noipCan I ask a question about filing a bug report here?02:05
charlie-tcasure, If anyone knows, they will usually answer02:07
noipI was reading on the Ubuntu website about filing bugs and it said suggested filing a bug from within Ubuntu and noting the package with which you're having trouble. Well, I'm not sure which package is causing the trouble, is that ok? Is it still cool to file a bug report if you're not sure?02:09
charlie-tcawhat is the issue?02:10
charlie-tcayes, it is okay, but it much better with the correct package, since the report won't have enough information without the package.02:11
noipcharlie-tca: Well, my wireless connection is going very, very slow after starting up my laptop today. (In Chrome/Chromium/Firefox.) I tried turning off wireless-n but that didn't help. Anyway, the problem didn't exist lastnight when I turned off my laptop. It doesn't exist in OpenSuse. I tried downloading a bunch of updates and was getting between 10 kB/s and 20. Then, out of nowhere it shot up to 300 kB/s (which is a typical speed). Then, it went back dow02:16
noipn and hasn't come back up. Really strange. After the updates I restarted and nothing changed.02:16
charlie-tcafile against network-manager02:16
charlie-tcaYou can open a terminal and type     ubuntu-bug network-manager02:16
noipI've never filed a bug, so I'm a little concerned about sending sensitive information since I have no idea what is being sent. Do you know?02:17
noip(I'm referring to the warning during "collecting problem information")02:18
charlie-tcaIt will be fine02:29
charlie-tcaMost sensitive data is filtered out by the collection tools02:30
dtchenthat sounds more like something lower in the wireless stack02:31
charlie-tcaIn three years working with bugs, I have sensitive data in a report less than 5 times, and I have looked at over 2000 reports02:31
charlie-tcagoing to turn into a kernel bug?02:31
dtchenhard to say without additional testing02:32
dtchenideally want it reproduced using a mainline/vanilla kernel (http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline)02:32
charlie-tcalet's get the report and see what there is02:33
paultagHas anyone come accross a bug that that has compiz pegged at 100% CPU and locks up the machine, hard?02:49
paultagI can, however, ssh in and diagnose it :)02:49
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jibelbdmurray, with the lp api, what's most direct way to get the component a source package belongs to from a list of bug tasks ?12:32
bdmurrayjibel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/644755/12:57
jibelbdmurray, perfect. thanks!12:59
persiajibel: Just to make sure my list is complete: for what do you intend to use the component?13:34
jibelpersia, I'm exporting new tasks filed against the dev release (tag oneiric or targeted to oneiric) for the last 2 weeks for packages in main only.13:39
persiaOK.  Why "main"?13:41
persiaAs this would be a new item for my list, I'd really like to convince you to either get stuff that ships on images, or stuff in certain package sets.13:42
persia(or a subset of stuff that ships on images, if you prefer)13:42
persia(or stuff that ships on a subset of images, even)13:42
persia(the alternative being that I add it to my list and bug you about it later, so you aren't that surprised when universe goes away and main gets bigger)13:46
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dholbachLast day of UDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:46
pedro_hggdh, i'm adding some links to the etherpad15:47
pedro_hggdh, like easy tasks , etc15:47
noipThanks to Charlie-tca I was able to file my first bug report. Bug #810849. "Wireless connection very slow". I tested ,a nd the problem persists both in wireless, and wired internet connection. I filed the bug against the network-manager. I assume that's still ok given this new information. What do you think? ( Unfortunately I don't know how to roll back updates, so I can't test that. I'm going to have to run another distro until this gets resolved ;-( )17:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 810849 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Wireless connection very slow (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81084917:35
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hggdhnoip: seems good19:02
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