RAOFrobert_ancell: I'm not aware of any useful logging that can be done there, no.00:08
kenvandinerobert_ancell, how do we tell lightdm to use the unity-greeter?00:16
robert_ancellkenvandine, set [seat-0] greeter-theme=unity00:17
robert_ancellin /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf00:17
* kenvandine tries00:17
kenvandinerobert_ancell, very nice!00:19
TheMusoRAOF, robert_ancell, jasoncwarner_, are you guys eyeing particular flights to the US for UDS in October? I'm interested such that I have company from Orlando airport to the hotel at the very least.00:23
robert_ancellI think we're all aiming for the direct flight00:23
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: I am going a week early for design/dx sprint, and I might be in london the week before...so I won't be much help there00:24
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: I'm actually tunneling straight through ala the greatest scientific movie of all time: The Core.00:24
RAOFI'm going for QF7 followed by AA242800:24
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Oh right, ok.00:24
TheMusoRAOF: You going via Melbourne?00:24
RAOFTheMuso: No; QF7 is Sydney→Dallas00:25
TheMusoOh right.00:25
TheMusoI assume thats arriving on the Sunday in Dalas?00:29
RAOFActually, I think on the Saturday.00:30
RAOFYeah, the Saturday.00:31
RAOFOtherwise we'd get to the hotel at 20:00 on the Sunday or so.00:31
RAOFAnd miss all the Sunday evening fun!00:31
TheMusoAh ok, makes sense.00:33
TheMusoThanks for the tip, I'll see if BTS can get me on that flight.00:33
RAOFArgh, Thunderbird.  Be less ugly and crazy.00:37
jasoncwarner_RAOF: ugly they are working on.00:38
jasoncwarner_what be the deal there?00:38
RAOFInexplicably opening the wrong email, and doing it slowly.00:38
RAOFAlso, it doesn't have all my evolution filters, which means that it's broken ;)00:39
jasoncwarner_RAOF: ;)00:39
jasoncwarner_I'll be testing out the crazy you just mentioned....thanks for the heads up...00:39
* TheMuso used to use thuderbird, but since moving to TB5, I have lost confidence in Mozilla's ability to keep a11y working. I have experienced a few too many regressions recently, denting my confidence in Mozilla a11y efforts for anything other than Windows.00:45
micahgTheMuso: hmm, I thought a11y would be better in TB5...00:45
TheMusomicahg: Well it regressed...00:46
micahgTheMuso: can you file bugs please?  When chrisccoulson brought up a11y regressions on linux, upstream seemed interested to some extent00:53
TheMusomicahg: They are already known about.00:53
TheMusoI basically think their fixes didn't make the TB5 cutoff.00:53
TheMusoI'll need to set up thunderbird again to test to be sure they are still issues in recent Ubuntu package versions though.00:54
micahgTheMuso: ah, ok, well, we'll be shipping 6 or 7, so we can probably get some fixes in00:54
micahgthe bigger problem will be preventing a11y regressions on older releases00:54
micahgwe already had some w/the jump from 3.0.x to 3.1.x00:54
micahgTheMuso: is at-spi2 something that's backportable in a sane way?00:55
TheMusomicahg: To which release?00:59
micahgTheMuso: lucid+00:59
RAOFAt least thunderbird shuts down quickly :)00:59
TheMusomicahg: Yes should be a matter of building the latest source against lucid's toolchain.01:00
TheMusotoolchain and deps.01:00
TheMusoHowever the clients of at-spi may not work as well.01:00
micahgTheMuso: oh, are they not parallel installable?01:00
TheMusoParts of the at-spi2 stack override parts of the at-spi v1 stack yes.01:02
TheMusoAnd both have a daemon, and you can't have both daemons running at the same time.01:02
micahgok, I might pick your brain later on this if it becomes an issue, we're trying to keep at-spi compatibility in01:03
jcastrorobert_ancell: howdy04:00
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, does bug 810805 refer to unity-greeter?04:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 810805 in lightdm "Cursor does not show up in password field" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81080504:00
robert_ancelljcastro, hello04:00
jcastroI wasn't aware my bug was on the example greeter04:00
robert_ancelljcastro, the package name gives it away :)04:00
robert_ancelljcastro, have you not installed unity-greeter yet?04:00
jcastrooh, well, at the time I saw it I just went and filed it in lightdm itself04:00
jcastroyeah, I can test that now if you'd like04:01
robert_ancellapt-get install it, then set seat-0:greeter-theme=unity in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf04:01
jcastroyep, stretches over 2 monitors04:05
jcastrohowever, due to the design, it doesn't look as horrible04:06
jcastrojust the panel thing is on the secondary monitor04:06
robert_ancellyeah, that's a random side effect - it should be on just one monitor but I only have my laptop with one monitor so I haven't worked out what I need to do to fix it!04:07
jcastroeveryone on unity + desktop should be given multiple monitors!04:08
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: yeah04:14
jasoncwarner_jcastro: I think we all use a 9" netbook...that is the usecase, right? ;)04:15
jcastrowhen I move I'll set up a webcam pointing to my multiple monitors using a 3rd machine, and then just let people SSH in and watch it04:15
jasoncwarner_jcastro: that sounds hard04:16
* jasoncwarner_ twirls hair...04:17
TheMusoYay for indicator pkgconfig file renaming et al.04:17
RAOFHm.  I take it that the cifs filesystem isn't a big fan of “菅野よう子” in filenames.04:59
TheMusoThe cifs filesystem is not a fan of anything non-latin I think.05:14
pittiGood morning05:15
pittimterry: which packages> Contents.gz is also practical05:15
RAOFGood morning pitti!05:20
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pittihey RAOF05:24
RAOFBah.  Those with nice, fully built mesa trees, say after me: git-buildpackage is abomination, for it respecteth not the “-nc” switch.05:30
SarvattRAOF: you're probably the only person in the world who uses git buildpackage for mesa so you're preaching to the choir :)05:34
pittiwell, it just immediately removes the build tree afterwards, which I find very annoying as well05:43
pittiand of course there's no equivalent to bzr bd-do :/05:43
RAOFI care a lot less about that; pretty much everything I touch has a full source tree in vcs.05:46
pittibbl, need to do some CD install testing06:29
chrisccoulsonpitti, turning on PGO in firefox (with -O3) brings the package size pretty much back to the original size btw ;)07:45
chrisccoulson(and it works)07:45
chrisccoulsoni tried it last night ;)07:45
pittichrisccoulson: oh, nice!07:45
chrisccoulsonpitti, upstream builds are actually built with PGO now (starting with the current beta)07:45
pittichrisccoulson: is there some different shades of "it works", i. e. is it expected to cause troubles with extensions or so?07:45
pittiso it has matured enough? nice07:46
BigWhaleIs evolution fixed already or the thunderbird conspiracy is still going on? :)07:46
chrisccoulsonpitti - the only drawback for me is that it pretty much doubles the build time07:46
chrisccoulson(because it's built twice)07:46
pittiimporting an .ics file is still causing a crash07:47
pittichrisccoulson: can you disable that for local test builds?07:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - disabling PGO? yeah, it's just a matter of reverting the first hunk in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head/revision/918/debian/rules#debian/rules07:48
pittichrisccoulson: so we'll get the space reduction and the speed improvement?07:50
pittithat sounds perfect :)07:51
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'm going to try it on the next nightly build, just to make sure that the builders can cope with it07:51
chrisccoulson(which shouldn't be a problem, as the profiling is just like running the test suite really)07:51
chrisccoulsonie, we run firefox in xvfb07:52
pittihey rodrigo_08:34
jibelpitti, could you start the retracer ?08:43
pittijibel: done08:44
jibelpitti, thanks!08:44
mvois seb on vac?08:49
mvoI have good news for him, with the current apt upload apt will hold back packages that would enter "policy-broken" state on apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade)08:54
mvoso the missing new recommends should be much less of a issue from now on08:55
* pitti hugs mvo08:55
* mvo hugs pitti09:00
chrisccoulsonoh, what happened to all the PPA builders again?09:11
vishmvo: hi..  is it a known issue that SC recommends PCMAN, Dolphin and Gwenview on the first start of a fresh install?09:13
vish(admittedly, I happened to use Nautilus a couple of times before opening SC)09:13
vishmaybe we could blacklist dolphin,pcman from ever being recommended..09:14
vishor mpt ^09:14
mptvish, the recommendations in 4.0 are rather useless. I'm sorry I didn't test them in time.09:15
kiwinotevish: yeah, atm it makes its recommendations based on the zeitgeist 'most used' applications09:15
mptvish, it's probably recommending Gwenview because you took a screenshot, and it thinks "oh, you need a viewer for that!"09:15
mptnever mind that you already have one installed09:16
vishheh! but suggesting dolphin,pcman was even worse.. ;p09:16
mptMaybe you did something silly like opening a folder? :-)09:16
mptor creating a folder09:16
vishyea, silly me. :(09:16
* vish goes to file bug.. 09:18
kiwinotevish: bug 74566209:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 745662 in software-center "Recommendations don't seem useful in their current form" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74566209:18
vishkiwinote: neat! i should have know mp-t would have already filed one.. ;)09:19
mptI'm *almost* tempted to ask for an SRU09:19
chrisccoulsonpitti, is the retracer working?09:57
chrisccoulsonthere's quite a stack of these gsettings-data-convert crashes piling up now :(09:58
desrtchrisccoulson: this is the gconf-dbus thing, right?09:59
chrisccoulsondesrt, yeah, we've got quite a few of them since i uploaded the new gconf a couple of days ago10:00
chrisccoulsonbut i don't get the crash locally10:00
chrisccoulson(or i don't know how to trigger it)10:00
pittichrisccoulson: ah, chroots failing :/ I'll fix them up in a bit, just need to reboot10:10
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks10:10
loolchrisccoulson: I got the crash once this morning, but not upon reboot10:40
loolchrisccoulson: I suspect either the conversion isn't happening anymore, or it was triggered by other processes crashing10:40
loolI got all of gnome-settings-daemon, this conversion thing and a third process crashing this morning (at-spi I think)10:41
loolhmm apparently it's happening again10:41
lool[   23.120580] gsettings-data-[2731]: segfault at 18 ip 00007ffaeec63571 sp 00007fffb058bef0 error 4 in libgconf-2.so.4.1.5[7ffaeec4c000+2d000]10:41
pittichrisccoulson: argh hate fakechroot; it keeps breaking :(10:54
pittichrisccoulson: anyway, fixed it up again, let's see how long it holds together now10:54
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks!10:55
pittimeh, is it just me, or is oneiric crash-land these days? evolution, rhythmbox, gsettings, everything :(11:11
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's not just you11:21
chrisccoulsonalso, i notice it's using a lot of memory too11:21
Davieypitti: add thunderbird into that mix.11:21
Daviey(yes jibel, will follow up on that bug shortly.)11:21
chrisccoulsonpitti - i had the OOM killer start killing random processes last night when i was trying to build something. so i logged out and with just lightdm running and the usual system services, my machine was using 4.5GB of swap and 3GB of RAM11:22
chrisccoulsonand that was all used, rather than cache11:23
chrisccoulsonbut there didn't seem to be any processes using it :/11:23
alex3fhi mvo!11:23
chrisccoulsonand so far this morning, i'm using 2GB of swap and 2.2GB of RAM11:24
chrisccoulsonso my machine is hemorrhaging memory somewhere11:24
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mvohey ale11:32
mvohey alex3f11:32
alex3ftwo things11:32
alex3ffirst, backend-refactor is ready for review and merge (I have merged the GObject changes, it looks ok to me)11:33
mvoalex3f: great, I check it out now11:33
alex3fsecond, there is still a problem with PK dynamic11:33
mvowith the GIR?11:34
alex3fwith dynamic vs static11:34
alex3fthe problem is some module imports gio before PK11:34
alex3fso, when PK dynamic tries to override gio with Gio11:35
mvoyeah, Gio is not ported yet11:35
alex3fit crashes shamefully11:35
alex3ffor the record11:35
alex3fI tried porting gio11:35
mvothere is same issue, hold on a sec, I try to find what it was11:35
alex3fthere are 4 files11:35
alex3fin s-c with "import gio"11:35
alex3fbut the problem is still here11:35
mvopython -v can probably tell you if it gets imported indirectly11:36
alex3fthe workaround (in my PK branch) is to import PKG from gi.repo before everything11:36
alex3fbut this is of no use in real world11:36
mvothe problem is that query_info_async() seems to be not fully working yet, I give it a try again, if it does work, then I can port the rest to Gio11:36
mvoand python -v software-center-gtk3 should be able to tell if there is another gio import from somewhere11:37
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mvoalex3f: ok, so it seems to be working, I will port to Gio then now11:43
alex3fmvo, cool, I'm trying to find what module is responsible for the FileEnumerator error11:43
mvoalex3f: /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gio-2.0.gir has a hit when I grep for this11:44
alex3fyes, but from http://bit.ly/pYCn2T i guess it's somebody else (static) conflicting11:45
mvoalex3f: I can reproduce the problem here now11:58
alex3fwhat do you think?11:59
mvonot sure yet, need to investigate12:00
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* rodrigo_ lunch12:10
mvoalex3f-afk: did you got any feedback from the GIR hackers?12:16
mvoalex3f-afk: for me python -c 'import gtk;from gi.repository import Gio'12:16
mvo is eough to crash12:16
mvopitti: any hints? to move to Gio (from gio) in s-c, I need to solve this puzzle: python -c 'import gtk;from gi.repository import Gio' < -crashes12:17
pittimvo: you can't mix static and dynamic bindings12:17
pittimvo: I suppose static gtk uses static gio12:17
mvook, so I need to write a compat wrapper that uses either depending on the environment12:18
mvooh well12:18
pittihow do you mean?12:18
pittimvo: perhaps try something like12:19
pitti   from gi.repository import Gio, Gtk12:19
pittiexcept ImportError:12:19
pitti   import gio, gtk12:19
pittior so?12:19
pittiin gtimelog I make some tricks to make it work with both12:19
pittifrom gi.repository import Gtk as gtk12:19
mvoI had hoped that I could port my backend to GObject/GLib/Gio and have both gtk2/gtk3 in parallel for some time12:20
mvobut apparently that will not work with gio, so I need to do something about the gio part12:20
pittimvo: do you just need gtk2, or actually pygtk212:21
mvojust gtk212:21
pittimvo: you can force the import of gtk 2.012:21
mvobut didn't someone (you?) mention that the 2.0 GIR bindings are pretty incomplete and buggy?12:21
pittiincomplete, yes; buggy as well, but I fixed everything I stumbled upon12:22
mvook, check it out12:22
pittiwhen you say "backend", that's still in-process then?12:22
pittimvo: so the "from gi.repository import Gio as gio" trick wouldn't work for you?12:23
mvoits stuff like the common code for async image downloading useing gio or file change watching12:23
mvoI want to use the file montior in the pygtk2 code (and in the gtk3/GI) so importing the Gio would lead to the crash from above12:24
pittiah, I see12:25
pittinevermind, mixed that up12:25
pittimvo: no, I don't12:26
pittimvo: I meant, if you import pygtk, then import gio12:26
pittiand if you import Gtk, then import Gio as gio12:26
mvoso my gtk2 and gtk3/gi code import utils.py that contains the SimpleFileDownloader that in turn uses gio. so there I would have to add a check if its gio or Gio that is available and act accordingly?12:28
pittiah, I guess so, yes; bit ugly admittedly :/12:28
mvo(the check would have to be done in the SimpleFileDownloader)12:28
mvoright, now I just need to figure out how to test if gio is already loaded as a module12:29
pitti*scratching head* that sounds a bit tricky12:29
* mvo looks into that12:29
mvo python -c 'import gtk, sys; print "gtk" in sys.modules'12:30
pittiimport gi12:30
pittiand checking gi.importer.modules ?12:30
pittisys.modules seems to work, too12:31
mvogi.importer.modules looks good too12:31
mvook, that looks like progress, thanks for your help!12:31
mvobut it appears its only medium useful as e.g. load_contents_finish() shuffeled around its returned values, from (conent, length, etag) to (success, content, etag)12:32
pittiin gtimelog I had to apply a number of hacks for things like this indeed12:33
pittineed to disappear to the train station now, will continue working in the train12:35
mvosee you12:35
mvoalex3f-afk: so its pretty clear that gtk imports gio at some point, so this problem will stay12:35
mvoalex3f-afk: is that the dynamic PK stuff importing gio again?12:36
cyphermoxgood morning!12:48
pedro_good morning cyphermox12:51
=== alex3f-afk is now known as alex3f
alex3fmvo, yes, at the last question the answer is yes12:54
jibelGood afternoon pedro_ and cyphermox12:55
cyphermoxhey jibel12:55
pedro_afternoon to you jibel! isn't a national holiday there? :-P12:55
mvoalex3f: ok, so you need the removal of gio12:56
mvoalex3f: or the conditional import12:56
jibelpedro_, it was yesterday, I'd wished it took more days to storm the Bastille ;-)12:57
mvoalex3f: your refactor branch looks great, merging now \o/12:58
alex3fmvo: gio cannot be removed from PK - there are many uses of Gio.Cancelable12:58
alex3fso I'll give a try to the conditional import12:58
alex3fit should be enough to do it once in software-center, I think12:58
mvoalex3f: hold on a minute or so, I will do some work on this12:58
mvoalex3f: oh?12:59
alex3fin the launcher I mean :-/12:59
mvoalex3f: so the conditional import, what is your plan on this?12:59
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alex3ftry: import Gio except: pass12:59
mvoalex3f: aha, ok12:59
alex3fit should be fine if Gio is imported before gtk13:00
* alex3f tries it13:00
mptcyphermox, hi, so what's the final verdict on firewall settings for Ocelot?13:01
cyphermoxwell, I didn't make it to start anything yet, so it's not looking good13:01
alex3fit works13:02
cyphermoxmpt, I'll ping jdstrand again to see if we have anything ready for ufw to support what we need, then try to get something working13:03
alex3fby the way, do you know what's with newer libs and icons? I have glib, gtk from jhbuild, and I'm getting a lot of: 011-07-15 16:02:55,618 - softwarecenter.utils - WARNING - could not load icon 'ppa', displaying missing icon instead13:03
alex3fand no icons are loaded in the viewswitcher13:03
mvoalex3f: great, its complaining here in my use-gio branch, but I think I can workound this13:03
mvoalex3f: not sure about this icon issue13:04
mvobut I don't use jhbuild13:04
mptcyphermox, ok, if so I'll update the design to reflect what the security team said13:06
cyphermoxmpt, I mean, nothing stops us from working on this when time permits, but time is running out... which doesn't mean we can't work on it even if it doesn't make it into oneiric13:07
alex3fmvo:  if event == Gio.FILE_MONITOR_EVENT_CHANGES_DONE_HINT this is not ok13:08
mptcyphermox, sure, after our other work items ;-)13:08
cyphermoxmpt: right.13:08
alex3fmvo it is Gio.FileMonitorEvent.CHANGES_DONE_HINT13:09
mvoalex3f: thanks, I fix that now13:12
dupondjejibel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/79895113:12
ubot2Ubuntu bug 798951 in gnome-panel "Applications menu fails to open due to change to /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu" [Undecided,Invalid]13:12
dupondjewhat we do with this one ? :)13:13
mvoalex3f: fixed13:13
chrisccoulsonpitti - https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/2627581 :(13:15
alex3fmvo: cool13:15
chrisccoulsonit failed in the builder for some reason :/13:15
jibeldupondje, I won't do much with it, but surely jbicha will have an opinion :)13:15
jibelmvo, when you have a minute could you have a look at bug 807715 ? it affects new installs.13:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 807715 in update-manager "Missing dependency on gir1.2-gconf-2.0" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80771513:16
lamalexSarvatt: now i see what you were talking about with lightdm..13:23
pittichrisccoulson: is that the first build with PGO?13:29
alex3fmvo, I've done a mistake, returning description instead of summary, please merge again13:29
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, it worked locally last night13:29
chrisccoulsonbut it fails when i upload it to a PPA13:29
pittichrisccoulson: unimplemented what? is that relying on a gcc trunk feature or something?13:29
chrisccoulsonpitti - no, i'm using the stock oneiric gcc here13:30
pittichrisccoulson: the buildds are running lucid kernels, but as this is a gcc failure that sohuld hardly matter?13:30
lamalexhey guys is there know lightdm breakage in O13:33
mvoalex3f: merged13:36
alex3fmvo, thank you!13:36
mvoalex3f: I peeked over the pk branch, that looks good as well, I'm pretty excited!13:40
rodrigo_gtk3 package branch is lp:ubuntu/gtk+3.0, right?13:40
alex3fI'm glad you like it13:41
alex3fit is still getting shape13:41
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barryhi folks, i have a weird problem with one of my oneiric desktops.  i have two running unity 2d.  on one of them, i get the nice collection of indicators that i expect.  on the other, no indicators, just a couple of squares with red circle-and-slashes through them.  any thoughts on debugging this (if that would be helpful to you) or fixing it (which would be helpful to me :).  thanks!14:08
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scott-workbarry: hang around for a bit and patiently wait for an answer as this is early morning or late night for many people14:31
barryscott-work: thanks, will do.  it's morning for me too, but i know it's getting on near friday night and the weekend for some folks!14:31
barry(and probably already saturday for some :)14:32
cyphermoxbarry: two unity-2d, on the same system, as e.g. two different sessions?14:45
cyphermoxor is it something like two panels stacked one under the other?14:46
barrycyphermox: no, sorry.  it's unity-2d on two different machines14:53
cyphermoxbarry: I guess they'd be both at the same package versions? this sounds like some piece of the indicators stuff (like dbusmenu for instance) might not be able to get the icons14:58
cyphermoxbarry: you'd see what's up in .xsession-errors normally14:58
barrycyphermox: yep, both up-to-date oneirics14:59
barrycyphermox: perhaps: /usr/lib/indicators/6 does not exist, cannot read any indicators15:00
cyphermoxah, interesting15:03
cyphermoxanything in /usr/lib/indicators/6 or /usr/lib/indicators3/6 ?15:04
barry/usr/lib/indicators is missing15:04
barry/usr/lib/indicators3/6/ has many .so's15:05
cyphermoxwhat about on the machine where the indicators are displayed properly?15:05
barrycyphermox: on that machine, both /usr/lib/indicators{,3}/6/ has many .sos15:06
cyphermoxI think you may be missing indicator-messages-gtk2, indicator-me-gtk2, etc. for some reason15:06
cyphermoxlemme test this15:07
barrycyphermox: indeed, neither of those packages are installed on the bad machine15:07
barry(and *are* installed on the good machine)15:08
cyphermoxthere's a couple others15:10
cyphermoxdpkg -l indicator-*-gtk2 | cat15:10
barrycyphermox: thanks, let me install the missing ones on the bad machine and see if that fixes things15:11
barrycyphermox: you rock!  after reinstalling all those packages, my indicators are back15:21
barrycyphermox: well, except datetime for some reason15:21
cyphermoxthat one might be broken for another reason :)15:21
barrycyphermox: yeah, i think i've been following at least one bug in datetime indicator15:23
barrycyphermox: thanks very much for your help15:27
cyphermoxbarry: np15:27
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* cyphermox -> eod15:57
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pitticould anyone please do an ubuntu-meta rebuild? I'm currently in a train with very low bandwidth16:02
pittiI already updated the seeds16:03
pittithis should get the CDs down by some 17 MB again16:03
kenvandinepitti, woot... down 17M16:03
pittikenvandine: well, it's the 17 MB that the move to ibus-sunpinyin took :)16:04
pittiwe'll revert that for the standard CDs, it's just too big16:04
pittiwe'll have it on the Chinese Edition instead16:04
pittigood night everyone, have a nice weekend!16:12
kenvandinepitti, good night~16:13
rodrigo_me out also, so have a good weekend!16:27
micahgkenvandine: I have a fix for your pidgin-libnotify FTBFS, I can put up a sponsorship request over the weekend unless you needed that today17:35
kenvandinemicahg, oh... i just uploaded a fix :)17:35
kenvandinemicahg, thx though :)17:35
micahgok, cool17:35
micahgwas a one line fix anyways17:36
kenvandineseems everytime i touch that package it doesn't build anymore17:36
kenvandinetalk about abandonware :)17:36
* micahg just remembered he forgot to bump the libnotify build-dep when patching for new API17:37
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kenvandinetedg, everything you gave is is uploaded now17:38
kenvandineincluding the gtk patch17:39
kenvandinetedg, i added a recommends to pidgin-libnotify for the pidgin provider17:39
micahgkenvandine: I thought the last argument of notify_notification_new was the one that was gone with the 0.7 changes?17:45
kenvandinethe widget to attach to...17:46
kenvandineis the third arg the icon?17:46
kenvandinei grabbed the patch from fedora :)17:46
micahgoh, hmm17:47
kenvandinemicahg, do you use pidgin?17:47
micahgnot ATM, I use to17:47
kenvandinethink you can try adding the icon back there and see if it works?17:47
micahg*used ot17:47
* micahg thinks fedora goofed :-/17:52
kenvandinemicahg, i am fixing17:59
kenvandinemicahg, thx for noticing that17:59
micahgkenvandine: thanks for fixing :)18:00
micahgis anyone working on the transmission merge/transition to libevent2 (2.32 is in experimental)18:04
micahgkklimonda: ^^18:05
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tedgkenvandine, Cool, thanks!18:29
tedgkenvandine, Do you think that pidgin-libnotify should recommend the status provider?18:29
kenvandineyou don't?18:29
tedgkenvandine, Oh, I thought you were saying the other way.18:30
kenvandinethat's the whole reason i went down that rabbit hole18:30
kenvandinei hate touching that package18:30
kenvandineoh... good :)18:30
desrttedg: hey18:38
desrttedg: back in business? :)18:38
tedgdesrt, Somewhat.  Apparently no my mouse can't click (but it can move) and my touchpad can't move (but it can click).18:39
desrttedg: praise murphy?18:40
desrtmaybe he's on vacation today18:40
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