BUGabundoRT @pm: yay "Flash player 11 beta is out, and 64-bit support is back!"00:56
mphill_is gnome session failing on login a known issue?00:59
BUGabundoI haven't been able to launch nautlius in a week01:00
BUGabundobeen using lubuntu01:00
robin0800mphill_, you need to install gnome shell but this is broken at the moment01:01
micahggnome-shell is still broke?  I uploaded a  version this morning that actually built01:02
mphill_robin0800: do you plan to use unity or gnome3?01:03
robin0800micahg, perhaps its only the one in the software centre01:04
robin0800mphill_, think choice will be unity 3d unity 2d or you can install gnome shell no classic as such in 11.1001:05
byroncoughlinAnybody having problems with kernel
byroncoughlinWhat is the known issue of keyboard and mouse not working in X01:23
byroncoughlinSeems to be fixed after upgrade01:24
byroncoughlinBut kernel appears to be broke01:25
Daekdroombyroncoughlin, broken how?01:26
byroncoughlinAlso audio appears to be fixed after upgrade01:26
byroncoughlinDaekdroom On startup stops prior to startup screen and I believe it say kernel oops but is hard to catch01:28
byroncoughlinIf I go back to 3.0.3 then all works fine01:28
Daekdroombyroncoughlin, if it's hard to catch, you can check what it is through dmesg01:28
byroncoughlinI can't get it to log in with that kernel version01:29
byroncoughlinAre you running
byroncoughlinI did have a problem on update where it got to 60% then froze. Would not let me shutdown. Had to hard boot then goto dpkg next startup01:30
byroncoughlinmy initrd.img is smaller then 3.0.301:33
byroncoughlinis there a way to rebuild the kernel01:36
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SatorisI try to upgrade from natty to oneiric alpha. The update manager starts but then fails with an error stating some packages can't be downloaded due to "403 forbidden". Should it work?10:59
antiheroHi, if I upgrade to oneiric, can I automatically have my PPA lists (inside sources.list.d) update to be called oneiric, if the dist exists for that PPA?12:06
bazhangthe PPA maintainers have to update them12:07
PiciI don't know of any quick way of doing that. I suppose it could be scripted though.12:07
antiheroFair enough. I'll just go through and see which ones have added oneiric support, and update them manually.12:07
PiciI'm not sure if add-apt-repository checks to see whether the exact ubuntu release exists within each ppa though.12:07
htorquekile and kate crash for me - is there a known bug with kde apps?12:15
yofelhtorque: katepart was moved out of kdelibs5-plugins into kate and we're still working on that, so until a new kate package is out all apps that use the katepart as an editor won't work12:40
htorqueyofel: alright, thanks for the info!12:41
BluesKajHi all12:42
lamalexhey guys13:21
lamalexi'm having a serious issue where i cant log in13:22
lamalexlightdm loads, i click my name, then it just hangs13:22
lamalexanyone know how to get around this?13:23
lamalextried starting gdm but it won't start13:24
lamalexaw and awesome gdm fails to start13:30
lamalexlove it13:30
antiheroHey guys, since updating to oneiric, MPD completely dies if I try and issue an update.13:37
lamalexguys, i can't log in at all. is anyone here?13:40
lamalexi've tried gdm (bails), lightdm (hangs), and xdm (gives an error)13:41
antiheroLoads of stuff has been segfaulting since oneiric and trying linux 313:46
antiherocould it be linux 3?13:46
bazhangantihero, gnome3?13:51
bazhang!info linux13:51
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)13:51
antiherowhat's the difference between vmlinuz and initrd?13:51
antiherobazhang: Not gnome 3, unless that's causing mpd to crash (unlikely)13:52
antiherobazhang: I mean't kernel 313:52
antiherobazhang: Perhaps MPD needs to be recompiled for it?13:52
bazhangantihero, its early alpha. its a development release, used for bug fixing and testing. /topic here says so even13:52
antiherobazhang: Oneiric? Aye. I was just wondering why MPD might be segfaulting so I could perhaps troubleshoot it13:53
lamalexantihero: run it in gdb13:53
lamalexget a trace13:53
bazhangantihero, start if from the terminal and see the bugs? file some with appropriate errors13:54
antiherolamalex: Will I need to build it for debug from source?13:54
antiheroAlternatively, ios there a way to downgrade my distro back to natty because I'm an idiot13:54
bazhangfull reinstall13:55
antiherobazhang: Woo! Debugging MPD sounds less hassle13:55
antiheroso it's in alpha 2 atm (oneiric)?13:57
bazhang /topic says so, so yeah13:57
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mphill_i noticed in gnome 3 its defaulting to a window decorator that is making my eyes bleed. Is there a way to change thing?14:20
Daekdroommphill_, you mean gnome shell?14:20
DaekdroomYou can install gnome-tweak-tool to change it14:21
mphill_i did14:21
mphill_it doesn't response to the changes14:21
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dholbachLast day of UDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:46
antiherognome won't start16:15
antiherobecause gnome-desktop-environment isn't installed.16:15
antihero"Python-gnomeapplet" doesn't exist :S16:16
trismantihero: it hasn't been updated yet, if you would like gnome 3 on oneiric, install gnome-shell and/or gnome-session-fallback for the more traditional look16:21
trismantihero: you will also need to copy /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu to ~/.config/menus/applications.menu until lp 798951 is resolved16:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 798951 in gnome-menus (Ubuntu) "Applications menu fails to open due to change to /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895116:22
antiherotrism: Excellent, cheers. Gnome shell was fine, combined with unity.16:23
antiherotrism I just didn't know what to install :)16:23
trismantihero: :)16:24
antiherowhat's that bloody command to configure the non-x console16:37
antiherowith the right fonts etc16:37
yofeldpkg-reconfigure console-setup (I think)16:39
antiheroGrr. It's still failing to load the "Ubuntu" session,16:42
antiheroAnd it still fails to load "GNOME" :S16:44
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lamalexis it possible to do an upgrade from a CD while in my current OS?18:15
lamalexlike i just want the packages as of alpha 2, not updates since18:16
lamalexbut for whatever reason i can't get my macbook to boot the dvd18:16
jpdslamalex: I believe that's possible with the alternate CD.18:19
lamalexcool thanks18:21
lamalexi just googled it and found instructioms18:21
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tamranhi there.  I'm curious how I can change the lightdm theme to the unity one?  instructions are clear to test it but how do I make it boot into that theme?19:28
trismtamran: edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change greeter-theme to unity, then restart lightdm: sudo service lightdm restart;19:31
tamrantrism: I modified that file 4 different times19:31
tamrannothing changes from the bland, ugly login19:32
tamranthat line itself was not in there19:33
tamranI had to add it19:33
tamranI'm guessing I have to modify some other things too?19:33
trismtamran: it is in the Seat configuration section, you need to uncomment it first19:34
trismtamran: you shouldn't have to edit anything else19:34
tamranoh, I see it there19:35
tamranthank you trism19:35
tamranI'll give that another try19:35
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spacebug-After install I apgrade to latest packaes and then when I press my username at login I get to the see background and nothing more, no asking for password dialog, nothing. This is inside a virtualbox20:16
xapelI cannot login as my normal user with lightdm at the moment. I have to log in as guest. Anyone else experiencing this problem?20:57
trismxapel: do you see any errors in /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log ?20:59
xapeltrism: does it create a new log file every time you log in. Because I am now logged in as guest and I don't see any errors.21:05
trismxapel: it should only create a new log when you restart lightdm, so if you try to log in, then log in as a guest, you should be able to see the failed attempt in the log21:09
xapelI don't see any errors there21:11
trismxapel: you can log in through the various virtual terminals right? ctrl+alt+f1 to f6, it is only lightdm that won't let you in?21:12
xapelI can even log in with gdm, if I boot in recovery mode and drop to the shell and start gdm manually21:13
trismxapel: what happens when you try to log in with lightdm?21:16
micahgtrism: xapel, bug 80989021:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 809890 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcmp_ssse3()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80989021:17
xapelmicahg: yes, that seems to be what I am experiencing as well21:19
xapelmicahg: I have just filed a duplicate bug then21:19
xapelbug 81127821:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811278 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "cannot log in as normal user (dup-of: 809890)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81127821:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 809890 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcmp_ssse3()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80989021:21

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