maujhsnCan anyone tell me why I get this message on latest download in launchpad?  "Couldn't find package 0.8.1+svn20110714.r5790-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid1".00:24
wgrantmaujhsn: What gave you that message?00:25
maujhsnterminal command00:25
maujhsnsudo apt-get install 0.8.1+svn20110714.r5790-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid100:26
maujhsnwgrant sudo apt-get install 0.8.1+svn20110714.r5790-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid100:26
wgrantmaujhsn: That's a package version, not a package name.00:27
maujhsnwgrant>  Yes I am trying to install this version!00:28
wgrantBut you didn't specify a package to install.00:29
wgrantYou just told it what version you wanted.00:29
wgrantYou'd normally say "sudo apt-get install somepackage"00:29
maujhsnwgrant  https://launchpad.net/~sunab/+archive/kdenlive-svn00:29
maujhsnIts is from this PPA00:30
wgrantWhat is?00:30
wgrantWhich package?00:30
wgrantsudo apt-get install kdenlive00:30
maujhsnAn older version is already installed00:31
wgrantThat will upgrade to the latest version available.00:31
wgrantHave you added the PPA to your software sources?00:32
maujhsnwgrant I'll give it a shot!00:32
maujhsnwgrant Yes I added the PPA!00:32
maujhsnwgrant check this out! http://pastebin.com/WHn4Qw0C00:35
wgrantmaujhsn: sudo apt-get install kdenlive00:36
maujhsnwgrant I get this! The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:39
maujhsn  kdenlive: Depends: libqjson0 but it is not installable          Depends: xine-ui but it is not going to be installed00:39
maujhsnwgrant I need the svn version!00:39
wgrantHow did you add the PPA?00:40
maujhsnwgrant synaptic package manager 'update software sources!00:41
wgrantHow did you do it in there?00:41
maujhsnwgrant Why do you ask?00:43
wgrantBecause I don't know if you've done it correctly.00:43
wgrantIt looks to me like you have more PPAs enabled that are breaking your packages.00:45
wgrantAs lpbqjson0 does not normally depend on xine-ui.00:45
maujhsnwgrant I do not know!00:46
maujhsnwgrant I think this is PGP key is my problem! 1024D/8C72043900:47
wgrantHave you run apt-get update?00:48
wgrantDid it give any errors?00:48
wgrantThen the key is not the issue./00:49
wgrantWhich PPAs do you have enabled?00:49
maujhsnwgrant Let me check!00:50
maujhsnwgrant http://ppa.launchpad.net/sunab/kdenlive-svn/ubuntu/ lucid/main Translation-en_US new PPA!00:52
wgrantapt-cache policy libqjson000:53
maujhsnwgrant What does Ign in front of the PPA mean?00:54
wgrantNothing of importance.00:55
maujhsnwgrant OK.00:56
maujhsnwgrant installed & candidate = (none)00:57
maujhsnwgrant apt-cache policy libqjson0 reference!00:58
wgrantOh, you mispasted above, I see.;00:58
wgrantWhich version of Ubuntu are you using?00:58
maujhsnwgrant 10.0401:00
wgrant libqjson0 |    0.7.1-1 |         lucid | amd64, i38601:01
wgrantlibqjson0 is in lucid, so there is a candidate version.01:01
maujhsnwgrant OK!01:03
maujhsnwgrant Thanks! Take Care!01:04
patdk-lapis there something wrong with i386 builds?01:13
wgrantpatdk-lap: We're currently running with fewer builders than normal. Let me send some of the amd64 builders over to i386...01:14
patdk-lapheh, not good news01:14
StevenKWhy not? It's normal behaviour.01:15
patdk-lapI've never had a build take >2hours before01:15
patdk-lapso >8hours is new to me01:15
StevenKWhich build?01:15
StevenKOh, you mean waiting to build for >8 hours? As opposed to actually *building* for >8 hours?01:16
wgranti386 now has 50% more builders.01:16
StevenK50% of 2 is still only 1 more :-P01:16
patdk-lapthat is why I figured it wasn't good news01:17
StevenKpatdk-lap: Most of the builders primary job is hardware testing, so they do disappear from time to time.01:17
patdk-lapis it possible to donate builders?01:18
wgrantWell, it's now up to 13.01:18
wgrantNormally has about 20.01:18
wgrantThere is a 4 hour queue left.01:18
StevenKpatdk-lap: No, it isn't possible.01:18
patdk-lapwell, other than my little annoyance :) that I thought maybe i386 was dead, the sites been working good01:23
patdk-lapheh, big difference, those went fast :)01:39
wgrantThere's still quite a queue, as can be seen on https://launchpad.net/builders01:41
wgrantBut it's not as bad as it was before.01:41
poolie_"the diff has been truncated for viewing" is kind of backwards01:47
poolie_s//has been truncated to prevent viewing01:47
michaelh1Hi there.  I'd like to import the GDB 7.3 release branch into Launchpad.  They use CVS and have a GIT mirror.  Who should I ask? (mwhudson is away)02:20
lifelessmichaelh1: generally its self service02:20
michaelh1lifeless: I'd like something that keeps up to date a'la the GCC import.02:21
wgranthttps://code.launchpad.net/gdb, "Import a branch"02:21
michaelh1wgrant: it doesn't work with branches from GIT or CVS.02:22
michaelh1Yip, one of those chestnuts02:22
lifelesshmm, we really should just allow ;branch=xxx - I think bzr has most of the bits done to support that now02:24
lifeless[separate from N-branch imports in one place]02:24
michaelh1If I wanted to do it manually, how would I do it?  Use the git repo and ask bzr to import from a branch of that, then push to LP?02:26
wgrantbzr-git has support for importing branches, but bzr has no support for specifying them.02:26
wgrantYou could hack bzr-git to default to a different branch, but that makes automatic updating hard.02:26
wgrant(it's difficult because bzr uses a URL to specify a branch, and it's hard to get a branch name into the URL while also allowing arbitrarily named files)02:27
michaelh1wgrant: I'm not using bzr-git anywhere else, so a hack is OK.  I could put it into a virtualenv.02:27
michaelh1lifeless, wgrant: I'll set something manual.  Is there a ticket on importing git branches that I can +1?02:43
michaelh1heh.  OK.  I'll find it.02:50
lifelessso its listed as https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/38087102:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 380871 in Bazaar "support for colocated branches" [High,In progress]02:52
lifelessbut thats actually, technically, something totally different02:52
wgrantThe bug does not talk about supporting colocated branches in bzr's formats.02:54
wgrantOnly the summary comes close.02:54
lifelesswell, theres confusion somewhere02:55
wgrantLook at the description and comments and merge proposals and everything except the summary.02:58
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brendandwhat's up with karma these days?09:24
persiakarma has never meant anything specific.10:01
brendandjust seems like it's not updating or something10:10
wgrantIt has not updated for a couple of days, no.10:11
wgrantDue to various upgrades and database switches.10:11
asilvaHello, I posted a new ubuntu , release and archive mirrors, its about a month now and still is 'Pending Review'10:50
asilvaHello, I posted a new ubuntu , release and archive mirrors, its about a month now and still is 'Pending Review'11:55
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lagIs it possible to see the full changelog of a package?12:25
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geserlag: for a package in the archive? then yes, in LP and also on packages.ubuntu.com12:40
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laggeser: No, for a package in my PPA12:42
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laggeser: I ended up downloading the package and opening the changelog within it12:42
laggeser: What I really want to do is view it from within LP12:42
geserlag: I don't know of any option to see the changelog for packages in a PPA (besides downloading them)12:43
lagThat sucks12:43
lagI know you can see the last changelog, but not in its entirety12:44
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asilvaHello, I posted a new ubuntu , release and archive mirrors, its about a month now and still is 'Pending Review'13:01
persiaasilva: I suspect you're running into the same issue here as you ran into there: none of the people who can deal with your request are about.13:25
persiaYou might try the ubuntu-mirrors mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-mirrors13:26
asilvapersia, tkz13:27
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bdmurrayI keep seeing these weird "'None' is a binary package. This bug has been assigned to its source package 'memtest86+' instead." when modifying Ubuntu bugs via the web interface.16:12
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bdmurrayIt happens with memtest86+ bug reports when clicking the expandy for commenting in the task table.  I haven't touched the package name.16:16
bdmurrayOh great, it won't let me change the package name that's awesome.16:27
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apmasell_I'm trying to add a package to my PPA, but I get the error email address is not valid, even though it is registered with my account and PGP key. What could I be doing wrong?17:43
maxbYou should pastebin the entire error email, the context may be relevant17:47
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apmasell_maxb: https://gist.github.com/f202f7b2d6bb313069c417:51
brendandis it known issue that there is an error when trying login_with...'staging') in launchpadlib on Oneiric?18:15
AmpelbeinHi there, I'm getting timeouts all the time trying to access bug 728840, OOPS-2022AU38, OOPS-2022G63, OOPS-2022A6618:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 728840 in samba4 (Ubuntu Natty) "upgradeprovision crashed with LdbError in connect(): (80, 'Failed to load modules from: /usr/lib/samba/ldb\n')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72884018:18
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DavieyAnyone have a launchpadlib snippet for checking/adding a milestone to a bug?21:22
wgrantDaviey: Just read/write the milestone attribute of a bug_task.21:27
Davieywgrant: ah, ok - great. Thanks.21:30
Davieywgrant: Has the cert changed on staging.* ?21:30
wgrantDaviey: No, but it possibly won't work with Oneiric's launchpadlib at the moment.21:31
DavieyYeah, seems httplib2 is trying to validate the cert.21:31
wgrantAh, I see it was brought up earlier.21:32
Davieywgrant: I just patched out the raise in httplib2.. good enough for this testing.21:36
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poolie_Daviey, there's an rt underway to give staging the right cert23:35
poolie_if that's what you're hitting23:35
wgrantpoolie_: Isn't that only for www/feeds?23:35

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