dpmgood morning all07:22
jussio/ dpm07:28
AlanBellguten morgen07:32
dholbachgood morning07:37
* AlanBell is in Berlin07:39
dholbachwhat are you doing there?07:46
AlanBellin the Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Technologyie07:54
dholbachoh wow, nice07:56
kim0Morning all07:56
AlanBelldholbach: it says "ubuntu" on my namebadge07:56
dholbachصباح الخير07:57
AlanBellI registered with my @ubuntu.com email address07:57
dholbachso if you had registered with @gmail.com you'd probably have a "Google" namebadge :)07:57
nigelbdholbach: heh09:27
* nigelb waves to AlanBell 09:27
nigelbMorning dpm, jussi, dholbach & kim009:27
* kim0 waves back09:27
dpmhi nigelb and all09:43
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jcastrokim0: any luck on the BT indicator?14:10
jcastrodid you run the bluetooth control applet thing?14:10
jcastromaybe there's a checkbox14:10
kim0um didn't find anything.. I just the control panel thing for now yes14:11
kim0just use*14:11
kim0crap .. my disk drive is making click noises14:59
kim0EXT4-fs (sda2): delayed block allocation failed for inode 1073006 at logical offset 510 with max blocks 1 with error -514:59
jcastroboot off CD and fsck maybe?15:00
jcastrobut if it's clicking ....15:00
jonojcastro, kim0 all set?15:00
kim0trying to join15:00
jcastroI'm hanging out already15:00
kim0jono: my disk decided to die :/15:01
jonokim0, your what?15:01
kim0laptop disk drive15:01
jonocomputer went down?15:01
kim0clicking noises15:01
kim0freezing n stuff15:01
jonocan't make the meeting?15:01
kim0I probably can15:01
kim0it just keeps freezing15:02
kim0trying to connect15:02
jonojcastro, kim0 I need to reboot anyway, damn headset not working15:02
jcastrocrappy workaround would be to go with a live USB stick.15:02
jonokim0, can you make the call?15:10
jonokim0, if not don't sweat it15:10
kim0|backupbooted into freaking windows .. oO15:31
dholbachnigelb, read for UDW?15:37
dholbachLast day of UDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:46
dholbachnigelb, ... "ready" :)15:49
mhall119dholbach: I haven't seen nigel yet today15:55
mhall119!seen nigelb15:55
ubot2I have no seen command15:55
kim0|backupAlright .. seems like I'll begin a badblocks party .. I'm off next week, so may not be online all the time. see you soon16:03
popeyI'd backup first16:04
popey(before the party)16:04
kim0|backupYeah I'll probably do that as well16:04
* kim0|backup waves16:04
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paultagdoctormo: hey man, around>18:16
paultagdoctormo: I need some help18:19
paultagpretty please?18:26
pleia2paultag: I found the receipt from our lunch back in november yesterday <3 (apparently I don't wash my clothes)18:27
paultagpleia2: awwwwwwww!!!18:27
paultagpleia2: that was fun :)18:27
pleia2Lowell, MA represent!18:27
pleia2yeah :)18:27
paultagpleia2: shame I could not make it out to CA :)18:29
pleia2and when you did I couldn't talk18:29
paultagpleia2: quite alright :)18:29
paultagdoctormoooooo: I need some python love18:34
paultagI can't write setup.py files :(18:34
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jonojcastro, do you have flash installed?18:44
jonojcastro, could you U1 the .deb?18:44
jonoI can't seem to get it from the Adobe site18:44
jcastrothe deb just pulls from adobe18:44
jonoSoftware Center won't install it18:44
jonoI want to install it with dpkg18:44
paultagjono: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree18:44
paultagjono: you can give it a -d18:45
paultagdoctormo: that will download the .deb18:45
paultagor --download-only, can't remember18:45
jcastrojorge@lowgirl:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer --reinstall18:45
jcastrodo that18:45
jcastrothat;ll force it to snag it from adobe18:45
jonosweet, thanks!18:46
jcastrojono: also, oneiric pro tip, put the update manager on your launcher, then when you're updating everyday it has nice download progress integration and all that, it's <318:48
jcastrofor some reason emblems make me happy18:48
jonojcastro, sweet18:49
popeyI am planning to install oneiric on my desktop one day soon18:57
popeyactually, if I have a sata cable I can tonight18:57
* popey rummages in the box-o-cables18:57
paultagdoctormo: doctormo doctormo doctormo19:01
popeyNice looking through pleia2's engagement photos on flickr19:10
popeyalthough I am insanely jealous of pleia2  living in SF19:10
pleia2sometimes I'm jealous of myself when I forget that I'm myself, it's a magical beautiful place19:10
pleia2my fiance tells me we'll need to move some day when we have kids, but I pay him no mind :)19:11
czajkowskipleia2: so weid to see MJ referred to as fiance19:17
pleia2czajkowski: sure is!19:17
czajkowskipleia2: he did an amazing job of proposing!19:17
czajkowskinice blog post also, from both sides of it19:17
pleia2I didn't know he had it in him ;) secret romantic he is19:18
jcastropleia2: your page is awesome, we're kicking ourselves for not documenting our process so meticulously20:11
pleia2jcastro: thanks :) I document everything and his idea to have a photographer there created the perfect opportunity20:14
nigelbjono: you sent a T-shirt to yourself? :P20:22
jononigelb, nope, seriously, it just randomly arrived20:22
nigelbjono: I was pulling that one on "Chief Bacon Officer" :)20:23
jononigelb, that's on his business card20:23
nigelbjono: ah!20:23
jonouploading it to FB20:24
nigelbjono: FB is sooo old. Use g+! :P20:26
jonobah o G+20:27
nigelbjono: when is cloud day?20:42
jcastronext monday20:50
jonojcastro, ping?21:49
jcastrojono: pong21:49
jonojcastro, http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/ needs a fresh deadline21:50
jcastrosure, what'd you set as the deadline21:50
jonojcastro, let's say Aug 24th21:51
jonowhich is a Wed21:51
jonoI am pointing people to that page, btw21:51
jcastrojono: ok refresh21:54
jcastroI made it a button21:55
jonothanks jcastro21:56
jonoa button?21:56
jcastroalso I don't know if you saw the new Mega-Super-Colliding-Button of death.21:56
jcastrofor registring, heh21:56
jonooh cool21:56
jcastroyeah, basically I use class="awesome"21:57
jcastrowhich is basically you know, awesome21:57
jonojcastro, see my blog, can you get that content on ubuntu-news for me? I have a call coming up21:57
jonojcastro, thanks, pal22:00
jonolast call of the week, woohoo!22:01
nigelbjcastro: does sponsorship being open mean we cant roll out summmit updates?22:08
jcastro"now that we need it, can we break it?"22:09
nigelbjcastro: exactly :)22:11
jonojcastro, oops22:25
jonoopening para in my post should be 12.04 LTS22:25
jonocould you fix it on ubuntu-news?22:25
popeyjono fixed22:28
jonothanks popey22:29
jono<-- clutz22:29

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