided yet) I think I don't want to use event listeners after all.  If I did, I would want to fire an ObjectModifiedEvent every time a bug's "duplicates" value changed, using an ObjectModifiedEvent.  To do that properly, I'd have to fire the event more often than I need or want (for instance, when a bug is no longer a duplicate).  I'm afraid the listeners would be unne13:27
gary_poster * As a follow-on, the only places I will eventually want to have code checking what to do is in Bug.markUserAffected, Bug._markAsDuplicate and Bug.addTask (not BugTaskSet.createTask because not during bug creation, import).  This seems like a small list.13:27
gary_poster * While we have a feature-flag based opt-in for this feature, I'll also need some code in BugTask.transitionToTarget--if the old one didn't participate but the new one does, we'll want to consider changing status.13:27
gary_poster * len(bug.user_ids_affected_with_dupes) > 1 looks like the proper basic condition to consider changing statuses.13:27
gary_poster * I don't think external (bugwatch) bugs should be affected.  I think status should be managed separately for them.  If so, though, I'm pretty confused.  It looks like LP bugs correspond to external bugs...and they have corresponding bugtasks...but can you add bugtasks for other in-LP projects?  bug.bugtasks[0] appears to be the bugwatch bugtask...but there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to check if the bugtask13:27
gary_poster  I currently have this guess.  You *can* add LP-project bugtasks to bugwatch bugs.  bugwatch *bugs* should participate in this status-update thing but *only for non-bugwatch tasks*--which means tasks with an index > 0 AFAICT, which seems *very* fragile. :-/  So, I'm hoping you have brilliant ideas for this one in particular.13:27
gary_posterLet me know if you think a call would be appropriate; that bugwatch issue seems kind of hairy to me13:28
* gmb reads13:28
gary_posterhow did I do that?13:31
* gary_poster is back gmb, sorry about that13:31
gary_posterlast thing I saw was "gmb reads"13:31
gmbgary_poster: The next bit was "gmb makes vast philosophical pronouncement that gary_poster needs to understand to become rich and famous throughout the land"13:32
gmbBut never mind that...13:32
gary_posterdamn it all!13:32
gmbgary_poster: So, working backwards...13:32
gmbA simpler way to deal with the bugwatch issue is to do something like this in the auto-confirm code:13:33
gmbfor bug_task in bug.bugtasks:13:33
gmb    if bug_task.bugwatch is not None:13:33
gmb        continue13:33
gary_posteroh!  ok13:33
gmb(Obviously there are pithier ways)13:33
gary_posterI guess I didn't look far enough for that13:33
gary_posterok easy, yay13:34
gmblen(bug.user_ids_affected_with_dupes) > 1 makes sense to me, too; I think that's fine.13:34
gmbAlso agree on transitionToTarget() whilst this is only available for certain targets.13:34
gary_posteroh, right, gotcha13:35
gary_poster(misread at first)13:35
gmbgary_poster: And I think that you might be right about event listeners, too, given how few places the auto-confirm code needs to be called.13:35
gmbAlthough event listeners is nice and generic, I suspect that YAGNI.13:36
gary_postercool, gmb13:36
gary_posterok, that sounds like all of 'em, yeah?13:36
gary_postercool, thanks again13:36
danilosbenji, hey, how are you doing?14:07
benjidanilos: not well; it'll have to wait until Monday14:08
danilosbenji, ack, if there's anything I can help with, do not hesitate to ask while I am still around14:12
benjisure; thanks14:12
gary_posterhey gmb, is there a work around for this bug?  Feel free to triage while you are there ;-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/81079815:05
_mup_Bug #810798: Launchpad needs upstream bug search <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810798 >15:05
* gmb looks...15:09
gmbgary_poster: No work-around, sadly. Wouldn't be all that hard to do (though it would be a small feature rather than a single bug, I think, to get it right)15:11
gmbI'll triage it as Low for now.15:11
gary_posterthanks gmb15:11
gary_posterCHR has been even lower on fun quotient than usual lately...16:03
* gary_poster takes lunch break16:03
* gary_poster decides to try installing his new hard drive. If he is not back on line in an hour, you know will know...16:20
gary_posterA Computer Catastrophe Occurred Here!16:20
gary_posterHopefully that won't happen...16:20
gary_poster...not as smooth as it could have been, but so far, so ok17:38
bacbenji i wonder if gary's mac is belly up?  how did you resolve your SSD problem?  did they just give you a new one?19:10
benjibac: yep; it died in an apparently common way and they cross shipped me another one19:11
benjiIf Gary is doing an OS install and getting things set up from scratch, it might take a while.19:11
bacthat's what you get for scrimping and buying an intel!  :)19:15
benjiI recently saw some numbers on SSD failures somewhere.  It's something like 0.4% (lifetime?) which was worse than hard disks, but not by too much.19:23
benjigary_poster: so you /weren't/ eaten by an SSD!19:26
gary_posterbenji, no...ubuntu install is more challenging that I had hoped, but...I'm practicing creative problem solving ;-)19:27
benjiwhat kind of challenges?  does the installer ask you to multiply large numbers in your head?19:28
gary_posterno, it doesn't work19:28
bacgary_poster: eek19:28
gary_posterI've tried 64 bit and 32 bit so far19:29
bacgary_poster: what kind of errors?19:29
gary_posterOn one path, I get a mostly purple screen with a couple of icons on the bottom that I don't inderstand19:29
gary_posterlooks kind of like "computer keyboard = person with a circle around them"19:30
gary_posterwhich doesn't communicate a lot to me :-)19:30
gary_posterthen I get a black screen with a blinking cursor19:30
bacit wants you to play twister19:30
gary_posterthen the cd/dvd drive stops spinning after a while...19:31
gary_posterand the cursor is still blinking...19:31
gary_posterand then I kill it.19:31
bacyes, that qualifies as "challenging"19:31
gary_posterAnother path just gives me funky random blocks on my screen.19:31
gary_posterTrying a third now19:32
gary_posterok here goes crazy nothing.  will be surprised if this works19:38
bacbenji: can19:51
bacremove_button.set('innerHTML', link_text);19:51
bacbe replaced with19:51
bacremove_button.set('text', link_text);19:51
bacif so, isn't the latter preferable?  am i right in remembering innerHTML should be avoided?19:51
benjibac: if link_text doesn't include markup, yes19:56

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