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LincMiiHi, I have a quick question that's giving me some trouble. I'm trying to copy the directory  ~/media/vs_SharedFolder/FolderDirectory and paste it into /var/www/ but I'm having trouble with the cp syntax00:32
LincMiicp -t /media/vs_SharedFolder/FolderDirectory /var/www/ is giving me "omitting directory '/var/www/'00:33
LincMiiI apologize. Seems I've been using the wrong option. -r recursive worked00:37
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thewrath hey all03:22
stlsaintthewrath: yo03:22
thewrathhey stlsaint03:35
thewrathhow is Europe/Asia?03:35
bobweaverany one up and have coffee I have a huge problem05:08
holsteinbobweaver: lol... thats no way to sell it ;)05:08
holsteinwhats up?05:08
bobweaverso I install 10.10 about 6months ago then install kde over the top of it05:09
holsteinkde? or kubuntu-desktop?05:10
bobweavernow I want to remove the option at log in to use the session "ubuntu desktop "05:10
holsteinyou want to use KDM at login?05:10
bobweaverso I tries to do this in vbox05:10
holsteinbobweaver: it *should* be as easy as removing ubunt8-desktop05:10
bobweaverso I would not kill my host05:11
bobweaverwhen I do a sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop it says that it can not find it05:11
holsteinbobweaver: maybe its not installed05:11
bobweaverso tried to remove gdm05:12
holsteinbobweaver: one thing really quick... why?05:12
holsteini mean, its all working well right?05:12
holsteini think GDM loads faster than KDM05:12
bobweaverbut I just want kde05:12
holsteinyou got KDE though, right?05:13
bobweaverI never use gnome 205:13
bobweaverand evertime I sign into it I have to log out and back in05:13
bobweavercan be a pain05:13
holsteinbobweaver: ?05:13
holsteinyou can choose KDE at login05:13
holsteinthe first login05:14
holsteinbobweaver: anyways... i would suggest switching to KDM05:14
bobweaverso when I get to the login screen I can select ubuntu desktop edition or kde plasma05:14
holsteinsudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm05:14
holstein^ try that05:14
bobweaverI did that05:14
holsteinbobweaver: and?05:14
bobweaverI dont even get the blue screen05:14
holsteinwhat about sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm05:15
bobweaverwhen I installed kde it asked if I wanted kdm or gdm I choose kdm05:15
bobweaverI will try that right now ^^^^05:15
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge gdm kdm05:16
bioterrorsudo apt-get install kdm05:16
bioterrorthose display managers are rather messed up05:16
bobweaverok so now when I reboot it brings me to the installer05:16
bobweaverand it is a live cd ????05:16
bioterrorit will not05:16
bobweaverno I am saying that is what is happening05:16
holsteindo you have a CD in the machine?05:17
bioterrorbobweaver, you have now KDM?05:17
bioterrorI just read backlog05:17
bioterroryou have Kubuntu installed and you want to get rid of ubuntu05:17
bobweaverlooks like I have to install everything again inn vbox it is a backup of my system05:18
holsteinbobweaver: i would double check that you arent booting live media in vbox05:18
bobweaverhow do I do that ?05:18
holsteinim outta hear... bioterror is on the case though :)05:18
bioterrorthat's how you get rid of Gnome05:18
bobweaverbioterror, I tred that it crashed the system05:19
bioterrorhow did it crash?05:19
bobweaverit said that it could not find apackage then when I rebooted nothing05:20
bobweaverI was booting from the livedvd in vbox05:21
bobweaverlooks like it worked YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:22
bobweaverok but it booted me into gnome205:22
bobweaverwill try to reconfigure gdm and kdm05:23
bioterroryou can choose your session05:25
bioterrorfrom the Display Manager05:25
bobweaverit booted from kdm I could not find it I am a n00b05:26
bobweaverrebooting right now05:27
M0hibioterror: dont confuse peeps05:28
bobweaverIt worked like you said it is booting in kde05:29
bobweaverok now how do I get the menu to be the same there is a lost and found folder that I would like to be the same as in gnome can I do this ?05:30
bobweaveromg you guys thank you so much for the help05:30
bobweaverI have been up for two days tring to get this to work05:31
bobweaverpulling my hair out05:31
bioterrornp ;)05:31
bioterroryou're welcome05:31
bioterrorM0hi, dont you!05:32
bobweaverI love ubuntu-beginners team05:32
bobweaveryou guys know anything about remastersys ?05:32
tenachI'm sure someone does, bobweaver, if you're patient. :D05:33
bobweaverI will be05:33
bobweaverI have been up for two days hitting brick walls and I have learned to be real patient :)05:34
M0hi:P no I am not bioterror05:34
bioterrormaking fruitsalad!05:36
bobweavermaybe I should ask my question so after I clear out temp data and make a live dvd of my system I would like for kde to have the same menu that I made in gnome instead it just outs it all in a lost and found sub menu05:37
bobweaverI choose to back up all data and it does good05:38
bobweaverbecause I changed the menu in kde manually but after install of dvd (mysystem) it remembers my grub and asks where I want to boot from I do not want this I dont see a need for grub to do that05:39
bobweaverand the is no kernel image forr the other partition so it does not boot at all05:40
bobweaverwhich is a good thing05:40
* bobweaver is off to the other partition 05:43
stelm0_Is it possible to get full multitouch support on a macbook pro?06:26
ubot2For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:47
s7nfwhich tftp server should i use? Shouldn't be too complicated. tftp-hpa?10:23
s7nfwhat is the "total" that you get when doing "ls -l" ?11:33
M0his7nf: count of files I believe the hidden too11:35
M0hior sub-folders11:35
M0himan ls should display about that. Sorry I am not at my maching right now :[11:36
s7nfM0hi,  I dont think it is the count of files or subfolders. Im following this guide for tftp http://www.davidsudjiman.info/2006/03/27/installing-and-setting-tftpd-in-ubuntu/ and this guy gets "total 4" while I get "total 0"11:39
s7nfand we both have only one file11:39
s7nfunder man ls, the -l stands for owner11:41
M0hi-l stands for list or owner?11:43
M0his7nf: kindly open termainal and type man ls | grep 'total'11:49
M0hiyou can see the answer there11:49
M0hiand that -l is to display different data. you can find them in man ls11:49
s7nfM0hi, grep doesnt find anything11:50
M0hino way11:50
M0hiit worked here11:50
M0higive total in quotes11:50
s7nfi did, with and without11:51
s7nfstill nothing11:51
M0himan ls |grep 'total'11:51
M0hicopy paste11:51
M0hior what is it returning? any error?11:51
s7nfno, new line11:51
s7nfjust blank11:51
s7nfstrange, but don't bother too much with it11:52
M0hiit came here as "total mentions about the count of blocks and also indirect blocks"11:52
M0his7nf: no worries. its learning each days11:52
s7nfhmm, could be bocks of data11:53
M0hiyeah thats what it says :)11:53
bibabotafter autoupdating.. (linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic (2.6.38-10.46) .. my wifi doesn't work - where do i start?13:37
Puck`elou (:14:06
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stelm0Is it possible to get ubuntu to properly support multitouch on my macbook's touchpad?19:11
coalwatersorry stelm0  but i don't really have any idea, but u could try if the bot knows about it19:19
ubot2Factoid 'multitouch' not found19:19
coalwaternope :D19:19
ubot2For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad19:19
coalwaterthere try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#Enabling%20True%20Multitouch19:20
stelm0the way my touchpad currently works is just a step above useless, heh.19:25
stelm0hmm actually this doesn't really help. I have two finger scrolling working already, but I want to be able to click + drag with two fingers.19:27
coalwaterwell, i don't really know much about it, it's just what i found19:29
stelm0Yeah I think I'm SOL, but at least I found how a workaround in the docs.19:30
stelm0"To drag an item, double-tap but don't lift your finger after the second tap. Drag the item where you want it, then lift your finger to drop. You still need to use hardware buttons to right-click."19:30
stelm0Funny how Apple's touchpad goes from awesome to frustrating when it doesn't have the proper software support.19:31
coalwaterthat's the normal touchpad drag and drop19:33
stelm0right, I'm used to being able to select by placing my thumb on the touchpad, then drag with my forefinger.19:35
stelm0since apple's touchpad's don't have separate buttons19:36
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